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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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laura garcia-cannon, weekday mornings on "today in the bay." right now at 11:00, a 911 call for photographers officers someone at a saratoga home with one man dead. an investigation shut down the street across the school in saratoga all night and much of the morning. thanks for joining us. i. kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. >> investigators knocked on the doors for an hour before going in and finding a man with a hand gun. they asked him repeatedly to drop the weapon. at one point he pointed it toward them. bob redell is on the scene.
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you just spoke with neighbors who knew the man for decades. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kris. yes, we did speak to couple who lives next-door to where this man lived. they tell us they had lived next to him. he was in the house with the solar panels there. lived there for over 20 years. they called what happened last night sad and tragic. it was around 7:50 last night. somebody called the santa clara sheriff's office to the home on titus to do a welfare check on the man. whoever made the call had not seen or heard from him for weeks and wanted to make sure he was okay. the sheriff's office tells us they tried to make contact with him. knocking on the windows and doors. for almost an hour. after 50 minutes the deputies made entry into the back of the house and that's when the man pointed a gun at the deputies. >> the deputies gave him several verbal commands to drop the firearm. and a deputy shot the
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individual. he was later transported to a hospital and pronounced deceased. >> reporter: no deputies were hurt. it's not clear if the man ever fired his gun. this happened directly across the street from christa mcauliffe school in saratoga. some of the teachers were supposed to be out for professional development day but decided to stay because they know the students will have a lot of questions about the police activity just off the property. >> the message we need to give them is that they're safe and secure, the police are here to help and that they're fine. >> reporter: we just spoke with the coroner's office. they have yet to identify the man who was shot and killed last night. sheriff's office has not identified the deputy. they did say he was a veteran and is now on paid administrative leave which is normal in a situation like this.
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this is the first deputy-involved shooting this year for the santa clara sheriff's office. the sheriff's office is still out here on the scene. within the past few moments we did see somebody with the office bringing out brown paper bags, presumably filled with some sort of evidence. they're expected to be out here possibly until noon. new at 11:00, an 88-year-old woman is in the intensive care unit at south bay hospital after being beaten by robbers in her home. robbers tae robbers entered her home and beat the welcome. it's not too far from the san jose country club. the robbers ransacked her home, stole her jewelry, even the jewelry she was wearing and her own car. while she recovers from head trauma deputies are sifting through surveillance video from nearby homes for clues. if you know anything, if you saw
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anything, call the sheriff's department. did it wake you up? it was a 3.5 earthquake overnight near piedmont. no damage or injuries reported. it happened around 1:00. it was centered on the hayward fault line which many geologists say is overdue for a earthquake. a memorial to honor firefighters who lost their lives on september 11th is the center of a vandalism investigation. a display of 343 small flags were set on fire. they found flags and poles burned. they were representing the number of firefighters and first responders lost at the world trait center during the attacks. firefighters say actually only a few of the flags were actually damaged. the fire chief from menlo park released this statement saying, quote, it's a despicable act of disrespect and cowardis.
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it's hard to comprehend. i need to stop myself because you don't want to know what i am thinking. happening today, bausy time in san francisco at lombard street. neighbors are considering changes to alleviate the congestion, if you will. and one of those changes could be a toll. nbc bay area's pete jirato is joining us. people may have to pony up money to see this iconic street. >> good morning, sam. the meeting will take place later this evening. we're here at lombard street. it's been dubbed the world's most crooked street. it sees a lot of tourists daily. this is a tuesday morning. you're seeing a lot of activity. that's what we're talking about. that's the issue for residents in this area. that's what they'll discuss tonight during the meeting that takes place at 6:00 p.m. at dick roe elementary. it's being put together by the
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francisco county transportation authority. they'll present a report to community members that will outline possible ways to fix the congestion we see along this busy street. the study has been in the works for several months. some of the suggestions include a more expensive parking control program, even closing the street off to cars and non-residents. or possibly, like you mentioned, adding a toll for cars that are visiting. i spoke with the transportation authority about the study they're presenting today and specifically the idea of setting up a toll for motorists. >> right now we are in the initial stages. but the reason why we are thinking about a reservation and pricing system as a possibility is that it is a way to potentially manage the congestion that we're dealing with here. >> reporter: lombard street attracts up to 16,000 people on peak days. around 2 million visitors per year. after tonight the authority will put together a final report and
