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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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women victims after they were exposed inside classrooms at san jose state university. a tour bus goes up in flames on a south bay freeway. i'm bob redell. we'll have that story coming up pchl. plus, a violent morning in the bay area as multiple police departments are now dealing with overnight crime scenes. that includes a double homicide at a place where kids play. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it is not quite fall yet, technically, but it's sure starting to feel like it. >> hard to believe it's the last day of august today. >> yes. >> yes, summer is gone. in the north bay this morning it feels that way. we have temperatures in the low 50s to start off your morning. right now san jose, here's a pretty picture. a few high level clouds, presun rise view. 60 degrees. mostly clear skies. that's one of the more mild spots.
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51 degrees right now in santa rosa. may dip into upper 40s in parts of the north bay for the morning but t-shirt weather this afternoon. low 80s in the forecast. wine country today. mid a80s in the east bay. one of the busier spots so far for quloyour morning commute. >> a crash in pleasanton and might be a minor delay for caltrain in burlingame. might be n minor delay. peninsula drive in the south bay, what you would expect. over here in the tri-valley. southbound 680 shows the build through but now into pleasanton and stone ridge, a crash reported there. that could be complications coming off the dublin interchange. the volume starting to build. as we zoom out we see a pretty typical pattern. aside from that minor crash at stone ridge. pleasanton. hayward and into union city for southbound 880 past the bridge building toward the dumbarton bridge across the spans. a look down into the south bay. quick look.
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101 northbound we had things stopped up as i promised things are starting to break up. first one should kick in about 6:30. we'll watch the south bay as well, guys. back to you. a tour bus in the south bay went up in flames. situation that could have easily turned fatal. thankfully everyone onboard that bus was able to make it out okay. now the question is, how did the bus catch fire in the first place? "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san jose. bob, have you received any response from the bus company yet? >> reporter: no comment as of yet from medina tours on seventh street, sam, this did happen overnight. we can see bus rest starting to come and go here. we're going to try and check in with them in a few moments. this happened around 9:40 last night. one of the company's tour buses caught fire on northbound 880 in san jose. you can see the video. it shows how severe the fire was. it started in the back. possibly in the engine. moved forward.
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incinerating the back part of the bus before the fire department was able to snuff it out. chp tells us that there were several passengers along with the driver onboard who all remarkably got off okay. >> this could have been a tragic situation. passengers, a bus that catches on fire, he was able to get the bus safely stopped and all the passengers off the bus and away from the bus to a safe location and they weren't harmed. >> reporter: the accident did shut down all lanes of 880 for about 15 minutes. all lanes were finally reopened within about an hour. the remaining lanes, that is. the federal department of transportation does monitor and inspect this company and its vehicles. according to the d.o.t. online records, medina tours has had a handful of vehicle maintenance violations. that mostly appear to be minor. not considered critical in the eyes of the department of transportation. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much. at 6:03.
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a warning on the san jose state university campus with two women the victims of indecent exposure. two different episodes by two different men. the first lewd act was on monday. inside mack quarrie hall classroom. she was in class when a man exposed himself to her and took off. the second incident was yesterday inside of yuchida hall. in both cases the men ran away. so far police have not made any arrests. san jose city leaders followed through on a move to declare a state of emergency to beef up police staffing levels. the vote allows the department to reassign officers and investigators from other divisions directly to street patrol. ed difficult difficult garcia has two weeks to figure at where to assign 47 detective or officers working in special task forces to transfer to street patrol. it could impact police work elsewhere. >> with have a special unit that works on child pornography.
