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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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mcsweeney. it is unlikely his officers will stop providing security to 49ers games despite the threat by the police union. nbc bay area joins us live from levi stadium with the chief's response to us all, laura. >> reporter: the bottom line is public safety here at levi stadium and he will do whatever it takes to keep fans safe despite what kaepernick says or does. >> i personally am disappointed with colin kaepernick's actions and the statements he made. it is hurtful. >> reporter: michael sellers weighs in on 49ers colin kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem and his decision to wear socks that depict pigs in police uniforms. >> but that is his constitutional right. he has a right to make those statements like anybody else and it is our duty to protect the
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oath. >> reporter: sellers words come after the santa clara police officers association sent a letter to the san francisco 49ers stating that if they don't take action against kaepernick, it could result in the police officers choosing not to work home games. the 49ers maintain they recognize an individual's right to choose whether to participate in the national anthem or not. sellers says he will work with both sides to find a solution. >> just because somebody says something that we don't appreciate or like, they have the right to do that and we need to protect those rights. and i think at the end of the day, they get it. they're just frustrated. >> reporter: fans are frustrated, too. they say enough with the bickering. >> it is ridiculous. he has a right to his opinion. >> what do you think of the. [ inaudible ] >> it is ridiculous. it is horrible. >> reporter: in the end, sellers is confident the officers will take the high sglroad. >> i would make it mandatory,
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yes. ultimately, my responsibility is to make that stadium the safest it can be for all of the fans attending. >> reporter: before making home games mandatory for officers, he would reach out to other agencies for help but again, he says he doubts it will go that far. reporting live from levi stadium, laura malpert. >> our coverage of the story continues across the digital platforms. you can read the chief's complete statement and the police officer's association letter on our website, harrowing moments on the san francisco bay. that how the coast guard characterized the rescue of 15 children and adult this afternoon. a person on a nearby ferry saw the accident and called the officer. police officers and the coast guard helped pull everyone out of the water. everyone was wearing a life jacket. no one was hurt. new at 6, the uc berkeley law school professor will be on
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campus working in his office. former school of law dean is now a tenured professor. he is not scheduled to teach but is expected to be in his office researching, writing and consulting. the campus found that he repeatedly sexually harassed an executive assistant who brought a lawsuit against him. it sparked a new review of his action that could end his professorship. they have called for him to be banned from campus. two correctional officers in fresno are fighting for their lives after being shot inside a jail lobby. an ex-convict opened fire at 8:30 this morning. he reportedly tried to go to the front of the visitor line saying he was there to see someone. two unarmed correctional officers were shot in the head or neck area and are both in critical injury. the suspect then asked to be
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arrested. the man has a history of violent, criminal behavior. tom zang has prior criminal histo history. he was involved in the 1998 rape case where gang members kidnapped and raped three victims who were 12, 13, and 14 years old. >> several adults and children were in the public lobby when the shooting took place. they were not hurt. a potentially dangerous criminal accidently released from custody, back behind bars tonight. the san francisco sheriff's office says victor rodriguez, you see him right there, turned himself in this morning. he was accidently released wednesday night from the san francisco jail even though he still has several months remaining on his sentence. he was booked under suspicion of robbery, battery and resisting arrest. the mistake happened when a court clerk incorrectly wrote down the judge's orders. rodriguez will not be charged with escape because it was a clerical error. a frightening scene at a gas
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station in pittsburgh after a driver crashed into the store and sped off. it happened near the corner of loverridge and leland roads. christie? >> pittsburg police are trying to find the driver who crashed. the driver pulled into a parking spot and the car lunged forward and through the window. there were people working and shopping inside. drink racks fell over. this happened around 1:15 at leland and loveridge. one customer was transforted. she complained of having pain. the driver pulled out and took off. surprising for customers no. who came later and heard what happened. >> i think it is crazy. i think it is really crazy what people are doing now. i mean, he could have just sat and waited for the cops to come