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pass on the recommendations to the san francisco board of supervisors. live in san francisco. thank you, pete. happening now an intense search for two missing southern california firefighters in yosemite national park. searchers have not said which part of the more than 1,000 mile square foot work that the firefighters disappeared in, but the pair is described as experienced back-packers who are familiar with the area. fall is making an appearance today. clouds and a little drizzle in the south bay. the sierra got its first snow of the season. you can see it coming down. not enough for skiing just yet, sam. relax. >> i asked. >> it's a good sign for snow lovers. >> a sign of color air across the sierra. right now mostly sunny in san francisco. 62 degrees. but still filled with a lot of clouds around the south bay with a few spotty showers to the east
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of san jose. light rain at times. you see some of it here in the santa cruz mountains and off to the southeast of san jose. you see a chance of ongoing snow showers. for the next two hours, still a chance of light rain or drizzle, especially around the santa cruz mountains. the action later today in the sierra with thunderstorms. temperatures below average. a strong high tries to build in as we approach the weekend, a bit of a roller coaster of temperatures on the way, numbers starting to rise again later this week. what it means for your weekend forecast ahead as well coming up in a few minutes. all new at 11:00, a travel nightmare for a foster city couple. they want to make sure it does not happen to any other tourists. linda and john grant held a protest in front of the tanzania embassy in washington, d.c., today. the couple says they were jailed for three days and detained for three weeks in tanzania. they say they brought an etched
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giraffe and brought it to tanzania. they say they were extorted for tens of thousands of dollars. >> through some bribes, we were able to get an early bail hearing. we bribed the person -- the person helping us bribed a judge and a prosecutor to accept an early bail hearing. and then went and bribed the anti-poaching unit. >> you see the local congress woman, jackie spear. the grants are angry that the ambassador has not responded to their request for a meeting. it's a mixed message from the richmond police department amid the ongoing sex scandal. police chief brown wrote that officers from his department did engage in sexual misconduct and
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other wrong-doing but broke no laws. a woman calling herself celeste guap claims to have had sex with officers from several law enforcement agencies, some as a minor. the chief says he'll recommend some officers for termination but did not name any of the officers. 11 current and former richmond officers were investigated. a plea deal is on the table for the woman at the center of the scandal. she faces battery charges after assaulting a guard at the rehab facility in florida. the original charge has been lowered to a misdemeanor. >> colin kaepernick answered questions last night. over the weekend trent dilfer called kaepernick's protests of the national anthem
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irresponsible. he is said he is, quote, backup quarterback whose job it is to be quiet, sit in the shadows and get ready to play week one. here is what kaepernick had to say a few hours ago. >> i think it's one of the most ridiculous comments i've heard. the fact that you say you are a backup quarterback, stay in your place. that's the issues. to me, you're telling me my position as a backup quarterback and being quiet is more important than people's lives. i would ask him to really have a conversation with the families of people who have been murdered and see if he still feels that way. i bet you he doesn't just because he hasn't experienced that type of oppression. >> kaepernick says he will continue his protests until things change. he is also donating a million dollars to community organizations. while walking into levi stadium thousands of fans were greeted by a small group of people voicing their support for
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colin kaepernick. that was the scene right outside of the main gate last night. it was the backdrop with a poster filled with pictures of black men killed by police. the american flag on the ground. the group was calling on more fans to support kaepernick. ♪ up next at 11:00, hillary clinton canceled her event in the bay area yesterday. she is still on the mend today. so who is campaigning in her place? what surrogate? the latest from the campaign trail next. >> everybody gets a new phone today, if you have an iphone. i'll tell you all about it coming up in business and tech. ==kris//take vo==
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did ha it has not been a kind day so far to the markets. after we saw a bit of recovery yesterday, everything is down across the board again today. the dow dropping 260 points, down about 1.4%.
