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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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i'm just proud of the team. i'm proud i earned this. i'm a proud american citizen. >> the u.s. men's basketball teams take gold in rio. warrior stars go out on a very high note. the news starts right now. good evening everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. the rio olympics coming to a close tonight. the closing ceremony today, the warriors brought impressive hardware home. >> jessica aguirre had a front row seat for it all. what a better way to end the games than a win for team usa
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and you were right there. >> i was. it was the last medal won at the olympic games. for warrior fans the sweetest medal of all. it is a win for draymond green and klay thompson and takes a sting off losing the nba championship this season and proof that durant is the right fit for the bay area. i spoke to them after they got their medals. >> make him shoot the ball. >> durant again from downtown. >> it was so amazing to go with this group of guys and especially knowing we had tough last three games and you know, it made it even sweeter knowing that everybody thought we would lose and the rest of the world was catching up to us but it's we showed them we are dominant. >> how does this compare to winning your 2015 nba championship? >> you know, it's a different feeling because you win a
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championship, you know, you conquered the nba. you did what you always dreamed of. but you win the olympic gold medal you also dreamed of that but you conquered the world. >> thompson open for three. >> we have great history together. so this is amazing. i'm happy me and harrison got one last go round. it will start something special between me and kevin and draymond. it is an honor to be out here representing my country. i can't wait to get home to the best country in the world. >> klay referring to harrison barnes. all three told me they want to take the moment in and enjoy the win it has been a long summer coming off the season and straight here to the olympics but as soon as they get rest they are ready to hit the bay area and put on the golden state warrior uniforms. i'm going to show you a moment when carmelo anthony trying to
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get him to join the warriors. >> he should want to be a warrior after that performance. amazing. let's get to basketball season, too. i'm looking forward to that. >> talk to you in a bit. team usa won the first gold of the olympics and let's take a look at the medal count now that the games are over. the united states far out in front. 121 medals coming home. 46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze. second place, china with 70 overall and great britain closing in at 67 medals they are bringing home. coming up later in the newscast, natalie coglan will join us in studio to tell us about the most memorable moments. protesters hit the streets
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after a gay man was attacked outside a karaoke bar. we talked to the victim and shows how activists are preparing for any future attacks. >> reporter: where i'm standing right now according to the police department there have been no arrests in this attack that happened not so far from this attack in the castro. this as police tell me this is not being classified as a hate crime. but many people in the area are concerned and worried about this recent attack. >> bashed my face in. they broke my nose, fractured my jaw. >> reporter: tommy still healing after being ambushed but several people outside this castro night spot early thursday morning. the suspect used his bike helmet during the assault. a beating so severe he needed surgery and spent several days in the hospital. >> i have memory loss. >> reporter: he and the castro
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community claim the attack was because of hatred in the area. >> there is continuing violence and harassment and bullying of l lbgt people in san francisco. >> activists will increase patrols and teach the castro community how the watch your back while tommy is wondering why he was singled out. >> i wonder why we have to be victims or targets? are we easy prey? is there not a better solution. if they got to know me they would see i am a pretty okay guy. >> reporter: tommy is a doorman at a gay club not far from what
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happened here. he doesn't believe the attack was related to his job but this whole thing is still under investigation. live in the castro, rick boone. the wildfire on the central coast picked up overnight triggering more evacuations and it is threatening the hearst castle. right now the fire has burned about 24,000 acres and destroyed dozens of homes. containment does stand around 35% tonight. if you are noticing extra haze here in the sky this is a live picture over san jose this is why. the fires that are burning to the south of the bay area are impacting our air quality creating the hazy air outside. this is from the tower camera over fremont. you can see the smoke lingering
