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tv   Today  NBC  August 30, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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update in half an hour. >> check out nbcbayarea news at 11:00 as you see a beautiful start to your tuesday. catch you again later. have a great one. good morning. weiner's woes. anthony weiner dumped from two jobs on the same day his wife announces she's leaving him over his third sexting scandal. the question now could this lead to a new investigation. double whammy. two big storms churning in the atlantic, both expected to intensify today. one headed for the gulf coast. the other for north carolina. bringing heavy rain and tornadoes. survivor speaks. the young woman at the center of the st. paul prep school rape case comes forward revealing her identity for the first time in an exclusive interview. why she's opening up now, what she thinks about owen labrie's sentence and the campaign she hopes will bring good from her painful journey. and pure genius.
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hollywood and the world paying tribute to the great gene wilder. from willy wonka to frankenstein. his characters indelible, his natural charm unmatched. >> don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted. >> what happened? >> he lived happily ever after. >> we'll look back over the legacy, the life and the laughter "today," tuesday, august 30th 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. that line from "willy wonka" gets me every single time. >> i have three children. i have probably seen "charlie and the chocolate factory" a thousand times but also "blazing saddles" and "young frankenstein."
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so many other amazing movies. we'll talk about the legacy and life of gene wilder in a bit. he's great. >> so much love and warmth for him. we'll start with politics and the personal. anthony weiner waking up this morning out of two jobs after a third sexting scandal. the ramifications reverberating throughout the political world as hillary clinton's closest aide, huma abedin announces her split from weiner and donald trump using the opening to attack his rival. we have two reports this morning. we'll start with kristen welker. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. today the clinton campaign is grappling with the fallout of huma abedin's split from anthony weiner. hillary clinton and abedin are so close at one point she referred to her as a second daughter. now this deeply personal matter is political fodder. this morning anthony weiner seen in this photo from on his own and out of work. the disgraced ex-congressman on
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leave from his pundit from channel new york one as the new york daily news says it will no longer publish his opinion columns. the news coming hours after huma abedin announced her split with weiner saying after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. adding the two remain devoted to doing what is best for our son. it follows a new york post report that weiner sent messages to a woman online including a picture of weiner in his underwear laying instead to a toddler who the post says is his son. weiner saying he and the woman have been friends for some time insisting their conversations were always appropriate deleting his twitter account on monday. donald trump trying to capitalize on the news saying in a statement huma is making a very wise decision. i know anthony weiner well and she'll be far better off without him. trump also suggesting without
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any evidence that weiner could have had access to classified information from his wife. clinton's campaign firing back at trump. we're not dignifying that with a response. the saga began in 2011 when a text sing scandal cost weiner his house seat. >> it is a shame. >> two years later his comeback bid for new york city mayor was derailed by more revelations of inappropriate behavior online as abedin stood by her husband. >> it took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy to get to a place where i could forgive anthony. >> reporter: behind the scenes a documentary filmmaker captured her private pain. even as weiner told savannah he was a changed man. >> i think that with help of my wife, with help of professionals, i have got it behind me. >> reporter: now it's abedin's turn to move on. some child care expert and one
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state senator are calling on authorities to investigate weiner for possible negligent. one democratic source tells me that he was with abedin in the hamptons over the weekend and returned here to manhattan once the story broke. abedin continues in the hamptons where hillary clinton is on that fund-raising swing. savannah, matt? >> kristen welker, thank you. nbc's andrea mitchell joins us now with more on the fallout. andrea, how did this play out behind the scenes? >> behind the scenes what really changed everything despite their long troubled marriage and that friends say this was coming for a long time, but what really changed everything of course was the picture of the child in this latest episode for the child to be included in an inappropriate message on twitter, online, to this woman, really broke it. yes, he was in the hamptons and they were trying to continue with this facade of a marriage. there was deep love for the child.
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she was devoted until the second episode and documentary which was devastating. the fact that he was taking care of their toddler while she was out on the campaign trail. it worked for them for now. they were hoping to get through the campaign and election. but then it became untenable. >> deeply personal situation. it's a family situation. but she is also a top aide to hillary clinton. is there a political fallout that we can expect from this as well? >> of course there is. there are so many tensions involved. she is the most powerful figure political figure and personal figure in hillary clinton's circle. and there are people who fear her. there are people who respect and adore her. the inner circle certainly. there are criticisms this led to hillary clinton not getting other insights, not having press on the plane, not having press conferences they say those interviews are more controlled situations and the fact she needs to expand her circle and this coming just as they're
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preparing for those debates. this is a problem. it resurrects all of those old conversations that some voters might be having especially swing voters. the those moms in suburbia. about hillary clinton's own choices 20 years ago. it is not a good situation. there's a lot of love and affection from huma. also a concern about the campaign. >> andrea mitchell, thank you very much. let's stay on politics and turn now to the mounting backlash against a top trump surrogate to tweeted a cartoon of hillary clinton in black face. he's now apologizing for that post but standing by his criticism of clinton and her outreach to black voters. nbc's hallie jackson joins us with this part of the story. good morning, hallie. >> reporter: look at the timing of all of this. it's as donald trump is trying to deliver more of a message to african-american voters. he only has about 1% support from that group right now according to our latest poll. this morning we're taking a closer look at the controversy
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surrounding one of his top surrogates but first a warning about that tweeted cartoon. viewers may find it offensive. working fast to put out a firestorm, an apology from a top trump surrogate, pastor mark burns. >> the tweet was not designed to anger or stir up the pot like it did. >> reporter: that tweet showing hillary clinton in black face now deleted burns saying he's sorry. live on periscope. >> the campaign does not make me do this. >> reporter: burns who leads the trump campaign's outreach to the african-american community. defending his tweet in a fiery interview with kristen welker. >> didn't you do the opposite of what donald trump says he's trying to do? >> the picture is designed to draw attention to the very fact that hillary clinton do pander to black people. she do pander. policies are not good for african-americans. >> burns a frequent presence at
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trump rallies where lately the gop nominee has been aiming his message at black voters. >> what the hell do you have to lose? >> but it's a message delivered in front of mostly white audiences. that will change this weekend when trump is set to visit detroit with dr. ben carson and speak at a predominantly black church. 2012 gop contender herman cain campaigning with mike pence. >> we don't have a race relations issue in america. they do. >> reporter: and this morning we say arguing for human rights should speak for itself. and this morning we have a look at our nbc news/surveymonkey online tracking poll numbers showing clinton's lead over trump has narrowed from eight points down to six in just the last week. and among registered independents who don't lean
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toward either party, trump is making inroads there too cutting clinton's lead from 12 points to 4. savannah? >> hallie jackson, thank you. let's turn to trouble brewing off the east coast. florida and the carolinas facing the threat of really heavy rains and heavy winds. dylan is keeping an eye on it all in for al this morning. what's going on? >> the tropics got extremely busy and we're keeping an eye on the two tropical depressions. not so much the category 2 hurricane gaston. that's over the water and will pull away. it's these two storms. tropical depression number eight and tropical depression number nine are the ones likely to become tropical systems later on today. let's first focus on nine. already produced more than a foot of rainfall across parts of cuba. it's starting to bring some pockets of heavier rain through florida. we will see this most likely developed into a tropical storm today and takes a turn producing several inches of rain. some areas near tampa could pick up 10 to 15 inches of rain and that could lead to some flash flooding.
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we also have tropical storm warnings across the outer banks of north carolina. this could become tropical storm ian at some point and it is looking like it should produce rough surf as it approaches cape hatteras. we could see one to three inches of rain and gusty winds. it's that storm down near florida that's going to bring us our biggest flooding threat. >> thank you very much. the fbi is warning state officials this morning to bush boost election security. u.s. intelligence officials are telling nbc news that russian hackers were behind two recent attempts to breach state voter registration systems and in one instance data from 200,000 voter records was stolen in illinois. in arizona, the attempt was unsuccessful. the breaches are fueling concerns that the russian government may be trying to interfere with the u.s. presidential election. to a dramatic rescue caught on camera. several motorists jump into action to save a woman from a car fully engulfed in flames.
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a dash camera captured a pileup on a highway in upstate new york. you can see a tractor-trailer plow into several vehicles. a white car on the left of your screen bursts into flames. several people rush over to try to pull the door open and free the driver. others attempt to put that fire out. eventually they break the passenger side window and pull the woman to safety. incredibly, she suffered only minor cuts and bruises. an investigation into the crash is now under way. some high drama in rhode island yesterday after a bucket truck overturned on a bridge leaving two workers dangling over the river below. look at that. the workers were in the bucket inspecting the bridge's underside when the truck fell over on its side. rescuers brought in another bucket truck and pulled workers to safety. there were no reports of any injuries and the cause of that accident is now under investigation. a public firestorm over the skyrocketing price of epipens
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has led to a surprise announcement from the pharmaceutical company. mylan saying they will produce a generic version for half the price. that is three times the cost from years ago. we have nbc's tom costello in washington with more on this. >> this may be both a pr move and financial move as mylan pharmaceuticals found itself in the bull's-eye of controversy over what many believe is excessive company drug pricing over its epipen. mylan pharmaceuticals say it will offer a generic version. of the epi-pen rather than $600, $300 for the generic. a 50% discount but not the common 90% discount with generics. >> this is a convoluted mechanism. mylan has been price gouging for years.
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>> the evidence, two moms in two different countries. in north carolina, tracy bush keeps three epipens on hand for her son. >> two years ago my son had a reaction to watermelon. it was seconds that his throat started to close up. >> the price $600 each. meanwhile in canada, this child has life threatening allergies. >> all dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat and chicken. >> his family keeps six epipens on hand. the price at the pharmacy, $100 each. >> to me it doesn't make any sense for such a difference in price. >> it's one of those things that make me very happy to be canadian. >> reporter: why the price different? >> they negotiate prices because there are drug plans so they buy in bulk and governments negotiate prices so they try to bring prices down. >> reporter: the drug itself, epinephrin has been around for years and cost just $3. the plastic auto injector is also cheap.
