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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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won't say why. hayward p-d is now the latest in a string of departments with trouble at the top. kris//cu good morning, and thanks for j a police chief is off of the force and they will not say why. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez. paid on min straytive leave because of a confidential investigation. she has been the hayward chief for six years and has decades of law enforcement work under her belt here in the bay area. what is the city saying of this matter, and what is the reason they're giving you for not saying more? >> good morning, kris.
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they're not saying much this morning regarding diane stewart. i tried to speak to police and they passed me along to the city manager. they said this chief will be on a paid administrative leave. they said that hayward police that the details are still confidential. steward started her career in 1996, working her way up before becoming the first woman to lead the force. the details are confidential, and for the time being captain mark kohler has been appointed acting chief. new at 11:00, berkeley has
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had it's first homicide of the year. alex goodwin was found shot outside of his family's home. he was taken to the hospital where he died of his injuries. it was berkeley's first homicide of 2016. police ask that if you have any information you give them a call. and three suspects are wanted for questions about beating a man. no word on whether or not the suspect stole anything else, we know the victim suffered cuts but it expected to be okay. >> vietnamese gang members arrested in an operation known
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as gang of thrones will be in court. they were accused of many things including having gambling machines. and a decision about how to handle the growing issue of not enough patrol officers. they could approve a state of emergency, but this is not exactly what happens during a natural i did as sere. the shoes police department has 176 fewer officers than it did a year ago. because of that san jose police officers are already working hand tire overtime arguing about five hours a shift. some have taken to sleeping in rvs on city property because the turn around is not long enough
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to get back home. the swing shift is ten officers short. there was also a shortage of officers for the day side shift as well. so it allows them to shift officers. there will be more officers on patrol but the dlpt be understaffed. >> we're going to do everything we can to enable, but we all know this is a band-aid and unless we get measure f approved by voters, it's all we have. >> it is a ballot finish that would undo all of the pension reform from years ago and puts in place production for officers injured on the job. a big island of hawaii is
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under a hurricane watch today. hurricane madeline is moving closer. it is expected to pass dangerously close to the island tomorrow. this image taken by nasa shows that it is well organized and 13 nautical miles wide. >> that storm at times today with a category 4 circumstance off to the best. and there is hawaii off to the west. as we go hour by hour late tomorrow to thursday morning, we will weaken to a category 1 hurricane. given the size of the storm, the flooding range possible, even into maui. and they will be seeing gusty winds and heavy rain. some of that moisture has been aiming in on the bay area this morning. that is moisture from hawaii that guided by this system, just
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a few showers, 75 in san jose, san francisco, temperatures in the mid 60s on their way to upper 60s today. a trough of low pressure is settling in. could we see more showers in our holiday weekend forecast? we'll look at that coming up in just a minute. >> thank you, rob. former stanford swimmer brock turner is expected to be released from prison after only half of his six month sentence because of good behavior. transcripts restlael he laughed at the good samaritans that stopped the sexual assault. it happened at stanford behind a dumpster. he was sentenced to just six
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months in jail which lead to several questions. and the owners of this dog are accused of putting the dog in scalding liquid and waited weeks to get it treatment. >> the burning death of 2-year-old sprocket has animal lovers outraged. >> the dog was suffering horrendously. >> paul joseph crowder is being charged with animal cruelty.
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a ves said the dog was intentionally burned. >> i think the dog was lowered into a scalding liquid. >> investigators said his girlfriend, who lived in san bruno waited 12 days before taking o him to the vet. >> he died from his injuries. >> a cup of boiling water accidently spilled into his crate was the story they said. they are facing felony charges. >> they are holding someone accountable for causing that much pain to an animal. >> lejon is expected in court, and crowder will be facing more charges. and a person shot and killed
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at least three sea otters. the otters washed asnore three separate areas. there is also a fourth sea otter being investigated. >> we consider this a serious information, sea otters are threatened, they're protected federally and by the staete of california. and you have probably passed by this sign if you life in the south bay. it could be a step closer to becoming a landmark. the county's board of supervisor wills consider it later in a
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meter. they will not tear down the sign as they redevelop the plaza. and we're hoping to get a glimpse of future santa clara fairgrounds. the county is looking to redevelop 150 acres. apple hit with a big stax bill. scott mcgrew has more on that coming up. if you feel like it is a struggle here in the area, you're not alone. the dream of owning a hope is getting harder for so many people. and the epipen outrage. parents are fighting back against the company that hiked the price of that drug by 400%. jones is down 80 points. a look at the markets. dow jones is down 80 points.
