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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> hope you're coming off a great weekend. i'm laura garcia cannon. now a look at the forecast. a cool start to the day. >> yeah low clouds could impact the morning commute on the coast. the temperatures around the bay area in the 60s closer to san jose. can see the low clouds there and your school cast in san jose. looking at numbers closing on 80. mid 80s later on around the tri-valley. 65 in san francisco. 82 in san jose. areas south of the mid 80s today. tri-valley one of the warmer spots we'll see. issues for the morning drive. >> you're talking about a warmer spot. a hot spot as far as the commute goes. the tri-valley and the south bay two big commute issues now. over here in the tri-valley we is a number of crashes reported. it makes the merge coming out of pleasanton and livermore for 84 jammed up. we are 680 through 580 through
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the stretch. that's your only alternate and that is really slow. 87 jam from capitol a crash there. one lane blocked. >> thank you so much. we're following breaking news this morning in san francisco. emergency crews on the scene of a-alarm fire in the 400 block of minute street. a few blocks away from westfield mall. between mission and howard. we have new owe we want to show you into the news room this morning. multiple crews are on the scene of the fire. at a vacant building. the good news no one is hurt. you see firefighters tackling it as best they can. lots of smoke seen from the area. pete is at the scene now. he's talking with investigators getting the latest investigation. we'll check in with him in a live report in just a few minutes. tense moments at one of the country's busiest airports. people seen running for their lives after reports of an active
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shooter at lax. >> today in the bay kris sanchez joining us live this morning from san jose airport with the details. as we saw, people were running for cover trying to find places to hide. pure chaos. it turned out to be a false alarm. >> right. it was a loud notice. several loud noises that triggered that security scare and gunfire as people were reporting to 9-1-1 dispatchers. we got video in of a man being briefly detained and questioned. he was wearing a zorro suit. he was pulled aside during the active shooter investigation but within the last hour and a half said he was released and not responsible for the security scare. it was just before 9:00 people started calling 9-1-1 from the airport reporting what sounded like gunfire to them. police rushed several terminals looking for the source which even this morning remains a mystery. at one point, there was a ground stop for flights and chaos in
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the airport as some people were running out of the terminals and on to the actual tarmac. a stricted area. >> everybody cleared out and ran to the back of the terminal. and then a a lot of the us just tried to remain calm to make sure we didn't tramp over babies. we went out the side door tsa started yelling saying everybody get out of the terminal. get out. >> they were yelling that last night, but, again, that security square turned out to be unfounded. but the fall out is very real for travelers who were terrified and now stuck. 281 flights were delayed. two flights were cancelled. 27 flights diverted. per the airport tsa and border patrol are working past end of shift to process departing and arriving passengers. the airport kept concessions open, too, so all over a very strange night at lax. a false alarm did provide the first test of l.a. county's
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wireless emergency alert system. everyone within a five mile radius of the airport got alerts to their smartphones about that security situation at lax. didn't help the traffic. a lot of people showed up at the airport anyway. but definitely a test of the emergency system, and we'll be waiting here today to find out what those mystery noises were that put all of this into chaos. in san jose kris sanchez. "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. gop presidential nominee donald trump is set to appear in the bay area today. but other than that his campaign is dishing out details. here is what we know for a fact. he's going to appear on the peninsula for a fund-raiser. there are reports that trump will attend a second fundrai-rar in napa. despite the challenge of winning voters, a fundraising stop for trump in california a natural option. >> california, thus far, is providie ining 15% of trump's m.
