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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right now at 11: keeping you moving. the "smart tool" that caltrans is launching to routed right now at 11:00, keeping you moving the smart tool that caltrans is using to route drivers around trouble spots. caltrans calls is a smart corridor running on interstate 80. the we are live in emoryville near the powell street exit. they flipped the switch, so how is it working so far? >> they did flip the street, the shrines are activated, those are the signs off there in the distance. they're not blinking, we have not seen any arrows today, but that is good because they only
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light up when there is a traffic issue. i just spoke with caltrans. we saw an animation and it means that if there is a green x, you're good to go, if it's ye yell yellow, you may want to move to a green x, and red means the lane is closed up ahead. the goal is to relieve some of the traffic congestion along 80 west. now more than 100,000 along the freeway have been activated today. i asked how far in advance would drivers get that arrow say if an accident happened right here. >> it is a progression. you would probably not see it that far down if the incident is
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here. you probably would start seeing it at central or university. you would start seeing the changing in the arrows. >> so for the time being, they will be activated from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in september, they will be active 24/7. pete, thank you very much. installing a system meant to save lives. the next step to building a suicide barrier around the golden gate bridge is happening right now. they're getting a update on potential designs for the net barrier. it prompts a talk about delaying the barrier possibly. they have been looking closer at the bids to diagnose why they are so much higher.
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the death toll in italy is at 250 people, rest cue workers a -- rescue workers are still working tirelessly and carefully to find survivors in the rubble. from the rubble, a small voice. rescuers find a small girl trapped in the ruins. come on, julia, they urge her, and then pull her out. julia is bewildered, but alive, clinging to her rescuer. life amid so much death. the town woke this morning to aftershocks and a rising death toll. they worked overnight to pull people out, but it is mostly bodies. they're going through the rubble by hand trying to match the
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bodies they found with the possessions here to more easily identify them. mostly they're using these earth movers. it is now a recovery rather than a rescue. >> nearly every building cracked or destroyed. a small place where everyone knows everyone and they all know the death toll will rise again. >> the rescuers admit they don't know how many people are missing. there was hundreds of tourists and locals in the area, and they're working amid hundreds of after shocks. one this morning was 4.7. there is still real danger here. >> absolute ly. we're learning more information about a violent attack in afghanistan that left more than a dozen people dead. one of the victims killed in the militant seeing at the american
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university in kabul had ties to stanford. he was visiting for six months in 2013. he was teaching law at the american university during that attack. at least 14 people died. some reports put that number even higher. students barricaded themselves in classrooms and some of them desperately called family members. >> she was worrying and crying and telling me "please pray for me" this may be my last time i talk to you. >> police say the two gunmen were killed and that no group claimed responsibility for the attack. shifting gears right now, the oakland a's are looking for a new home.
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power terminal in the oakland port. sharon is live from that site right now, and the mere fact that they're out there looking at the waterfront site has to give fans some home. >> yes, and i'm told this site is currently used as a parking lot for semitrucks and it has been very busy out here. the tour won't be open to the media, but i'm told it will take place later this afternoon. massive trucks going by, and sunday baseballs flying up in the air at the a's new baseball park? that is the idea behind the tour. the a's will stay in oakland and they're very serious about a new ballpark. >> it is gorgeous. gorgeous views, close to amenities of jack london scale, close to where a lot of our
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daytime population is. we think it is worth the extra work there. >> if the a's move to the howard terminal, it would allow the raiders to expand and build a football only stadium. that could keep both teams in oakland. >> engineers and the a's officials will be part of this tour. she says the public transportation issue can all be worked out. it's not as close to bart as the current stadium. >> and it would look very different behind you. >> the quiet in oakland was shattered by a late-night shooting. it happened late last night. oakland police say the victim had gunshot wounds in the abdomen. they also say up to five people they have been involved in the shooting. >> the man accused of killing a
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heyward police sergeant is expected to be in court today. investigators say that he shot the sergeant last summer during a traffic stop. the sergeant was a 15 year veteran that lived in brentwood. now to a brutal unprovoked attack on a woman, all of which was caught on camera, and now police are asking for your help to catch the man responsibility. it happened on saturday. you see him approach the woman there. he walked up to her, punched her repeatedly, threw her to the ground, and then just walked away. they say it was a random act of violence and he didn't take anything from the woman. >> new at 11:00, a look at a possible new stadium venue for the raiders in las vegas. check out these artist
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renderings. they unveiled the 1.3 billion arena proposal that would increase hotel room taxes to provide public money. meanwhile the raiders took a big step toward that move and applied for the trademark on the name las vegas raiders. applying for that does not mean they will move. they did the same thing last year for the los angeles chargers. it is part of the work they have to do if they're going to be ready. speaking of football, programming notes, a special edition of nbc bay area news tonight at 4:30 followed by thursday night football. it's time. it is the atlanta falcons and the miami dolphins. then well have more news for you after the game. up next at 11:00, a huge spike in prices followed by
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public push back. why a congressional callout made one company think twice about hiking epipen prices. a bay area city now banning drones. football weather on tap, chris. temperatures cooling off for the weekend. we have fog, clouds, and even at this lunchtime hour still in san francisco. we'll take you to the tropics and florida coming up after the break.
