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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. tonight more players, and a few fans, show solidarity with colin kapernick during monday right now at 11:00, the protest spres protest spreads. showing solidarity with colin cappernic during monday night football. good evening everyone. i'm jessica. >> we'll get to the 49ers in just a moment. we want to start with breaking news in saratoga. live footage from the scene of
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an officer-involved shooting involving sheriff's deputies near prospect high school. deputies are saying very little except that no other depute a ezwere injured. sources tell us one person was shot. no word on that person's condition. we're going to track this investigation and bring you more details as we get them. this is in saratoga. an opening night success for the 49ers. the game just ended not long ago. >> colin kaepernick made headlines for what he did on the sidelines. >> and lot of different opinions and several players joining in on the protest as well. >> reporter: that's right. 9er fans still leaving the stadium tonight and they're very happy. happy about the first official win of the season. but there was a protest outside
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the main gate. it was small but visible to everyone walking in that front gate. >> stay with colin kaepernick. >> reporter: about half a dozen protesters passing out flyers. their back drop, a poster fill would pictures of black men filled with police and the american flag on the ground. they were calling on football fans to support kaepernick, taking a knee during the national anthem in what he calls racist police nation wide. >> there are people who oppose him and what he did but most people are in support of what he did. >> reporter: we spotted a couple complaining to police about the protesters. >> we have people who served and it's very sad. >> reporter: and you're emotional. >> yes, i am. he's sitting on an american flag. it's nauot right.
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>> yesterday u, 9/11, i don't think that was the right time. >> solidarity for this cause has been growing around the league. but die hard 9er fans are a little weary of the controversy, saying they just want to see the team play football. >> he's a grown man. let him do what he wants to do. >> reporter: in the final minutes of the game, kaepernick took to the field and he was greeted by cheers from the fans and a few signs saying we support your protest. reporting live in santa clara, nbc bay area news. thank you, cheryl. our 49ers coverage continues later in the news cast. and inside the locker room following tonight's big win against the l.a. rams.
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this time campus police officers are investigating three sexual assaults over the weekend. terry mcsweeney joins us from the greek. >> reporter: at least two men were involved in the sexual assault against three u.c. berkley students here at the greek in what was billed as the mad block party. they were anything but decent that night. ♪ the sold-out mad decent block party concert, seen in this promotional video and neighbors tell me the music was loud. >> i guess there were three of them on saturday, three sexual assaults. >> reporter: u.c. student had just read the email as she walked past the greek theater this evening. >> i live right here, right next to it. haven't been to a concert yet but it's pretty scary. >> reporter: the first victim
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says she met her attacker outside the concert. hispanic, about 21, 5'7", medium build. and another person said she was waiting to use the restroom when a man took her to another location and assaulted her. >> some of these may have been preventible. >> reporter: white, about 6 feet, athletic build, brown hair, blue eyes and a floral shirt and khaki shirts. a third victim reported being assaulted at the concert. they provided no further  details. >> despite all these measures berkley has put, there's still sexual assaults. >> reporter: these assaults come just four months after u.c. berkley said it's going to spend another 2 1/2 million dollars to prevent sexual harassment.
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this stems from the ongoing sex scandal involving many local departments. police chief brown wrote that officers in his department engaged in sexual misconduct and other wrong doing but committed no wrong. and a woman claimed to have sex with police officers from four different dparmepartments. 11 former and current officers were investigated. meanwhile, a plea deal is on the tale for guap. she allegedly assaulted a guard at a rehab facility in florida. the original felony has been dropped to a misdemeanor. and sheriff's deputies were called to elcentral road after
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shots were fired. at this point, we don't have any word on their condition. we do know, however, that police are questioning a potential suspect found at a nearby home. a memorial for firefighters who lost their lives on september 11th has been vandalized. they returned from a call on sunday to discover a display of 343 small flags had been set on fire. the flags represent the number of firefighters lost at the world trade center during the terrorist attacks. thankfully only a few were in the fire. want to show you live picture of the golden gate bridge. you could see a little rain there tomorrow morning and in other parts of the bay area too. you said late last week you would see rain in the forecast for us. and mist across the bay area from the low pressure dropping down. it brought the cold air and the
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gusty conditions today and for tomorrow morning, it will enhance the marine layer as we start with low clouds down to gi gilroy. in terms of spotty drizzle, at 6:30 in the morning near the coastline, peninsula, san francisco. and looks like we'll hold on to the chance for the drizzle at the santa cruz mountains. and we'll have more in about 15 minutes. doctors orders. hillary clinton is resting at home in new york. but she was still part of her own fund raiser here in san francisco tonight. diagnosed with pneumonia, she called in and spoke with a big group of big money donors. in san francisco. disappointed or concerned. what was the reaction from her supporters? >> reporter: a little bit of disappointment here at the masonic. they paid to see hillary clinton
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and instead heard her. but they felt it was important to show support for their candidate. the entertainment at the hillary clinton fund raiser in san francisco was live, but diagnosed with pneumonia and nearly collapsing yesterday, clinton canceled her visit late last night. >> i'm really sorry she's not here but i'm really happy she's taking care of herself. >> she was on the phone when i introduced her. >> reporter: lieutenant governor says even by home on phone in new york, she rallied supporters. >> she's got unbelievable health and strength of her voice but she had us at "hello, san francisco." >> people paid 50,000 to 250,000. people say while clinton's absence was disappointing, they
