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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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workweek, almost through with august. it's last day. >> you're right. >> summer, i hate to say this -- >> spoil sdplit with -- it comes to an end. can you tell outside? >> there's froof thproof this mn the forecast, the sign that fall is around the corner. check out your morning temperature. in santa rosa, it's 53 degrees. yes, it's summer but get a jacket this morning if you're heading out around the north bay. by the afternoon, low 80s in the forecast. mid eight tiz around the tri-valley and san jose. upper 60s closer to san francisco and watching your commute on this early wednesday morning. once again, here's mike. >> summer has ended for my kids today as well. thigh they've finally start school here in the fremont area. yes, back in school as well. looking at a smooth drive around the bay. that crash i was watching on 680 in fremont hasn't presented any slowing. no lanes blocked. no problem getting over toward the bay bridge. show you the toll plaza. over the next half hour this will dramatically change from
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completely empty to completely full by 5:30. back to you. a tour bus is more than a dozen people onboard up in flames. it all unraveled on a busy san jose freeway overnight. the fire is now out but the investigation into how this happened is just beginning. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san jose with the latest on that investigation for us. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. it will be up to the california highway patrol to figure out what caused one of medina tour buses based on seventh street, caused one of their bus toes go up in flames. this happened around 9:40 last night. this bus was headed northbound on 880 at the exit when it had to pull over and you can see what happened. the video shows how severe this fire was. it started in the back. possibly in the engine and started to move forward. it incinerated about a third of the bus before the fire department was able to put it out. chp tells us there were several passengers along with a driver onboard who all remarkably got out okay. >> fire department did respond.
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we shut down the interstate for about 15 minutes while they were able to get fire under control and extinguish it. there was several passengers on the bus. and passengers and driver were able to safely escape the bus and they were taken off the freeway to a safe location. and the tour company provided another bus to take them on their journey. >> reporter: and all lanes of that section of 880 were reopened within about an hour. now, the federal department of transportation does monitor and inspect this company and its vehicles. according to the online records provided by the d.o.t., medina tours has had a handful of vehicle maintenance violations that mostly appear to be minor. not critical in the eyes of the department of transportation. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> this would certainly get their attention, though. a warning sent out on the san jose state university campus with two women, the victims of
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indecent exposure. there were two episodes by two different men all of which happened in the last couple of days. the first lewd act was on monday inside macquarrie hall classroom. a man expoeed himself to her. the second incident was yesterday inside of yuchida hall. the men ran away. police in v. not made any arrests mpl right now a typically that place that kids play and now it's a crime scene. two people are dead after being shot at an oakland park. we continue to check in with police who have been on the scene all morning long. those shootings happened around midnight at chavez park in the oakland. the park is on 38th avenue and foothill boulevard. investigators are not releasing any information on the victim or shooter at this point. a peninsula teacher's aide caught having an inappropriate relationship with a minor is expected in court today. 22-year-old rodriguez will appear in a redwood city
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courtroom this morning. he worked at sequoia high school accused of engaging in sex acts with a 15-year-old boy from the same school. investigators say gustavo videotaped an encounter with the teen. the teachers aide has pleaded not guilty. all right. history made of sorts. president obama has shortened sentences of hundred of inmates including one east bay man. daryl reid of san leandro went to prison in 1990 for mufrerring and selling crack. mr. obama changed his original sentence of 35 years to end in december. now, while serving his time reid has been working with the community. we're told he spent time helping young people stay on the right path. criteria factored in that decision. his son tells us reid was also very giving even during his darkest days. >> when you meet people in the community and you meet people that knew my dad, all they ever talk about is how giving he was. >> reid's mother and his son are
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waiting for his december release for a reunion. outside of prison walls. now, we said the history was made. president obama has commuted 673 sentences. that's more than the previous ten presidents combined. it is 5:05. a story that's been hotly debated in the public court of opinion. let's get new life this morning. new pocket of people are showing increase in support for colin kaepernick. it's the military. #veteran #veterans4kaepernick. they are backing kaepernick. thousand of tweets from veterans and active members supporting his right to free speech. 49ers play tomorrow in san diego. kaepernick also getting a helping hand from a legendary athlete who is now an activist, kareem abdul-jabbar. he spoke at the theater in san francisco to the common wealth club. he weigheded in on capper neck and his thoughts and penned an op-ed in the "washington post" this week. he called kaepernick's actions,
