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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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test. gene wilder. will city leaders take a bold step po put more officer on the streets and to what cost to the rest of department? the key vote today. almost free. former stanford swimmer brock turner is about to be released from a south bay jail. as new information about his assault is coming to light. and in the national spotlight. colin kaepernick's defiance over standing over the national anthem is making him a lightning rod for controversy across america. "today in the bay" starts now. and it is tuesday. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get straight to that forecast with rob this morning. another cool start. >> it is.
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we're seeing temperatures in the 50s. a few clouds out across the north bay this morning. we're watching closely for a chance of isolated thunder. not seeing a whole lot right now as you look at the temperatures to start off your morning, mid 50s in the north bay. by the afternoon, 80s inland around the tri-valley. here's a view of the satellite radar. showers to the north of yukiah this morning. and twin hurricanes approaching hawaii. now to see what's happening around san jose and your morning commute, here's mike. >> i love your little boys but sometimes there's hurricane there as well. it's tough. rob has twins. we have one crash going on for the south "baywatch"ing this. northbound 85 approaching union avenue. we had an over turned vehicle. two lanes were blocked and now just one lane blocked. crewing starting to finish up hooking up that car. the car is overturned. track that but no slowing there or for the rest of the south bay. back to you. we begin with breaking news
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this morning. the european commission is ruling ireland gave illegal tax breaks to cupertino based apple. apple is now facing fines of more than $14 billion. eu ruled apple paid substantially lower taxes than other business necessary ireland must now recover losses. the most valuable company in the world apple was paying an effective corporate tax rate around 1%. ireland promises to appeal that ruling. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew is looking into this ruling. he'll have much more on it. the people of hayward have a new leader running their police department. the city's police chief diane stewart is on paid leaf as hayward pd conducts a personnel investigation. as for what prompted it, the police department says that is a confidential matter. but we do hope to hear from the city manager later today. as for stewart, she began officer for san jose police department in 1986 taking the top job in hayward in 2011.
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in so doing, stewart became the first woman to serve in that role. captain mark coaler has been appointed acting police chief. former stanford swimmer brock turner is expected to be released from jail today. friday, i should say. comes after only serving half his six-month sentence. we're also getting new information about his trial approximately britain's guardian newspaper obtained transcripts reveal that turner laughed at the good samaritans who stopped the sexual assault. it happened on stanford's campus last year. turner faced up to ten years in prison but his sentence was reduced to six months. happening today. san jose leaders consider giving the police chief the powers to bypass state laws and put more officers on the streets for patrol. kris sanchez is live in san jose this morning. city leaders calling this a state of emergency. >> reporter: right. it's 234not exactly the kind of state of emergency we would see during a natural disaster or if the city was under siege, for example, the with protests but
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what this does is releases police chief eddie garcia from some of the terms of the contract between the city and his police officers. this means that chief eddie garcia will be able to put more patrol officers on the streets. now, even then the chief has officers working mandatory overtime and there still are not enough officers for patrol. some officers have taken to sleeping in rvs on city property because the turn around time they say is just not enough time to get home. some of them live in the outlying areas in the bay area. this state of emergency means that the chief would be able to shift 47 officers into patrol. this affects the bidding that is allowed under the contract. that means officers can choose either to go to patrol or other assignments and often they choose other assignments. even with this the department is still understaffed for a city of a million people. >> we're going to do everything we can to move regulatory
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obstacles or any other obstacle to enable him to do what he needs to do to keep the community safe. we all know this is just a band-aid. unless we get it approved in november by the voters all we'll have is band-aid solutions. >> reporter: the mayor mentioned measure d. that is a ballot measure that would undo all of the pension reform that voters approved just a few years ago and also puts into place protections for officers who are injured on the job. insiders say this has been a huge deterrent for attracting quality candidates to the department and, thus, dealing with the long-term understaffing solution. this is a vote that could happen as early as today. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. after is a months' long investigation a peninsula couple is facing felony charges accused of putting their dog in scolding liquid and not seeking treatment for the animal for weeks. that dog suffered third degree burns to 40% of his body.
