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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez in san jose where the serial car shooter is expected back in court where he did not enter a plea yesterday but did try to say something to his family. we have that story coming up. plus, game security. levi stadium will have officers working the next 49ers game even if officers threaten to boycott after kaepernick's national anthem protest. and honoring the victims of 9/11. this weekend americans will mark the 15th anniversary of the worst terror attack on american soil. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you. joi. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. let's get a check of your friday
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weather. >> we saw the big cooldown yesterday. right now one of the reasons why you're seeing it from our san francisco camera, the fog, low clouds, and misty skies from what you can see of the golden gate bridge right now. 57 degrees in san francisco. for the afternoon today just a little bit warmer than yesterday. mid to upper 80s across the inland valleys today. and for places like the south bay, san jose, 82 degrees. pleasant weather for your friday. let's see what's happening with your morning commute with mike. >> rob, you showed them the golden gate bridge. fog there. we'll keep that in mind for drivers. the rest of the bay shows clear drive. down here in milpitas we do worry about the construction crews which are still blacking transition routes between 237 and 880. overnight we had a number of closures. they will have me detours for ten minutes. they should be clearing about now. looking at no major slowing except for eastbound 237 through the area. smoother drive across the dumbarton bridge to avoid any of 237. the man accuse of shooting cars on a busy south bay road
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back in court today. >> "today in the bay's" kris san chess is live in san jose. this suspect was in court yesterday but he didn't enter a plea. >> reporter: right. he is still at the santa clara county main jail on $100,000 bond. he will make that short walk over to the courthouse later today to face those charges. but as he was in court yesterday michael james lee lewis faced the judge but he did violate a court rule which is to not communicate with family and friends. he mouthed the words "help me." he's going to need more than just his family's help as he faces four charges of attempted murder because when police got a search warrant for his home they found a gun and bullets that they say the crime lab matched to four of ten shootings along blossom hill road. here's sergeant ricky garcia of the san jose police. >> we know that this guy was capable of doing anything. you're not playing around. you're shooting a handgun at a car.
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>> reporter: lewis was arrested on unrelated charges mid august and between then and now investigators did connect the dots to four of the ten shootings. while there haven't been any additional shootings along blossom hill road while he's been in custody they cannot yet rule out there could be another shooter. these shootings were so unner unnerving think had some people in that area breaking the law themselves. we had one gentleman tell us that on occasion he would run a red light because he didn't want to be sitting there like a sitting duck. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> hard to say how understandable that is, kris. san jose police need help idea i tooing this man. he is wanted in connection with a deadly shooting of a community college professor. david was shot and killed in late july at willow and first streets near the 87/280 interchange in san jose. he was a professor at evergreen valley college and foothill college.
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the alameda county d.a.'s office will announce today if it will file criminal charges against police officers involved in the sex abuse scandal. it centers around 19-year-old self proclaimed prostitute who calls herself celeste guap. she claims she had relations with more than two dozen officers. some while she was a minor. the sex scandal first came to light at the oakland police department where 12 officers had been disciplined. it is sense led into the down fall of several officers and deputies in a number of east bay departments. the news conference will be at noon. new this morning, north korea conducted its fifth and potentially most powerful nuclear test. this time the country claims the device is natural warhead. something that could be mounted on a missile. north korea also claims it can produce a variety of smaller, lighter, and diversified warheads. reports out of the country also say the test is part of north korea's response to international sanctions. a live look from new york
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city at the one world trade center. sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attack on the united states. this weekend a special reminder of that day will be on display in san francisco. the san francisco fire department will ring a bell symbolizing the final call for 343 new york firefighters who died trying to save lives that morning. the ceremony at first responders plaza sunday at 6:45 will also include the unveiling of a piece of a world trade center tower. it is no doubt expected to be an emotional moment. >> just thinking about it is an emotional thing for me. i think there will be a lot of different reactions. but i think it will be somewhat of a somber moment. >> the family of betty yo 234rks g and fire department brought the piece to san francisco. yong was from san francisco. she died working as a flight attendant on flight 11.
