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tv   Today  NBC  September 3, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. hermine on the move. the tropical storm battering the carolinas right now. the storm packing top sustained winds of 60 miles an hour. heavy rain causes major problems for people who live near the shore and now hermine slowly moving up the east coast, expected to make a mess of the labor day weekend for tens of millions, all the way up through massachusetts. dylan is tracking it all. on the hot seat. donald trump trying to reach out to skeptical african-american voters today with a visit to a detroit church. hillary clinton remaining out of sight after the fbi released its
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notes about her e-mails, issues about the investigation and that a concussion was an issue. and more refusal over the colin kaepernick not standing for the national anthem. now officers may choose not to work home games. why they say their officers is being treated unfairly. and taking a break. she dominated the olympics and now gold medal winning gymnast simone biles says it's time to rest. she announces she'll take the next year off to pursue other opportunities. what she plans to do with her year away from the gym, today, saturday, september 3rd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on
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this saturday morning. i'm craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones and stephanie ruhle and dylan dreyer. >> busy morning. >> busy morning. a lot to get to. >> let's get right to it. it's our top story this morning as we follow tropical storm hermine's path as it slowly makes its way up the east coast. the storm hammering the coast overnight. the storm threatens to ruin labor day weekend for a lot of people. we have full coverage. let's begin with nbc's kerry sanders in virginia beach. good morning. goodness. >> well, it's a morning, not i good morning. winds about 45 miles per hour here with the strongest gusts so far. 30,000 people in this area have no power. just to the south of here on hatteras island in dare county, north carolina, a possible tornado touched down. it apparently picked up two mobile homes with residents inside. they've been rushed to the hospital with injuries.
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along the atlantic coast this morning, it's all about getting ready. in new jersey and as far as cape cod. >> we're putting extra lines on the boats and stuff like that. you know? some of the guys are moving their boats up to a cove where it's a little bit safer. >> hermine roared ashore in the florida panhandle as a category 1 hurricane. >> whoa! >> then lost its 80 mile per hour winds as she crossed over land into georgia and the two carolinas. >> we're going to lose something. >> reporter: but along her path, a trail of destruction. more than 250,000 customers lost power, trees came down, streets flooded. it's a sign of what could come later today. now back over the atlantic where waters are seven degrees warmer than usual, hermine could become a hurricane again. heavy rains, winds, flash flooding and rip currents, a threat up the coast as far as maine. >> storms downgraded, people are
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saying, well, maybe it's safer to go but it's still going to be a storm. and it's going to create tidal surge and rough water in the ocean especially. >> reporter: for those who endured hermine, a word of warning, don't ignore mother nature. >> my husband had just walked out and came back in the house. so thank god that he didn't get hit. >> reporter: a tree branch fell on a man in florida and killed him. it's why authorities are suting people limit their time outside and please don't drive. emergency shelters have now been opened. and believe it or not, in this weather, we're going to actually see some people who decided to go jogging. this is what the authorities say is not a good idea. clearly they're running in a group. hopefully they'll take care of each other. >> look at that wind whipping behind you. be careful. be careful, carrie. >> hermine expected to keep moving north. already some beachgoers in new jersey are feeling the effects of that. dangerous rip currents are keeping some people out of the
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water. nbc's tammy leitner. good morning. >> reporter: this is a different scene than what it looked like yesterday. tourists and locals alike were flocking to the beach, enjoying miles and miles of sunshine put there were red flags out yesterday warning of rip tides. those warnings were up and down the coast from myrtle beach to nantucket. the way a rip current works is that a strong current will pull a swimmer out, making it very difficult to escape. difficult but not impossible. you can escape one if you stay calm and swim parallel with the shore until you are outside of the rip current. as you can imagine, not a lot of people will be coming out to the beach today because of the dangerous conditions already out here. craig? >> tammy leitner, seaside heights, new jersey. thank you. >> i was there yesterday with nobody in the water. i want to get a check now, dylan, where is this storm
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headed and when will it be over? >> we've been talking about it for 17 days. that's how long the storm is hanging around. it moves out over the water and then gets stuck. here it is right now, across northeastern north carolina. it's got winds at 660 miles per hour. the heaviest of the rain is through virginia beach. we also have banding up across parts of maryland and that will continue to try to move northward. i want to point out, going through the end of this weekend into labor day, it's not so much the rain that's an issue. it's the fact that this storm is offshore. it could strengthen up to winds with 75 miles per hour and that's what's going to continue to push. a lot of this water onshore and create gusty winds. we have a dip in the jet stream and the thing is going to get trapped, right in through here. that's why it's not going to move any time soon. you have this water being pushed onshore. we are looking at storm surge in addition to the astronomical high tide.
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we're looking for very gusty winds. at times, perhaps as high as 40 up to 60 miles per hour. not just down in the mid-atlantic. also across parts of long island, also up into nantucket and the south coast of massachusetts. so that's how expansive it is. then you add 2 to 4 feet in addition to the astronomical high tide and that could lead to coastal flooding, down through the mid-atlantic, up across long island and also through new england as well. as for rain, we're not looking at a whole lot of rain except for areas down near virginia into north carolina where we could still see an additional 4 to 5 inches of rain. but then you go up into southern new jersey, atlantic city could see about 2 inches. the farther north you go, we're looking at more or less clouds and spotty showers. it's the wind that's going to cause damage and the coastal flooding that will cause some issues right along the coast. >> this will be around for a few days. >> up until wednesday and then it will finally pull away. >> exacerbating back-to-school blues. the race for the white
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house. donald trump will be in detroit today where he's attempting to reach out to members of the african-american community. this as he blasts hillary clinton, again, after an fbi released a report on friday finding she knew very little about how to handle classified e-mails. jacob rascon is following it from detroit. good morning. >> reporter: after weeks of criticism that he was taking his pitch to black voters to bite a -- white audiences, donald trump will be here. this as hillary clinton is again under fire about her e-mails. donald trump catching up. ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ >> reporter: donald trump has a lot to prove in detroit. his support among black voters almost nonexistent with be his pitch, what do you have to lose, heavy criticized. >> we've got things to lose. i have a family, a career. what's he talking about? >> reporter: nearly 40% of this
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city lives in poverty. detroit native and former gop rival ben carson at his side, trump will argue his policies are the answer. >> it's disgraceful, frankly, what's happened with respect to the african-american community, how badly they've been treated by democrats. >> reporter: during trump's first visit to a black church he won at dress the congregation, the pastor says, instead he'll answer presubmitted questions after the service. "the new york times" publishing a leaked memo of trump's suggested scripted answers and religious leaders representing hundreds of detroit area congregations signing an open letter rejecting the candidates. discrimination, bullying and fear mongering have no place in the white house. >> if you try to engage us, then why not have a rally where black folks can come and wave our hands and say what we want to say like everybody else. >> reporter: criticism notwithstanding, some polls show a tightening race as hillary clinton battles her e-mail controversy yet again. the fbi publishing notes from last month's lengthy interview
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with the secretary during which clinton told investigators, she didn't recall being trained on how to handle classified information. relying on staff to use their judgment when e-mailing her, adding she didn't know the letter "c" on an e-mail meant confidential. the fwib director said 2,000 of clinton's e-mails contained classified information. she told the fbi she didn't receiving any e-mails should not be on an unclassified system, including e-mails about targets of future drone strikes. she also told the fbi she didn't receive instructions on preserving her records when she left office but she just suffered a concussion and couldn't recall every briefing she received. the clinton campaign says they're happy that the fbi notes were released and clinton acknowledged having a private e-mail server was a mistake. meanwhile, secret service is just arriving on scene, inside about 2,000 people will fit and outside, three groups of protesters are also expected.