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s&p down about 1.5%, 32 points. the nasdaq has also dropped about 62. wells fargo is under fire once again. the banking giant just hit with record fines for opening millions of accounts without customer consent. now, the executive who oversaw the unit is retiring with a reported $125 million payout. they call it a golden parachute. last week wells fargo agreed to pay $185 million in fines because of those fake accounts. the bank saying it has fired more than 5300 employees for their involvement in the scam. some former employees say they were pressured to sell account add-ons to customers. apple is pushing out updates on the iphones and ipads. >> here is scott mcgrew to answer your questions. >> i'm sure somebody is
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wondering but they're too embarrassed to ask how to do this. let's explain it. you don't have to be in any rush. technically, you don't have to download the update. though future apps probably won't work if you don't. now, with the new ios you can delete apps like stock or weather. there are cool new stickers. go to settings on your phone. the gear icon. it will have a red dot to let you know the update is available. after settings you go to general and over to software update, and the phone will walk you through it. it can't hurt to back up your phone first. find some time maybe when you're not expecting a call because it can take some time to update. >> oh, yes. thank you very much, scott. to a phone that's under fire or we should say on fire. a young boy in new york city suffered burns to his hands aft say the phone
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he was holding suddenly ignited over the weekend in brooklyn. his mom says he was playing games when it burst into flames. the burning phone filled the room with smoke. >> it lit up like a firework in the house. i was watching everything. we all was nervous. >> the doctor say the boy suffered minor burns and he should be okay. one thing to really be important to point out it's part of the currently galaxy 7 recall. it's not. but this device does use a lithium ion battery. samsung is looking into the incident. it's possible that berkeley's cellphone law may be put on hold again. last year a right to know ordinance was approved that inform customers that the cellphones give off radiation. today attorneys will argue for
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reimposing the injunction until a final ruling is issued. today president barack obama hits the campaign trail for his former secretary of state. president obama will be in philadelphia in the battleground state of pennsylvania. meanwhile, hillary clinton is breaking her silence after her health scare broke over the weekend, taking a few days off from the campaign trail to recoup recoup recouperi recouperi recupera recuperate. she says she is anxious to get back out there. >> reporter: hillary clinton addressing her health scare. calling into cnn, clinton saying she should have followed doctor's advice to rest for five days after being diagnosed with pneumonia. >> like a lot of people, i thought i could keep going forward and power through it. that didn't work out so well. >> reporter: clinton says she never lost consciousness and felt better after getting inside the air-conditioned van. >> i felt dizzy, and i did lose
11:19 am
my balance for a minute. but once i got in, once i could sit down, once i could cool off, once i had some water, i immediately started feeling better. >> reporter: clinton also defending her decision to keep her friday pneumonia diagnosis private until several hours after sunday's incident. >> i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. if it happens to you and you're a busy, active person, you keep moving forward. >> reporter: speaking with chary ro charley rose her husband said it's not the first time his wife has powered through. >> the same sort of thing has happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. >> for now trump is not attacking clinton's health and promises to share the results of his own recent physical. >> i'll be handing out a document with large and
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hopefully good statistics. >> so far he's refusing to name the doctor or when he got the physical. he promises to release more information soon. >> we know the least about donald trump of any candidate in recent american history. we know virtually nothing about his business entanglements. it's really past time for him to be held to the same standard not just as me but of everybody else who has sought this job. >> donald trump may not be going after clinton's health at this point but he is taking his rival to task once again for labelling half of his supporters as deplorables. clinton's insult came friday night at a private fund-raiser in new york. the gop nominee capitalizing. painting his rival as out of touch and last night allowed his supporters to shame her for him. >> do i look deplorable? >> after all the horrible
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scandals that hillary clinton has been involved in, she has the gall to call us deplorable. unbelievable. >> deeply shocked -- >> tonight, outside of philadelphia, donald trump is expected to give another policy speech. this one focused on a child care tax deduction. his daughter ivanka trump will join him. 25 minutes ago we heard from pete suratos on lombard street. >> it was packed. >> here in south bay it's cloudy. >> more wind and more clouds and a little more rain around the hills of san jose. as we see across the board, cool forecast right now. you see numbers in the 60s. sun around the embarcadero but check out san jose. low clouds, mostly cloudy skies and temperatures moving into the afternoon about, oh, about 5 or 6 degrees below average closer to downtown. average high, 81. mid 70s at best once the clouds
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clear. livermore's high 85. winds out of the southeast right now in san jose. gusting up to 25 miles per hour. so blustery with the clouds. you can see the wind speeds shifting a little bit more out of the west into the afternoon, which will ensure that our temperatures today will be running below average. a look at the radar right now. the best areas of seeing light rain, highway 17 towards santa cruz. and a little around san jose. the system that's involved in this is cold enough to toss snow showers at times across the sierra. here is the view at kirkwood mountain. we have some white-capped peaks now. that's the system responsible. a very fall-like system more typical of october. cold air aloft. as we go through the afternoon today, it's not just the snow in the sierra but chances of
11:23 am
