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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we'll take you live here in the east bay coming up. and just in to our newsroom. elderly man brutally attacked inside his home. the search is now under way to find the suspect responsible. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good tuesday morning to you. and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. glad you're with us. for most people in the bay area waking up you're not going to feel precipitation. new in the north bay. >> north of lake county seeing a little action on the radar. waking up to temperatures in 50s and 60s outside. patchy low clouds in san francisco. a little bit of a warmer day in store around the bay area. look at the forecast right now. at least temperatures outside light jacket weather for most and then notice the east bay, tri-valley and south bay climbing into the 80s. but here you go. satellite radar picking up a little activity north of sonoma county. light risk of isolated thunder near lake county. we'll let you know coming up in a few minutes. now to check your bay bridge toll plaza commute, mike.
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>> i want to show you the rest of the bay. the speed sensors not having any problems. south bay, 680. around alum rock, some activity. we'll check that with chp. tri-valley no problems over to the dublin interchange and the bay bridge toll plaza. me you don't have any problems. you will have to only pause if you're paying cash. back to you. we have breaking news to report this morning. the european commission has ruled that ireland gave illegal tax breaks to apple. apple is now facing fines of more than $14 billion. the eu ruled apple paid substantially lower taxes than other businesses in ireland now has to recover the losses. the most valuable company in the world by market cap, apple was paying an effective corporate tax rate around 1%. ireland promises to appeal that ruling. now our business and tech reporter scott mcgrew is looking into it. he's going to have much more on the events of the last 24 hours
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coming up in 15 minutes. new this morning, oakland police are trying to track down three suspects accuse of brutally beating an 89-year-old man. it happened early this morning at ak observe land hills home on sequoia road. police say the suspects took off with the victim's cadillac. no word if they stole anything else. the victim suffered some cuts but is expected to be okay. certainly hope so. a developing story right now out of hayward this morning. a sudden shake-up at the place department. first woman to hold the position of police chief for the department is now on paid administrative leave. >> bob redell live in the hayward police department. any word on what might have prompted this move, bob? >> good morning. we asked the hayward police department and city manager. neither would explain why hayward police chief diane stuart was all the sudden put on paid administrative leave. chief stuart will stay on leave until the end of what they are describing as a personnel
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investigation. what that investigation is looking into, the city nor the department will say. a police sergeant told us the details are, quote, confidential. the city has appointed police captain mark koller as acting police chief. chief stuart became top cop here in hayward in 2011. she is the city's 13th chief and the first woman to hold this position. she started her law enforcement career back in 1986 as a san jose police officer. she worked her way up to assistant police chief in that department before finally coming over here in the east bay. reporting live here outside hayward police maid quarter, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. it's 5:03. too many neighborhoods, not enough police officers. that is the numbers game. the san jose city council will decide on how to handle this growing problem. council will consider whether or not to allow the police chief to bypass state regulations and move almost 50 sjpd us aers to neighborhood patrol. they call it the most essential
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role of the department. this meeting comes after a desperate text went out to officers on saturday asking if anyone could come work an extra shift. they were short len officers and four sergeants. 5:04. whether or not you agree or disagree with 49ers colin kaepernick's statement certainly marking a national dialogue. kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem of the niners' last game. it's something he says he will continue to do until there's real change in america. a lot of people taking their own stand on kaepernick's protest including bay area law enforcement pro are expressing disappointment with kaepernick's approa approach. >> are you going to be a person that actually goes out and does something about it or are you going to be the proverbial monday morning quarterback and criticize and do nothing about it? >> alameda county deputy j.d. nelson there. also suggesting this may be a great opportunity for kaepernick to actually see what law enforcement really do.