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>> jacob rascon, thank you. joy reed is the host of "a.m. joy" on msnbc. good to see both of you. >> good morning. >> let's start with donald trump. he was meeting with black pastors in pennsylvania yesterday. he's got the meeting in detroit today. these overtures to the african-american community and hispanic community as well to a certain extent, he's polling as you know, single digits with these groups. are these meetings about getting these folks to vote for them or are they about something else. >> the fact that these are such small forums, he's skipped the larger, more traditional forums like the urban league, the naacp to which he's been invited and declined the invitations suggest what this is about is about raising donald trump's numbers with white suburban voters who would feel uncomfortable with a candidate who they feel has perceptions of racial animus. these meetings are not about
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wooing the african-american community or latino community but making quite suburban voters more comfortable with trump's candidacy. >> on friday the fbi released summaries from the interviews they did with her about the private e-mail server. what new exactly came out? we knew she didn't ask permission to use it, yet we knew she received classified information. what do we know? how does the story change? >> if you're a voter that already was feeling uncomfortable with hillary's e-mail situation, this adds a lot of information for you, evidence of intent, maybe other things. there were three dozen things she couldn't recall. for a candidate who's being seen as untrustworthy and evasive, it will add to that. that being said, if you're a voter that brushed off the e-mail thing or won't vote for donald trump, i don't think this changes anything for you. when you look at those white college educated voters, they're still weighing, frankly, which candidate they least dislike. >> with that said, let me ask you a question.
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how should she handle all of this? she recently raised $143 million in just the month of august. >> yes. >> in the meantime, she mentioned e-mails. we're hearing people are nagging about donors to the clinton foundation, did she give favors? how should she handle this? a lot of people say have a press conference, answer reporter questions. will that really do anything? >> no. i think the real codicil in politics, when you're winning, doing what you're doing. hillary clinton is winning the polls in terms of statewide polls, national polls. doing a press conference will only add more to a story that doesn't have an and. if there was an and, if she was hacked by the russians or there was a national security breach, theren isn eisn't a story. doing a press conference she can only hurt herself by adding more intrigue among the media. she's winning.
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she should keep doing what she is doing. >> i would tend to agree except press conferences are the best practice for debates and that first debate will be make or break for her. >> it sounds as if you think she'll be at a disadvantage in the first presidential debate because she's not spent as much time taking questions from the press? >> hillary clinton hasn't been great on her feet. this debate will be an enormous test for her, for a candidate that hasn't been comfortable in tricky swayings. >> one thing is for sure. there will be lots of folks watching. >> tell me about it. >> good to see you. quick programming note. on wednesday, matt lauer will be sitting down separately with hillary clinton and donald trump as part of our special commander in chief forum. it will be the first joint candidate event of the general election. that's september 7th, 8:00 eastern, right here on nbc. it will also be simulcast on msnbc. out in california, outrage this morning. now that former stanford
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university swimmer brock turner is out of jail and on his way back home to ohio. brock turner, you remember this guy, he was sentenced to just six months in jail but served only half of his term for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus. nbc's god didi schwartz has mor >> reporter: he rushed out of the jailhouse free after a sentence millions have called too lenient for sexual assault. >> brock. >> reporter: he was followed by a news helicopter to a hotel, checked in with more cameras in tow. now he's expected to make his way back to ohio where protesters are waiting outside his family's home. wherever he lives, turner will have to register as a sexual offender for life. >> he will make notification to the neighbors that you have a sex offender living in your neighborhood. >> reporter: during a police investigation, a detective asked turner whether he remembered
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what the victim looked like. the detective asking, if you saw her again, would you recognize her? brock responding, uh, probably not. exclusive pictures obtained by nbc news show turner hours after the former all-star swimmer was tackled by students who saw him on top of an unconscious female near a dumpster after a fraternity party on stanford's campus. in prison, turner received hate mail while the judge aaron persky faced outrage over his sentencing. persky could have turner to 14 years in prison but instead gave him a six-month sentence that was eventually whittled down to three months. persky supporters say the judge shouldn't be swayed by public opinion and his decision should be respected. more than a million people have signed petitions online to remove persky from the bench. strangers in support of an unnamed victim. >> the more people that get out and say this is wrong, that's how change is going to happen. >> reporter: one community now hoping this case will be a turning point in how society
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views sexual assault. for "today," godi schwartz, nbc news, san jose. overseas, thousands are beginning to gather today to be on hand to witness the canonization of mother teresa, the fun will officially be made a sane the in a mass led by pope francis. matt bradley is at vatican city for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after tomorrow, we'll know mother teresa as saint teresa. ♪ dancing for a future saint. ♪ pilgrims flocking to the vatican to see mother teresa reach sainthood tomorrow, nearly 19 years after her death. she was born agnus in 1910 in modern day macedonia, a devout catholic, she travelled to india at 19 years old and became a
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fun. mother teresa said god called on her to not just help the poor but to live among them. she moved to the slums of calcutta and began a new religious order, the missionaries of charity. >> just talking with her, there was never anything extraordinary. when you left her, you came away with a sense you had been with someone holy. >> reporter: but her work still attracted controversy. some accused her of glorifying poverty rather than working to alleviate it. but those who worked with her say the critics are wrong. >> if i could do a fraction of the good that mother teresa did and do it a fraction as well as she did it, i would be a sane the. >> reporter: long after her death, her mission touches many. >> i knew she was a waking sane the when i was there. now we're here because she's going to be canonized tomorrow a
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real saint. ♪ >> reporter: tomorrow's ceremonies are playing out in a europe that's increasingly jittery of terrorism. italian police officauthorities 1,000 police officers and the air space above me will be closed all day. president obama and china's president formally signed the climate agreement of last year. the action by the world's two largest polluters is seen as a major move towards instituting tougher environmental safeguards worldwide. there's now fallout today from san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick's national anthem sitdown protesting what he calls police brutality. now, the union for the santa clara police department says its members may boycott 49ers games
5:20 am
to protest kaepernick's statements and his wearing of socks depicting the police as pigs. union officials told the 49ers that comments and actions were creating a hostile work environment for their officers. there's big news from a superstar of the rio olympics. american gymnast simone biles says she's going to take at least a year off from competition. the 19-year-old who took home four gold medals told "sports illustrated" there are just too many opportunities to be able to focus on training right now. >> i would imagine there are a few distractions for simone biles. >> she works hard. >> she'll be back. >> if she wants time, she can take time. >> she earned that year off. >> dylan is back with the forecast for us. >> we're talking about tropical activity where we have hurricane lester passing just to the north of hawaii. it will stay to the north. hurricane madeline stayed to the south of hawaii. it's churning up the water and north-facing beaches could see rip currents, rough waves and a minor storm surge. it is a category 2 hurricane
5:21 am
with 100 mile per hour winds. it eventually pulls away from the island. it will be a rough go if you're in and around the beaches on the north side of the island. elsewhere across the country, we are looking at this cold front to trigger a couple of isolated storms. nothing severe expected but you could see some brief heavy downpours. we also have some scattered thunderstorms down with the stalled front in florida, like they need more rain. we could also still have to deal with today through virginia and up into delaware and maryland, the threat of those gusty winds, up near 40 to 60 miles per hour and still several inches of rain before this thing moves out into the water and creates the rip current threat and the gusty winds for the rest the northeast thro hey good saturday morning to you, i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. you can see the marine layer is thin there, but switching to outer sunset, unusual, we don't have as many clouds there. clouds not for everybody this
5:22 am
morning and will part quickly once we get going through the day. 60 in san francisco. 58 degrees right now in san jose. later on, temperatures in the 60s and 70s for everybody. very comfortable. thank you, dylan. still to come, a recap of the week's biggest talkers, including the sky divers doing a synchronized routine that amazed everyone. >> how cool is that. and later, a key lesson on why you should keep your ice cream cone super close this labor day weekend. but first this is "today" on nbc. c(puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next.
