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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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workers tell us several people involved -- were involved in a fight which might have led to this possible shooting. this was in antioch. weapons were drawn as a result of a shooting near the macy's end of the complex. we'll continue on to the story and stay with it throughout the newscast and bring you any updates as we get them. our other headlines tonight, not your usual interview with the police chief. a tearful response from san jose's top cop. the chief says he worries about the safety of his officers, understaffed and tired. damian trujillo joins us from the police headquarters. you've known this chief throughout the years. what was different today? >> he was pretty emotional as far as his response to questions. he talked about the mandatory overtime that police officers have been working. it's been months now. they are missing birthday parties and baseball games for their children. the chief told me it's a crisis that keeps him up at night. it's already been a long week
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for this officer and he may still get a call that he has to work overtime tonight. how tired are you? >> pretty tired. but it is my friday, thank goodness. >> reporter: today, san jose pd is in the middle of a staffing crisis, not enough officers to cover the shifts. between march 16th and august 16th, more than 1400 times, officers have been ordered to work overtime and in most of those cases the overtime was for at least six officers. >> it's rough. friday and saturday nights are rough. >> reporter: they are scrambling from calls to calls which is why he will declare a staffing emergency pulling detectives to patrol cars. >> you know, when the phone rings, my heart drops. there's only a few reasons that
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i get that call. and it's brutal. and, you know, like i said, i don't want to -- especially for something that i can help. >> reporter: tonight, swing shifts are on the streets hoping there's enough officers on patrol to watch ear other's backs. and we ran into officer jepson here and he's working an extra six hours again tonight. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. the 34th killing of the year. near the 101 and 680 interchange, the body was found. no word yet on a suspect. more problems for the vallejo police department. new court documents show concerning behavior after the last year's high-profile kidnapping case. >> the couple at the center of the case are claiming that they
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were mistreated. jodi hernandez has been covering this from the very beginning and has the exclusive details. jodi? >> reporter: that's right. this emotion includes new statements from the victims and their families. in it, denise huskins says her life has been destroyed. she suffers from anxiety, depression and paranoia, not just because of what she suffered at the hands of her kidnapper but because of what she suffered at the hands of the police. >> i think that victims need to be respected and not called perpetrators. >> reporter: but this attorney says that denise huskins and aaron quinn were treated like anything like victims. they said that the couple was lying. the lead detective told her to watch the movie "gone girl." she says she was stunned to, quote, "watch a work of pure fiction to somehow explain the
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terrible things that were occurring to my daughter in real life." and when huskins said that her daughter was molested as a little girl, he said something more jawdropping. "people who were molested as a child want to relive the thrill." >> the notion that a girl that suffered something when she was 12 years old somehow is not to be believed when she describes another sexual assault that occurs in this violent way, in this terrible way, it's really outrageous. >> reporter: and huskins immediately lawyered up. "i was there because i was her cousin, not because she had retained private attorneys immediately upon surfacing in huntington beach." a motion also includes newly released e-mails from the
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kidnapper to aaron quinn demanding $8500 in ransom, e-mails that quinn says the police brushed off. "vpd ignored key evidence that would have both corroborated my account and kept denise from further harm." kevin clark calls the new revelations shocking. >> how insensitive and how callous the vallejo police department handled this situation. >> reporter: now, we tried to reach out to the vallejo police department but they said "no comment" because of a pending lawsuit but earlier they said that they acted based on the information that they had at the time. a judge will hear motions from both sides at a hearing next month. in vallejo, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you very much. criminal charges are part of a fallout in this week's from two local charter schools.
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students were pulled from the livermore valley charter school since june. at this meeting this week, the school board reviewed the violations against the two schools. the district attorney has filed misdemeanor charges against a schoolworker and also two administrators at livermore charter valley prep. prosecutors claim that a tutor physically abused a foreign exchange student and the principal and vice principal pal are accused of failing to report the issue. let's talk baseball now. the giants are back in town and back on nbc bay area tonight it's orange friday and the ballpark is starting to buzz. giants hosting the atlanta braves. this is a live look from our exclusive ballpark cam. >> looks like a great night there for a game. last night's game really energizing and a lot of screaming here in our newsroom. how is it there? >> reporter: yeah, i think you're exactly right, peggy.
