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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 31, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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off an embankment and into the petaluma river, with two young children inside--- both of whom died. you're looking at video from our n-b-c chopper flying over the spot...where the car was completely submerged underwater. rescue crews scrambled to try and reach that young family. sam/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. kris/2shot and i'm kris sanchez. we've just learned that the children did not survive even long enough to make it to the hospital. ==kris//take vo== here's where the car went off the road around eight this morning. it's petaluma boulevard north... south of gossage avenue. according to the press democrat, the driver may have been overcorrecting when the car went off the road into the river. the roadway will be closed for several hours while investigators try to figure out why.
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==kris//cu== it was just a week and a day ago that two little sisters died in the russian river after their mother lost control of the family pickup truck... and crashed in jenner. that's about an hour from where today's accident happened. ==sam//2xvid== our other top story this morning -- bracing for the worst. people on hawaii's big island are preparing for hurricane madeline. the big island is currently under a hurricane warning. in anticipation of the storm, crews have started to board-up buildings and stack sandbags on highways prone for flooding. state officials have also activated the emergency response center. ==kris//live== these are live pictures from hilo bay -- which is the ir side of the island. ad-lib.. ==kris//2 shot== it's part of a 'one-two punch' of hurricanes on the path to hawaii. ==sam//anim== let's bring in meterologist rob mayeda. and rob, hurricane madeline is churning right for the big island--- what's the timeline? ==rob//wx chroma== sam/cu
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happening now -- standing up for colin kaepernick. the 49ers quarterback's sit-down protest during the national anthem friday at
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levi stadium put him in the headlines and into everyday conversation. today, another group is coming forward to support him. boxes nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us live from san francisco where the pro-colin kaepernick press conference is happening. pete, who's behind it?
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tomorrow night about the 49ers versus the chargers in the final exhibition game of the season. and it's a military night there in san diego and as far as we know, cap plans on sitting on the bench once again during "the national anthem." live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you very much. on a local college campus now, effort don't try to track down two flashers. two women were victimized by two dimpbts flashers in two days at san jose state. those incidents happened at separate locations. first, a woman told police she was in a classroom on monday
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when she was flashed then on tuesday, another woman told police she was flashed while in a hallway. it's not clear whether the suspects are students or are not. both of them one is described only as a black man. the other as a hispanic or indian man wearing a blue shirt and black basketball shorts yesterday. neither victim was physically hurt. the university police are trying to find the men who exposed themselves. also new video. fremont police investigating two home invasion style robberies. both happened this month in the mission hills area. this one, three days ago, was caught camera. all armed with firearms entered the victim's residence through a year patio door. the homeowner, who was not home at time, saw it happen on his remote surveillance system an called police. the suspects fled the scene just prior to police arriving and were not captured. another robbery earlier this
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month happened when several suspects entered a home through an open garage door and pointed firearms at the victim. they took several items. thankfully, no victims were injured. in oakland, gun shots rang out at chavez park and police found two dead. those shootings happened around midnight. investigator rs not releasing information at this point about the victims nor the shooter at this point. and in richmond, police find a car shot up with one person dead. and two others injured inside that car. officers were called to a, south marina, above interstate 580 just after midnight, witnesses told police they saw a dark colored sedan driving away after they heard those shots. police have not releaseded any information on suspects or a motive. a tour was with more than a dozen people on board goes up in
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flames and it unravels on a busy san jose freeway overing night. bob has been on this story since it broke in morning for today in the bay. he joins us live. have we learned yet from the company that runs the bus what might have caused it? >> not yet and we just spoke with chp here in san jose. they tell us they are no longer investigating because there was no collision, no injuries and appears to have been mechanical in nature, so it will be up to medina court to figure out why their bus caught fire last night, now, we did speak with a man this morning here in san jose who say he was the driver of that bus an he said it was around 9:40 last night, he was talking passengers to mill peeds after a sightseeing tour. he does not think it was come frg the engine in the back, but did pull over just past the exit. you can see the video shows just how bad this fire is is, when we
