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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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for president. three are dead following a plane crash in reno yesterday. we are learning that plane was headed right here. details coming up in a live report. the shake-up in the race for president, the health scare changing up hillary clinton's plans as the impact it could have on her campaign. hitting the field. 49ers are kicking off their season opener tonight as the nation watches. national game monday night football levy stadium and what colin kaepernick will do during the national anthem. good monday morning, i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. i'm smiling because the forecast is way cool. >> if you like cool weather, sum is officially nine more days, but on hold the next two. this morning we've got low clouds and temperatures in the
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50s. that's not unusual. here is the big story. afternoon temperatures 10 to 15 below average. low 70s around the tri-valley. in san jose, you've been seeing temperatures in the 80s today. low 70s in the forecast. hopefully no impact. south bay peninsula looking good. fremont speed sensors are off. that report are a chair blocking your left two lanes. stay to your right in toward mission boulevard north. that's been no update. chp may have slowed traffic to clear this. that bay bridge smooth drive. no lanes blocked. >> new this morning, a plane headed for the bay area crashed into several parked cars as the reno tahoe international airport killing three people. pete is where that plane wasç
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supposed to eventually land. does that tell us about who was on board? >> morning, chris. those three people have not been identified, but a very sad story coming out of reno. we know that plane was attempting to reply to that san carlos airport. the plane crashed 6:00 p.m. yesterday. a spokesman says the plane was leaving the west runway and no one on the ground was injured by the crash. our local nbc affiliate reports several cars were damaged as a result of debris. it doesn't look like it's registered to anyone at this time. last time it was out in miami. the three people inside of that plane have not been identified. the cause of the crash is unknown. national transportation safety board will be on site to con
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tukt their investigation. >>. >> heartbreaking news out of memphis, tennessee. four adults and six children killed in an early morning fire. some of the long-time memphis firefighters on scene were calling this the single largest loss of life they personally witnessed from fire in their careers. you see them reacting. so far investigators have not returned the cause or if the home had smoke detectors. hillary clinton is not coming to the bay area. she is taking time off to recover from pneumonia. clinton appeared unsteady after attending a september 11th ceremony in new york. security detail there. she starts to wobble and is held up by the secret service. clinton went to her daughter's apartment and came out saying she felt fine. she was diagnosed with pneumonia friday. all of this coming after
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questions are raised about her health from the trump campaign. >> it's the kind of thing where clinton has to tough it out. her supporters would say this treads on sexism. >> she's been on the campaign trail for a year and a half. it's natural to have ups and downs. >> she was scheduled to attempt a fund-raising today in san francisco. that will go on as planned. she may make an appearance via tell conference. picks team stopped after a stop the violence event last night in alabama. it happened after 8:00 in birmingham. police responded to fun fire located near where the rally was held. police say people attending the event were near where the shots were fired. they do not believe the shooting was tied to the event. tonight is the night niners
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fans have been waiting for about eight months. niners kick off their season against the los angeles rans. the game is going to be at levi stadi stadium. at this time last year head coach chip kelly was in phil and jim tomsulo was leading the niners. 49ers' quarterback colin kaepernick said nothing about his protests at tonight's national anthem. >> players on some teams held their own protest. the seattle seahawks, all locking arms together, the rest of the team in a show of solidarity. across the field four miami dolphins took a knee.