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some niners fans 19 time are starting to wonder if kaepernick still fits into the team's long term plans. the team has to cut down from 90 players to 53 by saturday. former stanford we brock turner is expected to be released from jail this friday. this coming after he served half offis six-month jail sentence. we're also getting new information right now about his trial. specifically details of the assault and what happened approximately britain's guardian newspaper obtained transcripts revealing that turner laughed at the good samaritans trying to stop the sexual assault. this happened on stanford's campus last year. turner faced up to ten years in prison but was ultimately sentenced to six months. speaking of which, it is now up to governor jerry brown on whether or not people who sexually assault attack an unconscious or intoxicated person have a mandatory jail time or prison time to serve. california lawmakers have approved a measure that would do just that. the law, if signed by brown,
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would make anyone convicted of rape ineligible for probation requiring them to serve jail time. after months long investigation of peninsula couple is facing felony, cha accuse of putting their dog in scolding liquid and then not speak seeking treatment for the weeks. the dog suffered third degree burns to 40% of his body. the investigators say paul and shelby of san bruno waited 12 days to take 2-year-old sprocket to the vet. the dog died from those injuries. the couple says they accidentally spilled hot water into the dog's crate. >> primary focus is obviously to hold somebody accountable for cause that much pain to an animal. >> forensic vet say the story doesn't add up. where the couple said they spilled that water into the dog's crate. we talk right now about animal abuse, the search continues for the person who shot and killed at least three sea otters along the santa cruz
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coast. the otters washed ashore in separate locations including sea cliff and twin lakes state beaches between oug 12th and august 19th. now, investigators are also looking into a fourth dead sea otter. state wildlife investigators say that shooting puts this threatened species at risk. >> so we consider this a very serious violation. sea otters are a threatened spe sis. they're protected both federally and by the state of california. >> killing a sea otter is a crime punishable by both fines and jail time. $10,000 reward is also being offered with anyone who has information that could lead to an arrest in this case. >> you can't imagine. i was just at monterrey bay aquarium this weekend and they're adorable. >> they are. animals and kids, when you hear about abuses direct thread. >> it's very hard. let's switch gears. kari is off on maternity leave. little baby leave right now. but rob is in for her. happy to have you, rob. >> good to be here.
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it would be nice to talk about more than what the radar is showing. these return on the radar scan high up in the atmosphere. not reaching the ground but no lightning detected in some of the light showers aloeft into to bay area. temperatures in the up per 50ed and low 60s. san jose, hour by hour forecast around the airport at least will be climbing into the upper 70s. but south of downtown we'll see 234u78 befrs in the mid 80s from areas from morgan hill and saratoga. 70s around the peninsula. and your north bay forecast today, breezy at times. low 80s. upper 80s possible today around pleasanton. watch out for gusty winds on the coast. mike, issues with that san jose commute. >> that's right. we mentioned chp just reported a crash going on down here at bottom of your screen. look at wherever you're driving here and then we'll go to the south bay. it is northbound 680 right around capitol expressway before you get to alum rock. a car crashed into the center difficult side. no lanes blocked. a little distraction.
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no major injuries. i guess empg is going to sort out down there. we'll track it. we'll look over toward oakland. very slow-moving car traveling northbound as well. looks like they may it off to high street without any problems. back to you. coming up next, laying out a plan. donald trump prepares to outline his immigration policies that many have waited days if not weeks to hear as he makes a pit stop in the bay area. the low-key event that he just attended. apple hit with a massive tax bill. we'll walk you through it, coming up.
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. =sam/2shot= after hinting of a possible overhaul on his immigration =sam/2shot= after hinting of a possible overhaul on his immigration policy-- now donald trump will be laying out specifics in his after hinting of a possible overhaul on his immigration policy now donald trump is going to be laying out specifics in a speech tomorrow as hillary clinton hits the ground-raisers >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts is tracking the latest from the campaign trail including controversy surrounding supporters for both sides of the aisle. good morning shs tracie. >> yeah, they both got issues that they're dealing with now. clinton when it comes to these e-mails and her aide who is now made a shocking announcement, a surprising announcement
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certainly for her and her family. and then donald trump who's dealing with not only immigration but also this push for african-american voters that sort of backfired on him to some degree. and all of this spilling over today to other campaigns. debbie wasserman schultz and marco rubio in florida and john mccain in arizona, all fighting for re-election today. >> people judge me on john mccain. >> reporter: all effected by the fallout from clinton versus trump. >> build strong borders. build a wall and illegal immigration. >> reporter: donald trump's preparing to layout specifics in tomorrow's immigration speech. aides say he will call clinton's plan guaranteed amnesty. and he's going after black voters with a supportive pastor apologizing for tweeting this photo of hillary clinton in black face. clinton's team has troubles, too. >> i love him. i have forgiven him.
