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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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it. nbc bay area's marianne favro is live outside the stadium. >> reporter: yes, today the san francisco's police officer's association was so upset about the comments he made about police officers that today the president wrote a letter to the nfl commissioner and jed york demanding that kaepernick apologize. after colin kaepernick remained seated during the national anthem at friday's game at levi stadium, he said he couldn't stand and show pride for a country that oppresses minorities. he also talked about officer-involved shootings. >> officers getting paid leave for kimming people. >> reporter: he also questioned officer training. >> you can become a cop in six months and don't have to have the same amount of training as i do. that's insane. >> reporter: now the san francisco police officers association is responding, sending this letter to the nfl commissioner and 49ers ceo jed
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york demanding kaepernick apologize. in the letter the poa president says not only does he show an incredible lack of knowledge regarding our profession and officer-involved shooting but shows a total lack of sensitivity toward police officers. ironically, it is those officers who on numerous occasions have protected in kaepernick. today kaepernick and helps teammates focused on football as they practiced in santa clara. kaepernick declined to talk to reporters in the locker room, but his teammates acknowledged the controversy. >> we'll learn from it and get better. again, you don't have to agree for it, stand for it, whatever, but it is not a distraction. >> reporter: both the san francisco police officers association and the alameda county sheriff's office have now invited kaepernick to visit their training center so he can see firsthand exactly what recruits go through. no word yet on whether kaepernick is going to take them
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up on that invitation. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, "nbc bay area news." >> marianne. thank you. kaepernick has succeeded in one way. everyone seems to have an opinion on this. his former coach jim harbaugh, remember him, from stanford and the 49ers? harbaugh clarifying what he wanted to dochlt he made this tweet. i acknowledge his right to do it but i don't respect the motivation or the action. a few hours later harbaugh clarified what he was saying. i apollize for misspeaking my true sentiments. to clarify, i support colin's motivation. it is his method of action i take exception to. historically it is not uncommon, among them dr. harry edwards who inspired tommy smith and john carlos. also noted, kirk flood, all local leg ends who stood for social and economic changed and were heavily criticized for doing so. >> reporter: it is one of the most iconic moments in olympic
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history, 1968 black power salute. winning gold and bronze in the 200 meter run, tommy smith and john carlos took a stand and big chance. >> it wasn't so much i was making a statement. i was a black person making a statement. in other words you should stay in your place. >> the two former san jose state students were stripped of their medals an received death threats for years. >> i think he has to walk through the jungle of ignorance. there's a lot of ignorant people who don't fully understand. they get caught up in patriotism and the whole nine jards ♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ >> reporter: athletes have been standing for beliefs throughout his tore. kirk flood refused to accept a trade. mohammed ali criticized the vietnam war and tore up his draft cards. smith and carlos owe their political awakening to dr. harry
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smith. kaepernick has said the two were close but dr. edwards did not advise him on this protest. in previous interview dr. edwards did share his thoughts about smith and carlos. >> and to make that demonstration in the face of all of that danger, re-crim nation, to me was one of the most courageous, committed acts. >> reporter: we should add and you might recall all of these agent leigh leets were vil fiif at the time of their process but now honored for speaking their minds. they have a sta tut representing their political stand on the san jose campus. robinson in his autobiography described his memory of the 14947 world series. he said he felt like a black man in a white world saying, quote, i cannot stand and sing the anthem. i cannot salute the flag. we'll continue to track the
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kaepernick protest on our dig nal platforms. you can join the conversation on our nbc bay area facebook page. >> donald trump is weighing in on the national anthem protest after kaepernick mentioned trump in his lengthy statement yesterday. on a radio show this afternoon the republican nominee said i think it is a terrible thing and maybe he should find a country that works better for him. let him try. it won't happen. right now the high-profile presidential canned is in the bay area for a low profile visit. not much publicity orphan fare surrounding his visit. live in woodside outside the fundraiser, mark. >> reporter: well, we're outside the estate of saul fox who is a private equity ceo. let me take you inside via our nbc bay area chopper. you can see the white tent towards the back of the seven-acre estate. i am told that the minimum for tonight's dinner is $25,000 a head, and one person who was invited to the fox estate offered a million dollars, or at
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least that's what we are told by one of the invitees, a million bucks for face time with the candidate. the guests that we saw going in aren't talking. can you talk to me about going to the party, the dinner? neither did the servers or chefs. our nbc news chopper got pictures of the tent in back of the property. the home belongs to saul fox, a private equities ceo and founder of fox paint company, an investor in tech and contributor to republican causes. first confirmed reports published in the online publication he was moving money to republicans through a sole-called ghost organization known as the children of israel llc. $150,000 last year in support of mike huckabee and 334,000 to the republican national committee.