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dow jones is down 80 points. s&p down 8. a little good news, continued confidence is up just a bit. dow jones down 80 points. nasdaq down 22. apple was hit this morning with a massive $14.5 billion tax bill. another company may will close. yeah, google could be news. ireland has attracted companies with low tax rates, but the eu said for a long time that it is
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not fair. this is not a fine, this is not a penalty, this is just back taxes. now as far as what tim cook said about all of this, he said we received guidance from irish tax authorities on how to comply correctly with irish tax law. apple follows the law everywhere we operate and we pay all of the taxes we owe. but ireland was not paying enough. >> we knew this was coming, layoffs at virgin america. they confirm to me that 220 americans of the management team will be let go. this does not affect pilots or flight attendants.
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>> thank you very much. new details in the cisco layoff. the company will cut roughly 900 jobs in san jose. they plan to eliminate 6500 jobs all together. that is about 7% of the worldwide workforce. cisco says they're restructuring. >> if you were thinking the terms millennial and home ownership is not commonly used together in the area, you are right. it found that 18 to 34-year-olds in san jose have the low rate of home ownership in the fashion. los angeles and new york are
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close behind. . you will have to find somewhere else other than stanford university to fly your drones. stanford issued a new policy because they say their safety could be yep diezed by a drone. fact and students must obtain full approval before flying their unmanned machines. dozens of activists are facing outraged consumers today. the outrage continues to grow over the price of the epipen that now costs as much as $600 for two. that is a 400% increase since
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2009. they plan to introduce a generic version of the drug. today, we will see primaries for several politicians affected by the presidential campaign. tracy potts has more on that. >> debbie wasserman shultz, john mccain, and kelly ayotte all facing reelections today. >> build strong borders, build a wall and illegal immigration. donald trump is preparing to lay out specifics. they call it guaranteed amnesty as he is going after black
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voters apologizing for tweeting this photo of hillary clinton in black face. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. >> top aide announced she is splitting from anthony weiner. >> she is like family not just to hillary clinton but that campaign. they called the ties to the couple bad judgment. and said that weiner would have gotten classified information. speaking of e-mails, a central judge is giving the state department until mid october to turn other documents about her tifss.
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donald trump made a low-key stop, but a big time fundraiser. he visited the home of paul cox in woodside. one neighbor had a hillary sign affixed to her horse. >> i think he has gotten too much press. so i brought my own inflammatory statement. >> he met with about had 40 guests that paid about $45,000 each. a similar trump event planned for last night didn't happen though. i don't liex to look ahead to the weekend too early, but it's
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a holiday weekend. >> yeah, 65, one of the sunnier days we have seen so far. shoes now, sky starting to clear here. 75 degrees, hazy sunshine, 74 in dublin. between 2:00 and 3:00 today. earlier we had a nice sunrise. we saw tropical moisture coming into hawaii. now we will see a few high clouds at times on the coast. watch out on the coastal hill tops. as we head towards the evening, more high clouds, could be a nice sunset. no showers expected from those clouds. increasing wind speeds, too.
