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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. as pete suratos is about to tell us, some people were jolted awake this morning. we eeltd get to the earthquake in just a second. but first a calm start? >> temperatures for now in the low to mid 50s to get things started. 51 now in livermore. kind of a chilly start there. cooler than average temperatures today. mid 60s near san francisco. but the radar is a very interesting part of the weather story. thunderstorms in the sierra including snow above 9,000 feet. now to see what's happening with the crash in santa clara, here is mike. >> as the commute is starting to kick in around the bay, this is traffic tuesday. we or not looking at major delays. this is an ash you, west 237 unusually slow. it's typically at speed towards lawrence expressway, a crash over on the shoulder.
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the flashing lights clearly a distraction. 101, the typical build and 87 at kerner. back to you. >> 6:01 right now. we're following a developing story in the south bay this morning. in saratoga, a santa clara county sheriff's deputy has shot a person. right now that person's condition not being released at this time. it happened about 8:00 late night on titus road. investigators are saying very little except no deputies were injured. the person shot was taken to the hospital. once again, no word on their condition. we have calls in to the sheriff's department and will update you as we hear back. kris sanchez is live on the scene as the investigation continues. expect her live report in our next half hour. new this morning, did you feel it? many people in the east bay were broken up overnight by a small earthquake that created quite the jolt. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is not far from the epicenter. people on the facebook page were
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talking about how they felt the whole room shaking. >> reporter: good morning, sam. you had a lot of commenters talking about how this earthquake felt to them. we're west of that epicenter near piedmont. we're near ridgeway and piedmont avenue. we've been showing you this convenience store all morning. not much going on here. some people here say they felt it. some even saying their family members felt it as far as highway 13. we want to show you this map, that epicenter we're talking about near piedmont off monterey boulevard and lincoln avenue. this 3.5 magnitude quake struck around 1:00 a.m. the recorded depth is at about three miles. it took place along the hi ward fault line. the last earthquake was in july of last year, a 4.0 magnitude quake. that epicenter was in fremont. folks on the facebook page said they felt it in surrounding areas around here. there's one commenter who mentioned everything in their
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room was shaking, but then you also had people who have been the bay area for quite some time who say they didn't feel feel much. we had some people saying there were things shaking in their room. we did reach out to oakland, alameda county and piedmont fire if there were any reports of damages or injuries, but they didn't have anything to report at this time. live in oakland, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> troubling crime spree at a bay area university. uc berkeley has three reports of sexual assaults at a concert at the greek theater on saturday night. more than 8,000 people turned out pour the mad decent block party concert seen in this promotional video. three women there told police they were assaultedality the concert and at least two men are involved. are. >> i live right here, right next to it. it haven't been to a concert yet. it's pretty scare ri. >> it's concerning that despite all these precautionary measures
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that berkeley has put, there's still sexual assaults. >> these assaults come four months after uc berkeley announced it would spend $2.5 million to strengthen response to sexual violence and sexual harassment. also happening on berkeley campus, punched and robbed. that's what happened to a man outside a cafe where the victim was hit so hard by two men he was knocked unconscious. this happened at midnight on monday. the suspects took off with the man's briefcase. witnesses tell police they saw a white vehicle speed away right after the attack. police say they have few details at this point on the suspect's description. a dispute between neighbors may have triggered gunfire in el saab bron they. reports of gunshots yesterday where deputies found two men shot. they were both taken to a local
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hospital. one by helicopter. no word on their condition this morning. police are questioning a potential suspect at a nearby home. a memorial meant to honor the firefighters who lost their lives on september 11th is now at the center of a vandalism investigation. menlo park firefighters returned from a call on sunday to discover a display of 343 small flags had been set on fire. they found flags and polls burned. the flags represent the number of firefighters lost during the world trade center terrorist attacks. we'll have a live report coming up at 6:40. >> right now, firing back. surrounded by reporters last night, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick answered question after questioning following last night's blowout of the l.a. rams, and it had nothing to do with what happened on the football field. he had very pointed words for former 49er trent dilford who called kaepernick's protest of the national anthem