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we can expect trump to do what he can to take as much money as he can, and probably spend it elsewhere. >> all right. as for details, trump's campaign team is not indicating when he might arrive in the bay area. only he spent yesterday prepping for the debates. continuing coverage this morning a lengthy explanation coming from 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. it's doing little to stem the controversy surrounding his statement during friday night's national anthem. colin kaepernick refused to stand during the anthem ahead of the team's preseason game at lev vie. yesterday he opened up to the media to explain why he did it. he said he'll continue not to stand until he feels there's change in america. >> ultimately, it's to bring awareness and make people, you know, realize what is going on in this country. there are a lot of things going on unjust. people aren't being held accountable for. that's something that needs to
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change. colin kaepernick specifically addressed police brutality against minorities. the nfl, by the way, said it's within colin kaepernick's right to make that kind of statement. even though fellow players are calling it a distractions and in some cases offensive. it took about a day but police have their man. a man behind bars this morning accused of committing walnut creek's first homicide of the year. a s.w.a.t. team arrested 24-year-old larry griffin of bay pointy killing a man outside a downtown bay area bar. it happened early saturday morning around crogan's sports bar and grill. the victim was 38-year-old courtney brown was shot three times in his back. leaving behind a daughter and fiancé. that is walnut creek's first homicide of the year. griffin is being held without bail. two people recovering this morning in san jose after they were shot in the apartment -- parking lot of a grocery store. it happened on julian street.
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officers say the two couples were in the parking lot when two men approached them from a parked car nearby. the suspect shot at them and proceeded to plea. police say the two men were hit as a result of that. both of them have nonlife threatening injuries. >> two young sisters from jenner will reportedly be laid to rest on wednesday. haley and kaitlyn marcus died last tuesday when the pickup truck they were riding into crashed into the russian river. the mother was driving and escaped. she tried to save her daughters but couldn't. the burial will take place east of bodega. authorities say this is the image of the backside of a thief. they're hoping the clothing might spark someone's memory. police believe he took a package from a home in hillsborough yesterday. police say he got into black honda with someone else driving. poli
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poli police. satisfy investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire in a storage facility. it happened saturday night. additional crews had to be called out to fight the four-alarm fire. the damage, as a result, is extensive. no one is injured and the cause the fire remains under investigation. roughly three years ago the fire ripped through the same public storage facility. a fast-moving wild fire continues to burn. so the-called willow fire is burning between town of san andreas about 50 miles northeast of stockton. people were forced to evacuate yesterday but the orders were lifted last night. the flames broke out yesterday afternoon and quickly spread to 400 acres. containment is just at 15%. the fire is burning close to the same area where the butte fire destroyed hundreds of homes, as you may recall, last year.
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the soberanes fire continues to burn. strong winds forecasted for the area have fortunes concerned about a flair up. new evacuation warning in place. so here is a look at the danger zone. people who live there should be prepared to leave. if the warning is upgraded to an order. the fire has been burning since july 22nd when someone left an illegal campfire burning. one person died and nearly 100,000 acres have burned. the fire is 60% contained. it's been burning for so long. >> one of many. >> right. it's been historically hot summer so far. a real issue for wild fires. there's a chance we have wet weather in the forecast. >> that's right. this is coming from hawaii? >> yeah. there's a slight chance, i think, a chance of some thurntd showers near the north bay. speaking the smoeblg from the fires. the upper level winds shifted. for the bay area it's good news. a lot of smoke being pushed to the south and southeast. there's the willow fire showing
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up. hair quality in the bay area starting to improve. at least for today. temperatures outside in the 50s and our. as you can see around the south bay today san jose close to 60 degrees and a school cast for you. we'll show you quickly. saratoga unit unit in the low owl. t -- 80s. >> we had a crash on the bay bridge. it's going to complicate things. they cleared all lanes across that span. usual slowing across the east shore freeway westbound. over here unusually slow a southbound 680 from 580 past a couple of crashes. one of them has cleared all lanes. another one closer toward seminole boulevard. look at that changing from orange to red. that's tough for the tri-valley and north 87 very slow where a crash is blocking one lane. back to you. >> thank you. up next turning to
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civilization. meet the scientists who spend an year in isolation in the hopes of getting humans closer to a mission to mars. gas prices will stay low. another death attributed to air bags.
