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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we've seen a bit of a dip in the temperatures in recent days. that is going to continue as we head off into your tuesday. >> a bit of a roller coaster right. fall temperatures outside. low 50s around barts of the bay area. highs later today. 53 right now in livermore, we'll see afternoon temperatures in the mid 70s and also tracking snow across the sierra, slight chance of scattered showers in the afternoon. a closer look at the forecast. here is mike. >> rob, we had earlier crash activity in the south bay. that's all that's been going on here besides overnight road crews, also focused toward the fremont mill pete dass border. in the last two minutes we saw back up at speed north 880 where a crash has moved to the shoulder. that's much better news. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. new this morning, if you live in
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the east bay, you might have been woken up by a 3.5 magnitude quake. >> the quake centered near piedmont, but the shaking could be felt from other nearby towns as well. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live. you're one of the many people jolted awake this morning. >> good morning, sam and laura. i live closer to the san leandro area. you definitely felt the quake. it was just for a few seconds. right now we're near piedmont avenue and ridgeway avenue. we're at the 7-eleven. fouks inside say they felt the shake momentarily. i want to pull up this map where the earthquake struck. it happened around 12:50 a.m. near the mond ray boulevard, along the hayward fault line. the last quake to take place was in july of last year, 4.0. that epicenter was in fremont. we're getting reaction from folks on social media.
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we'll read you some of these tweets. ronnie delcarmen saying 3.5 quake rolled through piedmont. i hate these things, we're right on top of it. may sleep with one eye open. another person saying the first quake they felt in piedmont. another saying they felt the earthquake was felt in stillwater and piedmont. we know it was a 3.5 magnitude quake. berkeley, alameda and piedmont fire are not reporting damages or injuries related to this earthquake as this time. as we get the details, we'll bring them to you in the newsroom. pete suratos for "today in the bay." a developing story out of the south bay where a santa clara county sheriff's deputy has 1409 someoshot someone. the person's condition is not being released or the circumstances around the shooting. investigators are saying very little except that no deputies
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were injured in the sthooting. the person who was shot was taken to a shopt and once again, there's no word on their condition. we have placed calls with the santa clara county sheriff's office. we'll be updating you as soon as we hear back. we'll have a live report in the next hour. a memorial torched on the peninsula. it was supposed to honor firefighters who lost their lives in the 9/11 terror attacks. now the display is at the center of a vandalism investigation. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live with the details. we saw a couple of the pictures from the display there. do we know the extent of the damage? >> reporter: sam and laura, fortunately it's minor. the firefighters here with the menlo fire district were trying to honor their colleagues on 9/11 with a small flag display outside their station in east palo alto. you can take a look at the before picture. this is what it looked like before someone set fire to. 343 small u.s. flags, each representing a u.s. fright who
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died. station 2 firefighters were returning from a call when they found someone had set that display on fire. six of those flags burned. the firefighters were able to save the rest. september 11th holds extra special meaning for the men in the menlo fire district because 15 years ago the district sent their own team to ground zero to help with the recovery efforts. in a news release, the fire chief called this a despicable act of disrespect and coward dis. it's truly hard for me to comprehend accept and i need to stop ply self because i don't want you to know what i'm thinking right now. both fire and police are trying to identify the person that was recorded in that surveillance camera footage. they say this person is a person of interest, trying to figure out who they are so they can make an arrest.