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s&p about 3. >> progress this morning about the high prices for the epi pen. >> scott mcgrew, the price is coming down. >> yeah, in a manner of speaking. they announced they would offer a $300 coupon to some families. that brings it down to $300 from the $600 price. they have increased the price of the drug 400% even though the pen and the medicine has not changed. they asked why the price was so high, and if they're going to offer a coupon, why not just drop the price. >> no one is more frustrated than me. >> you're raising the price, how
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can you be frustrated? >> there is a system, i laid out there are four or five hands that the product touches and companies that it goes through before it ever gets to that patient at the counter. >> to be honest with you, that reporter never got a solid answer on why the price went up. one thing to keep in mind about pharmaceuticals, it's like college tuition. rarely does anyone pay the list price, but a 400% increase in a list price is shocking. she will appear in front of the house much like martin smirkelly did. the ceo of the epipen company is the daughter of a u.s. senator. >> well a bill inspired by last year's deadly shooting is now sitting on governor brown's
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defect. the weapon used to kill her was stolen from a federal agents car. they approvaled a bill requiring all federal and state officers in california to lock up any firearms they leave in an unattended vehicle. jerry hill authored this measure. hundreds of guns in the last decade have been stolen or lost by members of state and federal agencies. many taken from their personal vehicle. new details now on san jose's plan to shift street detectives to street patrol. last night a committee agreed to allow that vote that will take place next tuesday. the police union says they need 500 officers patrolling the streets at any time. right now they have 413. loud calls to improve a
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stretch of highway after two girls died in a terrible ax this week. sarah market lost control of her pickup truck and they plummeted about 60 feet into the river. the family was from the small down of jenner. some leaders are now calling for improvements of highways like guardrails and flashing lighting. an 18-year-old woman who died after being involved in a car crash in san jose, she was seven-months pregnant, but luckily her baby lived, and his condition is improving. >> dozens of loved ones climbed the rooftop of the parking garage across the street from the valley medical center. she died in a horrible crash
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last week. friends and family also prayed for her newborn, who survived. >> they are allowed to take the baby and carry the son and feed whim a bottle. we just heard that earlier today, so that was very emotional for us. >> the car crash happened last wednesday when her brother was driving her to her fiance's job where they were going to pick him up. her brother slammed into the road for ununknown reason and slammed into a parked bmw. her brother had no drugs or alcohol in his system. right now, menlo park is the latest bay area city to stake a stand against drones. they approved a ban on drones flying over city parks. that ban extends to radio controlled planes and guiders.
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it was after a recent near miss involving a drone and a piloted plane near a park and an inability to enforce rules. money will be available starting tomorrow for about 1500 bay area landowners and homeowners, to update their wood burners. they're encouraged to apply as soon as possible because the money is first come, first serve. you can go beyond or by phone. >> you don't need to fire up the fireplace, but the weekend will be cooler? >> yeah, you don't need the fireplace, but maybe a light jacket or hoody when you go out. clouds thickening up as well. each and every day they hang around a little bit longer. right now a good mix of sun and clouds for our inland valley.
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the south bay all of the way up to 60 degrees but mostly cloudy right along the coastline. san francisco 61 right now. 63 is all you get in san francisco today. comfortable, pleasant, 73 for the peninsula. look at how much our temperatures have cooled. santa rosa about six degrees cooler. generally speaking most locat n locations today cooler than yesterday. look what happens to our winds by tonight into tomorrow. directly out of the south. remember we have that fire burning to our south. that will make for an air quality concern. with the worst air quality from the east bay down to the south bay as that haze of smoke does return to the bay area.