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irresponsible. he said more. specifically he said kaepernick, quote, is a backup quarterback whose job it is to be quiet and sit in the shadows and get the starter ready to play week one. here is what kaepernick had to say a few hours ago. >> i think that's one of the most ridiculous comments i've heard, the fact that you say you're a backup quarterback, stay in your place, that's an issue. to me you're telling me that my position as a backup quarterback and being quiet is more important than people's lives. i would ask him to really have a conversation with the families of people who have been murdered and see if he still feels that way. i bet you he doesn't because he hasn't experienced that type of oppression. >> kaepernick says he's going to continue his protests until things change. he's also donating a million dollars to community
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organizations. >> that was the scene right outside the main gate last night. the backdrop, a poster filled with pictures of black men killed by police. the american flag situated on the ground. the group was calling on more fans to support kaepernick. other players as you see kneeling orr holding up their fists. this happened for teams around the league this evening. >> as for the game itself, it was a waut. carlos hyde ran the way with 88 yards and two touchdowns. the 9ers defense did the rest, keeping the rams scoreless. the final was 28-0. we're told bpa has sold only 11 season tickets for the 49er expre express train. they say single game tickets
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have been strong. vta says they're working through another problem, the express trains going to the stadium sometimes not so express, getting stuck behind regular trains. >> need more communication out there on the railways. 6:08. let's get a check of the weather. rob may ada is in for kari. >> bay area looking at drizzle, pretty amazing start. above 9,000 feet, areas south of lake tahoe, you also have thunderstorms today. misty skies and a few spots around the peninsula hilltops towards santa cruz. most of the action today will be over the sierra. in terms of our temperatures today, mid 70s again in the south bay microclimates, one big micro climate from santa clara down to morgan hill. upper 60s around the peninsula. 64 in san francisco, 69 in
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oakland and mid 70s around the tri-valley. today, likely the coolest day of the next seven days. san francisco will see a slight warmup thursday and friday, but bigger changes in your seven-day forecast across the valleys, closer to average temperatures by thursday and friday. by the end of the weekend, some spots approaching 90. >> looking over here, just tuesday. we can think about the weekend. we have a south bay, the same area of santa clara, the first crash near lawrence expressway. the second crash closer to the greater american parkway in the middle of the freeway. we see traffic slowing as far back as 880. chp hopefully rendering assistance. in the tri-valley, for pleasanton and 880. the bay bridge toll plaza has your standard backup here and no problems out of the maze. we have your usual company guys. back to you. >> a lot of company out there.
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it's been more than 20 years in the making. there's word a new east bay b.a.r.t. station could be up and running by halloween. the warm springs station could open very soon this fall. b.a.r.t. is waiting for cabling to be completed to announce the backstage. the new station was first proposed back in 1991 as a way to cut down traffic on 880. i'd say it's a long time coming sam. >> up next, zika and your brain. a new study showing it could be more harmful to adults than first thought. a samsung phone explodes in little boy's hand. but it's mott the phone that is being recalled. silicon valley says to trump, show us your taxes. they're putting money behind it. we'll tell you about it coming up in business and tech.
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==laura/rail== doctors in italy believe they've discovered new proof the zika virus can affect adult brains. ==vo== 6:13. doctors in italy believe they've discovered new proof the sika virus can affect the adult brain. researchers in italy say a 32-year-old woman who contracted zika in central america briefly showed mild attention deficits and weakened memory retention. doctors there say the issues lasted just a few days. also they still don't know if a patient's long-term memory may be vulnerable. so solar, yes, obstructing
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views, no. several san jose neighbors are upset about plans to build a solar panel at a nearby field that will be built on the field at galarza elementary. people living near the school say it's going to change everything. >> it will completely obstruct my view, like living behind the bleachers of a football stadium. >> the school district says the location of the solar panels is not a done deal. administrators will listen to input from neighbors and review other options. it's popular berkeley's cell phone law may be put on hold again. merchants are required to notify users about -- today attorneys will argue reimposing the injunction until a final ruling is issued.
