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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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italy. imes we are following breaking news at this hour. an earthquake strikes central italy. images of the damage are streaming in as we speak, and it is devastating. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm janelle wang . >> and i'm raj mathai. it's wednesday morning near rome. the sunlight is exposing the damage, but some are confirmed dead. >> ian cohl joins us with the
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latest. >> reporter: janell, at least two people are confirmed dead, an older couple sleeping in their home when it collapsed on top of them. we are hearing another family of four may have been crushed to death. the mayor of a local town near the epicenter, a medication a tks rice. buildings on main street crumbled debris spilling on to the street. the first video in shows the faces of old buildings collapsed on to the road. local authorities are searching for survivors. usgs saying this earthquake could potentially cause significant casualties. local reports are the earthquake was felt across central italy. one after shock of 5.4 has been recorded so far and felt an hour after the initial quake. the state department urging to contact family and friends if their safe or check in on social
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media. ian cohl, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. also new at 11:00 a san jose cop arrested for providing information to street gangs. officerer derrick antonio is charged on five felony counts of unauthorized computer access and one felony count after the fact. that resulted in multiple arrests and search warrants. officer antonio, a nine-year veteran of the force, has been on administrative leave while the department conducted an internal investigation. sjpd will outline the charges in a news conference tomorrow. one man is fighting for his life tonight, two others were also hurt after a crash at a busy intersection in downtown san francisco. a yellow cab driver jumped the cash at market, sansome and sutter, crashing into two men working a shoeshine stand. police are trying to figure out what went wrong. nbc bay area stephanie trunk is live at the sustain. any word yet on what caused the
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traffic driver to lose control? >> reporter: no, janell. wree sti we are waiting for the official determination. the investigation is preliminary. witnesses say the cab was speeding. crews taking apart and trying to clear the scene. this was once a newsstand. >> a few more feet and it would have been the end of me. >> as police took pictures for their investigation and people took pictures for instagram, susan giamona stood trying to figure out what happened. >> what i saw was an old man flying in the air, like something out of a movie. >> reporter: the old man is a close friend around 60 years old and take fixture at this corner working as a shoeshine operator for the last two decades. >> he was down on the ground and he had a bunch of debris on top of him. and i was in shock. >> reporter: chalk outlines show where he landed after the yellow cab plowed through a newsstand and rammed into the shooshine stand, knocking it off his
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foundation seriously hurting him and his employee, a 40-year-old man. >> what i saw was a guy laying on the floor in a pool of blood. >> reporter: a crash so forceful it set off airbags in the cab, snarling traffic at the start of rush hour. giamona says the driver was flying down market. >> he was going very fast. how are you going so fast to knock something over? like a couple of years ago a bus hit it and only dented it. >> reporter: she had only crossed the corner when she heard the commotion. >> we ended up showing our shop because it was so scary many we personally know the guy that works at the shoeshine place so we're shaken by it. >> reporter: yellow cab is the largest taxi operator in the city. it filed for bankruptcy in january. the office was closed by the time we called for comment. the latest update is a 59-year-old man was discharged earlier tonight. a 66-year-old man is still in fair condition and 40-year-old in critical condition. live in san francisco, stephanie
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chuang, nbc bay area news. >> we want to give you another look at the crash scene from the nbc bay area helicopter, earlier today. after 3:00 you could see a lot of police and first responders. the san francisco fire department says it arrived within six minutes of the crash. a gut wrenching story along the russian river. caitlyn and hailey marcus are sisters. today they both drowned as their mom's truck plunged into the the river. the mother survived the crash. tonight questions of how it happened while a small town mourns its youngest residents. nbc bay area cheryl hurd is north of bodega bay in the town of jenner. >> reporter: these flowers mark the spot where the two young girls died if this morning's crash. it is the same spot where their great uncle came tonight to pay his respect to the two sisters he calls angels. >> they were beautiful girls, just, you know, the light of everybody's life. >> reporter: a life cut short because of a freak accident on highway 1 in jenner.