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live in east palo alto, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. 5:04. troubling crime spree at a bay area university, three sexual assaults that happened at a concert saturday night. more than 8,000 people turned out for the mad decent block party event. three women told police they were assaulted at the concert and at least two men are involved. >> i live right here, right next to it. i haven't been to a concert yet. it's pretty scary. >> it's really concerning that despite all these precautionary measures that burkely has put, there's still sexual assaults. >> these assaults come four months after u.c. berkeley spent $2.5 million to strengthen. the 49ers look like champs,
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blasting the l.a. rams last night 28-0. following the game, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick took the spotlight answering more questions and questions about his national anthem protest. he had pointed words for former 49er trent dilford who had been critical of what he was doing. over the weekend dilford, a long-time espn analyst at this point called kaepernick's protest irresponsible. he said kaepernick is a, quote, backup quarterback whose job is to be quiet and sit in the shadows and get the starter ready to play week one. here is what kaepernick had to say. >> i think that's one of the most ridiculous comments i've heard, the fact that you say you're a backup quarterback, stay in your place, that's an issue. to me you're telling me that my position as a backup quarterback and being quiet is more important than people's lives. i would ask him to really have a conversation with the families
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of people that have been murdered and see if he feels that way. i bet you he hasn't because he hasn't experienced that type of oppression. >> kaepernick also said he hopes dilford thinks about those comments and how it impacts not just kaepernick, as he said, but the people whose lives have been impacted by social injustice on a daily basis. switching gears, vta has told 11 season tickets for the 49er express change. the agency admits the number is disappointing. they admit they're working through another problem, express trains going to the stadium are sometimes getting stuck behind regular trains. a number that is going down as well as temperatures here as we watch them dip. >> both here and in the sierra. south of lake tahoe, above 9,000 feet, seeing a little snow across the higher peaks of the
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sierra. drizzle around the highway 17 commute. numbers in the low 50s around the east bay. for the south bay, microclimates mid 70s. san carlos, 67 degrees, 64 in san francisco, 69 in oakland and tri-valley, temperatures today once again in the mid 70s. a bit of a roller costar right ahead for your seven-day forecast. san francisco, upper 60s by friday. look at the jump in tlurs for the valleys, return to summer-like weather in time for the weekend. upper 80s as we head toward saturday and sunday. >> the bay is very calm right now, getting ready for the tuesday commute. it will be a big one is my guess. over in fremont we had a lot of activity around dixon landing where it has cleared. coming in towards the bay bridge, no problems. cash folks just starting to back up there. live look over to 580, we have a
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good volume of traffic, no surprises. at month pass all the way to the change. as hillary clinton is campaigning from home. details from the campaign in a live report. silicon valley tells trump show us your taxes. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech.
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=sam/2shot= hillary clinton still on the mend this morning and is campaigning the only way she can-- with a phone. =laura/2shot= this as donald trump continues hillary clinton is still on the mend this morning and campaigning the only way she can right now w a phone. >> this as donald trump continues to focus on what she said about his supporters. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington tracking the latest from the campaign trail this morning. good morning, tracie. >> good morning, laura. she's calling in to fund-raisers and tv shows and tweeting. she may also be looking at our new nbc news survey monkey online poll numbers came out this morning. ahead by four points over donald trump, but down a bit from last week. >> after nearly collapsing from
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dehydration, hillary clinton is home in new york tweeting i'm feeling fine and getting better. i'm just anxious to get back out there. she tells cnn why she did not disclose friday's pneumonia diagnosis earlier. >> i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> today president bill clinton heads to the west coast in her place and president obama campaigns for clinton in philadelphia. >> can we have a doctor, please? >> like clinton, someone got overheated at a donald trump rally. he's not focused on clinton's health. instead, trump is hitting the airways. >> what's deplorable, hillary clinton viciously demonizing hard working people like you. >> reporter: and demanding an apology from clinton for calling half of his supporters a basket of deplorables. >> racist, sexist, home phonetic, zen phobic, islamophobic, you name it. >> she talks about people like they're objects, not human beings. >> reporter: clinton says she
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regrets how many she labeled but insists extremists are backing trump. for now she's making her case from behind closed doors. >> reporter: she may be doing that for another couple days today and tomorrow. at least we know bill clinton will be representing her out west in california and nevada. >> tracie potts live from washington. keep following it for us. 5:14. a law preventing voters from posting images of their ballots will be debated in a massachusetts courtroom. sometimes they're called ballot selfies. people post them during elections to determine who they selected. 4568 the states in america have laws preventing ballot selfies inder the idea it might influence voters. an appeals court is hearing arguments to new hampshire's law. snap chat is looking to end the ban, calling it a part of the modern political process. instagram has a new way to silence your critics. >> scott mcgrew, i learned this