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all this unfolded amidst the background of yesterday's 15th anniversary of 9/11. one form ever player believes the recent protests are striking a nerve among fans. >> now our athletes are bringing real litsch into our recreation space. as a community that makes us uncomfortable. other players include marcus peters in kansas city who raised his fist throughout the national anthem as the rest of his team locked arms in solidarity. police staffing emergency in san jose has residents saying they may take matters in to their own hands. this happens as the department struggles to hire enough police officers. 47 investigators are reassigned to street office ogss. the council approved a state of emergency to make that happen to address the shortage. the department had 1400 officers
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in 2008. the department is now down to fewer than 900 officers. some residents are considering doing their own police work. >> it's a shame we can't have nobody take this. that's what we wait and hope for for somebody to come and take matters into their own hands. >> police want to remind people they never encourage anyone to become a vigilante. they are boosting officer pay to increase recruits. >>. >> donations are importanting in for the family of a little boy killed by a suspected drunk driver this weekend. the -year-old died friday when his mother ran out of gas on 680 and an suv plowed into them. a go fund me account has been set up to help raise more than $25,000. the suspect in this case is the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. a suspected package thief
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caught. you see a man taking a package off the front porch on august 30th. they were able to arrest the man over the weekend. thanks to an alert officer who recognized him as the suspected package thief during a traffic stop. our microclimate forecast is cooler to start the week. >> one big mac row climate around the bay dare. not seeing much change in temperature. we'll take you on south bay microclimates. notice these numbers in the low 70s. we should see highs in the low 80s. highs in the signatures 60s over the next few days. those valley temperatures below average. if you want to find summerlike
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weather, it does make a comeback friday. >> we do have a couple of issues. chair cleared from 680 down to the south bay where things move. looking over 580. a new crash reported around the double interchange. we'll show you the camera. i turned it over toward the dublin interchange. as i got word the crash cleared to the shoulder, traffic starts to flow better. coming up, remembering the day that shook america to its core. the bay area honored victims of the 9/11 terror attack. ==kris//2shot==
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the bay area held its own 9-11 memorial commemorations to remember the nearly 3- thousand people killed in the attacks. ==sam/vo== the bay area held its own memorial commemorations to remember the nearly 3,000 people killed in the attacks. here are a couple of examples.
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hundreds gathered in san jose for a memorial mask along with a march organized by the san jose fire department. in san francisco, mourners sounded what firefighters call the last alarm. 343 first responders who died in the collapse of the twin towers. unveiling of a piece of metal from the world center powers. it was a day of service around the area. menlo park bay area organized an area to help provide home improvide for elderly residents. it included painting and plumbing. leaders in small southern california college are investigating a vandal attack over the weekend that targeted a 9/11 tribute. this involved 3,000 miniature american flags placed along the grass for those who died in the attacks 15 years ago. hours after that display, vendalled pulled up many of the
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flag, broke them and trashed them. the school's college republican club installed those flags. >> people have been tearing them down like they're a piece of garbage. >> they put that display back together only to have vandals wreck the display again. they left signs expressing support for iraqis who side. it was a violent weekend that killed dozens of people. the u.s. and rush helped to broker this cease-fire and the hope is that it will spark new negotiations to permanently end syria's five year civil war. there are new concerns this morning coming out of south korea that its neighbor to the north could be ready to conduct more nuclear tests at any time. three days ago north korea
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carried out its fifth nuclear bomb test. south korea's defense ministry is suggesting additional nuclear tests could be in store in the same area. there are growing concerns the north may be closer to developing the capacity for nuclear war heads on a potential missile strike. elon musk said the company had new improvements to prevent crashes. >> that comes too late for some people. >> we've gotten used to the idea technology is constantly improving. our iphones are better than five years ago. tesla says it's keeping an eye on radar to keep their driverless cars on the road. the question remains should
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tesla call that software auto pilot which implies the car can totally drives itself when it could not when that ran head-long into a truck. sam song is advising owners of galaxy 7 to turn them off, don't use them. consumer products safety commission working on a recall. samsung is asking for the phones back after reports of the fire. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good monday morning. there are going to be more red arrows on wall street. futures are lower. asian and future markets down sharply. the dow and nasdaq falling more than 2%. that's their worst day since the uk voted to leave after june. a top reserve official hinted they could pull the trigger on
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an interest rate this month. >> you can get yourself an iphone 7 friday but if you would like to upgrade for free, apple will off its io s-10 tomorrow. it will add new features to track and new tricks for siri. the weirdest feature, the slide to unlock will be gone. we'll be doing this forever. you get used to one thing or you change your password, wait, that's right. >> my mother-in-law always says, i like the old one better. >> it's always the same thing. it's the password, protection, anything, it's rote. >> miss arkansas. >> we have a new miss america. miss arkansas won that title.
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savi shields won the competition with a jas dance from the tv show "smash." shields wins a $15,000 scholarship, six-figure salary, expenses during her reign and appearance agreement with dick clark production. miss south carolina was first runner-up. >> they always so gracious about that. the winner and runner-up. no confusion this team. they got it right the first time. that's good to see. >> it feels like çfall. >> at 3:00 this afternoon, you might not feel like it's fall. 38 miles per hour to the southwest, a delta breeze. low clouds into sacramento and stockton. feels like the embarcadero.
