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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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dia . right now at 6:30 the livermore school district is dealing with an influx of hundreds of new students who are leaving the city's two charter schools. the exodus comes as the charter schools face a list of allegations including charging illegal tuition and mistreating its students. >> nbc bay area laura malpert is in livermore for us this evening. these are serious claims against the school. >> reporter: that's right, raj. administrators tell us it was a long time coming, so they were prepared for the influx of students but they say they had no idea it would be this many. >> i think a lot of the parents in our community have grown frustrated and concerned about the activities of the charter schools. >> reporter: chris van shack with the livermore unified school district is talking about the new hundreds of students at district schools. >> always of yesterday we've seen an influx of almost 500 students since last june. we know of at least 80% of those coming to us from the charter schools. >> reporter: the schools in
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question include livermore valley charter preparatory and livermore valley charter school. this document filed by the school district shows it is concerned about claims of illegal tuition charges and transfer of students against their will. it claims the educators bullied, intimidated, mokd and used pro fanly. also, van shack says livermore charter prep has lost it's accreditation, and if it doesn't get reaccredited the students may not get credit for classes taken here. >> john simone is not a bit worried. >> it is sad to see some folks waerd, but i'm not worried. i'm happy with the skoochl i think we're getting good value here. >> reporter: but van shack says the allegations are serious. >> we've got some recommended remedies for some of the things and we hope they take it seriously. we hope they make some changes and are able to salvage their schools. >> reporter: the alameda county district attorney is investigating this case. we tried contacting the charter schools for comment. one principal declined and no one else returned our calls.
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the school board will be discussing this tonight at their meeting. it starts at 7:00 p.m. at the district headquarters. reporting live from livermore, laura malpert, nbc bay area news. thanks, laura. all they want is to get back to the job. tonight injured workers tell us the state system supposed to help them heal is stringing them along instead. >> liz wagner from our investigating unit joins us now. >> reporter: 1.5 million californias have open workers' comp cases. tonight we investigate claims that dysfunction in the system is causing injured workers with long and complex injuries more harm than good. ryan snyder is a proud chp officer who patrolled the north bay on his motorcycle. >> when you go away from something and you have an impact on somebody's life, that is something you don't ever forget. >> reporter: he was in napa on august 3rd, 2013 when a drunk driver turned in front of him. this is the dent snyder made in
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the car. he hit the pavement chin first. >> i still have got the scar and some of the asphalt oil to go with with it. >> reporter: he got stitches and surgery, but three years later his neck and back still hurt. >> you squirm and you sweat and you twist and you move, and there's no getting away from it. >> reporter: he says he's in constant pain, in and out of work, and fed up. >> now i feel really frustrated, really, really frustrated. >> reporter: snyder says routine denials and delays in treatment have dragged out his injuries. >> they take so long to get approved or they just never get approved at all, and it is hard to get better under those circumstances. >> reporter: snyder's doctors requested and rerequested medical services more than 300 times. our investigation found the insurance company for snyder's employer approved many drugs but denied treatment his doctors say would have fixed the pain, like this one. >> right now we're testing the
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nerves. >> reporter: ruben colred, his pain management specialist, performed the procedure in june. but doctors requested it four times since last october. >> reporter: what are you doing while waiting for treatments to be approved? >> most of the time just hurting. i've spent a lot of time just laying on a heating pack. >> reporter: he's got burn marks on his back to prove it, but snyder had to pay for the heating pad himself. >> workers' comp denied the heating pad. >> reporter: the state's require requests to go through utilization review to decide if treatments are necessary. dock tr tors working bow half of employers or insurance companies approve or deny care based on a set of guide liens. we asked the state for complaints about the review process. in just one year, 2013, injured workers, their attorneys and their doctors submitted nearly 1,100 complaints and thousands of pages of documentation. this person says delay and denial tactics have caused deterioration of body parts. another writes, i have suffered