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a long time ago. haters may need to hate, but you don't have to listen. >> you don't. that's right. instagram has a new way to mute people who leave rude comments. you can add any key words you want, whatever it is you find offensive, you can screen out. the feature has been available to celebrities and verified users for some time. now anybody can use it. if a particular word offends you and you filter out that word, you won't see any comments with that word. but the person sending them won't know you can't see it, so they'll be less likely to get even nastier. >> more pressure on donald trump to show taxes. a new crowd funded effort promising money if the candidate will do what all candidates have done, release his tax information. linkedin founder reid hoffman has offered $5 million if the rest of the donors can come up with $1 million. the money would go to veterans'
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charities if trump releases his taxes. let's check the news before the bell, landon dowdy is like at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you. wall street could fall back into the red today. futures are lower this morning. that could be partly due do oil prices which are down near $45 a barrel. stocks rebounded yesterday from friday's big loss, investors citing comments from a top federal reserve official who says the case to hike interest rates is less compelling, easing concerns that the fed could raise rates this month. the dow monday 18,325, the nasdaq up 86 to 5,211. back over to you. >> thank you. apple rolls out the ios 10 today f. tradition holds, they'll push down to 10:00 a.m. our time. it adds in r few features to chat. you can delete built-in apps
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like weather and stocks. there's a slight improvement to maps. we'll talk more about it in about half hour. meantime, you remember the night scope security robots that used to record the san francisco ford maul. they made news after one ran over a little boy's foot. the company that makes the robots is looking to raisman any under new law called the jobs act, allowing small companies to raise small amounts of funds without going public. they've gotten $10 million in what they call indicated interest which is, if i were to invest in you, i i would give you x amount, for a total of $29 million. obviously people think these robots have some potential. >> but they have to come through with that money. >> yes, the investors are not committed and the company doesn't have to turn that in to an actual robot. this is how -- >> they can just show interest. >> exactly. >> are they anywhere else besides the stanford mall, which
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they're no longer? >> that's an interesting question. i'll find out. i don't know. >> thank you, scott. a far cry for help right now. >> who is crying? that's not actually not the sound of the trapped kitten. it's the sound of its rescuers trying to lure it out of the pipe drain. two police officers in fresno had to get creative to rescue a kitten when it got stuck in that drainpipe yesterday morning. besides authentic meowing, they also tried the old half eaten burrito trick, that's where you use whatever food you can find sitting somewhere in your patrol car, to try to draw the kitten out closer to you. it worked. the kitten is in animal control courtesy of that burrito. one officer who rescued it is hoping to adopt it and name it, what else? burrito. >> a funny little meow. >> burrito is a better name than half-eaten burrito.
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>> or taco. >> certainly feels like fall out there this morning. >> yes. looks like it, too. >> snow above 9,000 feet in sierra. jumping right into winter in some places around the sierra. as you step outside, a light jacket will be just fine. 56 in san jose. patchy low clouds. mist on the ocean-facing side of the peninsula. highway 17 could be looking at a little drizzle this morning. right now? san jose, 56 degrees. patchy low clouds. high temperature later today close to 75 degrees. what to expect from r for your wake-up weather, cool temperatures through lunchtime today and highs for another day in the 60s and 70s. relatively quiet weather around the bay area. a different story, check that out on the radar. a lot happening on the sierra. thunderstorms before sunrise and snow above 9,000 feet this morning. this should be the focus of most
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of the action here out of this particular weather system. the bay area, misty skies and drizzle along the coast for the morning. futurecast moving forward, not a lot happening, but the high country looking at a chance of snowshowers on going and thunderstorms at times into the afternoon. so our temperatures today, mid 70s around the south bay, 60s again for san francisco. north bay temperatures in the low 70s and the tri-valley again today in the mid 70s for highs. today probably the last of the cool days as high pressure builds in. watch the seven-day forecast begin to jump upward. not so much san francisco, a few upper 60s approaching the weekend. now your valley temperatures going from summer to fall to summer and back again. a bit of a roller coaster ride. hopefully your morning commute is not much of a roller coaster. >> so far, so calm. you talked about dizal along the coast. watch that as well as highway 17. i'll watch for curiosity. so far no roadway restrictions. no major slowing around the bay.