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♪ still ahead on "today," a tribute to gene wilder. how you can see some of your favorite movies featuring the late actor on the big screen this weekend. and steph finds out if she
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has what it takes to be an american ninja warrior. you never know. we cannot wait to see this. >> halfway? >> how about we hurry up and cut to commercial so you don't see. >> were you nervous? >> i was getting in the zone.
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it is 5:26 on your saturday morning. we're giving you a live look outside. it's still dark out there in san jose, but we will have some sun joining us briefly. good morning to you, i'm kir kira klapper. you have our forecast for the unofficial end to summer, and it's cooling down. >> it is, and then warming back up next week into the 90s. can you believe it? >> oh, my gosh, we have to switch it, but oh well. >> it happens in september and october it warms up. >> yep. >> even in san francisco, no cloud cover. >> wow. >> temperatures are cool, we don't have the fog, which is unusual, but there's a trough digging in, that's why
5:27 am
temperatures are cool everywhere across the west. 50 now in santa rosa. 61 in palo alto. 68 in san jose. later on, 60s and 70s for everybody. low 80s in fair field, so nothing too unbearable. may need a jacket throughout the day with the sun and breezy conditions. more about the week lead, labor day, monday, and 90s coming back. zb strange, but very normal, actually. >> yes. for the bay area. >> the bay area. unpredictable. thank you. we have new fallout this morning in colin kaepernick's high profile protest. the santa clara police officers association warn police officers may stop working at games. we reported it yesterday, and this morning, it's making national headlines. last night, frank sanders, the president of the santa clara
5:28 am
police union, spoke exclusively to us and hand delivered this letter to the family yesterday saying if something is not done about kaepernick, they may stop working the games. >> i hear this week that next week, monday night football, the monsters are not going to work. the totality of the circumstances we felt, let's talk about the 49ers and have them deal with it. >> the letter states officers are upset about the blanket statements how officers, quote, murder minorities and upset the organization allowed kaepernick to allow him to wear socks showing pigs in police uniforms. >> an employee making a hostile work environment for us at the stadium. >> the police officers association provides 70 officers for every home game. the 49ers say they stand by the statement made this week. in the statement, the
5:29 am
organization respects his right to freedom of expression and right not to participate in the national anthem. >> now to our other top story, former stanford swimmer turned convicted sex offender, brock turner, is out of jail, but the controversy surrounding his sentence continues as protestings is in his apartments' neighborhood. turner faced a sea of media and protesters. we will have more on that story and more coming up on our newscast at 7:00. in addition to the weather. we hope you stay with us. right now, back to the "today" show. the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy.
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toaster strudel. we are back on this saturday morning, september 3rd, 2016. that right there is a look at virginia beach earlier this morning as tropical storm hermine barrels down on the east cove. the waves battering the shoreline. it is calm right here in new york, but it is expected to change tomorrow. look at that cutie. hermine is topping our headlines today. tropical storm warnings in effect. i mean, major. 44 million people from virginia to the state of massachusetts. storm came onshore in the carolinas overnight with top sustained winds of 60 miles an hour. now hermine is moving off the coast as it heads into the northeast. dylan will have more on hermine's path in just a few minutes.
5:31 am
check out the damage of the car in washington state. turns out, get this, two young kids, a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old, who really wanted to get to grandma's house. they took the car to get there. police say they crashed that car into another car. fortunately, no one was hurt. hollywood lost jon polito. he was known for his raspy voice and more than 200 roles. he died after a battle with cancer. jon polito was 65. now the recap of the biggest headlines. >> donald trump took a very controversial trip to mexico and faced down the country's president. passengers experienced scary moments at los angeles national airport and strangers showed the best of humanity coming to the rescue after a horrific car crash in new york. and those are just some of the stories on our weekly download. donald trump shocking many
5:32 am
with a trip south of the border to meet with the mexican president. after a surprise sitdown with mexico's president, trump saying -- >> we did discuss the wall. we didn't discussion payment of the wall. >> exactly the opposite of what . pena nieto tweeted later. i made it clear mexico would not pay for the wall. just a year ago. >> they are not our friend. believe me. >> i called you a friend. >> hillary clinton calling it a photo open. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuation. by dropping in our our neighbors for a few here's. >> huma abedin separated her from husband anthony weiner. after another sexting scandal. huma abedin last scene in public sunday night at a hampton fund-raiser announced her split with weiner, saying after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage i've made the decision to split from my
5:33 am
husband. it follows a "new york post" report that weiner sent sexually suggestive messages to a woman online. false reports of an active shooter at the los angeles international airport sparked chaos. >> thousands of passengers flooded into the streets and on to the tarmac at l.a.x. a loud noise mistakened for shots fired inside three terminals. triggering mass evacuations. a major setback for spacex. >> a massive explosion just after 9:00 a.m., an unmanned spacex falcon 9 rocket launched in a join the fireball that the company says started in the upper stage oxygen tank. witnesses could see and feel it miles away. even caught on weather radar. dramatic video captured a stunning rescue in new york. >> a runaway tractor-trailer slamming into slowing traffic, pile driving into cars.
5:34 am
debris raining down on to new york's route 17. strangers coming together, finally smashi ining open the passenger window, pulling the victim from the wreckage, carrying her to safety. indoor skydivers mesmerized onlookers. >> they call themselves the mad ravens. they're flying around an indoor wind tunnel. they fly up, down, all around, even upside down. the team based in prague, they spent 5,000 hours practicing this routine. >> wow. >> surfs up in las vegas. natalie morales went body surfing with britney spears and her children. >> you're going to grab my hand. >> natalie is like as athletic as they come. >> as it gets. are you kidding me? what a treat, though. you're in vegas. where is that?