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for me i'm uncomfortable removing personnel from that division. >> city council members made the decision, however, and the transfers will help reduce the amount of mandatory officers overtime that officers have faced. a dangerous early morning in a part of the east bay at place where many parents probably take their kids. two people shot dead overnight at an oakland park. shootings happened around midnight at chavez park. investigators are not releasing information on the victim or the shooter at this point. richmond, police are still on the scene of a shooting on south marina above interstate 580. gunfire broke out just before midnight. you see a vehicle there in bad shape. at least one vehicle was hit with bullets. police at this point with are not telling us how many people are struck in total or if anyone is in custody. donald trump is heading south of the border today. the republican candidate meeting with mexican president later
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this afternoon. before he gives a much anticipated speech on his immigration policy. trump announced his surprise trip to mexico via twitter last night saying, quote, looking forward to it. trump promised he will build a border wall and have mexico pay for it. >> also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> trump will outline his plans for immigration and border security tonight in phoenix. "the washington post" reported the mexican president lgs invited hillary clinton to meet with him. no word yet if she is accepted. today clinton is expected to speak to the american legion. laura, a local family will be reconnecting and this time it won be behind prison bars. president barack obama has shortened the sentences of hundreds of inmates including one in the east bay. daryl reid of san leandro went to prison in 1990 for manufacture uring and selling crack. mr. obama changed his original sentence of 35 years to end in
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december. while serving his time reid has been working with the community and spending time helping young people stay on the right path. his son tells us that reid was also very giving even during his darkest days. >> when you meet people in the community and you meet people that knew my dad, all they ever talk about is how giving he was. >> reid's mother and his son are waiting his december release for a reunion outside of prison walls. this is actually historic what's happened. president obama commuted 673 sentences. that's more than the previous ten presidents combined. while the president is also taking on the campaign to keep tahoe blue. he's making lake tahoe the first stop on a two-day environmental tour. the president will attend 20th annual lake tahoe environmental summit. he will be joined by other california leaders like our gon feinste feinstein. he leaves tomorrow for an
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environmental conference in hawaii. so maybe he will put a keep tahoe blue on the air force one. >> on air force one and on the back of his black suv. you talk about hawaii, not one but two hurricanes headed toward hawaii. rob mayeda has been tracking it for us. >> looks like hurricane madeline will move across hawaii later on today. our weather yesterday actually had an impact from hurricane madeline, the moisture came up through the bay area. kicked off the showers in the north bay. not the case this morning. 51 degrees. chill in in the north bay. 60s in san jose. san francisco, looking at temperatures close to 59 degrees. our school cast at around san mateo union. numbers in the low 70s. overall bay area temperatures today are running just slightly cooler than afternoon. low 80s closer to san jose. 60s near san francisco. tri-valley highs in the mid 80s. out around the north bay, highs in the low to mid 80s. now for another check of your morning commute, here's mike.
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>> update to a crash in pleasanton but a big look at the bay. typical slowing for a little route northbound 101 and 87 into san jose. 880 toward hayward and san mateo bridge. we expect that. we also expect slowing for the tri-valley but exceptionally slower or extra slowing i should say south 680 just past stone ridge. earlier crash clears from the chp report very quickly. should be no problem. foothill road can take you past that scene. get on and still back into the backup down towards sunol boulevard. approach towards the bay bridge is great. so is the north bay. talk about the approach to the bay bridge. that's great. bay bridge toll plaza itself, you still have to wait because the metering lights is on and that the tradition and what would be the morning commute without tradition. this is a familiar sound for folks in the bay area, that screeching noise coming from the rails of b.a.r.t. officials say they have reached a little breakthrough now on that front and taking away the screech. they have new technology that can cut the noise levels in half. b.a.r.t. plans to show off that
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technology this afternoon and at the transit agency shop on sandoval way in hayward. but you can be the judge when you actually get to mare it or maybe not hear it. >> hopefully the latter. now, as we talk about things screeching, two hurricanes heading toward hawaii. brace for a possible impact there. powerful storm in the pacific could impact holiday travel plans for people in the bay area. the path and the preparation, next. history in the sky. first u.s. flight to cuba in several decades is set for takeoff. we're going to take you to the airport. and it seems hard to believe but theranos is in trouble.
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new this morning ==sam/vo== chris brown - out on bail. all new. kris brown in trouble again. out on bail right now. the i'm batted singer was released from an l.a. county jail overnight after posting $250,000 bail. yesterday brown was arrested again. surrendered to police after they say he barricaded himself inside his home for nearly 14 hours. you were seeing a clip of an instagram rant he offered after it. police say a woman inside of brown's home called 911 for help saying that brown had pointed a gun at her face.