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if it doesn't upset your allergies like paint, is it still paint? natura is certified asthma and allergy friendly. and you can only find it at your benjamin moore retailer. week's earthquake that
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continuing coverage and an update from across the globe. crews are starting to tear down damaged buildings in italy following last week's earthquake that killed almost 300 people. firefighters are helping to retreat possessions people can't get to because their homes could collapse. mark zuckerberg is heading to rome for a special q & a with the italian facebook community. he's currently in italy for a friends's wedding and announced he'll be in rome for a town hall meeting. zuckerberg wants to spend time with the italian community after the devastating earthquake. a microsoft is making it easier to report hate speech. they're launching a website where you can report offensive content on xbox live, one drive, outlook, and skype. now the site is similar to the
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one microsoft created to report terrorist posts. this one focuses on content that advocates violence or promotes hatred based on age, disability, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. >> here is news that a lot of drivers can get behind. the summer of low gas prices is likely going to become the autumn of low gases. >> all right! let's keep it going. energy prices down again. >> yeah. it looks like they'll keep falling. production is way up and the dollar is getting stronger. remember oil is priced in dollars. no matter who you are or who you're buying it from, it's dollars. the talk of rate hike here in the united states sent the dollar to the highest level we've seen in weeks. janet yellen gave a important speech on friday she hinted the rate hikes could come in september. not strong hints but it's not clear, just like me, she tries to talk about both sides of the debate leaving the rest of us a bit confused. we get the jobs number on.
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we've gotten big numbers lately. 255,000 in june, 292,000 in july. a strong number gives the fed a reason for that rate hike. also, the political candidates will no doubt talk about it, as well. i know the right answer about the markets this morning. the dow 43 points. friday the nasdaq up six. we got data on inflation showing inflation not a threat. another sad story surrounding the takata air bag. bloomberg reports a truck carrying defective air bags back to the draft kak draft warehouse in exploded -- >> oh, my goodness. >> it happened last week. we're just now understanding the cargo was defective air bags and the explosion within the cargo of the truck. we can't say specifically it was the air bags but the irony. they got him out of the car, got
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him into a truck, the truck explosion kills someone. >> wow. the problems continue. >> yeah. >> very tragic. switching gears. a little bit of fun here. if you imagine taking your five coworkers that sit around you, perhaps, spending a year in a tiny dome with them. five other people without fresh air, fresh food, or privacy. imagine actually volunteering to do it. not "big brother." it's a nasa science project six people, including four americans, spend the last year in a mars bio dome. they have been living on the slope of a volcano. it was the longest ever nasa mission conducted to understand life on mars. could you do it? are there doors in there? did anyone see any doors? i think question could do it. >> i think we could, too.
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>> put us on hawaii. you know. yeah. on location. >> yeah. i don't know if we need the bio dome. >> we worked together for a long time. didn't you see the movie "bio dome" or "the martian." right. >> matt damon? we could do that. >> for a year? >> for science. for science. >> yeah. for science. well, keeping on the hawaii. we're watching hawaii for a number of reasons. the connection to our own weather here over the next this hours. first hurricane madeline moving in. good thing they evacuated the bio dome. a category one storm that could be coming in on wednesday. we're watching it closely for hawaii. look where the upper level moisture is aiming in on across northern california. an upper level system crossing the coast tonight and tomorrow may trigger a chance isolated thunder. this morning it's low clouds, drizzle, and midst to talk about. cool start in the 50s. san jose you see the low clouds at 60 degrees in the school cast
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hour hour. we'll see temperatures today climbing into the low 80s. probably the warmer spot we'll see around the bay area today south of san jose. lots of low cloud through 11:00 in the morning. and patchy low clouds and the attention turns tomorrow toward the north bay. a slight chance of isolated thunder. we don't want any dry lightnings. that is a possibility as the system moves through early tomorrow. today highs near 80 in san jose. mid 60 for san francisco. north bay temperatures in the 70s. mid 80s around the tri-valley today. if you like the weather, for the most part, you should like the next seven days. the interesting part for tomorrow is increasing wind breezy for tuesday and slight chance of showers to the north. most of the inland valleys for tomorrow turning warmer as we approach thursday. for another look at the commute and issues in the tri-valley. >> yeah. i hope we'll have better news on the horizon.