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quote, highly patriotic. he says more athletes should stand up for what they believe? >> i don't think that colin has to abide by that. he has to do what his conscience dictates. i think that's why he made the statement he made. >> in the audience last night was three-time nba champion bill cartwright. he says he agrees with kaepernick and hopes he can all work towards change. >> perhaps a change of plans for donald trump who is now heading south of the border today. the republican candidate is meeting with the mexican president later this afternoon. trump made that announcement on twitter last night. he also said that he's, quote, looking forward to it. this meeting will happen hours before trump is expected to make a major speech defining his immigration policy at an event in fence. "the washington post" reports that the president also invited hillary clinton to meet with him. no word if clinton has accepted. today the former secretary of state and democratic nominee is expected to be speaking at the
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american legion. a new poll, a national one shows the race is once again tightening with hillary clinton's lead shrinking. the latest nbc survey monkey poll shows clinton is maintaining a six-point lead over trump. last week at this time she had a national eight-point advantage. let's check the forecast right now with rob. you hear them all talk like this. and i'm ready for the election to be over. sorry. >> yes, maybe more pleasant numbers to look at this morning at least around san jose. low 60s to start. hazy skies. hour by hour through the morning. areas of drizzle out near the coast. and mild temperatures inland. turning windy again today. that's going to bring in more low clouds as you approach the evening and your school cast out at saratoga you will see temperatures today climbing into the mid atitys. overall temperatures still running slightly below average. low agencys around san jose. upper 60s closer to san francisco. peninsula, temperatures in the 70s. mid ati 80s in santa rosa. by early next week could see the
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numbers approaching the low 90s around livermore. now for a check of the south bay commute, here's mike. >> we're going to look all over the bay. smooth flow of traffic. we'll check that crash in freet month. it moved quickly to the shoulder now it's moved off. chp report no slowing south of sunol. pleasanton at speed. good start. look at the south bay, that live look talking about northbound 101. easy flow of traffic here. about another half hour we should see more traffic. that first burst for 101 and then things will calm down. right now everything is on the typical pattern. we'll send it back to you. coming up, taking action to stop a growing problem. what one bay area school district is doing to stop drugs and alcohol abuse in teenagers. plus, californians on the move driving up house prices all over the west. we'll take a look. rob has been tracking a one-two punch, two hurricanes barreling towards hawaii right now. the last-minute preparations under way as that island brace for what's next. g action against what
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community speaking out now. folks in the north bay are
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taking action against what they say is a growing problem. teen drug and alcohol abuse. >> that's right. dozens of students, parents, school and health officials packed a community meeting in san rafael last night there was a party bus that happened in june. police say they found 34 kids ages 15 to 17 onboard along with drugs, alcohol, and pills. teens say they have easy access to money around illegal substances. tired of the underage partying, one parent group started a group called the be the influence. organizing parents who will agree not to give kids access to drugs and alcohol. >> i think that parents want to be friends and not parents. they want their kids to be popular. and as long as their kids are getting straight as, they think that drinking and drug use is just a rite of passage. >> the public health department says early exposure to drugs and alcohol can lead to a lifetime of addiction. another problem affecting
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family, health experts in oakland are trying to raise awareness of what they say is a growing expanding health crisis tied to the city's housing crunch. soaring rents and inadequate low income housing in oakland are leading to higher stress levels. that is especially true for families on a limited budget. alameda county health leaders addressed the issues yesterday. they presented findings showing higher rates of hypertension and even asthma among those struggling to pay the rent or to stay in their homes. certainly not just oakland. >> i was going to say that. i'm sure you can find it in so many other areas because the prices continue to go up. scott mcgrew has been looking at the latest data for us. >> prices in the oakland, san francisco market up more than 6% on the year. we got the latest numbers from kay shiller. data combines san francisco and oakland in the same market. now, no matter how different we think those two cities are, but they are becoming more similar as san franciscons flee across the bay bridge looking for lower priced homes driving up the soak land home prices.
