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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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death--- after a man is found killed by a south bay freeway. now a disturbing trend continues for the bay area's biggest mysterious death after a man is found killed next to a south bay freeway. now a disturbing trend continues through the bay area's biggest city. plus, clinging to life. a 6-week-old girl suffers a severe beating, and police say it comes at the hands of her own family member fshlts and rapid theft on the bay area's rapid transit system. why b.a.r.t. is warning drivers to keep a close eye on their smartphones. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning the thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it is, what, friday, august -- we knew the friday part. >> august 26th. >> it's still summer. doesn't necessarily kneel it. >> in the next couple of days
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we're going to have a taste of fall. we're just a month away from, yes, autumn, the "a" word, we said it. the marine layer is up to 2200 feet. that means the clouds aren't going the clear until about lunchtime today. 60 degrees in san jose. 61 in palo alto. same from san francisco. later on this afternoon we will see a mix of sun and clouds. look at the highs. 77 in san jose today. you know it's going to be a cool day when fairfield is in the 70s. we will talk about even more cooling for the next week or so, coming up in a bit. let's toss things over to mike tracking the morning commute. >> very light flow. friday we will have a lighter flow. right now, 4:31, we have no problems on the roadway except for a couple of crashes which left debris. this one in san francisco, 101. just off of 280 northbound. southbound 101 that transition right there. earlier koran into the guardrail and left debris on the roadway. chp is on scene. we don't see slowing but if that happens on the transition you
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take it will be the distraction there. we'll track another crash in san jose coming up. we're going to stay in san jose. following breaking news. we begin with rbob redell live n san jose. police are investigating the 34th homicide. what are you learning about the circumstances? >> reporter: good morning, sam. san jose police tell us they have not made any arrests. that girts are, in fact, still trying to find identify a suspect in this homicide, this murder that took place around 8:30 last night on near intersection of herald and bonita avenue. this is a neighborhood that sits just by the 101/280 flyover. the call came in as a report of a possible dead body. officers found a man suffering from a police describe as visible injuries. he died soon after at the scene. it appears he was located behind a chain linked fence in a grassy area underneath the interstate. police are trying to figure out
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what led up to this killing. as you mentioned, this is the 34th homicide of the year for the city of san jose. that unfortunately is four more than the total number of murders for all of last year. reporting live in san jose police headquarter shs bob rebel, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. staying in the south bay, some very disturbing accusations this morning. infant is fighting for her life after suffering 14 different fractures throughout her body. her own father is expected to be charge with her beating. investigators say that 32-year-old matthew violently beat the 6-week-old girl. he's expected to face formal charges today. in the meantime his daughter remains in critical condition at valley medical center. family members brought her there on sunday after the baby suffered cardiac arrest. zabala has prior convictions for child abuse and serving time in prison for those crimes. the santa clara judge who presided over the stanford
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sexual assault trial will no longer hear criminal cases. he volunteered for reassignment following his controversial six-month sentence of brock turner. persky will handle civil cases in san jose instead of palo alto. it comes as a number of recall groups move forward to ois that judge. request denied. long awaited trial for torres lo not be moved yet. yesterday a superior court judge ruled the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager lamar can get a fiair trial in santa clar county but the judge ruled the attorneys can refile to move that case in the future. sierra lamar was is a years old when she was vanished in 2012 on her way to high school in morgan hill. jury selection in this case starts in september. follow-up to a story that we first brought you on "today in the bay." police have made an arrest in connection to a shooting early wednesday morning in daly city. this morning 20-year-old jordan
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perez is behind bars accused of shooting a man by the b.a.r.t. station. the victim remains in stable condition of a local hospital. so far police have not revealed a motive. new warning for b.a.r.t. riders using cellphones to be on alert if east bay times reports 13 b.a.r.t. riders have had their devices taken over the past two weeks. most of the victims were iphone users. b.a.r.t. police say the incidents all took place at nine stations between san francisco and oakland. in ten cases suspects grabbed their phones from the victims while they were on the train and just dashed on the platform. two other cases actually happened out on the platform. we're following developments in central italy where hopes are fading to find more survivors from wednesday's deadly 6.2 earthquake. dpra mat tick new drone footage shows the daefs station in villages near the town of amatrice. the number of people killed stands at 267 and there are concerns that number could rise as there are many more people still listed as missing.