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got off the bus, pulled over, his first priority tells us was the safety of his 16 passengers, so he and the 16 passengers got off safely and then he says the flames started to show. the fire extinguisher was no match and the flames did scorch a dpood portion of the backside of the bus until the fire department was able to put it out. zpl this could have been a tragic situation. passengers, he was able to get to was safely stopped and all the passengers off the bus and away from the bus. to a safe location. >> the accident shut down all lanes of 880 for b about 15 minutes. the remaining lanes were reopened just over an hour later. now, the department of transportation does monitor and inspect these vehicles. we did go online, looked at the records from the d.o.t. medina court does have a handful of vehicle maintenance violations that mostly appear to
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be minor. not considered critical in the eyes of the d.o.t. live here in san jose, nbc bay area news. decision 2016 now and today, donald trump may be trying to build a bridge after he spent so many months about building a wall along the nation's southern border. today, he'll meet face-to-face with the mexican president for a private conversation. but this is happening on the same day that he is also set to make a major speech on immigration and everyone is wondering what's going to happen next. nbc's hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: before his speech on securing the border, a trip across it as donald trump accepts the invitation of the mexican president. >> president of mexico said he would meet you. will you meet with him? >> sure. >> you would? >> reporter: today's face-to-face, a moment maybe no one saw coming a year ago after
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trump announcing his candidacy, said this about mexicans. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume, are good people. >> reporter: the bash lash immediate with trump even now insisting he'll get mexico to pay for his policy. building a border wall. >> mexico will be paying for the wall. >> reporter: that plan getting fierce pushback from the former mexican president. >> i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. he should pay for it. >> reporter: and the current one. comparing trump to hitler and mussolini before backtracking. now, a softer train as the president tells mexican tv, i can't agree with some of the things he has said, but i will be absolutely respectful and work with whomever's elected in november. eight in ten hispanic voters see trump unfavorably. he also is struggling to win approval at home, both men looking for the chance for a a
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major political moment. trump's trip today coming ahead of an immigration speech in phoenix tonight, where he'll try to clarify his muddled message. it's still not clear how trump will handle the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants here, though a top campaign aide tells nbc trump is expected to call for stricter work site enforcement, better visa tracking and an end to so-called sanctuaryties. now, the president of mexico says he is looking forward to the dialogue, but also to protecting mexicans where ever they may be. he also inviteded secretary clinton for a visit. she says she will consider visiting at an appropriate time. up next, housing crisis is is creating a health crisis in the bay area. the length that bay area leaders are looking at as more and more people struggle just to find a place to live. >> plus, it is the first in decades. a look at the flights travel tog cuba for the first time in 50 years.
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dow down 67. s&p down 7. nasdaq down 11 optimism about the state of the economy is not translating to the markets as investors think there will be a fed hike coming. the dow is down about 70 points for the day. the s&p down seven points and nasdaq about 10.5. the ceo is once again in the news for letting ip ves tors down. a company was going the try and help fight zika. what happened? >> yeah, aparticipantly learned little from its past trouble. "the wall street journal" says the company did not put proper patient safeguards into place. the ceo went before a scientific conference last month to among other thing, announce her company would start testing for zika. one of her new big announcement, but the journal this morning
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says ser nos is quitting that business after the fda said it lacked proper patient safety protocalls to test for zika. at this point, investors and certainly journalist, are wondering if sernos knows how to run a lab. holmes herself has been banned from running a lab for two years. sernos is going the resubmit the plan to test for zika and here's something that will get you thinking. in if future, wants to test for ebola. a follow up for the news that broke tuesday. apple will have to pay a staggers $14.5 billion bill to ireland. even ireland doesn't want the money. well, it could get worse. a cnbc analyst points out this morning apple could deduct that from its american tax bill, meaning the american tpayer woud get less out of apple.