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case shiller says it's jumped 6.4% for the year. up .4% for the month. now, californians can be blamed for high prices in portland an seattle as well as the state, our state, sees a migration out. portland house prices up more than 12% on the year. seattle up 11%. a follow-up for you on that news we brought you as it broke tuesday. apple will have to pay a staggering $14.5 billion tax bill the require land. even ireland doesn't want the money. well, it could get worse. cnbc analyst points out apple could then deduct that from its american tax bill, meaning the tax american taxpayer will get less out of apple. the rest of the news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> good morning. futures are flat this morning. stocks slipping tuesday as investors continue to weigh the odds of the feds raising interest rates in the near
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future. there is a growing number of people who believe the fed will move at its next meeting in thee weeks if the monthly jobs report on friday comes in strong. dow falling to 18454. nasdaq down nine to 5222. scott, back over to you. >> all right. sam and la lawyura, flight deal. jetblue starts america's first regular service to cuba this morning with the first flight out 6:45 our time out of ft. lauderdale. it lands at, this sounds like home, santa clara, cuba. >> santa clara. >> okay. next, i got tickets for you. next wednesday -- >> sure, why not. >> i want to go. >> $181. >> let's go. >> which is incredibly affordable. that's out of ft. lauderdale but take the triplets to disney -- whatever it is they have. >> disney world. >> $144 back and again ft. lauderdale. still very restrictive. you still need the five reasons to go to cuba. it's not just a matter of getting a visa. >> family, journalist.
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>> charity is another one. fairly easy to get. >> or take a journalist. >> i know someone who went to cuba though and a company that monitors payments between friends, let's say, you put cuba up there for, say, your paypal, reimbursement, that will get flagged. >> for sure. >> they are watching. >> it is still in the middle of adjustment. soon you will be able to go with just a visa. but for now, yes, there are still a lot of restrictions. 118 bucks. >> so many changes over there. it would be nice to go early and see what it's like now. >> while the culture is industrial preserved. president obama is not taking flight. he's taking on a campaign to keep tahoe blue. he's making lake tahoe the first stop on a two-day environmental tour. the president is going to attend the 20th annual lake tahoe environmental summit. joined by other california leaders like governor brown and senator fine studeinsteifeinste. the environment is threatened by
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declining water quality, erosion. he leaves tomorrow for a conference in hawaii. international space station took this shot of hurricane lester. right now hurricane lester and marriedline are currently churning in the a pa sif fcific. hawaii's big island is under a hurricane warning. look at that. getting ready. stack sandbag on highways prone for flooding. state officials have also activated the emergency response center. >> as we talk about hawaii and the multiple hurricanes that are developing there, one of them, madeline, is very close. this is going to be a risk for some folks. >> hurricane warning up for the big island. looking at tropical storm force winds. moving in for the afternoon. even though the main center of the storm likely to pass south of the big island, the impacts billi being felt up to maui. hurricane lester right now, the stronger of the two.
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madeline used to be almost as strong but is weakening on hawa. likely to cross south of the big island later on this evening or late evening our time. and you will notice here the wind as the system moves through. es the are tropical storm force winds here. in the red and then some hurricane force winds moving through right around midnight and early tomorrow morning. the focus is from maui south. airports including kona, hilo and if you have flights around the bay area, check ahead. a lot of airports can see changes to airport operations as hurricane madeline moves through this evening. around the bay area, feels like fall around the north bay. 53 degrees to start right now. low 60s south of san francisco. we just have patches of low clouds out there for the morning. but this sea breeze will pick up again for the afternoon. look at that. as early as 5:00 and 6:00. right through the san bruno gap. more low clouds starting to come on in. with the all day sea breeze mild temperatures rain again today.