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they flew that plane into the north tower. that piece of history will be on display at the fire department's headquarters. six years ago a pipeline exploded in san bruno that killed eight people, dozens of homes flattened in that explosion. and subsequent fire. just a few weeks ago a jury found pg&e guilty on five felony counts of violating pipeline safety laws and one felony count of obstructing the investigation into that explosion. pg&e may face a $3 million fine for those charges. >> let's check in with rob. he's in for kari this morning. >> good morning. right now rt stag off with patchy low clouds. currently around foster city where we have our temperatures in the 60s for now. 70s later on. let you know what you can expect for your weekend forecast coming up. might as we'll talk about that traffic flowing across that same span. a clearview of the bridge. as rob said, watching the bay bridge. talk about the crews going on on the east bay coming up. plus, will be there enough security during next week's
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monday night football game at levi stadium. some officers not happy with colin kaepernick's national anthem protests. we'll hear what santa clara's mayor has to say.
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bruce miller is expected to be arraigned today. he's facing several felony charges after a bizarre attack at san francisco hotel. some of it captured on surveillance video that you're watching. miller was arrested early monday morning after he allegedly
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attacked a 70-year-old man and his 29-year-old son at this hotel in fisherman's wharf. police say miller was drunk and confused. the victim's number with his own. the elderly man suffered a black eye, maybe even facial bone fractures. the 49ers fired miller shortly after he posted bail. santa clara police officers say they will in fact provide kurt security for the 49ers season opener. >> about 70 officers typically volunteer to work overtime at 49ers games. but the union threatened to boycott after colin kaepernick did not stand during the national anthem, then made negative comments about police. not anymore. after santa clara mayor lisa gilmore wrote a letter voicing her support of the officers and clearing up a misconception that they are required to work for the 49ers. >> this issue that mr. kaepernick talked about is a huge issue in our country, a huge issue. it's a lot bigger than whether or not he sits down or they sit out. >> the police chief tells us the games were always going to be fully staffed even if he had to
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reach out to other bay area police departments. the union and mayor are still hoping to sit down with the 49ers on this matter. did you see the nfl season opener right here on nbc bay area last night? broncos linebacker brandon marshall kneeled before the national anthem there. marshall was a teammate of colin kaepernick at the university of nevada reno. more players are expected to protest in some form this sunday. well, coming up, are donald trump supporters under attack? some students at uc berkeley say they are. we'll show you in confrontation on video, next. you're watching "today in the bay." "tolerance at uc berkeley
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everybody, this is what tolerance looks like." runs :04 ===scott/vo ctinues=a politicalc uc berkeley, everybody. what tolerance looks like. >> a political dust-up at berkeley getting attention online. these are 13 seconds of video recorded by campus republican group. members claim protesters rushed them and then tried to steal their life size cutout of donald trump. decision 2016, candidates taking on two very different audiences. >> hillary clinton is in florida as you well know, scott, talking about terrorism and national security experts. donald trump courting the religious right at the conservative value voters summit in washington. trump's education speech yesterday largely focused on hillary clinton. and she was quick to respond. >> she refused to take accountability for her failed
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policies in the middle east that have reduced millions of refugees. >> you need a president who understands that none of us has all the answers and no one person can fix our problems alone. >> last night marked the first of four speeches that clinton's campaign says will focus on her theme, stronger together. another presidential candidate talking -- taking a at of flack this morning for what he doesn't know. >> governor gary johnson, libertarian candidate, was asked a question about the syrian civil war that's dominated news headlines for years now. listen to how he responded. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about aleppo? and what is aleppo. >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the oh we it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay, got it. >> that interview was yesterday on msnbc. johnson said, quote, i'm human.