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health experts in oeng labd are trying to raise awareness about what they say is a growing health crisis to the city's housing crime. soaring rent and inadequate low income housing in oakland are leading to higher stress levels. and that is especially true for families on a limited budget. al immediate county health leaders addressed the issue yesterday. they presented findings showing higher rates of hypertension and asthma among the folks struggle tog pay the rent or to stay in their homes. it's back to the books. students are back at daily city school today. it was shut down temporarily because of sewage issues. west lake elementary was closed after sewage started to back up and that caused flooding in the bathrooms. while many students loved the day off, school officials say canceling school for one day is a major impact. zpl anytime we need to cancel school, it's a big incon venus. it's a day lost for learning and the routine and so, we took it
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very seriously. >> as for getting that thing fixed, plumbing crews spent yesterday unclogging the suer system and disinfecting the bathrooms. >> i would hope so. an investigative unit exclusive. last year, the u.s. secret service investigated more than 20,000 cases of stolen identity, which cost americans is.2 billion. our unit uncovered a more insidious rarer form of stolen identity. which can take your freedom. tonight, we investigate behind the scenes of one of the fastest and most quickly evolving crimes in america. identity thieft. but these thieves are not just hijacking your credit cards. they're hijacking people's entire life histories and identities and some victims are facing criminal charges for the thipgs the thieves do because the thieves commit crimes using that stolen identity. >> i was going through my credit report and i'm like, this is a boog overdue.
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something benign. so i called over there and it was like, oh, yeah, committed a crime an everything else. need to come into the station. i said, i'm actually you know, in new york. and she's like, oh, really. okay, so now you're a felon. >> both the fbi an secret service focus resources on this problem, but even with the continues to cost billions in lost money every year. coming up tonight at 11:00, our investigator unit talks with the exmerits on the front line and shows us how current state laws may not protect you if you become a victim. that's tonight at 11:00. >> it was a first in more than 50 years, jet blue is now flying directly to cuba. the first commercial flight from the u.s. to the island nation in more than a half semplgry. now, we brought you live pictures of the flight about to leave this morning on today in the bay. consid kerry sanders has more on the one hour and eight minute
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flight. >> reporter: this morning, america can once again by a commercial airline ticket and fly from the u.s. directly to cuba. the last scheduled u.s. flight was a pan am dc 6 in 1961. jfk was in the white house. hardly anyone had heard of the beatles. this first flight today from ft. lauderdale heads to -- a three hour drive east of havana. co-piloting the flight, frank, who gab his career at 14. his father fled castro's cuba in 1961. >> he will be flying with me right here along with my grandfather and emp else. >> jet plu is the first to resume flights to cuba, but other u.s. airlines are right behind. next week, american airlines begins its flight to miami into cuba. in all, eight airlines have tentative u.s. permission to fly to cuba from various u.s. cities. permission to fly directly to
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havana could come later this year. zpl and that was kerry sanders reporting. now, u.s. law still prohibits tourist travels to cuba, but there are now a dozen categories of authorizeded travel that includes family visits, journalist visits and educational activities. talking about looking into the journalist visit. earlier this morning, i think laura was trying to organize a group trip. >> going to make he work for her while on the road. what other requirements, there are so many storms lined up. it's like reading a baby pook. >> we were just talking about the two hurricanes approaching hawaii. it's been some time now, but now, we have a new tropical storm, but this in the gulf of mechanism ko. some breaking news from the weather department here at 11:00. this is tropical storm -- winds sustained at 40 miles per hour at a very favorable part of the gulf of mexico.
