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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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brock turner's release is expected to happen any moment now. turner is going to walk out of a south bay jail and we're there live. former stanford swimmer convicted of several counts of sexual assault is getting out early for good behavior. plus, hermine arrives in florida. a hurricane has not made landfall in the sunshine state in more than a decade. and it won't happen today either. not our town. no to a new project that would bring hundreds of new homes to a region struggling with the housing crisis. "today in the bay" starts right now. on a very busy friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we were talking about hurricane
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hermine. it sounds like it was downgrade? >> it came across the coast as a hurricane now weakening to a tropical storm. weather around here obviously is nice and cool to start off your morning. right now temperatures mostly in the 50s outside. jacket weather for the north bay. then temperatures climb into the low to mid 80s. the weather quiet this morning. kind of a different story this morning with your track report. with more on that here's anthony. >> i want to start you off with a wide view. lots of green on the map. that denotes we have traffic moving without a problem. but we have a couple of spots that i want to point out. in fact, there is a car fire on 580 eastbound near ysabel avenue. you can see traffic not being effected but keep that in mind. spectators may be slowing. also, the carquinez bridge. report of a brush fire. it's been put out but i'll have more as the morning goes on. back to you. breaking news right now. we have multiple crews live at the santa clara county main jail on heading street in san jose. media from all over the country
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is stationed there as brock turner is expected to walk out of that jail any moment now. we have crews stationed in the front and the back of the jail. >> we're looking through the front doors. there is outrage over the fact that the former stanford swimmer was sentenced to only six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. now turner is being released early from jail because of good behavior behind bars. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the jail this morning. bob, do we have a window of when we expect him to walk out? >> good morning, kris and sam. i just spoke with the sergeant with the santa clara cher isher office and he can be released between now and 9:00 a.m. barring any extreme circumstances, for instance, a huge protest, he is expected to walk out of the main entrance in the jail in downtown san jose just luke any other inmate. the sheriff's office has set up barricades so he has a safe and clear walking path off the
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property. sheriff told us yesterday she is unprecidented. they can't recall a time they had to set up barricades but because of the potential for protests they want to make sure he has a safe walking way off the property. so there is several members of the media here. at least more than a dozen. and we believe there's also a few civilians out here who are protesting the fact that santa clara superior court judge aaron persky sentenced to brock to six months in jail for sexual assault in an unconscious woman on a stanford campus where turner was a student and star swimmer. many people are out ramged not only to the fact that he was sentenced for six months but only serving half that sentence, three months as you had mentioned. once he exits this morning turner is expected to travel back to his home state of ohio where he will be on probation for three years. he will rest have to register as a sex offender and attend drug and counseling sessions.
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as a result of this specific case, there's now legislation in sacramento that the assembly is considering, ab-2888 which would require minimum sentences of sexual assault of an unconscious person. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much. as bob just mentioned, intense interest right now in the release of brock turner. once again, we have multiple crews await that happening. this live feed is also going to be on be sure to stay right here on "today in the bay" because we're going to bring you turner's release live as it happens. an argument ends in gunfire on the streets of hayward. it happened in the area of south garden avenue and eighth street near interstate 880. police say the victim was walking down the street when he was involved in an argument with another person, perhaps other people. he was shot in the torso and then left there in the street. the victim is now in the hospital with life -- non-life
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threatening injuries. so far, no suspect. developing story, and hermine has made landfall just south of tallahassee. when it made landfall it was the first hurricane to land in florida in a decade. dozens of counties are under a state of emergency. it has sense been downgraded to a tropical storm. meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking everything to do with hermine. he will have more on the development of yet another hurricane barreling towards hawaii in ten minutes. the los gatos city council voted to reject that controversial north 40 project. you may have seen the signs going up along 17. developers wanted to build on 44 acres between highway 17 and los gatos boulevard south of highway 85. the plan called for tearing out an orchard and building 320 homes and 66,000 square feet of retail stores. local were concerned about traffic and big box stores would
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hurt small business owners but business owners near north 40 supported the development because of the foot traffic. woman at the center of a police sexual abuse involving police officers around the bay area is in jail right now in florida. the 19-year-old from richmond who calls herself celeste guap is facing an aggravated battery charge. the police report says she had a violent episode at voluntary rehab facility. ran outside and exposed herself to people on the street and threatened staff and bit a security officer on the arm. more than a dozen police officers here in the bay area right now are currently under investigation for having sex with celeste guap. still ahead, we continue to follow the situation after santa clara county main jail where former stanford swimmer brock turner is set to be released any moment now. we'll bring it to you live as it happens. plus, more local headlines. and rob is here. how do things look? >> looking at clear skies in san jose as we get closer to the
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starts of labor day weekend. you may be surprised at how cool the temperatures will be this weekend. we'll look at that coming up. and anthony slaughter in for mike inouye this morning. tracking your morning commute. we've got a car fire to talk about in livermore. we'll show you that and get you around the rest of the bay area, coming up when "today in the bay" returns.