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i blanked. it happens. it is 4:45 right now. let's move on to weather and traffic. shall we this morning? all right. so it was warmer this week. we felt the cooldown. now the weekend is right here. >> a bit of a roller coaster ride. we're going to be nice and right in the middle of the two extremes which is -- >> back in the middle again. >> we've been seeing interesting weather. but today things are off to a foggy start and san francisco. right now you can see the golden gate bridge. misty skies on the coast. 57 degrees currently. there's a closer view of what we like to say carl the fog across san francisco this morning. temperatures later on climbing towards the mid 60s. you can see around pleasanton, numbers around 87 degrees. that was the high up towards yesterday. there is the high temperature forecast at livermore. similar. 87 degrees. we're going to have mostly sunny skies. warm conditions for the afternoon except you've got to wait for the low clouds to clear. seeing some of those around tri-valley this morning as we head through the afternoon. a little bit of sun down toward
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santa cruz. valley highs ranging from 82 to 88 degrees. pretty close to average for this time of year with san jose at 82. upper 60s closer to san francisco. and north bay, 70s to low 80s. tri-valley spots looking good. mid to upper agencys. seven-day forecast, for san francisco, a little bit warmer for tomorrow. and then things do get a little interesting. monday into tuesday. look at the drop in temperatures coming our way as the valley temperatures, once you get out of the weekend will, be a bit of a fall repru of numbers in the mid to upper 70s approaching monday and tuesday. to see what's happening with your friday morning commute, here's mike. >> overnight road crews clearing in your commute direction. that's better news. we'll zoom in over here to the south bay where we had a lot of activity. 880 through fremont both directions up toward mission. past mission. and up towards dakota and 237. open the connector any minute
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now. carl the fog making its way over to the top of the bay bridge tower here but the drivers are able to make their way just below that fog line. that's good stuff. let's just call it low clouds for now right there. dublin, low volume. yeah. west 580 toward the dublin interchange. fridays tend to see that get away traffic at 2:30. back to you. happening now, you preorder a new apple iphone 7. apple started taking the preorders at midnight. the new phone was unveiled on wednesday. longest lastest battery of many i 15s but many are critical of the decision to remove the headphone jack. it will be officially available in stores next friday. in other business news, google plans to deliver bur writs to in a high tech way. >> chipotle settling with customers who got sick after eating fast food chain burritos. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, let's check in with landon dowdy.
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good morning. >> good friday morning. wall street could start final trading day in the red. futures are lower this morning. global markets don't appear to be reacting to news of north korea's latest nuclear test. slipping thursday on disappointment of the lack of fresh economic stimulus measures from the european central bank. oil prices are going back today. that after a big jump thursday following reports of a drop in u.s. oil supplies last week. the dow fell 46 points to 18479. nasdaq down to 5259. chipotle has agreed to set with more than up with 00 customers who became ill after eating at its restaurants last year. terms of the settlements are confidential. analysts say chipotle's strategy of resolving claims out of the court shows it want to avoid a legal battle over the food borne illnesses that hurt both the stock price as well as
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reputation. google's parent company plans to use drones to deliver burritos to student and staff at university of virginia. it will fly burritos from a chipotle food truck to 100 feet away and deliver them to customers. the test will last for several days on a government-sanctioned drone test site. part of an faa program to improve drone technology. guys, back over to you. >> when it's okay not to walk. all right. thanks a lot. travelers beware, flight attendants may ask you to put away your smartphone during your flight. concerns over the galaxy note 7's battery fires have prompted a recall of the phone. now want us the, jetstar, and virgins a australia gentleman airlin say they're banning them during flight. here in the u.s. the faa is considering its own response. federal regulators say wells fargo bank employees secretly created millions on unauthorized bank and credit card accounts to
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customers they didn't want. the phony accounts allowed employees to boost their sales and make more money. all 5300 employees have been fired from the bank. the bank will pay a record $185 million in fines and $5 million to refund customers. it's 4:51. we know the bay area is expensive when it comes to homes. coming up we'll show you which bay area city is the most expensive place in the country to buy your typical four-bedroom home. there are other bay area cities that made that list, too. it's all coming up after the break. but first, some bay area schools may have to wait to be renamed. several san francisco names are named after slave owners but now the school board president says the resolution which allows the renaming may have to wait. plus, california unable to track $2 billion a year in mental health funds. that's despite a critical audit 19 months ago that alerted officials to those problems. you can read our full investigation on finally on steady ground --
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more than 30 people who spent the night stuck in cable finally an steady ground. more than 30 people who spent the night stuck in cable cars above the french alps were rescued this morning. it all started yesterday when the cables carrying the cars reportedly got tangled. more than 100 people were originally stuck. many were brought down yesterday but helicopters using the rescue had to stop for the night. rescues resumed at daybreak. the police officers in one east bay city will be the first in california to have a new tool in their arsenal. look at these body-worn video system cameras equipped with an outward facing play back display that shows what's being recorded to the person being recorded. san ramon officers are trained on yhow to use them.