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didn't want to miss a chance to show their support. >> the thing most appealing to me is gun control. >> i'm hoping my daughter grows up with a woman president. >> reporter: with speculation swirling, clinton reassured supporters she is on the mend. >> i'm not at all worried about her health. she'll be back on the campaign trail soon. singer kady lane spoke exclusi exclusively to us about her support. >> putting service ahead of your own health and your own -- your self interests is, to me, what a presidential candidate should look like. >> you can watch more on our website at nbc bay donald trump was active in the battleground state of north carolina, at one point leaving the stage to check on a
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supporteder overcome by heat. trump gave his best wishes to hillary clinton and wished for her speedy recovery. coming up, a luxury san francisco high rise sinking and leaning. >> how come they did not come clean with the public? >> we investigate how a confidentiality agreement with the state agency helped keep it secret. the tough stance it's taking in north carolina in response to a controversial state law. and ryan lochte's dancing debut interrupted. how protesters made it on stage during a live tv appearance.
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. financial guidance while you're mastering life. the n-c-a-a now says it's pulling its college sports championships from north carolina. mixing sports and politics.
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the ncaa is pulling the championships from north carolina. this is part of a fallout of a state law which people say discriminates against the lgbt community. the nba also recently moved its upcoming all-star game in reaction to the law. however, the chairman of instut of sports and college in ethics warns it could have unintended consequences. >> every jurisdiction in the world, certainly in the united states or the world, has many, many laws and you can always find laws that somebody doesn't like. and to mix that with sports, i just don't think is a very good idea. >> a total of seven championship events will now be moved to different states. new details on a deadly airplane crash in reno. one of the people who died was a san jose bail bondsman. friends tell us 46-year-old ed
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worked as a bail bondsman in san jose and santa cruz. the ntsb is now investigating. well, the multimillion dollar millennium power in san francisco is sinking right before our eyes. bay area news obtained documents that show a little known government agency entered into a confidentiality agreement with the high rise's builder. >> and how that agreement helped to keep the tower's problem a secret for years. >> this brings into question who knew what when and how come the public wasn't informed. >> reporter: san francisco city supervisor is worried about the role of the transbay joint powers authority had in keeping millennium towers sinking problem from the public.
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he's long been a critic of the $2 billion plus transit terminal that they are constructing. this is between the firm that built this project and the transbay authority. the deal dates to 2010, long before the sinking problem ever became problem. in that agreement, any documents exchanged during or as a result for the meeting would be deemed, for all intense and purposes, conf confidential. while the february 2010 agreement doesn't exactly spell out what's not to be disclosed. nbc bay area learned that it dealt with the sinking problem and the deal they're in. and in march 2010, a transbay engineer declared the agency's first accounting of the sinking problem as confidential
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information and not for public release. the engineer sent the report to the developer and others who signed the deal. including an attorney who advised them on construction related issues. millennium says it was the transbay legal team that insisted on secrecy, but developers still had no expectation of privacy when it collapsed. they had two representatives at the talk. they too said they had no expectation of secrecy afterward. but what about the transbay authority 's document designated secrecy for the data. they could not explain that. the city's attorney's office did acknowledge that the agency mistaken labelled two sets of sinking data as confidential. we do know that mistake or not, it was in july when transbay officials finally alerted millennium that they would no
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longer honor any disclosure deals. it has sunk a total of 16 inches and is now leaning that base. the condo ownerers association wants to get to the truth. obviously, any accusations of collusion are disturbing, charlie goodyear said in a statement. "will certainly look into theetthese allegations as part of its own investigation." anything that labelled data as not for public release and he's appalled that the city's attorney's office would help constheel daco conseal the data. >> the public agency did not athrough public to know what was going on. >> he'll learn the truth and make sure it does chn't happen again. >> how come they did not come clean with the public and i'm
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going to get answers one way or another. now, if you have a tip for jackson or anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call or an email to the unit. jeff ranieri is with us. we're talking bute cool -- >> cool fall -- fool call. put it together. >> some may have thought they were being fooled. it was very cool outside and feeling more like october than early september and the reason we have colder air in place is a lot more than just fog at the immediate coastline. we have this cold polar air mass dropping down around the dakotas. and the chilly air moving in today and helped to provides blustery conditions. right now we're seeing the wind relax and that usually happens as the entire atmosphere gets
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used to the chillier temperatures. definitely still some very comfortable weather. san jose down right chilly compared to where we've been. 59 degrees at this hour. and speaking of which, let's get a look across the bay area for the forecast. low clouds and areas of drizzle across san francisco and mist for the peninsula and maybe a few isolated drops on the south bay roadways as well. the reason we're seeing the colder, cloudier drizzle for tomorrow morning is the waft of low pressure. now, as we get a look at the future cast, you're going to see for tomorrow morning, across the santa cruz mountains, the coast line and the clouds will be slow to clear out.
