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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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could. it happened all of a sudden. he is larger than her. she was knocked to the ground, so she had her arm ups, troo ied to defend herself, but there was nothing else that she could have done. >> it's kind of shocking because you know, nice area like this, i wouldn't have thought things like this would happen. >> now, police say the woman suffered a broken nose in the encounter. the man fees face is not seen, but they believe he is a white male in his 40s or 50s and whos someone might recognize him either as a person who in the park or possibly nearby. coming up at 6:00, more reaction from the neighborhood. live in san francisco, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. very much. one homes and shops now nothing. taking a look at the devastation of a 6.2 earthquake that rockeded central italy last night. 159 people are confirmed dead. rescuers are swarming into
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hardest hit areas looking for any kind of survivors trap ped underneath this rubble. now, this is video of one of those rescues. this team was able to dig out this man. he was buried under his own home. they were able to find him and carry him out and get him to the hospital. he is one of the lucky ones. one of the hardest hit places, the mayor says half of the town the gone. one local police official told nbc news he estimates about 50 people have been killed there alone. those number will likely rise. now, let's give you a bter idea of where this earthquake hit as we look at a map of italy. this is the central area where it hit about 3:00 in the mortgage, so most were home and sleeping. it extended to rome and then of course along the aiddriatic coa. they've experienced many, many earthquakes there. they're used to this sort of
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thing. there have been about 200 aftershocks since the kuwait qu. experts are pouring in from italy and other country, including the vatican with volunteers to help out. our coverage of the italy earthquake continues tonight on nightly news. firsthand accounts of the moment that earthquake hit and then this. the aftermath. lester holt joins us at 5:30. a busy night for presidential candidate hillary clinton. she's crisscrossing the peninsula as we speak raising big money. she is in los altos height. she started her day in redwood city. you can see the candidate entering that event. this was at the hotel. then mrs. clinton and her motorcade headed south to los aa
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alork is s hills. it's being hosted by tim cook. our business and tech reporter joins us from the ground level there. scott, this is a big time silicon valley connection where you are. >> yeah, absolutely. apple's ceo and vice president are hosting the candidate here tonight. part of a lucrative fund raising swing through silicon valley. secretary clinton started the afternoon in redwood shores. >> i'm still shaking ooempb though i was like 100 feet away from her. >> meeting fans over a fund raising lunch. tickets range from $270 to $27,000 per person, depending on access to the candidate. >> i'm thrilled to be here and sport her and i'm bringing my daughter who is just turning 8 a 18 and is going to be voting in her first election.
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>> then to los altos hills and a second fund-raiser. this one by tim cook and vice president lisa jackson. no press access here, but plenty oftechies who say they're supporting clinton. >> i think a lot of the reason people in tech with supporting hillary clinton is that they feel she's a known commodity with a long standing voting record in office. >> one clinton supporter says the candidate told the crowd silicon valley is in the future business. zpl and judging by some of the tech talent we've seen so far here tonight, business is is good. you'll hear from more of those who showed up to meet the candidate later tonight at 6:00. rorying live in los altos hill, scott budman a, nbc bay area news. >> so, the usually quiet sleepy town, you can hear all the helicopters buzzing above. again, this is the residential
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area. mrs. clinton will be here for the next 45 minutes to an hour, then off to her next event. we'll continue to follow her visit throughout the evening. donald trump spents the day in tampa, where he urged hispanic and black voters to give him chance. but it's a long shot. according to the latest nbc polls, trump has the support of just 8% of african-american voters and 22% of hispanic voters. now, you can track recaall the twists and turns of this election on our website. our decision 2016 icon on our front page. drop in your kras to see candidates running in your district. that's at nbc bay san jose police say they've busted up a violent vietnamese street gang. it also brought down a police officer. damian join us now from police headquarters where the fbi and police, they just wrapped up a news conference there.
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>> that's rig. just a new minutes ago, they laid out the evidence they had against this vietnamese gang in san jose and also the police officer. they say this was a widespread oping ration from southern california even to louisiana. a shipment of marijuana was headed to louisiana from san jose. police made pictures of testimony soft o evidence. the sting was called operation dpang of thrones and targeted several vietnamese cafes in san jose. in march of last year, police held similar raids in what was dubbed operation army. they confiscated 100 gaming machines. this time, police say the operation also took down one of their own. nine-year veteran, derek antonio, was accused of releasing confidence police information to the gapg. he was also arrested and faces several felonies. the chief says going after their own officer was painful, but says investigators were clear they were chasing every suspect.
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>> as this chase was has been to have identified and criminal bly investigated one of our own, it is a testament to the integrity of the san jose police department and all investigators involved in this investigation. >> police arrested 23 of the suspects. people they're looking for six more they say they are still at large. the raids also netted gun, cash and marijuana. that was in route from san jose to louisiana. 1 of those suspects were in court today along with two women. we were there as well. we'll talk to one of their lawyers at 6:00. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> the former mayor of campbell has been arrested for domestic violence. police say his fiancee shoed up at the campbell police department before 3:00 a.m. yesterday. she told officers she was in a
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dispute and christina blocked her from calling 911. he posted bail yesterday afternoon. why did it happen? new details coming in as investigators try to figure out how a taxi cab slammed into a stand in san francisco. this crash happening yesterday where market, sanson and sutter street come together. this cab jumped the crush, critically ip injurying one worker. investigators say impairment does not appear to be a factor. but they are looking into the cab driver's medical history. the pressure is mounting to unseat a local judge. a woman's group is now joining the push. members of ultraviolet rallied in front of the state building in san francisco today where the state's judicial commission was meeting. judge per ski gave what many claim was a lenient sentence to a former stanford stupt.
