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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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on a south bay freeway with several people onboard. the big question this morning, what caused that fire? plus, going south of the border. donald trump is heading to mexico today. a country that he's railed against in the past, just hours before highly anticipated speech on immigration. and b.a.r.t. perks. will you change your commuting habit it is you got paid for it? the transit agency is counting on it. "today in the bay" starts right now. halfway through our workweek. welcome to wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we are counting your temperatures this morning. at least rob is. for the most part 60s in the north bay. you have a specific direction for people. >> off the map, get a jacket
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this morning. santa rosa this morning waking up to 52 degrees. fall is around the corner. dry air. quite chilly this morning. 61 in san jose. around the peninsula, mild start to the morning. towards the afternoon, filed mild temperatures today, breezy at times around the tri-valley. highs today in the mid 80s. now for your first check of your wednesday commute, mike. >> looking at the speed sensors. looks great. no problems. no surprises. i do want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza. over the course of the last half hour two or maybe three vehicles came over to the hov lanes and had to wake the awkward cross. the diamond lane is for three or four at the bay bridge. i think they are confused with just two. it's all calm right now. back to you. certainly wasn't the scene last night. a wild one played out on 880 in season jose after a tour bus with passengers onboard caught fire. you can see the video, the fire started in the back of the bus where the engine is located.
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the chp says everyone was able too get off the bus. luckily no one was hurt. bob redell is live at this tour bus company's office in san jose. does the company say anything about what caused the fire? >> reporter: no comment yet from torres here on seven th street. it was around 9:40. one of the company's tour buses caught fire on northbound 880 at the exit in san jose. the videos you are mentioning shows how severe this fire was. it started in the back. possibly in the engine. moved forward. incinerating a third of the bus before the fire department was able to snuff it out. chp tells us there were several passengers along with the driver onboard who wul remarkably got out okay. >> this could have been a tragic situation. passengers and a bus catches on fire, able to get the bus safely stopped and all the passengers off the bus and away from the bus to a safe location.
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they weren't harmed. >> reporter: the accident did shut down all lanes of 880 for about 15 minutes. all lanes reopened within about an hour. now, the federal department of transportation does monitor and inspect this company and its vehicles. according to the d.o.t. online records, medina does have a handful of vehicle maintenance violations that mostly appear to be minor. not considered critical in the eyes of the d.o.t. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> almost a very major issue last night. thank you. a warning on the san jose state university campus with two women, the victims of indecent exposure. two different episodes by two different men happening in the last couple of days. the first lewd act was on monday inside mack quarry hall classroom. the man exposed himself to her. the second time was yesterday inside yuchi thda hall.
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near the campus a burglary pursuit turns into a bomb scare. officers were called into a possible burglary in progress on north fourth street. when police arrived they found signs of a burglary and a suspicious device. the bomb squad called in and detonated it. without enough officers to patrol the streets and concerns over public safety mounting san jose city leaders have followed through on an unusual move to declare a state of emergency to beef up police staffing levels. that could impact police work elsewhe elsewhere, especially for lower level crimes. the vote allows the department to reassign officers and investigators from other divisions directly to street patrol. developing news now out of the east bay. two people have died after being shot at an oakland park. we won't to check in with police who have been on that seen all
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morning long. the shootings happened around midnight at chavez park in oakland. the park is on 28th avenue and foothill boulevard. investigators are not releasing any information on the victims or the shooter at this point. 4:35. a very rare species of whales found dead in marin county in is the first beaked whale the marine mammoth center has responded to. 45-foot adult beaked whale washed ashore. nearly a dozen biologists have looked at it. it believe the whale was hit by some kind of ship. a story hotly debated in the publish court of opinion gets some new life this morning. a new pocket of people showing some increasing support for colin kaepernick. the military. the #veteransforkaepernick is across twitter. they are standing up for kaepernick, so to speak. thousands of tweet from veterans