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coming up on 6:15, a young boy in new york city suffered burns to his hands after his parents say the phone he was holding suddenly ignited. it happened over the weekend in brooklyn. his mom said he was playing video games on her samsung galaxy core when that phone burst into flames. the burning phone filled the room with smoke. doctors say the boy suffered minor burns and should be fine. the phone is not part of the currently galaxy note 7 recall. the device does use a lithium ion battery. samsung is looking into the incident and says it can't yet comment on what happened. diving deeper into the topic, most phones do use lithium ion batteries. >> there's a freer, for instance, of fire if you drop your phone in a seat and then move your seat, you crack the phone. lithium batteries were the
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culprit in hoverboard fires as well. when any battery gets too hot, there's a risk of fire. lithium is really kind of the best and the worst thing you can put in a battery. it's the least dense metal so they're super lightweight but really reactive. maybe your chemistry teacher dropped sodium into water? same reaction. silicon valley reached its boiling point on trump's taxes, promising money if the candidate will do what all candidates have done and release his tax information. linkedin ceo has offered $5 million if the rest of the donors can come up with $1 million. there's still some road ahead. the money will go to veterans charities if trump releases his
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taxes. bng foods -- i was going to tell you about the ceo. the markets are recovering from friday, fewer fear this is morning about a rate hike. ly tell you about jeff bay sos, the billionaire behind the kingdom. he announced he'll build a new set of rockets called the new glenn after john glenn. the new rockets will be able to reach orbit just like elon musk's falcon rockets, just bigger. we'll talk about the new rockets coming up. >> are we seeing a little rocket competition? >> it's a shame a couple of german scientists, vernon brom and sigmund freud not here to see it. >> skyrocketing prices a major issue for many towns. another one that's grappling with it. the issue surrounding mobile home parks. in many cases south bay mobile home parks predate massive
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expansion, now caught in a tug of war as companies expand and the demand for housing soors. today there's a study session on rent control and other issues. that meeting takes place at 5:00 p.m. >> can you see snow today? probably if you're high in the sierra today. i can't believe that. >> it's an indication of how cold this upper level system settling in across northern california, packing air cold enough for some sierra snowshowers. i'll show you that in a second. right now 51 degrees in the tri-valley and east bay. that feels like fall. notice san jose, patchy low clouds this morning. 58 degrees. 57 from the north bay to san francisco. in san jose you've got low clouds and a little bit of drizzle over on the other side of the santa cruz mountains down towards santa cruz and the
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peninsula. light jacket weather, inland temperatures in the 60s and 70s. areas south of lake tahoe this morning, and lightning pre sunrise. pretty energetic start. you've got an upper level low which is bringing the cooler air aloft to power up the thunderstorms and the snowshowers in lake tahoe. slight chance of misty skies. you can see in the feature cast, we don't think there's going to be a lot of tolls here. you'll head to areas south of highway 50 down towards yosemite. snowshowers on going into the afternoon before the system begins to clear out heading into tomorrow. highs today, mid 70s today. 60s near san francisco, about 69 in san mateo. and into the north bay, high today in the low 70s, tri-valley mid 70s for today. as the low clears out, weather more typical will be high pressure starting to build in.