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needlessly for too long. >> reporter: are injured workers getting the medi-cal care that they need? >> no. >> reporter: jeffrey stevenson is snyder's primary care doctor. >> this is an ice pack to numb your knee. >> reporter: he has seen more than 5,000 injured workers in his career. he says the reasons reviewers deny treatment often don't make sense. >> we tell them we can get them better, give them hope, and you illization review takes it away from them. >> reporter: stevenson said the problem got worse after 2013 when the state enact new worker's comp reform, the goal to cut cost and improve care to workers. employers are saving more money than expected, but it may come at a price. >> denials have increased to all-time highs. >> reporter: dr. ruben collra share numbers from his practice. >> we look at many other practices around california, it is pretty consistent there's a lot of denials going on. >> reporter: the california medical association surveyed
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doctors in 2014. two-thirds report difficulty obtaining authorization for care. >> one thing i would never wish upon anyone who is injured is to be injured under a worker's kpeks claim. it is a night marry. >> reporter: but research by the california workers' compensation institute paints a different picture. it gets data from insurance providers, the group found only 4% of treatment is modified or denied. >> reporter: does that figure sound right to you? >> no. >> reporter: he lobbies for workers' comp doctors. he says most patients get the care they need. it is people with complex injuries who suffer. >> the experience with the injured workers who are being denied care speak of much louder and difficult story. >> reporter: our investigation found it is impossible to know how many treatments get approved or denied. the department of industrial relations, the agency that oversees workers' comp, doesn't keep track. >> reporter: is it a problem that utilization review outcomes aren't public p information? >> they really should be general knowledge. >> reporter: we asked director christine baker for an
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interview, but our request was denied. today at age 35 with three kids to support, officer snider is facing possible medical retirement. >> we are talking about a career that's been a dream since i was a teenager. >> reporter: as he fights for his job and treatment, he wants lawmakers to hear this. >> changes are direly needed. we have got to do something to fix this. >> reporter: and director christine baker released a statement yesterday supporting a new bill that would send fewer requests through the review process. she says this would speed up care to injured workers and get them back on the job faster. to read that full statement head to our website, raj. >> thank you, list. if you have a tip for liz wagner or anyone else in the unit, give us a call at 888-99-tips or send an e-mail to the area at >> problems for an east bay man. nbc bay area respond and gives him a new i phone. that's next.
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>> speeding it up, a new claim to fame tonight for palo alto-based tesla motors.
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. now there's a better way to solve your consumer problems. introducing "nbc bay area responds." call 1-888-996-tips or visit our website. we respond to the every call, every e-mail. nbc bay area, we investigate. donations are pouring in for the san francisco woman who was struck by a falling tree limb at a north bay park. the gofundme page for chew ying zou has more than $1,400. she was left paralyzed. following the accident, the mayor said the city would review the condition of all of its trees. >> no surprise here. oakland's housing market continues to sky rocket. according to data compileed by zillow, oakland had california's highest annual appreciation of home values of the 50 largest
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cities in the u.s. they also saw the biggest rent growth in that time. the city is attracting people for its affordability, or what was once affordable, diverse population, and that great cultural scene in oakland. the median home in oakland is now just over $615,000. a major upgrade for tesla, but it is going to cost you $135,000. tesla's ceo elon must kau announced today the company will build new versions of the model s and model x that will travel longer distances. the upgraded battery increases the travel range of model s to 315 miles. it makes it the first and only electric vehicle on the market to exceed 300 miles on a single charge. >> the balts continues. some of the most iconic names in yosemite have been changed, and it could take a legal battle before they're back. the national park is involved in a trademark dispute with a company that recently lost its vendor concessions. legendary names including the
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iwani hotel and curry village underwent name changes. as a result, delaware wants 5 million bucks to allow the name to be used again. because mediation efforts so far have come up empty, both sides now suggest the dispute will end up in court. >> let's get a check of our forecast. for some reason i thought it was friday. it is not. wishful thinking frm that's how tired i am. it's only tuesday. it is a beautiful week though, i should enjoy every minute. yeah. >> you know, it is going to get suited up. check it out. it is like friday every day with stormranger here. it is an incredible peels of weather technology. it has a doppler radar and so many other things. we will talk about stormranger and the drizzle it is attracting now with fog storm in san francisco. that forecast in a few minutes. >> your broken smart phone is replaced while under warranty, but is it genuine?