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and active members supporting his right to free speech and drawing attention to racial inequality. 49ers play thursday in san diego. president barack obama shortened the sentences of hunts of inmates including one east bay man. he went to prison in 1990 for selling crack cocoa cane. obama changed his sentence of 35 years to end in december. while serving his time reid has been working with the community and spent his time helping young people stay on the right path. president obama has commuted 673 sentences. that's more than the previous ten presidents combined. the cash or convenience? b.a.r.t. right now is offering to pay riders who are willing to shift their schedules off of peak hours. >> would you do it? b.a.r.t. calls it a perks program. the goal is to ease crowding on rush hour trains. b.a.r.t. has $300,000 from the federal government to offer those cash incentives. all you have to do is sign up with b.a.r.t. and every mile you travel you earn a point. if you travel off peak you can
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earn three points per mile and when you earn a thousand points you get a dollar. >> a dollar isn't exactly that much. >> i give you a buck if you miss it. >> no. not today. >> you miss enough of them you get a cup of coffee i suppose. b.a.r.t. said it will run the experiment for six months. >> at least they can entertain. coming up next, our investigative unit is looking into a rare form of stolen identity cases that can put you in a whole heap of trouble. that story is next. 61 degrees in san jose. tracking warmer weather to arrive for labor day weekend. and as you would expect the north bay moves smoothly right here. san rafael no problem. construction crews around the bay. plus, assisting an officer. bystander jumps in to help a bay area police officer catch a
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suspect. we'll hear from him, coming up. you're watching "today in the bay." students, that's been remedied.
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"westlake elementary" in daly city will reopen today-- an unsanitary situation for students that's been remedied. westlake ielementary is going t be open today. it was closed yesterday after sue warnlg started to back up and flood the bathrooms. plumbing crews unclogged the system. just as importantly, disinfected the bathrooms. and investigative unit exclusive.
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last year the u.s. secret service investigated more than 20,000 cases of stolen identity that cost americans $1.2 billion. >> our investigative unit uncovered more in city's rare form of stolen identity that can take your freedom. they take you behind the scenes of one of the fastest evolving crimes in america, id theft. they're just not hijacking people's credit card, their entire life and history and identity. some victims are facing criminal charges for things they did not do because the thieves commit crimes using the stolen identity. >> i was going through my credit report and saw contra costa county. oh, i thought it was a book overdue. something benign. i called, i committed a crime and everything else. come into the station. i said, um, actually, you know, i'm in new york. she's like, oh, really? okay. so now you're a felon. >> the fbi and secret service focus resources on the problem.
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even so it continues to cost billions of dollars in lost money every single year. coming up tonight our investigative unit talks about experts on the front line and shows us how current state lu may not even protect you if you become a victim. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. if you have a story for us you can call our tip line at 888-996-tip or send us an e-mail to a bystander jumped in to help subdue a shoplifting suspect. >> it happened 11 days ago when the officer tried to stop a suspicious man leaving a cvs when the officer confronted the suspect, he says the suspect punched him. a private investigator who just happened to be drinking coffee nearby noticed what was happening and stepped in to help out. >> so i jogged over and kind of bent down and said, hey, do you need some help? >> i was like, yes, please. control his upper body. between the two of us, probably 20 seconds and he was quickly in
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custody. >> just see if you can step in and hold him back. the officer actually did manage to handcuff the suspect quickly before that situation escalated any further. coming up, hawaii under hurricane warnings. rob tracking two systems headed towards the islands. it's all next.