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we have low clouds and misty skies out towards the coast. mostly cloudy and mostly cool looking forecast for the morning. cool and breezy. will likely see 60s inland at moon. powered up by a supersized sea breeze. it's this area of low pressure which will hold its position which may take low clouds, move them over the hill tops and wring out light rain. a better chance of seeing thunderstorms the next couple of afternoons around the sierra. second half of the week we see high pressure trying to make a comeback. we have to watch this dry
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patte pattern. low 60s around san francisco. low 70s across the valleys through tomorrow. then numbers start to climb on up closer to average. see what's happening with your commute, here's mike. >> it's monday, but there is monday night football. tri-valley we expect more build here. slowing on the approach. we show you the bridge. westbound a few issues both directions. there were problems in the
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south bay over the weekend. hunt for a hit-and-run suspect. the crash that sent three people in the hospital. driver in san jose.
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the crash sent three people to the hospital early yesterday 5:23, the search is on for a hit-and-run driver in san jose. a crash sent three people in the hospital early yesterday morning. happened in pleasant ridge avenue.
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firefighters say in the process three people were pinned inside of a car that was hit. they had to be extricated. they were all taken to the hospital with severe injuries. the suspect took off and has not been caught. north bay residents can turn in gun for cash tomorrow. the district attorney's office is holding a gun buyback from 11:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night at novato police department. residents will all be accepted. people can get up to $200 for firearms. >> just like in san francisco, oakland is holding community meetings to hear what people have to say about finding their next police chief. there is a meeting at 6:00 in the north open senior center on martin luther king jr way. it's open to the public. there will be 10 meetings in total this month. the city had six police chiefs in the last five years. as the start of the football
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season begins, "today" show's matt lauer sat down with roger goodell. he had plenty to say. >> we encourage our players to be respectful. we want them to do this, but they have rights and we have to respect that. >> goodell went on at length about tom brady's suspension and the dangerous concussion. the interview will air this wednesday on the "today" here on wednesday. there are games being played on the field and the ones being played online. there was a panic for many football fans when a particular fantasy football app crashed on opening weekend. millions of users were left in the dark. some went to twitter infuriated.
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the sports network apologized saying it was working on a fix. luckily the app started working for the afternoon slate of games. it was only the 10:00 a.m. games here where that happened. >> we had a buddy watching the house yesterday and had to have a conversation with us so horror. coming up, how concerned hillary clinton, her diagnosis after video shows her shaky on her feet following an event yesterday. how this could impact her campaign. all eyes will be on colin kaepernick as he is expected to bring his national anthem protest to a nationally televised story tonight. for joining us.
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i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. =sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock. =4shot= ad lib to >>. >> good morning, i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. 5:30. when you step out the door, you'll notice it feels cooler. it's actually staying cooler.