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but he just took off. >> reporter: police do say that the store has cameras and there are city cameras in the area as well. they're working on pretty good leads here. they say the driver can certainly come forward and tell their side of the story. at this point it is being treated as a hit and run. that is the latest reporting live. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. the hunt is on for a driver in the north bay who hit and killed a person and then took off. the crash happened early yesterday morning in napa. investigators found a man lying on the ground in the area of monarch and by way east. michael dean green died this morning. police believe he was hit by someone driving a 2014 silver volkswagen beetle. the license plate is 7ey913. california plates. the driver probably stashed that
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car somewhere, maybe a storage unit or a garage. another crash in mountain view ends with a truck landing on top of a car trailer. this was the scene about 2:30 this morning. police say the truck had driven off of the roadway and rolled onto the trailer parked on the side of the road. it happened on old middle field road. other cars were hit when the driver lost control. police say he fled after the crash but was found a short time later and police believe speed was a factor in that crash. the pope is just hours away from declaring mother theresa a saint. i'll show you how local churches are honoring her. >> and then a strong earthquake rattles not california, but oklahoma. why this part of the country has been dealing with this more lately. >> the fall is set to return this evening but not right now. comfortable conditions as we approach the dinner time hour. we'll talk about the full forecast and get you into labor day. it looks good as temperatures
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start to warm up. tomorrow -- mother teresa will
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officially become a saint. she celebrated for doing good all over the world. tomorrow, mother theresa will officially become a saint and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to be at the vatican as that happens. here in the bay area, a lot of
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people are very excited about this. mary ann favro joins us. >> reporter: in fact, during tonight's mass that wraps up. the church posted a photograph of mother theresa and talked about her spirit of giving back. pope francis will hold the canonization mass tomorrow morning in st. peter's square in the vatican city. 3,000 people are expected to attend. at the missionaries of charity in pacifica, mother theresa who cared for the destitute inspired them to give back to the poor in the bay area. >> i'm thrilled about it. we're all very close to mother and she is a mother and i talk to her every day and i ask her for help and it is inspiring for me to know that she is also going to be honored in a global level by the church. >> reporter: mother theresa had ties to the bay area.
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her sisters run hospice for aids patients. her sisters still find and feed homeless people in alleyways and under bridges in san francisco. in order to become a saint, mother theresa had to have a miracle approved by the church. the miracle involved a 30-year-old woman who says praying to the nun cured her stomach tumor. tomorrow during every mass here in saint joseph's cathedral. they plan to honor mother theresa and recognize her spirit of always giving back. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro. hermine is weakening but the storm continues to pummel the east coast. yesterday it was a hurricane when it hit florida, down graded to a post tropical cyclone. the homes and businesses have been damaged. you can see the side of the building coming off there. two people have died and now the heavy rains and wind are heading
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north and ruining labor day plans for millions up and down the east coast. >> we planned for this all summer. we come to ocean city all of the time. this is the first time this happened to us. >> we saw the storm pass and so we thought, kerr get out now and go to safety. >> hermine could gain strength and become a hurricane again because it is sitting over the atlantic's warmer waters. a lot of rattled nerves after a 5.6 magnitude earthquake rocked oklahoma today. no deaths reported because of the quake but it destroyed some homes. look at the damage. the epicenter just 70 miles north of oklahoma city. officials say there has been an increase in 3.0 or larger magnitude quakes in oklahoma because of fracking in the area. after the earthquake, dozens of wells were shut down. the earthquake ties for the strongest ever felt in that state. anthony joining us now, talking about the weather around here and we're going to do a