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you can expanding. by thursday evening, 65 mile per hour sustained winds. there's a possibility it could be a tropical storm, but maybe closing in on hurricane strength as it krooss the florida gulf coast. around georgia then parallels the eastern sea board. so, hurricane madeleine approaching the big island today. this storm approaching florida tomorrow and then back to hawaii with lester on approach on sunday and clearly, the peak of the tomorrow rall system. we had the beautiful clouds around sunset and sunrise this morning. some of the upper level moisture moving away from madeleine, away from hawaii. 60s an 70s out there. if you can see in dublin, 71 degrees. should see highs today approaching the low 80s. gorgeous view of san francisco. 64 degrees. maybe we can get closer to 70
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this momafternoon. the winds keeping temperatures down along the peninsula and coast, san jose, 71 degrees. climbing close to 80 degrees, which is below the average high for this time of year of about 83 and there's a good reason why. sea breeze pretty strong at times today, which is good new for air quality next 24 hours. air quality and for the most part, wildfire smoke staying out of the bay area. but you may notice for the evening commute around the peninsula hill tops, low clouds spilli spilling inland as early as 5:00 and 6:00 this morning. highs south of downtown san jose in the low 80s. 60s closer to san francisco. north bay and trivalley, you'll see temperatures in the mid-80s an the seven day forecast keeping temperatures trening cooler as we head towards labor day weekend and notice the numbers in the inland seven-day forecast trending cooler. for labor day and tuesday, those
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in your opinions back on the rise. this is a pattern shift we're watching closely next week that takes the cool earn and replaces it with high pressure. temperatures can be set to soo next we're. a closer look in our next half hour. back to you. >> come up, great news for b.a.r.t. communiters. the transit agency wants to pay you when you ride. the new program that will hopefully keep the trains from being so crowded. but first, happening now, facebook's oldest visitor, the social media company 101-year-old willie may jones for her 101st birthday celebration. she chatted with cheryl sandburg, got to try on ok louse glasses. on twitter, the five most valuable companies in the u.s. toe, not surprisingly, all silicon valley tech. the first day that's happened in quite a long time. scott budman has been watching the numbers.
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we'll be right back with more news.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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willing to shift their schedules to off peak hours. ==sam//2 shot== bart is calling it a "perks cash more convenience. b.a.r.t. is willing to pay riders to shift their schedule. >> officially, they're calling it a perks program. the goal is to ease youing during rush hour. more from san francisco's
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financial district. >> trains are generally the most crowded during the morning rush. 7:30 to 8:30. >> pretty crowded. >> so they want to shift rider to earlier or later trains knowing lots of people probably won't go for it. they are shooting for 5 prs of o passengers. >> the idea is to spread it out. >> b.a.r.t. got 300,000 from the federal government to offer these cash incentives. sign up with b.a.r.t. and for every mile you travel, you earn a point. if you travel on off peak train, you can earn three points per mile and when you've earned 100,000 point, they'll give you a dollar. >> okay. >> everyone had pretty much the
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same reaction. >> not ha much. >> it's money, not lot of money. >> it's unclear why there's something called a micro incentive is going to move riders off their trains, but i tried. >> this is your train. the it's coming. >> i'll give you a buck if you miss it. >> not today. >> mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> good try, mark. decreasing noise from screeching rail, b.a.r.t. officials say they have reached a breakthrough on that front. thank goodness. so loud. they have technology that can cut the noise levels in half. they plan to show off that technology at 1:00 this afternoon at the trans agency's shop in hayward. haas time we road b.a.r.t., the kids had their fingers in their ears. >> talking about other ways to get around, watch out, uber. dwo google's service works through
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the wage app and right now, it's in the testing phase. curranly, people working at six different companies including google, walmart and adobe request request a ride, but soon, anyone in bay area can try to use the service. coming up next, a convicted drug dealer was granted an early release. the reason being let go free. zwlnchts plus, brock turner should be released from prison on friday. the changes that his controversial sentencing have led to.