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investigators say that paul solder and shelby lugin of san bruno waited 12 days to take 2-year-old sprocket to a vet. the dog died ultimately from injuries. the couple says they accidentally spilled hot water into the dog's crate. it's a brazen attack in one of san francisco's most mop particular parks. eight to ten men chased a victim through delor rest park and beat and staped the man. this happened just after 6:00 p.m. on sunday night. that victim is still in critical condition. there have been no arrests for this attack. call sfpd. a lot of people taking their on stand on colin kaepernick's protests during the national anthem. it's sparking a dialogue. some niners fans wonder if he fits into the team's long term plans. as for bay area law enforcement they're disappointed with kaepernick's approach. >> are you going to be a person that actually goes out and does something about it or are you
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going to be the proverbial monday morning quarterback and criticize and do nothing about it. >> j.d. nelson suggesting in may be a great opportunity for kaepernick to see what law enforcement really do. kaepernick's act of protests during the niners last preseason game is making national headlines. he insists he has no plans to alter his actions and will continue to sit until he says america makes some real change. >> certainly robbing a lot of people the wrong way. a big sporting event that's coming to the shark tank. we'll tell you about the celebrity athletes in attendance. and partly cloudy skies right now around san jose as we watch a chance of isolated thunder for parts of the north bay this morning. the latest in your forecast coming up. plus, you take a look over here. this a live look at the treasure island tunnel on the left. there was a crash there earlier this morning but all lanes are cleared and traffic is easy toward san francisco. we'll look at the rest of your commute coming up. new developers are moving
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into a old historic south bay plaza. but will this famous sign be saved? up next, what santa clara leaders are considering. you're watching "today in the bay." ==laura/vo==
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must see video of the day -- coming to us from a new york highway. this dashcam video was just released, capturing a coming to us from a new york highway. this dash cam video just released calm churing a major pileup that happened last week. big rig plowed through several cars stuck in traffic. our video is stuck but several people were actually seriously hurt, sadly. the brake on the big rig failed
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causing that driver to lose control. more reason to exercise caution as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge and you are advised to be cautious when going through the toll plaza. turns out the drivers are crashing into the toll plaza more than ever before. that is according to bridge officials. one possible solution is to remove the toll plaza all together. the bridge is already cashless and officials are considering only a simple metal structure above lanes that would have fastrak sensors. happening today, the carousel sign, you know it. at cambrian park plaza. county board of supervisors will consider all of that during their meeting later this morning. the plaza was built back in 1953. the new owners say they won't tear down the famous south bay sign as they redevelop that plaza. big plot of land over there. 4:41 right now.
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the road to the 2818 winter olympics will go through san jose will how would you like to see the u.s. figure skating championship held at the shark tank? this is going to be the third time the events is held in the bay area. the trials are going to begin in december of 2017. they'll end in early january of 2018 just weeks before the olympics in south korea. bay area flns christie yamaguchi, brian, peggy fleming, and rudy are going to be among those serving as honorary cochairs. you will be able to watch the championships right here on nbc. coming up, it's election day in some parts of the county we're going to show you what lawmakers are fithdi ifighting hold on to offices. trump looking for cash in the bay area. we'll show you where he stopped for a fund-raiser and the unusual protester that came out to rally against him. that story is next. the presidential race has
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garnered a lot of attention--- understandably--- but control of a quarter to 35k. presidential race has garnered attention understandably but control of the congress is almost up for grabs this november. a few key primaries but congressmen are fighting to make to it november. >> voters in florida and arizona will hit the polls. now, in the florida senate race incumbent republican marco rubio run for a second term after reversing his initial decision to step down. in another florida district form we democratic national committee chair debbie wasserman schultz
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faces stiff competition from bernie sanders-backed tim. and in arizona republican senator john mccain is now sixisix i seeking a sixth term. this is nothing like the tip value donald trump visit. gop presidential nom need made a stop for a money fund-raiser. blink and you could have missed his motorcade. he visited the home of silicon valley private equity ceosaul cox in woodside. protester was a hillary sign affixed on her horse. >> i really think that he's gotten too much press because he has his inflammatory statements. so i brought my own inflammatory statement. >> equestrian protest. trump met with an estimated 40 guests who paid reportedly $25,000 apiece to be there. a similar trump event is planned -- was planned for last night in napa.
