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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the death toll rising in italy following a powerful earthquake, but the hope of finding more survivors is not fading away. people search through the roubl with their hands all night. plus, going live. new signs to help improve traffic in one of the most congested freeways in the bay area activates today. fshlgs and a place to call home. the oakland as are out shopping today for a spot to build a brand new stadium. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good now thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get to the morning commute in just a bit. it is still early. >> it is. >> and anthony in is in this morning to look at this forecast. >> it's looking good this morning. we've got a cooldown coming our way as we head towards the next couple days.
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nice summer day this afternoon. once we get going. it will get rid of the fog. afternoon highs looking good. we'll still be topping out in the mid 80s for inland locations from fairfield to concord. livermore, you will be at 85. san jose up to 83 degrees. closer to the inner bay. 60s at the koesz line. even cooler for the next couple of days. we'll talk about that full forecast in a bit. mike is getting you to work on time. good morning, mike. >> unusual closure in the east bay. we often have overnight road crews but over here they completely closed on-ramps just off of the dumbarton bridge between newark boulevard and 880. it will affect you getting on the nimitz freeway. niles up there just farther up the area. that is scheduled to clear before 5:00. meanwhi meanwhile, this was clearing. that sensor has cleared to green now flowing south of there to milpitas. well, new this morning,
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authorities in oakland investigating a late night shooting near lake merritt. it happened at about 10:30 at lake merritt boulevard and east 12th street street. the victim suffered gunshot wounds in the mid section of his body. now listed in stable condition. police say up to five people may have been involved in that shooting. so far, no arrests have been made. now to developing news in italy where the death toll continues to rise after a massive earthquake rocked that area. these are live pictures from one of the hardest hit towns. the mayor says at least half of that town is leveled. new drone footage just released this morning gives us an up close look at the damage left behind. at least 247 people now are dead and many ancient towns are just reduced to rubble. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is tracking the latest from our newsroom this morning. she will join us live in our next half hour. at 4:32, b.a.r.t. trains had to bypass the civic center stop. the station was closed down
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after a person was found suffering from stab wounds. it happened about 10:00 last night. police are unclear when and where the victim was stabbed. critical but stable condition. no arrests have been made. the b.a.r.t. station is back up and running. the former mayor of campbell is behind bars accuse of domestic violence. jeffrey christina is a city councilman in calm bl. his fiance showed up at the campbell police department just before 3:00 a.m. on tuesday. she told officers she was in a domestic dispute and councilman cristina blocked her from calling 911. new details on san jose's plan. the emergency plan will go before the city council for a vote. last night a council committee unanimously agreed to allow that vote which will take place next tuesday. the police union says it needs to have 500 officers patrolling the streets. right now they have 413.
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a live look at the golden gate bridge on this thursday morning where a suicide barrier is still in the works but the fine print is being worked out. bridge committee members plan to meet later this morning to get an update on potential designs for the net barrier. bids came in earlier this summer at double the original $76 million estimate. that prompted new talk about delays the barrier. since then committee members have been looking at closer bids to see why costs are coming in so much higher. at 4:34. starting today the commute through one busy stretch of the east bay is supposed to get a whole lot smarter. that's what caltrans is promising with today's launch of the new smart corridor along enter sat 80 stretching from the bay bridge to the carquinez bridge. it's a in network of 100 state-of-the-art advisory signs meant to inform motorists about the commute signs. pete suratos is hopefully not stuck in too much traffic out there. he's going to be moving through that smart corridor for us and
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he will join us in the next half hour. the as are out shopping for a new home today. this could be the new spot for the brand new stadium. what do you think? howard terminal on the water front at the port of oakland. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live at the coliseum where the a rz playing. sharon, they will be enjoying that water front sight today, good morning. >> reporter: that's right, good morning. mayor libby shaft doesn't want the as fans to get too excited about this but this is promising news for oakland as fans. the howard terminal is at the port of oakland near jack london square. it's not as close to public transportation, b.a.r.t., as the current stadium but what a majestic sight it would be, right along the bay. the tour today won't be open to the media but mayor says it will be include showing this is a technical tour and the as are