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>> we have been saying dress in layer. today maybe a light jacket. especially if you're going to do early afternoon tailgating at the 49ers home opener. patchy clouds. drizzle around the coast this morning. look at those high temperatures. dry valley, low 70s. almost 15 degrees below average. let's see if your morning commute is shaping up. >> shaping up nicely and predictably. that note here levi stadium. no problem for the upper east shore. pay bridge toll plaza showing you the backup. that's all the excitement compared to monday night football. change of plans after a
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health square for hillary clinton. >> she abruptly left the /11 tribute. you see her start to wobble side to side. held up by security detail there. you get the feeling that is video we are going to see a lot of in the coming weeks. tracie potts joins us look i've from washington with more on herl's condition. >> and what it means for the bay area. confirmed this morning, she will appear via tell conference at that fund-raiser but could not make the trip out to the west coast after what we saw yesterday. this video of hillary clinton leaving the 9/11 memorial clearly unstable and needing assistance is raising questions. her doctor says she got overheated and dehydrated two days after being diagnosed with pneumonia. congressman joe crowley was
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behind clinton. >> very hot, people very tight, inches from each other. >> clinton emerged. >> a beautiful day in new york. >> seemingly better after resting at her daughter chelsea's apartment. >> are you feeling better? >> yes. thank you very much. >> she canceled two fund raise are after doctors orders to rest with antibiotics. she's had health issues before. a coughing fit last week her doctor attributed to allergies. in 2012 she became dehydrated. donald trump has questioned her stamina. little is known about his health history. as of this morning, trump telling cnbc he wail r will release his medical records this week. he just had a physical. he'll release those medical records. he's 70, she is 69. he would be the oldest person ever elected president, she
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would be the second oldest. >> thank you, tracy. biological father of a girl whose death inspired new anti-bullying laws is calling for change in family laws. she committed suicide after being bullied. he had his relationship cut off as part of a custody dispute. organizers hope to call honoringers to change family law. they want wider access to biological parents. football and fighting for social justice. dual headline submit a national anth anthem protest as 49ers take to the field tonight. bob redell with a preview of what we can expect tonight. >> when fans step through these
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gates and enter through levi stadium, they will see police officers working security. you might recall at the union that represents those officers that some might not volunteer to work these games because they are upset with colin kaepernick's decision not to stand during the national anthem. he wore socks depicting pigs dressed as a police officer. last week after a discussion, the police union reversed course. tonight's monday night football game will be broadcast nation wide. he has an opportunity to demonstrate to a larger audience. or football players started following suit. in seattle, all 53 of the seahawks linked arms before their game. four miami dolphins, a similar scene in kansas city where chiefs locked his arms and one
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player rized his fist. >> when they feel strongly and passionately, it's a good thing. >> they want to have impact. >> now our athletes are bringing real life into our recreation space. i think as a community, that makesç us uncomfortable. >> here as levi stadium they'll take on the rams tonight. >> thank you, bob. a small plane headed to the bay area crashed right after take-off in reno. that plane crashed into several cars on the ground in a parking lot at the reno tahoe airport. it happened yesterday. all three people onboard that plane were killed. no one on the ground was injured. the plane was headed to the san car
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cargos airport. that arson happened early yesterday morning in east san jose. firefighters were able to control the flames in a matter of minutes but investigators are asking for help to find the person in that hooded sweatshirt in that video. 5:36. oakland police are looking for a suspend who sexually assaulted a woman blocks away from the east pride elementary school. the victim was taken to a hospital and we are told she is in stable condition. they identified the suspect and are looking for that person right now. three drifters accused of killing two people in the east bay will be back in a courtroom today. the three will be in a marin county court for pretrial hiring. they are accused of illing k
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backpacker and north bay man hiking with his dog. investigators believe the motive for the murders was robbery. soon city police say this suspect robbed a man of money. they found the suspects hiding in a bush shortly after the robbery. officers were able to find the stolen money and cell phones. people living in a small town raised thousands of dollars to help try catch a serial lingerie thief. they hoped somebody will recognize the suspect. that's him with his back behind a man kin wearing a two-two jacket. the man has broken into the galleria bra room twice.
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>> it's 5:37. let's get a check of your forecast. it feels like fall. >> a jacket would be wise. 5 right now in fairfax. check out the high only 70. 50s with patchy low clouds around the bay area. south bay temperatures should be in the low 80s. mid 60s around the peninsula. oakland 65. tri-valley temperatures today. low 70s. usually we see these numbers in the 80s. not the case today or tomorrow. cool temperatures and light rain or misty skies that could impact highway 1 commute. >> we've got our eyes peeled for anything unusual. no problems coming off highway 17 or 101. we have predictable 101 slowing north of 680. tri-valley, typical slowing west
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580 and south 680. just south of sunol boulevard. getting over toward the san mateo bridge, an easy drive. the bay bridge. the backup is at the toll plaza as we take a leave look, you'll see all lanes sealed. >> thank you very much. gas prices are inching up. prices have gone up about 4 cents. high crude oil cost was making refineries and retailers bump up their prices. a gallon of regular wul cost $2.75 in folkland and $2.88 in san francisco. the national average is $2.17. school bus carrying dozens of children veers into a bridge killing the driver. investigation is under way to fiend out how this happened.