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>> they used to call me grandpa. >> reporter: four-year-old haley and her seven-year-old sister caitlyn were in the back seat of the family truck with their mother behind the wheel. they were headed to school and mother to a brand-new job at a school. police say somehow the truck spun out of control and landed in the russian river. >>er cars go really fast come canning through here, and if she, you know, punked ched it, oil, got side ways and got out of control. >> it was sad. >> reporter: a horrifying scene for lance rittenhouse who was riding husband bike this morning and watched it happen. he came back to the scene tonight and explained how he jumped into the river to try and save the two girls. >> apparently the two girls were strapped in car seats and couldn't get out. it was like 20 feet deep and there was no way i could get down that deep and there was nothing else i could do. >> reporter: what affects this
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man will affect this small, tight knit community, population over 100 strong. other than the youngsters who visit jenner, haley and caitlyn are the the only two children who actually live in this small town. it may take a lifetime for some here to comprehend this horrible accident. >> we'll' just rally around the family and hug them close and do whatever with we can to help them through this horrible time. >> they're going to be missed really deeply. >> reporter: in jenner, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a suspect connect to a murder in san francisco captured in arizona with the help of social media. 19-year-old is a manna runstrum was wanted in connection to a may 24th murder at golden gate park. the san francisco district attorney's office notified police after she posted on facebook her vehicle broke down in flag staff, arizona. she is one of four suspects in the murder of steven williams.
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police say the group of vigilanties targeted him for exposing himself to children in the park. >> take a look. rescue workers scaled the side of that roadway through thick brush in an effort to get a woman out of her vehicle. the chp says a group of ten tourists left san francisco yesterday for yosemite. seven rented motorcycles to drive the national park while three rented the suv. the women in the suv never arrived at their destination so chp spent night and morning searching for them. they were found and it appeared to have been an accident. >> this isn't something we really deal with a will whole lot. it is a really, really technical ex try indication like this, so it is a challenge for the crews. >> reporter: two of the women were air lifted to nearby hospitals. no word on the condition of the third one. >> now to decision 2016. the presidential race comes to the bay area. hillary clinton is in town tonight. the usual game plan, a quick
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visit for big money. the democratic candidate attended an event in peed mopt. tomorrow afternoon she will be in redwood city. tickets range from 7,000 to $27,000. she will be at a dinner cohosted by apple ceo tim cook. all events are private and closed to media. donald trump spent the evening in texas. he received a warm welcome. trump focused much of his speech on immigration. tomorrow he will will campaign in florida and mississippi. >> there was no money in my account. >> but there should have been. thousands of dollars missing from a checking account. nbc bay area respond when a viewer says the bank ignored her. . >> reporter: i'm terri mcswainy live in livermore where the school board voted to do something that could lead to the
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closing of two charter schools. nobody likes that, not even the school board. i will tell you why they did it after the break. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog is rolling if right now. morning forecast and details on where it will get close to 90 degrees tomorrow in just a few minutes. every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message.
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tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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playing out in livermore. hundreds of students are on the move...leaving . a real life version of musical chairs and it is playing out in livermore. hundreds of students are on the move, leaving their embattled charter schools and enrolling in other public schools, but can those schools accommodate the new students? nbc bay area terry mcsweeney joins us from livermore. terri, a back-to-school headache going on. what's the plan there? >> reporter: it looks like there might beer more tv an exodus from those charter schools after tonight's unanimous vote by the school board in favor of what's
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called a notice of violation against the tri-valley learning corporation, the corporation that runs the charter schools. bailsed on tonight's meeting, the schools are very popular, the corporation is not. it got emotional. >> so you shut the school down, you will have heel to deal with, i'm telling you. >> reporter: one parents' reaction to tonight's vote. it notices it charges illegal tuition to foreign school, has accreditation questions and is in financial trouble. parents are pulling their students from livermore charter school and charter preparatory by the hundreds. >> as of yesterday we've seen an influx of almost 500 students since june. we know at least 80% of those coming to us from the charter schools. >> an overflow crowd of parents tonight. many say they love the schools but not the corporation. >> if you think the charter should be taken away from tblc, then with all due respect i suggest you take it away from them. >> reporter: some want a compromise. >> you don't bring down the house to make repairs, right?
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you have to find a good, clean way to do it without, you know, forcing all of the kids out. >> reporter: a tri-valley learning corporation representative says the accusations are over blown. >> we are concerned about the district's proposed notice of violation that is incomplete and premature and goes against the cooperative relationship we have maintained with the district over the years. >> reporter: some were not swayed by that argument. >> tri-valley learning corporation is not in a space where it should be. there are issues with the operations of the corporation, and those issues are not being resolved. >> some of the things that we have seen are so concerning that it almost makes you wish you could do more immediately. >> reporter: so far livermore public schools have been able to accommodate those hundreds of students from the charter schools. tonight's vote is part of a process that could, could eventually lead to the closing of the two charter schools. that would make a mess of everything, but that is something that nobody wants, not the school board, not the parents, not the teachers.