7:15 am
last week mylan ceo heather bresch blamed it on middle man. who demand bigger and bigger cuts. >> our health care is in a crisis. no different than the mortgage financial crisis in 2007. this bubble is going to burst. >> mylan makes a billion dollars a year on epipens. this morning it says generic could be on the market in a coming months, but consumers and advocates say many anxious parents may avoid the generic and stay with the expensive brand that they trust. tributes are pouring in for gene wilder. the comedic actor that invited us into his world of pure imagination as willy wonka and so many other iconic characters. as joe fryer explains, everybody feels why they feel they snagged the golden ticket. >> if the good lord intended us to walk, he wouldn't have invented roller skates.
7:16 am
>> reporter: if they handed out college credit for courses, they would study gene wilder. from "blazing saddles" -- >> steady as a rock. >> reporter: to "young frankenstein" to "the producers." he did his best work with mel brooks writing on twitter he blessed every film we did with his magic and he blessed me with his friendship. that magic extended to wilder's chemistry with the late richard pryor. >> i loved him. i still love him. we were very close. >> reporter: one of his off camera loves, wife gilda radner. after she died from ovarian cancer. he started a group called gilda's club. he'll be remembered most for playing willy wonka. we sat down with the cast all grown up.
7:17 am
>> five kids clamoring all over you wanting his attention. it was never any please, mr. wilder. we must have been pretty tiresome. >> reporter: as jim carrey said, if there is a heaven, gene wilder got it. to "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> gene wilder's nephew said the following in a statement. the decision to wait until this time to disclose his condition, alzheimer's disease was not vanity but that children that would smile or call out to him there is willy wonka won't have to be exposed to an adult referencing illness or trouble and causing delight to travel. >> do you have a favorite movie? >> "willy wonka." where he says happily ever after.
7:18 am
what about you? >> "blazing saddles." "young frankenstein." i thought he was amazing. he'll be missed. dylan is back with the rest of the forecast. >> we talked about the tropical systems but also some flash floods possible through parts of texas and up through the plains and midwest today. there's a cold front moving in. it could trigger some storms. they don't look severe but they could produce up to one to three inches of rain in a short period of time. there's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds.
7:19 am
for a change you need your sunglasses on that golden gate bridge commute this morning. right now, 60 degrees. should see temperatures climbing into the upper 60s today. though windy out near the coastline. 80s in san jose. seven-day forecast shows breezy conditions today and some cooling as you approach labor day weekend for san francisco and i cross tin land value liz. look at the highs. low 80s on friday. trending warmer approaching labor day next week. and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you. still to come, a "today" exclusive. the young woman at the center of the high profile prep school rape case comes forward. she shares her story publicly for the first time ever. a recent plot hatched in prison brings drew peterson back into the spotlight. we have the latest on the former police officer turned felon as
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it's more than cash back. another bay area police chief in the headlines for the wrong good morning. it's 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. another bay area police chief is in the headlines for the wrong reasons. this time in hayward. police chief diane stuart was placed on administrative leave. the city manager confirms that the leave is as a result of an on going personnel investigation but the reason has not yet been revealed. stuart started her law enforcement career in 1986 with the san jose police department working her way up to assistant police chief. she became the hayward police chief in 2011. she's also the first woman to become the police chief in that city. and now let's look at that forecast. beautiful clouds this morning. >> clouds that have brought showers up to the north around lake county. for the bay area, there's the
7:27 am
view across the golden gate bridge. a fuel partly cloudy skies. 60 for the moment. highs today climbing into the upper 60s. look out for some gusty winds there around the coastline with highs in the 60s. 80s around the east bay. tri-valley, south bay, temperatures in the low to mid 80s. from here, cooler temperatures as we approach the start of labor day weekend. you can see the numbers dropping off. perhaps more so across the inland valleys. low atitys approaching the weekend. looking at your commute. the peninsula not so bad although slowing in palo alto. and we'll look over here toward the north bay. start there where eastbound 580 has cleared across that bridge. the earlier crash clearing just at 7. at the end of our last show. meanwhile, slowing westbound 80 over toward just about carlson. earlier disabled vehicle causing upper east shore freeway slowing. slowing down toward wynton. a new crash there. back to you. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. hope your day is off to a good start. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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7:30 on a tuesday morning. the 30th day of august, 2016. sun shining down on a nice crowd out on our plaza. we'll get outside in about half an hour and say hi to them. first, let's look at the headlines this morning. anthony weiner has lost two jobs and hillary clinton's top aide, huma abedin has left him. donald trump wasted no time getting a dig at the hillary clinton campaign and hillary clinton questioning her judgment. two big storms are brewing in the atlantic. both could become tropical storms later today. one expected to intensify wednesday making landfall in florida on thursday and dumping
7:31 am
up to a foot of rain in some areas. the other could impact the carolina coast later this week. >> one of the best times of the year. the u.s. open kicked off in new york monday night with a performance from rock 'n' roll hall of famer fill collins and alison keys winning at 1:49 a.m. in the coming days here, novak djokovic and serena williams looking to dominate after disappointing showing at the olympics. when owen labrie went on trial for rape last year, the case attracted attention nationwide. by law, his accuser was shrouded in anonymity even while testifying. but today for the first time she's revealing her name and face and telling her story for the first time publicly. up until now this is how chessy
7:32 am
prout was known. a voice disguised in court. >> i felt like i was frozen. >> this is the first time you've come out and said publicly what happened. >> yes. >> why did you want to do that? >> well, it's been two years now since the whole ordeal, and i feel ready to stand up and own what happened to me. i'm going to make sure that other girls, other boys, know that they can own it too and they don't have to be ashamed either. >> the story starts on the grounds of this beautiful campus in new hampshire. a school where her father, alex, had graduated and her older sister. it was just before graduation when she accepted a date with popular senior owen labrie. a date that she says went horribly wrong and ended with
7:33 am
charges of rape and a criminal trial ensued. she faced the defendant and testified for three days on the stand. >> although it was scary and although it was pretty difficult, i wouldn't be where i am today without having been able to speak up for myself during that time. >> what was it like to go through the court process? >> we had been prepared to just receive an apology. we had been prepared to just move forward with our lives and let them move forward with their lives. in the pursuit of justice, i would have done anything. >> one of the things that came out in the trial was that there were messages afterwards and they were friendly messages. >> that brings me to the effects of the crime itself, too, which not a lot of people talk about. a question that i was asked on the stand is, well, why were you so hazy during that period. i looked at the defense attorney
7:34 am
in disbelief and said i was raped. i was just trying to go smoothly and not cause any waves. >> on one hand he was convicted of misdemeanor sexual assault, which means the jury believed that a sexual assault took place. on the other hand, there was a more serious charge that he was not convicted of. how did you feel about the verdict in this case? >> well, they said that they didn't believe that he did it knowingly. that frustrated me a lot. he definitely did do it knowingly. the fact that he was still able to pool the wool over a group of people's eyes bothered me a lot and just disgusted me in some way. >> what do you hope happens to him now? do you ever think about that? >> i don't. i hope he learns. i hope he gets help. that's all i can hope for in any
7:35 am
sort of process like this. if he doesn't learn, he'll do it to another woman. >> she was adamant about returning to st. paul school. what happened when you went back to school. >> everybody knew. none of my old friends that were boys would talk to me. they didn't even look me in the eyes. they were uncomfortable or what. i don't know. and nobody was talking about the issue in itself. they weren't trying to prevent it from happening to anyone else. >> chessy eventually left st. paul's and they filed a civil suit against the school saying it failed to meet its most basic obligation to protect children entrusted to its care. we talked with chessy's family as well. the school obviously denies the allegation in the lawsuit. some will say, oh, a lawsuit. is the family trying to get money. what's the real motive here? why not just let it go? >> we're talking about children.
7:36 am
we kneel an obligation that this not happen to any future kids at the school. >> you think the campus would say we need to talk about what's happened. we didn't see that happening. and if ever there was a family to work with, it would have been our family. we loved the school. my husband had a great experience there. our oldest daughter had a great experience there. unfortunately it seems like the school's reputation became more important rather than supporting our daughter. >> st. paul says we catego categorically deny there ever existed at the school a culture of tradition of sexual assault. you have an idea of how you can take something terrible that happened to you and turn it into
7:37 am
something good for others. what are you hoping to accomplish? >> we have been talking a lot about a woman's bill of rights. i want other people's input. i want other people to feel empowered and just strong enough to be able to say i have the right to my body. i have the right to say no. and i wanted to bring this initiative that would be a hashtag i have the right too and have people contribute to it. >> your family has been right there with you all along and a lot of people don't have that. i can only imagine how helpful that's been. >> somebody has got my back. somebody is going to believe me. somebody is going to help me. even when i get panic attacks and i lock myself in my closet because i don't want my little sister to see me like that. she comes into my room sometimes and she'll come into my closet
7:38 am
when i'm rocking on the floor and punching my legs trying to get myself calmed down, and she'll try to give me the biggest hug and say, chessy, you're okay. chessy, you're okay. and it just -- i can't imagine how scary it is for other people to have to do this alone and i don't want anybody else to be alone anymore. i don't. >> to find out more about chessy prout's new campaign for survivors and her hashtag i have the right too go to you'll find the full response from st. paul's school including a list of changes the school has made since this happened. she is a very determined young woman. >> she's in another state and another school and applying to college this fall. >> amazing interview. thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather now. dylan is in for al.
7:39 am
>> and we are going to see the warm temperatures we've been dealing with the last couple days start to subside a bit. we have this cold front that's going to drag down some cooler air so high temperatures today will still be running about 5 to 10 degrees above average. cleveland should hit 88 degrees. 83 in chicago, which is still above average for this time of year. watch what happens as we get into the end of the week. especially by thursday, friday, temperatures only in the mid to upper 70s. almost having that fall-like feel to the air with low humidity as we get into september if you can believe it in the northeast by the end of the week temperatures up in the burlington about 72 by friday. new york city about 80. even washington, d.c. will go from lower 90s wednesday down to lower 80s b . right now we're watching clouds moving across the bay area. showers off to the north. you can see underneath the clouds here with the sunshine across the golden gate bridge. san francisco currently 60. expecting a high today of close to 68 degrees.