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the group read part of the letter to the commission. >> as you know, it's a letter from jane doe that galvanized a vegas to stand up against sexual assault and against normalizing and excusing that kind of behavior from a perpetrator like brock turner. >> now, can draw attention in this case, but to be clear, the commission does not have the ability to take action against the judge. when you get injured on the job and need medical attention, that's where workers say the problem again. >> our investigative unit has been digging the state's worker's comp system. what happens after patients are deniy eied medical treatment. >> injured workers can appeal those deny ls of medical care. tonight, we investigate what happens when people ask for this second look at the cases. we found the vast majority of
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the time, reviewers agree jied workers don't need the medical treatment their doctors request. they say this proves the process is working, but critics say it's one sided. >> i do think they have to be challenged if there are failures and certainly, i think lori has to be considered a failure of the system. at this point. >> and tonight at 11:00, you'll hear more from mother of f a nurse who suffered from chronic pain and depression after an on the job injury. she says she's speaking out because her daughter no longer can. and dozens of chinese immigrants say their landlord is trying to force them out. live in oakland, ahead, why a judge visited the property here this afternoon. and could it be true? a new ballpark for the a's. we'll show you where the a's might want to build. and good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. plenty of blue sky right now,
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but it's a different story at the coast with quite a bit of fog. we'll have your morning forecast tomorrow and changes for the weekend in just a few minutes. tonight, disturbing claims from
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tenants in the east bay. they say their landlord is creating harsh living conditions tonight, disturbing claims from the tenants in the east bay. they say their landlord is
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creating harsh living conditions and trying run them out. elise is live in oakland tonight where the building is located and today, a judge went to see these conditions firsthand. >> that's right and the judge came here, they spent about 20 minutes inside the property here behind me. he has the power to get the bathrooms back to working order and will decide if newly installed surveillance cameras will be removed. >> excuse me. >> he asked to see the surveillance cameras instau ld outside the low rent hotel in oakland's chinatown. >> tell me where the exterior camera is? camera out in front? >> then the alameda county judge representing more than a dozen chinese immigrants go inside. >> sharing three bathrooms and one kitchen. they're waiting in long lines to use basic household facilities. >> attorneys say the new owner is trying to make living conditions so bad that residents
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would move out so that it could be converted to a building for students and tech workers. and according to a court document, during the past six month, cameras were installed in the kitchen and hallways along with a microphone. for four of the seven bathrooms were demolished and hot water is only sometimes available. >> excuse me, judge, are you able to tell us about what you saw in there? >> have to talk to -- >> as the judge left, he wouldn't say what he saw inside, but attorneys say a decision on whether the owners will be forced to put the bathrooms and kitchen back in will be made soon. >> now met with the court and will be reconvened on tuesday. >> te landlord's attorney denies allegations. ail parties will be back in court on tuesday. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a tragic turn, one of those german tourists rescued in yosemite has died.
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she died from her injuries last night. she was in an suv with two other tourists driving in from san francisco to owe sim ty when their car plunged off the road. rescue workers had to scale the roadway to get them out of the car. the other two women are in stable condition. >> three life size statues are with their owners tonight after someone robbed the same home twice in one week. the burglaries happened last month in martinez. police say charlessomers sold several items from his home including an eight foot bronze statue of mark anthony and cleopatra. we've been talking about this for year, but now, there might be some real progress when it comes to building a new stadium for the a's. in oakland. tomorrow, john fisher will tour howard terminal. this is a cargo loading area at the port of oakland.