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we're going to look at highs in low 80s around san jose. 60s near san francisco. san mateo, 73. north bay location, highs in the low 80s. 87 in walnut creek. mid 80s around the tri-valley. temperatures holding steady and mild. at least through about saturday. and then as we head into the weekend, labor day weekend, looking forward to that. three-day weekend. things warming up. could be closing in on 90 degrees in a few spots across the valleys on monday. mike? >> you can still get a good start on the roadways. labor day actually the week after labor day begins the big commute. that continues to increase through thanksgiving where things drop off. a few more months of tough driving ahead of us. right now no problem. right on the roadways. we'll get you a look over here north of the bay bridge also. there's the north bay 101. and over here, the commute is just starting to come in toward this area and we know the migration is westward and north for the south bay. bay bridge toll plaza shows no problems or backup. live look at the camera. we do see the cash lanes
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starting out. another ten minutes and the build will kick in as the metering lights do as well. fremont getting done with the construction work. northbound at this site over here with the taillights. should have slowing around dickson landing road. back to you. sometimes it's tough for kids to go to school. coming up, unsanitary situation at a bay area school. the plumbing problem that kept hundreds of students home from school. to a daly city school
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at 5:22. students are expected to return to a daly city school today after it was shut down because of sewage issues. west lake elementary was closed after sewage started to back up and caused flooding in the rest rooms. while many students love the day off, school officials say canceling class even for a day has a huge impact. >> any time we need to cancel school it's a big inconvenience not just for our staff but our or students. it's a day lost for learning and the routine and so we took it very seriously. >> yesterday plumbing crews unclogged the sewer system and disinfected the rest rooms. hard to get to school, laura, because it's becoming so expensive. education leaders from across the state are right now working to expand access to colleges for california high school students. yesterday in oakland the east bay times reports some 400 college leaders discussed ways to expand the california promise
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program which assists young people. they want to expand the program to the local level for potential college students by bringing in more money for those who need assistance. last week sacramento lawmakers approved a measure to prioritize so-called promise students. the san francisco school district is expanding federal food subsidies for students. the government provides reimbursement for breakfast and lunch through the community eligibility program. this year the district says eligible students at 54 different schools will be able to eat for free. the examiner reports that that should cover nearly $150,000 in meal costs. last year fewer than 20 schools qualified for that same program. it is 5:24. santa clara county leaders are taking some concrete steps to ensure fewer mentally ill people end up in jail. supervisors yesterday approved a new recommendation meant to decrease the volume of mentally ill inmates within the county jail system. those actions are become taken the wake of the deadly beating death last year of mentally ill
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inmate michael tyree at the main jail in san jose. some of the new goals include providing more mental health screening and treatment programs along with behavioral health urgent care center. police have once again captured a woman who escaped while on her way to jail. the san pablo police arrested hutcher son yesterday. they've been looking for her since friday. officers launched a search because hutcherson disappeared while on her way to the county jail in martinez. but they called the whole thing off after a few hours. police say that hutcherson was also using her sister's name as an alias. singer chris brown is out of jail after posting $250,000 bail. brown is in trouble with the law after he allegedly pointed a gun at a woman. he turned himself into los angeles police officers yesterday after initially not cooperating with them. a woman claims brown threatened and pointed a gun at her while she attended a party at his house. brown denies any wrong doing and
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posted a message in fact on instagram bashing police. >> when i call the police, for stalker people that are invading my life, they don't come until the next day. let somebody like a [ bleep ] allegation about me pope, yeah, the whole [ bleep ] s.w.a.t. team. i'm innocent. >> back in 2009 brown assaulted his then girlfriend rihanna. he was sentenced to probation, community service, and domestic violence classes. coming up, police protection so important, laura to a community. right now a city is in crisis. the new plan to patrol the streets in san jose amidst police staffing emergency. and students at san jose state get an alert about a flasher. in fact, two of them. we'll tell you what we know about the two incidents. pete suratos in san francisco where a rally will take place later this morning in support of 49ers qb colin
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kaepernick. the big news is the support he'. we'll have the details coming up 3
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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. and a good morning on this wednesday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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you can feel fall in the air. it's the pumpkin spice. pancakes. >> they're talking candle,ism thinking football. whatever your definition of fall is. >> i can't wait. football, pumpkin spiced lattes. a little bit of both. >> loyer temperatures. >> yes. looking at low 50s. here's your taste of fall this morning. in the north bay waking up to 52 degrees in santa rosa. right now, a 3. by the afternoon, jacket to t-shirt weather. that's the story this time of year. mid 80s around the tri-valley and around the south bay. san francisco seeing the temperatures in the upper 60s. east bay, warmer spots and where mike is keeping his traffic eye this morning. >> as you see from the sensors what you would expect. move over north of the san mateo bridge. the commute starting to build coming off the carquinez bridge. out of the east bay. other areas toward the maze. bay bridge toll plaza, backup