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>> reporter: top aide yuma abedin announced she's splitting with her husband, former congressman anthony weiner, after more allegations of sexting. >> uma is like family. >> reporter: trump quickly called clinton's ties to the couple bad judgment and suggested without proof that wiener could have accessed classified information. >> hillary clinton can't afford another scandal. donald trump or anybody else to build on. >> reporter: abedin is a key figure in clinton's investigation of e-mails. now a federal judge is telling the state department they have until mid october to turn over e-mails that are involved in uma abedin's agent tifti activities agency. any ails that talks about what she was doing with the clinton foundation or anything else while she was working for the state department. donald trump visiting the bay area. certainly nothing like his last visit. the gop presidential nominee made a pretty low-key stop in the bay area yesterday for a big
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money fund-raiser. you may have missed his motorcade. it was fast. trump visited the home of private ek cequity veo. one neighbor protester, you see her there, who has a hillary sign of fikaffixed to her horse >> he's gotten too much press because he has inflammatory statements so i brought my own inflammatory statement. >> a lot of horses in woodside. trump met with 40 guests who paid $25,000 each. a similar trump event planned for last night in napa actually never happened. the trump campaign is not saying why. well, laura, as we talk about elections coming up now, a warning from the phish to state election office shulss who administer this a voicely on the local level. two states were. arizona and illinois. federal agents announced that hackers gained access to voter data of 200,000 people in
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illinois. intelligence officials believe the russians are behind that attack. they say the hackers copied vote ter data but didn't change anything. they fear the cyber criminals could make changes in the fut e future. >> that's the real threat, that the accessing of the voter database was not just a question of peeking at it but of changing the records. >> lin says he doesn't think computerized voting machines can be changed on a massive scale but he worries whoever loses the election may claim the machine were hacked. major ruling by the european commission this morning. apple is going to have to pay billions of dollars in back tax sghes are the eu says ireland actually undertaxed the silicon valley giant. scott mcgrew joins us. apple is upset but so, too, is ireland. >> ireland attracted high tech companies wits low tax rate. at times lower than 1%. apple was happy. it wasn't paying u.s. taxes at 35%.
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it wasn't paying full eu taxes either. 12%. the eu has been saying for a long time this is just not fair. it's been pressuring ireland, which is a member of the eu, to change its rules. and this morning announced apple would have to pay back $14.5 billion in back taxes. in this is not a fine, not a penalty, just back taxes. >> so what are the consequences of this decision for ireland and for apple? to restore fair competition, apple must recover up to 13 billion you'euros in unpaid tax from apple plus interest. >> ireland doesn't want the money. it wants the business. and it's going to appeal the decision. so, too, will apple. it's important to remember this decision is independent of anything here in the united states. the u.s. congress has been asking questions about apple's corporate structure and at one point demanding apple ceo tim
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cook testify to explain how and why apple keeps so much money over seas. let's check the rest of the news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi, scott. good morning. we are seeing that apple news weigh on the markets a bit. they are flat to lower. stocks jumping yesterday with the dow having the best day in more than two weeks as investors continue to calculate the hike by fed this year. look for home prices and consumer confidence. dow rising to 18502. nasdaq up 13 to 5232. scott, back over to you. mark zuckerberg says his robot butler is almost ready. he was talking to facebook users in rome yesterday when someone asked him about his plans for his robot butler. something he's been talking about for quite some time. zuckerberg has been working to automate his palo alto house. he says he can now change the temperature by skrois and open his front gate via fis rec k
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recogniti recognition. he compares it to jarvis in the "the iron man" movie. he is going to show it off and take us through a walk-flew at his house at some point very soon. >> interesting to see. >> totally cool. >> days of alfred are gone as the butler. >> probably still has an actual butler. >> probably so. >> true. >> just go open my own window for a little fresh air. all right. talking about getting some fresh air for the dogs and how they respond to certain things. if hearing the word walk or food makes your dog go ballistic, even when it's just in passing, there could be a good reason why. new research suggests that your dog understands the words you say to them. researchers in hungary, the tail wagging there -- >> in the mri. >> -- combine words and attenuation and find the dog processes the way the owner dogs differently than the words being said. so even if you grumble good dog it would still probably think