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it is 4:40. happening today the lodge awaited sierra lamar murder trial could be delayed once again. a judge will hear a motion today to continue the trial of torres. prosecutors say torres killed morgan hill teenager see area a lamar in 2012. defense lawyers are again asking for more time to prepare. the district attorney says dna evidence links torres to her murder though sierra's body has not been found archlts year long investigation into a string of home break-ins ended with arrests. these are the criminals behind the burglaries according to investigators. they say they're member of a an east palo alto street gang and they committed some 200 burglaries in san jose and neighboring cities. the suspects travelled in high-end cars usually bmws or mercedes and primarily stole gun, cash, jewelry, and electronics. a former uc berkeley linebacker says he has severe
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headaches, dementia, and memory loss and he says it stems from concussion-related injuries he sustained while playing for the university. the chronicle reports nettle hawkins played for cal in 1970 and '71. his lawyers say when hawkins suffered a hit his coaches immediately put him back in the game without any medical treatment or valevaluation. they are suing various universities. the lawsuit equates a hit to the head in football to head hitting a dashboard when a car slams into a wall at 25 miles per hour. san francisco and oakland mayors right now uniting forces to try and convince voters to put a tax in on sugary drinks. they are going to be launching their campaign for that tax today on the steps of san francisco city hall. the soda tax proposal is called measure five in san francisco. measure v, i should say, and measure hh in oakland. both will be on the november ballot. the goal here is to tax sugary
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drinks and use that money to teach people healthier habits. >> we should name them something more specific. coming up, it is a busy morning here at "today in the bay." we're keep an eye on a santa clara county main jail where brock turner is expected to walk out a free man today. "today in the bay's" bob redell is there live. a live look at the golden gate bridge ahead of a holiday weekend. a lot of busy action going on on the roadway. we'll tell you about the changes at the bridge this weekend that might be a problem if you plan on driving out there. all of that still ahead.
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front of the santa clara county main jail this morning. there are dozens and dozen of crews and people gathered outside of the jail as we await the release of brock turner, the former stanford student who was convicted of several counts of sexual assault and given a six-month jail sentence which will now end up being three months when he leaves the jail this morning. obviously a lot of interest right now in what's going on. we were told he he will be released any time between 4:30 this morning an 9:00, bob redell is there waiting for the release. that's what the folks told bob could happen this morning and definitely you see the sheriff there. this is clearly a high-profile release for her. she says this is unprecedented. she's never had to have
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barricades outside the front doors of main jail there in san jose. looks to be some sort of briefing at this point. they're deciding what's going to happen next and how this is going to happen. certainly we're interested as well. >> majority of turtles in the hawaiian islands actually nest up here in the protected area. and that's down to the hawaii -- once they can handle some people. initially they're not that keen on it. >> saving turtles. president obama visited newly protected islands. that island is roughly midway between california and east asia. now, last week mr. obama quadrupled the size of the marine sanctuary which protects a huge chunk of the pacific ocean and the lands and creatures that depend on it. obama says it's important to protect that island from the impacts of climate change. midway toll only has an airport. it was the site of a major battle in world war ii.