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we're still dragging on to the clouds across the south bay and the peninsula and by the afternoon, we start to see the sunshine built. let's get a look for tuesday. and you can see across the south bay, the low average temperatures down four to eight degrees from where we should be. morgan hills, 78, peninsula stays cool with upper 60s and low 70s. head into san francisco, just 65 in the financial district. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, in fact no 100s, 80s. livermore at 76. and that's it for mill valley, 67 degrees. temperatures eventually warm up a little bit in san francisco with 69 degrees. for the inland valleys, an average of 75 tomorrow to 87 by friday and then back up to 90.
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so, leave the jacket out for now and the shorts because it still looks like it's going to get hot. >> backwards to summer. >> guess who likes to switch out her classics and going back and forth between the cold and the heat. >> thank you. tackled during "dancing with the stars." we'll show you the stage crashers that interrupted ryan lochte tonight. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys tonight we have heavyweight wrestling with renee zrene renee zelwegger. and a sillicon valley start-up wants to give election results before the polls close. they say it's only fair the public have the same data as plit kolitical insiders.
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vandals trashed several american flags at occidental college today. drama on the dance floor.
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==natsvo== runs: 02 lochte was on danng wian drama on the dance floor. >> excuse me. hey, back off. >> embattled american olympic swimmer was on stage when two men wearing "anti-lochte" shirts disrupted. they threw the men out before
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anything serious happened. he was a little hurt by the ordeal. he was recently suspended from the u.s.a. swim team after filing a false police report during the rio game. 11, that's the number of season tickets that vta sold for the 49ers express train. 11. they admit the number is disappointing, but they're optimistic and say single game tickets have been strong for vta. and the express trains are sometimes getting stuck behind the regular train. but here's the good news. the 49ers won big.
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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tponmight.. ==jess/2shot== did you watch the game tonight? it's not all about colin kaepernick. we had an actual football game on the field. >> the 49ers beginning the new era with a new head coach and got off to a good start. lots of smiles tonight, finally. >> reporter: finally, yeah. most critics in their preseason rankings had the 9ers 32nd. there are 32 teams in the nfl. tonight, the 9ers far from the worst team in the league.
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pregame national anthem, colin kaepernick and eli once again. and fists in protests. and 11 yards up the midel fordla 7-0 lead. and off it deflection of bowman. and corralled it between his legs. 14-0 lead at half time. vance mcdonald from blain gabbert and thorough domination on monday night football. they shut out the newest version of the l.a. rams, 28-0. >> they say we're supposed to be the worst team in the nfl. 28-0 shut out. monday night football, feels good. couldn't ask for anything more. >> reporter: you dominated. >> hey, monday night football, we came out and dominated. >> reporter: colin kaepernick entered with about 2:00 to go.
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did talk post game a few moments ago. very upset with the comments of former 49er trent dilfer saying that he put himself above the team. we'll have more on that with the morning news and we'll have more on our news tonight.
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okay. so, we're talking a little drizzle, a little mistiness tomorrow. >> bay bridge and golden gate bridge commuters may have to have the wind shield wipers on. and 87 by friday and eventually 90 by next monday. so, it will feel like fall again tomorrow. >> people are jealous of our weather. >> i know. so beautiful. >> thank you for joining us tonight. have a great evening. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- renee zellweger -- shaquille o'neal --


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