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authorities say 215 people have been rescued since this quake but crews have not rescued anyone from the rubble for more than a full day now. we could use some good news. coming up next we have an update to a story we brought you earlier this week about a blind man saved from a fire. how even more people are now coming to his rescue. even better news than the dead of fire season, cooler weather. taste of fall coming up in that seven-day forecast. live look here prks 580 coming through dublin, livermore. no unusual we delays. i do have a crash to tell you about in san jose. we'll give you the latest. ==take vo==
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donations are pouring in for the people who lost their home in a fire in pittsburg. a follow-up, donations are pouring in for the people who lost their home in a fire in pittsburg. that fire critically injured a blind man and destroyed the home that he lived in with a 19-year-old pregnant womannd that woman's godmother. ago fund me page has been set up to help them get back on their feet. the blind man remains in critical but stable condition. the officer who pulled him from the fire is recovering after surgery. he was injured by falling glass during that rescue. no word on what started the fire. the golden gate bridge district is turning to technology to help reach young people considering suicide at the bridge. district officials say in the past 15 years the number of people under the age of 25 coming to the bridge specifically to commit suicide has increased more than five fold. in response, the district is
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partnering with that national non-profit crisis text line. the goal is to better reach troubled young people who frequently use text to communicate. crews are going to be out today installing crisis text signs on the bridge. an investigative unit proved if you ever hired a lawyer who cheated you out of money there's a place to go to help, the california bar. the agency's fund to protect consumers is millions of dollars short. in the meantime they take home some of the biggest paychecks in state government getting paid more than the governor. tonight at 11:00 investigative reporter sitses down with the head of the california bar to find out how she plans to make changes at public agency that for years has been accuse ochd mismanagement and misspending. >> you know, i guess i would say that i think we're turning this ship around and i think we're going in the right direction. now, it is a big ship and it won't turn in a day, but if you and i are sitting here in a
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year, i'm going to be able to show even more changes. >> some would argue the ship is already sinking. >> i heard that. i don't agree. >> lawmakering are calling for major reform and crediting our reporting. tonight at 11:00 we will tell you how this could affect your family the next time you need to hire an attorney. our full investigation tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for investigative unit give us a call, 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to accusations of racism is causing rip currents. >> the finger pointing comes as donald trump makes a long awa awaited announcement on immigration. how she softening his tone and his policy. he softening his ton his policy. isoftening his tone his policy. softening his tone d his policy.
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(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses.
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technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait. between donald trump decision 2016 and the exchanges of criticism keep coming between donald trump and hillary clinton with each accusing the other person of being a racist. >> they're out . they're out. >> that was donald trump on cnn overnight talking colorly to anderson cooper and what he says softening his immigration policy. trump ask now promising to deport drug dealers first and to work with law abiding undocumented immigrants. but it's nominee's past comments about mexican, muslim, women and other minority groups that has hillary clinton tying trump to hateful speech. >> these are racist ideas, race
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baiting ideas, antimuslim, antiwomen, all key tenants making up the emerging racist ideology known as the alt-right. >> neither candidate is campaigning today. trump is doing some private events in nevada. voters in danville won't have to decide their newest town council members in the november election because they have already been appointed. the election is off. after just three candidates turned in their papers to fill danville's three available seats. of the three candidates two are incumbent. danville will swear in all three in december to four-year terms. danville is saving $40,000 by canceling that election. now to the latest on a growing fire storm over the soaring cost of the life-saving epipen. heather bresh is the ceo of mylan pharmaceuticals which raised the price of the life saving device from $90 to $600 over ten years. in the meantime, the company's