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you see that with gusts at times for your evening drive that could get close to 30 miles per hour. u the north bay, temperatures in the low 80s. as the seven-day forecast shows, temperatures are about to run cooler as we head towards the labor day weekend. san francisco cooling off as we approach friday. five to eight degrees below average. the tropical low pressure drops in. a soggy labor day weekend. that is the second half of labor day weekend. late sunday to monday, may begin to see high pressure make a come back. the second half of labor day weekend. we expect temperatures to begin to climb on up. the seven-day outlook as you see there on the right-side of the
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screen, labor day likely the warmest day we will see. temperatures only dr no sign really of any 90s in the forecast for the next seven days. >> thank you very much, rob. coming up next, mixed reactions to colin kaepernick. the people who are criticizing the 49ers quarterback, and the ones defending his right to sit down during the national anthem. l.a. health officials are saying more than 700 patients had their personal information stolen after an employee had their car broken into. and an investigation is under way at the home of rapper chris brown. police got a call this morning from a woman asking for help. more news after the break. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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the topic...we know this... colin kaeprnick has the nation talking. ==kris//rail== there is hardly a lockerroom, office or family room -- that isn't weighing in passionately. a big part of ka regardless of where you stand on the topic, many people have an opinion about colin kaepernick. a big part of his protest is criticism of police officers. we have more with how law enforcement is reacting. >> he can come out and see
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exactly what we do. >> a deputy reacted to colin kaepernick's decision to protest what he calls are wrong doings about african-americans and minorities in the united states. >> people are really talking about it. >> and dissecting everything he says, including this. >> when i said a curling iron has more education and training than people going out on the streets with a gun. >> the fran police officers association sending out a letter today from the nfl on down to kaeperni kaepernick. are you going to be a person that goes out and does something about it, or be the monday morning quarterback who criticizes and does nothing about it.
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>> i support people that support their opinions. >> usf professor of politics james taylor says kaepernick should not be talking, especially here in the bay area. black lives matter was started here. he should not be trying to get undue recognition for himself. >> meanwhile, donald trump is also weighing in on kaepernick's protest. yesterday he addressed it in a statement saying i think it's a terrible thing. and you know, maybe he should find a country that works better for him. let him try, it won't happen. the road to the 2018 winter olympics will gor through shoes. the u.s. figure skating championship will be held at the shark tank. trials will begin in december of
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2017 and will end in early january 2018 just weeks before the olympics in south korea. >> there is such an incredible legacy of skating, not just the skaters that grew up and trained here, but showcased amazing talent at big-time events. >> that was bay area olympian kristina yamaguchi. coming up, an escape attempt at a south bay jail, and the man who could not wait one more day to be released. as summer comes to a close, hurricane season begins with a bang as the mifirst major storm heads to the carolinas. the atlantic ocean and is headed
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toward the north carolina outer banks. the winds e a massive tropical depression has turned north and is now headed for north carolina's outer banks. the winds are expected to increase more than 40 miles per hour with heavy rain as well as the storm moves closer this afternoon. mike sigh de-- seidel. >> we're watching a tropical storm, and the residents are now at all concerned. the worst of this will be gusty winds, maybe locally heavy downpours today and tonight. we lost a little sand. high tide this morning only came up to about here. last night's high tide went all of the way up here to almost the
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lifeguard stand. tropical depression nine is down in the gulf of mexico. that is forecasted to track off shore on friday that we won't get any direct impact, but it will be a surf and rip current issue. i'm mike seidel in killdevil hills, south carolina. those folks on the east coast do need to prepare. >> yeah, the strongest hurricane we're seeing right now at this hour. they're well off shore. she here is a look at the tropical depression. rapidly accelerating away from the east coast. it will strengthen and become a tropical storm. aiming in there, winds 60 to 70 miles per hour. and then cross the atlantic and impact the outer banks again
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with more wind and rain. the strongest landfall of the bunch is just off of the pacific. it could be a category one hurricane there. hurricane watches already in effect there. we did tell you earlier about the hayward police chief being put on paid administrative leave, but they're not the only one in turmoil. there is a nationwide search in oakland for the next police chief. this includes holding meetings so that members of the community can also put in their voice. over the summer, a sex scandal rocked the department and three chiefs temperatured down or were forced out. the mayor says she hopes to hire the next police chief by early
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next year. and the san francisco police department also scrambling. focusing on finding a replacement for the former chief who resigned in may. a brazen attack at one of san francisco's most popular parks. a group of eight to ten men chased the victim through the park and beat and stabbed him at a nearby intersection. the victim remains in critical condition this morning. so far there have been no arrests. if you have any information, you're asked to call the sfpd. and a case between a death row inmate and a school teacher. guards notices she was bringing in food, which is not allowed.