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now, for history here in 2009 brown assaulted his then girlfriend and r&b singer rihanna. sentenced to probation, community service, and domestic violence classes. some people in the north bay are taking action against what they say is a growing teen drug and alcohol abuse problem. dozens of parents, school and officials packed a meeting in san rafael last night. they found 34 kids 15 to 17 onboard along with drugs, alcohol, and pills. teens say they have easy access to money and illegal substances. tired of underage partying, one parent group has stared a group called be the influence. trying to organize parents who will agree not to give kids access to drugs and alcohol. >> but i think that parents want to be friends and not parents. they want their kids to be popular. and as long as their kids are getting straight as, they think that drinking and drug use is
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just a rite of passage. >> the public health department says early exposure to drugs and alcohol can lead to a lifetime of addiction. happening today, jetblue is headed to cuba. the airline begins flying to the island nation starting today. that makes at this time first commercial american airline with a regularly scheduled flight to cuba. the first one will take off from ft. lauderdale and travel to the cuban city of santa clara, appropriately enough. jetblue is one of several airlines approved by department of transportation for round trip flights to cuba. u.s. law still prohibits tourist travel to cuba but there are now a dozen different categories of authorized travel that includes family visit, and educational activities. theranos ceo liz best holmes once again in the news for letting investors down again. >> scott mcgrew, health hook here the company was going to help fight zika. >> it was but it learned very little from the last trouble, sam. the "wall street journal" says the company did not put proper
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patient safeguards in place to test for zika. shamed ceo elizabeth holmes went before a scientific conference also month to among other things announce her company would start testing for zika. it was one of her big announcements. but the journal says theranos is quitting the business after the fda said it lacked proper patient safety protocols. at this point investor and certainly journalists will wondering if theranos knows how the run a lab. holmes herself has been banned from running labs for two years. theranos will resubmit a test and it wants to test febowly. apple will have to pay $14.5 billion tax bill to ireland. even ireland doesn't want the money. it could get worse. a cnbc analyst points out apple can then deduct that from american tax bill. meaning the american tax payler get less out of apple. the markets mildly lower tuesday.
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we're looking ahead to the friday the big jobs report. august tends to be a weaker report. there's a bill in congress sponsored by southern california congressman darrell issa that would change the rules for h1v visas. it's also the visa for fashion models. you do not have to explain to the government why you hire foreigners if you paid them $60,000 or they have a masters degree. issa would raise that to $100,000. the thinking is being nobody is replacing american workers with low-cost foreign workers if they're paying them $100,000 a year. >> a little more high quality. >> darrell issa would like to make the barrier harder. >> surntly 60. it would go to 100 reflecting our expensive times. >> economy here. all right. developing story we're following this morning. bracing for a hurricane. take a look at that. hawa hawaii's big island under a hurricane warning as madeline moves closer. this is a view of the storm from space as it's really churning
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out there in the pacific ocean. right now people in hawaii prepare for strong winds, heavy rains and high surf leading into what will be a very busy holiday weekend. you see they started boarding up buildings, stacking sandbags. state officials are also activating an emergency response center. now we have seen these, you've been tracking them for quite some time. >> two powerful hurricanes, hurricanes to get above 125-mile-per-hour sustained winds. hurricane madeline and lester, category 4 hurricane that could arrive by labor day weekend. the first of the two. this is hurricane madeline. we do think will cross by just south at big island. winds of 80 miles per hour. even though the storm may not technically make landfall given the size of it. you see the cloud shield there over on the right, as it crosses over the big island. the winds here, again, strong enough for tropical storm force winds up to maui and the heaviest rains and flood pog terrible across the big island
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with madeline. as we head towards tomorrow, that storm most off to the west. and the attention turns toward lester. category 4 hurricane. 140-mile-per-hour winds like madeline will weaken but check out the long-range forecast heading towards labor day weekend. that hurricane may cross further to the north. so possibly impacting maui and on to kauai by the time we head midway through labor day weekend. two hurricanes we're watching closely at around the hawaiian islands. much calmer view and a cold one. 51 degrees to start. 50s in san jose. clear skies. all day onshore winds. going to keep your temperatures running mild. it's also good for air quality. wildfire smoke likely staying down the central coast. the area of smoke should be staying mostly off to the south bay. highs today around san jose. close to low agencys. 60s in san francisco. a similar trend. north bay locations and tri-valley should see highs in the 80s. you will notice forth east bay,
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oakland, 72. seven-day forecast will trim the temperatures down more for san francisco. in the valleys, too, see the numbers cooling off for the next couple of days. notice what happens monday to tuesday. if you want another taste of summer like weather just in time for the unofficial end of summer, labor day weekend should see the highs approaching 90 in a few spots by monday. mike? >> wear those white shoes for the last weekend. the commute, we're looking at a nice flow of traffic in the peninsula. south bay just start that northbound build in earnest as we talked about right around 6:30. moving over toward the tri-valley and the rest of the east bay. tri-valley had a crash south 680. that cleared a few minutes ago. pleasant flow restoring back and flowing through plea sont on the, clearing by the time sunol boulevard for 680. cast ro valley while it's great right now and down toward industrial. san mateo bridge, dumbarton bridge moving westbound will be your commute. show you a live look at the san mateo bridge and across the flat section, that volume causing some slowdowns here. peninsula is clear. berkeley, let me show you.