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tonights take of $25,000 per head could pull in one million if the numbers of guests we've heard are accurate. the event closed to reporters. in fact, a campaign spokesman said trump would be somewhere on the peninsula this evening. in woodside speculation is trump didn't want word out for fear of negative reaction. >> whoever is putting it on is probably embarrassed. >> reporter: no, they're inviting people to their house. >> a selective group. but i think it is a selective group and not -- not everybody would want their neighbors to know that fact. >> reporter: we have yet to see trump show up here. i'm told it will be soon. it is a dinner, after all. he was also supposed to appear in napa sometime today, at least that is what the reports and the invitations that went out, but the campaign says this is the only appearance he is making in the bay area. reporting from woodside, mark mathews, "nbc bay area news." not at much support for
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trump in the bay area but plenty of cash. in our next half hour, our political analyst explains why today's visit is so crucial for his campaign. meanwhile, scandal rocked hillary clinton's campaign today. her long-time aide huma abedin says she is separating from her husband, anthony weiner. you may him, the former congressman from new york who stepped down back in 2011 when he was caught sexting with women. abedin remained by his seed. reported that he. >> a search is on for a police chief in oakland after a scandal that rocked the department this summer which led to replacement of three police chiefs. jodi hernandez in oakland, jodi, the mayor had a lengthy message. what did she outline? >> reporter: raj, the mayor says search for the new police chief will take place oakland style. the city is passing out these
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flyers to let folks know they'll have a voice in picking the new police chief. >> we are committed to doing a very thorough national search for a police chief. >> reporter: surrounded by oakland youths, mary libby schaaf pledge it to have community engagement in the search. >> community engagement is critical to succeed in attracting the right leader for this police department. >> reporter: the oakland police department has been out of a chief since june when rocked by scandals three different chiefs resigned in less than two weeks. day-to-day operations have been run by an acting assistant chief and the city administrator ever since. >> if there's any hope salvaging anything, it has to come from the outside and he or she is going to have to clean house and start all over again. >> reporter: starting this week the city will begin holding community forums, including some geared toward youth to find out
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what residents want in the next chief of police. >> someone that knows what they're doing and someone that we can all trust as a youth, and someone that we don't fear. >> get along with people, and to know what to do, and tell the truth. right? i like people to tell the truth. >> reporter: the city administrator says she is already fielding calls from top chiefs across the country, but she says finding the right fit will take time. the city will hold ten community forums through next month. the mayor said she will actually select two community members to sit on the selection committee. they're hoping to have a permanent chief in place by early next year. in oakland i'm jodi hernandez, "nbc bay area news." >> jodi, thank you. a similar story across the bay. in fact, at this hour the san francisco police commission is holding its last scheduled community meeting focused on finding a new police chief.