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you want to see the giants backup what happened last night. some events you can't truly measure until the season is over but last night could turn out to be one of those type of wins. the giants, of course, hit off four straight. they were 11-25 since the all-star break going into that game against the dodgers. falling four games behind l.a. in the west, not only did matt moore beat the dodgers, he came within one out of throwing a no-hitter. for l.a., loud and clear, the giants aren't going anywhere. a momentum-shifting win. >> the types of wins that you hope will jump-start you for a ball club that's been in a funk and just the way he pitched, how well he pitched and close to a no-hitter against the club we're battling with does do a lot for
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the club. >> reporter: coming up later in sports, matt moore tells us why losing did not upset him at all. his answer is something you'll want to hear. live at at&t park, colin resch, back to you. a warning from b.a.r.t. police. at least 14 phones have been stolen. where are the hot spots? >> reporter: thiefs are hit stations here and in san francisco all taking advantage of people simply being distracted, looking down at their cell phones. thieves are snatching cell phones out of the hands of riders along the platform at stations like this one, even taking it out of the hands of riders while on the train. at the 12th street b.a.r.t. station in oakland, she says it
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happened in seconds. >> i was crying. >> reporter: a thief snatched her iphone 6. >> now i know to put it in my bag. >> reporter: at least 13 phones have been stolen since august 11th but say it's not part of a trend. >> when you're standing next to a train door or on the stairs to the escalator, you are sometimes becoming a target, unfortunately. >> reporter: but looking at crime data, nbc bay area found that sinceapril, property crime has increased by 13% at some stations throughout the east bay. >> you have to look up every now and then and show you are in command of your space and things. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows how fast cell phones can be taken. a suspect walks up, snatches a phone from the hands of a rider and then takes off. >> it's harder to control and prevent that. and it's more of an invasion of your personal space. >> reporter: the incidents occurred at nine stations
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including town, civic center and in san francisco and at 19th street in the coliseum stations in oakland. in one robbery, suspects even robbed a rider on a train. >> on the train? oh, crap. >> reporter: and we found that the increase in property crimes have occurred along the contra costa county line and the line through berkeley. police are asking riders to be more aware. reporting live in oakland, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. and now an investigation showing that the millennium tower's sinking problems could have been avoided. there were expert warnings more than a decade ago. jackson vanderbeck has our exclusive story. >> reporter: you can even see it from the bay bridge. you can see other buildings are
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plum and this one is not. >> reporter: soils engineer lawrence carb says he has never seen anything quite like the millennium tower quadmire. signs that the 58-story tower is leaning are everywhere. the sidewalk has cracked as the structure continues to sink and lean north and west. its grand fite is coming out ant could feet three feet, double the reported drop of 16 inches. contract dockments put taxpayers in line to pay the bill. that's because eight years ago the transit terminal authority agreed to compensate the millennium for any damage caused by its work next door. to limit the risk, the
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authorities spent $58 million on an elaborate underground wall between the projects. but our investigation shows that all of that may have been avoided had the city stepped in. while the millennium was still in the planning stages, experts warn the city about the danger of sinking on a similar project officials had already approved for a nearby notoma street. in a letter by an engineer, the planned 52-story notoma tower would likely sink at twice the extent predicted by the builder's consultant. m.i.t. said they have considerable concern that the building can sink under the stresses it imposed on the old bay mud beneath it. he warned that the building might sink some 11 inches and tilt. in response, the city's top building official took the extraordinary step of stopping the notoma project in mid-2004.