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right on schedule. getting a break for a couple of more seconds. metering lights just tornadoing over as we will see this fill in. back to you. two women victimized. now a warning on a south bay campus if two flashers in two days at san jose state. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live there now with the search to find the men responsibility. good morning, kris. >> good morning, laura. good morning, sam. let's start by saying neither of the victims was physically hurt but surely a jarring experience for them. and police want to track down these men before this behaviores ask lates. now, the two incidents happened in two different locations on two different days. a woman told police that she was in a classroom on monday at macquarrie hall when she was flashed. on tuesday a woman told police she was flashed while sitting in a hey way at yuchida hall. the two are students. one is described only as a black man, the other one is described as either hispanic or indian man who was wearing a blue shirt and
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black basketball shorts at the time yesterday. now, if you are a student here at san jose state or you know somebody who is, there are blue lights around campus. that's one of the telephone poles that will link you directly to the san jose state police force. so they will get help if you need it. but again, two flashers are now being sought by campus police. at san jose state, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> kris, thank you very much. it was a wild scene that played out on 880 in san jose last night. what could have been a very dangerous scene after a tour bus with passengers onboard dauth fire from the back of the bus. it hoppappened shortly before 10:00. the fire was in the back of the bus where the engine is. the chp says the quick thinking driver was able to get everybody off the bus in time. there was several passengers on
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the bus. and passengers and driver were able to safely escape the bus and they were taken off the freeway to a safe location. >> it's not clear how many people were actually on the bus but the tour bus company did provide a second bus to get those passengers to their destination. the tour company has offices in san jose. now we don't know exactly what sparked the fire but "today in the bay's" bob redell has beening looking into this. he's at the company's offices. he will bring us a live report in half an hour. concerns over public safety mounting, san jose city leaders followed through an an unusual move to declare a state of emergency to beef up police staffing levels. that could impact police work elsewhere, especially for lower level crimes. the vote tuesday allows the department to reassign officers and investigators from other divisions to street patrol. >> we have a special unit that work on child pornography.
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for me i'm uncomfortable removing personnel from that division. >> chief eddie garcia, however, has two weeks to decide which divisions will be reshuffled. still no word from the city of hayward this morning about why police chief diane stuart is suddenly on administrative leave. the only thing city leaders will say right now is that they're investigating a personnel issue. one hayward school board member is critical of what's happening. he says the problems go straight to the stop of city government. >> it is a broken leadership. not only is the house broken but the house needs a lot of cleaning. >> the city is grappling with other controversies as well. one involving hayward's school superintendent who is currently on administrative leave after ray mcdonald spoke at one school despite facing sexual assault charges. it's 5:34. supporting colin kaepernick while he takes a seat. overnight support did emerge from a new corner for the embattled quarterback. the #veterans dl f #veteransfor
5:35 am
started trend on twitter. pete suratos is live in san francisco where a pro kaepernick rally will be held today. this happened four or five days ago that he refused to stand for the national anthem but still clearly has life and a lot of people talking. >> yeah, good morning, sam. that rally is going to take place as put on by the justice or mario woods coalition if n. front of the building around 11:00 a.m. this morning. of course, a police officer association has been critical of kaepernick, specifically his comments of what kaepernick believed was a lack of job training for officers. but the big news is the #veteransforkaepernick. a lot of the blowback on kaepernick came from folks who said he was disrespecting the veteran by sitting down during the national anthem at last friday's exhibition game against the green bay packers. many of the veteran on this hashtag tweet they fought their they're right for guys like kaepernick to keep his first
5:36 am
amendment rights and essentially for freedom of speech. last night he had nba great and activist kareem abdul-jabbar speaking in san francisco. he penned an op-ed for the "washington post" in support of kaepernick. here he is talking about that topic last night. >> i don't think that colin has to abide by that. he has to do what his conscience dictates. i think that's why he made the statement he made. >> now, the san francisco police officers association and alameda county sheriff's office have invited kaepernick to take part in their simulation training to see what these officers go through. no word on the kaepernick accepted the invite. and tomorrow night during the final exhibition game between the 49ers and san diego chargers, it is their annual military night and as far as we know kaepernick plans on once again sitting down during the national anthem. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> you know everyone will be watching. thanks a lot, pete. 5:36.