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the goal is to find a permanent replacement for greg sur who resigned in may. acting police chief seen here announced he would be interested in keeping the job. i'm peggy bunker in santa clara standing in front of the hugely popular freedom bridge, popular with bicyclists and pedestrians and it could be going away. i'm live in walnut creek tonight. ahead, details on how a deer shot by an arrow was discovered. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a few spotty showers off-shore. tracking this in micro climate forecast. details in a few minutes. a disturbing discovery tonight
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in walnut creek. a dear -- foundea . only on nbc bay area, disturbing discovery this evening in walnut creek, a deer found dead with an arrow in its side. nbc bay area's elyce kirchner is in that area. any suspects or perhaps surveillance video? >> reporter: raj, officials are investigating but we're not talking about a remote area. i'm standing about a mile from the b.a.r.t. station, and if you look over my shoulder you can see the freeway. now, hunting in contra costa
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county is legal, but not in an area like this where homes are so close together. walking behind his walnut creek home on west park court. >> underneath that tree is where we found the body. >> reporter: this neighbor, who did not want to show his face, points to where he found the dead deer. >> you could see the arrow sticking up out of its left-hand side of its body. >> reporter: he says he saw these vultures circling yesterday afternoon, then he smelled it. >> decay. >> reporter: next door neighbor spotted it as well. >> my dog found the carcass. >> reporter: he said it is disturbing to find the deer with an arrow through its body in a residenti residential neighbor, especially since he believe it was fired at close range zbloo . >> it couldn't have been too far. >> reporter: steve borough with the contra costa animal services say his agency removed the deer but says the department of fish and wildlife will be investigating to see where the
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animal was shot. >> you could speculate that probably was a hunting experience. >> reporter: because he says hunting is legal in parts of unincorporated areas of contra costa county. but not within 150 yards of a residence. >> there's speculation as to whether it happened in another place and another animal like a mountain lion dragged it into another area. >> if somebody is shooting arrows at the animals i think everyone in this neighborhood would be disturbed. >> reporter: and fish and wildlife finds someone illegally hunted this deer that person could face misdemeanor charges. reporting live, alease kirchner, "nbc bay area news." a man scheduled to be released is instead serving more time, all because he tried to escape yesterday. it happened at the elmwood jail in milpitas. deputies say christopher toich was in such a rush to get free he left his jail sandal also
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stuck on the fencing. he fell to the ground before he could getaway, and sheriff credits the deputies who spotted the inmate on a new surveillance system. >> having additional cameras just really completes it, and that's why we're able to deal with this attempted escape. >> reporter:. >> the cameras were installed this spring. he only suffered minor injuries during the fall. >> former stanford squimer brock turner is expected to be released from jail this friday. he is serving about half of his six month sentence for sexual assault. tonight we have new information about this controversial case. britain's guardian newspaper obtained more than 1,000 pages of the trial transcripts. those transcripts reveal turner laughed at the good samaritans who stopped the sexual assault. one of them repeatedly told turner, quote, stop smiling. that night police say turner told him he didn't remember how he and the victim ended up on the ground outside of a fraternity party, but a year
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later in trial turner told a detailed story about how he and the victim playfully stumbled after she agreed to go to a stanford dorm. turner faced up to ten years in prison but was sentenced to six months. good news for communities near the chimney fire on the central coast. about an hour ago all evacuation orders were lifted. residents will be able to return to their homes and all road blocks will be removed. the chimney fire burned more than 45,000 acres and is 61% contained. a battle over a beloved bike path in the south bay. it is known as the freedom path but most know it as the link leading riders to intel headquarters in santa clara. >> peggy bunker live in santa clara with why such a popular bridge may be shut down. peggy noo the reason, janell and raj, if i go a couple of feet this way i'm standing on public property own by the santa clara water district but this way it
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is oenld by intel and the freedom bridge behind me straddles both. >> yes, every morning first thing i go through the trail. >> reporter: it is a rare stretch of freedom for bicyclists and pedestrians. the freedom bridge connects the trail to the tech giant intel and keeps commuters out of their cars and on their bikes, but it could be going away. >> the bridge has been there but it is under a permit from the water district. the permit from the water district may be expiring soon, and intel does not need that bridge as a corporation whereas the employees enjoy it, the benefits of that bridge. that's where the issue is. >> reporter: he's right. the original use permit expires in mid-september. the santa clara water district says intel cannot have a private bridge over a public waterway, and intel now considering liability concerns with half of the bridge on their property, half of it not. >> we're continuing to talk with intel, we're getting -- you know, it is not -- we're not at logger heads by any means.
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>> reporter: intel not leaning either way give us this statement. we are continuing to discuss the bridge with the santa clara water district. we are happy to follow up with you when we have more information. bicyclists say they hope something can be worked out. >> i could see why they wouldn't want to have the bridge anymore if they're responsible for anything that might happen or to anyone on the bridge, but you would think there would be some kind of an amicable arrangement that could be reached. >> reporter: now, initially this would not have been a problem because intel actually owned both sides of the waterway here, but they recently sold the other side to a housing developer creating the problem. in santa clara i'm peggy bunker, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you, peggy. turn things over to chief meteorologist. watching peggy, looks like a nice day for a bike ride or walk. >> plenty of sun shy. cloud cover at the coastline but
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looking at the microclimate forecast excellent pictures coming in from weather watcher. in pacifica we had the mid level moisture streaming in across the pacific. check out what some of that blue skies was enabled to catch on the cameras, hump back whales back in action in pacific today. probably will be out there tomorrow. may be able to get a glimpse of that. as we look out here across south bay, comfortable at the airport, 76 degrees for high. we did have low 80s in warmer spots in san jose, in the south and eastern regions. but comfortable again in northern san jose. temperatures dropping off in the 60s by 8:00 tonight. on the doppler radar now and satellite you can see a stream of moisture moving in from the south, a little humidity with it. a slight chance of a spotty shower not only tonight from this near the northern coastline but also as you will see for tomorrow's forecast. best possibility of getting anything here would be across the north bay with 83 degrees.