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that official e. plained his rationale in a deposition concerning the stop order issue. he said it could displace adjacent structures and increase the risk of serious damage to the building in the event of an earthquake. while the project later died, the same type of foundation design lived on through the millennium project. it was billed as the heaviest structure ever built. its foundation contains a thick foundation slab resting on bay mud and sand, not bedrock. the foundations both pose the same sinking risk in bay mud. >> this is a much bigger building, a much heavier building sitting on worst soil designed, apparently, by the same geotechnical firm that designed the building. >> reporter: jerry kaufman was
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an engineering consultant at the time. he said given the warnings about notoma, the city never should have approved the millennium foundation. >> the city sat on this badly. >> reporter: all the while, the firm that did the soils report has insisted that both buildings would sink just a few inches. they declined to comment for this story but in the face of experts' doubts about the notoma project, one personnel said the company is not in the habit of designing buildings prone to failure and its reputation stands on its own. the soil report prepared by the firm shows that its engineers knew back in 2001 that the millennium could sink as much as one inch in a quake. the saturated soil under its foundation, they admitted, is susceptible to a major quake. the veteran soils expert worries that the tower will lurk, not
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just sink in such a quake. >> that's a real, big problem if the building is now leaning and all of a sudden it is a strong motion, it's going to lean more. >> reporter: we reached out to both the city and the builder. the builder said it obtained all of the needed clearances from the city. the city engineer who can respond to our requests, officials said, was not available. jaxon van derbecken, nbc bay area news. now, the suicide prevention plan on the bay bridge and what could be a potential lifeline for them. it starts with something familiar. a text. i'm christie smith. that story is coming up. we meet the 49ers secret weapon. i'm scott budman. practicing with robots, coming up. it's another cool day around
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san francisco. 65 degrees right now as we close in on something we've only done four times in august and san francisco going back to 1874. we'll let you know what that is and have a look at your weekend forecast, coming up. it's been a problem for years:
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suicides off the golden gate bridge. and tonight: a frightening new twist to the
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trend -- more young peopl well, it's been a problem for years. suicides off the golden gate bridge. more young people are becoming susceptible. christie smith is in marin county with the troubling new data and also a message that could help out a bit. >> reporter: that's right. it's a disturbing new trend. the idea is to give young people something that they are comfortable with in crisis. you don't have to speak up. you can text. manuel carry as picture of his son kyle who jumped from the golden gate bridge three years ago. >> he wasn't mentally ill. he wasn't depressed, that we know of. >> his voice breaks when he talks about the 18-year-old with so much promise. and there was a suicide note. >> reporter: there's been a 5% increase since 2000 of people
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under 25 of people coming here contemplating suicide. >> the overall suicide rate is going up and it's quite troubling and problematic. >> reporter: the district added signs that people in crisis can text ggb or a third party can text to reach a crisis counselor. patrols can be dispatched. it's a partnership and it's reaching a younger group. >> it's something that we're communicating. >> reporter: but the bridge rail foundation says texting may not be a real option and the focus should be on making sure a barrier is completed. >> that's the bottom line. we're not going to see these deaths stop until there's a barrier involved. >> reporter: construction bids came in much higher than expected so they are looking for additional funding.
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christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you very much. it was a gripping moment when jaycee dugard was rescued from where she had been held for 18 years, ever since she was 11 years old. a federal appeals court has ruled that dugard cannot sue the federal government. you may remember these moments when dugard was rescued in 2009. she wanted to sue the government for failing to supervise her captors, philip garito, while out on patrol. he violated the parole 70 times before he kidnapped jaycee and federal patrol officers did not report those violations.
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today's ruling indicated that the officers cannot be held responsible. dugard received $20 million in a case against the state of california. the minimum wage is going up. today, berkeley city leaders unanimously agreed to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an houç within the next three years. in 2016, up to 12.53 and by 2018, $15 an hour. scott budman is joining us from levi's stadium. are the robots there? >> reporter: you're right.
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the 9ers have been practicing with a new high-tech weapon. they take a lot of abuse but keep getting back up. before they take to the field to hit real people, they take to the field to hit robots. they are officially called mobile virtual players. developed at dartmouth university, they move like real players and take a ton of abuse without getting hurt. >> a lot of times it's not the guys doing the tackling, it's the guy getting tackled. so i think we'll continue to do more with that. >> maybe. >> one guy tried to do something with it and it didn't turn out well for him. i'm going to leave the dummies alone. >> reporter: they are 150
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pounds. they operate by remote control and, we're told, they can hit pretty hard. >> tried to tackle a robot. >> reporter: the 49ers say they will stick with the practice robots for at least the time being. in fact, several other nfl teams will start practicing with robots as well. reporting live, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, watch your back. there's two robots right behind you. >> people need to turn around. it's going to get them right there. it looks nice out there as well. how are we doing temperaturewise? >> it can get warm but sea breeze will keep temperatures during game time in the mid-70s. the rest of the temperatures below average. livermore should be close to 87 but only 80 today.