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we'll zoom up over here toward the quad where we see the first part of the commute typically binding. i want to show you san rafael. as the crash cleared from 580 to 101 near the bridge, not really present ag problem on north san pedro road and down at the bay bridge toll plaza we have more folks starting to build here, so the cash lanes start a little late. back to you. coming up, drama on the dance floor, the stage crashers that interrupted "dancing with the stars." it's an "interruption".... many
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are still talking about this morning. two meru it's an interruption, if you will, that many people are still talking about this morning. two men rushed at ryan lochte during last night's live showing of "dancing with the stars." >> excuse me. hey, back off! >> ryan lochte just performed with his partner cheryl burke from the bay area. as the judges were discussing the dance, two men wearing anti-lock tea shirts rushed on to the dance floor. lochte talked about it shortly after. >> so many feelings are going through my head right now. a little hurt, but, you know, i came out here. i wanted to do something that i'm completely not comfortable with, and i did. >> the incident was not shown on air. the host quickly cut to commercial. >> lochte was recently suspend friday the usa swim team after he was charged with falsely
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reporting a crime in brazil during the rio games. two former gymnasts are accusing a long time physician of sexual abuse. dr. larry nasr served as team doctor for four olympics. the women only lifted as jane dough in court papers claim he inappropriately touched them and other teammates between 1994 and 2000. nasr is denying those allegations. he currently treats gymnasts at michigan state university where he's currently suspended. doctors in italy believe they've covered new proof that zika virus can affect adult brains. there's also plenty of evidence of the effect on developing fetuses. rchlers say a 32-year-old woman briefly showed mild attention deficits and weakened memory retention. doctors there say the issues lasted just a few days. also they say they don't know if a patient's long-term memory may
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be vulnerable. a treadmill could be the answer when it comes to a safe effective ways to test out kids with a sports related concussions. gradual arrowic treadmill testing was used at various times during recovery. the test accurately assessed the adolescent's physical healing and helped the doctors determine the type of concussion each athlete had suffered. there were no serious complications during that test. >> while we're on the topic. teen whose get a combination of medical care and behavioral therapy after a concussion may recover more quickly than those who just get medical care alone. a study from seattle children's hospital assigned 40 adolescents to receive either collaborative or standard treatment after a concussion. only the collaborative care group continued to have fewer symptoms. reports of shaking in the east bay. >> pete suratos near piedmont
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with the latest details on the 3.5 magnitude quake that affected parts of the east bay this morning. i'm kris sanchez in saratoga where a santa clara sheriff's deputy fired his weapon at someone. we'll tell you what we know about the shooting that happened last night. for joining us.
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i'm sam brock. and i'm laura garcia-cannon. good tuesday morning. thank you for waking up with us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. you can feel fall in the air and
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some snow in the high sierras. >> the system is cold enough, the air aloft, to bring snow down close to 9,000 to 10,000 feet over the sierra. for the bay area, it means we're seeing breezy and cool conditions into the afternoon. light jacket weather for most of the day, even around the peninsula and north bay. mid 70s in the warmest spots inland. here is what we're talking about on the radar. check that out. thunderstorms, snow at times. will any of the showers creep towards the bay area? we'll have a look at that in just a few minutes. here is mike. >> seeing the cars creep toward the bay westbound out of the eastern portions of our commute. that's our tradition. the south bay, the first early burst for 101 northbound, no surprises for the bayshore freeway or approaching the maze and towards the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll show you the look. the crowd has started to gather. there is your morning commute.