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other we san francisco 65. peninsula 73. the south bay looking at a high of 82 degrees. if you're doing any traveling, you do want to watch out for a tropical depression down here to the north of cuba. right now winds at 35 miles per hour. this again may produce travel delays with heavy rain in florida. it likely will move in and make landfall sometime on thursday north of tampa, also moving across jacksonville. we will have more on the microclimate forecast and who may get the best chance of a spotty shower tomorrow in north bay in about 25 minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. up next, ready to fly. what you need to know about the new rules on drones. on our website:
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a lightening storm killed more than 300 reindeer in norway. happening now on our website, a lightning storm killed more than 300 reindeer in norway. scientists say the reindeer hearded together which is why so many died. jimmy fallon came dressed at ryan lochte. fallon even supported an icy blue hairdo. the photo is on our facebook page. more news after this break.
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every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. effect today regarding "drones..." and bay area busies a new set of rules went into effect today regarding drones, and bay area business he say the rules will create new jobs. according to faa you won't need a pilot's license to fly a commercial drone, just take a test instead. instead of requiring two to fly
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a commercial drone, one can fly. >> the job creation is actually all over, not only for new drone companies but also for example, you can think of drone service providers, and we have seen a lot of these businesses start up for the sole purpose of helping other established business leverage drones. >> the faa estimates by loosening rules on businesses they will create close to 100,000 new drone related jobs. >> how about this. engineers have created a cool material. show you this. this cools the body. it keeps people four degrees cooler than typical cotton clothing. engineers say if they cool the person rather than building, it would save energy used on air conditioning. they're working on making the fabric in different colors. >> shooter wanted. the reward being offered to find out who is targeting sea otters along our coast.
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>> reporter: california high speed rail project is moving forward, but a handful of lawmakers are concerned about the growing budget. i'm michelle robert, and coming up here when it is expected to be done and how much it is expected to cost. over budget and facing growing
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criticism. today -- the high speed rail authority defended right now at 6:30, over budget and facing growing criticism. today the high-speed rail authority defended its project at a special congressional hearing in saf. the multi-billion dollar project
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is expected to connect san francisco to l.a. >> michelle, we have had a lot of criticism with the project. what is the latest twist? >> reporter: there's a lot of people here who would like to see that happen because the plan would be have riders get on in san francisco and be in l.a. in less than three hours. that plan expected to be completed in 2029, but many fear we're going to run out of money before that happens. >> might get a lot of cars off the road too. >> reporter: amy richards said she would leave the car at home in l.a. if the high speed rail can get her to bay area for work faster. >> it would depend how long it took and how convenient it was. >> reporter: but the convenience will come with a huge cost. what was once budgeted for $33 billion could now cost upwards of 118 billion. >> we're in construction, we're hiring people, we are putting businesses to work. >> reporter: construction has already begun on the line connecting the bay area to the central valley, but the rail authority says $45 billion still
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needs to be raised to connect san francisco to l.a. >> and the state taxpayers are being put on the hook on this. so i think they deserve answers. >> reporter: at a congressional hearing in san francisco this morning, representative jeff denim from the central valley says there will be an oversight hearing to address the budget concerns. >> we want to make sure the money is either spent correctly or returned back to the federal government. >> reporter: today critics argued the work should stop until those issues are addressed. >> they have had six years to try, and they have failed. >> reporter: while many commuters are hoping for an easier way to get home. >> i would love to have it. >> reporter: the first phase of the project will connect san francisco to bakersfield and that's expected to be completed in less than ten years. reporting live in san francisco tonight, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area new also. >> michelle. thank you. is it a sick prank or something more sinister? the search is on for the person who shot and killed at least three sea otters aclong the