5:35 am
you're the vegas airport. >> i was just in vegas a company weeks ago. >> i've done it. they have one in new jersey. britney spears is wearing sunglasses doing it. no worries. >> they both look absolutely amazing. >> she's a body surfer. that video of those guys, those skydivers, i can't get over that. >> would you want to try that? >> synchronized anything is amazing. >> it looks fun. >> i would do this over skydiving. >> they just have to tell you when they turn it off. >> hopefully when you're on the low end of the routine. >> how does that work? in three seconds we're going to turn this out. >> 5,000 hours of practice. >> how do you become these guys? >> 5,000 hours of practice. >> 5,000 hours of practice. >> you are sharing a brain. >> kind of dangerous. >> you don't owe me a beer in three months. >> three months. dylan dreyer is here. very nice. you're wearing this baby very well. >> i don't know what to say that. you're not really complimenting
5:36 am
me. >> see how quiet i got? i don't know what to do with that. >> who is this craig melvin guy? >> thank you, craig. all eyes on tropical storm hermine. it is going to pull away but not quickly. it will take until wednesday before it leaves the mid-atlantic coast. i want to point out for the areas you'll enjoy a very nice labor day weekend, high pressure builds in and it's going to clear things out. you'll have a gorgeous saturday. 78 degrees today in cleveland. 82 in charleston. 86 back into nashville. that's about a degree above average. we are going to start warming things back up into the 80s, into the lower 90s. it's a little bit above average. st. louis should be about 86 degrees as we go into sunday. then by monday, the heat will start to build back into the east. by wednesday, st. louis is in the lower 90s. chicago stays in the upper 80s, lower 90s through the beginning of the week. erie, pennsylvania, about 87 degrees on wednesday. raleigh in the 90s and even up into philadelphia. once we clear out the clouds, we should start to see some warmer temperatures work in by wednesday.
5:37 am
we're close to 90 degrees. today, most of the country is okay except right here in the mid-atlantic, heavy rain continues through north carolina into virginia and then it's all about the wind and the rip currents and the coastal flooding possible through the hey, good saturday morning to you. anthony slaughter here. clouds this morning, but the marine layer is shallow. when the sun is up, not a lot of clouds. 59 in oakland, 58 in san jose. chilly readings this morning. santa rosa and napa close to the 40s. cool fall weather felt later on this afternoon. semis in the 60s and 70s. this continues through labor day. >> i see what you did. >> if i could blush, i would. dylan, thank you. still ahead here on saturday morning, summer is known for blockbuster movies, but fall has great movies as well.
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we'll take a look at what's in theaters from high drama to real-life flicks you don't want to miss. and labor day sales everywhere. should you wait or buy now? everything from sporting goods to mattresses. tips to save you a lot of money. >> after these messages. we could tell you about
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the door. are the discounts worth it? lisa is our expert from flip app to sort out what we should buy now and what can wait. good to see you alisa. >> thank you. >> let's play the game. sporting goods and apparel. >> this is the perfect storm of sales. labor day sales and back to school sales. the end of season clearance sales. especially for sporting gear for biking and baseball. dick's has half off sports gear for clothes, shorts, all of that stuff. great time to buy this stuff. a good way to keep up on the sales is download an app like the flip app to have all of the local weekly ads at your finger tips. >> so sporting goods and apparel. you did not let me guess. >> sorry. >> i love playing the game.
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>> sorry. what about mattresses? buy now or later? >> i was ready for sporting goods. i say wait for later. >> nope. labor day sales are awesome. the only time to buy mattresses is when there are big sales. this weekend, huge sales. 50% off for more plus throwing in as macy's a free box spring and other extras free delivery and take away. if they are not offering them, you can negotiate. >> you can haggle? >> only shop for mattresses when they are on sale. not worth shopping any other time. >> sheets and towels? i say wait for later. >> the wedding season is winding
5:43 am
down to the end of the year. that is when the white sales heap up. january is the time to buy sheets and towels. wait to spruce up. >> after the holidays. computers, i assume this is, you know, based on nothing. i would assume with kids going back to school, there will be a huge drive to get folks in the door. >> right. >> this would be a great time to buy. >> actually now is good, but if you wait until black friday, it is better. i would say wait until later. if you need to buy one now, go for it. back to school sales. the best deals are coming up late november. >> black friday for computers and other electronics. tvs and things like that. shrubs and trees. i say now because we're about to hit fall. folks won't plant as much as in the spring. wait for later. >> you are right. >> how about that? >> good. the home centers are having
5:44 am
sales on plants and lawn gear. all of that stuff. a lot of people think spring is the time to plant. right now is when you should plant perennials and shrubs and trees. now is when they form the root systems so they are ready for the spring growing season. >> i learned a lot. i was 2 for 2? >> i didn't keep count. i ruined. >> 2 for 5. i was informed by the control room. it's like i was back in school. thank you. coming up, anchor challenge. which one of us had the best summer? right after this. er thihi this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine®. as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs
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5:47 am
what's in your wallet? we are back on this unofficial last weekend of summer with a look back at the fun we had with families this summer. first up, a game we're playing. i did or did not. i went to a pool party? >> i did. >> we all went to a pool party. we tried to find pictures for you, but did we take a lot of pictures? oh, this is you. >> that's my friend janeen. her little guy duke there. >> that is fun. >> i went to several pool parties, but i noticed i'm not
5:48 am
in the pictures. i'm taking pictures of the kids. >> you know i went to the water slides of great adventure. i was in the wave pool. >> that counts. >> it was another level. >> okay. who visited an ice cream truck? >> well, i did. >> i don't think i did. >> i did not you are saying for sure? >> oh, i did. >> at the pool party was at, we heard the ding, ding, ding of the truck. >> this is a picture of me and my boy at the ice cream truck. >> this is in highland park with my little ones at the ice cream truck. >> there 's me with two of my three. >> you bought for the whole neighborhood? >> my whole street. the truck was there. >> the next one. >> who went fishing? >> i did not. >> i wish. >> you wish?
5:49 am
you can take my place. i told you my husband bought two canoes off craig's list. we were on the river. look at the picture. he is putting a worm on whatever you want to call it. my daughter is miserable. my son ate all the snacks. we were out for two hours. my hair is a hot mess. i was ready to give up. >> i love that picture. >> next. >> who went to the beach? >> i did not go to the beach. i don't have a car. >> there's my boy. >> is he tall? >> he's in the 90th percentile for height. >> there is my family. >> that is westport, connecticut. >> long beach island, new jersey. >> who dressed up in costume? >> i did not. >> for summer? >> i'm always a yes. >> there we go. >> that was last night.
5:50 am
that's friday night at the ruhle house. >> madonna and michael jackson at an '80s party. >> we were supposed to guess who had the best summer. >> i think you won. >> you went to rio, my friend. we have to go. still to come, hope you had a good summer. we are doing star gazing at the u.s. open. the stars who came out to watch the matches. but first this is "today" on nbc.