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compensation plan has also skyrocketed. she was recently put on the hot seat on cnbc. here's what she had to say. >> look, i understand better than anyone that facts are inconvenient to headlines. i have to play -- the reality is and the brand pharmaceutical market, this isn't an epipen issue, this isn't an mylan issue. this is a health care issue. >> it is to the people who use those epipens. the company, how far, is offering coupons and financial assistance to help them with the rising cost of the epipen, however health experts say it's a pr move since the company is only shifting the high cost to insurance companies. i heard a report that the cost to put that medication in there, $3. $3. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. and it's so needed. >> the price comes back 50%. >> we'll see. we are all wearing yellow today. either we're trying to will out the sun. >> oh, gosh. i didn't get the memo. >> there was none. >> the summer is coming to an
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end. we got to get h wardrobe? >> i had yellow on yesterday. >> that's right. >> make up for it. i'm just saying we're squeezing out the summer colors is what we're doing. >> because fall is just less than a month away. can you believe it? >> i can smell the pumpkin candles. >> oh, i know. when you go to the store, they're already in your face, even the towel. i love it. let's talk some weather. here you go. cloudy in san jose. and that's the way it's going to be for the next couple of days because we've got a very strong marine layer. looking where we're sitting. 60 degrees. but our high temperature later on, 77. yes. that is below average. that's how you know that fall is right around the corner. we will have morning clouds that will lead to a cooler than average afternoon. this weekend air quality suffers. temperatures are going to stay where they're a t. next week temperatures get even cooler than they are right now. so that early taste of autumn, yes, will be felt across the bay area. right now, 50s and 60s. no big sur price. later on this afternoon you're
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going stoep outside from wherever you're at, work, school, you're going to notice it's going to be remarkably cooler than it was even just yesterday. 78 degrees for fairfield. tonight. 81 in concord. 74 in palo alto. you will notice a good mix of 60s around the inner bay. the fog will be the story the next few days as this marine layer deepens. we've got a trough that's going to continue to dig in. that's going to push the clouds in and look at how far they go for tomorrow morning. all of the way over to sacramento down toward the central valley. that's welcome news for them. for us here a home the fog will peel back to the coastline each and every afternoon. the winds today still out of the west. that's going to bring in that cool ocean air. look what happens for tomorrow. they shift out of the south and that's going to bring that haze back to the bay area, effort south bay, peninsula, and east bay, you will notice it the most. air quality begins to suffer by tomorrow. i think today will be pretty good but tomorrow keep in mind if you have respiratory ailments you may want to limit your time outdoors. we'll talk about that weekend forecast and get you into what we're expecting of ever the next
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week or so. as i mentioned, temperature s do cool off in a big way. we will show you that coming up in a little bit. mike will show you what's happening on the roads. >> good morning. i have a crash in san ramon and one in san jose. we'll talk about both. overall the volume is light. as you would expect the speetd sensors are not reflecting must have of an issue. slowing from bulger canyon road to the scene of a crash whfs in the middle of the freeway. now there may have been a clearing there. that might be the restoration of the speeds past the scene. i want to get confirmation before i tell you that. watch north through san ramon through the walnut creek interchange. south bay, freeways are clear. capitol expressway off-ramp we had a krashl earlier. a car went off the roadway. activity there. the bay shore freeway is clear as far as the lanes go. bay bridge, easy traffic as you would expect. all right, business news. apple's coming up with a fix for
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a major security flaw. >> plus, sam, amazon planning more book stores for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. good friday morning. wall street will try to end on a positive note. futures are flat. investors are wait rg to a speech by fed chair janet yellen in wyoming. she could signal the fed is ready to start raising interest rates nan, possibly as soon as next month. data today on consumer sentiment and gdp. dow to 18448. nasdaq down 5 to 5212. apple has issued a pass to fix a potentially dangerous flaw that can let hackers take over your iphone. it was used to target a prominent activist in the middle east. and here's how it works. text message invites users to click on a web link that installs software that will let hackers track your movement through the phone's camera and
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app such as facebook and whatsapp. apple fix is an automatic update for your iphone 6. amazon plans to build more physical book stores with the first in chicago set to open next year. the two others are targeted for san diego and portland, oregon. amazon opened the first book store in seattle last year. and it sells books and showcases gadgets such as the kindle, firetv and echo. books match prices of those available online. >> i have a kindle and i like it but there's something about carrying a book. >> i'm with you. like the hard copy. how about you, landon? >> book. >> there you go. exactly. south bay to shanghai in a hurry, international airport has added another destination. its fifth in a year. today air china becomes the first carrier to offer nonstop flights between the bay year and shanghai. the airlines is launching three weekly nonstop flights on the airbus 330, seating 240