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santa cruz coast. the otters washed ashore in separate locations between august 12 and 19. investigators are looking into a fourth dead sea otter discovered at natural bridges beach over the weekend. state wildlife investigators say the shooting puts this threatened speechies at risk. >> so we consider this a very serious violation. sea otters are a threatened species, they're protected both federally and by the state of california. >> killing a sea otter is a crime punishable by both fines and jail time. a $10,000 reward is also being offered for anyone with information leading to an arrest. a bay area couple is facing felony charges for allegedly burning their own dog. shell by lieu jan and her boyfriend paul satter are accused of setting two-year-old sprocket on fine. lujan brought the dog to an
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emergency clinic more than a week after injured, he had third degree burns on 40% of his body. clinic staff did what they could but the dog died a few hours later. a bizarre smuggling attempt at san quentin prison involving a death row inmate and school teacher. prosecutors say recipient was bruce mill san, seen here, sentenced to die for killing eight people in a series of deadly robberies near los angeles. during a visit with a 47-year-old woman from bell flower, also in southern california, guards noticed the school teacher smugglend food for mill sap which is not allowed. investigators then say they found 18 cell phones and chargers along with three ounces of heroin hidden in a beney under her coat. authorities say san quentin is now reviewing its screening process for prison visitors. back to decision 2016. as we showed you at the top of the news cast, republican
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presidential candidate dm donald trump in woodside for a fundraiser. the host is saul fox, founder of a private equity fund and a big donor. other on his schedule but no public rallies. the low key approach is no accident. trump isn't in the bay area for votes and instead he is mining for california gold. political analyst larry gristen is here. mining for gold, larry? >> not gold per se, but his initiative tonight is to sweep up as many dollars as possible. the fact of the matter is his campaign is woefully behind in the fundraising department. tonight's event on the peninsula maxed out at $25,000 per person. i sure hope the dessert is good. >> trump was last in bay area near san jose in june where a near riot occurred. >> post polls have him down by about 20 points or more and he
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also is hurting financially. through june 30th of this year, the last official reporting date by the way, trump collected only $2 million in california. meanwhile, democrat hillary clinton selected 68 -- excuse me, $68 million during the same period. that is a margin of 34 to 1. if that's not enough, on top of that last week alone she brought in another 19 million bucks. >> wow. huge difference, but no surprise. trump is not doing as well in california, but how about outside this state? >> you know, better, but nothing to brag about. as of june 30th according to open secret, the clinton campaign had amassed about $435 million nationally. but that compares to $137 million for trump, which is exactly why trump needs to scoop up california gold fast. but here is the point. trump, sure, he may lose the election in california, but if he can spend those funds that he
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collects here elsewhere, in battleground states like maybe arizona or colorado, well, california may do him some good after all. that's his best hope for the moment. >> yeah, he certainly hopes so. larry gersten our political analyst, thank you for your insight. track all of the twists and turns of this election on our website. just click on the 2016 bug on the front page. you can look up your ballot. just enter your address to see the candidates and measures you will be deciding in november. that's on our website, up next, a hotel booking dilemma. a man in south bay says he cancelled online reservation in time but didn't get his money back. nnk nnk responds. >> ducker berg at the vatican, the gift the facebook ceo gave the pope today.
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you're watching "nbc bay area news" with the bay area's biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area, we investigate. a horrible accident is prompting a lawsuit in san francisco. it has been two years since window washer pedro perez fell 11 stories and landed on a car. he suffered critical injuries. he's now, and his wife, they're now suing the building for negligence saying there were violations to state code. the lawsuit does not specify a specific amount but states the couple is seeking reimbursement for past and future healthcare and pain and suffering. still no word on how a fire broke out in san francisco's selma district. it started at a vacant building near the westfield shopping center.
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it took about 90 minutes for crews to get things under control. it is reported that the building is part of a development plan that may take longer than expected because of the fire. fortunately, no one was hurt. all clear tonight after a construction mistake triggered evacuations in morgan hill. a contractor hit a gas line at monterey and spring roads just after 10:00 a.m. the area was shut down for nearby residents and businesses. they were told to get out. crews were able to stop the flow of gas a couple of hours ago around 4:00. from the silicon valley to the vatican, and we are talking about facebook cofounder and his wife. they met with the pope this morning. they talked about using communication technology to relieve poverty. zuckerberg gave the vatican a drone. >> apple is ready to roll out its latest batch of products and updates. the announcement was made this morning. apple is expected to reveal the iphone 7 on september 7th.