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overhead. jeff ranieri has a look at the conditions. you can really see the smoke. >> it is getting funneled up here from an area of high pressure across california. clockwise circulation is helping to drive up the smoke from southern california and the counter clockwise circulation is pushing the smoke up into california. the fires continuing to contribute to the hazy skies across the bay area. air quality throughout the rest of tonight will remain moderate for the north bay, east bay, peninsula and the south bay. but some of the worst air quality will be in the south bay. we do think most certainly we'll have improving conditions on monday. as this area of low pressure pulls inland it's going to drive an offshore wind and that should push a lot of the smoke out here into the pacific. we are tracking more on the weather and details on how a
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brand-new nbc bay area storm tracking vehicle called storm ranger is going to change the way we track weather. we'll have more details in about 15 minutes. >> that's a good tease. it's a crisis decades in the making one that has become reality and could cost you time and money the next time you fly. steven stock has a look. >> this will likely affect everyone who flies in the coming months and years. there are shortages of air traffic controllers all over the country including here in the bay area. some facilities have 25% fewer certain tied controllers than they need. tonight we talk to the controllers who experience the effects of the shortage first hand. they say it will increase delays for all of us and worry about an
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impact on all of our safety. >> the trends tell us if they don't have enough rest or are not adequately staffed and working multiple shifts of overtime, what happens is mistakes are more likely to happen. >> while saying that america's aviation system is the safest in the world right now the faa acknowledges the problem and says it is trying to hire 1400 new controllers right away. tonight we take you behind the scenes and show you that even if the new controllers were all hired tomorrow it would not fix the problems for years. that's after the olympics. see you then. still ahead, tim kaine in the bay area right now. we'll tell you what he is up to. an about face for donald trump. what aids are saying now about trump's vow to deport undocumented immigrants. a piece of rubber that sold
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. now to decision 2016, democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton spent the weekend at martha's vineyard where she took in over $1 million in campaign
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contributions. late this afternoon, tim kaine's motorcade arrived at a fundraising event in san francisco. neighbors in atherton say they hear about the politicians coming to town through online groups. >> it's par for the course. we live in an affluent area and i think people have the means of inviting their candidates and supporting them. >> clinton will be in the south bay on wednesday attending a luncheon in redwood city hosted by tim cook. donald trump could be reconsidering his pledge to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. he may be softening his stance on the issue. his campaign manager was asked if trump wants a deportation force to remove undocumented
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immigrants from the country and her answer was to be determined. we want to check in with chief meteorologist, it's nice to have you here with new toys to talk about. >> it's called storm ranger. some of our other nbc stations have been launching it across the nation and it will change the way we track the weather from san diego up to the bay area. let's get a live look at the vehicle. you can see how -- impressive, you guys, and it's not just any storm tracking vehicle. it has a weather station and cameras. but the back of the truck is a doppler radar and it's all on wheels and will give us insight of microclimates. let's get a listen to why this is going to be so beneficial to us. >> weather can bring strong winter storms producing floods to fog and drizzle, reducing
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visibility dramatically in just a moment. and the hot summer weather that can fuel wildfires. tracking the conditions with a conventional doppler radar can be challenging as our varied topography of mountains, hills and valleys can block data. but there now is a storm ranger. a mobile radar on wheels we can move where the weather will be most active. of it will become a part of a network of nbc doppler radars making it a first for any market in the world. it's equipped with dual polarization to let us now how hard it is raining. there is also an x-band radar to provide higher detail on where it is going.
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as the current doppler radar, the radar often overshoot the top of storms from san francisco to santa rosa this leaves gaps in rain data. with storm ranger, this issue is solved. since it's on wheels we can move the doppler radar to get the best scan for whatever conditions come our way helping to fill the data gaps. >> we are going to be able to move that wherever the storm is going to be the hardest or take it right up to the fire lines and track that smoke. right now it is set up to the south and it's not showing anything because there is no rainfall or wildfire immediately close by. but again, storm ranger is going to be here for us to track that weather again much, much better.