5:37 am
orinda police officer has one by stander to everything that for jumping in to help subdue a shoplifting suspect. >> this man was watching and doing something about it. it happened 11 days guy when the officer tried to stop a suspicious man leaving a cvs when the officer confronted that person he says the suspect punched him. a private investigator who happened to be drinking coffee nearby noticed what was going on and he stepped in to help. >> so i jogged over and kind of bent down and said, hey, do you need some help. i was like, yes, please. hey, control his upper body. >> between the two of us it was probably 20 seconds and he was quickly in custody. >> he still got his coffee. >> that's what i noticed, too. >> the officer handcuffed the suspect quickly before the situation escalated very further. >> very casual about it. i was just there to help. lots of people waking up to a warm cup of coffee this morning. a little cooler out there, rob. >> especially north of san francisco this morning. south bay temperatures not too bad. low 60s but check out the north
5:38 am
bay. 53 degrees right now around santa rosa and napa. 59 in san francisco. and our school cast at los ga s gatos. numbers in the mid 80s. low 80s near downtown san jose. upper 60s for san francisco. 73 around san mateo. north bay not too bad. no chances of isolated thunder like yesterday morning. tri-valley highs today nice and comfortable with the breeze picking up. highs in the mid 80s. tracking issues with a crash in san jose. >> we do have a crash. no major incident but i want to note because look at the bay. we have your typical backup at the bay bridge toll plaza as the metering lights are on. we also have this expected slowing north 101 that burst of traffic building as a crash reported here at story road. it should be off to the shoulder. the distraction, let's give you the live look at the camera north of there. this volume of traffic coming on the roadway. jamming up as typically does as folks merge off of 280, and 101 knob. right by the crash out of lanes
5:39 am
but good volume of traffic past the scene. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:38. very rare species of whale found dead in marin county. this is the first beaked whale the marine mammoth center has responded to in 41-history. 35-foot adult beaked whale washed ashore last week. nearly a dozen biologist have perform and necropsy. for months he's been criticizing mexico and illegal i'm grapts b into the u.s. now donald trump is headed to mexico. this in anticipation of a meeting with the mexican president before trump outlines his policies on immigration. plus, the growing wall between uber and google. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. imagine making money on your morning commute. b.a.r.t. is make that possibility. why some riders are not just convinced just yet. donald trump is taking a trip to
5:40 am
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call it a campaign curveball. donald trump is taking a trip to mexico. today he is expected to meet with the mexican president enrique pena nieto just hours before delivering a speech on illegal immigration. >> very interesting. "today in the bay's" tracie
5:43 am
potts is love in washington with more on what we can expect today. good morning, tracie. >> laura and sam, good morning. what you cannot expect is his campaign manager says is a change in policy even though they just announced overnight this trip to mexico. just before his speech tonight. that's still on. she says for donald trump it's a presidential trip and an opportunity to talk about not just immigration but trade. >> he is going to lead an administration that will end illegal immigration. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> reporter: donald trump's message in arizona tonight and mexico today, president enrique pena nieto confirms he's invited both candidates to visit. trump has 3% support in mexico's latest poll. hillary clinton's campaign in a statement says americans should pay close attention to what trump says here, whether he will
5:44 am
deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. trump's team says tonight's speech will contrast his policy with clinton's, which he'll call guaranteed amnesty. >> all we know is that something strange is going on. >> reporter: clinton's running mate is going after trump's ties with russia as the fbi suspects russia of trying to hack voting systems. >> don't you think the american voters deserve at least to get to the bottom of why trump's relationship with rush a is so cozy? i mean, what has he got to hide? >> reporter: house comes are asking the fbi to investigate. meantime, down ballot republicans -- >> our real last line of defense. >> reporter: -- seem to be holding their own. both john mccain and marco rubio won their primaries in arizona and florida. and as for hillary clinton today, she speaks to the american legion and she's picking up another endorsement from a former bush official. this a defense secretary assistant secretary from the
5:45 am
bush era will endorse her today before that speech at the american legion. back to you. >> all right. tracie potts, live from d.c. thank you very much. 5:44. for commuters who are coping with con jegested trains what i more important to you, cash or convenience? b.a.r.t. is now offering to pay riders willing to shift their schedules to off peak hours. b.a.r.t. calls this a perks program. it's to ease crowding on rush hour trains. b.a.r.t. has $300,000 from the federal government and is doling it out in the form of cash incentives. sign up with b.a.r.t. and for every mile that you travel, you earn one point. if you travel off peak you can earn three points per mile and when you've earned a thousand points you get a buck. >> a dollar is not exactly that much. >> i give you a buck if you miss it. >> no, not today. >> boy, a dollar cudoesn't take you far. >> doesn't got quite as far as
5:46 am