6:41 pm
as usual, the invite didn't provide any details or outline any specific products, which will be unveiled. but historically this is the time for a new phone. experts say this could be a make or break moment for apple with its iphone sales slumping. you ready for the new one? >> i'm fine with current one. >> i'm on four or five. >> it works, right? >> technology, jeff is into new technology. i know you will get it. >> maybe. i always get overwhelmed. it is like what will it have. you can see our weather not dull today. not only was the cool breeze in the atmosphere, but winds picking up about 10 to 20 miles per hour because of a system developing off-shore. maybe a spotty shower and who has the best possibility in just a few minutes. he says he cancelled his hotel in time for a refund, but the company disagrees. aconsumer investigator chris chmura.
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nchk n nbc bay area respond. next.
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nbc bay area respond, recovering more than $100,000 to bay area consumers. if you want help call or visit respond. >> today nbc bay area respond to a san jose man who couldn't get a refund from a popular hotel booking website. >> our consumer investigator chris chmura helped him out and he is here to join us. chris. >> reporter: doug campbell booked and prepaid for a hotel room using he later cancelled the room with within the 48-hour period set by the hotel. they said they never received. he provided phone records showing he made it two minutes before the deadline.
6:45 pm
we reached out to the hotel. they refunded him what he paid for the company. they pointed out even though his phone records showed he called in time, he might have hung up before the cancellation was complete. in the statement they said they were glad they were able to assist in campbell, calling his refund a courtesy. if you have a consumer complaint please call 888-996-tips or visit you can click the yellow for a complaint form. you can share documents, photos and videos to help us investigate your case. chris, thank you. too drunk to fly, two united airlines pilots pulled from a plane are out on bail. it happened on saturday morning in glasgow. the pi lats were on their way to newark, new jersey with 141 passengers. police arrested the pair in the cockpit before they took off for being drunk.
6:46 pm
both pilots appeared in the scottish courtroom earlier today and were lee released on jail. united says both pilots are sus spended while it investigates. now the manufacturer says it is taking action. the company says it will release a generic version of the medicine which is used to counter potentially deadly allergic reactions. the cost, $300. half the current price of the name brand, but some pharmacists worry the generic version might still be out of reach to customers. >> i'm glad they're potentially lowering the price, but even at $300 it is still very expensive. >> the maker of the epipen, mylan, says they will release the generic version in several weeks. >> okay. jeff ranieri is back with us. i know it is late august, but it feels like october. >> i couldn't agree with you more. it was like i walked outside this morning and thought about getting a jacket around 9:00. you know, obviously i knew it
6:47 pm
was going to warm up, but it was a cool breeze outside. as we get a look at your microclimate forecast right now, it was comfortable outside. we certainly have a lot happening in the atmosphere. let's go ahead and get to san francisco right now. it is more of a low cloud situation right now. humidity at 63%. so we do still have the marine layer at the coastline that will usher in fog tonight, and temperatures will be dropping in the 50s real fast. as we take you to typically one of our hottest locations, we have high clouds streaming across in concord. a high of 84 degrees. right now 79. check it out, 60s expected by the 8:00 hour right into 9:00 p.m. it definitely will be a night where a lot of you can leave the windows open and turn the acs off. on the scanning doppler radar we have clouds moving in along with satellite mixed in here, and a few spotty areas of rainfall developing off-shore. nothing major, but there certainly are a few waves in the atmosphere woe have to watch out
6:48 pm
for that could bring a scattered shower or two. low clouds for everyone in the morning. 56 here in north bay. san francisco 55. 59 in east bay. more of a partly sunny start for south bay and 58 degrees. here is what is happening in the atmosphere right now. we have this weak disturbance just off-shore. there's a little built of up lift with it, and as we mentioned the chance of some spotty showers. now, 95% of the best possibility of any rainfall will stay to north of us. there's a small shred of this as it moves across the next 18 hours that may fire off a little bit of activity near the northern coastline and possibly for the north bay. as you will see in the microclimate forecast for tuesday, we will keep a lot of the bay area dry. for south bay this will mean more comfortable weather, 79 degrees in san jose, morgan hill 83. for the peninsula, some spotty areas of drizzle and 63 in half moon bay. over to palo alto, couldn't get better than this, 75 degrees. san francisco remains in the
6:49 pm