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that it's done something right or as it understands bring me a sandwich, that dog would be really ahead of its time. >> i notice my dog notices me putting on sunscreen or grabbing shoes, watches what i wear to know we're going to go for a walk. >> wow. >> one dog. the other one not so much. >> the dog ever give you the look, you're wearing that? >> all the time. >> doganista. advice for laura. but you're solid. >> very sweet. good day for walking the dog? >> i think so today. wings are picking up on the coast. maybe not so much around the great highway. sand blowing around. temperaturewise, pleasant. but unpleasant weather heading towards hawaii. let's check out the latest. we've got two hurricanes on approach. the first, madeline, crossing the big island down around the kona side as we get into wednesday morning. 145-mile-per-hour winds. the size impacting maui as well. something we're watching in the middle part of the week. look how the moisture stream
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here is drifting up towards the california, northern california interacting with a little weather system here that has dropped a few, just maybe some light showers. a lot of this is not reaching the ground. the bigger risk, we've been watching the risk of lightning. so far so good. around lake county and no lightning detected and likely not seeing much of that around the bay area other than a few mid and high level clouds at times turning breezy. especially out on the coast. watch out for that this afternoon. more high clouds sweeping in after sunset as weed a into tonight. as temperature trends light jacket weather for you. 50ed around the north bay. dublin, 59 degrees right now. and your hour-by-hour forecast taking you into the 80s as we head through the afternoon. san jose today, 82 degrees. upper 60s near san francisco. north bay temperatures in the low 80s. mid to upper 80s around the tri-valley. san francisco, not much change the next few days. labor day weekend, temperatures are cooling. >> it's good you mentioned a
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three-day weekend and that will disresult the traffic flow late this week. seeing a smooth drive as well this morning. it is tuesday. in the fall as we come toward the fall months we're going to see more traffic flowing so we'll track that. getting a break right now. this westbound 580 around lakeshore. we do have reports of a disabled vehicle blocking one lane. crew is on scene. should clear that without any major issues. over here at the bay bridge a little farther west. live look and show you we do have the cash lane start to backup in the next seven or eight minutes. back to you. >> sounds good, thank. it's 5:fwoo.
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we're expecting to get a glimpse we are expecting to get a glimpse of santa clara fairground future today. several will present their concepts for the fair grounds tonight. the meeting at fiesta hall is at 6:30 open to the public. the county is looking to redevelop that 150 acre plot of the fair grounds and change it into a more vibrant community. happening today, the carousel sign at cambrian park should take a big step forward or go round and round in become an official landmark. they will consider that later this morning. that plaza is built in 1953. kind of looks like it by that
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historic sign. so many people love it as they drive down and they say they're not going to tear it down as they redevelop that plaza. pretty popular corner. >> fixture for the area. >> yeah. this next story is starting to become one. the road to 28 20 18 winter olympics. >> they are going to be held in the bay area at the shark tank for 2018. marks the third time the event is held here. the trials will begin in december of 2017 and will end in early january of 2018. just weeks before the olympics in south korea. >> there's just such incredible legacy of skating not only just the skaters who have grown up and trained here but who have showcased amazing talents at big-time events. >> certainly kristy yamaguchi has. so bay area olympians kristy yamaguchi, brian boitano, peggy
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fleming and rudy galindo will serve as cochairs. you can watch the championships here on nbc. >> you see them out and about and they're fantastic. 5:27. coming up, a bold attack in one of san francisco's most pop parks. the search to find ten suspects who brutally beat and stabbed a man in deloris park. i'm kris sanchez at san jose city hall. all quiet and calm right now but soon there could be a state of emergency over police staffing. pete suratos in redwood city where a peninsula couple faces charges for alleged burning their dog in hot water. we'll have if detail thons investigation coming up. for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. good morning to you. tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. let's brighten things up a little bit here on your tuesday. not just with some colorful clothes but also with some warmer temperatures, rob. >> we're going to see numbers stay probably the warmest weather we will see through the rest of the week. this morning numbers in the 50s and 60s outside. partly cloudy skies. quick check of you're out the door cast this morning. mid 50s in the north bay. see a little bit of clearing and parts of the north bay. and this afternoon, numbers in the mid to upper 80s around the tri-valley. lower 80s around san jose. upper 60s closer today around san jose. 5:30 starting to see the signs
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of a build in commute. >> that's right. very calm. sparsely populated roadways. seaing the build just starting most of the bay at speed. the pattern coming in all of the altamont pass. dublin interchange. line signs over here around p a pleasant pleasanton. the bay bridge toll pla, the metering lights turning on right about now. that's what we see fastrak starting to slow as the build happens there as well. a staffing crisis at the san jose police department has the city council scrambling for answers. today they're expected to make a decision on what to do next. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live from san jose city hall with what leaders are considering. kris, it's about getting more officers on the streets. >> reporter: right. usually you siee a state of emergency in a natural disaster. this a manmade disaster at this point. not must have officers to patrol a city of a million people. so declaring a state of emergency would release san jose police chief eddie garcia from