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serious about a new ballpark. it does have some challenges though. >> i don't want to get everyone too excited. the exciting thing is the a rz deaf putly staying in oakland. they are evaluating their options. they're doing serious analyses of sites like howard terminal and that's why they're touring the site tomorrow with technical staff, engineer, people who understand the soil condition, the seawall. >> reporter: mayor schaaf says the good news is it looks like the as will stay in oakland. if the as do lead to the howard terminal site that would open up the raiders to expand on a football only stadium here. so that is the good news. it could keep both teams in oakland. reporting live in oakland, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, sharon. at 4:36 this morning. coming up, we'll update you on the condition of that baby born after his mother was involved in
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a deadly car crash. plus, anthony has a look at our forecast. >> that's right. we have clouds this morning, laura. in fact, a cooldown as we get into the next couple days. that full forecast coming up for you after the break. and we will take a look at the bay bridge. you can see the roadway from emeryville. you just can't see the tops of the towers. low clouds hanging out. not a problem for the drive right now but we'll show you how things move. plus, home on fire in the east bay with a blind man inside. we'll show you who risked their life just to save that man. you're watching "today in the bay." a dramatic rescue in pittsburg..
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a police officer saves a blind his burning ho last 4:40 on thursday morning. take a look at this dramatic rescue in pittsburg. a police officer saved a blind man from his burning home last night. you can see that heavy smoke there just billowing out of the house. it all happened near west 11th and york streets. by the time fire crews arrived a police officer was already pulling that blind man to safety. the homeowner is being treated for smoke inhalation and the officer is hospitalized after getting hurt from falling on glass. no word on what started that fire. there were loud calls to improve safety on a stretch of highway 116 next to the russian river after two little girls died in a tragic this week. she lost control of her pickup truck and it veered off the roadway and plummeted 40 feet into the river. marcus tried to reach 6-year-old
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caitlyn and 4-year-old haley marcus but couldn't save them. the family was from the small town of jenner. now some sonoma county leaders are calling the state to make safety improvements on that highway such as guardrails and flashing lights. devastating loss there. friends and family this morning remember the 18-year-old woman who died after being involved in a car crash in san jose. she was seven months pregnant. her baby lived and his consider is improving. ♪ a big loss. dozens of loved ones actually climbed to the rooftop of the parking garage across the street from valley medical hospital to remember hernandez. she died in that horrible crash last week near tully road. friends and family prayed for her newborn that survived. >> actually are allowed to take the baby and carry the son and feed him with a bottle so that
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we just heard that earlier today, so that for us was very emotional. >> a big development there for the family. the car crash happened last wednesday when her brother was driving her to her fiance's work in san jose. her brother swerved off the road for an unknown reason and slammed into a parked bmw. the driver of that bmw appear to be intoxicated but her brother had no drugs or alcohol in his system. her funeral is planned for next week. at 4:42, coming up, take on the latest gop conspiracy theories as she wraps up her bay area trip and heads to nevada. plus, donald trump's running mate mike pence takes time off from campaigning and surveys the damage left behind by tornados in his home state. hillary clinton will head to
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reno today .. following two days of fundraising in the bay area. ==take vo== last night clinton attended a party hosted by apple ceo tim cook. tickets cost donors up to 27 thousand dollars. reno today. last night clinton attended a party hosted by apple ceo tim cook. it costs donors up to $27,000. the event was held in the backyard of a private home. this is as close as i got. if you happen to be walking by at the time you might have heard clinton though addressing topics including arrival donald trump. clinton told the crowd she wants to create a new infrastructure-bank to cover ongoing road proje clinton told the crowd she wants to create a new infrastructure
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banked to cover on going road projects. and supporters are finding hard to swallow. >> she really wants to hear from everybody. she wants to know what is on everybody's mand. >> because i want to show my support particularly buzz my marn parents are immigrants, my brother is in the military. >> his allegations made yesterday suggesting clinton is a bigot. today vice presidential candidate mike pence will take a break from the campaign trail to tour parts of his home state. torn apart by a series of tornadoes. as the sun comes up in indiana people are beginning to assess the damage. so far there are no deaths or serious injuries. now, one of the neighborhoods hit hardest was the city of cocomo. it was severely damaged by a twister just two years ago. here in our neck of the woods, nothing of the sort. in fact, pretty nice weather we've been having.