7:40 am
notice the flag around san francisco not moving around a whole lot. along the coastal hilltops gusty. agencys in the forecast inland today around the tri-valley. seven-day outlook shows temperatures are trending cooler as we approach labor day weekend. low 80s inland on friday. turning warmer again on sunday and monday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. the brew peterson case revisited. a new twist from behind bars. >> that's after these messag see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance.
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over there's good. so, how much longer you think this will take? i'll over-explain the process, then give you an unrealistic timeline. i'll nod in agreement so my wife thinks i understand what you're saying. i look forward to questioning your every move. okay, well i'll leave your house in shambles and disappear for six months. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. we're back at 7:44 with our new series on some of the most notorious true crime cases of our time. >> drew peterson became the subject of interest when his fourth wife stacy went missing. the twisted saga that followed played out like a hollywood movie and it's not over yet. nbc's blake mccoy has that story.
7:45 am
>> he's delighted. a psychopath. >> patronizing con man. >> he'll spend the rest of his life in prison and that's exactly where he belongs. >> it's been close to a decade since drew peterson, a suburban illinois police sergeant came into the national spotlight. after his 23-year-old fourth wife, stacy, went missing. >> drew, obviously murdered my sister. she didn't run off like he said. she's not at a beach. she would never leave her kids. >> volunteers joined in the extensive search while stacy's disappearance captivated a nation, so did the behavior of peterson. >> in october of 2007 when stacy peterson disappeared under obviously unusual circumstances and drew running around in a baseball hat and bandana and sunglasses. obviously did not exhibit innocent behavior.
7:46 am
>> the missing person's case prompted investigators to revisit the death of draw peterson's second wife found dead in a bathtub years earlier. he spoke to matt lauer. >> can you look me straight in the eye and tell me you had nothing to do with the death of your third wife kathy or the disappearance of your fourth wife stacy? >> i can look you in the eye and said i had nothing to do with either of those instances. >> a second autopsy on kathy showed evidence of a struggle and drew peterson was charged with murdering his third wife and soon after convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison. >> it's frustrating for him being in prison because he knows his trial wasn't fair. on the other hand, he makes the best of it he can. he's got books he's reading. he works out a lot and just tries to pass the time until hopefully can he get out. >> stacy peterson remains missing to this day. her case unsolved. body never found. will county state's attorney has his own theory about what happened.
7:47 am
>> he killed her to make her unavailable to testify in the trial. for killing kathy savio. >> i know i'll find her. i won't stop until i do. >> just last month peterson, now 62, was back in court sentenced to an additional 40 years in a murder for hire plot to kill the prosecutor who put him behind bars. the plot uncovered in recorded prison conversations between peterson and an informant. >> so how long before you think you're going to get it done. >> it will be done by christmas. if you say -- if you say it's a green light, it's a go. >> i didn't conceive he would be foolish enough to hire someone to kill me. >> drew's biggest weakness is he should follow the old adage keep your mouth shut. shut up. there's an old saying in our
7:48 am
business, he who doesn't talk walks. >> drew peterson will be eligible for parole at 127 years old. >> there's no competent evidence. whether you think he did it or not is different than if he was proven guilty. he was not proven guilty. >> for "today," blake mccoy, nbc news, chicago. >> both of peterson's convictions are under appeal. his defense attorney tells us he remains confident they have a solid case in the savio murder. as for peterson's children, they're being raised by his eldest son. the families say they are forbidden to see them and pray that one day they'll be united. coming up tomorrow on our series, the spotlight is on robert chambers. what led to the so-called preppie murder. just ahead for us this morning, "pop start." one person to do it. carson in the orange room. the unexpected place taylor swift just showed up. first, these messages.
7:49 am
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7:53 am
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m. good morning. the view over the bay area shows you mid level clouds. pretty picture. currently 60 degrees. highs today approaching the upper 60s and clouds at times. coming in from south to north. north of the bay area today. breezy out on the coast with highs in the 60s again. san francisco over towards half moon bay and pacifica. low 80s around the north bay. numbers in the low 80s. you will see the numbers in the mid to upper 80s today around the tri-valley. temperatures to cool as the sea breeze picks up into friday and labor day weekend, lookal the valley temperatures cooling off a bit with highs in the low 80s as we move into the start of the weekend. traffic tuesday is kicking in in all parts. looking over here toward hayward, 880 tough. 238 as well. a crash north toward davis and disabled sweeper truck in the same area. cause a lot of slowing there. southbound we see a jam earlier
7:57 am
crash at wynton. a slower drive past the san mateo bridge. slow down west 84 and dumbarton bridge building up over toward the east palo alto and northbound, look at 101 and 680 northbound coming off that 101/280 interchange. northbound routes really feeling the brunt of that commute through san jose. still now moving up into the rest of the silicon valley. back the you. happening now, san jose city council will santa rosa on police staffing issues a would give the police chief access it in assigning shifts. trending on twitter, actor gene wider died sunday from complications from alzheimer's. we look at the career of the man who brought so many characters to life on our facebook page, colin kaepernick setting off a storm by protesting the national anthem. the two athletes who protested the 1968 olympics share their thoughts. that's on our facebook page. we'll have another local news update with weather and traffic as well all coming ahead in halfen hour. we'll see you then.
7:58 am
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♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, dealing with digital infidelity as the anthony weiner scandal shines a spotlight on an issue. many americans are faced with how to deal with this problem. the modern game changer for relationships. then, cutting the monthly bills. we have easy tricks to help you save on everything from energy to the internet. plus, the one condition gene wilder had before agreeing to play willy wonka. ♪ there is no life i know to compare with your imagination ♪ >> as we remember the hollywood legend. >> look at that. steady as a rock. >> yeah, but i shoot with this
8:01 am
hand. >> today is tuesday, august 30th, 2016. ♪ >> celebrating 30 years. >> living the dream! here to enjoy "today." >> celebrating my 60th in the city on the "today" show. >> it's our first time in new york city! and we're on the "today" show! >> good morning, everybody. it's 8:00 on "today." it's tuesday, august 30th. we're just about but not quite done with august. september is upon us. >> yeah, here's the deal. i'm not ready to let august go. >> me either. >> i feel like the summer went by too quickly this year with the conventions and olympics.
8:02 am
so i'm clinging to the last week and a half. >> i'm ready for it. >> apple crisp. cold weather. >> pumpkin spice latte. >> i don't have to do winter storl coverage. >> that's right, you're off. >> a meal fit for a first family, from the white house kitchen garden to our plaza, there is our adorable garden on the go. it is yielding two more savory summer recipes. >> big announcement. on thursday, natalie catches up with britney spears. it is her first appearance here on the "today" show in many years. she'll also treat us to a special exclusive per forlance. that's thursday morning here on "today." >> looking forward to. that first, time for news at 8:00. >> we begin with the race for the white house. i'm at trump tower. one of the gop nominee's top surrogates is trying to smaernlg a firestorm after tweeting an offensive cartoon of hillary clinton in black face.
8:03 am
now there is a new tweet reiterating at polling but insisting he stands by his message that democrats, he says, are pandering for african-american votes. that's an argument that the clinton campaign dismisses. before we get to the story, a warning for you, viewers may find this image offensive. >> today donald trump supporters perhaps used to controversial tweets finding themselves with something less familiar. an apology from one of trump's top surrogates. >> i believe my intentions were honorable. >> pastor mark burns talking about this offensive tweet he sent monday showing hillary clinton in black face and now deleted. >> the tweet was not designed to anger or stir up the pot. >> earlier, burns telling nbc he stood by what he called the satire. >> it's an outward expression of the frustration that i feel that the democratic party has been using the black vote in this
8:04 am
country. >> we are the united states of america! >> burns is leading the trump's campaign outreach to african-american voters. the comments coming at a tough time with trump's rhetoric on race under fire for seemingly insensitive to his critics. >> we don't have a race relations issue in america. they do. >> herrmann cane flipping the script with trump getting ready to visit a black church in detroit saturday. unprecedented for him. the gop nominee also getting political on something more personal, hillary clinton's top aide splitting from husband anthony weiner with the former congressman yet again caught up in a sexting scandal. she made a very wise decision and said she'll be far better off without him. new this morning, we have a look at our latest nbc news survey monkey online tracking poll out just today.
8:05 am
it shows clinton's lead over trump has narrowed. she's over him now by 6 points, dpro down from 8 last week. trump is making end roads among registered independents, too, cutting clinton's lead from 12 points down to four. matt? savannah? back to you. >> a couple other political notes. the presidential election is ten weeks away, some important primaries are taking place today. arizona senator john mccain facing a challenge from a former state senator as mccain seeks a sixth term in the senate. and florida senator marco rubio hopes to win today and advance to the november election. and congresswoman debbie waterman shultz who resigned as head of the democratic national committee is in a big primary fight in florida today as well. >> there are new developmentes this morning in the case of former stanford university student brock turner. he is set to be released from jail this friday after serving three months about, half of his controversial sentence for sexual assault.
8:06 am
turner could have received up to 14 years for assaulting an unconscious woman last year. a california judge gave him six months saying a longer term would have had a severe impact on turner. the sentence sparked outrage. that judge is now facing a recall effort. >> and now to the incredible goal that wasn't. the colorado high school junior who was playing over the weekend, watch this goes cart wheeling over the goalie and sticks the landing. that is dylan pritchet. look at. this it goes right into the goal. here's the thing though, the goal does not count. he was ruled offside. >> by a good distance. >> darn it. the rules. he definitely has his own personal highlight reel. >> you never mention offside when you show that tape in the future to your kids. >> no. >> you never say it. you let it go. >> somehow it makes the story not as g. >> the dog days take on a whole new meaning. evidence that your dog here's
8:07 am
you and understands you better than you ever thought. plus, justin bieber set how many world records? we'll take you inside the pop star's latest achievement. >> and digital infidelity, how the anthony weiner scandal has shown a spotlight on a new bad behavior. general mills wants me to let you know that we use real stuff to make these cereals tasty. that means no artificial flavors or colors. i love this new guy! big improvement! awkward...