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some of the terms of the contract between his police officers and the city. now, the chief already has patrol officers working mandatory overtime and even then there are not enough officers on patrol. some officers have taken to sleeping in rvs on city property because the turn around they say is just not enough time to get home to some of the outlying area where's they live. now, look at this message sent to san jose police officers this saturday. swing shift, officers if you are off or would like to come in, please text. this is in addition to the day shift which was also 11 officers and four sergeants short, too. so this state of emergency would allow the chief to shift 47 officers to patrol all to the instead of asking them to volunteer. it would bypass the bidding that contract provision that would allow officers to choosen assignment other than patrol pop even then the department would still be understaffed. >> we're going to do everything we can to move regulatory obstacles or any other obstacle
5:33 am
to enable him to do what he needs to do. we all know this is just a band-aid and unless we get measure f approved in november by the voters, all we'll have is band-aid solutions. >> reporter: now, that measure is a ballot measure that would essentially undo almost all of the pension reform they approved years ago and put in place protections for officers injured on the job. that is something the may jr. and chiefs could help the department in the future with long term staffing problems in terms of recruitment and retention. but that remains to be seen whether or not the voters will go for that. in the meantime, this is a band-aid approach to the staffing issue. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> certainly a critical problem for the city. kris, thank you. a developing story and this out of hayward. the people of hayward have a new leader running their police department today. you're looking at the city's police chief diane stuart who is on paid leave as hayward pd
5:34 am
conducts a personnel investigation. as for what prompted it, the police department says that is a confidential matter. we do hope to hear from the city manager about the investigation later today. stuart began her career back in 1986. ultimately taking the top job in hayward in 2011. chief stuart became the first woman to serve in that role. in the meantime, captain mark koller has been appointed acting police chief. hayward is not the only bay area police department in turmoil right now. there a nationwide search in oakland to find its next chief. oakland mayor libby schaaf announced her campaign to begin that. over the summer, a sex scandal rocked the department and three chiefs stepped down or were force out. the first community meeting is this thursday. mayor schaaf says she hopes to hire the chief by early next year. san francisco reese police department is also scrambling to find a new police chief.
5:35 am
last night the police commission held the last scheduled meeting, community meeting, i should say, focused on finding a replacement for former chief gig sir who resigned in may. tony chaplain recently announced he would be interested in especially couping the job. 5:35. disturbing story on the peninsula this morning. a couple is accused of burning their dog so severely it died. now they're facing felony animal abuse charges. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live from the san mateo county jail this morning. pete, investigators say suspects claim this was all an accident. >> reporter: good morning. they will be facing those felony charges and the boyfriend in all this, paul, was actually arrested in oregon last week and is expected to be brought here to the san mateo county jat later this week. let's show you the picture of the 2-year-old dog that passed away. the name of that dog is sprocket. according to investigators with the peninsula humane society the
5:36 am
peninsula couple intentionally burned 2-year-old sprocket with scolding water in april. the girlfriend brought the dog to an ernlg many veterinary clinic in may. nearly two weeks after this burning incident. the dog already showed third degree burns on 40% of the body when the dog was brought there. and the clinic wasn't able to save the dog and the couple said at the time they accidentally spilled a cup of boiling water on this dog. >> he died from his injuries at the vet. even though they did as much as they could to save him at the vet's office. >> reporter: the case is being turned over to the san mateo county da's office. the couple facing those felony charges was aleased on bail recently and our crews talked with her off camera yesterday and she's still saying it was an accident. lugan is due in court in october. live in rewood city, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you very much. it is 5:36 on your tuesday.
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fish and wildlife war dens are trying to figure out if a dead deer found with an arror throug its side may have been shot illegal by. they found him on sunday in open space behind their home. believes it was shot and cloet range. hundreds deer is legal in unincorporated contra costa county it's not allowed within 150 yards of a residence. >> there's speculation as to whether this happened in another place and another animal like a mountain lion dragged it into another area. >> well, if war dens determined that someone hunted the deer in the area where it was found that person could face misdemeanor charges. brazen attack at san francisco's most popular parks. a group of eight to ten men chased a victim through deloris park and beat and stabbed him. happened just after 6:00 p.m. on sunday night. the victim is in critical condition this morning. so far, there have been no arrests. if you have any information call san francisco police.