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they offer more transparency. 40 officers are expected to be outfitted with the cameras in the next few months. the aim is to reduce carbon footprint. brown signed a bill in los angeles that sets a goal of cutting carbon emissions to historically low levels by 2030. it is the most aggressive benchmark set by any governor. bills today, they really are far reaching and they keep california on the move to clean up the environment, to encourage vast innovation and the environmental resilience that the californians really want and expect. >> the vgoer governor says if 2030 goal is set then the next goal is 2050. latinos is no longer the fastest growing minority in the u.s. the growth of hispanics has slipped behind asian-americans. pew research center says the
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slowdown began after the great recession. since then, it's dropped more than 1%. researchers say the shift has been caused by a drop in immigration combined with reduced birth rates. more eye popping numbers from the bay area housing market. >> according to coldwell banker the city of saratoga is ranked as most expensive place in america to buy a four-berm home. 2$2.4 million. nine bay area companies made the top 20 list. . . let's check in with rob with a preview of our friday forecast. >> a preview of the forecast outside right now is a lot of low clouds around the bay area. right now 61 degrees in san jose. 82 later on. we'll have a closer look at your weekend forecast coming up. and we give you this live look. here's the peninsula, 101. it shows a smooth drive and a clearview. coming across the bay bridge, golden gate bridge. fog going on. we'll track that affect so far.
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we do have an issue that will affect your drive for the bay shore freeway. police are looking for this woman. the suspect distinctive feature that police hope will bring her to justice.
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nnchts court, the man suspected of shooting at cars on the south bay road faces a judge again today. plus, game security.
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levi stadium will have officers working the next 49ers game even after officers threatened to boycott because of kaepernick's national anthem protest. plus -- >> pete suratos here in san francisco. and 15 years after 9/11, local firefighters will honor those first responders who put their lives on the line. we'll have those details coming up in a live report. a very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. good morning. let's start with weather this morning. see what's going to be ahead for the weekend. >> we got some low clouds, fog around san francisco this morning. and that sea breeze will be keeping our temperatures running fairly cool. especially out near the coast. 56 right now. 65 this afternoon in san francisco. low to mid 80s inland today. and then as we head into the weekend we will see the same trend hold up for saturday and sunday. let's see with your morning commute with mike. >> tracking a car fire.
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mild slowing. south bay peninsula, looking great. typical pat northern the altamont pass for early signs of slowing. 101 approaching vermont in san francisco where there are reports of a car fire blocking your right two lanes. left two get by heading up toward the split over octavia or the split toward 80 eastbound and the bay bridge. tracking the activity. so far, just the initial reports chp arrives on-scene and as slowing shows up we'll give you more detail coming up. back to you. let's take you out live to a look at new york city. sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attack in the united states. this weekend there will be a special reminder of that day on display in san francisco. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos shows us live from san francisco's first responder plaza with a preview of this weekend's event. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning, laura and scott. it's hard to believe it's been 15 years since that tragi


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