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everyone besides tri-valley and south valley are looking great for the commute. 87 just north of kerner all lanes cleared from the earlier crash. that has recovered now. you're jammed from capital expressway to downtown. 585 shows unusual slowing. i'll check see what it going on. chp has nothing reported. southbound 680 recovering from 580. the earlier crash activity cleared. look a look at the jam west 84 as well as 680 coming toward the merge. a live look. we have the camera and can see traffic trying to improve. the bay bridge toll plaza will not improve but at least it's the standard. >> trying to will things to be better. >> thank you very much. coming up next the fight against zika virus goes high-tech. how scientists are using genetically modified mosquitos to stop it from spreading.
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he said he cancelled his hotel in time for the refund. the company disagrees. i'm consumer investigator. nbc area responds next. popular hotel booking website.
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nbc bay area responds to a man who tried but couldn't get a refund from a hotel website. >> chris is telling us how he helped him out. >> good morning. doug campbell booked and prepaid
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for a hotel room using he later cancelled the room with within the 48-hour cancellation period set by the hotel. said they never received doug's cancellation. doug provided the phone records showing the call was made two minutes before the refund. we reached out and they refunded doug. the company pointed out even though doug's phone records showed he call in time, he might have hung up before the cancellation was complete. in a statement hotel it was glad nay were able to assist mr. campbell calling his refund a courtesy. if you have a consume complaint, please call us. tomorrow at 6:20 a four-month
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wait for mail. we bring it to an end. have a great day! >> chris, thank you very much. genetically modified mosquitos may become the latest tool in helping to stop the spread of the zika virus. one vector controlled district in florida received federal approval to united states these kinds of mosquitos. if it happens scientists would release them in key haven, a tiny suburb in key west. the genetically modified males mate with females they die more quickly. >> it's being objected to the safety to the environment and the people. >> the company spearheading the plan said the measures can mostly control skeete populations within about nine months. this fall voters will decide two referendums that may provide clarity on when or if these trials will be conducted. coming up next on "today in the bay." ing news we've been following in san francisco this morning. "today in the bay" live at the
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scene. >> in san francisco crews are on the scene here for a two-alarm fire. we'll have the details coming up in a live report. bob tease =tracie/sot= . 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick explains his controversial decision to sit out the national anthem. i'm bob redell with the story coming up. cramming in two ways. tracie potts. coming up the debate at end of september. how donald trump and hillary clinton are preparing.
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=sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock ==rob/cu== good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm ya garcia cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it's like your typical san francisco august they. >> it is. >> a little fog out there. >> it is, indeed. it's been chilly. san francisco right now since we're talking about you, getting a look outside low clouds and mist out there. can't miss the forecast this morning. 59 degrees. low clouds to start. and probably low clouds to finish. light jacket weather this morning. as you send the kids off to school.
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by the afternoon no jacket around tri-valley. staying in the mid 60s in san francisco. low 80s around san jose. it's early monday morning. you've got some slow commutes around the bay area now. >> three slow commutes. the rest of the bay looks good. peninsula looks great. northeast 87 recovering from an earlier crash jammed up around kerner. slow from basically 85 to the stretch. that's the only slow freeway now, though. and south 680 jammed up. so is west 84 coming out of pleasanton. the earlier crashes between sen boulevard. we know about the third slow spot. we expect it at the toll plaza. >> thank you so much. let's get to the breaking news in san francisco this. a building up in flames right now. for thes checking on spot sphot >> we know it's only a couple of
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blocks away from market street. what is going on, pete? >> reporter: well, good morning, sam and laura. this is under control at this vacant structure on ministry. we want to show you what we're talking about. this is a very old structure. was built in 1907. when crews showed up the top three floors were on fire. they were able to contain it. you can see them hosing down the win keys. it's an old building with old bricks. that's something they have to work around. here is what san francisco fire told me moments ago. >> we have the bricks that can be ash. the roof is comprised, meaning it's not safe for us to walk on the roof due to the fire activity damaged. so that makes a challenge for us, also. that's why we're still a little bit active with the fire. we're right on the scene.