5:38 am
a former gilroy teacher accuse of luring teenage boys into sbding him explicit pictures is expected in court for a plea hearing. douglas lay is going to appear in court today. he's charged with 20 sex crimes against nine different boys. he allegedly posed as a girl online and tricked the boys into sending him nude pictures and videos. some of the victims were his former students at gilroy high school where he was a science teacher. bizarre smuggling attempt at san quentin and involves a death row inmate and schoolteacher. prosecutors say this woman teri nichols tried to bring in drugs and cellphones during a visit last week. guards noticed she was bringing in food which was not allowed and when investigators searched her they say they found 18 phones and chargers along with heroin, all hidden under a coat. the contraband was for bruce milsap. he is on death row for killing eight people. authorities say san quentin is now reviewing its screening process for visitors.
5:39 am
a prisoner is scheduled to be released from jail because he tried to escape. attempted escape happened on sunday. surveillance video shows christopher was in such a rush to get free he left his jail issued scandals you saw it briefry there stuck on the security fencing. sheriff credits the deputies who spotted that inmate with new surveillance system. the cameras. >> reporter: installwere instal spring. release and monday. couldn't wait. >> let's put it this way, it's not going to be cool enough to walk around without shoes on on the pavement. >> no malter where you're running to. >> rob is in for krar ree. right now, numbers in the 50s and 60s. partly cloudy skies from the south bay and north bay. in san jose currently 61 with partly cloudy skies. hour by hour forecast around saratoga. saratoga schools today, numbers in the mid 80sthis afternoon. low 80s south of downtown, san jose. 60s for san francisco.
5:40 am
peninsula temperatures in the 70s. low 80s across the north bay. upper outitys around the tri-valley. speaking of the tri-valley, latest on your morning commute now with mike. >> it is the tri-valley. surprise for the morning commute. over here we're looking at most of your sensors looking good. we'll talk about the south bay slowing in a bit but i do want to show you the area where i showed you that pleasanton, reports of a disabled vehicle in the center divide. add we distraction as build happens. watching some more slowing. nothing major. still i don't like that trend. more slowing toward the castro valley area and cueing in more traffic flowing. still got a chance to beat the traffic building. south bay also, this is the first burst of traffic, northbound 101 slows from 680 up to oak left-hand road. also tracking a minor crash on the shoulder. 680. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, no surprise here. experts say young people even some old people can't afford homes in silicon valley but how do we compare to the rest of the
5:41 am
country? what new numbers show. unfriendly skies at san francisco's hometown airplane and a strange signal from space. coming up in business and tech. plus, a battle over a popular south bay bridge. the reason the so-called freedom path might have to be shut down.
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==sam/1xvidbox== a popular footbridge in the south bay may soon have to be close and knocked down. it appears this is a problem. bikers and walkers use that bridge which is owned technically by intel. so the bridge connects intel headquarters with a trail known as the freedom path. all this along the creek. while the permit is set to expire soon and the problem is you can't own a private bridge across a public waterway. >> the department from the water district may be expiring soon. and intel does not need that bridge as a corporation, whereas the employees enjoy it, the benefits of that bridge. that's where the issue is. >> the water district is now working with intel to try to come up with some kind of solution for this problem.
5:45 am
if some kind of agreement can't be reached the bridge would have to come down. take a little extra care through the golden gate toll plaza. live look at the bridge this morning. it turns out that drivers are crashing into the toll plaza more than ever before. that's according to bridge officials. one possible solution is to remove the toll plaza all together. the bridge is already cashless and officials are considering only a simple metal structure above laps with fastrak sensors. or maybe we could just all pay attention a bit more when we're driving. it's 5:45. new detail on the cisco layoff. company will cut 900 jobs in san jose. rough news here. mercury news reports cisco plans to eliminate up to 5500 jobs all together. it's about 7% of the company's worldwide workforce. cisco says its restructuring in order to better compete in today's market. certainly devastating news when it broke and scott mcgrew brought it to us.