60s. our best chance of any kind of activity again firing off would be the north bay. we've kind of honed in here on santa rosa. that's where we might get some of the instability firing off. a slight risk of thunderstorms, an 80, but towards mill valley 74 and partly cloudy sky. east bay, oakland 71 degrees, towards walnut creek 86. for tri-valleys, sure it will be warm but not above average and certainly no 100s. the main reason we will see no major august or early september heat coming our way throughout the next three to five-day period, this huge trough of low pressure sets up across the pacific northwest. jet stream sinks to the south, and you will love what this will keep the temperatures at across bay area. san francisco stays in 60s, and that's around where we should be. for the inland valleys, no 90s this week. we will be down to 79 for the average on thursday, friday 78, saturday 80. by next monday we go back up to
6:50 pm
88 degrees, but i don't know, this is pretty much a picture perfect next couple of days. we still could be at 100 degrees. we're not close to that. >> and it will be a holiday weekend, so it will be lovely for so many people. >> thanks, jeff. the friday forecast looks like college football weather. cal kicked off the football season last week. this friday it is sanford with a new starting quarterback on the farm. colin resch joins us next. rio is done. next south korea.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
and the road to the 2018 winter olympics will go through san . rio is done. next south korea, and the road to the 2018 winter olympics will go thu san jose. the u.s. figure skating championships will be held at
6:53 pm
shark tank. the trials will begin in december of 2015 -- 2017 and end in jerry january 2018 just weeks before olympics in south korea. >> there's an incredible legacy of skating, not only the skaters who have grown up and trained here but who showcased amazing talents at big time events. >> including that gold medalist, christie yamaguchi. they will be among serving as honorary coshf chairs. >>. the college football season is here. stanford kicks off friday night at eighth ranked team in the nation. >> came down to the wire. the cardinals just announced who their starting quarterback is, and here is nbc bay area's colin resch on the farm. colin. >> reporter: the local college football media day in late july stanford head coach david shaw
6:54 pm
mentioned a quarterback controversy with kevin hogan off to the nfl the position battle was on. last thursday almost a month after that media day, a decision. senior ryan burns gets the starting nod in the opener friday night at stanford stadium, but junior keller crist will see action as well. >> it was kind of weird at first, i'm talking last winner, but we have gotten used to it. we help each other out every practice, every scrimmage, letting each other know what we're seeing, what we're doing right, what we're missing, and make your sure we 'on top of ourselves. >> coach shaw admitted there was little too distinguish the two, how did he arrive at the decision? >> metrics. a lot of things we've been keeping track of honestly since last spring, all the way through training camps. >> as far as what fans can expect to see against kansas state. >> he is a big kid. he's an athletic quarterback, he has a strong arm. he's a good decisionmaker, an accurate passer. so hopefully we see it all on
6:55 pm
game day. >> what we won't see oo game day is burns or kris try to take over the game. they're well aware the offense runs through heisman trophy runner-up. >> in the whole country, a heck of a player. it is not him back there alone, we have bryce love, a tremendous receiving core, a great line. the weapons we have, it is my job to get it to those guys and let them do what they do. >> at stanford, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> thanks, colin. still to come at 11:00, a man attacked by a mob at san francisco's delores park. it is raising questions about the area's safety. we will have that story and more at 11:00. finally here at 6:00, 50 years ago tonight music history was made right here in the bay area. the beatles performed a sold-out show at candlestick park. the year was 1966, and that concert turned out to be their last live perform abs. those who were there said it was
6:56 pm
unforgettable. despite the fans screaming that tended to drown out the band and the foggy weather. a ticket to the legendary event, you saw it there along with the roaring nal price, $4.50. here is footage from candle stick. you see the baseball dimensions there and then the beatles right there. looked like a fan running there. oh, my gosh. so strange not to see candle stick at all anymore when you are driving down 101. >> it is weird. >> okay. jeff, the rest of the week for us? looking just as beautiful? >> yes, smooth sailing. tomorrow starting off with low clouds. it will be a little bit great to start with, temperatures in 50s. you will see as we progress through the week with the trough of low pressure will keep it comfortable. 81 for the average on wednesday. upper 70s thursday and friday. looks great on saturday. by next monday it heats up but it is still summer, right? >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye, folks.
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7:00 pm
rihanna and drake's late-night pda. rockin' new mega bling. and the backstage interview crasher. >> everything you didn't see. all the juicy vma's gossip now on "extra." thank you, dpod. >> beyonce brings down the house at the mtv video music awards. what kim and kanye were caught on camera doing during queen bey's killer performance. then -- >> biggest couples came out tonight. >> rihanna and drake's


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