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one smart choice leads to the next. ♪ the new 2017 ford fusion is here. it's the beauty of a well-made choice. ♪ hillary cl hillary clinton's long ti adviser announced she is separating from her husband anthony weiner yet another sexting scandal for the disgraced former politician. >> but could behavior like this be more common than we think? we have more on a pretty modern problem. >> it, is indeed. good morning, everyone. a few years ago, think about this the phrase digitsal infidelity didn't even exist and
8:12 am
now it seems the threat is cropping up in households everywhere. another sexting allegation against anthony weiner exposed in the new york post. the former congressman insisting these were appropriate conversations with a friend, all of this prompting a discussion about digital infidelity and online sex addiction. it's a growing problem impacting americans of all races, ages, and dem graphics. >> however you characterize the compulsive pursuit through online visual medium to look at it as an addiction is a very useful clinical con instruct. >> technology provides us instant access to virtually anything and endless source of digital porn, sex, and relationships via social media and online platforms. but what constitutes cheating in the virtual world depends on who you ask? >> women tend to be much more disturbed by emotional contact online. with men, it's really about the images and the physical contact. that's where they have the greatest concern. >> up to 20% of users are
8:13 am
addicted to sexual activity online and studies show a rise in back burner relationships created on social media sites like facebook. back burners are platonic relationship that's people maintain just in case their current relationships go south, men pursue these relationships at roughly twice the rate of women according to an indiana university study. >> from my perspective, if somebody feels that there is something wrong, then the sigma jort of time there is something wrong. somebody may not be cheating, but there is something wrong in the relationship. >> experts say loss of interest in sex, change in sleep patterns, suddenly demanding more privacy, and making excuses to spend time alone are often warning signs of digital infidelity. >> you have to bring it up. you have to begin talking about it. and if you can't get anywhere with it but that feeling is still there, i would urge you to get a professional evaluation. >> experts agree that digital cheaters seeing a therapy sift not sufficient. comprehensive multistep
8:14 am
treatment is needed just like any other addiction. and most general cases they sat best advice don't say or do anything online that you would not do in front of your partner. >> that was going on for a long time though, this one. >> this, o according to the report, over a year. and this may have been again if the allegations are true, the third time that anthony weiner since 2011. but it does put up this complicated situation. if you suspect your significant other or spouse is up to something like this, do you go into their e-mail? do you -- i mean it's so complicated. but clearly therapists believe there are some people within this group that need professional help. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. let's take a turn now and we have a check of our forecast. >> thanks, guys. we have been focusing on the trop knicks the atlantic and -- trop knicks t tropics in the atlantic and the pacific. madeline is a category 4 storm.
8:15 am
and approaching hawaii. the good news is it is going to weaken over the next several days. most likely passing just to the south of the big island in hawaii as a category 1 hurricane. but it will still have winds of 90 miles per hour and also the possibility for as much as 10 to 15 inches of rain. that could lead to flash flooding and mudslides, too. we also have a flood threat through parts of texas today stretching nupt midwest. no real severe storms expected. twoun three inches of rain could fall in a quick burst of time. so that could look at the midlevel clouds from hurricane madeleine off the coast of hawaii, reaching the bay area right now. 62 degrees. high clouds, few stray showers possible across the north bay, but across the rest of the bay area today, partly cloudy skies. low 80s around san jose. upper 60s in the forecast. san francisco, north bay temperatures in the low 80s. mid-80s around the trivalley. temperatures will be running a little cooler as we approach labor day weekend.
8:16 am
highs in the low 80s. and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. a trending party. >> that's true. we're joined with this trending party by charlie. charlie is here for a good reason. first of all, it's nap time. second of all, the new research that suggests you may want to choose your words carefully when you're talking to your dog. because they parentally understand, carson, everything you say. not only that, how you say it. researchers -- >> is that why you're talking so gently? >> and also, i don't want to bump my microphone. researchers found that praise only worked when they said the words in a positive tone. for example, i can say good boy, charlie. good boy. but if i say, good boy, charlie. nothing. you get no response. it makes the reward system with the dogs brain light up
8:17 am
parentally. remember, words do matter if you say it mean. if you say a mean thing like you stinky puppy, charlie. yeah. he knows what i'm saying and that depresses him. >> don't go pee-pee on matt. >> i like hearing that voice. >> all right. i like to get everyone's vote. let's say you need motivation at work and your boss offers one of the following three things. you can have a cash incentive to motivate you, a compliment, or free pizza. what do you think most people would choose? >> the cash, i imagine. >> i think food is a big selling point. >> says our pregnant friend. >> i think pizza. >> okay. >> what do you think? >> i think compliment. >> really? are you just crazy? the boss says $40 or a slice of pie or you look good today? take the cash and run.
8:18 am
>> a pat on the back would be great. well, let's turn to science, shall we? an author completed a study on this. here's the top motivator -- pizza. >> i love a man of simple taste. >> it increased productivity by 6%. behind that, compliments. here's the surprising part, cash was the last thing. >> wow. >> to which i say probably not enough cash was offered. you know what? details. details. don't ask clarifying questions. i have no idea what the studies have done. >> i'm going to get you a great pizza. who doesn't love the look and smell of crisp, clean, new sneakers? >> yeah. >> right. no better feeling than walking down the street. you have a brand new pair of chuck taylors on. well, there's a line of sneakers getting a lot of attention online. they're close to $600 a pair because they are worn. they actually take a lot of time and effort to make the sneakers look worn. yes, duct tape included. and the question we were talking about in the makeup room is who
8:19 am
would buy those for $600? keep the sneakers looking fresh and clean. >> i haven't bought those sneakers, but i love those sneakers. i have them on my wish list. >> why? >> because i think they're super cute. i don't want to -- >> they fi look worn. the rip in the jean, they're often designer. >> they look cool. but if i bought them for $600, i'd have to go to confession right after. >> put them for $30 and put them on the back of my motor cycle. >> you got a deal. >> it's like rock star work boots. they come in and have the work boots that look like they had them for 25 years, no, they bought them that way. >> just the right amount of worn. >> all right. we have a big pop star today. let's start with taylor twist. ladies and gentlemen, even pop stars have to perform their civic duty which taylor proved many wh she showed up for jury duty in nashville.
8:20 am
other jury members and didn't want to do. that well, they shared photos on social media. taylor was called on to be a prospective juror. she was dismissed. a local nbc reporter saying that they're explained their line of work. few people chuckle at the office. she responds, i'm a songwriter which is better than what i would have said if i were her. i would say, i'm taylor swift. can i go now? let's move on to justin bieber. he made night the book of world records. not once, twice, but eight different times. the 22-year-old's list includes most streamed track on spod fi for "what do you mean," most streamed album for "purpose" and the most simultaneous tracks on the u.s. charts. that was 17 singles at once on the charts. he's also the guy with the most twitter followers and the most viewed youtube music channel f you're not a believer yet, maybe that will convince you. finally, gene wilder's tribute for the beloved actor known for
8:21 am
his unforgettable role as willy wonka. he said he would only play that if i make my first entrance, i want to come out of the door carrying a cane and then walk towards the kraud with a limp. after they see willy wonka is a cripple, they'll whip per whispo themselves and become quiet then i do a beautiful forward somersault and get applause. why did he want to do this? he said from that time on, no one will ever know from lying or telling the truth. of course, the rest was history. i made my kids watch that movie last night in honor. oh, man, unbelievable. i wrote on social media, why isn't this on broadway yet? it is coming to broadway next year. >> really? >> yes. >> for more pop stories go, to today's facebook panl page. >> thank you. >> now to our series cost cutting to day. this morning we're breaking down savings on electric, phone, internet, the whole nine yards.
8:22 am
good morning. >> like a personal audit. it's a really important thing to do from time to time. let's start with the bills. >> about half of americans states are deregulated which means you don't have to stick with that energy provider you get in the beginning. can you choose different one. you may want to look at doing. that but it's not necessarily going to sauf money. >> but if you switch over, sometimes you get what sounds like a great rate and then it disappears. >> right. it's a teaser rate on a credit card. make sure you read the fine print. you know this is going to be a rate that sticks with you more than just a couple of months. or you have the ability to switch back. it's important to shop around. there is a company called choose diagnose that can help you find the best deals in your area.