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north winds picking up that will help to dry things out and warm our temperatures across the seven-day forecast. san francisco upper 60s, not much change. average high is 70. may not get there over the next seven days. valleys closer to average by thursday and friday. could see 90s as we head into the beginning of next week. changes on the way approaching the weekend. >> back to santa clara where we have the crash. i have another update. the rest of the bay shows a nice easy drive. this is the slowest, westbound 237 off 880. you're jumped up and closer to great america parkway. reports of the middle of the road way, over on the shoulder. this will be a distraction. lanes are open so you see some recovery there. the rest of the south bay looks great as far as your northbound route. for tuesday, we see mild slowing for 880. 92 and 84 pushing toward the peninsula. westbound will be your commute as well, heading toward the bay
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bridge where the metering lights are on. oakland, the speed sensors are at the limit. good traffic in both directions. no real delays or problems coming off the bridges. here we are just south of marsh, no problems. but the build is on. back to you. 6:21. coming up, tackle on the dance floor. >> reporter: a lot of theatrics on "dancing with the stars." this not something you would typically expect to see on an episode there as stage crasher interrupt olympic swimmer ryan lochte. good morning. coming up on "today," hillary clinton opens up about her health scare as the new poll shows her gaining grounds. our decision 2016 team las it covered. we'll get bill o'reilly's take on the race. the scandal that has rocked the network and his provacative new
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book. if you want star power, we have star power. carol burnett, meet loaf and gordon leavitt will be here when we get started on "today." two former gymnasts -- including
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an olympic medalist -- are accusing a longtime physician f of sexual abuse. two former gymnasts including an olympic medalist are accusing a physician of u.s.a. gymnastics of sexual abuse. the women who are only listed as jane dough in court papers claim
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he inappropriately touched them and other teammates between 1994 and 2000. nasr denies the allegations and currently treats gymnasts at university of michigan where he's been suspended. canadian researchers used gradual aerobic treadmill testing to monitor about 100 pediatric concussion patients to accurately assess their physical healing and help doctors determine the type of concussion each agent let suffered. there were no serious concussions during the treadmill test. medical care and behavioral therapy after a concussion may recover more quickly than those who just get medical care alone. the study from seattle children's hospital assigned collaborative or standard treatment after a concussion. all patients showed improvement over the next six months.
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only the collaborative care group continued to have fewer systems. last night drama on the dance floor. >> oh, my goodness. two men rushed ryan lochte during last night's "dancing with the stars." >> embattled olympic swimmer ryan lochte just performed with his partner cheryl burke. as the judges were judging or trying to, two men wearing anti-lochte t-shirts rushed the dance floor. security guards threw those men out before anything serious could happen. afterwards lochte talked about it. >> so many feelings going through my head right knew. a little hurt. i want to do something i'm completely not comfortable with and i did. >> i don't know if that was for sympathy or not, but the incident wasn't shown on air. the host quickly cut to commercial break. lochte was suspend friday the
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usa swim team after being charged with falsely reporting a crime in brazil during the rio games. coming up, off the campaign trail and resting at home. >> reporter: hillary clinton tries to campaign behind closed doors while donald trump hones in on her comments about his supporters. i'm tracie potts. that story is next. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez in saratoga where a quiet stretch of road why across from an elementary school is now a crime scene. what we know about the circumstances surrounding a deputy firing his weapon. >> reporter: pete suratos near piedmont with the details on that 3.5 magnitude quake that shook parts of the east bay early this morning. =laura/4shot=
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good morning - and thanks for joing usn this tuesdamorning. i'm laura garcia cannon. =sam/4shot= good morning. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> it is a good morning. it is also a cold morning, but starting to get accustomed to that. >> i like that. free air conditioning is good. we have role reverseless going on in the weather. right now we have clear skies as we take you to san francisco. no fog right there. but look at the low clouds in san jose this morning. you can see a cloudy start in the south bay. drizzle in a few spots around the peninsula. temperatures this afternoon in the mid 70s. here is seasonal role reverseless, we have snow in the sierra. a look at your silicon valley
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commute. >> most of the bay you can expect traditional drive times. over here more slowing through fro month. if you travel through milpitas into santa clara, this will be an issue. down three 880, out of fremont, the live camera starting to pick up. we may not see speeds recover too much. a couple minutes extra for you guys. >> mike, thank you so much. a saratoga neighborhood turns into a crime scene after a shooting involving at least one santa clara county sheriff's deputy. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in that neighborhood on titus road. this happened next to two schools. what are you learning. >> reporter: this is happening on tie ttus avenue. investigators still on scene and the road is still closed.
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the sheriff's department is not saying much more than they did when the shooting was first reported last night. that was about 7:50. that person's condition is unknown. we know they were transported to the hospital and no officer was injured in this shooting. the sheriff's spokesman, james jensen, says the standard protocol for investigating an officer-involved shooting is in place. he also adds this. >> it shows how inapparently dangerous our job is. when i have more information, i'll be able to let you know. >> now, let's show you a map of where we are. this is titus avenue between prospect road which is a major thoroughfare ain the cupertino school district. i have reached out to the district to see if this road closure and the investigation across from the campus will impact the school day today.