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it never materialized. top hillary clinton aide yu yuma abedin is separating from her husband anthony weiner. he exchanged photos with another woman. wiener resign fred congress in 2011 after he was caught actually doing the very same thing. they share a toddler son. japgentleman bracing itselfr a powerful typhoon in northeast japan today. >> that typhoon has wind gusts of 100 miles an hour. thousands of people have been told to leave and airports have been closed. >> this is the same region devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami you may recall five years ago. we wish those people well. >> obviously pacific weather really in the microscope as we look live from our emeryville camera this morning. rob has been tracking not one now but two twin hurricanes going on to our west. >> yeah.
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moving towards hawaii. some of the moisture off hurricane madeleine is going to move into the bay area. this morning enough to maybe trigger an isolated shower in the far north bay but we'll start off in the gulf of mexico. a system will likely become a tropical storm and aim in towards tampa bay as we head into wednesday night and thursday morning. if that's not all we've got another system there row tading off the north carolina coastline. that's going to move up the coast around mid week as a tropical storm. and finally, here's a look at the two hurricanes that are approaching hawaii. madeleine and lester. it will cross the southern half of the big island as a category one hurricane there on wednesday loving off to the west but notice where where some of the moisture coming off the storm, aiming in on northern california. it's this system that's moving ashore right now that's bringing us clouds and at times mainly north of lake county, just a stray shower or two. the good news is you're not seeing any lightning. we've got the lightning
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detection network in the north bay and we're not seeing that because this system isn't dropping much in the way of rain. but if it did have lightning that would have issues for fire danger. thankfully not seeing that in the norv bay. 62 in san jose. show you other temperatures around the area. san francisco, close to 60. in and around the tri-valley. right now, partly cloudy skies. hour by hour forecasts by dublin looking at numbers approaching the mid 80s in the forecast. so a mix of some patchy low clouds and also high clouds. you will notice as we head towards sunset into the evening, more high clouds moving across the bay area but not much in the chances of rain in the cards for us today. 82 for a high in san jose. mid to upper 60s in san francisco. north bay temperatures in the 80s. mid to upper 80s around the tri-valley. breezy conditions especially on the coast today. and check out our inland temperatures as we approach the weekend. cooling as we head into labor day weekend. last kickoff of summer on a cool note around the bay area.
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mike? >> we are looking at a little bit of green on the radar. that means moisture in the air. green on my system means you're at speed. that's what we have all over the bay. that's great stuff. altamont pass is the only thing you see other than the green there. smooth flow of traffic. north bay on the left side of your screen p over by the maze, smooth drive toward the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems across this span. no backup at the toll plaza itself. but it is tuesday. good volume here as well as out of the tri-valley. steady flow of traffic. 580 toward the dublin interchange. >> let's hope it stays smooth. 4:50. certainly a lot of apple buzz in the business news today. cupertino company is gearing up for a special event next week. >> not to mention taking a lot of heat for tax rate. for that we turn to landon dowdy live from cnbc's world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi, good morning. wall street will try to add to monday's gains. future are flat.