it used to. b.a.r.t. is going to run the experiment for six months. talking about problems on a plague you, b.a.r.t. decreasing noise from screeching rails. that's the goal. b.a.r.t. officials have reached a breakthrough on that front. they have technology that can cut the noise levels in half. the transit agency plans to show off that technology this afternoon at their shop in hayward. >> such is a distinkive sound of b.a.r.t. google expanding con carpooling program. through the waze app and it's in that testing phase right now. people are working at six companies including google, walmart, and adoeb can request a ride but soon anyone in the bay area will be able to use it. speaking of that, gookle seems to be encroaching on uber's turf a lot lately. >> so much so, scott mcgrew, hard feelings. >> there has. despite the fact google is a major investor in uber. one of the very first. both companies are working on the ride share. both are working on robotic cars. uber is going to beat google to
5:47 am
the streets with a car anyone can ride in. on tuesday david drummond, one of uber's board members who works at going 8, decided to quit uber over the conflict of interests. meanwhile, the california state houseworking on new rules that will allow companies to build and test automated cars that don't have steering wheels or other controls. there will be astrikzs. they can't travel faster than 35 miles per hour for instance and they have to stay on private property. the latest san francisco home prices show everything continues to get more expensive. though a leading economist for case-shiller says there is some evidence the growth is slowing. let me hak sure you heard that correctly. price increases are slowing. but houses are still getting more expensive. the latest data shows san francisco's market is up 4.6% -- 6.4% rather for the year. and 0.4% for the month. keep in mind this data covers what the federal government
5:48 am
considers to be the san francisco market, which is san francisco and oakland all the way down into the east bay. san jose is its own market. weirdly enough, san jose goes up to almost sfo. house prices over on the west are going up. for that you can blame californians really. everybody blames californians anyway. up 11%. portland up 12%. we've seen on net outgo of californian, traditional californians. california still grows but tends to be from foreign immigration. californians are leaving for seattle and portland. >> now those cities are becoming too expensive. >> they blame the californians. a lot of money. we get paid a lot of house sglsz a lot of foreign money coming? >> there is. >> thank you, scott. right now amazing survival story. talking about going a long ways for one dog who went overboard in michigan. like over the boat. he had been on a boat sunday morning when he fell in lake michigan six miles offshore. the owner's distress calls
5:49 am
created an intense search that came up empty as you see though he did reunite with his family. while a facebook post by a lost dog search team had thousands of people keeping watch. then the comments started pouring in on monday morning indicating that reilly had made it to shore. apparently reilly walked some 12 miles before her owners tracked her down at a camp ground where they were all reunited. >> that's why they call it dog paddling. >> she swam. >> she swam. >> now bike and triathlon. biking dog would be a great story. >> no kidding. >> doggy athletes, all the rage these days. what are you working on, hurricanes you're watching? >> watch that out by hawaii. two hurricanes on approach. first one, madeline on approach this afternoon into the evening. that is the category 1 hurricane. category 4 lester on the right. this storm very likely will cross just south of the big island as we head towards the evening.
5:50 am
the impacts of the storm, sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. the tropical storm force winds starting to reach the hawaiian islands by this afternoon. up towards maui. see how the heaviest rain focuses on the big island. tomorrow morning the system begins to pull away from hawaii as they watch friday the approach of hurricane lester. now, nothing tropical about the weather. yesterday morning tracking a chance of isolated showers. moisture moving away from hurricane madeline and the bay area. just a few remnant high clouds in san jose. 53 in the north bay. this is the reason why temperatures during the afternoon will be staying cool all day sea breeze which is actually good for air quality. notice how the wildfire smoke as it was yesterday will continue to stay away from the bay area today and those west northwest winds which will make for good air quality today and keep our temperatures running sloothly below average for the slal vall for today. mid 80s for morgan hill. 80 degrees around downtown san jose. 60s for san francisco. 70s around the peninsula.
5:51 am
you will see up towards the north bay highs again today in the low 80s. mid outitys today for places like pleasanton and dublin. san francisco, cool a little bit as we start labor day weekend and for the valleys though notice what happens here for labor day, monday, and early next week. we could see a comeback of the 90s as we head towards the start of next week. but right now temperatures looking good for the afternoon. mike? >> rob, we're looking at typical commute right now. we expect to see slowing for the east bay and the south bay. pointing out a little bit of a difference for san jose. right now show you the 880 coming off the castro valley y. speed sensors slowing to 50 miles per hour and getting a brake back to the limit south of industrial. 680 slows out of pleasanton and in towards sunol. by the time you hit sunol boulevard, clear up to fremont. both routes heading in toward fremont and the south bay. northbound route through san jose, build just slight build. slowing north 101. right past the crash skraen on the shoulder at story. right where that orange, the
5:52 am
slowest part is a live camera. show you that volume of traffic. had that burst of traffic almost stopping folks for ten minutes. it was bad. now starting ing ting to loose. typical there means the metering lights are on and you have to wait. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:52. check out the south bay's newest office shul landmark. you've seen it before probably if you've been in san jose. cambrian park plaza. yesterday the county's board of supervisors gave their thumbs up to designated that sign as a landmark. it's a classic. that plaza was built in 1953. the new owners plan to redevelop the plaza but keep the sign intact there. superstar selena was loved by her fans and tragic murder captivated america. >> those touched by her music and personality can admire her likeness. that comes courtesy of special gift from madame tussauds in hollywood. >> here we go.