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i will let you know as soon as we hear back from them. the last major deputy-involved shooting was back in 2012 when a man was shot and killed by deputies after going on a shooting rampage at his workplace. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> 6:33. a small earthquake packed quite the punch. just a few hours ago, many people in the east bay were shaken away overnight by a big jolt near the piedmont, oakland border. "today in the bay's" pete suratos has more. >> reporter: i'm in the san leandro, oakland border area. we're west of the epicenter off ridgeway and piedmont avenue. folks walking in here throughout the morning saying they felt it as far as highway 13. nothing fell down here. let's pull up the map to talk about this epicenter. it was nooer piedmont and
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monterey boulevard for this earthquake that struck at around 1:00 a.m. it did take place along the hayward fault line. the last earthquake along this fault line was in july of last year. that was a small one as well. a 4.0 magnitude earthquake. that epicenter was in fremont. we did hear from folks on the facebook page who felt the earthquake. some claiming to have felt in the south bay. we did reach out to the oakland fire department, alameda county fire department and piedmont fire, they're not reporting any damages or injuries at this time. we're live in oakland. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> at 6:34 right now. a mixed message from the richmond police department amid the on going sex scandal. in a public report police chief allwyn brown wrote officers from his department engaged in sexual miss kwconduct and other wrongd but broke no laws.
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a woman who calls herself celeste guap claims to have sex from several bay area law enforcement agencies, some while she was a minor. the chief says he will recommend officers be terminateed, but does not name any of those officers. 11 current and former richmond officers were investigated. in the meantime, a plea deal was on the table for the woman at the center of that scandal. celeste guap is currently facing battery charges after allegedly assaulting a guard at a rehab facility in florida. officials say the original felony charge has been dropped to a misdemeanor. such a sad story we reported on first yesterday. now we're getting new details about a fatal airplane crash out of reno. we learned one of the three people who died on that single engine plane was a san jose bail bondsman. the plane was headed to san carlos airport sunday but crashed just after takeoff as you see in the parking lot there at reno airport. friends tell us 46-year-old ed mumbert was an army veteran who worked as a bail bondsman in san
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jose and santa cruz. he was in reno to try to track down a woman who jumped bail. two other people also died in that crash. a drastic move in a high profile bay area murder trial. defense attorneys tried to get the public barred from part of the proceedings. attorneys for the defendant asked the judge to bar the public from the hearing yesterday. he said he's worried statements made by the woman accused in the case might prejudice potential jurors. the two suspects shot and killed a marin county therapist and canadian tourist last october. cameras were not allowed inside that hearing. an attorney for two newspapers argued the upcoming hearing needs to be open to the press and the public. >> the judge will be deciding what evidence is admissible or not, i ice a very important process. it can be key to the developments in the case and the
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public has the constitutional right of access to see that process. >> the judge agreed and the preliminary hearing ultimately be open to everyone. it is set to begin a week from today. >> it's 6:37 right now. a north bay hospital could be the first in the entire state to allow patients who need it to use marijuana. one board member at marin general hospital is now reportedly pushing to allow patients to openly ingest medical marijuana. he says no other legally prescribed drug face it is same kind of patient restrictions. he tells "the chronicle" right now the hospital operates under more of a don't ask don't tell policy as it concerns pot use. the doctor plans to introduce a resolution at today's board meeting. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton at home still trying to recover from pneumonia. she's campaigning the only way she can, using her smart phone. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. clinton was supposed to be in san francisco last night. instead she appears via
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teleconference. >> reporter: exactly. we'll likely see more of that. bill clinton headed out to california in her stead as well. she's on that smart phone inside the gates in chappaqua, new york. we know she's been tweeting, she's been calling journalists. she did an interview. she's been calling in and contacting supporters as well and likely looking at the latest numbers. our latest nbc news-survey monkey poll shows her up by more thar four points over donald trump. that's down a bit from last week. after nearly collapsing from dehydration hillary clinton is home this morning in new york tweeting, i'm feeling fine and getting better and i'm just anxious to get back out there. she tells cnn why she did not disclose friday's pneumonia diagnosis earlier. >> i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> reporter: today president bill clinton heads to the west coast in her place and president obama campaigns for clinton in
6:39 am
philadelphia. >> could we have a doctor, please? >> reporter: like clinton, someone got overheated at a donald trump rally. he's not focused on clinton's health. instead trump is hitting the airway. >> what's deplorable, hillary clinton viciously demonizing hard working people like you. >> reporter: and demanding apology from clinton for calling his supporters a basket of deplorables. >> racist, sexist, homophobic, zen phobic, islamophobic, you name it. >> she talks about people like they're objects, not human beings. >> reporter: clinton says she regrets how many she labeled but insists extremists are backing trup. if now she's making her case from behind closed doors. >> it looks like she'll be there for at least a couple days. the doctor originally said five days. she ignored the first two. bill clinton headed out to california and nevada in her place. back to you. >> all right.