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it has a radar pulse and fill in that radar coverage. it tracks the rain, drizzle and smoke from wildfires. let's get you to the microclimate forecast on monday. 81 in morgan hill. on the peninsula, fog and drizzle in half-moon bay and for san francisco, spotty areas of drizzle and low 60s. for the north bay and east bay and tri-valley. no 90s. 84 in livermore and on that seven-day forecast we are cool in san francisco with temperatures in the 60s for the next seven days. inland we stay with the mid-80s throughout the extended forecast as well. so peggy and terry, again, there it is, storm ranger. pretty beautiful. >> it is amazing. it's true there are parts that are missed and this will solve that issue. >> i can't wait to fire that up and get that better detail in here. >> thanks a lot, jeff.
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coming up next, olympic champion natalie coghlan joining us in studio. looking forward to talking to her after the break.
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twelve time medalist natalie chl coghlan joining us. what about ryan lochte. >> deep down he really is a nice guy. i'm glad that he finally went on the "today" show and spoke with matt lauer and apologized rather than just posted on instagram. he really is a good guy. hopefully he will begin to repair and hopefully forgive
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him. >> obviously made a big mistake but suffering greatly and not handling it the best way. but what about breakthrough athletes? >> michael phelps aside, 28 medals, how is anyone going to compete but it's i have several favorites. katie ledecky continued to dominate in the distance events. she added to her medal total. five at this olympics, four gold and continuing having only just gold medals in major international competition. an allyson felix being the most decorated american woman in track history with six golds and three silvers, incredible. and simone bile, amazing gymnast, the most dominant gymnast with four golds and a silver. so fun to watch. i know her personally and she is just a little fire cracker.
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she is awesome. >> it's like she has wings. she is truly phenomenal. >> she is a big personality and you can see it out there on the mat. she is incredible to watch. i cannot get over the things she is able to pull off. it's incredible. and two of my favorites of the breakout performers, the surprise performers, simone manuel, she trains here at stanford she took down the world record holder in the 100-meter freestyle. cate campbell was so dominant and so it was so big for simone to win. i think we're going to know these names going forward. and it's fun you know them personally too. >> thanks a lot, natalie. steph curry, how much would you pay for that ever-present mouth piece? >> how much did you pay?
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>> i'll let you know after the break. ♪
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p is for permission to indulge. o is for out of this world. l is for loving the seasonal cuisine. a is for access to everything, including the aisle. r is for reclining in tailor-made bedding. and i, must be dreaming. s, so long, jet lag. polaris, from united. hey guys, fallon smith with you. it has been a rough year for the a's. the san francisco chronicle is reporting that billy butler has missed the last couple games because he was injured in a clubhouse altercation. the a's-white sox oakland looking to take the series in
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chicago. until this. chris davis hammers a two-run shot to right. his 32nd homer of the season. abreu responds. and the a's fall 4-2. now while steph curry's teammates were busy in brazil winning a gold medal, an item that used to belong to curry appears to be worth its weight in gold. a curry mouth guard that was found by a fan in december was sold for $3190 on an online auction. the total was less than the auction president thought it would sell for. he projected it would go for $5,000. bidding on a mouth guard is disgusting. that's going to do it for
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sports. more news after the break.
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the rio olympics coming to a close tonight. our jessica aguirre, wind-blown, joining us from olympic park. >> maybe recruiting going on down there in rio? >> you should have seen it, peggy and terry, the guys kept talking about the camaraderie they had and i'm doing an interview with kevin durant and draymond shows up and they start joking around and carmelo is there and all of a sudden all of this talk about coming to the bay area. >> all three of us. >> i'm not their teammate no more. >> it was amazing playing with you. >> going back to the bay area with your gold medals. >> i'm not going back to the bay area. >> i'm just excited i got a gold. i can't wait to show this off in
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front of the fans. i'm going to try to be the best basketball player i can be. >> so warrior fans, certainly into a treat for these guys but you never know what could happen next. if you hear about carmelo coming, you heard it here first. >> thank you so very much. >> and thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. until then, thank you very much. comfort food...
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michael phelps is going to do it again! they reach for gold. >> he did it! ♪ at every olympics there are memorable characters, remarkable achievements, moments of exultation. over the last 17 days and nights, these games have provided all of that. new stars ascending boldly to the stage alongside legends somehow finding


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