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the most expensive condo in san francisco got cheaper. how expensive? i'll tell you. >> the return of the sea gulls. how those pesky birds know when to show up. ==sam/gfx==
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a developing story now... ==sam/1xvid== investigators are trying to
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unravel the details leading up to a deadly school bus crash at the denver international airport. investigators are trying to unravel more details about what led up to a deadly school bus crash at the denver national airport. the bus driver was killed and 18 passengers injured in that brutal accident yesterday. victims were rushed to area hospitals. 15 were students. that crash happened when the driver veered into a support bridge near the terminal. the bus was carrying football players from a denver suburb. unusual fight, a fishing boat ran aground this weekend. this is the scene at salmon creek. the fisherman was sleeping while he left his boat float adrift thinking it would follow the offshore current. when he woke up, he found it stuck onshore. crews expect to remove that ship tomorrow. you might have to wait to get to his next destination. oakland international will be
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far more international. officials announced nonstop destinations. flights to copenhagen will begin march 25th. >> same insendives homeowners get for going solar could be offered to cars owners to ditch fair gas guzzlers. they are granting up to $3,000 for drivers to purchase lesser car. that plan would be funded by a new clean power discount program superviseors approved this summer. they are expected to take up initiatives to lock in funding as early as this year.
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>> bmw drivers are buying those tes tesla. 400,000 are buying tesla they can't buy yet. the 300 series will go electric according to a german news effort. it is shuffling its management. making an electric 300 series is not hard. what is hard is making a battery that will go a long distance at a reasonable price. bmw has an electric car but this only has 90 miles of range and costs $44,000. the model three will be about 35,000 and it will go twice as far when they build it they will leave long beach and head to
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oakland today. they have been stuck offshore. markets got whacked on friday over worries about interest rate hike. another governor speaks today. dow fell nearly 400 points friday. looking grim this morning, as well. the millen number tower is tilting into the ground by inches. apparently enough to drive down prices. the san francisco "business times" is watching the prices of this condo, most expensive one bedroom in the city has been reduced by $200,000. fifth floor condo is an affordable $3.6 million, $2,000 in hoa fees. >> but it's a shorter walk now that it's sunk.
5:47 am
>> more than most rent, but it's a great deal. >> it's 8,000 square feet. that's bigger than my house. >> that's bigger than my house, too. check out the raiders kicking off the season in dramatic fashion. did you see the game? that's a touchdown. at this point, they are down two. what do the rangers do? go to michael crabtree. he beasts that ball. they go for the two-point conversion. the raiders end up winning this one 35-34 after a gutsy call. you see crabtree grab that ball from derek carr. raiders edge the saints in dramatic fashion 35-34. this marks their first win to open the season since 2011. that is worth a double fist pump. >> i want to hear that energy when you read pack stories.
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giants return home right in the middle of the playoff hunt. you know who emts will be at the ballpark on the hunt? those pesky and signature at&t sea gulls. >> they've got energy. they always show up looking for leftover food. how do they know when the game is going to end? bob redell tries to figure out this mysterious bird behavior. >> when it comes to chow time, these sea gulls rnlt as bird brained as you might think. just ask the regular giants fan. >> they definitely have some internal clock. they start coming in at 9:30 sharp no matter what. >> the gulls' dinner a i rifb, the seventh inning. they will usually stick around till the bottom of the ninth. this thursday night the game was running late. >> i don't know how they know
5:49 am
that. >> the gull left. >> waited in mccovey cove and came back during the real seventh inning. this is why you know it's not a time thing. they know where the game's at, right? >> that's personification. the sea gulls don't play baseball. >> as the falconer who makes a living scaring away sea gulls knows about bird behavior. >> it was the cue the food was becoming available. >> whatever behavior goes on at the seventh inning stretch, they see people leaving the building, that cues them to a conditioned reflect. >> their vision infrared. that allows them to see the energy off a food source. >> like the heat from a fan's pizza. >> we underestimate them because we feel they are a nuisance.
5:50 am
>> they are creatures of habit. >> to think otherwise, you'd have to be gullible. bob redell, today in the bay. >> what did they put in the hot dog? s they were carrying bob away. you are going to need a sweater. >> we have temperatures in the 50s outside and high temperatures only in the low 60s around san francisco and 70s around places like san jose. here it a look at your giants forecast.
