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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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developing overnight--- two people gunned down blocks away from spartan stadium in san jose. neighbors describe a scene that sounded like a drive-by developing overnight. two people gunned down. plus in san francisco the bars closed but that did not stop one patron from frying to push and claw his way back in. police are hunting for someone who severed a bartender's body part. and wrapping up an eventful two weeks in rio where rain did not put a damper on closing ceremonies. "today in the bay" starts right now. good monday morning!
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. you're tracking the chances for isolated thunder showers. >> yes. we've been seeing it to the east around sacramento foothill area. we're seeing a few partly cloudy skies toward the bay area this morning. we show you the temperatures. upper 50s and low 60s now toward the afternoon. temperatures running fairly comfortable. 70s to low 80s inland. i want to show you the radar. you can see the showers moving off the sea or heading west ward. watching those showers closely as we go through the monday morning now for a first check of your morning commute. >> we're look agent the roadways and those are moving nicely. no delays showing up on the speed sensors. we go to the rails. b.a.r.t. over the weekend had construction and delays between glenn park and daily city. the lines come back in service. no delays for the system now. a great start. back to you. developing overnight. shots fired near san jose state spartan stadium. leaving two people dead.
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the suspects are on the run. >> rob redell is live at the scene with what we know so far. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. these men have become the 31st and 32nd homicides are if the year in san jose, which means the city surpassed the 30 total people killed all of last year. police, as you can see, they're working here at the scone on 8th street. they're about to wrap up their work here. this is about a half mile from spartan stadium. two brothers were gunned down last night in what appears to be a drive by shooting. neighbors heard at least a dozen shots, possibly as many as 20 and then saw a white car peel off. suspects used an ak 47 to kill the two brothers in their 20s and 30s. according to neighbors one died on scene. the other at the hospital. some neighbors said the shooting was gang related. police have not yet confirmed it
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for us. police are looking for two suspects -- the suspects who dill -- killed two brothers. bob redell. "today in the bay." san francisco police are looking for a man who bit off a bartender's finger. police just released a surveillance video overnight. take a look at the suspect. officers say the man attempted to enter a bar after closing time last month when the bartender tried to stop him. the suspect bit off the bartender's ring finger. the suspect also hit the bartender in the face multiple times as you see him trying to get the man down and to stop him from attacking the bartender. call san francisco police if you recognize this man. we'll bring you a live report in the next half hour. anger boiled other as protesters speak out about a attack outside a gay bar. tommy milani was beaten so badly
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he needed surgery. police have not ruled it as a hate crime. activists rallied yesterday to increase awareness and encourage members of the gay community to look out for each other. >> there's continuing violence and harsment and bullying of lgbt people in san francisco. i want to know why we have to be victims or targets. why are we easy prey? is it not a better solution we could have come to? you know, have they gotten to know me they would see i'm a pretty okay guy. >> investigators have yet to make any arrests in the attack. as you can say it was a fitting end to the olympics where rain extinguished the torch in rio de janeiro last night. there was plenty of the rain and wind and lightning. but that did not put a stop not closie ining ceremonies.
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>> it was punctuated with music from brazil. recognizing the country's indigenous people. the closing ceremony looked forward to the future toward tokyo 2020. japan's prime minister appeared dressed as mario. he received a standing ovation. last night's main focus was to celebrate the athletes, of course. >> thank you! and to you the olympics athletes, you have amazed the world with your incredible performances. you have shown us all the power of sport to unite the world. >> simone biles carried the american flag during the ceremony. she, of course, won four gold medals in bronze during the games. at one point there was a line of athletes trying to get selfies with her. >> that's about as grounded as we've seen her during the olympics. not just the closing ceremony. we have the gold medal basketball game yesterday.
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and the newest warrior kevin durant stealing the show. leading team usa in serbia. team usa won 96-66. gold for clay thompson and dry dre monogreen. steph curry tweeted out a big congratulations. big congratulations to them. a final check of the medal count. the usa had a virtuous performance in this olympics. they walked away with the most medals 121 in total. next closest, as you see, was china with 70. the usa had 46 gold and 37 silver, and 38 bronze. china at second and then great britain with 67 medals overall. ever wonder what 121 medals
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look like? nbc olympics posted a montage of every medal winner all in one video. this is a snippet of it. more than half the gold medals won by team usa were actually won by women. impressi impressive! ron is in for kari with a look at the forecast. >> we're seeing 50s outside. check it out on the radar we're dodging a few isolated showers and thunderstorms across the sierra. what it means for the forecast coming up. and this is standard over here in dublin. a smooth flow of traffic for westbound 580. what is going on closer to the maze. what do you miss most? >> having my dad. >> a veteran biker is killed as he was lane splitting. the practice is legal but is it safe? we investigate why the state of california may not have all the
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information that it needs to keep both drivers and bikers protected. ==laura/anim==
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now to an investigative unit exclusive - ==laura/2shot== during your morning commute, chances are you might spot a motorcycle zooming past traffic by now to an investigative unit exclusive. during the morning commute chances are you might spot a motorcycle traveling in between lanes. it's called lane splitting.