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protests are now planned in anticipation of brock turner's release from jail this friday. he was convicted of sexually assaulting a being planned right now on brock turner's release from jail on friday. >> a judge sentences turner to just six months in jail instead of ten years in prison. creating a fire storm of
11:32 am
controversy. we have more on how this case led to changes in california law and the judge to step down from the criminal court. >> it was the conviction and lenient sentence that stirred a national uproar. brock turner set to be releaseded friday from jail after serving just 90 days following throw felony conviction frs sexually assaulting an intok kated and unconscious female. the letter of outrage going viral, viewed nearly 18 million times. in it, she said you cannot give me become the life i had before thatting night. vice president joe biden also weighing in with an emotional letter to the young woman writing a lot of people failed you. i believe you. it's not your fault. all of this igniting a fire storm against santa clara superior court judge who presided over the case. nearly 1.8 million people signed a petition for him to be
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removed. last week, he stepped down from criminal court. now, will only preside over civil court trials. also recently passing a bill closing a loophole that allowed for such short sentences. urn the new law, if his case was tried today, he would serve a minimum three year bes hipd bars. he has been banned from ever setting foot on campus again, but has left an indelible mark on stanford university. >> this entire case just shows that if you commit sexual assault to an unconscious woman on the stanford campus in california, that you spend the summer internship in jail. >> he could be released after midnight on friday. no special treem when he is released. he will be required to register on the sex o fenners list for life and will have three years pro bags, which includes submitting to drug tests and cannot be in possession nor
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consume alcohol. >> police say they have captured a woman who escapeded while on her way to jail. san pablo police arrested her yesterday at a home in richmond. they had been looking for her since friday. officers launched a search because she disappeared while on her way to county jail in martinez, but called it off. police say she was using her sister's name. a san jose city leader has followed through on the unusual move to declare a state of emergency in order to beef up staffing levels on the street. that could impact police work elsewhere, especially where we're talking about lower level crimes. the vote by council members yesterday ten to one, allows the department to reassign officers and investigators from other decisions to street patrol. >> we have a special unit that works on child pornography. for me, i'm uncomfortable removing personnel from that decision. zpl that councilman was the lone
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dissenter. eddie garcia has two weeks to decide. waiting for an explanation and still not getting one. no word from city of hayward about twhi their police chief is on administrative leave. the only thing city leaders will say is that there is a personnel investigation that is confidential. one hayward board member school board member is very critical of what's happening in his city. hensz the problems go straight to the top of city government. >> it is a broken leadership. not only is the housebroken, but it needs a lot of cleaning. >> the city is also grappling with other con ver is is, one that involves the superinten tept. who is also on leave. after ray mcdonald sfopoke at o of the skls there despite facing sexual assault charges.
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a popular sipger with out of jail today after posting a $250,000 bail. chris brown was in trouble with the law again after he allegedly pointed a gun at a woman. brown turned himself in to los angeles police officers yesterday after initially not cooperating with them. a woman claims that brown threatened and proceeded to point a gun at her while she attended a party at his house. brown denies any wrong doing and he posted a message on instagram bashing police. >> when i call the police for stalker people that are endangering my life, they don't come until the next day. somebody make a [ bleep ] allegation about me and oh, yeah, the whole [ bleep ] s.w.a.t. team. >> as for the history, back in 2009, brown assaulted his then girlfriend, rihanna. he was sentences to probation, community service and domestic violence classes. a man who was once a notorious drug kingpin in
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oakland, his family says he is a community kingpin helping families. yesterday, president obama commuted his sentence. darrell lamar reed will walk out of prison seven years earlier than expected. cheryl hurd spoke with his family. dpl the early release oftarial reed is a dream come true for his mother and son. they say the man who will soon be walking the streets is not the same man who was locked up 28 years ago. >> you all right. >> a day for hugs and celebration. >> just got a phone call this morning. >> a call this mother waited almost three decade to get. >> he said, yay and i was like, yay! >> delores stevens got a call from darrell lamar reed that he will finally be coming home. >> december 8th, 1988, they arrested him. >> back then, reed was a prominent dealer on the streets
11:38 am
of oakland, tabing over for felix mitchell in the late '80s. >> when you meet people in the community, all they talk about how giving he was. >> he had the money to give, maybing tens of thousand of dollars daily selling a new drug, crack-cocaine. president obama granted clemency to 111 people providing a sec chance to prisoners who have take p steps toward rehabilitation and who have received sentences for nonviolent drug crimes. while serving, reed has giveren back to the community and telling young people not to go down the wrong path. >> and i think he feels that it's his generation's responsibility to you know, steer the young people of today in the right direction. >> junior high sweetheart. >> mistakes reed will soon have a chance to make up for after all these years. >> he's not living in past. he wants to fix the now, help his community get better. >> reed's family is hoping they