5:46 am
word of layoffs as they were first announce and now he's back with more. >> scott, cuts at virgin american. >> and also expected, laura, still painful though. we knew these were coming after alaska airlines bought virgin america and maybe alaska would leave the only hometown airline alone. we now know there will be cuts at virgin headquarters in the hundreds. virgin is based in url being game. confirms 220 members of the management team will be let go. this does not affect pilots or flight attendants. also new this morning, just a few hours ago the european union announced apple would have to pay back more than $14 billion in back taxes to ireland. the eu says ireland has been intentionally undercharging apple. apple's tim cook points out this morning it's been following all the rules. in a written statement he said over the years we have received guidance from irish tax authorities on how to comply with tax law.
5:47 am
in ireland and in every country we operate, he says apple follows the law and we pay all the taxes we owe. this is true. the question though was ireland asking for enough? the bottom line here is, it's a ruling against ireland but it's apple that's going have to pay the money. both apple and ireland are appealing. a group of apple iphone 6 user have filed suit in a bay area federal court saying apple's latest iphone doesn't work properly. some complain that the screen does not respond to touch at times. and that apple won't fix it. they're seeking class action status. and the scientific community, talking about a radio signal, discovered by russian scientists coming from 100 light years away. obviously the gig question is is it from intelligent life? now, space flow of naturally occurring radio waves so probably not but mountain view is looking into it this morning. astronomer says signals probably too powerful to be anything but
5:48 am
natural. he says it's hundreds of times more energy than the sunlight falling on the earth and would require power sources beyond anything they have. it's an unusual signal. it's a very strong signal. but again, the space is full of strange radio signals. >> jodie foster movie all over again. >> it's cool. in mountain view are the smartest astronomers in the world. when little green men with discovered, they will be discovered in mountain view. >> and you will bring the news to us here. >> absolutely. >> not a home of mar shans as well. martian research. thank you, scott. something else you've been talking about a lot is the epipen crisis. dozens of activists are going to deliver petitions from 600,000 angry consumers to mylan headquarters today. mylan is the producer of epipen. this coming after outrage grows over the price of epipen which costs as much as $600 right now. that's a 400% increase since just 2009. the makers of epipen plan to
5:49 am
introduce a generic version drug which would cost $300. generic version of their own drug. many experience radiologists say they can detect breast cancer at a glance. boston researchers show radiologists a series of images for half a second each. in that very short time they correctly identified most of the abnormal mammograms. while split second assessments would never be passed on real patients. the findings suggest there may be distiflkt signs of breast cancer that radiologists are picking up on. singing to premature babies help them thrive. they sing live or recorded helped stabilize newborns breathing. they were discharged three days sooner than other peopreemies. mother's stress levels also drop when they sang to their little ones. i had three teeny tiny preemie
5:50 am
babies all at once and i did sing to them. whether it helped, i don't know. >> you are i think a very good singer. a great singer. >> yeah, right. >> but what if they're not such great singers? >> everyone is. that's why they have auto tune. >> it's impossible. no i thisinging in the rain todr most people. there is a little bit of rain on the radar. >> off the radar watching the tropics. a bit of a connection to what's happening closer to hawaii and northern california this morning. let's show you the satellite view. you will be able to see two hurricanes approaching hawaii but we're watching madeline as the storm will likely make landfall towards wednesday. category one hurricane. moisture from that system is being drawn up to a smaller system moving across northern california right now. in fact, the radar has picked up a little bit of light precipitation. maybe not really be adding up to much on the ground though. higher up in the atmosphere. good news here is we're not seeing lightning strikes yet in parts of the north bay and for
5:51 am
the south no issues around bay area. you notice the tropicaling looking clouds as we approach sun rise this morning. moving through the day today. patches of low clouds and high clouds on approach as we head towards tonight. see the mostly cloudy skies again. a slight chance of isolated thunder off to the north of lake county. temperatures cool enough for light jacket weather for most with 50s and low 60s outside. dublin right now, 59 degrees. hour by hour. around the tri-valley, numbers climbing into the mid atitys as we head into the afternoon. low 80s in san jose. not a bad afternoon. it will be windy on the coast. north bay in the low 80s. mid to upper 80s in the tri-valley. temperature trend for san francisco, not much change there. in fact, numbers across the rallies likely the trend cooler as we head into labor day weekend. low 80s inland as we approach friday. mike? >> we're looking at a traffic building around the bay. moving over here from the east bay across westward. typical trend as we know in the bay area. south bay also, seeing slowing
5:52 am