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i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds" next. east bay man.
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and helps end a dispute over a broken i-phone. =raj/2shot= consumer investigator chris "nbc bay area responds" to an east bay man and helps end a dispute over a broken iphone. >> consumer investigator chris chmura shows us how we helpd. >> he says he bought an iphone 6 brand-new from a verizon store. it went bad and he brought it back to the verizon. he says at that point they gave him a refurbishd model. he later went to apple and when it was opened up they said it included a non-apple screen. because it was not an apple part, that void the warranty. glen thinks he should have received a genuine iphone when the first one failed so he called us. we called verizon.
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within a few weeks glen got a brand-new iphone 6. verizon told us it made an exception for him as a courtesy, yet it acknowledged glen's hassle in a statement the company said, we strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers with every interaction. in this case we failed to deliver on that promise. to the night at 11:00 we are helping a woman who lost about $17,000, lost it. police say an unidentified woman drained karen bates' bank account right after she transferred somehows of dollars from her 401(k). she says the situation was made worse when the bank dragged its feet, leaving her broke. tonight at 11:00, the bank's explanation and our response. it is a revealing glimpse how id theft is sometimes handled on a timetable you might not handle it on. call us if you have a complaint. the number is 88 8-996-tips. once you are there click the
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yellow submit bar for complaint form. you can share documents, photos and videos to help us investigate your case. back to the cell phone. >> i like that one. >> i've been there. >> you have to pay very careful attention to what is happening. you have to ask that question, and the key word is genuine. is this genuine. >> because i did bring something, a broken ipad i brought to apple and they were like, you didn't buy it through us, it is not genuine. i was like, but i paid the same price. >> you have to ask the questions up front. when it cracks, you don't think about it, but you have to. they're so expensive. >> thanks, clut. >> a new study reveals ramen are replacing cigarettes as currency in prison. pretty interesting here. the american sociological association did the study and said the findings have nothing to do with bans on tobacco or an inmates health. surprisingly it is tied to a lack of funding across the country, prisons having to get by with less money and many
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prisons are making cuts in their catering department and the ramen noodles are the big thing. >> makes me think of college. >> and of after college when i took my first job because that's all i could afford to eat. >> me too. i know. >> it is a good meal. >> i like them in the microwave. >> i crackd an egg in mine. >> smart. you juiced it up. >> probably good with our weather, at least in san francisco. we have stormranger fired up tonight, and it is tracking the drizzle and also the mist that we're currently getting. right now we have it positiond at twin peaks, and you can see right now, again, the doppler radar is hoistd in the back about 15 feet off the surface. we have the 360-degree camera as well moving, and also the weather station that's on this. now, because doppler radar there's also the x-band radar with high resolution and has an excellent pulse for areas just outside the immediate range. that's why we're going to be
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able to show you the drizzle in a minute on our sweep. pretty cool, isn't it? let's take a look at the current conditions. and you're going to be able to see right now at twin peaks we have a chili 57. got a lot of people out there checking out stormranger, seeing what it is, and they've got their jackets on as this the drizzle continues to come down. the sign of that moisture is humidity at 91%. temperatures in the 50s through the morning hours throughout san francisco. you know, stormranger is going when you see the red sweep. we have it right now, as we mentiond, in twin peaks, as we zoom in and get a closer look. this will show you something no other radar is showing you on any kind of app besides nbc bay area, and that's, again, because our storm truck is located right here at twin peaks with that hice resolution data. you can see the drizzle happening right now throughout portions of the sunset district, and then also back here towards the mission as well. so not heavy rainfall, but, again, in the mid-level in the atmosphere, we're seeing this water come canning down in the