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we have active weather in the atlantic right now. here is the forecast. you can see the spaghetti spots for the different models that are painting what will happen. many think south of miami, to the keys, and turn around the panhandle of florida. this is something we will watch into the weekend. if you're traveling there, you're urged to reconsider. not a tropical storm, not a hurricane, but make sure you're planning for heavy rain. temperatures in the bay area. 60s for the coast like. still seeing warm spots for our inland locations today. things will cool off. the inland valleys cooling back into the low valleys by sand and sunday. staying cool, comfortable, and cloudy for the next few days in
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san francisco. >> i love it, trade issue that. right? >> coming up, scathing words from the campaign trail. hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. while hillary clinton is set to speak and respond to donald trump's latest accusations, more on the war of words between the two candidates. first, goalkeeper hope solo is banned from the women's national soccer team for six months. and in our twitter feed, a new study reveals the safest cities to live in in california. find out where your city ranks on our twitter feed, more news after the break. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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during a wednesday rally in mississippi.. labeling her a bigot. ==sam//2 shot== and did trump actually reverse donald trump had strong criticism of hillary clinton at a rally when he labelled her a bigot. and has he reversed course on his promise to deport every undocumented immigrant? had. >> one of donald trump's most amped up attacks, yet.
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>> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. >> the reaction of this woman behind trump going viral, watch. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color -- >> hillary clinton talking about how she will respond in reno today. >> donald trump has shown us who he is and we should believe him. he is someone who is very much peddling bigotry, prejudice, and pair know paranoia. if i was an american citizen, i would not vote for hillary clinton if you paid me. in fact, i would not vote for
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hillary clinton if she paid me. >> the sentiment behind brexit, anger with the status quo, similar to what many say fuelled trump's raise here. but muddling the message as trump vtries to court voters. here is what he told chuck todd about the deporting families. now they have to pay taxes. there subpoena no amnesty, but we work with them. i have had very strong people come up to me and say mr. trump, i love you. but to take a person who has been here 15 or 20 years and throw them and the family out, it is so tough. i have it all of the time. >> at a town hall, trump getting advice from the audience. >> who does not want them thrown
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out? >> that was halle jackson reporting. trump says he will reveal more in the next week and a half or so. today, vice presidential candidate mike pence will take a break from the campaign trail to tour parts of home state that was torn apart by tornadoes. people in indiana are just assessing the damage. one of the neighbors hit hardest was the city of cocomo. a police officer accused of kicking off a southeast street gang. what officers found in their
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raid. pl plus -- the mother of a nurse hurt on the job says the workers comp system let her daughter down when she needed it most.
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fighting chance to get better. our investigative unit is digging into a system some folks in the workman's comp system says they don't have a fighting chance at getting bet. a system that has california's injured workers saying they're unfairly denied medical care. liz wagner talks about the appeals. >> most of the time, reviewers agree. people don't need the medical treatment they requested. this proves the deck is stacked against some workers and in some cases it can lead to devastating
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consequences. >> she was just such a humorous person. >> lori was always up for a laugh, just ask her mom. >> joan thinks her daughter had a great sense of humor. lori helped women with at risk pregnancies. during a house call, she slipped on some stairs. she had back and neck pain. >> there is a link between chronic pain and depression. >> when drugs stopped working in 2014, she got transcranial magnetic stimulation. when your doctor requested more treatment last september, it was
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denied. lori asked the state for an independent medical review. the doctor reviewing her case decided to up hold the denial. the week they received the letter, her family was at the beach. >> there was a note on the front door saying don't go in the backyard, call the police. >> a suicide note. her family found these notes as well. >> i'm worn out, drained, depleted, gone. she was 50, but she was still someone's little girl. >> having your parents pass away doesn't prepare you for your children's death. >> do you believe the imr decision contributed to lori's decision? >> without question. >> her case is extreme, but