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>> let's go outside on this friday morning, shall we? live pictures of the golden gate bridge right now and it is almost the labor day weekend which means a lot of folks will be heading to this iconic landmark. so, to cut down on traffic bridge officials will close vista point parking lot at the north end of the bridge and also the welcome center parking lot. both will close this morning at 11:00 and then reopen at 5:00 in the evening and that will be the story all weekend long through monday. happening now, hurricane hermine makes landfall south of tallahassee and it is the first hurricane to make landfall in florida in a decade. it was downgraded to a tropical storm but dozens of keens are still under a state of emergency. storm surges up to 12 feet are slamming the coast with some areas expected up to ten inches. all right. we are going back right now to the santa clara is county main jail. we're waiting there as sheriff lori smith.
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they are waiting for the release of brock turner which we were told could happen at any time this morning between 4:30 and 9:00. you see that there are hoards of reporters and journalist there's. let's listen in. >> it's not like right now. >> well, the sheriff is there on the scene. ready for that release. she says that not -- she's not had to have barricades out there because of the crowd before. she said the release is going to happen but in her words, just not right now. >> all right. certainly preparation is under way. we are going to be dipping back in and out of coverage from this scene. although it does look like sheriff smith might be making some remarks right now. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is there live. we hear him trying to get his microphone in place. we also have a crew at the back door in the event that brock turner is allowed to leave through that mack door. the sheriff said that was not going to be the case. that would not be any
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preferential treatment but definitely as the sheriff says, just a second. sounds like they're working out the logistic there's for the release. you see the barricades there lining the staircases there. they've been there for a couple of days. i saw them when i was out there yesterday. >> you know, it will be within the next couple of hours. i'm not sure exactly what time it is right now but he will be walking out there this door where you are right now and he will be coming together. he will be with some other people coming out at the same time. >> what is he doing right now? walk us through the processing for his release. >> what happens, the paperwork goes. they bring him down to the booking area. return all his property and then fingerprint him out and then he will walk out the door, walk through the lobby and walk through here. >> you're not happy about this sudden release? >> no, i'm not. i think anybody charge with convicted of rape ought to be time in state prison and that's why i'm supporting the assembly bill 2888. it's on the governor's desk
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right now. it makes mandatory prison sentence for anyone convicted of raping an intoxicated an unconscious person. and i think that's a good law for california. >> do you know how he is as an inmate? was he a good inmate? >> you know, i don't know how he was as an inmate. he was in protected custody, of course, because of the risk to him. >> what kind of message does it send to the public that brook turner is being released just after 90 days? >> that's the court decision. it's a decision i'm not happy with. i think that it should have been a state prison sentence. but that's why we're moving so quickly on getting the law changed and urging governor brown to sign the legislation that's on his desk now. >> getting a lot of hate mail and he was going to be given that, is that correct? >> i'm not sure about that. we don't read the inmate's mail. i have been told that was true. >> protective custody? >> yes. >> why is that? >> for the protection of him. a lot of people who are charged with crimes, homicide, things
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like that, very often they're in protective custody if there are risk of other inmates. >> given the volume of hate mail have you received any death threats? >> we are not going to talk about the operations plan. i think we're well prepared for him walking out today. and i don't think there's any definable actual threats but there is a lot of hate. so we're not sure of the level. >> was he in protected from the start or did something transpire where you had to move him? >> no, we have a classification system within the jail. and all inmates are interviewed and then we determine the level of risk. and because of the sensational nature of the crime and also the nature of the crime, he was placed in protective custody from the beginning. >> have you been here at the main jail or was over at i'm wood? i was told he was in a dorm like setting? >> you know, he's always been in protective custody but i think he was at our elmwood facility at one point and that's not as secure so he was moved here.