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when they searched her, they found 18 phones and charges along with heroin that was under her coat. it was for this man, bruce millsap, who is on death row for killing 18 people. >> a prisoner scheduled to be released from jail is serving more time because he tried to escape if happened on sunday, and surveillance video showed that he was in such a rush to flea, he tried to climb the fence and left his sandals stuck in the fence. the security cameras were just installed in the spring. he was scheduled to be released on monday, one day later.
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officials are trying to decide if a deer found with an arrow in it's side was killed illegally. they believe it was shot at close rang. hunting deer is legal in the county, but not within 150 yards of a resident. >> there is speculation whether or not it happened at another place and another animal dragged it it into another area. >> if wardens determine that someone hunted the deer in the area where it was found, that person could face misdemeanor charges. and new findings on the jaycee daugaards suit. she wants to sue the government for failing to supervise her
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captor. he violated parole 70 times before he kidnapped jaycee dugard. a retired police sergeant turned convicted felony came to the limelight when his fourth wife, stacey, disappeared. drew peterson's saga played out like a hollywood movie. blake mccoy has the story. he is deluted. a psycho path. a con man. >> he will spend the rest of his life in prison and that is where he belongs. >> it has been close a decade since drew peterson came into the national spotlight after his 23-year-old, fourth wife, stacey, went missing.
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>> drew wanted my sister. she didn't run off like he says. she would never leave her kids. >> volunteers joined in the extensive search while her disappearance captivated a nation, so did the behavior of drew peterson. >> when she disappeared under obviously unusual circumstances. he ran around with a hat, bandanna, and sun glasses. >> they revisited the death of his third wife, kathleen savio. with suspicion around him swirling, he spoke to matt lauer. >> can you look me in the eye and tell me that you had nothing
11:39 am
to do with the death of kathleen savio or stacey? >> he was charged with murdered his third wife and convicted and sentenced to 38 years in prison for savio's murder. >> he knows his trial wasn't fair, and he makes the best of it he can. he has books he is reading, works out a lot, and is just trying to pass the time until he can hopefully get out. >> stacy peterson still missing to this day. james glasgow has his own theory about what happened. >> he killed her to make her unavailable to testify in the trial for killing savio. >> i won't stop until i do. >> just last month, peterson was back in court, sentenced to an
11:40 am
additional 40 years for a murder to hire plot to kill the prosecutor that put him behind bars. it was recorded behind bars between peterson and a confidential informant. >> wlen it be done? i didn't think that he would be foolish enough to try to hire someone to kill me. >> whose biggest weakness is that he should follow the mantra keep your mouth shut. shut up. he who doesn't talk, walks. >> drew peterson will be eligible for parole in 2081. he will be 127 years old. whether or not you think he did it is totally different than was he proven guilt.