8:23 am
>> what if you really want to go green and, you know, do you get penalized for that, from energy companies. if you put things in like new installation or if you put in energy saving appliances, sometimes they'll give you a deal for. that and sometimes even just for going through an energy awed it with your provider. >> one of the things you want to talk about is an expense that a lot of people deal with every single month, that is wirleless. >> the average wireless bill is $73 a month. you multiply that by your family members, you're looking for a very big expense. one thing you can do is think about abandoning the big four. yes, they do all the advertising. but there are companies that buy capacity from the big four like boost mobile and cricket wireless. they can cut your costs. >> but in my mind, if you're streaming a lot, you think you have to go with the big four. >> right. so they can reduce the speed at
8:24 am
which you download things. it's not going to affect the video streaming. but it will effect the downloading of things like attachments. be conscience of how you use it. >> when you see the bill, you want to crack down on the kids. say, no, crack down on the data instead. >> there are plans that provide the services, verizon, for example, family manager. you're allowed to allocate from your pool of dat yachlt johnny knows he gets six gigabytes and janie gets six gigabytes. i use this with my kids. it is very effective. >> a lot of people are not good at going in and finding these ways around high bills or even fighting for themselves. but you say there are resources available. >> right. you heard me countless times say pick up the phone every six months, call your provider, ask for a deal. the reason is plans change all the time. i just saved $10 on my bill and got a four extra gigabytes by doing nothing but picking up the phone. but if you're scared to do it
8:25 am
yourself or just not comforta e comfortable, all of these bill sixers, cutter, shark and shrink a bill will do that for you. they will charge you 50% of the money the first year. >> sneaky ways we're spending too much money each day. >> subscriptions. if you signed up for services in the past and you just don't remember that you have done it, these two services true bill and ask can go through your monthly statements and figure out for you where your subscriptions are. do you want to cancel? >> really good information, jean. i was looking over your shoerld because my wireless bandit just walked into the studio. can you find all of jean's advice on tomorrow we're tackling medical bills. let's head over to carson. >> thank you very much. we have reunion on the road with the bad boy family. that is happening right after your local news and weather. ==take vo==
8:26 am
another bay area police chief is faced with controversy. hayward police chief diane stuart was placed on another bay area police chief is facing controversy, hayward police chief diane stuart was placed on administrative leave last night. the city manager confirmed her absence is the result of an ongoing personnel investigation which is confidential. the reason for the investigation has not been revealed. they started her career in 1996 with the san jose police department and worked her way to assistant chief and then the hayward police chief in 2011 and was the first woman to become a chief in that city. let's look at your commute in case you're heading out the door. >> hayward, that is one of our slow commute spots. look all around the bay, we have traffic, sits back from the
8:27 am
summer vacation. northbound routes jammed. for the last week, a problem from over here off 280 to king and milpitas area. over here, 880, recovers from earlier crashes. there is hayward, toughest drive. dumbarton bridge slow to the palo alto side. 580 westbound slow. earlier crash here. piedmont area cleared. bay bridge toll plaza mitering lights are still on. >> that is a traffic tuesday. more local news coming up for you in half an hour. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back 8:30 on a tuesday morning. the 30th day of august, 2016. look who that is. that is sean combs. sean "ditty" combs checking out fans on the plaza. that's the guy that kicked off our summer concert series. >> a tour kicking off this week. a lot going on with our buddy, ditty. >> we'll catch up with him in a couple seconds.
8:31 am
also coming up, we have too cool for school gear and gadgets your kids need as they head back to class this fall. and fashion frientrends you wan wear during the last days of summer. >> healthy meals on wheels with our truck full of fresh produce on the plaza. we're cooking up two recipes for your family to dive into. we'll get to that in just a bit. >> look at who we have here. sean dit sean "ditty" combs. >> what's up, man? >> carson always gets a hug. >> come on. give me a hug. >> it seemed like just yesterday you were here putting on a great show on our plaza. now you have your own tour kicking off. >> this week is a big week. we have the family reunion tour coming to a city near you. starts in chicago and then goes to detroit and baltimore and then i'm at the garden next week.
8:32 am
it's my whole entire catalog of all of the hits that i ever produced or performed on one stage so one night and one night only when it comes to your city. it's just going to be an incredible tour. chicago, detroit, we'll see you all first. >> people got a great taste of it when you were on our concert stage. so much energy. aweso awesome. you were at the vmas. there you are with some of your closest friends. how cool is that? who is not in this picture? >> alicia keys and you have jay and beyonce. you have ditty. i mean, you got kanye. kim k. >> do you all say to each other let's take a picture? >> not really. i think somebody took a picture. >> as long as i've known you, this music thing is important but this thing happening in harlem opening up this charter school. >> yesterday one of my big dreams came true.
8:33 am
i always wanted to go back home and open up a school and yesterday i went back to harlem and opened up my first charter school. it's called capital prep in harlem. it's agesone of the big part of solution is education. >> you have been at this for years. >> i ran a marathon to raise a couple million dollars for the new york city school system. only killed myself. >> you ran the city though. >> by the way, that picture got so much traction, i felt bad like i'm missing out on the best party and then you called me and look at what happened. he called me and invited me. there i am. look at the back right. seriously. wasn't that the best? so dope. that was so dope. >> matt brought him more wine and left. >> sir, can i bring you anything else? >> sean, always good to see you. congrats on the tour. congrats on the school and everything else. >> thank you, everybody. come out to the show.
8:34 am we'll see you when we come to your city. >> back by the way tomorrow with "today's take" and check that out. let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> we'll see nice temperatures in the northeast. we're looking at low humidity, temps mid 80s and lots of sunshine. middle of the country we have a cold front that will trigger some storms. could see heavier downpours. close eye on that tropical depression nine in the gulf. that will get closer and closer and bring more and more rain to parts of central florida especially up to 15 inches of rain is possible. tomorrow is very unsettled in northern new england into the southwest. all because of that cold front. look at what happens behind it. temperatures only in the 70s back behind it. so we'll start to cool things off. in the northeast, one more warm day before it cools off by right now, few high clouds drifting by into san jose. temperatures now in the low 60s
8:35 am
with partly cloudy skies. at times, showers off to the north. the system picks up gusty conditions and upper 60s near san francisco. low 80s, san jose. north bay, highs in the 80s. upper 80s possible for parts of the trivalley. seven day outlook, looks cooler and breezy at times, especially across the valley. >> that's your latest forecast. matt? >> announcer: design your life on "today" is sponsored by the 2017 ford fusion. the beauty of a well made choice. >> dylan, thanks very much. this morning on design your life, sharpen those number 2 pencils and takes notes because we're headed back to school. mario armstrong is here with a cheat sheet. we don't like to use that word around school with this year's school essentials when it comes to the best gear and gadgets. good morning. >> cheating for parents. that's okay. >> you're helping them save
8:36 am
money at the same time. >> saving a lot of money. >> i love this. i was looking at these. these are water bottles but they collapse after you use them. >> totally collapsable. you can freeze them. use them in the microwave. bpa safe. once you use them, collapse them. put them in your purse. take you with them on the go. stay hydrated throughout the day. >> these are for kids. >> and these are infused. you can see at the bottom you can infuse that with fruit. so this is the infuser bottle. put herbs, spices, different things to make the water taste better. >> when we were kids, the food you took to school was in baggy. times have changed a lot. >> baggies can add up and that becomes expensive and it gets messy. these are boxes. not just any box. these are really cool. some are throwback. you can see gameboy here. it's about sectioning off food and put it in twice dividers.
8:37 am
microwavable safe. six bucks and up for that. inexpensive. saves you money in the long run. >> over here we have backpacks. these are bags. if you go to the website and buy a bag or backpack, they will pack up one bag for an american child in need full of school supplies. it's a buy one, get one. if you buy a bag, they send all of this in a backpack to a needy child in america. doing 30,000 bags across the u.s. these are fun backpacks that are scented. i want you to smell this one a little bit. >> it smells like bubble gum. >> bubble gum. strawberry. they last several months. fun colors. different styles. >> that's good. about a month after school starts you smell your kids backpack between the gym socks and lunch in there for last year. >> not a good combo. >> these key rings. >> great for those of you that are worried about your kids
8:38 am
losing stuff at school. this is the orbit. you can find your kids and phone but as you can see you can connect these to anything. your backpack or other things that you don't want to lose. >> more traditional supplies. great notebooks and binders. >> two in one stylists and you have the pen to write and then fade resistant markers. great for marking your kids clothing or sporting equipment. won't fade. and then school supplies. these are traditional school supplies as you can see. a lot of fun. a lot of fashion. polka dot is on trend. dollar and up at office depot for these school supplies. >> talk about this thing hooked up to a bed. >> this is great for dorm rooms. fit to any size bed. the ability for it to just fall straight down and give you privacy inside of your dorm room and even some darkness. if you want to relax and chill or read a book and not worry about your dorm mate giving you problems, you're good to go and you want to have great memories
8:39 am
with removable wallpaper. you take the pictures on your phone or from your computer, upload them yourself and then on this peelable wallpaper, apply to your wall. no names. no holes in the walls. >> thank you very much. for more ideas, check out tomorrow we're going to have diy ideas to keep your kids organized for the entire school year. next up, pumpkin spice latte season but have you heard of pumpkin spice fashion. first on a tuesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
8:41 am
the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. >> announcer: soundtrack of style is sponsored by jcpenney. get your pennies worth at
8:42 am
jcpenney. >> this friday we close out our summer concert series so today we thought we would push play on the top five trends coming your way along with chilly weather. litt good morning. five great trends. let's start with rust which seems to be kind of a perennial fall color. >> this is a color you want to incorporate into your wardrobe. a ton of different ways to incorporate it. sometimes you see a trend in a magazine or on runway you think i couldn't do that. so many different ways to wear this. a beautiful tote bag like this. shoes. great trousers. i love the idea of doing it with a longer third piece vest and then kimberly is showing us how to wear texture. and mo and you have that chunky sweater. a half tuck which is important when you wear a chunkier knit.
8:43 am
show off the waist of the pants. the pants have a kick right at the ankle. that's also a big trend. the slip on mule is definitely all about comfort but also all about style. >> animal print picks it up so well. >> no better match for rust than a great animal print. >> our next trend denim. >> denim is a classic. we wear it all four seasons. this is giving me justin and britney vmas from a long time ago. patchwork is back in a big way. we have great patchwork bags and patchwork jeans and patchwork boots are adorable. you can do it in a jacket or even a blouse here. my favorite way to do it is the patchwork skirt. the 60s are back in fashion in a huge way. you want to look for one that's a-line. i love the idea of different tones pairing it with a striped shirt like this makes it pop and a shout-out to the white boots. >> that makes it very 60s. >> that makes it really stand
8:44 am
out. definitely look for patchwork with your denim. the biggest trend when it comes to jean for fall. >> velvet. >> this can be any old velvet. it's back in a huge way. the reason velvet is back when you think of fall, you want to be able to touch it. it has a lush feeling to it. feels cozy. >> love this hat. >> you can also do it with tiny detail on the back of the shoe here. i love a pump. chokers are back in a big way from the 90'90s. see it has movement in the sleeve which gives it a '70s vibe. ties at the waist. and carry shoes forward into fall and they pair nicely with velvet. definitely pick up velvet for your style this fall. >> we have two more. >> micro pleats.