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mid-70s in the warmer spots. east bay, livermore, 75 degrees. sunshine in livermore and in san jose. 75 degrees and high of 81. check out here, san francisco, as you can see, a pretty picture there with late day sunshine. temperatures at 65 degrees. this is what is interesting. the last day was 75. that was july 26th. the last day at 70 was in august 8th. so now, the daily high temperatures stayed at 70 and lower. the long-range forecast will indeed be the fourth august and one of the cooler august even by san francisco standards. tomorrow morning, lots of low clouds. and a good chance of drizzle
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until it clears around midday. highs, close to 78 in san jose. there you go. san francisco, again, mid-60s. 77 in palo alto. north bay temperatures, into the 70s. low 80s in livermore and pleasanton. we'll talk about temperatures on the rise for the second half of the weekend. stay tuned. labor day weekend may it include a chance of rain or snow? that's coming up in the ten-day outlook. >> thanks. this could help prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. and an insurance policy canceled early. but that trigger a refund? a viewer's costly dilemma, coming up next. school buses.
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the bill comes after an autistic teen di a happening now, the senate approved a law for child safety alarms on school buses after an autistic teenager died after being left alone for hours on a hot school bus. we posted a photo of an elderly couple forced to live apart after 62 years of marriage. a backlog in their health care system caused them to live in separate nursing homes. more news after the break. 's cl.
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i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. weekend -- governor brown will consider the propsal. ===take vo=== the gizmo is the size of a cell- phone. it's called an "ignition could breathizers in cars
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help save lives? it's called an ignition interlock device. drivers convicted of a dui will have to blow into it to start their cars. a bill for those with suspended licenses is now on the governor's desk. they suspect it will lower the repeat offenders who drink and drive. bullying exists in schools nationwide but some big names wanted to help. jonathan martin and congressman mike honda visited students in san jose today. this was for an end bullying rally. positive messages still need to be spread, they said. >> we understand the impact of bullying on youngsters. youngsters who are going through a lot of changes. >> he also says that bullying can be intensified for students
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going through changes. the radical steps that the fda is taking to stop the spread of the zika virus. plus -- a father appears in court today for beating a baby daughter to death. i'm sharon in san jose. i'll have the latest in the
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right now at 6:30, breaking news, a live picture now of the golden gate bridge. you can see it right there, all northbound lanes going in to marin county are closed right
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now because of a deadly motorcycle accident. again, breaking news on the golden gate bridge, all northbound lanes closed at this hour because of a deadly motorcycle accident. obviously the friday rush hour is even worse now. we'll follow this story and tell you when it will reopen going in to marin county. also right now, we know the name of that little girl in the south bay. her name is mila. her own father, a defendant, appeared in court today. mila has died. >> sharon, this story is even tougher to stomach as the father of this baby girl has a prior conviction for child abuse. >> reporter: peggy, you're right. that's why prosecutors wanted to no bail set in this case but the judge said she would set it high at $1 million, he faces murder charges and domestic abuse charges. >> saving mila was the result of
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these injuries. >> reporter: matthew zabala admitted to being too rough with his daughter on multiple occasions since birth. >> early this morning, baby mila succumbed to her injuries and was taken off of life support. >> reporter: she wasn't breathing when deputies responded to a 911 call here on boston avenue last sunday. neighbors were shocked to hear that the baby died today. >> just horrified about it. and i'm angry. >> reporter: zabala had a prior conviction of child abuse. she had nine broken ribs and fractures in her arms and legs. doctors noted the injuries were in different stages of healing. prosecutors say that indicates the injuries may have occurred in dinner points of time. in 2008, he was charged with injuring a 4-year-old at an apartment compression in sunnyvale. >> the worst scenario that can
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ham is an innocent person last lost their lives. >> reporter: and the shave requires department and staff all emotionally affected by this case. they set up a gofund me account to help pay for her funeral services. live in san jose, sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> heartbreaking story, sharon. thank you very much. the fda wants all blood in the united states to be screened for the zika virus. testing is already under way in florida and puerto rico. today, they announced that there will be screening in all territories. such costly and time-consuming testing typically only done for the most dangerous infectious disease outbreak. on the campaign trail, more name calling. both presidential candidates accusing each other of having a racial bias. nbc's edward lawrence has the
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latest. >> reporter: hillary defended her position on "morning joe" saying there were no favors given to donors just because she was secretary of state. >> i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep americans safe. >> reporter: she continued on the offensive saying that donald trump's policies are bigoted. >> it's deeply disturbing that he's taking hate groups that lived in the dark regions of the internet, making them mainstream. >> reporter: trump dismissed clinton's accusations saying democrats resorted to that when their policies fail. >> it's a tired, disgusting argument. >> reporter: and the issues that voters need to hear to make a choice. >> a lot of people are just now getting educated and making decisions. >> trump tried to clarify his
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proposals on cnn. >> we're going to have all sorts of e-verify and everything that you can think of in terms of immigration. people will not come into our country illegally. we're going to fix that. >> reporter: but he was unclear on what would happen to the 11 million undocumented immigrants already here. >> in the meantime, we can expect more racially charged insults from both sides. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. and up next, battling the bullies. the new tool that twitter may be rolling out to stop online harassment. and setting the record straight. the new details on why a possible bacon festival is being pushed back. put a local bacon festival on
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hold. ===take vo= well, where's the bacon. new details on why a local bacon festival was put on hold. it's called the bacon festival of america. today, a city spokesperson says no, the group did not file their request for permits on time and that's why the bacon fest was put on hold. however, the city does admit it probably could have worked more closely with the organizers to make sure the event happened over the holiday weekend. bacon fest is now set for october. it's a problem for a lot of people. harassing an offensive tweet.