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live in livermore, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. a cab ride gone wrong. a man accused of gouging a cabby's eye is now behind bars. san francisco police say this man, henry martines, got mad at the route the taxi driver was taking sunday, so he allegedly punched the driver in the face. the cabby stopped the car and was dragged out of the car. he allegedly gouged the driver's eye with his thumb. he had have his eye treated at the hospital. "nbc bay area responds" to a woman whose bank kent went blank. >> she called consumer investigator chris chmura who took action. how much money went missing? $17,000, raj and janell, there one day and then completely gone
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the next. police believe that money was stolen. the customer says the bank was in no hurry to help. >> probably about another week. >> reporter: karen bates is preparing to rent out rooms in her concord home to help make ends meet. first she wanted to spruce up the house. >> i need to paint it. >> reporter: so she withdrew a portion of her 401(k), but right after the transfer her money -- >> almost $17,000. >> reporter: vanished. >> there was no money in my account. >> reporter: and karen panicked. >> and there were huge chunks taken out, withdrawn in cash. >> reporter: police say this the woman, photographed on chase surveillance cameras, falsely identified herself and took karen's money from two chase branches, one in scots valley and another in santa cruz, almost 90 miles from karen's home. karen told me she hasn't been that far south in a long time. >> i went to the beach, not to the bank. >> reporter: years ago? >> right. >> reporter: karen says she wasted three weeks on the phone trying to fix the mess. she says her bank balance sat at
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zero for 22 days, a half dozen checks bounced and chase gave her the run around. >> who do you talk to when you need to confront a large organization or institution like that? >> reporter: us. karen called "nbc bay area responds" and we immediately called chase. within a few days the $17,000 was back where it belonged. chase told us karen's claims were approved and the accounts have been credited. it went on to say if anything looked suspicious on an account statement, please contact us immediately. chase declined to explain how this unidentified woman was able to access karen's accounts and drain them. it also down played our role returning her money. karen sees it differently. >> once nbc got involved, the nbc response team, there was immediate action. >> reporter: a chase spokesperson acknowledged when money goes missing the the bank gives itself 30 days to fix the
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problem. a month is standard practice, she said. to karen, that timetable is unacceptable. >> to be without that money for a week was too long. >> reporter: karen's chase balance is back at zero because she closed her account if protest. if you recognize the woman accused of taking karen's money, that woman right there, please call santa cruz police. if you have a consumer plant, please call us. the number is 888-996-tips or visit once you are there, click the yellow submit tips bar for our consumer complaint form. you can share information, photos and videos so we can investigate your case. raj, janell, back to you. >> okay. thank so much, chris. turn things over to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. as janell said earlier, she thought it was friday. >> i'm with you. we had some late nights the past couple of weeks an we are looking ahead to the weekend as a lot of you are. we are going to have comfortable changes hitting saturday and
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sunday. you will get a sneak preview on the will scrolling seven-day forecast as it populates. we will take you to the big story right now which is the fog in san francisco. you can see we have a cool 56, and along with that some patchy drizzle as the moisture in the atmosphere is present with 83% humidity. across san jose we have temperatures a little bit warmer, not quite as much of the foggy breeze moving in with 63 degrees. very comfortable after a high of 81 today. now for tomorrow morning it will dip into the 50s. forrest of the bay area as we start tomorrow morning, we begin with 60 throughout east bay and patchy areas of low clouds. south bay will start off with, again, temperatures in the upper 50s. we have high pressure just off-shore which will help conditions to warm up a degree or two for tomorrow for the interior valleys, but at the immediate coastline the fog will stay put, and that's san francisco across the financial district still will be at 64 degrees. that cooler westerly wind at the
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marina keep us at 61. up towards the south bay here is a little built of warming towards morgan hill with 86 degrees. for east bay, north bay and for tri-valley, 89 degrees. oakland has it good at 72. napa 83, and the schooler wind moving throughout mill valley putting you at 73 degrees. now in the locations getting the most of that westerly wind, that clean ocean air, this will give us the best air quality tomorrow in the north bay. you are at good levels but tracking some smoke particles in the atmosphere for east bay, peninsula and south bay. if you suffer from asthma or respiratory issues watch out for the poor air quality. temperatures stay in the 60s through the next six days, but may get up to 70 by next tuesday. for the inland valleys, we do expect an average of 87 for wednesday and thursday, then by
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sunday we're down to 83 degrees. janell, when the weekend finally gets here it looks even a little more comfortable. >> i know i'm going to enjoy he havy minute. >> i'm with you. >> thanks so much. >> enemies of daylights savings time, you're out of luck. one lawmaker's push to get rid of it comes up short. we will explain. and we have jimmy. >> we are playing a new game with donald glover, a final five, and music from dolly parton. >> and happening now, we continue to follow our breaking news. that powerful earthquake in central italy, six people are confirmed dead but the death toll is expect to rise. we are updating twitter feed throughout the night. one of the swimmers who was with ryan lochte the night he exaggerated a story about being robbed rio is apologizing. you can see jimmy fiegen's apology on our website.