8:45 am
these skirts are meant to move. tucked in. all about the ankle boot with this length. very important for fall. and then last but not least, one of my favorite ways to update a denim jacket. show us the difference between a classic. your arms peek through. it has a drape and drama to it. it's the perfect update for fall in a solid and a broach on the color. >> coming up next, the more you grow. simple seasonal recipes straight ♪
8:46 am
what if we invented a paint that's not only in the top of its class but lets you breathe as deeply as this or this or this. not guilty. if it doesn't upset your allergies like paint, is it still paint? natura is certified asthma and allergy friendly. and you can only find it at your benjamin moore retailer.
8:47 am
back now on a tuesday morning with our garden on the
8:48 am
go series beginning of the season al rolled up his sleeves and got his hands dirty filling our truck with flavors straight from the white house kitchen garden. now the truck made its way from 1600 pennsylvania avenue to our plaza. vegan chef and cookbook author is here to show us how to put handpicked ingredients to very good use. nice to see you. good morning. >> this is a vegan recipe. a lot of people think that it has to be boring. it's not at all boring. it's delicious. what do we have? >> we are making an easy delicious fresh garden plaza. let's get started. >> by the way, sauce is a no cook sauce. >> it's a no cool spinach sauce comes together in a second. we're boiling pasta. i love this because they suction the sauce well. you can use anything. you can use whole wheat, gluten free. so we're adding frozen veggies
8:49 am
into boiling pasta water. how easy is that. they cook at the same time as the pasta. so we'll let that boil down. we'll move onto our sauce. give it a nice stir. >> how long is this going to take? >> it takes about five minutes. so five minutes before your pasta is ready you throw in your vegetables. it's super easy. we have fresh baby spinach. any green from your garden. this is easy. it's olive oil. do you want to add some water. >> sure. >> we don't have any cheese or cream or dairy in this. it's just really fresh flavors. some garlic cloves. some lemon juice. okay. i'll give it a little bit of salt if you want to do pepper. >> hold that. >> we have tasters over here by the way. >> how's it tasting? >> really good. >> the freshness right off the truck. >> garlic. >> this could not be easier. that's done. this is what it looks like. >> toss that in with the pasta. i picked cherry tomatoes and
8:50 am
basil from our garden on the go. i'll throw those in at the same time. >> go ahead. what is this? >> this is fresh basil. you can pick any herb. >> toss it in there? >> toss it in. we'll mix it all together. there you go. and it's just a really nice fresh sauce. >> that's the main course. thumbs up for the main course, right? >> double thumbs up. >> i don't feel guilty. >> you have some of the sides there? fro . >> we are using potato skins and stuffing them with avocado salsa. you can actually use a melon baller and scoop out those insides and then i just bake it until it's really crisp. add a little bit of salt. you can save these for mashed potatoes. whatever you want. then here we have what i baked. >> i might eat that without the topping. >> you could, right? this is great. you just add avocado salsa,
8:51 am
cilantro, tomatoes. you can make one too. everyone can make their own. and then eat it. >> they've been eating those like potato chips. so good. >> salsa thing you have in the middle of the potato. >> what do you think? >> you just devoured a vegan recipe. >> and i enjoyed it. >> so flavorful. >> everything is fresh. you don't need dairy. >> that was a tactical error there. i bit into that when i was supposed to say thank you. timing was wrong. to have this recipe e-mailed to you, sign up for "today food" news letter by going to or text food 66866. >> you have something in your teeth. >> i know i do. it's avocado salsa. thank you. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait.
8:53 am
we mentioned al is out and about today. dylan has birthdays. >> yes. pesto in my teeth. happy birthdays and see who is on smucker's jar today. happy 100th birthday to saul. he runs a publication business and is in the process of writing
8:54 am
his own book. how about that? and edna is also 100 years old. she's quite the celebrity. edna was voted one of the ten most admired senior citizens in wisconsin. with a face like that, why not? happy 100th birthday to gertie. she says her secret to longevity is to eat an ice cream cone every night. and al is 101 years old. world war ii veteran from newtown, massachusetts. he and his wife volunteered at a hospital for 50 years and made hats for each newborn. how sweet is that? that's newton, massachusetts and fay is celebrating 101 years. he's from radcliffe, iowa. served in world war ii and we're so thankful for his service of course. and look who we have here. happy 111th birthday to iris westman of northwood, north
8:55 am
dakota. she was a librarian and spent time teaching young children how to read. 111. if you know one turning 100 years or older, we want to hear about them. >> wow. 111. they should have put floss next to this. >> garlic breath to go with it. >> i guess it will be a mystery with what's coming up. >> billy bush made it to new york. >> all right. much more ahead after your local news and weather. the former stanford swimmer
8:56 am
convicted of sexual assault is set to be rea the stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault is set to be released from jail this friday. brock turner was given a six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. his sentence ignited an outrage against him and the judge who gave him the sentence as well. last week the judge requested to be removed from future criminal cases after months of backlash.
8:57 am
happening now on nbc bay, a los angeles teacher charged. authorities say she snuck in 18 cell phones and chargers as well as heroin. the items went to an inmate on death row. nfl hall of fame jerry rice the latest person to chime in on colin kaepernick's protest. rice says he respects his position but says he doesn't believe he should disrespect the american flag. felony charges for killing a pet dog. authorities say the two intentionally burned the dog with scalding water. more local news in half han hour. come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days.
8:58 am
good boy! go for the gold.
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9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," the ball's in tamron's court as she takes on tennis champ andy murray. and then what's the best college for landing a job? the rankings are in and the greatest goal never scored that has everyone flipping out. that and much more coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, august 13th, 2016. i'm billy bush. tamron is here. al is on assignment. >> for two days. >> looking at more weather gear. >> he's in l.a.
9:01 am
>> maybe there's weather gear out there. i don't know where he is. do you? >> i didn't know until this morning. he's in l.a. he never tells us anything. >> hope everything is going well. i saw the greatest -- by the way, some people can take a selfie and others can't. i'll take 50 and delete them all. i'm not good at it. i don't think i have a good side. you, my friend, take a fantastic selfie and your mom may take a better one. i love this from the u.s. open last night. >> that's last night hanging out with my mom. it was mom/daughter day. my mom is a tennis fanatic. other than her children, she loves tennis and i'm not sure some days the order, us or the tennis. >> she's beautiful. >> she's so good. she's a good mom. djokovic was playing. okay. here's the deal. i worked a long day yesterday. flew my mom in for the u.s. open opening and we were with usa tennis association in their suite.
9:02 am
that's a drop right there. treating my mama good. >> you might have gotten another seat. >> around 10:00 last night, i was, like, mom, i got to go to work. be quiet. mom, people are asking me don't you have to work tomorrow. i said just take a uber, take a cab home. she wouldn't leave. >> did you say the whole time? >> i pleaded with my mom. we got to go. she complained all the way. we're missing it. we got home. the match was still going on. >> awesome. >> she got to watch it. >> i got totally nailed yesterday on the flight home. we had the fake gun shots in los angeles and yesterday a 3 1/2 hour delay coming in. i didn't get in until 1:30. >> to your place in new york? >> 1:30 in the morning. by the way, air conditioning, they're units. they're units. so i forgot to leave it on or
9:03 am
ask someone to turn it on. i laid there for an hour and a half in the heat. >> he's going to come closer to the tv at home. i heard part of this story. >> i was going to leave that out. >> i overheard part of this story. come closer. tell them what you did? >> i went with limited -- no clothing at all because -- but a study out today if you sleep nude, you sleep better. i don't want to ask you a personal question so soon in the relationship here -- >> because we've been dating five days. >> did you sleep well? >> i slept great even with my mom staying with me. in separate rooms. the study is true. you came back. your place was hot. it was 90 degrees in new york yesterday. and so you -- >> it was 110 in my house. >> so you were there buck naked. >> buck. >> on top of the covers. >> i do that normally. >> you do? >> the study does show that --
9:04 am
my body temperature -- if you saw me in rio, i was sweating a lot. i run hot so i try to limit the amount of heat. >> i wonder about the woman/man dynamic. i'm always cold in the day. when i sleep, i have to sleep with the air conditioning on 69. i don't wear anything. i can't stand being in covers or pajamas but i need to sleep cold. the minute this air comes on in this building, i'm freaked out. >> dr. oz told me 65 degrees. we hibernate like a bear. he said that's hibernation sleep. he said 65. i negotiated with my wife. i got it down to 67 right now. she won't go below that. pretty good. we started at 70. and i'll continue. >> lilly's first day of school. what happened? >> the silver lining to this terrible confusion at lax is i went back home. i did the show yesterday with you from l.a. i got to take my daughter to her first day of school.
9:05 am
it's her last -- there she is with her teacher. she's in sixth grade there. she decided to dye her hair red. >> when we met i said i love your hair and you and your wife looked at me with this suspicious look. >> it's half in and half out. a little silver lining there. i showed you yesterday this tattoo that we got, apparently i didn't know this was a thing. it hurt me a lot. >> you got a family tattoo. >> with our 18 year old and my 11 year old and 15 year old when they're allowed to -- you have to be 18 in california to get a tattoo, they'll join us i hope. it spawned something on our facebook page. they started loading up photos. rhonda, kendra, melissa, all kinds of people sending in their family tats. >> that's cute. i like that one a lot. >> everyone is getting tattoos on the tender spot.