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twitter is now working on a new tool. it's a filtering feature by using key words users can block square words, racial slurs or other harassing language. twitter has been working on a filtering option for about a year now. details are still being worked on. all right. just talking about the labor day week, it's hard to believe that is next week. >> amazing. we're almost done with august. it doesn't feel like it, though. >> it feels like fall right now. >> maybe closer to the fall classic. there's a baseball theme for you. giants game right here for you. in san francisco, it dropped some drizzle to start the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. you buy an extended warranty with a car but you say, ah, i really don't want to hold on to it. does that mean you get a refund? that's the question one viewer asked. i'm chris chimura, nbc bay area responds, next. police now confirm there was a
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shooting at an east bay mall. updating our breaking news now, police now confirming there was a shooting at an east bay mall. the victim, a 20-year-old woman shot in the parking lot of antioch somerville town center. we don't have any word on her condition. complicating this investigation, there was a shoplifting report inside the mall at the same time. police say the suspect in the shooting has not been apprehended. well, nbc bay area responds is wrapping up a successful week returning money to our viewers. >> consumer investigator chris chimura helped our viewers get almost $20,000 this week alone. >> yes. it's one of our best weeks yet.
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state law gives drivers 60 days to change their mind as long as you have zero claims and cancel in writing, you get a full refund. our big win this week was speaking up for karen in concord. someone cleared out her checking account. herbal sat at zero for 22 days. then we stepped in. within a few days, her balance was back to 17 grand. we explained the robo call strike force. many companies teaming up to create a new free tool to fight unwanted calls. our consumer investigative center received complaints about robo calls more than any other subject. i am hopeful we will soon have a solution for you soon. we'll see. if you have a complaint, please call 888-996-tips or visit us online at i think that's the best place for to you speak up because when you are there, you can fill out
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a complaint form and upload videos and documents and paperwork so we can investigate your case. >> that's a good tool. so many people have issues and sometimes it's not a huge amount of money but it matters. it all accounts. >> the little ones are the best cases because those are indicative of problems that lots of people have. >> keep an eye on the robo calls. i got two today. >> thanks, chris. >> have a great weekend. okay. are you going? here comes the migration to the nevada desert. the annual burning man begins sunday outside of reno. more than 70,000 people will make the pilgrimage to blackrock city. tickets are 390 bucks. >> boy. and you get a mask and sand and do the whole thing. you have to be ready to be uncomfortable for a while. >> it's a high desert out there.