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little go back to summer. >> temperatures have been pretty nice the past couple of days. a little below average as we round out the unofficial close of summer it will warm up. we'll talk about the return of 90 for the weekend ahead. don't put away the swim trunks just yet. you'll be able to enjoy warmer weather as we head towards at least the week ahead. right now, not so much. cool outside. you might need a jacket this hour as temperatures are falling out of the 70s into the 60s in places like dublin right now. the sunshine and you can see in the south bay right now, temperature of 71 degrees. this is about 10 degrees below where we should be for this time of the year. very cool outside and tomorrow we'll start off cool once again and we'll see afternoon sunshine. for labor day, pretty much the same thing. temperatures warm by a couple of degrees. get up to 57 in san jose. probably be closer to 80 by labor day and temperatures really warm up for the week ahead. we're talking the return of 90 degree heat. it will start to feel like summer once again. fall does begin officially september 22nd and you'll notice
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it really starting to feel like that as we get towards the next couple of days. 66 degrees for your high temperature for tomorrow in san francisco. 68 on the peninsula, that is all we're going. for the trivalley, we should be near 87, tomorrow, 75 degrees. it will be very comfortable for your sunday. let's take a peek at tropics. you can see hurricanes are turning a krols the pacifcross . you can see across parts of hawaii right now, you can see the showers falling thil evening. temperatures at 82 degrees. yes, not only are they dealing with the dangerous waves and stray showers, even though the system is off of the coastline, there are gray skies for the label day. it will lift to the north by tomorrow and it will be out of that area as we head towards monday so labor day does look dry. across the east coast, hermine continues to make its path up the mid atlantic state. winds are at 70 miles an hour. post tropical, lost all of the
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prop characteristics but temperature continues to linger and meander through thursday. they will be dealing with that system at least the next couple of days. it will be dry for sunday. 75 for san jose. 77 for cupertino. beautiful weather across san francisco. we'll have morning clouds, mid-60s for afternoon highs. pleasanton, 79 tomorrow. can you believe we have freeze warnings in effect for places near mount shasta? here at home, looking at quiet weather. temperatures are cooling off the first freeze and frost advisories of the season. the cool pattern lifts north for the week ahead. temperatures will start to respond accordingly. high pressure builds in. you'll notice the seven day forecast. mid-90s by wednesday, thursday, and friday. san francisco, warm up there as well. back into the 70s for the week
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ahead. perfect beach weather and cool weather for another week. >> we'll take it one day at a time. >> thanks a lot. coming up next, comic book and super hero lovers. swarming to san francisco this weekend. want to know where peggy bunker is in that is where she is. we'll tell you what is bringing them all together. ==take vo==
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the widow of napa wine pioneer robert mondavi has died. margaret mondavi died of cancer yesterday afternoon. she was 91 years of age. she is being remembered for creating a show place for painters, sculptors, musicians and chefs. all in the winery.
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>> margaret had incredible contributions, as we said, to the winery, but to napa, napa valley as well. you know, her fascination with wines, food, and art just, you know, spread throughout the winery, throughout the industry. >> margaret mondavi was born in switzerland and joined the foundation a year after it was founded and married in 1980. concern in the east bay after the chevron experienced intermittent flairing. it happened apt 9:00 a.m. spokesman for the refinery says the community was alerted to the situation. flares are a safety device to relieve pressure during the refining process. a spokesman says no injuries have been reported. another day of comic books and costumes at the comic-con in san francisco today. organizers say it is the first
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large comic-con convention the city has hosted in several years. convention started on friday but today, fans had a chance to attend the select panel with actors from the star wars movies and the dr. who tv series. the san francisco comic-con ends tomorrow afternoon. you can still see it tomorrow. it is at the marriott marquee. colin smith with comcast sportsnet joins us now. >> a big day for various sports as always. a pair of aces go head to head as the giants battle the cubs in chicago. the 49ers have named a starting quarterback for week one. the choice coming up after the break.