5:51 am
5:52 am
still ahead here on saturday morning, we are live along the eastern seaboard keeping a close eye on tropical storm hermine. where it is headed next and what you need to know to stay safe. plus, one family's message about the dangers of the sun. how they're hoping their tragedy can help others. >> but first these messages.
5:53 am
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kira/2shot good morning, i'm kira klapper along anthony slaughter with a it's 5:pennsylvania 6 on a saturday morning, this a look at san francisco. if you noticed something different, it's that it's not covered in clouds or fog. good saturday morning to you. i'm kira klapper. we have a look at the forecast, and we know september gets warmer in the bay area, but we're seeing a cool downright now. >> we are under the influence of that fogust pattern we had, and because we're switching into september, it takes time, but things warm up next week. right now, chilly readings out there. 47 degrees in santa rosa. >> wow. >> that's a taste of fall. 57 in san francisco, 61 in the
5:57 am
peninsula. later on, mix of sun, clouds, thin clouds, and temperatures in the 70s, and a few topping out at 80 degrees, and then we'll see temperatures go up over the next couple days, back in the 90s. talking about that coming up. >> stay tuned for that at 7:00, anltdny, thanks. first, we have to telg you about former stanford swimmer turned sex offender brock turner, he's out of jail this morning, but the controversy comets as protesters descends on his parent's neighborhood in ohio. we have the scene for you early yesterday morning outside the santa clara county jail where turner faced charges, and spent three months in jail, half of the six month sentence sparking outrage. he carried out personal items and ignored cameras and roberts and jumped into a waiting suv. >> i think it's just misjudged and he's getting out early. >> hours later, there's anger outside his family home in ohio where turner serves out his
5:58 am
probation. neighbors and protesters there to let the register sex onder know he's not welcomed in the ohio suburbs. he faces some of ohio's toughest restrictions as a tier 3 sex offenders. we have obtained exclusive photos, among these pictures, showing dirt and scratches on his hand, back, and stomach. marks are likely result of being chased and pinned down by two students who saw him on top of the unconscious woman. there's photos showing where on campus it took place. in other news, a campus leader at san jose state university arrested for alleged domestic battery. we obtained this picture shown to police officer arresting josh ramero on campus. he was vice president, and booked into the county jail for domestic battery and restraining
5:59 am
order. it is just shy of 5: 9, a recall of more than 2 million phones because some of them caught fire. what you should do if you have this samsung iphone. i want to say you used to have that phone. >> i know. >> we'll talk about it off camera. that and weather and sports at 7:00. right now, back to the "today" show.
6:00 am
good morning. hermine on the move. 44 million people under a tropical storm warning this morning from virginia up to massachusetts. the storm making a mess of the carolinas overnight. leaving a path of destruction in its wake. and now it set its sights on the northeast. dylan will have the latest on hermine's path. police boycott. fallout from colin kaepernick decision to sit during the national anthem. police want the 49ers to do something about it or they will not show up for work. the contestants on american
6:01 am
ninja warrior makes it look easy. how hard is it? stephanie is giving it a try. today, saturday, september 3rd, 2016. >> it's my birthday and i'm at the "today" show. >> it's my 60th birthday. >> our 40th anniversary. >> crazy ladies from north dakota. >> happy sweet 16. >> to me. >> we're in new york. >> we're celebrating our 25th anniversary. ♪ >> i love it. good morning. welcome back to "today" on saturday morning. we have a great crowd on rockefeller plaza enjoying the beginning of the labor day weekend. good they are here now. tropical storm hermine is expected to come this way tomorrow and monday. >> we better get outside and hang out with the folks in a
6:02 am
bit. we start with hermine. >> the storm coming on shore overnight in the carolinas and now on the move. nbc's kerry sanders in virginia beach this morning. kerry, how is it now? owe, my goodness. >> reporter: it is stronger by the minute, frankly. the wind was gusting at 40 to 45 miles an hour. now it has picked up. let me make my way over here. about 30,000 customers or so -- there we go. a better spot. who lost their power in the area. the state now, especially in the area, has opened up emergency shelters as folks preparing for a miserable day. this may go a bit longer. let's take a look at what hermine left behind in her wake. in florida, 250,000 people lost power. one man was killed when a tree branch fell on him. injuries up and down the west coast. hermine came ashore as a category one. of course, in north carolina, where it was a tropical storm,
6:03 am
it has downed trees and knocked out power. a lot of attention here today, sheinelle, to the tidal surge that will come. it is expected to be at 11:00 a.m. it won't be much lower than it was during hurricane sandy. they know there will be flooding. >> stay safe. kerry, thank you. >> dylan joins us now on where hermine will head next. >> it will stick around until tuesday night and wednesday. we will not see winds as strong as what kerry is dealing with across the northeast. we will see winds up to 40 to 60 miles per hour. here is the storm about to make its way offshore. it is moving east/northeast at 21 miles per hour with 60-mile-an-hour winds. it will get trapped in the jet stream and go nowhere fast. we have heavy bands of rain. mostly offshore. virginia beach is seeing pockets of heavy rain right now. the storm is forecast to move over the atlantic and look at how slowly it moves.
6:04 am
it could restrengthen into hurricane status by tuesday morning with winds up near 75 miles per hour. we have a dip in the jet stream. that will lock this storm in place and keep it out over the water. all of this water is going to get pushed onshore. that is why there is a threat for coastal flooding because of the storm surge. we are looking at the storm close enough to produce gusty winds from ocean city, maryland to ocean city, new jersey and in nantucket with winds gusting up to 40 to 60 miles per hour as we continue through labor day and through tuesday across long island. again with the water pushing onshore, we could have storm surge up to 2 to 4 feet. you add 2 to 4 feet on top of the astronomical high tide. as for rain, most of the heavy rain will continue near virginia and north carolina. as we go into the rest of the holiday weekend, we are not looking at a lot of rain in new
6:05 am
york city. maybe 1/2 inch. it is the wind and coastal flooding that is the concern. thank you. turning to politics. donald trump will make his first campaign stop at a black church today. the republican presidential nominee is already receiving criticism that the detroit visit will not include addressing the congregation. he will answer pre-submitted questions for the pastor. for hillary clinton, the long holiday weekend is starting with more controversy over her e-mails. the fbi released notes from the interview with clinton in which she said she could not recall being trained to handle classified information. football season is fast approaching and this morning, there is a new headache for the san francisco 49ers. new fallout today from san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick's comments about police and refusal to stand for the national anthem. the union for police officers
6:06 am
who work the 49ers home games sent a letter to the team threatening not to show up for future games. the letter obtained by nbc station kntc says kaepernick's claim that police are put on paid leave for what he calls murdering minorities is insulting and unsupported by any facts. >> the 49ers are letting this come out from the employee and it is making a hostile work environment. >> reporter: this week, kaepernick wearing socks of cartoon pigs, he said he did it because the rogue cops allowed to hold positions in police departments not only put the community in danger, but put the cops right and intention in danger. this setoff a national controversy last month refusing to stand for the national anthem. >> we have a lot of people oppress oppressed. we have a lot of people that are not treated equally.