5:51 am
we are talking 60s. jacket weather after 7:00. 50s across the board. a lot of low clouds and good case of ocean air conditioning which is great news forç air quality today. a cool forecast that is something to mix the atmosphere and keep smoke out of the bay area. those wind speeds up to 35 miles per hour in solano county. all day gusty winds. could bring an extra lift to the clouds on the coast. around the santa cruz mountains or peninsula, you could see a slight chance of seeing a few showers. highs in the low 70s. 60 closer to san francisco. north bay temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. highs 5 below average. only in the low 70. seven-day outlook, not much change. temperatures climb into the weekend. those valley temperatures drop the next couple of days.
5:52 am
cool temperatures and things turn around. changes back to a warming trend. could see 90s by the weekend. >> looking for changes in the morning commute. typical pattern in the south bay. peninsula with no surprises. bay bridge, i want to show you things are changing over there. reports of a crash there. no additional slowing. just on the other side there. no major slowing as the crash moves to the shoulder. clearing by the time you get towards sunol. no problem across the bay. want to show this bay bridge shot. we had no report of anything going on but right in this 2 area there was someone stuck. their car could not be removed. everything cleared. that is better news, but the backup is here. back to you. mystery of the $487 million
5:53 am
powerball jackpot winner in new hampshire. the state lottery says attorneys for the win arer are planning to come forward today and claim that prize. they are expected to announce the philanthropic plans for all those winnings. that was sold in raymond, new hampshire, back in july. caught on camera. a brawl at a southern california football game lands a player behind bars. the reason he reportedly started taking swings at the referee. why facebook is teaming up with the rebuilding together organization to renovate homes on the peninsula. a link on how you can rent the "full house" home in san francisco. you need to fork over $14,000. ==kris/vo==
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president obama will meet with the top four leaders of congress - ahead of the fast- approaching deadline to fund the government - or face a . obama will meet with the top four leaders of congress ahead of the fast-approaching deadline to fund the government or face a shutdown. that is the end of this month. the president will sit down with house speaker recall ryan, mitch mcconnell, nancy pelosi and harry reid.
5:57 am
this comes at a time when law makers and white house are trying to reach a deal to fund the fight against zika virus. >> college football game took an ugly turn. a player during the fight punched a referee. >> the ref just got punched in the face by a player. ess's never seen anything like that before in my life. >> this happened last night in venture. a lineman took a swing at the ref. that player was arrested for assault. hitting an official could result in a five-year ban from the sport of football. >> youth soccer is more popular than ever. soccer injuries increased 111% each year between 1990 and 2014. that is a total of 3 million
5:58 am
visits to the emergency room. most injuries were among kids between 12 and 17. majority were sprains and fractures. there were concussions, and they increased by 1,500% every year. new research shows parents are giving their children the wrong dosage of medicine and in some cases the mistakes can be deadly. researchers tested more than 2,000 parents who see if they could measure out a dose of liquid medication. 85% made at least one mistake. 68% of the time those errors would have led to an overdose. 21 measure more than double the dosage. dramatic turnaround's montgomery american workers and attitudes about retirement. many don't want to completely quit their jobs when it's time.
5:59 am
research in june found half the 65 to 75-year-olds are still working, some only part time. now a survey suggested the numbers my go higher. they found 7-10 plan to keep working during retirement, many because they have to. >> many of us don't have pensions. >> there are benefits for seniors who keep working. researchers say more than just money, it gives people something to do every day and keeps their mind sharp. 5:59. next for the news at 6:00, a deadly plane crash. three people killed when a small plane plunges into a parking lot after take-off at the reno tahoe airport. new information about the plane's connection to the bay area. a health scare for hirlt
6:00 am
clinton. the presidential candidate cancels be a appearance after getting sick on the campaign trail. the impact this could have on the race for the white house. >>. >> hitting the field. 49ers kick off their season in only 13 hours. this as support for quarter colin kaepernick grows across the league. =show open omni!!= =cover shot= =kris/4shot= good mornin- andhanks forjoinin. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garica-cannon.. =sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. it is the start of your work week. people are going to wipe the sleep out of your eyes looking at the forecast. cements are going to say cool this time of year. we are talking upper 60s and low 70s. 50s outside. drizzle and mist. as we jump to the afternoon forecast. numbers in the low 70s today.


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