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tuesday should see a good volume. developing overnight a saratoga neighborhood is now the scene of a deputy involved shooting. this happened just before 8:00 on titus road right near an elementary school. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live with what happened. kris, what are you hearing about the details? >> reporter: a block is still blocked off with crime scene tape. investigators are on the scene, not saying much more than they said last night. last night they did report that it was about ten to 8:00 that we first learned that a sheriff's deputy fired on someone. that person's condition is unknown at this point. we can tell you that no officer was injured in the shooting. the sheriff's spokesman said the standard protocol for investigations are now in place, and he also adds this -- >> it shows how inherently dangerous or job is. when i have more information, i'll let you know.
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>> reporter: that's about it. this is titus avenue between prospect road and country squier lane across from christie mcauliffe school in cupertino union school district. it's a quiet street with homes valued between $1 million and $2 million. they expect the spokesperson to show up between 7:00 and 8:00. if we get information before that, we'll let you know. i'm trying to find out whether this investigation behind me is going to impact the school day. in saratoga, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> we'll check back with you. it's 5:32. new this morning, jolts felt across the east bay overnight after a 3.5 magnitude earthquake shook near piedmont just before 1:00 this morning. "today in the bay's" pete suratos live in oakland. you actually felt that shaking.
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it woke you up? >> reporter: good morning, yes. i felt a little bit of the shake. actually my fiancee woke me up. i'm near the oakland san leandro area. we're near ridgeway and piedmont avenues. you can see things are still on the shovels. a man here said he felt it and they live off highway 13. i want to show you where the epicenter took place. we're talking about 3.5 magnitude quake that struck roughly around 1:00 a.m. looks to be around monterey boulevard and lincoln avenue. it did take place along that hayward fault line. we always talk about that fault line when we talk about the big one. now, the last earthquake along this fault line was a small one, that was in july of last year. the epicenter of that one in fremont, that was at roughly 4.0 magnitude. that's what was recorded by usgs. we reached out for information on injuries or damages in these
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nearby areas. they do not have any to report at this time. live near piedmont, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> 5:34 right now. a memorial meant to honor firefighters who lost their lives on september 11th is now at the center of a vandalism investigation. menlo park firefighters returned from a call on sunday to discover a display of 343 small flags had been set on fire. they found flags and poles burned. the flags represent the number of firefighters lost at the world trade center during the terrorist attacks. firefighters say thankfully only a few of the flags were damaged by fire. >> the fire chief of course calling that despicable. 5:45. punched and robbed. berkeley police say that's what happened to a man outside a cafe popular with cal students. the victim was hit so hard by two men he was knocked out. this happened midnight monday outside the international house. the suspects took that man's briefcase. witnesses tell police they saw a
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white vehicle speed away after the attack. police say they have few details of the suspects' description. a dispute between neighbors may have triggered gunfire. deputies found two men shot. they were both taken to a local hospital, one by helicopter. no word on their condition. police are questioning a potential suspect found at a nearby home. a mixed message from the richmond police department. in a public report police chief allwyn brown wrote officers from his department did engage in sexual misconduct and other wrongdoing, but they broke no laws. a woman who called herself celeste guap claims to have had sex with officers from several bay area law enforcement agencies, some of them while she was just a minor. the chief says he's going to recommend officers for termination, but didn't specify any names. 11 current and former richmond
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officers were investigated. in the meantime, a plea deal is on the table for the woman at the very center of this investigation. celeste guap is currently facing battery charges after she allegedly assaulted a guard at a rehab facility in florida. authorities say the original charge has been dropped to a misdemeanor. you may remember this protest last week around the alameda county fairgrounds. deputies arresting five people as there was urban shield training drills inside the fairgrounds. that's what you're looking at there, the drills. members of the same group that organized the protest plan to attend today's alameda county supervisors meeting. they hope to outline a report of the negative impact of the militarization of local police agencies. the supervisors meeting begins at 2:00. a deadly airplane crash in reno. we learned one of the three people who died was a san jose bail bondsman. the single engine plane crashed sunday night just after takeoff.