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actually not too long ago there was water reaching the area. and crews are expected to wrap it up not too long from now. because of the fire is under investigation. live in san francisco. "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you very much. decision 2016 now and donald trump is going to be back in the bay area today. but the campaign is providing few details about his visit. we do know for a fact that donald trump is going to appear on the peninsula for a fund-raiser and there are also reports of a second fund-raiser in napa. his campaign team is not indicating when trump might arrive in the bay area. only he spent yesterday preparing for debates ahead of the november election. >> today in the bay tracie potts tracking the latest from the campaign trail for us. this bay area visit comes as he announces a major immigration speech. >> reporter: exactly. and the speeches and the campaigning are happening. as you noted, laura and sam, there's a lot more happening
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behind the scenes as well. fundraising and preparing for that debate at the end of september. hillary clinton has got more fundraisers today and tomorrow. she raised over $11 million sunday amid debate prep. advisors tell us she's studying policy, short,ing her answers, and preparing for the unpredictable >>well-behaved modest trump, i doubt we'll see that. kind of off-the-rails trump. >> trump is not going to prepare the way hillary does which is locking her in a room and cram her head with the binders. >> reporter: hillary clinton's corruption has been exposed again. >> trump's new web ad targets clinton's e-mails and state department meetings with donors. >> when republicans meet with their donors they call it a meeting. when democrats do it. they call it a conflict. >> trump announced the first ever event in a predominantly black community in a church in detroit on saturday. in arizona he's giving a major
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immigration speech after confusion whether he. he worked with law-abiding immigrants who have been here for years. >> reporter: and overnight he tweeted about the immigration speech saying he's expecting a big crowd. they're already looking at moving it so to scare a bigger venue. back to you. >> we'll continue to follow tracie potts live from washington. thank you. panic at lax airport last night. chaos erupted after reports of an active shooter. there were several 9-1-1 calls shortly before 9:00 about shots fired. an investigation found no evidence of a shooting, but that situation caused mass panic and wide spread flight delays.
6:35 am
people barricaded themselves in restrooms ands. traffic outside lax came to a full stop. a man heading to san jose international spoke to us about the panic. >> i heard screaming and saw hundreds and hundreds of people running. just like a black friday stampede only screaming at the same time. everybody cleared out. >> nbc's own lester holt just arrived at lax on a flight from sacramento. he and his wife were headed into the terminal when they were warned to stay. >> i was actually on the tarmac being driven across the tarmac about to enter terminal four when people started flooding out the door toward the tarmac. there were tsa and other security people saying "run. active shooter. shots fired." it took a hours but lax did return to normal. there are reports that a loud noise or noises that triggered that scare.
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the investigation is ongoing. an protest is making waves across the country this morning. right how to we'ring from colin kaepernick highlighted in that last shot about his refusal to stand up during the national anthem. today in the bay bob redell live in santa clara with the latest. how long is he planning to keep up this protest, bob? does he say? >> reporter: well, laura and said, he said he's going to keep sitting out the national anthem until he thinks the kunduz a better job of treating minorities. this is the image that so many people have been talk about. this is a tweeted photo from before friday night's preseason game against the packers. you can see colin kaepernick sitting down on the sidelines while his teammates are standing around him. standing up for the national anthem. this, by the way, is not the first time he sat out the national anthem. it's the furirst time people ha started to take notice. colin kaepernick is protesting
6:37 am
the way he thinks this country treats people of color. >> ultimately it's to bring awareness and make people, you know, realize what is going on in this country. there are a lot of things that are going on that are unjust. people aren't being held accountable for. that's something that needs to change. >> we don't think he's a bad teammate to voice his opinion on this but we can't allow this to -- >> some 49ers fans have applauded colin kaepernick on social media. others not so much. here is one man who set colin kaepernick's jersey on fire. that's how angry he was. head coach chip kelley said he and the team recognize colin kaepernick's right to sit out the national anthem. officially the nfl doesn't require players to stand. it's something that the league encourages. the 49ers their next game is this thursday night in san