6:07 am
not given equal opportunity. >> reporter: then, thursday night at a military appreciation night, refusing to stand. kneeling on the sidelines instead and facing loud boos. kaepernick saying his critics don't understand his message. >> i realize that men and women of the military go out and sacrifice their lives and put their lives in harm's way for my freedoms in this country. >> last night, the 49ers reiterated and stood behind the decision recognizing the right of the individual to choose to participate or not participate in the celebration of the national anthem. in pakistan, a helicopter search set up for two missing climbers. they were making their latest attempt to scale one of the world's toughest peaks of ogre-ii. they have not been seen for a
6:08 am
week and bad weather has hampered the search efforts. and hope after digging through the rubble in amatrice, italy. they pulled a dog from the top of the rubble who had been buried for a total of nine days. the searchers went to the home with the openers and heard barking and reached the pet. >> amazing. let's check in with dylan on the plaza with the rest of the country's forecast. >> we have a great crowd on the plaza. we have one girl here. i heard you are the reason your family's here this morning. right? where are you from? >> south carolina. >> nice to have you here. thanks for visiting. big "today" show fan there. let's look at the weather. most of the activity is down through virginia and into north carolina and into florida as well. we will see the stalled front produce more rain and hard hit areas, especially north of
6:09 am
tampa. the rest of the country is looking all right as we start off this holiday weekend. temperatures warm up as we continue into the next couple days. we are going to see a war hey, good saturday morning to you. we're looking at temperatures cool in the north bay. 47 degrees there, pennsylvan57 francisco, and 58 in the south bay. sun is coming over the horizon. later on, temperatures are going to be very similar to how they've been over the past couple days. zigt 60s and 70s, and inland valleys, 80, but otherwise, the trend continues through labor day and warming next week. details next. and i found the crazy ladies from north dakota. they're wild up there. sheinelle. >> i love that. thank you, dylan. many of you are looking for the last few days of sunshine on the beach this labor day if the
6:10 am
storm doesn't interfere. one family has a warning. morgan radford has the story of one tragedy into a personal mission to warn others about the dangers of the sun. >> reporter: out of the clear blue sky, a young life cut short. >> she was running, playing ball. you wouldn't suspect her of being sick. she was perfectly healthy. >> reporter: the family remembering their daughter and sister. molly. she lost her battle with melanoma at just 20 years old. >> after learning she had a mole, we took her to the dermatologist. six months later, she passed. >> reporter: the family now shining a light on the dark side of the sun. in a sobering psa that debuted this summer. >> a perfect time to remind parents that as they send their children out doors, lather them
6:11 am
up. >> my parents make me wear sun block. i know more about reapplying it. >> mr. sun. >> reporter: the video titled "mr. sun" begins with the end of a young woman's life as she dies from melanoma. it hit the rewind button of her on the beach without sunscreen. just five sunburns can increase the risk of melanoma by 80%. >> what about people who see this psa? this is too harsh. what do you say? >> i think it is harsh. i think it is out of the box and edgy. it is a shot of reality. >> reporter: the american cancer society cites melanoma as one of the most common cancers in people younger than 30. the number of women developing the disease increased by 50% under 30. the family is not alone in their
6:12 am
grief as they work to help others maintain a bright future. >> i can still see you struggling to hold back tears. how often do you think about your daughter? >> every day. >> i'm sure every parent who lost a child misses their child. just as we do. to know skin cancer is preventible and melanoma, if caught early, can be cured. this is our mission. >> reporter: for "today," morgan radford, nbc news, new york. still ahead, the awesome before and after photos parents are posting of their kids first day of school. some are funny. we are showing you the before pictures. wait until you see the after pictures. and in pop start, who should host "saturday night live?" the celebrities slated to fill the spot for the season. >> i want to change my vote. >> it is all coming up after these messages. i work 'round the clock.
6:13 am
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6:15 am
welcome back on this saturday morning. it is time to trend. shall we trend? >> all right. >> let's talk about prime minister justin trudea. check out this cover of the newest issue of the civil war comic book. it shows him in the boxing ring and donning a maple leaf top. he previously fought and won a charity boxing match in 2012. fans say they are wishing it was a different -- what am i trying to say? they wish it was a different comic. they wanted him to be shirtless. apparently listen to this, the cartoonist tried, but the original draft was considered too risque. >> is it trudeau?
6:16 am
i think he is impressive political leader. >> i wouldn't objectify him like that. let's talk parenting. i feel good about this one. you know the back to school photos we take of our kids to commemorate the school year? check out this little girl the morning of the first day of school. wearing a nice outfit and hair with a bow in it. big grin on her face. now look at her after school ended. she was looking worse for the wear. bow and smile gone. her mom posted the before and after photos. check out the other before and afters we have here. >> that makes we sad. look at that. >> who is the kid on the floor in the back? >> wow. >> yes. >> we should make everybody do that. >> not happy anymore.
6:17 am
>> just bumming. i hope i don't come out with those this week. with labor day upon us this weekend, this may be the last day to grab an ice cream cone. be aware. hungry seagulls ready to snatch your cone. a woman enjoying an ice cream cone so much, she decided to snap it and post it on instagram. you see that seagull behind the cone. too close for comfort. three seconds later, this happened. >> she snapped a picture? oh, my gosh. >> that bird dove mouth first in the ice cream. >> in front of her camera. >> why won't you throw the cone? >> why stay there and take a picture? >> everyone wants a great picture. she sacrificed the picture. >> i would have dove in and grabbed it too. >> she has been dying for a vanilla swirl. >> i have. back to pop start.
6:18 am
first up, you have been remembering this week about gene wilder's movies. good news. they will be back in theaters. gene wilder passed away this week from complications from alzheimer's. in honor of fans wanting to see movies. amc is bringing "willy wonka & the chocolate factory" and "blazing saddles." don't forget golden goose eggs. who will host "saturday night live" next month? the show doesn't know. snl posed the question. who should host? simone biles and sara barellis and billy eichner among others. and maybe host musical guest.
6:19 am
the funny tom hanks. that is my personal pick. or eddie murphy. this is his first time back in studio 8h since he was on the show. finally with the u.s. open under way here in new york, stars are coming out to see the favorite tennis pros. jay-z and beyonce cheering on serena williams. a lot of pressure. not for serena. she said usually when people are there, i try to play better especially if they are famous. it is like i want to show them i'm good at my job too. >> she's pretty good at her job. >> also spotted is alec baldwin and his wife at the novak match. >> i can only imagine what he is thinking. >> and there's jonah hill not quite paying attention. that's pop start. >> always on camera these days.
6:20 am
still to come, we have the weekend ticket for the hottest movies hitting theaters this fall. from drama to sequels. first this is "today" on nbc.
6:21 am
6:22 am
still to come on "today," i get a first hand look at what it takes to become an "american ninja warrior." trust me, it ain't easy. a bit later, we will have a meal with fresh vegetables from the garden with dylan cooking for us. sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up! shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day...