and a little extra slowing more than we would expect from about tully road up towards story and then we expect from 680 up to oakland road. tracking that. no incidents reported there but we still have the crash i'm watching north 680 around capitol expressway. center divide. a distraction. southbound we still have that disabled vehicle and there's the backup starting there. slower drive down to about sunol boulevard. things speed up to the speed limit. slowing a bit in towards fremont. same trend over towards 880 at hayward and clearing at tennison. the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup as we end with your shot at the toll plaza, all lanes filled because the metering lights are on. back to you. if you were thinking that the terms millennials in home ownership are not commonly used together here in the bay area, that would be a corrects assumption. at least that is the finding of a new study conducted by the lending group. 18 to 34-year-olds in san jose
5:53 am
and san francisco, the metro areas, have the lowest rates of home ownership in the nation at around 7%. not terribly surprising given how expensive it is to live here. los angeles and new york are closely behind at 8%. in st. louis meantime, 35% of litt millennials own their homes. legendary comedic talent has died. he's a man that brought willie wonka to life. "there is no life i know to compare with pure imagination ♪ >> everybody knows obviously that movie "charlie and chocolate factory." gene wilder died in connecticut from of my indications of alzheimer's. in a statement, his nephew says that the actor hadn't disclosed his diagnosis to avoid upsetting his fans. wilder known for his roles as well in films such as "the producers," "blazing saddles,"
5:54 am
"willie wonka," "silver streak". coming up, a strange crime. the investigation under way to find out how 500 cows mysteriously vanished. first though, a california artist is prohibited from displaying a painting with a confederate flack. so now he's suing the sat tate california. plus, recent false alarms in u.s. airports like the one yes just saw at l.a.x. on sunday have explosioned the lack of training and preparation for large evacuation of people in public spaces. we have a link on our facebook page.
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5:57 am
must see video of the day -- coming to us from a new york highway. this dashcam video was just must see video of the day coming to us from a new york highway. this dash cam video just released capturing a major pileup that happened last week. big rig just plowed through several cars stuck in traffic. one of the cars caught fire. other drivers jumped in to rescue that driver. several people were sadly seriously hurt. the brake on the big rig we now know failed causing the driver to lose control. >> how brave of those other drivers to step in. new detail on j.c. dugard's request for justice. recently ruled that dugard cannot sue the federal government but a law is asking for an expanded judge panel to reconsider her lawsuit.
5:58 am
dugard wants to see the government for failing to supervisor her captor philip who violated his parole 70 times before he kidnapped dugard. this comes seven years after she escaped captivity of nearly two decades in an antioch home. a historic proposal aimed at giving california farm workers equal overtime bay is on its way to governor jerry brown's desk. lawmakers passed a proposal that would pay farm worker overs time after eight hours a day or 40 hours a week. that's a current standard for all other hourry employees. as of now farm workers get paid time and a half an ten hours a day and 60 hours in a week. those against the proposal argued the added cost would force them to cut the hour or fire employees. a farm mystery now. detectives in new "land have a tough run on their hands on the lookout for 500 cows that are missing, possibly stolen, but who knows. the farming town is actually on
5:59 am
the south island of new zealand. a farmer says that hundreds of his cows went missing in july. he has some 1300 cows total. but the man didn't tell anyone because he was too embarrassed about it. so a neighbor noticed that not as much feed was being consumed and then got the farmer to admit he had no idea where these cows went. each cow was worth about a thousand dollars apiece. so if you're aware of the on going yosemite naming dispute state lawmakers are trying to ensure nothing like that happens at california state parks. >> the assemble yesterday voted to bar concession their foster marking trademark claims on any state park such as mt. diablo. it heads to the governor's desk. they recently had to rename several yosemite sites over the on going trademark bat with the park serviceded up dropping. it's 6:00. elderly man attacked and robbed inside his own bay area home. the major clue police are now looking for in hopes of tracking
6:00 am
down several suspects who are on the run this morning. plus, a disturbing case of animal cruelty. this little dog dies from severe burn injuries and now a peninsula couple is charged with felony abuse. they're telling their side of the story. another major shake-up at the top of bay area police department. the reason behind the hayward's chief sudden departure. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good now tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we are generally not shaking things up on the weather front although we have noticed that you step outside it's been cooler recently. 50s and 60s. >> we've been seeing that for the morning and amps. also below average temperatures. probably the warmest day of the week ahead. chance of upper 80s inland. gorgeous presun rise view in san jose. high level tropical nature clouds coming in from hawaii. in san jose, 60 degrees. partly cloudy


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