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no problem, no surprises approaching the bay bridge. right here, the silhouette. those are those lit-up -- light-up signs over the freeway. smart corridor and no problems. it's been good but if you have any feedback let me know. give me the results when you drive. back to you. >> thank you, mike. amazing survival story right now for one dog that went overboard in michigan. that's reilly who had been on a boat sunday morning when reilly fell into lake michigan some six miles offshore. the owners distress calls created an intense search but initially came up empty but as you see the reunited. facebook post by a lost dog search team had thousands of people watching themselves and then comments started pouring in on monday indicating that reilly had made it those six miles to shore. apparently she walked some 12 miles after that before reilly's owners tracked her down at a camp ground where they were all brought together. >> she deserves a big bone. no child should go hungry. bay area is making a major step
6:22 am
to help students who can't afford to buy lunch. plus -- >> someone on facebook pretends to be her and when she complains, she is shut out. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds with a warning act these online imposters. . federal food subsidies for
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students. good news for hungry kids. san francisco school district expanding federal school subsidies for students. the government provides reimbursement for breakfast and
6:25 am
lunch through what's called community eligibility program. the district says eligible students at 54 different schools will be able to eat for free. examiner reports that should cover nearly $150,000 in meal costs. last year less than 20 schools qualified for that same program. good to see it grow. >> very important. nbc bay area responds this morning to a danville woman battling an imposter on facebook. >> chris chmura says the phony account was probably a pool for money. >> good morning. lisa crosby torres says someone created an account using her fame and began connecting with her friends. the federal trade commission says this is a framework for a scam. they tell lisa's facebook friends she's stranded overseas and needs money via wire transfer. when she rt roed her it shut down her real account, not the fake one. then facebook went silent for weeks. so she contacted us and we skon
6:26 am
tacted facebook. it immediately restored lisa's legitimate page and took down the bogus account. in a statement facebook apologized and said the authentic profile was removed by mistake. tonight at 6:00 a glimpse at the steps facebook is taking to stop pretenders from ripping people off. if you have a consumer complaint call us, 888-996-tips or tell us about it on click the yellow submit tips bar for our complaint form. you can share documents, photosing and videos to help us investigate your case. have a great day. >> thanks so much. 6:26. check out the south bay's newest official landmark that carol sell sign at cambrian park plaza has been here for a while and it's not going anywhere. the board of supervisors gave their thumbs up to designating that classic sign there with the monkey on a bike a landmark. the plaza was built in 1953. the new owners plan to redevelop it but keep that sign.
6:27 am
>> built to last, clearly. 6:26. coming up next on "today in the bay," paying you to ride b.a.r.t. the new rewards program that will give cash to riders but not everybody is buying in to the plan. twice this week a woman was here on the san jose state campus minding her own business when a man walked up and flashed her. we'll tell you about the twoins dents reported on indecent exposu exposure. pete suratos in san francisco where a rally will take place later this morning in support of 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick in response to the national anthem controversy. also getting support from veteran on line. we'll have the details coming up. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're feeling some changes this morning for a lot of parents who are trying to figure out how to dress little timmy. the jacket. >> in the north bay this morning feeling a lot more like fall. 51 degrees in santa rosa this morning. mid 50s closer to napa. here's your presun rise view. sun rise about seven minutes away from now. san jose looking nice currently. one of the more mild spots at 60 degrees but, yes, grab a jacket if you're in the north bay. for the afternoon, lose it around lunchtime. 80s inland today. mid 80s around the tri-valley. upper 60s closer to san francisco. now to see what's happening right now in fremont, mike. >> first of all, your kids are still below primary school so
6:31 am
don't tell the kid to lose their jacket. we just too many of those in our house. over here looking at a smooth drive right now. the peninsula moves well. south bay has your traditional build. watching this though. new report for fremont southbound, disabled vehicle. waiting for chp to give us the all clear. coming into fremont is the concern because more traffic is coming down here. holding down with the slowing from 580 down toward sunol for 680. 508 slows down toward industrial. once you get into fremont you're okay. live look shows you the volume starts to build around high street and gets slower than you might like and the bay bridge toll plaza has the metering lights on and backup. a warning for students in san jose state university. campus police are on the lookout for men who expose themselves to women in two separate incidents. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at san jose state with more on this developing story for us.
