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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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donald trump making his long awaited immigration speech and contrary to reports he did not soften his language. the gop nominee did create plenty of buzz, contradicting the mexican president. plus, coping with tragedy. a heavy hearted petaluma community is waking up grieving the loss of two of its younger members. and front and center. colin kaepernick and the 49ders in are in san francisco for the ni final preseason game but the world is watching for more than just his play on the gridiron. "today in the bay" starts right now. good thursday morning. thank you for joining us on "today in the bay." i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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we're going the get to the local forecast in a moment, but i want to talk a little bit with anthony who is in for kari about where the threats in other parts of the country. >> watching herman and lester and madeline. we've got active tropical weather happening right now. first take you to hawaii and talk about madeline. this is tropical storm madeline. was a hurricane 24 hours ago. it's passing through the south of the main island. it's going to continue to brush the south of the big islands there. again, the main threat has really passed to the south of the island there. 50-mile-per-hour wind speed at the core but a lot is off the coast. pumping up big waefs there. we'll track lester this morning. here at home, another comfortable day. we will talk about the weekend weather and major warming headed our way coming up in 15 minutes. mike, let's toss it to you and check that morning commute. >> the morning commute as you would right now, 4:31, almost
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4:32, easy, breezy drive. the issue is not the roadway because only road crews picking up around the bay. as you cross the bay let's look at the bay bridge from emeryville. you can't see anything above about midway up that tower there. you can't see past the treasure island area because of low clouds. there will be fog at the golden gate bridge. that's the concern right now. back to you. >> thank you, mike. so who would pay for a wall? donald trump says he did not talk about that specifically with the president of mexico when the two of them met yesterday. >> but president enrique pena nieto said he told trump mexico will not pay for the wall. trump gave his much anticipated speech on immigration in arizona. >> they don't know it yet but they're going to pay for the wall. and they're great people. and great leaders. but they're going to pay for the wall. >> trump sticking to his primary promises, build the wall and deport millions of illegal immigrants. he says as president he would create a special task force to
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deport criminals. hillary clinton earlier yesterday said trump cantor race things he said in the past. >> certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. that is not how it works. >> there are reports several of trump's latino surrogates quit after last night's speech. one tweeted he feels disappointed and misled. more details on trump's plan. he want to set up a tracking system to find people who over stay their visas. promised not to issue people in parts of the world where adequate screening cannot occur and he wants to set up ideological tests to ensure they share american values. trump insisted that undocumented immigrants who seek legal status in the united states must return to their home countries in order to do so. stay with nbc bay area news for continuing decision 2016
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coverage. head to all of our digital platforms for how people are reacting to trump's speech including hillary clinton. the san jose father accused of abusing his 6-week-old daughter to death will be back in court today. matthew zabala could enter a plea. baby mila suffered a skull fracture and wasn't breathing when deputies arrived. doctors found broken ribs and fractures to her arms and legs at different i understand stay of t stages of healing. zap la is being charged with murder. 4:34. a rash of brazen break-ins spanning three bay area cities could all be linked. surveillance video shows a grouped of armed robbers broke into this fremont home. you see them crouching right there. the homeowners were not home at the time. police say the suspects are hoping to confront homeowners to lead them to valuables. they are targeting people while they're in their homes. similar break-ins have taken
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place in piedmont and the oakland hills which has authorities investigating whether there's a common tie here. >> you have five armed individuals. and they're not just armed with anything. in the video you could see some of them are armed with extended magazines. >> thankfully to this point no one has been injured in any of the three reported break-ins. two young girls who love to sing and dance are being remembered at their elementary school in roaner park this morning. gonzales sisters 7-year-old sire a and 9-year-old delilah died yesterday morning on their way to school. their mother lost control of her car and drove into the petaluma river. 26-year-old hernandez survived but was not able to rescue her daughters. parents at the school are having an emotional talk with their kids about losing two classmates. >> they were asking question, we explain and he was sad. >> family members say delilahia and seria's parents are
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devastated. someone cut off and she drove off the road. hernandez reportedly did not have a driver's license. investigators are urging witnesses to come forward. >> certainly a lot of difficult conversations today. 4:36. it is the first day of september. the feeling of fall is in the air. >> that's right. we've got temperatures cooling off as we head towards the weekend. we have a very active tropical pattern happening, too. tropical storms impacting hawaii. we're back to talk about that after the break. >> and over here rewe're lookin at the golden gate bridge camera. low clouds, fog may be an issue at the coast and across the bay. we'll track your morning commute, coming up.