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just think. another month and a half of this. >> yea! >> let's take a break and cool off a bit from politics with a cooler look at the forecast. rob is in for kari who is on maternity leave. >> the radar looks more like november. you have snowshowers above 9,000 feet. thundershowers, too. that's where most of the action should take place. for the bay area, a chance of drizzle. light rain around the highway 17 compute. mid 70s for the south bay. mid 60s around san francisco. san carlos 67. 67 around alameda towards oakland. concord and antioch today. numbers today running well below average but trending a bit warmer thursday into friday. you can see our inland forecast there across the valleys back to summer-like values. if you miss the 80s and 90s,
6:41 am
they're making the comeback. >> we're starting to see traffic tuesday kick in. look at the south bay. the rest of the day pretty predictable. a few crashes west 237 at great america parkway, the crash on the shoulder still a distraction. more slowing out of el visa. there may be more slowing around tremble. there's 87, 101, 85. standard for hayward as well as plant. 680 south at stoneridge, a crash on the shoulder. i have my eyes peeled there. no unusual patterns there. this camera shot except for the left approach, that's a little lighter. mike, thank you very much. coming up next on "today in the bay," computer programs and kids. the way apple says it's going to make it easier for young children to start thinking about a future career in tech. >> everyone gets a new iphone today with the new ios. we'll tell you all about it.
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dow industrials losing 100 points on interest rate fears. >> reporter: i'm bob redell, we're live in the peninsula where someone sets on fire a 9/11 memorial designed to honor fallen firefighters. we'll have that story coming up.
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==laura/2shot== flags burned... the search is on this morning for thperson who vaalized a bay
6:45 am
araa memorial honoring the first responders who were killed on september 11th. ==s the search is on for a person who vandalized a bay area memorial honoring first responders killed on september 11. >> bob redell is live. when we talk about the american flag, so important for a community of first responders. the fire chief says it's, quote, a despicable act of disrespect and coward is. >> reporter: some of the firefighters who work in the menlo fire district, sam and laura, actually spent time at the rubble pile at ground zero. this has extra special meaning to them. what happened is somebody burned a memorial, a 9/11 memorial they had set up outside fire station two in east palo alto. this was designed to honor the fallen firefighters, those killed, brothers and sisters killed on 9/11. they had a small flag display. this is what it looked like before someone set fire to it.