6:38 am
diego. reporting live outside levi stadium in santa clara bob redell. "today in the bay." >> a man fighting for his life after police shot him while he was running on highway 101 actually zigzagging through traffic. the man was running on 101 in belmont early sunday morning north of ralston avenue. chp officers said the man was running through both sides of 101 and all lanes. police tried everything, they said, all of their attempts to get the man off the freeway did not work. >> the pedestrian resisted. a taser was used to, no avail, to try to subdue him. that's when the suspect produced a knife, raised it over his head, and lunged toward the office. -- officer. >> northbound 101 at san mateo was shut down several hours yesterday for the investigation that followed. that suspect in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. happening today san francisco's police commission holds the last scheduled community meeting focussed on
6:39 am
finding a new police chief. they're geared toward finding a permanent replacement for greg surr when resigned in may. tony chaplain announced he would be interested in keeping the job. tonight's community meeting takes place at 6:00 p.m. several homes without water in loss altos. they have been much of the night. it started with water main break about 7:00. it happened at springer road. the streets were closed for much of the night. we don't have anymore information about what caused the water main break and no word on when service will be restored. some folks aren't going to get the luxury of a shower when they're trying to wake up this morning. >> that's right. that could on a monday morning. it's a cool start to the day. let's check in with rob. >> yeah. most of the temperatures in the 50s including san francisco. 59 degrees. misty skies around san francisco. and low clouds in livermore. it's 57 there. and san jose continuing the
6:40 am
trend there 60 degrees not quite as cold but low clouds to start the morning. and the school cast at saratoga union. numbers in the low 80s. one of the warmer spots around the bay area. san jose close to 80 degrees. mid 60s in san francisco. and north bay highs in the 70s. and tri-valley temperatures in the mid 80s. your morning commute in the south bay starting to change up. >> that's right. we have recover fry are the crash. we will zoom in toward the guadeloupe it's recovering. we have the brunt of the south bay commute kicking in. holding steady with a slow drive through gaud lou and kicking in for 85 and 101 northbound. that's not bad for the silicon valley area. this is recovering west 84 and south 680 coming down. san mateo bridge seeing the build. that's a standard commute to the peninsula. back to you. >> thank you, mike. remembering the music icon. how the world is honoring one of
6:41 am
mexico's biggest super stars. juan gabriel. plus, big boss shows up to work and nobody is there. we'll tell you about that. plus, we'll take you live to the dow industrial gaining 90 points. has died.
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the singer was found dea one of mexico's biggest
6:44 am
super stars juan gabriel has died. the singer was found dead in his santa monica home yesterday morning of an apparent heart attack. gabriel is considered an icon throughout latin america. fans are leaving flowers on his hollywood walk of fame star. he just performed in los angeles on friday. he was 66 years old. two united airlines pilots are due to appear in a scottish court to face charges of being drunk ahead of a flight to new jersey. >> the pilots were arrested a short time before scheduled take off on saturday. passengers experienced about a 10 hour delay as a result. according to scott land's herald one of the pilot lives in texas. the other one in mississippi. that incident left some passengers shaken but aviation experts they this case the system worked to keep everyone safe. >> if you are uncomfortable with
6:45 am
a member of your crew, you don't fly with them. the safe guards that are in place did, in fact, work. >> the herald reports that the pilots are both senior airmen who have worked in the past as flight instructors. united airlines said it removed those pilots from the flying duties and cooperating with authorities. a high speed rail system that is developing slowly but surely. members of a house subcommittee are expected in the bay area today for a status update on california's high speed rail system. representatives will join eye speed rail leaders at a meeting in san francisco to look at the plans for phase one of the rail system. california's high speed rail is still not due to be online for at least a decade. due to delays and cost overruns. the rail authority last month got the green light to start the first phase of the system stretching between the bay area and bakersfield. it's 5:07 now. it's not bringing in the money it expected, either.