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morning the niners are gearing up for their game against the san diego chargers. it's their last preseason game but football is taking a backseat to politics as controversy continues to swirl around quarterback colin kaepernick. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at levi stadium. everybody will be watching colin. >> good morning, laura and sam. during an interview earlier this week at levi stadium san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick did say he does plan to sit down during tonight's national anthem in san diego against the chargers just
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like he did during last friday's preseason game here in santa clara to pro test what he says is police brutality against minorities in this country. yesterday kaepernick not surprisingly found support from members of the black lives matter movement. the small group of people blocked the entrance to the san francisco police officers association. they were protesting a letter that the poa sent to the nfl commissioner and 49er ceo. in that later the poa demanded kaepernick apologize for his comments involving officer involved shootings and went on to call him an i'm bear rasment for this information. >> it's all criticism that all have received who stood for justis. >> it's a disgrace. pretty much saying he doesn't care for our country. >> reporter: marine corps, air station in miramar before tonight's game, which is the chargers annual salute to the military. this salute tonight will honor
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the thousands of servicemen and women who live in the san diego area. a u.s. naval officer will sing tonight's anthem while more than 200 members of the military unfurl the u.s. flag. it will be a much different atmosphere than last friday night when few fans realize t a time that he sat out the anthem. it became apparent when someone tweeted at the photo and the publicity came after that. reporting live in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> suddenly a lot of importance for a preseason football game. thank you very much. 4:41. if you've ever tried to put in a kid's car seat it can certainly be tough. a new report is praising companies for making it easier.
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feels like friday. but it's not. >> we're getting there. >> friday eve. >> don't mess with me, laura. get me all excited. >> that's why i'm here. >> it's thursday. >> you're excited and it's busy these days. keeping track of hurricane activity on both coasts of the country. >> three tropical systems and here at home doesn't seem like much is happening. >> which is okay. it feels cooler though. >> it does. >> yeah. >> and fall is just around the corner. >> we are going to talk about cooler weather. let's get you started with tropical storm madeline. here's the one passing to the south of the big island of hawaii. good news here, i was looking at data. a lot of heavy rainfall fell just on the south and eastern
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part of the island. a lot of the higher coastal mountains only about four to six inches in some of the lower parts down near the beaches. good news there. took a little bit of a passing blow but we'll be talking about lester, the next one headed that way. here at home, the fog has drifted inland over towards the tri-valley. still waiting on it to get towards the south bay. not as much fog as we saw yesterday. atmosphere mixing out a little bit as we get those cooler temperatures. not as hot afternoon, highs especially for the inland valleys. tonight the fog drifts on through. not a whole lot of low clouds. maybe just passing high and mid level cloud cover tonight. comfortable day headed your way. we'll still manage a few 80s for livermore, concord, fairfield. most of us experiencing comfortable weather. here is lester. here's the next hurricane that will be impacting hawaii. right now it's a category two storm so it's very strong and as it moves towards hawaii you will notice a lot of heavier rain is going to stay off the coast at
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least this is the latest forecast model. of course you know how these models go back and forth. this is saturday, again, this an approaching holiday weekend. a lot of folks are probably headed that way. sunday and monday it passes to the north of maui and even oahu. if you're traveling in that direction pay close attention to the latest models. of course we will talk about the next system headed towards florida in my next hit when we get more time because, you know, mike has to talk about traffic and get you to work on time. temperaturing do warm up for labor day weekend at home but it's nice, comfortable and dry. >> folks won't have trob getting to work on time. it's early. light flow of traffic. fog may play a factor. just a note, prepare for slower speeds across the golden gate bridge, along the coast. show you the maps, no slow downs. even over here at the altamont pass and livermore just an early first starts of the slowing. and you're well clear by the dublin interchange.
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live look at the dublin enter chan interchange. smooth flow westbound commute direction towards 680 and sunol. without any problems. 680 through fremont and 880 as well. looking live at a smooth drive. construction both directions approaching dickson landing road. keep that in mind. back to you. putting a pause on some new phones. samsung is delaying shipments of new galaxy note 7 phone. >> for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> sapd and laura, good morning. wall street will try to start september on a good note. futures are higher. marketing ending august in the red. the dow snapping a six-month winning streak. september may not look much better. historically the worst month of the year for stocks. you want to look for data today on unemployment and auto sales. dow falling 18400.
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nasdaq down 9 to 5213. meanwhile, shares of samsung taking a hit today as the consumer electronics giant delays shipments of new galaxy note 7 smartphone. samsung says the move is called quality control testing and delay comes amid reports in south korea by some users who claim the phone's battery exploded while it was charging. amazon and wells far go are ending student loan partnership six weeks after announcing the program. it offered members of amazon prime a student discount on wells fargo loans and it's unclear why the companies are ending the promotion but some consumer advocates had criticized the deal saying it could push students away from the federal loan system which offer protection, not typically found in the private market and last week wells fargo would sign $4 million by the government to resolve claims it iced illegal practice which led to higher borrowing costs. sam and laura, back over to you. >> thank you, landon. it's 4:48.