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critics of the worker's comp system says they rubber stamp denials of treatments the workers say they need. we reviewed the data. injured workers contested nearly 600,000 treatment denials. our analysis fond ru viewers up held 90% of the denies. it says they show the review process is working. critics have a different take. >> it is hard to believe that any system could be that one sided. >> in 2013, a change in the way that workers comp -- they used to argue before a judge. now independent reviewers decide if medical care is necessary based on guidelines that dictate what treatments work best. some say the guidelines are too rigid. >> does it work in every case? >> of course not, certain will the not in this case. >> a corporation called maximus
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makes the decisions. they make anonymous decisions for patients they have never seen. the grould of california -- if it is not the right treatment, the goal is to find what is the right treatment. >> but the system, you're saying, is not designed to do that currently? >> that's because the focus of the new law is saving money. system costs are down, $800 million each year, but whirly says it has gone too far. >> there needs to be a recognition of how much suffering there is. >> even after imr, 96% of all medical services are approved. in this july report, independ
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medical professionals aprivate the appropriate medical based evidence measures. >> what does that say to you? >> they don't want to answer your question. >> she was a beautiful person. >> joan continues to mourn the loss of her daughter, but she is speaking up to improve workers comp. >> most of this is just for the voice that lori no longer has. >> she has the similar to help injured workers recover failed her daughter when she needed it the most. >> they provided a lot of care for lori, she just needed more. >> improvements are ongoing and decisions are made based on gui guidelines. it means better care and fewer wasted resources. chris? >> if you have a tip for liz or the rest of the investigative unit, give us a call or send an e-mail to theuni
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theunit last night bart trains had to bypass a stop when someone was found suffering from stab wounds. that person, we're told, is in critical but stable condition. no arrests have been made. the bart station is back up and running this morning. another twist in that vallejo bizarre kidnapping for ransom case. new documents prove that her case is not a hoax. they come from the huntington police department. officers there interviewed her soon after she was released by matthew muller. according to the report, huskins was never evasive in
11:37 am
questioning, which is the opposite of how vallejo please described her. >> these documents are the beginning of a cascade of evidence in the real world that the vallejo police didn't did not just not do their job but they made things up. >> they're not comments on the new report siting pending litigation. >> the former mayor of campbell is behind bars. he is currently a city councilman. his fiance showed up at the police department just before 3:00 a.m. tuesday. she told officers she was in a domestic dispute and she was blocked from calling 911. new details now on the operation known as gang of thrones. this morning we're learning what officers found during a massive
11:38 am
swe sweep that ended with a police officer's arrest. 23 gang members are now facing charges and they found nearly 70 gaming machines. derek antonio was arrested. he is accused of giving the gang confidentb police information. >> his acts were deplorable. >> investigators also carried out a similar sweep last year cracking down on gambling and violence at a cafe. a police officer saved a blind man from his burning home last night. you see how heavy that smoke was just bill lowing out of the house. a fire started just before 7:30 in the evening. not far from the pittsburgh post office. by the time crews arrived at the scene, a police officer was already pulling the blind man to
11:39 am
safety. now the homeowner is being treated for smoke inhalation and the officer that rescued him is also in the hospital. >> another officer injured his arm in the course of the rescue and he was transported with a serious arm injury. >> it took about 20 minutes to get the fire under control. no word on what sparked the flames. >> all kinds of activity for a california legislature. the session wrapped at the end of the month and lawmakers are passes a flurry of measures. would will require health providers to notify customers if state regulators determine their prices are unreasonably priced. and local police cannot prematurely sell seized property. >> and on the governor's desk, a
11:40 am
bell that includes efforts to combat global warming. some drug companies think they're close to finding a cure for the zika virus. experts say it can help speed up development of the vaccine. one company is looking for volunteers. they want 40 people to take part in the study. people are usually willing to take the risk. >> they have to sign a form of consent, once the vaccine clears human testing hurdles, it is likely to be fast tracked. hope solo responding to a decision by usa soccer to suspend her for six months following her remarks made in rio. she called waves in the olympics
11:41 am
when she called the swedish team cowards after they lost to sweden in the quarter finals. solo did not live up to their code of conduct. on her facebook page, solo says she has dedicated 17 years of her life to the u.s. national women's team. >> leave your comments on our facebook page. >> coming up next, people taking in the survey damage after tornadoes tear through indiana. how some people survived this storm. we have the fog rolling across the bay area. foggy skies across san francisco.