11:39 am
will be able to spend new year's together. nbc bay area news. a police officer has thank for jumping in to help subdue a shoplifting suspect. happened 11 days ago when they tried to stop a man leaving a ccs storement when the officer confronted the suspect, he says the suspect punched him. the investigator having a coffee saw what happened and stepped in. >> so i jogged over and kind of o bent down and said, hey, do you need some help. >> i was like, yes, please. control his upper body. >> between the two of us, probably 20 seconds ab he was quickly in custody. >> the officer managed to handcuff the suspect quickly. coming up, president obama is visiting california's natural wonders. his push now to keep tahoe blue. >> plus, the skyrocketing price of epipens still has many people
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and law make rs angry. so we go across the border to find out who cheap some of those life saving drugs can cost in canada. and we're halfway to labor day weekend and right now, we're seeing hazy sunshine around the trivalley. when 90s could be back if your seven hv -day forecast. has been under intense criticism
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certainly been public fur yur of this next issue. mylan has been under intense criticism from dramatic price increase of its epipen, the drug that neutral lizs allergic reactions. >> turns out the same epipen sold for about $300 in yit, but can be bought for a third of that price, the original price in canada. steve brown reports. >> it was a short money saving drive to canada. >> garrison road. >> nothing is. thank you. >> less than a mile later m arrival. off pharma plus drug mart to get
11:44 am
an epipen. they sell for $30 in the u.s. much cheaper north of the border. i was out of the store, epipen in hand. the very same sold in the u.s. the entire time inside the store, three minutes to buy one of these. didn't require a prescription. and the total cost, a little over $101. again, the same potentially life saving device for people with severe allergic reactions for one-third the u.s. price. mylan announced many the coming week, it would offer a generic version of its epipen at $150, but buying in canada, still about 50 bucks cheaper than that. so, why so much less expensive in canada? medication prices are egglated here and canadian pharmacist sam bashta says it strikes him as fairer. >> it's not fair for people to, for plenty of people to stay he will healthy and happy. >> on our return drive, we had no problem getting back into the u.s. with our purchase.
11:45 am
>> u.s. buffalo. >> what are you doing in canada? >> buying one of these for my son. epip epipen. >> what do they cost? canada? >> 100. >> ipg you'll see more. perfect. thank you. >> to ensure we're not pulling a fast one, there's this statement from u.s. customs. a who has purchased a personal quantity of epipens outside of the united states may travel across the border into the u.s. with them. president obama is taking on the campaign to keep tahoe blue. he is making lake tahoe the first stop of a two-day virmal tour. the president will attend the 20th annual lake tahoe environmental summit and will be joined by other california leerds like governor brown and senator desiianne feinstein. president obama is expected to address pregnanting lake tahoe's
11:46 am
environment which is threat ped by declining water quality, drought an erosion. he leaves tomorrow for a conference in hawaii. we did see a tine knit little bit of rain as a result of the hurricane activity in hawaii. >> the president is probably going to debt more rain if hawaii. >> we'll show you what's going on now with the radar view and over on the right side. that is hurricane madeleine and that red dot we've placed atop the mown, hawaii has two volcanos. one rises 13,600 feet plus above sea level and that is the view right now. one of the observatories there, 56 degrees. so, it's cooler, higher up in hawaii. they've got sideways rain going. so, the latest on hurricane madeleine. category 1 storm that's going to for the most part, the center is going to track by to the south, pu the wind feeled so large, tropical storm force winds will extend towards maui around 11:00
11:47 am
our time. just south of hawaii and tracking away as we get into thursday morning and then round two will be hurricane lester arieffing on saturday night and sunday. showing up midway through labor day weekend across the hawaiian islands. no tropics here. we're not going to get tropical moisture today. we had it over the last couple of evenings though. mostly clear now. 60s and 70s outside and you'll notice in dublin, we have hazy sunshine. high temperatures, not too bad. san francisco, sunshine. looking very nice there. 65 degrees and into san jose, not as much smoke as we've seen over the last few days. it's the wind direction which is helping us out out of the west, northwest so, one of the computer models that looks for wildfire smoke pollution here on the central coast, west, northwest winds keeping most of the smoke away from the bay area into tomorrow, so the wind shift we've been seeing also good for air quality. good across the board from the
11:48 am
north bay to the south bay. areas of smoke staying south of morgan hill. watch out for more low clouds. quickly surging inland toward 5:00 and 6:00. back across san bruno gap heading towards hayward by 6:00 and 7:00 this evening. after mid afternoon, temperatures still reach the 80s. 60s closer to san francisco. highs in the mid 80s. we're about to see a pattern change away from this cool trough. the high pressure starting to build in, so as we head towards labor day on monday, you should begin to notice the temperatures on the rise. let's look at the hen-day extended forecast for sfsz. monday and tuesday. approaching 70 degrees and across the valleys, it's been a while since we've been talking about 90 degree temperatures with the extended forecast, which includes the end of laker day into early next week. puts some 90s on the board, but in the meantime, temperatures staying nice and cool approaching labor day weekend.