9:06 am
your wrist or your ankle. i went for fleshy. >> your beautiful mom, does she have a at that time with you? >> no. i have the state of texas with two dice in the middle. it says born lucky and then it has a yellow rose and i feel certain that my mother, mary, will not agree to anything like that. >> a lot going on there. >> it was in stage. we'll end with texas. we're not going to do the whole united states. >> jonas brothers got a couple bro' tattoos before their vma performances. >> only two of the four brothers, right? >> kevin is at home with the kids. he's raising kids. i guess he's an app developer. i don't know if he got it. >> what does it say? just a line? it's an arrow pointing at each other. >> yeah. >> boom. that's my word by the way. >> billy ends almost every
9:07 am
e-mail with boom. what did i miss? what just happened? >> it means we hit the high note and i'm out. >> gene wilder. >> favorite movie? >> i loved "stir crazy." i found it to be and find it to be just comedy magic the two of them and of course "willie wonka." >> this is wild. >> that's the best movie. >> then you have "young frankenstein" which was great and "willie wonka" was a box office failure when it came out. >> look at that. what a magical performer. just the range. you know, listen, 83 years old and to have this life and this honesty and he is one of the people that i admire the most from what we know of who he was as a man.
9:08 am
>> great collaboration of mel brooks. the original leo bloom on stage and when he met -- i found this -- when he met mel for the first time, he was on broadway. he was in a performance with mel's girlfriend at the time and he met mel backstage. mel was wearing a pea coat. they used to call them urine jackets. they didn't sell so well. >> is that true? >> they had a huge laugh and went on to do producers together. boom, boom, boom m. >> we're done with our chat? >> coming up, james corden has fun with kanye's video for "fame." >> we have to talk about black china. >> i could talk about black china all day. >> that's after this. we'll be right back. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures
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9:12 am
james corden was in the gym during the music video for "fade." did a lovely job and has a beautiful body. take a look. >> that's a dance place next door instead of doing it amongst the equipment. can you just maybe dial it down just a little bit. it fees like you're ramping up if anything. >> you know, she lays on the ground and does the fluctuation of the buttocks, his eyes are going like this when she does it. hysterical this guy. >> we've been researching her body like most of america. she's given a couple interviews.
9:13 am
she has told "vogue" all she does is dance. she doesn't eat vegetables. she says that it's dna. she doesn't really workout in the gym. >> don't want to hear that, do we? she's a carbo loader that doesn't love working out. >> if it's dna, there's nothing i can do. >> game over. >> already lost. >> people have been obsessed over her. she had baby last year. >> eight months. >> the cutest little baby ever. >> her husband is in the video with her from the cleveland cavaliers. he's more of a private guy. i don't want my body in here. he did it for her. she had no idea. we wonder what is kanye going to do with his four minutes. she had no idea. he may do the video. he may not. i was watching with the rest of the world and he's private. no one had seen it. she never screened it before. saw herself for the first time. >> someone else is hot that we're obsessed with.
9:14 am
black china. i realize i'm still on twitter. billy is not. you'll tweet why are you talking about the kardashians. people love that. >> tweet her. i'm not there. >> we have an agreement. >> everything you want addressed, please go through my mail room here. you'll forward me the necessaries. >> okay. please don't. >> i reeked havoc. >> i will receive your complaints about this topic. i'll delete you. but kim kardashian's magazine cover we know famous paper magazine with the champagne. all that. >> and nude belly. >> angela kardashian, aka black china, she is on this issue. >> the kardashian baby, if it's a boy, i don't think we know the
9:15 am
gender yet, if it's a boy, that's the heir of the dynasty. the only child thus far with the last name kardashian so she is carrying the heir to the dynasty. hats off to china making a strong play here. >> there's a strong play for black china. this was something i saw tweeted out. it said, god give me the patience and the strategic mindset of black china when it comes to achieving my goal. >> i agree with that. >> there are people that believe that kylie is dating tiga. tiga was originally with black china and they have a son and china out of retaliation steals rob kardashian's heart to get back at the kardashians. this was all this plan and then she swoops in and gets pregnant. >> listen, i can't imagine
9:16 am
anybody would roll out a plan like that. if she did, china, i'm telling you, she's so strong. >> i actually think they're in love. >> her show is going to do well. coming out in the fall. >> it's a win it appears at this point. >> quick take a look at this. another soccer video. in colorado high school. over the goalie and finishes. they called him offsides. what referee is going to rob a guy of a beautiful flip there if he's questionably offsides. that's a heads-up play. >> you've seen me be athletic. >> we'll see more of that. we have you coming up playing tennis with andy murray. >> unfortunately, yes. i did play tennis and we went on an adventure. i don't profess to be athletic. i do like clothes. in a couple weeks, guess what? clothes that belong to me, dylan, savannah, hoda, will be online for you to purchase all
9:17 am
for a great cause. that's a tease there. i started cleaning my closets last night. >> your closet is so deep. i have a feeling i'll never seen the same outfit twice. >> dylan is in for al with a check of the weather. i started going through my closet last night. i'm opening up the vault. i'm giving away stuff i never thought i would give away. >> can i buy some of your stuff because i love your clothes. >> i'm a known cross dresser. i love your outfits. >> we are going to sell our clothes for charity and i'm opening the vault. >> i need to clean my closet. this is good on so many different levels. all right. let's take a look at all of the tropical systems we have going on. category 2 hurricane gaston is going to stay over the water. it's tropical depressions eight and nine that we're going to focus on. these could cause some flooding issues especially down through
9:18 am
florida and down through north carolina as well. so if we could get this advancing here you'll eventually see this area of low pressure, tropical depression 9, could become a tropical storm by the time we go into this afternoon. it looks like it will produce up to 10 to 15 inches of rain across parts of florida especially by the time we get to the end of the week. as for the storm in north carolina, we will see up to 1 to 3 inches of rain and also the rough surf and rip currents. both storms will eventually move away by the time mostly clear skies right now in san francisco. a few mid-level high clouds. we should see low 80s heading into the afternoon. showerings staying off to the north of the bay area today. numbers again in the 80s across the valley. upper 60s and windy across the
9:19 am
coast. notice how to temperatures cool approaching labor day weekend. up next, tamron takes on andy murray in tennis. i wonder who won that one. first, she has to get past me, the ultimate t packed full of flavor, one pint-sized hero was on a mission. looks like somebody's gotta save snack time from a serious case of boring. watch babybel's big taste leap into action in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. ♪ creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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9:22 am
they'll buy your car even if you don't buy a car from them. because feeling obligated is uncomfortable. and tight. in places it shouldn't be. carmax won't make you feel that way. lucky you. i feel like a quilt. i was trying to instagram this. as we mention, recently got invited to the u.s. open. people are screaming about that. to spend time with tennis great andy murray to talked about his recent gold medal olympic win and taught me moves. >> murray plays his first round tonight at the u.s. open. i'm going to take you on first at table tennis. we take these outside and gets to give them away to someone in the crowd. that's exciting. >> here we go. >> table tennis because we can't fit a whole court in here.
9:23 am
do i not profess to be athletic in any way. >> that's a nice one. my gosh. a beautiful forehand. >> that was out. >> here we go. >> she called that out. >> we need refs. >> i don't like this shot. >> boom. and he gives her a sky ball. >> did you see that? is it over? >> it should be after that. my gosh, tamron, very good. another slam. >> let's go. i'm done. >> did i win? >> it's a tie. we're a team. >> you take them. we're going out to give two tickets. we have to give a couple, right? >> should we set people on a date or find a couple having an anniversary? >> i like a couple having an anniversary. we put them on the first date at the u.s. open that could be awkward. >> can they hear us? >> we look like poker deals.
9:24 am
andy murray center court. u.s. open. opening round. >> that's amazing. great seats. >> it was so beautiful out at the u.s. open last night. arthur ash stadium. they have the roof that's convertible. phil collins performed last night. it's one of the most magical experiences in new york. so we're how the here. look. hi. hi. >> you got to do it. >> is it your anniversary? >> yes. our 30th today. >> is that your husband behind you? >> yes. >> what's your wedding date? the date of the wedding? >> what day? >> the 30th. making sure you're not sandbagging here.
9:25 am
>> robin and mart. andy murray's first round tonight u.s. open. you're in the family box right here. happy anniversary. >> now we only have a set of tickets. however, i do have to come over and give you a hug for your 80th birthday. >> tamron plays tennis against andy murray. who do you think won it? we'll find out after your local news. i'm at the perfect age. and i've found the perfect skincare. age perfect hydra-nutrition from l'oreal. a balm perfected just for mature skin. feels so luxurious it melts right in! hydra-nutrition deeply moisturizes with 10 precious oils plus calcium. with intense moisture for intense nourishment. it's the science i trust to help me look like me. toned, firmer, more comfortable. age perfect hydra-nutrition from l'oreal skin expert paris. my perfect age it's right now. and i'm worth it.
9:26 am
the european commission wants apple to pay some taxes. ==vo== goods morning. it's 9:26. european commission wants apple to pay taxes. they say they owe $14 billion. they say the reason so much is because ireland gave them illegal tax breaks. between 2003 and 2014 apple's corporate tax rate was around 1 pk. tim cook said apple pays all of the taxes it owes. apple also announced it would fight that decision. police looking for suspects who attacked an elderly man. it happened at a home .
9:27 am
they beat him and stole his cadillac and took off with it. the suspects are still on the loose. >> bill called -- it takes more than ten hours of work before they get pay. it would change it to eight hours before overtime pay. groups that opposed the bill said it would just cause employers to cut hours or fire employees out right. we have a look at weather coming up after the break.
9:28 am
♪ amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. tropical-looking clouds. it is 65 outside on the way to 80s in the forecast. under the tropical clouds a few light showers. this part of moisture streaming away from hawaii. this is bringing in high clouds. not so much highs thighs though.
9:29 am
we are looking over here. traffic tuesday really kicked in around the bay. this looks better than the last half hour. what i'm calling out here is north 880. 85 slowing noun towards sunnyvale. here is five 55s. she waited pa we have more local news coming up for you in the next half hour.