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>> yeah, in fact, it's going to cool off. >> i like that. >> nice. >> welcome change. >> something we usually don't talk about this time of year. not talking about the 90s or triple digits. at least for the next seven days, things are going to be nice. cloudy skies in san jose. and that's how you know we're going to see a nice cool day. whenever you get the marine layer across the inland valley, that's the natural ac that's blown inland and that's how you get that cooldown. 61 degrees right now in san jose. 83 is where we're headed this afternoon. as we go through the next couple of days you're going to notice the morning clouds will be with us each and every day and over the course of the weekend. they will thicken up. clearing by lunchtime. temperatures do back off slightly. next week, little to no change in our forecast. right now you can see the clouds are thick across san francisco and the marine layer pretty thick even across parts of the peninsula. so as we get going this morning we will see the clouds. this afternoon, temperatures do rebound back in the 60s and 70s at the coastline. see some 80s for inland valleys. up to 88 today for the tri-valley. fog is with us.
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it will peel back to the coastline by 11:00. still in san francisco throughout the day today we only see peeks of sunshine. the fog does roll back in tonight. by 9:00, as far south of the suit bay. tomorrow morning wake up to areas of fog. even as far east as the tri-valley. and here's the thing to note over the next couple days. winds today out of the northwest. but look what happens tomorrow. coming back out of the south. and that will bring in more smoke from the fire burning, the soberanes fire still burning to our south. over the next 24 hours. moderate air quality returns to the bay area. by saturday, especially with that haze and smoke in the south bay. really temperatures stay cool, especially by saturday and sunday. and then we'll see temperatures go up just a little bit next week but not overly hot. staying comfortable at the coastline. 60s over the next seven days. let's talk to mike and track that morning commute. >> we're going to go over toward fremont we had that slowing through milpitas. it moved north up past mission
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boulevard. who was going on was the over night lane closures. the crew was clearing. down to two lanes and flashing lights. we do have a little slowing still expected southbound at 680 right and andrati. it sounds like there may be a stalled vehicle on the shoulder. no major issues out of the tri-valley. no problem through the dublin interchange. we'll look at berkeley where laura told you about the smart corridor. overhead signs you've seen installed over the last few weeks. there may be distracted drives. the afgsz will hopefully help smooth things out. pete suratos will give us a live report coming up later on. >> give us a sneak peek. thanks, mike. it's 4:49. in business news, a bay area tech giant is a big hit with kids. most recognized kids more so than disney. for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn
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to don chu. >> good morning. >> good morning. it's still early on wall street but we could see red arrows today. futures are lower. the markets did fall wednesday dragged down by health care stocks. specifically by milan after hillary clinton tweeted about the sharp price increases for epipen product. so that's a huge story there. look also today for dataen unemployment and demand for durable goods. the dow falling 65 points to 18481 yesterday. nasdaq losing 42 to 5217. uber is teaming up withen vinnestment firm to offer drivers in boston, chicago, seattle, and parts of new jersey individual retirement accounts. drivers can sign up for the iras with betterment through their uber apps or online. it's free of any fees for the first year. the retirement accounts are being added to rewards programs uber has for drivers who are self-employed. the program includes discounts
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for auto repairs and wireless providers. and like you said, a new study confirms what a lot of parents may already know. youtube is a hit with the kids. market research firm smarty pants is out with the eighth annual brand love survey. youtube beat out brands such as oreo, disney, toys "r" us. best in online counterpart netflix as well. smart pants says youtube content says kids with a shorter attention span crave. i don't know about you, laura, i do spend some time on youtube but not quite as much as apparently the youngsters do these days. >> that's right. the kids ask for it. modern day kids out there, dom. the saga is continue for volkswagen this morning after the automaker admitted last year to rigging certain vehicles to pass emission tests by cheating. in june volkswagen reached a
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$14.7 billion settlement to head off civil claimses against the company. today there will be a court hearing on the agreements. among the points, voegs wagon agreed to the company will offer to buy back any of the 475,000 effected vehicles or develop a fix to get the vehicle repaired. a warning for people who have a safety first baby stroller. the strollers can fall and more than 25,000 of them are being recalled. here's a photo of them. the recall involves step and go travel systems sold under the safety 1st brand. the folding mechanism can disengaged when used with an infant car seat attach and this can cause a fall. dozen of falls but no injuries so far reported. coming up this morning, it's a world's largest aircraft but it has some trouble landing. check out this video. we're going to show you how the crew made it out. first, happening now. a woman is savagely beaten by a stranger in san francisco.