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national anthem has propell hey guys, welcome back, colin kaepernick's decision to not stand has propelled him to the top of the national headlines but his play on the field hasn't been enough to earn
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him the starting job. chip kelly announced blaine gabbert will be the 49ers starting quarterback for week one. kaepernick is listed as his back up. condon is the number three. the 49ers sixth round draft pick was cut. here is chip kelly on the decision to go with gabbert. >> i think that the whole body of work from april until today, you know, his grasp and command of what we're doing, you know, he is a good fit for what we want to get accomplished and have a lot of confidence in what he can do with this offensively. >> well, as you may know on thursday, kaepernick in san diego, along with reed decided to neal to show respect to the military while still protesting racial inequality. on a conference call today, coach kelly was asked how his recent actions affect the team.
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>> when he is here at 4949, he is all about football and all about work and that is what i've seen since we've been here, so you know, that is, he continues to display that every day he is in the building. again, how he has handled himself and has been with us, i have no issues with kap at all. sticking with kap, his jersey sales have rocketed. his number 7 is now number one selling jersey on the 49ers website. a couple of weeks ago it was 20th so it seems 49ers fans are behind him. to baseball now, the giants entered the day two games west of the dodgers. san francisco had it good with madison bumgarner but on the other end was jake arrieta. it was brandon crawford who stole the show. giants look to snap a two game losing streak against the cubs. sixth inning.
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giants 2-1. the brandon crawford show begins, first, hits the single to center, then joe panik strikes out swinging but nobody is at second and crawford kills it easily. later, the shift on for branton belt, crawford takes advantage and takes off for third and finally off the wild pitch, crawford comes in to score, puts the giants up 3-1 and the giants hold on to win 3-2. >> good all around game and you know, the thing is, we didn't, just from watching, i don't know the exact numbers or how you figure it, but we played pretty similar games as we did the first two days, we just came away with the win today. we've been, you know, we haven't been playing bad baseball, just been coming up a lit short and today was a good win for us and hopefully, you know, it don't
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take much to get us started on the right track again and hopefully that is what will happen. >> the dodgers are in action as we speak. right now, the giants are one and a half behind in the al west. they it will pull them within one game. obviously we're pulling for the pod rays to beat the dodgers tonight. >> always love the padres. >> we're not quite done with sports. these games, not for the feint of heart. we'll tell you about it.
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of the shot put in pleasanton today. some of the toughest scottsmen got to do their games. it is part of the highland gatherings and games. that is a huge shot put. good crowds out there, too. it was an opportunity to learn more about the scottish culture. if you're interested, the celebration continues tomorrow at the alameda county fair grounds. >> they're dancing. i think i heard someone giving them instructions. if i was going to do a scottish dance, i would need instructions. >> i would, too. >> no instructions needed for the forecast. >> get out and enjoy. it will be another nice one. temperatures below average for the next couple of days even for
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labor day, low 80s for the inland valueleys. then it gets hot. if you're trying to get the beach time or pool time it looks good. evening through next weekend looking good as well. no rain in sight. this is the time of the year where we start to see it. i mentioned a good rain storm. we'll be watching. >> all right. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. see you back here at 11:00. if you're itching for some rain, maybe the forecast will change. bay area news special. tonight, "nbc bay area responds." rose acampora: she was basically like, "well, that's not my problem. announcer: we help a local woman fight a national organization on behalf of people with disabilities. plus-- charles ferrao: i was reviled from seeing that photograph. announcer: we investigate a charity that collects millions
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using photos of missing kids without permission, then-- eliza sears: of course you're gonna be scared, but i told them to be brave. announcer: we tell the story of a little boy who's sudden death has sparked a big debate over whether anesthesia is safe in the dentist's office, and-- antoinette marez: where is batman? announcer: we ask why one family was charged for the services of a superhero who never showed up. here's consumer investigator, chris chmura. chris chmura: good evening, and welcome to our first "nbc bay area responds" special. we began "nbc bay area responds" in late may. we assembled a team and made a promise to you. we respond to every call and every email we get. we want to return your money, and we want to change the way companies do business. our very first story did just that. rose reached out for help battling aaa. together, we changed its policy and put some money back in her pocket. chris: rose acampora relies on drivers to help


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