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>> got to love it, rob. you know, around here, we've been seeing cool temperatures and it's almost five to ten degrees below average. temperatures that should be in the upper 80s to only 80 today in livermore and pretty comfortable outside. breezy around the tri-valley. let's take you on a tour of the bay. 75 in livermore. there you can see the high only at 80 today. san jose, 75. more on that smoke in a bit. there's at&t park. giants game right here on nbc bay area. it looks like a cool night at the ballpark. might even see misty skies, approaching the ninth inning or towards midnight. let's talk about the smoke which is still kind of getting dropped in from the silverado chimney fire. the winds have changed out of the south. one of our high-resolution
6:49 pm
models that is geared towards looking at that smoke, you may notice, once again, unfortunately, more smoke moving in to the bay area, especially around the south bay and the interior east bay for saturday. ear quality issues are good for the north bay and around the central bay to san francisco, could be looking at areas of smoke for saturday. meantime, low clouds off the coast of san francisco. the marine air is really thick. it's managed to do something here double in size from two days ago. only 1500 feet thick and now 3,000 feet tall and no trouble spilling all the way towards stockton tomorrow morning. areas of mist and drizzle are very likely tomorrow morning. as we head towards the afternoon, valley temperatures climbing into the 80s. in fact, the temperatures may try to trend a little warmer as we head towards sunday and monday. in the meantime, still, running below average for this time of year. highs near about 78 degrees in
6:50 pm
san jose. we should see low 80s for this time of year. cupertino and morgan hills, highs in the mid-80s. tomorrow, for the north bay, 78 degrees around mill valley and low 80s out near the tri-valley. seven-day forecast, you notice san francisco. staying in the mid-60s and trending cooler as we approach friday. check out the inland seven-day forecast for the weekend. we're seeing temperatures fairly warm through monday and then things begin to cool down towards thursday and friday and this is where things could get interesting. this takes us out to next weekend. breezy conditions and increasing clouds and in fact there's a chance that that same system that brings cooling towards the end of the seven-day forecast has air cold enough maybe for some scattered snow showers. so we'll watch that closely. look at the accumulated rainfall, the precipitation map. weather model is there for september 5th. sometimes it's far off in a
6:51 pm
distance but very interesting, the trough pattern is going to kick in for labor day weekend. plan accordingly. we could be talking about some interesting weather next weekend. this weekend, mid-80s. >> if the rain comes, it will wash off the dust. >> that's a good thing. thanks, rob. >> thanks, rob. giants and the braves right here on nbc bay area. mike and john miller will join us with the call in just a few minutes. let's take you out right now to the golden gate bridge where emergency crews are taking care of a fatal motorcycle crash. this is in the northbound lanes. chp reporting that this happened just before 6:00 making it a friday evening commute. even tougher with the backups here. we're continuing to watch this. we'll be right back. that was th emost memorable
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giants game of the season last night...tonihjt -- we want more drama.
6:54 pm
==live== it's orange friday -- and the okay, hands down, that was the most memorable game last night. we want more of that tonight. it's orange friday and the ballpark is buzzing, giants hosting the braves. and you know who is there for us? is colin resch is there. colin? >> reporter: definitely the braves with the worst record in baseball, guys. this was unchartered waters for matt moore. he threw a no hitter in mobile but the majors would have been an entirely new level for him last night. we've got to show you this again. two outs, bottom nine, corey playing for l.a. and, yeah, more of 8 2/3 of no hit ball. he struck out seven. his best pitching performance since he had surgery in 2014. with all that he's been through
6:55 pm
to get back to this point, that's why losing the no-hitter in the fashion that he did, wasn't upsetting to him. >> it's definitely one of those personal achievements that i didn't want to steal the moment and head out of town and try to be upset about it at all. i thought it was one of the most fun games i've ever pitched in. just being new to the atmosphere, you know, giants, dodgers, in the middle of the race right now, all of those variables going into things, i think this was one of the most fun games i've ever played in. >> reporter: such a low-key guy. this would give the bullpen a rare night off. just one pitch to close out the game. i asked will smith what it was like for him. >> your work can be limited. >> yeah, every inning, i guess one more down.
6:56 pm
but, yeah, we were all down there rooting for him very quietly, you know, didn't want to jinx anything but we're definitely happy for him. >> reporter: as i said, the braves with the worst record in baseball, the giants hoping they can capitalize on that, the start of a three-game set. live at at&t park, raj, peggy? >> i thought that was pretty amazing. >> one out away. >> it was great. let's see what we see tonight. the giants and braves. up next, we're enjoying john and mike from the ballpark with the calls. >> that's right. preseason nfl tonight as well. >> very busy night tonight. thank you for joining us at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. enjoy the game.
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♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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with his new car. ==take vo1== we did: getting him almost two grand. we also pointed out that state law gives drivers 60 days to change their mind. as long you cancel in writing and don't have any claims, you get a full refund. ==take vo2== our big win this week was speaking up for karen in concord. someone cleared out her checking account. her balance sat at zero for 22 days. then we stepped in. within a few days, her balance was back to $17 grand money karen needed to get her house painted. ==take vo3== this week we also explained the new robocall "strike force." the federal government and many large companies are he he here, the giants and atlanta braves. hello.


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