6:32 am
krits? i understand it was two separate guys? >> reporter: it sounds like two separate guys. the descriptions are different. but i want to make sure i understand that the women were not injured physically but they did report the incidents to police. again, as you mentioned, it happened two different days on campus. two different locations as well. a woman told police that she was in a classroom on monday at macquarrie hall and then on tuesday a different woman told police she was flashed while sitting in a hallway in yuchida hall. one is described as an african-american man. the other as hispanic or indian man wearing blue shirt and black basketball shorts yesterday. if you're a student here, remind ter blue light on campus mark phones that will connect you can campus police so if there is any other incident, please definitely want to know about it
6:33 am
and they want to make sure that they can get a better description. find these two guys before their behavior escalates. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." in the meantime, trying to calm more nerves near campus after a burglary pursuit right by san jose state turned into a bomb scare. officers were called to a baurg glrry in progress on north fourth street in san jose. yesterday afternoon. when they arrived police found the hallmark sign of a burglary but also found a suspicious device. officers shut down four blocks and ordered dozen of people to get out of their homes and businesses. >> i was coming home from the grocery store and have a full -- lot of groceries for the evening and came home and street was blocked off. the officers told me they're invac waiting the entire building. >> had to wait to get back inside. the bomb squad ended up detonating the device. no word on whether it was actually dangerous. >> students are expected to return to a daly city school today after it was shut down
6:34 am
because of sewage issues. westlake elementary was closed after sewage started to back up. that caused flooding in rest rooms. while many students loved the day off school officials say cab selling cla cancelling class even for a day has a impact. >> it's a big inconvenience for our staff and students. a day lost for learning. and the routine and so we took it very seriously. >> yesterdayle plumbing crews homework was to unclog that sewer system and they of course diss infected the rest rooms. >> all right. bring the hand sanitizers as well. 6:34. waiting for an explanation and still not receiving one. no word yet from the city of hayward about why police chief diane stuart is suddenly on administrative leave. the only thing they're saying is they're investigating the personnel issue. one hayward school board member is critical of how this is being handled. he says the problems go straight to the top of city government.
6:35 am
>> at broken leadership. not only is the house broken but the house needs a lot of cleaning. >> the city is scrappling with other controversies as well. one of them involves hayward's school superintendent who's currently on administrative leave of a former 49er ray mcdonald spoke at the school despite the fact he had faced sexual assault charges. 6:35. a peninsula's teacher's aide accuse of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor is expected in court today. 22-year-old rodriguez will appear in a courtroom this morning. rodriguez who worked at se quoi gentleman high school is accused of engaging in sex acts with a 15-year-old boy from the same school. investigators say rodriguez also videotaped the encounteder with the teen. that video was anonymously sent to school officials leading to rodriguez's arrest. the teacher's aide has pled not guilty. a whale mystery different from other ones we've seen in recent months. very rare species of whale found
6:36 am
dead in marin county. in fact, this is the first beaked whale that the marine mammal center responded to in 41-year history. the 35-foot adult beaked whale washed ashore at north beach. nearly a dozen biologists are looking for a specific cause of death. they believe the whale was likely hit by a ship. there was a woman on the run going to great lengths to avoid being locked up. they have once again captured a woman who escaped while on her way to jail. they arrested hutcherson yesterday. they've been looking for her since friday. officer launched a search because she disappeared on her way to the county jail in martinez. police say huperson was also using her sister's name as an alias. some military veterans are taking to twitter to stand up for 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick after he sat down during the national anthem. all of this as a form of
6:37 am