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passengers. the inaugural flight leaves this afternoon at 12:30. >> just in time. 4:51. coming up, new charge for olympic swimmer ryan lochte. what the real medalist is now facing after a run mf in with the law and admitted lies. first, happening right now, she brought home lots of gold from rio but olympic swimmer katie ledecky is passing up millions of dollars in endorsements to focus on student life at stanford. you can read the full story on plus, a retired bus driver wins a $2 billion lot to prize while riding a bus. read the story on our facebook page. we'll see you on the other side of this break in two minutes. he may be out of rio --
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but he's still in hot water. sam/2shot more trouble for ryan lochte -- after rio police are charging the olympic swimmer he may sb b. out in wroi but
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he's still in hot water. >> rio police are charging the olympic swimmer for filing a false robbery report. all of this stemming from lochte's exaggerated claim of being robbed at gun point which video seemed to contradict. lochte will be sworn to the charges in the united states and can then decide whether to introduce a defense in brazil. lochte's lawyer says that so far the swimmer has not heard anything from rio officials. no reported case of the zika virus in athletes, spectator or anyone associated with the olympics. world health office shus are still monitor that situation. doctors say there is a one-week incubation period for the virus. a test some plns found daunting than the olympics was baggage claim. take a look. team great britain posted this photo on twitter showing a sea of bright red bags at a baggage claim in london. great britain decided to give each of the olympians matching bags but turned out to be a problem. hopefully there were tags on those bags.
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a lot to go through. a lot of people are ready to feel the burn in the beg way and nothing to do with bernie sanders. >> sanders, no, but sand, yes. absolutely. lots of sand flying in all directions at all times for the annual burning manifest value which gets under way on sunday in the northern nevada desert. 70,000 people of all kinds are expected to make that pilgrimage to black rock city. the man burns the night of september 3rd. after that it is back to the real world. looking towards the weekend. anthony joins us with a look at the forecast. >> it will be a good one. sunshine but we've also got morning fog for you and everyone is going to see cooler temperatures. we're back to detail that full forecast for you after this. and looking at 880 just north of the coliseum. a smooth flow of traffic. i'm watching the direction with the head lips southbound. we may have a traffic break coming up. a 32-year-old father in san
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jose in jail accuse of a savage beating of his 6-week-old infant daughter. i'm kris sanchez, we'll tell you what we know about what happened that night on tuesday and also about that man prior's convictions.
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a mysterious death after a man is found killed by a south bay freeway. now a disturbing trend continues for the bay area's biggest city. plus, clinging to life. a 6-week of old baby suffers a
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severe beating and police say it came at the hands of her own family member. and rapid theft on the bay area's rapid transit system. why b.a.r.t. is warning riders to keep a close eye on their smartphones. "today in the bay" starts right now. and you made to it friday. happy you made it to joining us this morning. thank you for being here. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we made it to friday. now we just have to make it through friday to get to that weekend. anthony joins was the forecast. >> you're not going to have any problem with the weather this morning or the afternoon. it's going to feel nice outside. cooler weather than average headed our way over the next couple days. take advantage of that. in fact, we're going to be looking at morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. that's going to lead to some cool weather. we're talking temperatures in the 70s. how do you like that? you can see cloudy right now in san jose and really temperatures across the bay right now in the 50s and 60s for the most part. those clouds are going to hang on a little bit longer than they did yesterday. so for some of us, especially by
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the coastline, we may not clear out in the lunchtime. earlier clearing for inland valleys but look at numbers today. comfortable. below average. 70s for most of us. we'll talk about the rest of the weekend forecast. get you to that. in the meantime, mike is get you to work on time. >> watching for a traffic break in oakland. a couple of other incidents not a lot of slowing in the area. southbound 880 out of oakland in toward hayward we do have a traffic break scheduled heading down a street. slowing sensors. now, there was a disabled vehicle reported but chp says it should be quick work. looking at the oakland camera facing south. watch this direction down past 98. again, just about 238 you may see slowing for a few. back to you. we're also track that breaking news this morning. grim discovery on the streets of san jose. a dead body found at the intersection of herald avenue and bonita near the 280/680 interchange in east san jose. police arrived at 8:30 and found the bod o


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