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6:26 am
good saturday morning. it's you have 26, a live look outside towards san francisco. it's going to be a cool saturday. last saturday of summer, technically, as people say, the unofficial end of summer headed into labor day weekend. good morning to you, i'm kir kira klapper. you have the forecast. >> it is the unofficial close to summer. so cool. check out the sunrise. right now over dublin, we have the pink hue out there a little bit of a cloud cover mixed in the horizon, but nonetheless, we don't have much cloud cover this morning. that allows temperatures to fall in the 40s in the north bay, 47
6:27 am
degrees in santa rosa, so, yes, a taste of fall. driving to san francisco, though, 15 degrees warmer, 60 degrees now. later on this afternoon, 65 in the city, 66 in santa cruz, cool day on the coast, but sunshine for everybody, even for inland valleys today, 79 in san jose, not bad, about 10 degrees below average. really feeling like fall as we round out summer. we'll talk about a warmup, though, 90s back next week. >> good. we look forward to it. we like the cool and the heat up also. thanks. new fallout in colin kaepernick's high profile protest. the police officers association is warning that officers may stop working 49ers' football games. first reported the story yesterday, and this morning, it's making national headlines. just last night, frank saunders, the president of the santa clara police union spoke exclusively
6:28 am
with us saying the union hand delivered this letter to the 49ers yesterday saying if something is not done about kaepernick, they may stop working the game. >> hearing already this week that next week on monday night football, the officers will not work. the totality of the circumstances we felt, let's go talk to the team. let's have them deal with their employee. >> the letter states that officers are upset over kaepernick's blanket statements about how police officers, quote, murder minorities," and upset they allowed him to wear these socks at practice depicting pigs in police uniforms. the 49ers says the organization respectscap nick's right to freedom of expression and right not to participate in the national anthem. to our other top story, brock turner is out of jail for the controversy surrounding his sentencing continues as protesters descend on his parents' neighborhood in ohio.
6:29 am
he's the scene early yesterday morning outside the santa clara county jail where he fashioned media and protesters. he finished three months of jail, half of the sentence that drew international outrage, carrying out a bag of personal items, ignored cameras and reporters, and just got in a waiting suv. coming up on "today in the bay," a recall of more than 2 million phones because some of them caught fire. what you should do if you have this samsung iphone. anthony slaughter, and top stories at 7:00. right now, the "today" show.
6:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning, september 3rd, 2016. what a fantastic crowd on the plaza. a nice group on this labor day weekend. >> a couple of birthdays. good thing they came today and not tomorrow. >> because we're not here. >> still to come in this half hour, summer may be over, but it doesn't mean the great movies will stop coming. we will check out what is hitting theaters this fall. if you have ever seen "american ninja warrior" you know it is an incredible competition. i had to give it a try. how do you think i did?
6:31 am
>> great. >> you haven't seen it. if you guess i did pretty? >> you are seriously fit. >> thank you. >> you are built for it. >> maybe i don't have the actual skills. >> there is a skill set. later, a perfect end to summer meal. crab cakes and a delicious meal with the garden fresh veggies. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> it is cloudy as tropical storm hermine comes up the coast. not a lot of rain as the storm will stay offshore. today, we are looking at heavy rain through virginia and into north carolina. even southern new jersey with heavy rain. it is the rough surf and coastal flooding and rip currents up and down the east coast. more rain in florida. we have a cold front in the northern plains to trigger
6:32 am
isolated stronger storms in minneapolis on sunday. on labor day, we are looking at just not good conditions up and down the northeast. winds up to 40 to 60 miles per hour and dangerous surf. still with storms across the midwest and northern plains and unsettled across the gulf coast. hot and dry in the midwest with temperatures in the 90s. the heat starts spreading east. philly gets in on the anthony slaugter here, sun is coming up, and we have just a few clouds out there on the sky camera network this morning. fog is not that thick. throughout the day, temperatures get out of the 40s where they are now in the north bay out of the 50s and 60s into the 70s and 80s for most of us. more sun today, and san francisco, 70s for inland
6:33 am
valleys, and tri-valley in the 80s. and that's your latest forecast. sheinelle. >> dylan, thank you. this morning, weekend movie text as summer draws to a close, we look ahead to the movies hitting theaters this year. from oscar hopefuls to he seque. we have joelle gargulo with the latest. >> reporter: things are heating up with "sully." >> this is the captain. brace for impact. >> reporter: the untold story of the miracle on the hudson and what faced sully sullenberger after he saved all of the people on the plane. >> simulations showed you could make it back to the airport. >> reporter: the film stars tom hanks as sully. and why and how did edward snowden pull off the biggest intelligence leak in nsa history?
6:34 am
it is covered in the thriller "snowden." sticking with the real life stories, oscar winner lupita nyong'o stars in a drama about a ugan uganda prodigy. and then it has been 14 years since we have seen rene zellweger. now over 40 and in a predictment. >> you have no idea which of us is the father? >> and some books inspired movies coming your way. >> i used to watch this perfect couple. >> reporter: emily blunt in "the girl on the train." >> they will wipe out half the world's population. >> reporter: and harry potter fans will be thrilled to see the
6:35 am
spinoff "the fantastic beast and where to find them." for "today," joelle gargulo, nbc news, new york. >> shall we talk movies and have pop corn? >> we have three of them based on stories ripped from the headlines. you have "sully" with tom hanks. he is the pilot who successfully landed the plane on the hudson river saving all on board. this is directed by clint eastwood. also having "snowden" with joseph gordon-levitt. this was directed by oliver stone who promises to dig deeper in the personal life of edward snowden. and we have my favorite of the three personally.
6:36 am
"deep water horizon." starring mark wahlberg. this is about the oil explosion off the coast of louisiana. this was directed by peter burke who directed previous films with mark wahlberg. >> we have a lot of movies. you move book to screen. >> for me, it is about "the girl on the train." this is based on the popular book. it reminds me of "gone girl." both came out around the same time. about the addictive mysteries. this stars emily blunt is commuting and looks out the window and sees something that changes her life. >> just by looking out the window? what will i see? >> she sees something. we also have "inferno" by dan
6:37 am
brown. we have tom hanks back again. >> he is a busy man. >> he is a busy man. he is trying to stop this deadly virus and wiping out half of the world's population. >> and the blockbuster. >> this was split. what is the most anticipated? "fantastic beast" and "where in the world." this is harry potter starting eddie redmayne. revolves around the briefcase full of magical creatures in 1920s new york. they get out of the briefcase. harry potter fans should know the creator of harry potter wrote the screen play. heavily involved in the movies. this is a first of the planned trilogy. get ready for more potter. we have "the magnificent seven." the great ensemble cast of the
6:38 am
fall. ethan hawk and others who were hired by the town to take out the ruthless gang leader. it boosts one of the great finales of the year. don't miss that. it is magnificent, dare i say. and marvel is back with "dr. strange." it stars benedict cumberbatch. if you were a fan of christopher nolan, you will love this. marvel is delivering the movies with a strange twist. >> and can we talk oscars? >> a lot of movies. "manchester by the sea." with casey affleck. and "birth of a nation." >> a lot of buzz. >> you know what? say what you want.