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>> as for peterson's young children, they're being raised by his eldest son. families of kathleen savio and stacey peterson are forbidden to see them, but pray they will be reunited some day. it looks like intel quarters with a trail known as the freedom footpath. why it may have to be closed and knocked down. >> the bay year. if you want help, call us and visit nbc bay responds. bridge toll plaza --
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a live look at the bridge this morning. it turns out drive a take extra care driving through the golden gate bridge toll plaza. drivers are crashing into the toll plaza more than ever. one possible solution is take the poll plaza out all together. they're considering just a simple measure structure above the lanes. a battle over a beloved bike path known as freedom pass. others may know is as the link leading riders into intel headquarters. peggy bunker has many with why this popular bridge may be shut down. >> every morning, first thing --
11:45 am
>> a rare stretch of freedom for bicyclists and pedestrians. the freedom bridge connects to the tech giant intel, but it could be going away. >> it's under permit from the water district. the permit from the water district may be expiring soon and intel does not need it as a corporation, but the employees enjoy the benefits of the bridge. >> the original use expires in mid september. intel colt have a private bridge over a public water way. and their considered liabilities with half of the bridge on their property and half of it not. >> intel not leaning either way gave us this statement. we're continuing to discuss the
11:46 am
bridge with the santa clara valley water district. bicyclists say they hope something could be worked out. >> i can see why they would not want to have the bridge any more if they're responsibility for anything that might happen, or do anyone on the bridge, but you would think there would be some kind of an arrangement that could be reached. >> that was peggy bunker reporting. if you're aware of the dispute, the assembly yesterday voted to unanimously bar concession airs from making trademark claims on any space. the national park service had to change several yosemite sites
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over a trademark battle. >> at least the view it free and free of any league wrangles. y yosemite did is a pleasant day. check out san francisco, right now 65 degrees. getting very close to 70 today. we departmeidn't see that any a. into san jose, hazy skies now. the winds will be an issue in the afternoon. quite gusty around the coastal hilltop. this afternoon, increasing to high clouds through the evening and patchy, coastal low clouds making a come back. here are the wind speeds at 15 to 25 miles per hour. the wind direction is helping us
11:48 am
out in terms of wind dreirectio. most of the smoke going off to the east. it is helping to really clear things out. wild fire smoke not so much of a problem, the gusty winds, we will have to watch those fires closely. the skies clearing around the bay area, air quality improving here but that may fire up some of the wild fires near the sierra and the central coast. clearing skies now if will throw another batch of clouds our way so we don't think we'll see as good of a chance of showers with the next batch that will come in. not so much for early afternoon but sunset and later this afternoon. you see mostly cloudy skies again as the clouds will thicken up. highs today around san jose. more high clouds approach this evening. the peninsula temperatures in
11:49 am
the mid to upper 70s. low 80s around the north bay. you could see numbers in the mid to upper 80s for today. the seven-day outlook shows that the temperatures will trend cooler again approaching friday and sad. why that is happening in the labor day forecast coming up. but we want to look at the trivalley. mid to upper 80s all due to another tropical pressure here. summer is done there. rain and breezy conditions. keeping temperatures mild through saturday and by sunday and monday we may see the high make a come back building back across the pacific. a seven-day outlook and the ten day outlook now towards labor day. seeing a warm up on monday and
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that could take us into next week. picture perfect outside for your labor day plans, breezy out near the coast. coming up, he brought smiles to millions of people hollywood is remembering gene wilder. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident
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food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. relatives say he died monday of complications from alzheimers disease. he was 83 years old. nbc's joe fryer takes a ok today hollywood is mourning gene wilder. he was 83 years old, and he passed away from complications from alzheimer's. >> if the good lord intended us to walk, he would not have invented roller skates. >> from "blazing saddles" to
11:53 am
"young frankenstein" to "the producer" some of his best work with mel brooks who fonldly remembered him on twitter saying he blessed every film we did with his magic and he blessed me with his friendship. that magic extended to his chemistry with the late richard pryor. >> i loved him, we were very close. >> one of his off camera loves, g gilda wagner. >> no life i know to compare with pure imagination. and he will be remembered most for playing willy wonka. >> gave kids clambouring all over him. >> if there is a heaven, gene
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wilder has a golden ticket. >> we'll be right back. comes to ordering pizza.
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pizza, those that use the service will get 20% off. i have used a phone app to order pizza, but not apple tv. >> even more tempting to order pizza. >> in your opinions are close to 70 in san francisco today. ta is different. temperatures in the low 80st tri-valley upper 80s. cooling, low to mid 60s in san francisco and low 80s across the valley by friday. a pleasant start for the upcoming weekend. thank you for joining us, our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. get the latest information at
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