6:46 am
>> let's check in with scott mcgrew this morning. >> good morning. when we californians voted to approve bonds, the project was going to cost $33 billion. they said no new taxes. it's going to cost at least $68 billion. one estimate said $118 billion, which the feds are kicking in money but just $4 billion. and the state told us it would use cap and trade money to pay for the project. but the sacramento points out that's been $8 million in the latest. new drone rules take effect today supplying drones for business or profit. a roofer could inspect a roof, for instance. you have to keep the drone in sight, have a special license, and pass test. i looked at the simple it's a to see what it looked like. if your drone weighs 33 pounds, what the fa args calls an unmanned aircraft. how much does it weigh in a 30
6:47 am
degree bank. i haven't got the faintest idea of the answer. here are the possible ones. this is the prime minister of the united arab em rates. that's a government office. that's his picture over the desk there. nobody is there. he showed up at the start of the workday at various government offices to see who is at work. tweeted this picture out and sent out video. the offices are open but people are not there. >> where is everyone? >> yeah he starts going through some guy's books there. can you imagine showing up a little late to work and the prime minister -- >> you walk in -- >> hi. >> i was just getting some coffee. >> we beat our boss to work every day. she gets in super early but we get in at 3:30. >> that was a nice desk for a government office. >> yeah. >> glad it was clean. >> all right. on to a more serious note now
6:48 am
happening today. today marks 11 years since hurricane katrina whipped across new orleans causing wide spread damage. the category three storm drenched the gulf coast. more than 1800 people died. tens of thousands had to be rescued and 70% of the city's homes were damaged or destroyed. images that many of us will never ever forget seeing. >> yeah. i remember taking live reports from there for so often and seeing the images of the people on the rooftops. very hard. >> they repaired the levy system since then. that's the good news. a check of the local weather. >> good morning. and we is a little bit a tropical connection to the weather we'll be watching tonight and tomorrow. but speaking of the tropics, no coincidence this time of year. we've had historically catastrophic hurricanes. this is the peak of the atlantic hurricane season. ocean temperatures are at the warmest and wind shear usually drops off. that's good. around the east coast category
6:49 am
three system and two systems near the carolina and florida that can develop into tropical storms. here is the one we're watching approaching hawaii. this is hurricane madeline. by wednesday could cross the big island as a category one storm for if the upper level moisture moving away from the storm is heading toward northern california. combine that at the upper level system moving inland tonight and tomorrow. that could be the trigger for a slight chance of isolated thunderstorm. temperatures outside right now jacket weather pretty much no matter where you are around the bay area with mid 50s in the north bay. 60 in the san jose. and los gatos temperatures in the low 80s by 2:00. lots of low clouds and misty skies possible. we'll be watching that closely for tomorrow morning. highs near 80 in san jose.
6:50 am
san francisco north bay mostly in the 70s and mid 80s around the tri-valley. and the temperatures holding up over the next few days. a bit twoind deal with and temperatures trending warmer enland approaching thursday for the tri-valley. and the tri-valley busy with the commute. >> we'll see from the map we're seeing the build for the commute typical patterns over there in hayward toward san mateo. over here we're seeing recovery. it's slow approaching the dublin interchange. 680 looks better and 84. definitely better coming out of livermore. all lanes north 87 clear. slow at kerner. and look where our cam are is. up there things are looking light. just starting to build now. a little bit later than we've had over the last few weeks. and remember san jose state is
6:51 am
back in session. we'll see more south bay slowing. at the bridge toll plaza the metering lights on. >> that's right. a lot of kids back to school. inappropriate spending decisions and attempts to keep secrets from state lawmakers some of the new accusations facing a public agency that was created to protect you. >> specifically the california bar. >> investigative reporter reported on the agency in february. lawmakers are taking action and crediting his investigation. >> the state bar was created to help consumers ripped off by dishonest attorneys. top executives at the bar take home some of the biggest paychecks in the state government, getting paid more than the governor. the's fund to help consumers is millions of dollars short. according to a recent state audit the fund totaled $2.2 million last year. the bar needed $18.9 million to
6:52 am