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pretty good night for some household names in the political world. republican no, sir marco rubio and john mccain democratic representative debbie wasserman
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schultz all won their primaries last yith. rubio, wasserman schultz won in florida, mccain in arizona. all three move on to the november elections. donald trump heading south of the border today. >> to the surprise of many he's been very critical of mexico. the republican candidate is meeting with the mexican president later this afternoon. trump made that announcement on twitter last night. he also said, quote, he is looking forward to it. this meeting will happen just hours before trump is expected to make a major speech on his immigration policy at an event in phoenix. "the washington post" reports that president enrique also invited hillary clinton to meet with him as well. no word yet if mrs. clinton accepted. today hillary clinton is expected to speak at the american legion. singer kris is out of jail after posting a $250,000 bail. brown is in trouble with the law after he pointed a gun at a woman. brown turned himself in to engine la police officers yesterday after initially not
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cooperating. a woman claims brown threatened and pointed a gun at her while she attended a ert a at his house. brown denies any wrong doing and posted a message on instagram bashing police. >> when i called the police for stalker people that are invading my life they don't come until the next day. let somebody make a [ bleep ] allegation about me and, oh, yeah, the whole [ bleep ] s.w.a.t. team. i'm innocent. >> back in 2009 brown assaulted his then girlfriend rihanna and sentenced to probation, community service, and domestic violence classes. let's take you to a whole new perspective here. talking about the hurricanes we've been tracking with the international space station took this shot of hurricane lester. right now hurricane lester and madeline are churning in the pacific ocean heading towards hoo what we. >> the image of lester was taken at its peak earlier this week. when the system was a category 4 hurricane. both systems, because that one
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looks big there, are said to be weakening. >> don't be fooled by that as rob has been telling us this morning, as we watch these hurricanes, they're still strong wind speeds are still in the 80-mile-per-hour range. >> you talk about a storm from 140 miles per hour to 80 miles per hour, sustained. if you super impose that on the bay area, wind gusts up to 50 and 60. that causes damage. so here's another view of the two hurricanes approaching hawaii. lester actually still a category 4 hurricane this morning but madeline is the one we're watching as it will track. south of the big island later today as a category 1 hurricane. but given the size of the storm, even though the pocket shows you it may move south of the big island, tropical storm force winds and heavy gusty winds all of the way up to maui and heavier rain possible across the big island right around 5:00 to 8:00 and 10:00 now you see madeline passing here. wind speeds up to 40 to 50 miles per hour outwards towards maui. towards tomorrow morning that system begins to clear. then it will be watching lester
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which may make an approach on hawaii by friday. chilly start. 52 degrees. 60s around the rest of the bay area. fairly mild. high clouds which made for the gorgeous sunset last night, now heading off towards the east. in their place, patches of low clouds on the coast. and mostly sunny skies inland as we head through the afternoon today. all day sea breeze keeping our temperatures running below average across the valley today. with high temperatures in the low eight t80s around san jose. upper 60s. 80 in palo alto. north bay temperatures in the low to mid 80s. tri-valley again today. mostly in the mid a80s. seven-day forecast trends cooler for san francisco. and for inland locations, here's what to watch for now. labor day and early next week, warmer weather coming back. could see 90s as we approach monday and tuesday out towards the tri-valley. we'll be watching your tri-valley commute right now with mike. >> that's right. we have a new crash to report.
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looking at most of the bay and in fact in the fremont, sunol area, speeds at their limit. but 680 we're watching just around washington. coming around the bend out of sunol and in toward the rest of fremont. a crash may be moving to the right shoulder over the next few minutes. no slowing on the scene. coming off the dublin interchange or into the dub bin interchange, this traffic. west 580 toward dublin out of livermore. a smooth, easy drive right now. we'll look at the bay bridge as well. from our emeryville camera, sparkling lights and easy flow into or out of san francisco. the clouds not affecting our drive at all. back to you. >> thanks, mike. in business news this morning, watch out uber, here comes google. mountain view tech giant is getting in the ride sharing business. >> is there room to share on the road? >> get over. >> the question for that and the rest of the news we turn to our woman landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you both. it's been one day of one day
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down for wall street this week. futures are flat this morning. stocks slipping tuesday as investoring continue to weigh the odds of the fed raising interest rates in the near future. growing number of people who believe the fed will move at its next meeting in three weeks if the monthly jobs report on friday comes in strong. the dow falling 44 points to 18454. the nasdaq down 9 to 5222. meanwhile, google may be moving in on uber's turf. a carpooling program in the san francisco area involving its waze app. if it's successful it could be expanded elsewhere. waze aims to make fares low, 54 cents per mile to discourage drivers from operating as taxis like they would with uber or lyft. sears is bringing back the paint department as the strong housing markets has encouraged people to take on i'm home improvement projects. 2400 projects and paint
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accessories and dedicated sales team in every store. they previously stopped selling paint in 2012. >> time to pick a color. it's 4:52. coming up, the zika virus making theme parks take action. resorts like disney are not taking the threat of zika lightly. the safety measures resorts and theme parks are taking to keep their guests safe and protected from the virus. but first, happening root now, california lawmakers are supporting an experiment with a new method of casting ballots in lieu of going to neighborhood voting places. you can read that story on plus, for two men, members of their community joked that the two resembled each other's parents. now 41 years later they know why. the men were switched at birth. put a link to the story on our facebook page. we're back in two minutes.