6:46 am
343 small u.s. flags. each represents a new york city firefighter who died at the world trade center. this past sunday, station two firefighters were returning from a call when they saw they had been burned. september 11th holding extra special meaning because some people from menlo park to new york city on the month of september in 2001 to help with the recovery efforts. in a news release, fire chief called this vandalism a despigotable act of disrespect and cowardice. he said, i need to stop myself because i don't want you to know what i'm thinking, unquote. you can see there are surveillance cameras outside station two. they did record a person of interest, both fire and east palo alto police are trying to
6:47 am
identify thisperson so they can make an arrest. live in peeft aloe alto, bob redell, "today in the bay." if you think your child may have a future in computer coding, it's easier than ever to get them started early. that's because apple today is releasing a free coding education app developed with young people in mind. the app is called swiss playground, introducing users to basic computer programming concepts. while the app is free, it requires an ipad. some schools are already planning to roll out the app into their curriculum. apple will push out a new operating system today. >> get the alert that stays on there until you finally upgrade. by now everyone knows how to do this. >> we will run you through it, things you were too embarrassed to ask. this update comes at 10:00 our time. you don't have to be in any rush. technically you don't have to download it at all. future apps probably won't work if you don't do this. now, with the new ios, you'll be
6:48 am
able to delete bild built-in apps like stocks or weather. the new features are for chat as well. i know you know how, but for those who don't, go to settings on your phone, that's the gear icon. it will have a little red dot on it letting you know the update is available. then you'll go to general and software update and the phone will walk you through it. it can't hurt to back up your phone first and maybe find some time when you aren't expecting a call because it can take some time to update. >> taking a look at the markets, they're lower again. dow industrials down 122. nasdaq down 30 as we continue to worry about an interest rate hike. jeff bezos, the billionaire behind will build a new set of rockets. the new glenn rockets will be ready to reach orbit just like
6:49 am
elon musk's fallon rocket. these are the glenn rockets. the falcon rockets from spacex is smaller. amazon wants you to know that. the new rockets are almost as big as the saturn 5 to went to the burn. bezos' blue origin is trying to match or exceed the fallon 9 from spacex so they, too, can go into space, even beyond earth or bit. elon musk will respond we think later this month or later next month with his plans to go to mars. >> one step further. >> it's like russia and the united states, but it's two guys. we benefit and science benefits. >> very interesting. a lot of money. >> big egos. steph curry will be on the ellen degeneres show today, also michelle obama.
6:50 am
>> you should trash talk back, steph. >> give him some things to say. >> talk about his ears. >> here is one. here is one. the shadow from your ears. is really messing up my play. >> pretty funny. >> the president and curry have actually played golf a few times now. i don't know if he'll say that to the president now. you can watch ellen right here at 4:00 p.m. followed by nbc bay area at 5:00, nightly news with lester holt at 5:30 and more local news at 6:00. 06 course, we're aultsds here when it's not even bright, but certainly early. it's a cool start to the morning. >> temperatures in the 50s and some snow. kirkwood mountain just checked in with some snow coming down. >> you can see it? >> yes, you can. close to 9,000 feet this morning. low clouds across the south bay.
6:51 am
misty skies. 58 degrees. 51, the chilly spot this morning around livermore. highs today in the mid 70s, low clouds and drizzle around your highway 17 drive down towards santa cruz and cool temperatures through lunchtime today and highs today in the 60s and 70s. after today we're going to begin to see temperatures on the rise. here is a look at that. snow and thunderstorms at times around the sierra. cold air aloft, pouring up those showers and yes some snow above 9,000 feet. closer to the bay area. the low clouds are forced to rise over the peninsula hilltops and around the hills east of san jose, too. the maniac shun today will be in the sierra area south of highway 50 today as a chance of thundershowers and some snow at times as the system begins to clear out heading towards tomorrow. highs today in the mid 70s, below the average high of 81 degrees. santa should see highs near 70.
6:52 am
today mid 60s. north bay temperatures around santa rosa, mid 70s around the tri-valley. once we get towards tomorrow. notice high pressure begins to build in thursday into friday. that's going to lead to a warm up with dry north winds. we'll have to watch those for fire danger. notice san francisco in the upper 60s and across our inland valleys now, 80s and maybe even 90s early next week. enjoy that-free ocean air conditioning. changes coming up the second half of the week. >> no problems presented by the drizzle rob was talking about. we have the complications because of earlier crashes and the volume building. more traffic coming from fremont and westbound across into 237. so that is complicated things. a fender-bender around the interchange. no lane information yet. about first street is where the cars are on the shoulder. in the tri-valley, a crash better located close to the brunell and the on-ramp.