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this is the waterfront sight that mayor shaft and other city leaders have been pushing for. >> this is really encouraging for a's fans and oaklanders because the a's are getting serious about building a new ballpark. they are definitely exploring options, but only options in oakland. >> this could be a dpam changer, yes, very encouraging for a's fans. you might recall the team has previously explored sights in downtown sa san jose and fremont. building at the current stadium is a possibility. and the story we first broke, the school earthquake safety bill unanimously passed and is is on its way to the governor. take a look at the totos we showed you on class action that prompted -- the damage caused -- several of the accidents. that quake happened exactly two years ago today, it is the
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anniversary, was the largest earthquake to hit the bay area in more than 25 years. one person was killed an the quake damaged more than a thousand buildings. it added up to $3 million in damage. the courthouse is still one of the structures awaiting repairs. the building's work is continuing to -- 2018. still rebuild ing in napa. one of the streets just crumbled. >> totally buckled. pretty phenomenal. there's an earthquake in the world somewhere every day. duck, cover and hold p you start to feel shaky. let's get you outside to her sky camera network. if you're anywhere near the coastline, you know what we're dealing with. if you're not, check this out. a cool 56 right now. after a high of only 61 degrees. and relative humidity right now
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at 100%. the air is saturated. into tomorrow morning. we'll take you to a warm spot here. drop into the 70s by 8:00 p.m. and 50s by midnight, so certainly some relief here coming your way into the overnight hours. as you look at the morning forecast for tomorrow, we want to stress the fog and drizzle will be come back to san francisco. we'll start with 55. also, patchy fog for the north bay for the peninsula, areas of pspotty drizzle and fog and for the south bay, another day in a row where even if you get snirngs we'll have hazy skies and a temperature of 58 degrees. the forecast isn't going to change too much when it comes to temperatures on thursday. you can see across san francisco, it will put us at 61 in the marina. palo alto, four degrees warmer at 76 and for the south bay, our
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warmest temperature, morgan hill at 85 and a comfortable 83 in san jose. for the north bay, east bay and for the trivalley, hottest weather here across danville and livermore with 87 and 88 respectively, but to the east bay where the foggier wind is going to pass right through the bay and help keep us a a lot more comfortable 71 degrees. look at this. 72 in mill valley. pretty much perfect here in santa rosa at 78 degrees. high pressure is yus offshore. that's what's helping to produce those upper 80s across the interior valley, but a change spoot this weekend. it's not going get drastically colder, but i think at least 3 to 6 degrees cooler as we head into saturday afternoon and sunday. we'll see a few little ripples in the atmosphere and that will at least keep 100s out of the forecast. i know you're going to love what's coming our way on the extended. you can see in san francisco the
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next seven days, we have 60s expected here throughout the beautiful city by the bay and as we get you into the inland valley, here's our change from 88 as an average tomorrow down to 83 by sunday and we'll stay with low 80s for monday and wednesday. so, also some great news for that fire danger as well. >> september is usually our best month of weather around here. we're getting it in august. >> i was going to say, we have that ahead. >> looking forward to it. good. thank you. coming up, gelting bart into the south bay. in information on how close that project is to becoming a reality. and a popular festival that all focuses on bacon. how one shortage factors into the bacon problem. and nbc bay area wants to help non-profits build impactful communities. we're launching our grant challenge for new and innovative programs to earn up to $50,000. visit nbc bay for more information.
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president clintons are due just a couple of days away, august 26th. astronomers have found an
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earth-like planet right next door to earth. scientists named it "proxima b" and hope to get an actual image soon. happening now, astronomers have found an earth like planet next door to earth. they hope to get an actual image soon. and also trending on our website, bay area rappers are donating $25,000 to his alma mater. more news after this.
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every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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relief. today -- v-t-a, bart and u-s transportation leaders met to get updated on bart's expansion into san jose. ==take vo== transportation secretary anthony foxx got a firs today, gta, bart and tramgs leaders get updated information on the expanse into san jose. anthony fox got a firsthand look at the first phase of the expansion extend frg fremont tot station in east san jose. it's expected to be up and running as soon as next year. >> when you invest in transportation, you improve quality of life. this type of project is going to be good for the environment because it's public transit, but it also creates jobs.
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>> now, congress -- phase two will run underground through san jose, but that is still in the planning stages. hold the bacon, the bay area's bacon festival has been rescheduled because of a police officer shortage. the organizers of the festival of america made the announcement on their facebook page today. organizers say there's not enough police officers available so they're moving it to the weekend of october 15th instead. maybe it will come down after all. an appellate court has order oed a lower court to reconsider a ruling that protects an old railroad bridge from demolition. this is called the willow glenn tr tresle. the san jose city council voted to tear it down, but preservation has filed a lawsuit. the city violated state law because it didn't look into
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rehabilitating the bridge. no word on whether or not the preservationists will challenge this new ruling. up next, just coming in, a high profile member of the u.s. olympic team has been suspended.
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breaking news -- usa soccer goalie hope solo is has just been suspended for six months following her behavior , and specifically a comment, made at the rio olympics. break iing news now, usa soccer goalie hope solo has been suspended for six months following her behaefr and a comment made at the rio olympics. u.s. soccer organization made this announcement within the past hour saying that solo did not live up to the standard of conduct required of national team players. now, this is for her comments made after usa's loss to sweden. she called the team cowards and said that the best team did not win that day. tonight at 6:00, new and exclusive details on the local kidnapping case that grabbed headlines. the new documents we've obtained in the ransom investigation and what this could mean for the police department that called the whole thing a hoax. that and more tonight on our
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6:00 newscast. "nbc nightly news" is up next. >> see you ak 6:00. ook and twitter. breaking news tonight. tornado outbreak, tornadoes on the ground, twisters, buildings demolished, a coffee shop flattened. >> people just got run over. trouble in the tropics and alarming forecast check. frantic race against time in italy. scores dead and injured and the army mobilizing a massive rescue mission to find so many buried alive. an american university horror, terrorists storm the campus in kabul, an hour-long siege and teachers and students tracked. racist hack attack, star leslie jones, the target of privacy issue. and out pouring of support. and a homeless pouring of support. and a homeless


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