protest. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in san francisco this morning with kaepernick supporters will actually rally in just a few hours. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. that rally will take place around 11:00 a.m. put on by the justice for mario woods coalition and take place in front of the san francisco police officers association which recently called on kaepernick to apologize regarding his comments, regarding police officers and police brutality. but as you mentioned, it's the hashtag, #veteransforkaepernick that was trending overnight. a lot of criticism for kaepernick came from those who felt he disrespected veterans for sitting down. many of those veterans that took to this hashtag tweeted that they fought authority right for guys like kaepernick to exercise their first amendment right. now, just last night you had nba great kareem abdul-jabbar speaking at an event in san francisco. he recently put together an
6:38 am
op-ed for the "washington post" in support of kaepernick. here's what he had to say about this issue. >> i don't think that colin has to abide by that. he has to do what his conscience dictates. i think that's why he made the statement he made. >> reporter: the police officers association in san francisco and alameda county sheriff's office have invited kaepernick down to their offices for simulation training to see if they actually go through. no word on the kaepernick accepted that invite. interestingly enough tomorrow night during the 49ers versus chargers preseason game in san diego is their annual military night. and as far as we know, kaepernick plans to sit down once again during the national anthem. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, pete. cash for convenience. b.a.r.t. is offering to pay riders who are wilting to shift their asked chuschedules to off hours. the goal is to ease crowding on
6:39 am
rush hour trains. b.a.r.t. has $300,000 from the federal government to offer cash incentives. all you have to do is sign up with b.a.r.t. and for every mile you travel you earn a point. if you travel off peak you cear three points per mile. when you've earned a thousand points you get a dollar. >> dollar is not exactly that much. >> i'll give you a buck if you miss it. >> no. not today. >> may want to little more. b.a.r.t. are run the experiment for six months nchtsd a thousand points saved is a dollar earned. try and do the computations. i don't think so. >> we'll see. better than nothing. all right. a until dollar forecast. how about that? rob is joining us this morning. pretty mild start to our day here, rob. >> the south bay things are mild. check out the numbers around the north bay. santa rosa, napa, low to mid 50s. the last day of august here. feeling more like the start of fall. around evergreen today, school
6:40 am
cast, temperatures around evergreen school district in the low 80s. running just slightly below average thanks to a sea breeze. downtown san jose. upper 60s, san francisco. 70eds around the peninsula. 80s around the north bay. livermore, 86 degrees. 84 in dublin. a warm 87 later on today in walnut creek. come commute out there. that's what folks like to hear. moving west. i want to zoom into the south bay where there is a new issue. if most of silicon valley northbound pushes on. typical patterns. 85 just north of 17 but 17 south is what we talk about a crash just reported right around the highway 9 exit. could be a problem because reports of an overturned vehicle initially came in here. chp will arrive and may see slowing heading down towards the santa cruz side or highway 9 and los gatos. i'll track this.
6:41 am
live camera will show us the bay bridge is moving well. expect that. slowing westbound across the san mateo bridge as well. >> thanks, mike. 6:41. coming up next on "today in the bay," high housing prices here in the bay area, they are hurting more than just your wallet. the soaring rent could be hurting your family's health as well. you heard of the last flight out, how about the first flight out. we have the first fluth to cuba loving in five minutes. hurry up. business and tech coming up. to g in five minutes. hurry up. business and tech coming up. fto loving in five minutes. hurry up. business and tech coming up. ito loving in five minutes. hurry up. business and tech coming up. to loving in five minutes. hurry up. business and tech coming up. lto loving in five minutes. hurry up. business and tech coming up. ito loving in five minutes. hurry up. business and tech coming up. ght loving in five minutes. hurry up. business and tech coming up. toa loving in five minutes. hurry up. business and tech coming up. ==sam/cu==
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health experts in oakland are trying to raise awareness about automatic that fretting over affordable house that many people experience is taking a toll. 45e89 health experts in oakland are trying to raise awareness about what they say is a growing health crisis tied to that housing crunch. soars rent and inadequate home in oakland the leading to higher stress levels. that is especially true for families on a limited budget. alameda county health leaders address sthaed issue yesterday. they presented findings that show higher rates of hypertension and even asthma among those struggling to pay the rent or stay in their homes. if you like to get a little further away from the bay area, about cuba? >> how about today? how about in minutes scott mcgrew, the first commercial flight from america is, what, about to take off? >> about to take off.