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>> the bikers will have to follow new laws signed by governor brown. is it enough to protect you on the roadway. investigative reporter has the story and joins us now. >> good morning. the maneuver is called lane splitting. california is the only state in the country where it's legal. if you're trying to determine how safe it is, you probably want to know how often lane splitting accidents occur. we discovered california doesn't track that. for years the state has allowed lane splitting without knowing how often people got injured or even died. california did start tracking that information for a period to study the issue but then stopped. after our investigation, assemb assemblyman bill quirk of hayward hopes to change that. he imposed a bill that would institute speed guidelines for lane splitting. last year california released the first and only report on lane splitting crashes. it looked at nearly 6,000
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motorcycle accidents over a 14-month period. lane splitting played a role 17% of the time. that ended three years ago and they haven't kept track since. citizens don't understand how the state plans to make it safer if they don't understand. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. coming up next a hot cup of joe sounds good about now. this one comes with a specialty. a look at a unique barista's talents. and we'd like to welcome the
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newest member of our today in the bay family: baby kimora! look at this! we like to welcome the newest member of the "today in the bay" family! david kimora. kari hall gave birth to the beautiful baby girl this weekend. she weighed 7 pounds and 1 ounce. look at her! the big brother there. kari wants everybody to know both her and the baby are doing great. congratulations to the hall family! you'll be missed but we suspect you're maybe awake now. [ laughter ] >> congratulations. lots of arms ready to help out. >> oh, yeah. >> i love the angelic face.
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the fact that kj was looking over her. apparently he wasn't too happy to begin with but now look at him. >> happy first forecast. >> yeah. >> we've got quite the family here on the set around elementary school. >> pretty much. a baseball team now. >> yeah. >> let's take a look at the forecast. we have interesting weather, actually, to talk about. as we show you the roll out of storm ranger. oh. that's a gorgeous sight. you see the x band doppler radar riding 12 feet high. it's a game-changer for us at nbc bay area and the features in terms of what it can do there. you can see the scan going live last night. let's show you what we're seeing in terms of why this game-changer. it's mobile. it's not a fixed radar. it gives us higher resolution, detail, improve storm accuracy.
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it fills in the radar gaps around the bay area with that truck as we can go from place to place. tri-valley to the south bay. lower peninsula. it can see the finer details. rain, drizzle, wild fire, smoke. all the reasons you'll see throughout the morning storm ranger about to make a big difference how we can analyze bay area weather. partly cloudy skies 50s and 60s. you see, also, a stray shower here in the north bay. check it out. looking off to the east we have thunderstorms rolling away from the sierra weakening from east to west. inland toward solano county watch out next hour. we may see a few showers drifting in for the morning commute. the future cast picks up on that right through about 9:00 this morning and decreasing chances as we move to the afternoon with low clouds continuing out toward the coast. temperatures today in the upper 70s and low 80s across the south bay. peninsula temperatures in the mid 70s around palo alto. san francisco in the 60s. north bay temperatures in the 70s today.
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and lower 80s out toward the tri-valley. and the seven-day forecast you'll see here isolated showers still possible around san francisco today. you can see for our valley locations not a bad start to the day. slight chance of the isolated showers for midday. and warmer temperatures as we approach next tuesday and wednesday. so there was the sneak preview of storm ranger. right now you're watching what is on the roadway this morning in oakland. >> that's right. we'll watch out for storm ranger. we're looking toward your speed sensors. no major issues as far as any slowing. concerned when i heard about this. an overturned vehicle off. the minor injuries. the person has been taken to the hospital. no other victims. this is on a frontage road. it's not even on 880. it's off 880. look at the bay bridge. their view for emoriville. we'll show you the low clouds we're dealing with.