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46-year-old ed mumbert was in reno to track down a woman who jumped bail. two other people also died including a woman named ronni hernandez and vii-year-old robert drescher who is believed to be the pilot. here is a look at the plane's flight path. it was headed for san carlos aircraai airport when it crashed. in the meantime, it's been 20, 30 years in the making. now there's word a new east bay b.a.r.t. station could be up and running by halloween. the warm spring station in south fremont could open soon, possibly this fall. b.a.r.t. is waiting for the cabling to be completed to announce the exact date. the first station, the new station was proposed back in 1991 as a way to cut traffic on 880. cutting down traffic on the world's crookedest street which apparently has become way too
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popular. >> to curb the number of cars that vis ed lombard street, the city is looking at banning cars and charging tolls or requiring reservations. san francisco county transportation south thorts have been studying the issue surrounding the tourist destination for the past year. the agency will share its findings at a public meeting the day. we'll keep you posted. >> a lot of people like to check that out on a nice day. should be clear here today. we have rob may' da ooh in for kerry. >> light towards the sierra. south of tahoe we have showers there. bay area not bad. here is the big story today south of lake tahoe, thunderstorms and a chance of snowshowers at times back to the bay area. mid 70s for the south bay, about 75 degrees in downtown san jose.
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look at the east bay temperatures again, 60s in oakland, mid 70s around the tri-valley today. tomorrow things warm up. san francisco, upper 60s by friday, and our valley temperatures low 80s tomorrow. close to 90 degrees towards the weekend. feels like fall is now. changes on the way in time for the weekend. >> never too early to talk about the weekend. you have to deal with the tuesday commute. pretty typical pattern for the peninsula. slowing from north 101 from oakland road starting back at 680. 680 pleasanton towards sunol. no surprises south of the san mateo bridge. the san mateo bridge itself more volume, no delays as we said. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. up next, more concerns over samsung phones. the device that exploded in a
5:40 am
6-year-old child's hand. here is a hint, it's not one that's currently being recalled. meanwhile iphone users, everybody gets a new phone today with an ios update. i'll give you all the answers you're too embarrassed to ask. an east bay principal in hot water after allegedly calling out female students for wearing spaghetti strap tank tops. the students jumping to his defense. got a tip for the bay area's biggest investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
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==sam//2 shot== too racy for school -- an east bay assistant principle could be out of a job --- ==laura/2shot== for aed were the outfits too racy for school. an east bay bey principal could be out of a job. >> students protested outside college park high school in pleasant hill yesterday. they say they're trying to save vice principal gary jensen from losing his job. he's been paid on paid administrative leave after four girls complain he singled them out for violating the stress code. a student posted this picture on instagram showing the outfit. students are taking sides.
5:44 am
>> although they were breaking dress code, they should have been dealt with and had punishment in a less humiliating way. >> for him to be blamed for enforcing school rules that the school has told him to enforce is not his fault. >> the district is expected to wrap up this investigation today and decide if viegs principal gary jensen gets to keep his job. solar yes, obstructing views no. some are upset about the plan to build the structure at a nearby elementary school. it will be built on the field at galarza elementary school, it will run 300 feet long and stand about 60 feet high. >> it will completely obstruct my view. it will be like living behind the bleachers of a football stadium. >> the school district says the location of the solar panels is not a done deal. administrators will listen to input from neighbors as well as reviewing other options and then
5:45 am
make a decision next month. college in the bay area, there's benefits of fantastic schools. the cost of housing not so beneficial. a new survey from "u.s. news & world report" find students at stanford face the most expensive off-campus housing prices in the country. that survey found the median rent for stanford students was over $6,000 a month. $6 240u $6,100 to be exact. another silicon valley grappling with issues surrounding mobile home parks. south bay mobile home parks predate massive expansion and are caught in a tug of war as companies expand and the demand for housing soars. the mountain view city council leaders are going to hold the study session on rent control and other issues that's been hotly debated for a long time. that meeting takes place at 5:00 p.m.