11:49 am
>> what's the weather like in you know, december? >> we'll work on that. >> we're going to need a bigger monitor. thanks. coming up, a town devastated by a fire last year is slowly rebuilding. how one man is now inspiring others one exercise at a time. that is today's bay area proud. since the valley fire devestated
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parts of lake county. ==sam//2shot== full recovery is still a long way off. but if people there want a shot of inspiration -- we one of the worst in california's history. full recovery still a long way off. but if people want a shot of inspiration, they know where to go. garvin thomas joins us with today's bay area proud. >> the good thing is it isn't hard to find rex bowers. there's one spot in middletown you can almost always spot him. good luck keeping up with him though. to this day, almost a year to the day the fire started, you'd have trouble finding someone in
11:52 am
middletown who wasn't singed by the fire. many of course lost their homes, but others lost business. beth, owner of lake county jazzerci skrks e, had to cut the number of of classes he offered in half. >> we lost o lot of clients. they lost their homes and are out of the area. there's not enough housing here to keep everybody in the area. >> but at best if any offer clients are feeling doup about their personal recovery an need something to lift them up, well, they have rex. rex bowers just turned 95 years old. and to call him a regular at jazzercize would be to misuse the word. he's more like a fixture. so he doesn't move like one. last year alone, rex attended more than 200 classes.
11:53 am
he's closing in on 1,000 since moving to middletown five years ago. >> rex is an inspiration to us. we say we want to grow up to be like rex. >> i've been told that. individual people have told me this. because i'm still going, i'm kind of an inspiration the them. >> rex says he took his first group exercise class just after retiring in the early 1980s. and was hooked. >> yeah, i kind of liked it. a lot of women there. yeah. >> rex says he doesn't have a pain in his almost century old body and can't remember the last time he had a headache. still, the last year hasn't exactly been easy for him either. >> like the drive around and see all the empty houses. >> for those who did stay though, there's something reassuring and rex's presence. a living, times heavy breathing
11:54 am
example that no matter what life throws at you, the best response is always to just keep going. when he's not exercising, rex is spending his days helping care for his younger sister. who has alzheimer's. he says all the classes not only keep him in shame shachlt but help him deal with the stress of doing that. >> garvin gets to hang out with the coolest people. >> rex is the man. sounds like he's looking for models. >> maybe. >> we'll be right back with more news after this. an amazing survival story - for
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
one dog that went overboard in michigan. right now, an amazing survival story for one dog who went overboard in michigan. he has been on a boat sunday morning on lake michigan when he fell into the lake some six miles offshore. the owners distress calls created an intense search that initially came up emp thety. as you can see, they were reuniteded. this was after a facebook post by a lost dog search team keeping watch for riley, then community xhepts starting to pour in indicating riley made it to shore. she apparently walked some 12 miles before the owners tracked her down to a campground where they were reunited. >> unbelievable. swimming and walking. >> paddling, walking. we'll see you again tomorrow. have a great day. ay. /anim
11:58 am
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stand by, we are live in five, four, three, two, one. eat! >> that was great. the final five take on the game hungry hungry humans last night on fallon. >> they're making the victory lap in new york city. enjoying every moment. love seeing that huge board game. that was a fun game we had growing up. i like the human version better. >> i like the camera


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