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reason for bart delays in the east bay earlier today. you're looking at a man with a golf club is the reason for b.a.r.t. delays in east bay earlier today. you are looking at the damage. b.a.r.t. police say the man starting swinging at train car windows while still on board. he then got out at west oakland and started smashing more windows at the station. he was quickly arrested. spring forward and fall back, you know the routine. the push to end daylight savings fell short. california lawmakers were trying to put it on the november ballot so voters could decide. some lawmakers were worried it would put california four hours behind the east coast and would cause problems for businesses. in the end, it didn't get enough votes to move forward. will california has had daylight
11:25 pm
savings since 1949. by the way, set your clocks back november 6th. a higher tax on sugary drinks means less people will drink them. a new study from cal shows after berkeley passed a soda tax fewer people in lower income neighborhoods are drinking sugary drinks. berkeley voters approved a ¢0.01 per ounce tax on sugary drinks. it was the first city in the u.s. to pass such a tax. >> the player that asked a gold medalist on a date, and the show down between showdown between ♪
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♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. giants fans in enemy territory at dodger stadium. . all right. did you see what happened? round one goes to the dodgers. there are some giants' fans though in enemy territory, so dodgers' stadium a tough night. l.a. scored five runs off the giants ace. the giants fall to the dodgers 9-5, the final the second place giants are now two games behind l.a. the series continues tomorrow night. >> it was tough to watch. he is getting a little grief from his teammates but he doesn't care. we are talking about the raiders' player who asked a gold
11:29 pm
medal gymnastics on a date. aly raisman said yes. >> of course she did. and kolton is smiling year to ear. >> reporter: raiders' tight end has captured the attention of jack del rio, and it is not for the block he threw against green bay. rather, it is for this. >> if you are ever in san jose and want to go on a double date with me and andrew and shawn, let me know. >> they actually told me about him before. yeah, i would go on a date with him. >> we have a celebrity in our midst. when you put yourself out there, you want to get the yes back, so congrats for him. >> reporter: underwood is a long shot to make the raiders' 53-man roster, but he probably thought scoring a date with olympic gymnasticsaly raisman would be a long shot. >> she did a great job, her whole team did of representing the usa. i thought it was only right to send congratulations and extend an offer when she got back to the u.s. and had some down time. >> reporter: that down time has a date, september 18th to be
11:30 pm
exact. that's when the gold medal-winning u.s. gymnastics team will stop in san jose on their national tour. in his video underwood mentions andrew and shawn. andrew is backup long snapper andrew east. shawn is former olympic gymnastics shawn johnson east, andrew's wife and friend to raisman. they're the ones playing cupid. >> i have only known kolton a couple of months. i thought he was a good job. i trustaly and kolton and thought to give it a shot. >> reporter: word of the offer made it through the locker room. the reaction. >> that's a lonely feeling, being out there on a limb. i'm happy for him, and she made a good decision saying yes because he is a really good guy. he really is. besides the football ste stuff he is a good person, i hope it works out. >> reporter: in alameda, colin resch, nbc bay area. the raiders are having fun this training camp. >> they are. >> they just need to win. >> it is nice to see the personal side of them, right?
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coming up, tesla on the horizon. we'll tell you about it.
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>> now there's a better way to solve consumer problems. introducing "nbc bay area responds." call 1-888-996-tips or visit our website. we respond to every call, every e-mail. >> nbc bay area, we investigate. okay. they're getting fancy in palo alto.
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a major upgrade from tesla but it is going to cost you. >> about $135,000. tesla ceo elon musk announced the couple will build new versions, it will be the third fastest and travel longer distance. it will increase the model sto 315 miles on one charge. that's pretty amazing. >> almost as cool as stormranger. >> oh, that's pretty school. >> how much was that again? >> $135,000, but i think stormranger is more than that. >> it is. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye, folks. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dolly parton, donald golver,


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