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it's all caught on video. the footage shows the woman being struck some 20 times. it also may be the clue that leads to an arrest. link to the story on our home page this morning. it's time to pay up for one man with a long overdue book, as in 60 years late. he found the book in a box, then he paid up calling it the right thing to do. the fine could have easily covered a nice plasma tv or so. link to the story on our twitter feed.
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than everyone else - it's just a andrade. welcome back on this thursday morning. 4:55. look at this. sometimes when you're bugger than everyone else, it's just a lot easier to look clumsy. that extends to the world's largest aircraft. the new 302-foot air lander had
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a rough landing during the second test flight yesterday in britain. it unfolded like a slow-motion nose dive. the aircraft did sustain some damage to the front of the flight deck. despite the bump, crew members suffered no bruises. they weren't work. engineers are trying to figure out what went wrong. the olympic flag has arrived in tokyo, host of the next summer gave. the governor was waving the flag as she arrived in tokyo yesterday. she received the flag during sunday's closing ceremony of the games in rio. you may recall she appeared at the ceremony right after gentleman pap's prime minister popped up there as super mario. preparations are well under way for the 2020 olympics in tokyo. and as for the opening or closing ceremonies we can expect probably a pretty spectacular high tech show. ♪ george bush airport goes wild for that girl, simone biles.
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the she arrived home yesterday. big smiles. city mayor declared yesterday simone biles day in houston. she won four gold medals and one bronze during the rio games. a parade for the olympic star through the city streets. what a way to come home. biles of course beaming, waving ear to ear and of course hanging on there as well. let's check in with anthony this morning. he's got a preview of our thursday forecast. how are we looking in. >> looking good. temperatures are going to cool off. we have the fog this morning. that's going to burn off by lunchtime. we'll see a cooler weekend ahead. we'll talk about that full forecast in just a bit. we'll track that fog here as it affects your morning commute. smooth drive across this beautiful view of the san mateo bridge. we'll talk about what's going on farther east coming up. also another twist in a vallejo woman's bizarre kidnapping for ransom case. the new details we're learning about the investigation.
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the first survivors in central italy continues. i'm kris sanchez. i have powerful stories of rescue and recovery amid all that devastation. plus, untangling a traffic headache. the new lights that will go live this morning that could help you maneuver through your morning commute. a new home for the oakland as. a tour happening today that could impact the future of the east bay team. "today in the bay" starts right now.
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a very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i am laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. how about the future of the next few hours for you as you wake up on this thursday morning. anthony is in today for kari. >> it's looking good. we're going to cool off so that's a nice treat for us, especially in the dead of summer when we're used to seeing triple digits. we've got fog this morning. that's going to lead to cooling. not only at the coastline but also for inland valleys. right now temperatures are where they usually are, 50s and 60s. waking up with areas of low clouds. later on this afternoon we'll get rid of the clouds. although it will stay cloudy and mostly cloddy in san francisco. 63 there. 70s around the bay. 80 for our inland valleys. we'll talk about that cooldown headed our way. mike is tracking the morning commute. >> we're looking at a pretty smooth drive around the bay as we look at the speed sensors. want to call your attention over toward the area where we had slowing. there was closures and construction right here affecting the dumbarton bridge transition to 880. that looks likery


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