5:46 am
it is possible brkly's cell phone law may be put on hold again. last year city counscil requires -- earlier this can year a judge lift dollar an injunction preventing the law from taking effect. a young boy in new york city suffered burns to his hands after his parents say the phone he was holding ignited. it happened over the weekend in brooklyn. his mom says he was playing video games on her samsung phone when it burst into blames. >> it was fire in the house. i was watching everything, why this happened. we all was nervous. >> doctors say the boy suffered minor burns and should be fine. the phone is not part of the current recall, but the device does use a ligt yam ion battery.
5:47 am
that's not the only problem for samsung this morning. >> not at all. a new lawsuit says samsung is not playing fair with employees, scott mcgrew. >> that's exactly right. there's an allegation, sam, at this point only an allegation that samsung and lg have a secret agreement not to poach each other's employees here in silicone valley. the allegations were made in a lawsuit filed in federal court. samsung has no comments. lg say it is lawsuit has no merit. agreements to poach or not poach are illegal, but not uncommon. a few years ago google, adobe and intel paid out more than $300 million in settlements after they were accused of a secret agreement to keep salaries low. apple releases ios 10 today. there will be new features for
5:48 am
chat as well. you don't have to download it today though future apps probably won't work if you don't. i know you know how, but for those who don't, we'll go through it. you're going to go to settings on your phone. there's the gear icon with the red dot. then you'll go to general and software update. it can't hurt to back up your phone first and find time when you're not expecting call. it takes some time to update that phone. here is a new accessory, the silly wireless air pod ear buds, it is a $10 cord that makes your cordless ear buds core dead so they don't fall out and you don't lose them. the they're a $150 option. regular people point out these will be super easy to use. my favorite comment is what if i do just one and apple ships me a replacement and while that's
5:49 am
being shipped, i lose the other one. that's a good question. >> you can buy them one at a time? >> we don't know yet. we have to presume, you would have to. you're not going to lose them in pairs. if not, the apple repair stores you see on the street corner, they'll start selling them individually. that's the only answer. >> i have petite ears, when you put them in, they stick out like this. >> that will look nice. >> she has petite ears, and i have big ears. if i stick them in there, will it be more pronounced? >> what game does twister have in common with the easy bake oven orman noply? all are part of the national toy hall of fame. today toy aficionados may be breathless with an tis bags. twister was inducted last year
5:50 am
along with the super soaker squirt gun. is that a game or a toy? this year's final selections will be announced in november. >> that's pretty cool. >> everybody has their favorites, right? >> one year they inducted the cardboard box. i thought that's the best toy ever. when you buy kids a fancy toy -- >> they like the box. >> scrabble will get my vote as well. are you guys friends of that? >> oh, yeah. >> we have to have a contest sometime, square off. >> it beats the cardboard box. >> hard to beat what we're getting right now. nice relief from the heat. >> free ocean air conditioning. we saw gusty conditions yesterday, temperatures only in the mid 70s for highs when we typically could be looking at 90s in the forecast. once again, we've got 50s across the board. san jose, patchy low clouds, let's look at your south bay conditions. low clouds, 56 degrees. no light rain around san jose.
5:51 am
highway 17 down into santa cruz could have drizzle. lunchtime temperatures, could be light jacket weather around the peninsula and north bay. 60s and 70s for highs today. here is the most interesting part. radar loop over the sierra, pre sunrise thunderstorms south of lake tahoe, seeing snow above 9,000 feet. the air is cold. we're seeing a chance of snowshowers in the sierra, not much moisture around the bay area other than drizzle at times which may add up around santa cruz. the sierra all day will see a chance of those thundershowers and at times snowshowers down close to 9,000 feet. the cool conditions continue, mid 70s close to san jose. mid 60s in san francisco. north bay locations, mill valley 71, 72 in napa, mid 70s for the tri-valley. the change we'll see in the weather pattern is the cold low begins to lift out. high pressure builds in.