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>> he's going to come out the front door? >> he will come out this front door. >> i have not been in to the lower level of the jail. >> stay in the bay area or leave? >> i have no idea. i don't have any information on his conduct. >> the front door, there are other ways to go under the tunnel, there are several exits out of here. >> you know, i knew this was of interest to the public. we want to make sure that he's treated exactly the same way as anyone else is. certainly we have a lot of people here this morning and we need to make sure the public is safe but this is how everyone comes out and there's no special treatment. >> who will be accompanying him? >> i don't think anyone will. he will come through the door where the releases are and then walk directly out. obviously the -- >> lawyers accompanying him? >> not that i know of, no. >> family members? >> not that i know of. they won't be inside. i believe that. i don't know what his arrangements are for transportation. but he will walk out just like
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everybody else. >> is the sheriff's office going to accompany him to his next destination? >> no, no. >> sheriff, we've got to go. >> thank you very much. >> you've been listening to sheriff laurie smith there addressing the public, addressing all the journalists standing outside of the santa clara county main jail. she said the next couple of hours to expect brock turner to be release afrd administrative paperwork and fingerprinting and this is not special treatment except for the security which was necessary. >> right. she mentioned the fact that there is a special treatment now as she talks about ab-2888 and supporting those different sentencing guidelines for people convicted of sexual assault. it makes sense why she is sticking to her guns, so to speak, and making sure he walks out the front door, perhaps making a political statement in addition to public safety. >> legislation passed the state senate, passed the state assembly. it's siting on the desk of governor brown but not signed into law yet. we heard sheriff smith a second
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ago saying he should have been put in state prison. >> bob redell is there and he is watching those front doors as are we. we're going to check in with him and make a quick phone call and we'll be right back.
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. i a major reconfiguration in san francisco is bound to make bicyclists happy. very first protected lanes for bikes. the idea is to make an idea for cyclists separated from cars by those cement planters there on your screen. this is happening along ninth and division streets in sill what right now. 13 miles of protected bikes lines are now in the works. >> plenty of people like to hit the road. a tech ceo makes a giant
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commitment to education in the east bay. he donated over $8 million to support schools in oakland. he and mayor libby schaaf shared that news with students at frick impact academy yesterday. that investment, again, $8 million. means that more money will go to math and computer science classes. coming up, we are on the scene awaiting for the moment that brock turner is released from jail. we just heard from sheriff laurie smith that the former stanford swimmer could be walking out in the next couple hours and that he will be walking out through those front doors just like any other inmate. she says no preferential treatment. this is one of our live pictures at the santa clara county main jail in san jose this morning. plus, we are also tracking the remnants of hurricane hermine. it is passed through florida. now in georgia. taking aim at the eastern seaboard. i'm rob mayeda in for kari
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hall. a cool track to your morning and labor day weekend. your forecast coming up. and a full traffic report coming up as we take a live look outside. you can see the bay bridge moving without a problem. we'll get you around the bay and let you know if there are any accidents or crashes, concerns coming up after this. bob tease
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=sam/vo= good morning. i'm bob redell live on the steps of the main jail in downtown san jose where at any moment we're expecting brock turner to walk out of the front entrance here after serving just three months
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for sexual assault. that story coming up. plus, overnight shooting in the east bay. search to find a gunman still on the loose in hayward. and rejected. the los gatos city council is say nothing to a controversial development project but we're also on the colin kaepernick story which continues to be fueled this morning. he took a knee in san diego as the chargers honored military servicemen. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. there is a lot to get to this morning. we're going to go back out to san jose and the brock turner release in just a moment. we're wait for that any moment. first, though, a quick check of your weather. and we have a holiday coming up, end of summer holiday. >> not going to feel much like it, especially by tomorrow. right now this morning we have temperatures to wake up to in the 50s outside. mostly clear skies. as you move into the afternoon, the forecast looks like some mid


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