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stocks jumping with the dow having the best day in more than two weeks as investors continue to calculate the odds of an interest rate hike by the fed this year. you also look for data today on home prices and consumer confidence. dow rising to 18502. nasdaq up 13 to 5232. meanwhile, mark your calendar. apple is holding an event next wednesday where it is expected to unveil the iphone 7. most reports suggest this will be a small update as apple may hold any big game changing features 40 iphone's tenth anniversary next year. the iphone 7 is expected to be more water resistant thanks to the removal of the headphone jack and come in limited edition color, which is blue. facebook is making changes. it will allow communities to trigger its safety check feature instead of the company having sole control over the function during a disaster. facebook has received criticism it applies the safety check which let's users in a designated area mark themselves
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safe on profiles unevenly favoring some countries over others. back over to you. >> landon dowdy, thank you. big news in the business world for apple as well. scott mcgrew will be covering another aspect of that this morning regarding a massive fine. in the meantime, dozens of activists are expected to deliver petitions for more than 600,000 angry consumers directly to mylan headquarters today. all of this of course coming over growing anger regarding the price of epipen made by mylan which costs as much as $600. of course that marks a 400% increase in the last five or six years. the makers of epipen mylan plan to introduce a generic version of their own drug which is going to cost about $300. coming up, farmer is missing hundreds of cows but he wasn't willing to go to authorities. we'll tell you why. and remembering gene wilder who died yesterday. the life, the talent, and the legacy he leaves behind. that's all coming up next.
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first to california. artists is prohibited from displaying a painting with a confederate flag so now he's suing the state. plus, a recent false alarm of scares in u.s. airports such as one at l.a.x. on sunday have exposed the lack of training and preparation for large evacuations of people in public places. we have a link to that story right now on our facebook page. we're back in two minutes. a legendary comedic talent --
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has died. =laura/2shot= he's the man who brought willy wonka to life. a legendary competic talent has died. >> hs the man who brought us willie wonka, the original, to life. ♪ there is no life i know to compare with pure imagination ♪ >> such a talent. gene wilder died in his home in connecticut of complications
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from alzheimer's disease. in a statement his nephew says the actor hadn't disclosed his diagnosis to avoid upsetting his fans. wilder is known for his roles in films such as "the producers," "blazing saddles." gene wilder was 83 years old. >> certainly tapped into a lot of imaginations. 4:56. mexico's volcano is fuming. look at that. it rees looed intense ash spew yesterday reaching 8,000 feet high. the sash and the vapor column rose from the dome and quickly dispushsed toward the neighboring state. the spew did not affect nearby residents. it's known as the fire volcano. colima is 430 miles west of the mexico city. not your typical farm heist. detectives in new zealand have a tough one on their hands here. >> yeah. they are looking for 500 cows that are missing. probably stolen but really no one knows. a farmer says wounds-ois cows
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went missing in july. he has some 1300 cows but the man didn't tell anyone because he was too embarrassed. >> a neighbor noticed that not as much feed was being consumed and then got the farmer to admit that he had no idea where these 500 cows were. each one is actually worth about a thousand dollars. >> very expensive. >> 500,000 bucks. a lot of money. >> cat 8 wrestlle8le wroslers. major ruling against. until europe. cupertino company is facing billions in fines. we'll show you what apple is accuse of doing. plus, we're watching how tropical weather near hawaii is impacting our forecast bringing showers to the bay area. and a crystal clear look at the san mateo bridge. look at that. folks traveling westbound with the headlights. to problems on this span. we'll give you a wider look at your commute as it develops as traffic tuesday. plus, sea otters shot and killed. this is a crime that carries
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serious punishment. we're going to tell you where this happens coming up next. you're watching "today in the bay." an international ruling felt
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here at home--- involving the breaking overnight. international ruling felt right here at home. it involves the most valuable company in the world. the massive fine apple is facing this morning. hayward's police chief suddenly placed on leave with little explanation. i'm bob redell. we'll take you live here in the
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east bay coming up. and just in to our newsroom. elderly man brutally attacked inside his home. the search is now under way to find the suspect responsible. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good tuesday morning to you. and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. glad you're with us. for most people in the bay area waking up you're not going to feel precipitation. new in the north bay. >> north of lake county seeing a little action on the radar. waking up to temperatures in 50s and 60s outside. patchy low clouds in san francisco. a little bit of a warmer day in store around the bay area. look at the forecast right now. at least temperatures outside light jacket weather for most and then notice the east bay, tri-valley and south bay climbing into the 80s. but here you go. satellite radar picking up a little activity north of sonoma county. light risk of isolated thunder near lake county. we'll let you know coming up in a few minutes. now to check your bay bridge


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