6:45 am
yeah. we'll take out actually live to the ft. lauderdale airport. there is the plane. a jetblue flight that will leave ft. lauderdale at 6:45. that is right now. we expect it to be pushed back any second now. and then we'll be on its way to cuba. there you see the american flag and the cuban flag as well. it will land shortly thereafter. remember, ft. lauderdale to cuba not very far. not very expensive either. you still need a visa. you still need a legitimate reason to go to cuba like journalism or charity or to visit family but those restrictions are going to get easier as time passes. well, we'll watch for this. on the 11:00 a.m. newscast we'll show you the big takeoff on the way to cuba. latest house prices in the bay area from case-shiller. economist says san francisco home prices are showing signs of normalizing. don't misunderstand though. they're still getting higher. it's just that prices slowing. case-shiller says the market
6:46 am
prices have jumped 6.4% for the year and 0.4% for the month. the california state houseworking on new rules that allow companies to build and test automated cars? don't have steering wheels or other controls. now, there will still be restrictions. they can't travel faster than 35 miles an hour and they have to stay on private property for now. this goes to the this core argument between google and, say, other carmakers like ford. does an automated car need a steering wheel if we kind of proven that in general automated cars are safer than people driven cars. >> wouldn't it make you feel safer? >> totally. >> just in case. backup plan. >> or elevator close button actually connected to anything. >> thank you. 6:46 right now. in just 48 hours brock turner will be released from jail for, quote, good behavior. he's the former stanford swimmer now convicted felon who sentence for sexual assault enraged
6:47 am
people across the country. protests are expected ahead of turner's release on friday. good morning. >> good morning, laura. yeah, some friday brock turner will be walking out of here a free man. he is expected to be released sometime after midnight and come friday there will be protests. a lot of people still outraged over what they see as an extremely lenient sentence. six months whittled down to three months because of california's policy on good time served. now, in those three months lawmakers here in california have passed a bill that would require mandatory sentencing for the type of sexual assaults that brock turner has been convicted of. it would require prison time. and obviously the judge in this case, aaron persky, still battling a possible recall in this case. but here at the jail officials are telling us brock turner will receive no special treatment. he is expected to be released a little bit after midnight. he will also have to serve three
6:48 am
years probation as well as register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. laura and sam? >> got that felony on his report as well. gadi schwartz live in san jose. you can watch his full report on "today." thanks a lot. a check of weather and traffic right now. rob is tracking not one but two different hurricanes headed toward hawaii and the conditions are changing really by the hour. >> yeah. i think the airports, sfo, oakland, san jose, if you have flights in the big island or maui, the storm is so large it will spread tropical storm force winds from maui across the big island where this category 1 hurricane we believe will cross just south of kona later on tonight. winds sustained at 90 miles per hour. weakening as it moves south. but you can see the wind field of tropical storm force winds eaches oahu. heaviest rain as that storm crosses by just to the south. and the stronger of the two hurricanes this morning. hurricane lester, category 4, major hurricane, winds of 140
6:49 am
miles per hour. weaken on approach towards hawaii. this may impact the middle of labor day weekend and possibly take a more northerly track. we will watch this this weekend. maui up towards oahu and kauau. for us a much calmer picture, cold one for the north bay. 51 degrees to start your morning off in santa rosa. 60s around the south bay and peninsula. the all day sea breeze should help us in terms of keeping our temperatures down and notice the wildfire smoke staying just south of the bay area. as we head through the afternoon, winds pick up at of the west northwest most of the smoke from the soberanes fire and chimney fires will stay south of the bay area. south of downtown san joesz, 60s, closer to san francisco. 70s around the peninsula. low 80s for the north bay. mid 80s around the tri-valley. quick check of the seven-day forecast shows how temperatures are going to stay fairly mild. rebounding labor day. monday and tuesday, even san francisco closer to 70 degrees.
6:50 am
notice the trend here across the valleys. mild to start your saturday. look what happens monday and tuesday. this is a little bit of a pattern shift away from 24 trough pattern which we're going see between now and friday. one with high pressure. making a comeback for labor day monday. that's the reason why. seven-day forecast, notice gives us a chance of climbing into the 90s early next week. mild patterns nice for a while. change is coming as we head through the end of labor day weekend. monday and tuesday, look good for that. early next week. mike? chlkt folks are making the commute from the east bay and the peninsula. a little build, just a slight one from san mateo off the san mateo bridge. south bay, note, we don't have any more problems. southbound 17 at highway 9. that crash is off of the roadway. smooth drive down towards the santa cruz side. dumbarton bridge seeing more traffic building on the fremont newark side and on the east palo
6:51 am
alto approach as well. typical pattern off the castro valley y. and no major issues for the tri-valley. moving up toward the east bay and east shore freeway, upper east shore moves well. slowing down through richmond. no problems to on or the richmond/san rafael bridge. the bay bridge, we'll show you this backup. holding steady. left lanes looking better. and there's the peninsula. we have a smooth drive southbound starting to see a little slowing. just south of the camera is that lane shift. back to you. >> looks good. thanks so much. good deeds as well. orinda police officer has one by stander to thank for jumping in to help subdue a suspect. >> the happened 11 days ago when the officer tried to stop a suspicious man leaving a crs. when the officer confronted the us a expect he says the suspect punched him. a private investigator was drinking coffee nearby saw all of this unfolding and jumped
6:52 am
right in. >> so i jogged over and kind of bent down and said, hey, do you need some help. >> i was like, yes, please. hey, control his upper body. >> between the two of us it was probably 20 seconds and he was quickly in custody. >> quick thinking and a safe result. the officer managed to handcuff the suspect before that situation escalated any further. coming up next, frightening moments for passengers as a tour bus goes up in flame on a busy south bay freeway. while the fire is now out, the investigation into what caused it is just beginning. a live report right after this break. but first, laura, happening right now, california lawmakers are supporting an experiment with a new method of casting ballots that's in place of regular neighborhood voting places. find out more about that story right now on for two men, members of their community was always joking with them, you look a lot ike the other person's parents. 41 years later mystery solved. the men were switched at birth.