pay out the bag log of claims. that's a shortage of $16 million. the audit accuses the barf trying to keep the gap secret from lawmakers. even though the lack of funds doubles the amount of time it took to process claims. leaving consumers up to five years to get paid. the bar transferred $2 million into the fund from other resources, but it said the long-term fix might mean raising membership dues that all california attorneys are required to pay. that's nearly $400 each year. the bar also hired private consultants to review the agency's spending including employee salaries. the head of the bar expects those findings by october. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 888-996-tips. it seems visitors can't keep themselves under control at the nation's oldest national park. a new ap report finds higher
6:53 am
number was violations reported from the record number of visitors attending yellow stone national park. one big problem is vandalism. also, more people are getting a little too close to wildlife in their photo opportunities. and illegal camping has become more ram pan. the research suggests yellow stone is just the tip of the geyser, so to speak, and other national parks are grappling with some of the same issues. >> as your mom said, look but don't touch. >> don't touch. >> coming up next we're tracking breaking news out of san francisco. a building up in flames this morning. we're living with the aftermath next. but first, happening now as the san jose police department suffers through staffing shortages, it's putting a call out to officers to sacrifice their time and report for work this holiday weekend. read the full story on our facebook page. as labor day approaches. head to to find weekend event listings for the entire weekend.
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welcome back on your monday morning before you head out the door. here are the top stories. breaking news we've been following all morning long out of san fransisco. pete is live on the scene on a fire that broke out south of market. how is it looking now, pete.
6:57 am
>> reporter: good morning. we have information the building was built in 1907 built by the haers corporation. this is a vacant building of four story structure. according to san francisco tree of the floors were on fire. they were able to get this thing under control, guys. they're telling some of the challenges they faced it's on older building. some of the bricks could collapse. we got more information as far as personnel here. 66 firefighters were used for the fire. at this time, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. live in san francisco, tod"todan the bay". thank you very much. continuing coverage now and lengthy explanation from niners quarterback colin kaepernick is doing little to stem the controversy surrounding his statement during friday night's national anthem. colin kaepernick refused to
6:58 am
stand during the anthem ahead of the team's preseason game levi. yesterday he opened up to explain the reasoning behind his actions. >> he said he's going to continue not to stand until he feels there's real change in america in terms of policing in local communities and the violence. the nfl, by the way, said it's entirely within colin kaepernick's right to make that kind of statement. even though fellow players are calling it a distractions and in some cases offensive. decision 2016 gop presidential nominee donald trump will appear in the bay area today, but few details are being released about the visit. we know he'll appear on the peninsula for a fund-raiser and there reports he'll attend a fundrai-raiser in napa. the peninsula event is closed. his campaign team is not indicating when trump might arrive. only he spent yesterday preparing for debates ahead of the november election. which we're looking forward to, right? >> the debates are going to be interesting. to put it mildly.
6:59 am
>> they'll have nothing to say. >> those two? we start off the workplace forecast in the 50s. >> including san francisco. it's been the weather story of august. how cool it's been in san francisco. you see the cloudy skies. 59 degrees. and the last day above 75 july 26th. it was on the 70th on the 8th month. this is the fourth august since 1874 the daily temperature stayed below 70. warm 80 in the tri-valley. >> feeling cool out there. not cool when it comes to traffic. >> better than before. we have crashes in san jose. 87 is the worth of it from 85 toward kerner. and trite valley we see recovery. can't believe we flew through monday morning. hope yours does the same. back in a half hour. >> see you then. is in the books this day. have a great day.
7:00 am
join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. hope to see you then! good morning. breaking news. good morning. breaking news, panic at l.a.x., all from a false alarm. passengers run on to the tarmac after mistaken reports of an active shooter. chaos, confusion and massive delays. what triggered it all and will it slow your travels today? we're there ve. bracing for the storm. hurricane gaston gains strength in the atlantic as a separate system moves toward florida and a new concern that all that water could make the zika outbreak worse. just seconds to spare. a police officer puts his life on the line to save a stranger in the path of an oncoming train. >> i was bracing for the worst.


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