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you can see deck on the san francisco side, as well. maybe time for an upgrade if you're a gamer. sonny is reportedly planning to introduce a new version of play station four. >> in time for christmas. we turn to landon dowdy. live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning! >> good morning. talking christmas? we haven't even finished summer yet. don't rush it! wall street could start off the week on a down note. futures are a lower open this morning. mixed week for the market with the dow finishing slightly lower. the nasdaq notching for the eighth week in a row. it's the first time for more than six years. investors will be watching close attention to big speech by fed chair janet yellen on friday. the dow falling 45 points on friday. the nasdaq slipping one point to 5238. kobe bryant is back in business. it's off the court. the nba super star retired after this past season is launching a
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$100 million venture capital fund to invest in tech, media, and data companies. kobe's current investment include a sports media website, the players tribune, and legalzoom. sony reportedly plans to roll out a play station model. the company is trying to maintain demand for the top-selling game console to attract hard core fans and casual earners. sony earns money from subscriptions and game downloads. >> thank you. one coffee shop in san francisco it is okay to find something odd floating. >> it can be a fish, a turtle. you name it. surprisingly, no one complains. "today in the bay" bob redell explains. >> reporter: the last thing anyone wants in their cup of joe is something staring right back at them unless melacino puts it
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there. >> it's awesome. >> customers pore into the elite audio coffee in san francisco. not just for the good coffee but to digest mel's artistic genius. >> what is your favorite? >> the golden gate bridge. >> i've never seen anything like hers. it's usually just like the pour art. >> like writing with a quill and ink. mel uses two inks in her coffee art. milk that has been whipped to a heavy froth and chocolate. melted to just the right consistent si. proper process is a race against the clock. mel uses a thick mocha. >> usually i try to get it done before five minutes. after that bubbles start popping. >> mel's background is in water colors started painting coffee about four years ago to cover up sloppy pours. >> i look at pictures from a year ago and i think i've
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improved a lot. >> her creations blossom into out of this world kodak moments. too pretty to drink. too delicious not to. >> very good. this is what they mean by the hair of the dog. >> right. >> that's why it's perfect it's temporary. it takes the pressure off me. if it doesn't come out, it's great because the customer drinks it pretty much right away. >> reporter: that's why making art out of coffee is mel's cup of tea. in san francisco bob redell today in the bay. >> very talented. >> the cup is her canvas. charge an extra $5 for her art and coffee. better hurry! her work is lucrative. she's retiring on friday to take her talents on the road to kattering. it's 4:52 right now. new warning going out this morning. a specific fish found off the waters of the bay area is posing a toxic health hazard. whatnot to feed your family tonight. first, happening now.
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steph curry's mouthpiece fetches thousands at an online auction. read about it on social media is on fire after the japanese prime minister appears as super mario at the olympics. there was music to go along with it. we're back in two minutes. == live==
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a live look at downtown san jose this morning -- >> welcome back. good monday morning to you. live look at downtown san jose this morning. you know, there's been a lot of smoke in the skies over the south bay recently due to all the wild fires burning around us. it turns out things are not going to get better any time soon. a new study from harvard and yale university finds in the coming decades, people living in
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three bay area counties will be at the greatest risk of exposure to dangerous levels of pollution from wild fires. counties are san francisco, alameda, and contra costa. smoke contains fine particles that can stay in the air for hundreds of miles. >> 4:56 now. people are being told not to eat raw crabs caught in half-moon bay. this warning is from coming from state public health officials after dangerous levels of acid were discovered there. the warning applies to shellfish. raw crabs found in waters south of pigeon point in san mateo county and north of cypress point in monterey county. toxics can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness. tracking zika. it looks like the virus could stick around for some time and gulf coast states are the most vulnerable. the zika virus could hang around
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the u.s. for a year or two. states like texas and louisiana could see cases. florida already hard hit. zika has been found in two neighborhoods of miami-dade county. wynwood and miami beach. last week nontravel related infections were found in miami beach. there's a travel warning heading for pregnant women heading to those neighbors. we mentioned poor air quality. a little rain might help wash out some of that. >> speaking of the air quality hay city skies. waking up to 61 in san jose. check it out. pretty unusual for august. tracking showers and isolated thunderstorms rolling away from the sierra. how much of that will be approaching the bay area for the morning commute. coming up. and how much of that is going on throughout your bay area. that's 880 past the coliseum. the earlier crash is off the seventh street offramp cleared. we'll look at the rest of the commute coming ups. a deadly shooting blocks
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away from san jose spartan stadium. what witnesses say they heard after two men were killed that could shake the investigation.
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good morning. i'm bob redell live in san jose. police are looking for summits who gunned down and killed two brothers last night. we'll have the story coming up. and a bizarre and disturbing crime in san francisco. the search to find the man who allegedly bit a bartender's finger off.
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blattleing flames while fighting for better wages. the way firefighters plan to ask for higher pay in just hours. "today in the bay" starts right now. we are happy you're starting off your workweek here. good morning on this monday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> hope you had a great weekend. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to the workweek forecast with rob in for kari. >> an interesting forecast. we're watching the radar now seeing partly cloudy skies around the bay area. 50s and 60s out there. for the afternoon trvels pretty comfortable. 60 closer to san francisco. this is one thing to watch as we go through the morning. we're seeing showers moving away from the sierra east to west. north bay locations seeing a stray shower or two. we'll have a closer look at the forecast in a few minutes. right now a check on the south bay commute. >> oakland schools back in session today. also liver more. we'll look for shifts in the


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