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child safety seats are becoming a bit easier to use. and automakers are getting praises for making improvements. for many parents find that right latch or anchor to safely secure a child restraint seat it's tough. it is quite a problem. sometimes it takes a long time. institute for highway safety found parents using adult seat belts because they couldn't locate latches or ank course. a year ago new standards were set to make finding latches easier and several automakers have already made those changes. >> part of the improvement is the me there anchors are moved higher up and in the middle of the seat back in easy to find location and clearly labeled. >> thank you. the institute just concluded tests on 170 vehicle models most of which earned a good or acceptable rating. the audi q 467, lexis hx and toyota prius are getting the highest mark. >> better safety. better health now as well. an app that can map a community's health much like the
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weather. smart thermometer. it's being made in san francisco. the company is called ken is a and launching a new program to help people in zika infected areas. essentially how this works, it sends out free stick thermometers for patients. the stick model plugs into a smartphone and then an app records patient's temperatures and other vitals. that information all goes into a group health map giving people a realtime picture of community health. the company believes smart thermometer can help stop the spread of some diseases. >> helpful to parents, too. future of strir actual reality is here and we have an exclusive look. >> facebook did a demo at the san jose convention center that shows how virtual reality can be smoother with the help of new software and old-fashioned basketball. kind of looks like pop a shot there. the company admits the current virtual reality experience can be shaky. >> anything that you see in the video kind of makes people motion sick. it's perceived in real life. so ideally you you want to take that out as much as possible. >> all right.
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smoothen out the lines here. facebook says the software updates will likely make it into their next versions of virtual reality products. >> cool. 4:51. coming up, breaking down barriers by playing a game. the way one woman's soccer team is changing history. but first, happen right now. federal government ban on the sale of guns to medical marijuana card holders including here in california does not violate the second amendment. you can read the federal appeals court ruling on plus a mother of a boy with autism is touched by an act of kindness courtesy of a waitress. read that story on our facebook page. we're back in two minutes. vandals are striking agai
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vandals striking again in san jose, this time in a bizarre way. someone splashing white primer plate on utility boxes coloring colorful murals. they're located in the willow glen neighborhood. the vabd lymph showed up in january and didn't happen again until this past sunday when police say a box on the corner of meridian avenue and dry creek road was hit. the artist has since repainted that mural. only on nbc bay area an emotional symbol in the south bay is suddenly gone. pile of white crosses that once covered the lawn of guadalupe church in san jose. the new pastor would not go on camera but tells us some parishioners felt the crosses made the parish look eerie like a cemetery so they were removed. the pastor also gave a pink slip to a group made aanything goes deguadalupe. they hold english classes on church grounds. >> just sad to see that we're
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not even given a chance, i don't think they have -- had time to know us, who we are. >> in a letter to parishioners the pastor explains the church needs the place to offer bible study and other faith-based classes. decisions are dividing the parish. a special night in palo alto, a soccer match but it was much, much more than just that. this was about politics, oppression, and determination. the afghanistan women's national soccer team is training here in the bay area. partly because of our large afghan population. but the taliban tried to shut the team down when it formed in 2007 with some players receiving death threats. now they say they're better than ever and last night they played a friendly soccer match with teams from the palo alto soccer club. the afghan women said they hope to inspire young girls back home. >> if girls like us can do it they can do it. we want them to get out of their comfort zone, get out of the
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their homes and get into sports. >> it's really, really nice to see a group of girls come out here and fight for what they want in life. >> it is emotional. the team is going to play in a soccer tournament in the bay area this weekend as they prepare for a major tournament in india. >> lots of smiles there, too. all right. better start to rocking those bluejeans because denim could soon become the state fabric. >> wow. who knew we even had a fabric for states. in 59-3 vote they passed a bill to make denim the state fabric. proposed by assembly man mark levine of marin county. wearing jean jackets during his presentation in sacramento. governor jerry brown has yet to weigh in. don't we have a lot of other things to decide? >> we do and there are other fabrics. what's wrong with khaki? a tip of the cap to levi. anthony slaughter is in right now. we might want pants. >> you want to wear pants today,
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yes. >> opposed to shorts, guys. >> maybe some denim shorts, denim jackets. you know how it is in the bay area. we dress in layers here. we'll about the forecast and get you to the holiday weekend here coming up in the full forecast. bust out my old jean shorts. over here at the san mateo bridge. no shortage of traffic. flowing nicely. we'll show you a bigger look coming up. plus, donald trump is doubling down on his immigration stance. major point he announced hours after meeting with the american president.
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we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> laying out his plan. donald trump's message to millions of immigrants living in the united states. plus, tragedy on the roadway. the way one bay area school is remembering two young lives cut short. >> reporter: and brazen home robbers go into a home while the family is away but police say that wasn't necessarily the plan. i'm kris sanchez. i'll show you the robberies happening in several bay area cities that could be linked. >> good thursday morning to you.
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around thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. as we've noted it's very calm in the bay area today. but on the pacific coast, on the atlanta coast, watching hurricanes in both directions right now. >> tracking herman earlier, the one headed for florida. you can see here we've got some actual video. i believe this is the one that we were talking about that could be impacting testimony a, even pensacola, over toward tallahass tallahassee. expecting six to ten inches of rainfall additional in florida as the system continues to slowly move. let's switch gears and talk about lester. this is the one headed towards hawaii. the one we will be watching for labor day holiday by friday. could be off the coast of hawaii as a category one. back at home. quiet weather. morning fog. nice, comfortable afternoon. 60s and 70s. a few 80s for inland valleys. we'll talk about that weekend forecast coming up in a bit. mike, let's get you into that morning commute. >> good morning. th


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