5:53 am
that is a life size se.lena wax figure unveiled last night which was the 21st anniversary of the late singer's fifth and final studio album "dreaming of you." selena was shot and killed by yolan yolando. she was only 23 years old at the time. kaur tailed a very promising career. >> she just crossed over with her music. what a loss there. coming up, it's almost football season. new testing some schools are using to try to save athletes from concussions. the first, happening right now, california lawmakers are supporting an experiment with a new method of casting ballots in lieu of neighborhood voting places. you can find that story right now on plus, for two men members of their community joked you really resemble each other's parents a lot. now they know why. they were switched at birth. we put a link to that story on our facebook page. off the zika virus in florida --
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
give out free bug spray to people . on wednesday morning, the latest effort to fend off the zika virus in florida giving out free bug spray to people visiting the state. starting this weekend most themed parks in florida including disney world and seaworld will hand out free repellant to guests.
5:57 am
they're doing it out of abundance of caution. there have been more than 40 locally transmitted cases of zika in florida. bugs concerns here at home, too. more fogging for the west nile virus in the south bay. this comes after mosquitos tested moss tive for that virus. it's affecting neighborhoods in milpitas and san jose. the fogging zone is bordered by east calaveras boulevard and croply avenue. it starts tonight at 11:00. sam, i know the answer to this from you. are you ready for some football? >> are you ready for some football? >> you can sing it. many bay area colleges and high school teams are cakie in kicki theiren ises. schools are focusing on efforts on concussion prevention for young athletes. more common methods involve using baseline testing to monitor a student's brain health. one iowa school district is now doing that giving doctors a blue print for players a e. brains and how they normally function.
5:58 am
>> what we do is we test their balance, their vision, both static and dynamics, head moving and normal vision. then we test their processing speeds. >> sports leaders in that district say establishing a baseline for each student helps figure out the severity of a head injury and when the student should be allowed to return to the field. investigative unit exclusive now. last year the u.s. secret service investigated more than 20,000 cases of stolen identity, costing americans $1.2 billion. that's the financial side. but our investigative unit uncovered a more insidious rarer form of stolen identity that can also rob you of your freedom. tonight our unit takes you behind the scenes of one of the fastest and most quickly evolving crimes in america, id theft. but these thieves aren't just hijacking people's credit cards. they're taking their entire life histories and identity. some victims are actually facing criminal charges for things they didn't even do because the
5:59 am
thieves committed crimes using the stolen identity. i was going through the report and i'd said, oh, i committed a crime and are where are you no? you need to come into the station. i aisaid, i'm actually in new york. she's like, oh, really. so now you're a felon. >> both the fbi and the secret service are focusing their resource on that problem. even so though, it continues to cost billions of dollars in lost money every year. coming up tonight our investigative unit talks to the experts on the front like and shows how current state law may not even protect you if you become a victim. that story tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. if you have a story for us call our tip line at 88, 888-996-tips. flashers on campus if two
6:00 am
women victims after they were exposed inside classrooms at san jose state university. a tour bus goes up in flames on a south bay freeway. i'm bob redell. we'll have that story coming up pchl. plus, a violent morning in the bay area as multiple police departments are now dealing with overnight crime scenes. that includes a double homicide at a place where kids play. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it is not quite fall yet, technically, but it's sure starting to feel like it. >> hard to believe it's the last day of august today. >> yes. >> yes, summer is gone. in the north bay this morning it feels that way. we have temperatures in the low 50s to start off your morning. right now san jose, here's a pretty picture. a few high level clouds, presun rise view. 60 degrees. mostly clear skies. that's one of the more mild


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