6:53 am
lanes are clear. san mateo bridge westbound shows the build heading towards the peninsula. you see westbound traffic slow on the flat section and builds at 101 just off 92. >> thankj a lot, mike. the world's crookedest street way too popular. to curb the number of cars and tourists that visit lombard street in san francisco, the city is considering pretty drastic measures. city planners are looking at bachbing cars, charging tolls or requiring reservations. san francisco county transportation authority has been studying the issue surrounding the tourist destination for the past year. the agency will share its findings at a public meeting today. >> no signs of anymore crooked streets this morning, but definitely some jolting and shaking in the east bay. a small earthquake that recreted quite a jolt overnight. deputies open fire in the middle of a saratoga neighborhood. the investigation is entering its 11th hour. happening now, the small quake
6:54 am
rattling part of alameda county overnight. you can head to to see our interactive quake map whenever you want. after being abandoned on the side of a road, abby has become a champion of the waves. read about it on our facebook page. we'll be back in two minutes.
6:55 am
so i got your test results back and it does show an allergy to cat dander. there are options, but the most effective course of action would be to remove the source of the allergens. he's got a name. it's herbert. as long as you live with herbert, you're going to have the respiratory symptoms. and i'll have the joy that only a kitty cat can bring. okay, well there are some things we can do to minimize the impact. allergy shots, a nasal steroid... does that sound doable?
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i'm in. at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard. here are the top stories on nbc 6:56.
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welcome back on this tuesday morning. before you head out the door, here are the top stories we're working on. new this morning, a lot of people might have felt this, a 3.5 earthquake that struck in the middle of the night near piedmont. no damage or injuries to report. that quake hit just before 1:00 a.m. a lot of people posted on our facebook page about the shaking they were experiencing, shaking centered on the hayward fault line which many geologists say is way overdue tore for a destructive earthquake. in the south bay live pictures from saratoga right now where a santa clara county sheriff's deputy has shot a person. the shooting happened about 8:00 last night on titus road. investigators are saying very little except no deputies were injured. we have a crew at the scene and calls into the santa clara county sheriff's office. we'll keep you updated with any new information throughout the "today" show and of course on our midday newscast. uc berkeley police are
6:58 am
investigating reports of three sexual assaults against students, all of which happened at a concert at the greek theater on saturday night. looking at a promotional video. more than 8,000 people turned up for the mad decent block party concert. three women told uc police they were assaulted at that concert and at least two men are involved. 6:58. surrounded by reporters, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick answered question after question following last night's blowout of the l.a. rams. he has very poignant words for former 49er trent dilford. dilford, an espn analyst, called kaepernick's protest, he said his job is to sit in the shadows and get the starter ready to play week one. here is what kaepernick had to say. >> i think that's one of the most ridiculous comments i've heard. the fact you say you're a backup quarterback, stay in your place,
6:59 am
that's an issue. to me, you're telling me my position as a backup quarterback and being quiet is more important than people's lives. now, i would ask him to have a conversation with the familitions with people who been murdered and see if he feels that way. he hasn't experienced that type of oppression. >> kaepernick says he will continue his protest until things change. it is football weather, rob. >> it is. we'll see highs in the 70s inland. here is the interesting fact that we're watching this morning, some snow in the sierra, and here is a quick view of kirkwood this morning. >> snow in the sierra. >> that's amazing to see, in september. >> not a problem for the freeways yet. we'll track that. we'll stick to the maps where most of the traffic is flowing nicely. another crash in milpitas, southbound 880 because of
7:00 am
crashes around great america parkway. the rest of the day is pretty good. >> see all kinds of things on the road. snow would be a first. >> in milpitas. >> have a great day everybody. good morning. good morning. recovery effort. hillary clinton and her aides scrambling to explain why she wasn't more up front about her pneumonia diagnosis. >> i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> does down playing her health play right into the hands of her critics. our new poll shows the race is tightening. police step up the search for a man caught on camera running from the scene of that devastating fire at a florida mosque. investigators labeling it a possible hate crime. was the suspect targeting muslims? golden parachute.


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