6:53 am
we put a link to that story on our facebook page. ==sam/live pix==
6:54 am
6:55 am
first u-s flight to cuba taking off right now... happening right now, history is being made. you are looking at live shots of a jetblue flight from ft. lauderdale that is headed toward cuba. you see the crowds standing outside right now on the tarmac. watching as history is made. the is going to be the first
6:56 am
time in more than 50 years that a u.s. commercial flight is going directly from the united states to cuba. there will be many more flights and many more airlines to come that are going to be offer that service. but this is, in fact, the first one. we're watching it live and we'll continue to dip in throughout the morning to show you history being made. >> we'll have more at 11:00 this morning. other top stories we're following right here on nbc bay area, tour bus catching fire in the south bay. the question is this morning how did it all happen? >> bob redell is live from san jose. bob, this is the bus company saying anything this morning about how it started? >> reporter: as a matter of fact, they are. good morning, sam and laura. we just spoke with a man here at medina tours who says he was driving that bus last night that caught fire. he said it happened around 9:40. toobt drop passengers off in milpitas after some sort of sight-seeing tour when he says he started seeing sparks coming out of the driver's side of the bus, does not think it was coming in the engine. pulled over. got himself in all 16 passengers
6:57 am
off safely. he says safety of course was the number one concern for the passengers. and then the fire started. he tried with the fire extinguisher. no luck. he did point out that you have that dind kind of material on the bus that can go up quickly. as you see in the video, the back end burned, destroying most of the bus. >> this could have been a tragic situation. passengers, the bus catches on fire. he was able to get the bus safely stopped. and all the passengers off the bus and away from the bus to a safe location where they weren't harmed. >> reporter: the fire department arrived and put the fire out. the accident did shut down all lanes of 880 for 15 minutes. the remaining lanes opened within an hour. now, the federal department of transportation does monitor and inspect this company and its vehicles. according to the d.o.t. online records, medina tours has had a handful of vehicle mint nanaint violation that mostly appear to
6:58 am
be minor, not critical, according to the d.o.t. >> thank you very much, bob. 6:57. developing news we've been following in the east bay this morning. two people shot dead in oakland park. we continue to check in with police who have been at the scene all morning long. it happened and midnight at chavez park. the park is on 38th avenue and foothill boulevard. investigators are not releasing any information on the victims or shooters at this point. in richmond, police still at the scene of a shooting on south marina above interstate 580. gunfire broke out just before midnight. one vehicle with bullet holes could be seen. police are not telling us how many people were hit or if anyone is in custody. let's switch things up at 6:58 as we get you a last look at weather and traffic. it is pretty nice in most parts of the bay. it's just cold. >> reminder we're getting closer to fall and last day here in august. temperatures right now, seeing a range from 50s and 60s outside.
6:59 am
gorgeous view of a sun rise over san francisco. 59 in san francisco. 50 now in santa rosa. get a jacket. a mild suggestion this morning. low 80sthis afternoon. mid 80s one of the warm spots today around the tri-valley. mike? >> rob just gave us approval to go shopping. >> take the car or the rails. no delays for caltrain or b.a.r.t. good stuff. let's get on the roads. sensors are what you would expect. maybe even lighter than you might expect. start in the south bay where the northbound push continues to build. nothing major going on. some cones in the road, 280. that's the only icon there. 17 and highway 9, remember, reported all laps clear. smoother drive. arrows show you on the east bay, northbound over on the peninsula just building for the san mateo side of the san mateo bridge. that's why they call it that. over here the bay bridge across the bay moves ale. giants play at 12:45. >> and the 49ers tomorrow. >> as we leave you today, we're back in ft. lauderdale this
7:00 am
morning where jetblue flight taking off for cuba. >> very emotional moment for many people. this is the first commercial flight to cuba from the u.s. in more than 50 years. good morning, crossing t good morning, crossing the border. donald trump announces a surprise trip to mexico for a private conversation with the mexican president on the same day he's set to make a major speech on immigration. could this unexpected meeting hint at a dramatic policy reversal? we'll ask his campaign manager live. in the path. a major storm in the gulf strengthens overnight as tens of millions in florida brace for winds and flooding. we're tracking it live. stars stand off. chris brown out on bail on weapons charges after a stalemate with police that played out on social media.


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