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midwest where a series of tornadoes caused substantial damage. buildings were lifted off their foundations in ohio... ==sam//2 shot== rt clean up is now under way in the midwest after substantial damage from tornadoes. >> ohio and indiana were hit hard. tammy is surveying the damage in
11:45 am
cocomo just north of indianapolis. >> mother nature's wrath caught on cell phone video. >> starbucks just got blown over. >> a tornado taking down a starbucks with customers still inside. >> we don't know, they're trying to get in? >> and then relief. >> three or four of us worked together and got the doors off and got them out. >> eight tornadoes confirmed in the state, the intense storm system bringing loud cracks of thunder, and massive clouds that left devastation. i said deer, lord, jesus, make it quick and not painful. >> he a made it out, but his neighborhood was nearly destroyed.
11:46 am
>> indiana governor and mike pence left the campaign trail and headed home. >> we will be here as long as we need to be. >> this morning, a familiar heartbreak, a community begin picking up the pieces. >> it's so hard watching, especially because we have such beautif beautiful weather here. >> things are always bound to change, especially when you get the weather starting to change. here you see cloudy skies in san francisco. you know it happens in the summer time in san francisco. here is a shot from dublin. looking at sunny skies. right now 67 in shoan jose.
11:47 am
air quality starts to suffer, going back to the moderate category for the south bay, little to no changes expected in the forecast. 61 in san francisco. there you see in the tri-valley. even in the south bay got that sun as well. temperatures later on this afternoon climb back into the 70s and 80s for most of us. cool at the coastline. 63 in frasan francisco. warm everywhere else. you see in the past three or four hours, we're looking at temperatures a little cooler than they were at this time yesterday. it's all because of the natural ac blowing in from the ocean that is keeping things cool and will continue to cool us off over the next couple of days. watch what happens as we go towards tomorrow. we have southerly flow with this wind. that brings in smoke from the fire burning south of the bay
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area. so today, tomorrow, and the east bay and the south bay. the haze and smoke does return. we have a tropical depression making it's way through the atlantic. it could still brush up against the islands. it will turn. once it gets into the gulf of mexico. again, not a tropical storm, not a hurricane, just blow the criteria of that. heavy rain, but not that bad. fog at the coastline, keeping things cool in san francisco. 70s and 80s across the rest of the pay. there is the cooling that i was talking about, cooler each and every day. a gradual climb to next week. san francisco will be living up to their fog that hangs on
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sightly. >> fogust, that is catchy. >> disturbing claims from tenants in the east bay. their tenant is trying to run them out of the building.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. tenants at a building in oakland say they are living in filth -- because their landlord is trying to drive them out. new details now for a housing battle. tenants are saying they're living in filth because their landlord is trying to drive them out. a jung said enough is enough and went to see the building for himself. the judge arrived at an
11:52 am
oakland apartment building, where some residents, some living there for 25 years, say they're battling deplorable conditions. the judge asked to see the surveillance cameras outside. >> there is one right here. >> then attorneys representing a dozen immigrants inside. >> they share three bathrooms and one kitchen. they waiting in long lines to use basic facilities. >> he is trying to make condition sos bad that residents would move out so the building can be converted to studios. according to court documents, for the past six months during renovations, cameras were installed in the kitchen along with microphones. hot water is only sometimes available. >> judge, are you able to tell
11:53 am
us about what you saw in there? >> as the judge left, he would not say what he saw inside, but attorneys say a decision on whether the owners need to put back in the kitchens and bathrooms will be made soon. >> nbc bay area news. national park service is celebrating by letting you in for free. it is the 100th an anniversary of the national park service. they are waiving fees for over 400 national parks across the nation. that starts today through sunday. >> and cooler temperatures, everything coming together perfectly, we'll check it out and be right back. new details in the murder case
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11:56 am
of sierra lamarr. a judge has denied a motion to move the trial from santa cla just in to our news room, new details on the murder case of sierra lamar. the judge denied a motion to move out of santa clara county. they said they could not g a fair and biassed jury. we'll have more on it on our website and on our app. finally traction there for that trial. in the meantime, let's get a check of your last weather here, looking behind every angle you look at right now you're finding
11:57 am
clouds. >> yes, cool and cloudy with a few peeks of sunshine. 70s and 80s for the rest of us. temperatures will cool just a little bit as the fog holds on. cool and cloudy. next week by monday, i think we will clear out with the cloud cover. until then, cool and cloudy through the next few days. i looked at san francisco yesterday and they managed a little sunshine, that will be the trend. >> but i smile, i like the cooler temperatures. >> if you have 80s inland, just head to san francisco. >> sunglasses welcome in 80% of the area, not san francisco. the next newscast is tonight at 5:00, go to our website for the latest on the sierra lamar trial.
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