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form of some mist and also drizzle. traveling from north bay to the city you may need your windshield wipers a little built as well. stormranger is so critical, just due to the fact that with the conventional radar we used at mount umunum, 3,535 feet up, as the kay dar beam sends out by the time it gets to san francisco and santa rosa a lot of times it misses the data. again, with stormranger we can move the doppler radar and x-band closer to get you the data we showed you tonight. it will be awesome when a storm system finally rolls in. we have 55 expectd in san francisco. for the peninsula 54, and for the south bay 58. we have high pressure off-shore continuing to keep us with warmer weather for the interior valleys. in terms of tomorrow's forecast, this puts san jose at 84 degrees. for san francisco, a cool 61, and the marina a little bit of sunshine in the financial district and 64. for north bay, east bay and
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tri-valley, warmest in livermore with 88, danville expecting 89. let's get the extend outlooks in here. you can see for san francisco temperatures in the 60s all the way into next tuesday where we could pop up to 70, and for the inland valley also we will have an average of 87 tomorrow, and by sunday down to 83 degrees. i'm going to have fun with the stormranger. so cool. it is very neat. >> he's been having a lot of fun. thanks, jeff. up next, head to raiders' camp in napa . >> he's trying to make team and he's trying to win the heart of an olympic gold medalist. the story of colton underwood next. how's this for a road trip?
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the golden bears have arrived
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down under. the cal football team landed in sydney, australia -- . how's this for a road trip. the golden bears have arrived at down under. the cal team landed down under. it is the first college football game in that country in 29 years. the nationally televised game will be played in sydney, but because of the time difference the game will air 7:00 friday night. >> cal and australia. pretty cool. back here in the u.s. the pen ent race the heating up big time. one of sports greatest rivalries resumes in l.a. the giants and dodgers. it is really a battle for first place right at dodgers' stadium. l.a. leads by one game in the standings. giants baum gardner takes the mound tonight. >> the buzz from raiders' training camp, raj, not just football. it is dating. if you have a gold immediate
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willallist gymnastics out you will be in headlines. >> they enjoyed the spotlight today. colin resch from raiders' headquarters. >> ra raiders' tight end captured the attention of head coach jack del rio, for this. >> if you are ever in san jose and want to go on a double date with me and an draw and shawn, let me know. >> >> they told me about him before. i would go on a date with him. >> we have a celebrity in our midst. when you put yourself back there, you want to get that yes back. so congrats for him. >> reporter: underwood is a long-shot to make the raiders' 53 man roster, but he probably thought scoring a date with olympic gymnastics a ly raisman would be a long shot too. >> she did a great job representing the usa, and i thought it would be great to extend an officer when she has down time. >> reporter: that has a date.
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september 18th, to be exact. that's when the gold winning gymnastics team will stop in san jose. in his video he mentions andrew and john. andrew is andrew east, shawn is former olympic gymnastics shawn johnson east and friend to raisman. they're the ones playing coup i had. >> i have known him a couple of months. i thought he was a good guy. >> reporter: word of underwood's offer made its way through the locker room. the reaction as you would expect. >> it is a lonely figure being out there on a limb, man. i'm happy, happy for him. and she made a good decision saying yes because he's a really good guy. he is really is, besides the football stuff he's a really good person. i hope it works out for them. >> reporter: in alameda, colin resch, nbc bay area. is this the dating game or a football team? >> i was going to say that. you don't really see that at training camp usually. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> bye, folks. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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lyin' ryan. mounting a hollywood career comeback? >> "dancing with the stars." the bachelor, is lochte lining up a top-secret tv gig? now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪ ryan lochte's next move. prime time tv? his million dollar sponsorship sunk. what he's doing in l.a. >> "dancing with the stars." you would do it? >> hillary clinton. comedian in chief. clowning around with kimmel reading the most outrageous trumpisms. >> oh, i can't read this. >> oh, is it bad? we didn't make these up. >> secrets inside her hollywood fund-raiser hosted by justin and jessica.


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