5:52 am
that's going to lead to the roller coaster ride where temperatures are set to climb. for san francisco, upper 60s approaching thursday and friday. now closer to reality. upper 80s, low 90s. the time of year where the weather numbers go on a roller coaster ride and those temperatures climbing for the p upcoming weekend. >> the traffic not so much a roller costar ride, just the build. maybe the roller coaster will start soon. i hope not. we're looking at a pretty predictable pattern. there's the south bay and the east bay. east bay, tri-valley, 680 all the way toward just shy of snow boulevard, slowing there. 880 slow through hayward approaching and south of the san mateo bridge. sfree month and union city, maintain the speed limit there. no problems across the san mateo or the dumbarton bridges. 87 shows a little slowing, 101 there as well. we'll show you the live shot
5:53 am
north of 680 on 101 northbound. the bay bridge toll plaza shows a predictable pattern coming off the berkeley curve. no problems there. this is standard. >> wow. >> particular pattern of waiting. >> first the nba and now the ncaa, the reason the league is pulling its championships from a southern state. happening now on our digital platforms. a small quake rattling part of alameda county overnight. you can also head to to see our interactive quake ma'am after being abandoned on the side of the road, a dog named abbey is becoming a champion of the waves. read about it on our facebook page.
5:54 am
honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit.
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president obama will hit the campaign trail today - to try and rally up support for democratic presidential nominee - hillary clinton. decision 2016, president obama hitting the campaign trail to try to rally support for democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. obama will be speaking at the philadelphia museum of art and also attend a dnc fundrai-raise before heading to new york city. the president will be campaigning alone. clinton is still recovering from
5:57 am
pneumonia at her home in new york. disappointed clinton supporters in san francisco. due to her illness, she couldn't make it to a fund-raiser held in her honor. the presidential hopeful did call in to talk to supporters. hundreds of people pay up to $250,000. >> the thing that's most important to me is gun control. she did speak about it and she wants to make reform. >> of course, i wanted my daughter to see her. i'm hoping my daughter grows up with a woman president. >> with speculation swirling about the candidate's health, clinton reassured supporters last night that she is on the mend. >> while we are talking about politics, mike pence is being sent by the trump campaign to capitol hill. he'll hold a joint press conference with house speaker paul ryan. pence is trying to rally the house behind his running mate and presidential nominee donald
5:58 am
trump. mr. pens, the vice presidential nominee is also going to be campaigning in the house and senate to maintain majority in the midterm elections which is critical for both parties this november. 5:58. missing sports and politics. the ncaa is pulling college sports championships from north carolina, part of the fallout from the state law that some say legalizing discrimination against the lgbt community. the nba also recently moved the upcoming all-star game. the chairman of institute of sports law and ethics at santa clara warns the ncaa decision could have unintended consequences. >> every jurisdiction in the world, certainly in united states or the world, has many, many laws. you can always find laws that somebody doesn't like. to mix that with sports, i just don't think is a very good idea. >> a total of seven championship events will be moved to different states.
5:59 am
>> laura, it is wildly successful, wildly expensive. now the producer of broadway super hit "hamilton" will be testifying on capitol hill about online ticket sales. a senate commerce subcommittee is considering new legislation to protect people buying tickets online. officials say ticket skal pers have been using sophisticated software to poach large numbers of tickets and sell them at even higher prices through a third party. a saratoga neighborhood now a crime scene as a sheriff's deputy shoots a person right across the street from an elementary school. >> pete suratos near piedmont with the latest details on the 3.5 magnitude quake that shook parts of the east bay this morning. three sexual assaults all within a matter of hours at berkeley's popular greek theater. the possible connection between these two crimes. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good tuesday morning
6:00 am
to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. as pete suratos is about to tell us, some people were jolted awake this morning. we eeltd get to the earthquake in just a second. but first a calm start? >> temperatures for now in the low to mid 50s to get things started. 51 now in livermore. kind of a chilly start there. cooler than average temperatures today. mid 60s near san francisco. but the radar is a very interesting part of the weather story. thunderstorms in the sierra including snow above 9,000 feet. now to see what's happening with the crash in santa clara, here is mike. >> as the commute is starting to kick in around the bay, this is traffic tuesday. we or not looking at major delays. this is an ash you, west 237 unusually slow. it's typically at speed towards lawrence expressway


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