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disney world is in orlando. now passing out free bug spray. that's because the zika virus continues to spread in florida. not just disney, but universal and seaworld also offering mosquito repellant. companies say they're doing this out of abundance of caution. there have been more than 40 locally transmitted cases in zika in florida. a new route for jetblue rewriting the history books. the airline is going to begin flights from florida to cuba making the first commercial airline to fly between the u.s.nd island nation in more 50 years. >> you're right. jetblue is. proved by the department of transportation for round trip flights to cuba. u.s. law prohibits tourists travel to cuba but a dozen of categories of authorized travel including family visit,
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journalist visits and educational activities. check out south bay's newest official landmark. the carousel sign at cambrian park. they gave their thumbs up to designating the sign as a landmark. the plaza was built in 1953. not sign looks like that or anything. the new owners plan to redevelop that plaza but keep that memory alive. stick around for another 50 or 60 years. superstar sell lcelina was love her fans. >> her fans got a special gift from mad same. >> was the the "dreaming of you." she was shot and killed by you land do sal very in text in 1995. i believe it was her manager. she was only 23 years old. >> it was. >> long time coming there.
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>> more than her music and legacy living on, her figure. a legendary athlete standing up right now for kol pin kaepernick and supporting his protests not to stand during the national anthem. that's coming up. right now at 61 degrees in san jose. hour by hour forecast for san jose keeping temperatures below average for now but 90s are back in your seven-day forecast. when to expect them. coming up. rob is talking about the temperatures rising. we're at the high rise in san mateo. the bridge moves well. on the right, the flat section, we'll give you an update getting close to the bay bridge, coming up. plus, freedom granted. east bay man gets a second chance at life after president obama shortened his prison sentence. we'll hear from the prisoner's family and why they say he deserves to be free. bob
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a tour bus sgoes up in flames in the south bay freeway. i'm bob redell. we'll have that story coming up. a disturbing trend right now on a south bay campus. the search to find two flashers at san jose state. growing support for colin kaepernick this morning. the group you wouldn't expect that's coming forward to back the 49ers quarterback after a protest during the national anthem. "today in the bay" starts right now. wednesday morning. halfway through that workweek. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're halfway through the
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workweek, almost through with august. it's last day. >> you're right. >> summer, i hate to say this -- >> spoil sdplit with -- it comes to an end. can you tell outside? >> there's froof thproof this mn the forecast, the sign that fall is around the corner. check out your morning temperature. in santa rosa, it's 53 degrees. yes, it's summer but get a jacket this morning if you're heading out around the north bay. by the afternoon, low 80s in the forecast. mid eight tiz around the tri-valley and san jose. upper 60s closer to san francisco and watching your commute on this early wednesday morning. once again, here's mike. >> summer has ended for my kids today as well. thigh they've finally start school here in the fremont area. yes, back in school as well. looking at a smooth drive around the bay. that crash i was watching on 680 in fremont hasn't presented any slowing. no lanes blocked. no problem getting over toward the bay bridge. show you the toll plaza. over the next half hour this will dramatically change from


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