9:30 am
>> tennis legend in the making. andy murray. >> i thought you were going to say me. >> fresh off the olympic gold in rio. you saw that. u.s. open is under way. murray starts tonight looking to score his second win and maybe on the way to grand slam. >> one of the nicest guys i've ever met. what a gentleman. a champion. i was nervous when i got a chance to play him. i was invited to go out before the open. we went to queens. of course i was terrified. andy made me an offer i couldn't refuse. ever since he was three, britain's andy murray dreamt of becoming a tennis great. today you could say the international tennis star is at the top of his game. murray is currently the world number two and he's also a
9:31 am
three-time grand slams champion o holding 39 career titles. >> the first tennis player to win two olympic singles gold medals. >> insteneedless to say, i was nervous to play against the tennis great at the u.s. open. i don't know how to swing. i'm going to go like that. and then like that. i'm going to try my speed serve. then don't hit me in my face. this is how i make my living. i throw it up and then hit it. i'm getting nervous. okay. the moment has come. i've warmed up. i had a few practice serves. i've gotten -- now here he is. hello. i'm tamron. nice to meet you. here you are after rio. back-to-back golds. first olympian to do it.
9:32 am
>> amazing. amazing feeling to win a gold medal for your country and do it a second time, i never, ever thought that would happen. yeah. it means a lot to me. >> do you have a tip for people when you're feeling tired? >> just try to bluff a little bit. >> poker face? >> yeah, a little bit. i don't have the best poker face. >> let me see your best poker face. >> my skin -- last year i was invited to play with serena and roger federer. >> that's interesting. >> tragic. i'm not coordinated. will you help me? >> i'll help you. before we go on the big court, we're going to start with the little net first, okay. >> i have to start with that. >> you have to start on that. >> to help me out, andy brought up two upcoming tennis greats
9:33 am
for doubles. how do you stand? seriously, i don't know. really? the crowd booed andy murray. yes. does that count as a rally? >> that counts as a rally, yeah. >> with that, andy decided we were ready for the big court. here we go. i know how to serve. >> not bad. >> okay. did i hit a human being? what you got, murray. >> hey. >> is this game point? >> i think you won. >> we won?
9:34 am
>> i think you won. >> what do you do in tennis when you win? >> celebrate. >> not like that. >> on fire. well played. >> can i give you a kiss on the cheek. >> do i get a kiss? >> andy, andy. that was really cute. >> it was. guess what -- >> you invented your own serve? >> what are you saying. >> sideways serve. did they speed that up. >> that's why we were a great team. by the way, andy murray met his wife at the u.s. open in 2005. how romantic is that? that's where i'm going tonight to find love. >> enjoy. >> thank you, andy, for a great time. thank you to the u.s. open for the invitation. tickets are still available. >> which colleges offer the best financial aid? what about career placement? the princeton review annual best colleges. i wonde
9:35 am
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9:39 am
>> there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a college. how much does it cost? is the food good? >> we brought in our friend robert to deliver the news. parents and teenagers senior vice president publisher at princeton review and lead author of the best 381 colleges. interesting number. robert, good morning. good to see you. >> good to be back. >> we love this list. you surveyed 140,000 students. 60 topics to come up with this big list. >> longest ongoing survey of student opinions in the country. 25 years this year we've been putting out this book and new edition. >> we have four categories. best career services. that's important. hard to get a job after college. >> absolutely. we put this in the book in 2008. college dad said can you give us
9:40 am
perspective. we talked about best career services in the book. number one on that list is spectacular school. bentley university in massachusetts. another two schools up there. northwestern and wake forest. spectacular schools when we talk about return on your investment specifically for bentley university. a four-year and four stages where they identify students interest. >> way to play on my phobia. >> nobody told us a big bird would come out. it's their mascot. >> when we think about students with great return on their investment and internships in schools, this is the place. >> fantastic. so next up is huge important financial aid. it has dominated the conversation on the presidential campaign. >> absolutely. >> it's a big deal. >> the two and three schools are princeton and bowden. higher sticker cost. free money that students have to
9:41 am
pay back. >> i can't believe it. pick it up. let's go. >> at number one? >> number one is yassar college. >> so well deserved. >> here they come. >> are you yassar grads? >> no, they work here. we brought in eight-year college students. >> when we start to think about vassar, numbers don't like. $45,000 this year. bringing it down to $16,000 for the average student. >> food. the best food. who has a good cafeteria? >> so many schools. top 20 list we put together. bowden is second on the list.
9:42 am
so deserving number one spot, first time this school made it is university of massachusetts at amherst. the flagship. my word. look at who we have here. a little surf and turf. savory and sweet. that was a five-step recipe for you to make. >> do they hire a famous chef or something? >> they have a series of different chefs. there are four main dining halls. 18 different cafes. two food trucks. delivery service. it's a glorious place academically and nourishing the body and mind. good stuff. >> final category is quality of life. >> pork belly category. went out to 140 students. everything outside the classroom. are you happy? is the food good? are beds comfortable? what's the interaction with faculty members on campus. there are some terrific schools that we're focusing on here.
9:43 am
number one -- here. k. state. number one this year is virginia tech, which is hoda's school. i know. so well deserved. >> are you ready? >> hokey, hokey, hokey, hi. tech, tech, tech, vpi. deanna! she's a future hokey. >> so cute. >> you did it. >> congratulations. my gosh. virginia tech is an awesome school. such great school. 24,500 students. a poll just surveyed alum that said over half said they found their perfect fit as a graduate. >> congratulations. >> robert, thank you very much. >> for top ten list of each category and more, head to
9:44 am now over to dylan with the weather. >> i want to add dining hall at bush campus on rutgers university was top notch. just throwing that out there. we are looking at a chance of stronger storms today especially out ahead of this cold front moving through the midwest and stretching back down into texas. it's not looking like these storms will be that severe but we could still see some heavier downpours. perhaps one to three inches of rain falling in a short period of time. tomorrow we really need to focus on what will happen in florida and north carolina as these tropical systems kind of waiver through these areas. we could see as much as 10 to 15 inches of rain by the end of the a few shower sz quickly clearing north erp california.
9:45 am
san jose upper 60 closer to san francisco. we'll see cooling around san francisco and valley temperatures in the low 80s. >> that's your latest forecast. >> up next, he's a long way from the oc. wheeling and dealing in miami in the new crime drama. talking about the chips reboot. >> can't wait. >> first year of fatherhood. a lot going on. hi, i'm dominique wilkins. when you have type 2 diabetes, like me, there's a moment of truth. and with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in three ways-- in the stomach, the liver and the pancreas.
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it's all about eyelove, my friends. the honey in honey nut cheerios likes to take its sweet time. [sighs] that's why we make them for you. back on "today." adam brody is here. i watched last night on crackle. he's got a new series right now called "start up." this is in the world of finance and crime and bad fathers. >> bad fathers are part of it. certainly. i would say the main centerpiece
9:50 am
is digital currency. sort of like bit coin. criminal elements encircle us and drama ensues. >> how do you do your research? >> great question. they gave us a binder with a lot of bit coin articles. it's so dense. i'm not going to do a good job here now explaining it at all. i only understand this much. it's a huge concept. i did do some research. i just can't regurgitate it. >> i know i did it. >> everybody is in the game. crackle is -- is seinfeld paying for this? >> he pays for everything. >> he needs to. martin freeman is in this. >> we do have wayne cramer in
9:51 am
it. newman. this guy is amazing. >> it's fun and serious then. >> look at that. >> martin freeman is amazing. he's so unhinged. like nothing you ever have seen him be before. >> powerful love scenes. we'll leave it there. >> he really does. primarily talking about the love scenes. >> i was talking about your mustache in "chips." >> not my first mustache on screen. >> did you struggle? >> look at that. >> i struggled to keep it off. >> that's actually your hair? >> yes. it's my hair. >> how do you think you look there. do you like that look? >> i love it. i tell you the other thing, this is a secret. it does acting for you. if you put on a big mustache, you don't have to do much and it's saying a lot.
9:52 am
>> easier research than bit coins. >> it starts the character and it becomes itself. >> have you seen sam elliott without a mustache? >> i have seen him once up in the air he did it. >> once you get a stash you own it. "chips" reboot. you're a detective? >> fbi agent. i'm superior to detective. i'm angry because michael keeps shooting me throughout the movie accidentally. >> instead of the cheech played by chris pines father, they are going female with chief. great chief. >> very good. great together. >> you don't do social media. bill ji juy just abandoned twit.
9:53 am
>> it's too mean. >> are you thinking about getting on? >> maybe. it's not a hard line stance. it's more like it hasn't been a necessity. i'm not that interested. >> don't. stay pure. you're a lucky man. >> i know you want to go to commercial but you can't. i'm losing out on the lexicon so there are acronyms i lose out on. >> we're back after this. >> this is "today" on nbc. (scal): good day, m'lady!
9:54 am
9:55 am
i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
9:56 am
wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at anchts nice sunrise. we'll see temperatures climbing into if 60s, 70s and 80s.
9:57 am
gusty conditions on the coast. south bay temperatures in the low 80s. as we approach labor day weekend trend aing a little bit cooler. now to see what's happening here is mike. >> it will get really heavy and start to clear out now. we zoom in over here to the south bay. 87 to 85. a little stall audiotape up here. keeps things very slow. a smooth drive across the bridge. 101 approaching the lane shift it is slow down here. back to you. a teen accused of being afake doctor was earrested. he faces charge of larceny and
9:58 am
fraud. he was accused of stabbing two men with a screwdriver. read more on witneour website a have more about chris brown's mansion. all of that on twitter.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> not so naft. >> hello, everybody. it's bze day tuesday, august 30th. that's ready, set, roll by chase ride. >> he's going to be with us in a little bit. do you have a friend who is wearing two necklaces and they are all tangled up. >> i can't fix it. >> i think you're going the wrong way. >> no. >> all right. >> during commercial break i'll get that for you. >> okay. he is here. come a long way from his tv stint on "survivor." opening tour for d


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