6:39 am
a powerful film of the year. also "loving" about an interracial couple who wants to get married in 1958. sentenced to prison. that is a film i'm looking forward to. it is packed with diversity and good movies. enjoy. >> can we say cheers with pop corn? cheers. up next, visit the set of "american ninja warriors." does stephanie have what it takes to be a warrior? we will see after these messages. ds and what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! my dentist recommended pronamel. it can help protect enamel from acid erosion. my mouth feels really fresh and clean and i stuck with it. i really like it. it gives me a lot of confidence. pronamel is all about your enamel. helping to protect your enamel.
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6:42 am
we are back on a we are back on a saturday morning on what it takes to be an americanin i can't wearier. >> we are war yar super mans, when the opportunity came up to head to vegas, i just couldn't pass it up. >> it's a competition like no other. american ninja warrior, some of the most athletic people you've never heard of. taking on an obstacle.
6:43 am
and now it all comes down to this. >> i came in this trying to conquer these obstacles. on the vegas file, the warriors competed across the country have come to sin city to try to master the nastiest course at all. >> when i watched warrior at home with my family, watching together, that is the beauty, it to give you that kind of inspiration. >> i think that's what we'll love about these competitors, doing extraordinary things. >> going to take off that prosthetic leg. >> the first woman ever. >> to open up those doors and so many amazing women are coming out and proving to the guys that we are supposed to be here, too. >> and then there is stunt woman and costume enthusiast.
6:44 am
she made it to stage 1 in las vegas. >> i don't think this is what i was imagining when i thought i was going to be a ninja, i thought i was going to be a soup every hero, so it's close to what i imagined my whole life. >> jeff briton is back after failing to take home the top prize last year. >> my goal is to come out and take one objects vstacle at a t. >> every single one of us has fallen on one of of these courses and you have to get yourself back up and dust yourself off and try harder for next year every time. >> for me there is no next year. so after suiting up, warming up, and a little coaching from sarah, i was ready. >> here goes nothing.
6:45 am
>>. >> but i couldn't leave without trying the famous warped wall. >> you can't get wet on this one to win. >> and with jesse and my son rese chieering me on, i gave it everything i had. >> what an experience. this was so amazing. >> all right. you can't say i didn't give it my all. >> you did. >> but oh, my gosh. >> can we go back to -- >> highlights. >> we still -- i think we got it again. one more time. i think we have it a fourth time time. just one final time.
6:46 am
>> were you okay? >> no. luckily i had already had my children, the last piece of advice me gave me. you have to commit. if you get in it commit. and the first thing i did was kind of not and kind of commit. my son said to me mom, i want you to know i still think you are good at sports. >> you did a great job. the rest of us -- i mean, if we were suiting up. >> it was awesome. i loved experiencing it even if i'm only a warrior in spirit. the people who love american ninja warrior will love it. monday nights at 8, 7 central on mbc. it's a family show. >> did you have a bruise? >> a lot. when i was under water, doing the canon ball. >> we are going up to the kitchen for the perfect end of the summer meal.
6:47 am
but first this is
6:48 am
6:49 am
we are back on a s we are back on a saturday morning as we finish up our week on the garden on the go. before we paused yesterday, we picked up some fresh veggies. we are using some seafood. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you do so much. i'm out of breath, i was running upstairs. i know you do so much with the u.s. open, you come back year after year, there is so many unusual, i would say, styles. why do you love it? >> besides being a unique event on its own at the u.s. open, the biggest collection of the biggest food at a sporting event anywhere. we've got celebrate chefs,
6:50 am
different venues. i featured aces, the restaurant that i'm in every day. it's the crab cakes the recipe that i have made for many years. it's always a hit. ifferent than regular crab cakes. >> fresh crab meat. simple. crab meat and egg yolk. mayo, mustard. cayanne and bay. there is a lot of filler. there's no filler. >> this is chunky crab meat. >> a warm mound of seasoned crab meat. >> egg. >> mustard and mayo. >> what else can you sub? >> if you don't want crab meat, you can use salmon. flaked salmon. roasted leftover. we mix that up. >> so then, how will this bind together? the egg? >> i'll push it together. >> okay.
6:51 am
>> we pop it into the crumbs. >> it will not fall apart? >> we make it into a bowl. try it. that's it. pick it up nice and delicately and put it in the pan. >> like that? >> that's it. >> i'll trust that will hold together. >> it will. put a note of butter on top. let's go make our slaw. >> are you baking them? >> yes. they are baked for 12 to 15 minutes. that is the interesting part. they are baked, not fried. a warm mound of beautiful crab meat. summer slaw. white and red cabbage and kale. nectorines and carrots. rip up some mint and basel for me. dressing is olive oil and salt and fresh pepper.
6:52 am
lots of your torn mint. sherry vinegar. >> mix it all together. >> how are we doing? you are quiet. that means you're eating. >> they are enjoying it. >> crab cakes are fantastic. >> i never thought about baking. >> this is mozzarella? >> this is one of the biggest sellers at aces. summer on a plate. red and yellow watermelon and fresh basil and olive oil and salt apparend pepper. >> if you want this recipe, head to we are back right after these messages. our special today is the seared ahi tuna, and i'll be right back to take your order. thank you. thanks. don't you hate that? when they don't tell you how much something costs? and you have to ask? right. i do. maybe that's why i always make sure to... ..."bring up the costs associated with your services."
6:53 am
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6:56 am
krasinski. life after the office and more. >> have a safe and happy labor day.good morning, i'm kira klap. coming up next, on today in the bay .... vo he may be free ... but he's not free from controversy. brock turner ... met by angry protestors in the bay area and up next, he's free, but not free from controversy. brock turner met by angry protesters in ohio in his first hours after jail. what's next for the convicted sex offender? also, the violent encounter that led to this brawl in san francisco. and cooling temperatures continue across the bay area, anthony has what to expect for the labor day weekend celebration.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
it's 6:59, a live look outside san francisco, and on the last weekend of summer, unofficially, by calendar standards, three more weeks, but it is labor day weekend meaning everyone is wrapping up summer fun and we appreciate you're joining us. good morning to you.
7:00 am
anthony has a look at the forecast. >> yes. although the calendar's three weeks away for fall, temperatures are going to warm up towards next week. albeit, they cool off now. a roller coaster ride. >> as usual. >> closing out summer with cool temperatures in the area, still, san jose this morning, not all bad at 58 degrees, 50 in santa rosa. temperatures are feeling like fall this weekend. 60s and 70s, and towards next couple of days, after labor day, we'll talk about the forecast and the warmup headed our way and return of 90s. >> wow. it is typical day, we get warmer in september and october. >> it's coming. >> enjoy the cool down this weekend while it lasts. anthony, thanks. >> yep. we want to tell you this morning about new fallout in colin kaepernick's hig


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