thunder showers. low 70s around san jose today. mid to upper 60s around san francisco. from the north bay to the tri-valley, 70s. high pressure will start to build in. with a reversal in the winds out of the north, a warming air aloft as opposed to the chilly temperatures aloft. you'll see the changes in the 7-day forecast. san francisco may get close to 70 later this week. the bigger u-turn in the forecast coming for the inland locations, especially the valleys. closer to average by thursday and friday. when you consider today we're in the low 70s, early next week, low 90s. so almost 20 degrees of change here between what we are seeing today and what will happen by the end of the weekend. this is the transition from summer to fall-like patterns around the bay area. >> the weather whiplash. >> thank you, rob. coming up, a bay area campus on alert. three attacks within hours at
11:24 am
one bay area university. the clues that could lead to capture. first, happening right now on the website. fewer inmates on the fire line, so california is turning to a new group to help fight fires. prisoners last year made up 25% of california fire crews on several blazes where they used chain saws to help stop the flames. california is increasingly turning to the state conservation corps for new recruits. after being abandoned and rescued a dog has found a new life as the champion of the waves. ♪
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people who died -- was a sajose new details now on a deadly airplane crash from reno. one of the three people who died on board the single-engine plane was a san jose bail bondsman. the plane was heading to the san carlos airport on sunday. but as you can see it crashed in the nearby parking lot right after taking off. friends tell us that 46-year-old ed mumberg was an army veteran who worked as a bail bondsman in san jose and santa cruz. he was in reno to try to track down a woman who jumped bail. two others died in the crash. trouble on a cal campus during a popular concert at the
11:28 am
greek theater. >> police officers are investigating three sexual assaults over the weekend. terry mcsweeney has much more from berkeley. >> reporter: the sold out block party concert featured a number of acts. neighbors tell me the music was loud. >> there were three of them on saturday. three sexual assaults. >> reporter: uc student angela had read the e-mail sent to all students by uc police as she walked past the greek theater. >> i live right here, next to it. but i haven't been to a concert yet. it's scary. >> reporter: the first victim says she met her attacker entering the concert. he is described as hispanic, about 21, 5'7" with a medium build. another victim says she was waiting in line to use the restroom when a man took her out of line to another location and assaulted her. >> it's extremely concerning because some of these may have been preventible.
11:29 am
>> reporter: he is described as white, about 6 feet with athletic build. brown hair, blue eyes. wearing khaki shirt and shorts. a third victim reported being assaulted. uc police provided no further details. >> it's disturbing that despite all the precautionary measures there are still sexual assaults. these assaults come just months after uc berkeley announced that it would strengthen its response to sexual violence and sexual harassment. coming up next a story a lot of people have been talking about recently. a luxury high-rise that keeps sinking and leaning. >> how come they did not come clean with the public. >> our investigative unit examines how a confidentiality agreement with a state agency helped keep a problem secret.
11:30 am
terry mcsweeney reporting. these assaults come ju its sinking right before our
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11:32 am
yes. all that multi-million dollar millennium tower in san diego is sinking before our eyes. and nbc bay area has obtained documents that show a little-known government agency entered in a confidentiality agreement with the developer of the high-rise. >> our investigator reporter has the exclusive story on how the agreement helped keep the tower's problem a secret for years. >> reporter: this brings into question who knew what when and how come the public was not informed. san francisco city supervisor aaron pes kin is angry about the role of the transbay joint powers authority had in keeping millennium tower's sinking problem with the public. he has long been a critic of the
11:33 am
$2 billion-plus transit terminal. nbc bay area obtained this signed confidentiality agreement between the millennium tower and the transit authority. the deal dates to 2010 long before the sinking problem became public. in the agreement any documents exchanged during or as a result of the meeting that day would be deemed for all purposes confidential to the extent allowed by law. the agreement even offered to keep any evidence of what was discussed from being disclosed in lawsuits. while the february 2010 agreement does not exactly spell out what's not to be disclosed, nbc bay area has learned it dealt with millennium's sinking problem and the data therein. a month after the deal was made in march 2010 a transbay engineer who signed the secrecy pact declared the first accounting of the sinking problem as confidential information and not for public release. the engineer sent the report to the developer and other officials who signed the secrecy
11:34 am
deal, including a san francisco city attorney who add vised the authority on construction-related legal issues. we reached out to the players in the talks. develope the city attorney's office had two representatives at the talks. they too said they had no expectation of secrecy afterward. what about the transbay authority's document designated secrecy for the data? transbay officials could not explain that. the city attorney's office did acknowledge that the agency mistakenly labeled two sets of sinking data as confidential. it is not clear when that error was discovered. and we do know that, mistake or not, it was in july when transbay officials finally alerted mill lenium that they would no longer honor any disclosure deal. the building 16 inches and is
11:35 am
leaning at the base. the condo owners' association wants to get to the truth. will certainly look into these allegations as part of its ongoing investigation. peskin said no matter who asked for the agreement any deal that labeled data as not for public release would leave those who needed it most, the owners, in the dark. he said he is appalled that a public agency and especially the city attorney's office would help to conceal the danger. >> it's deeply disturbing that this public agency did not allow the public to know what was going on. >> reporter: peskin says he'll convene a hearing next month before the governmental audit committee he cheers to learn the truth and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> how come they did not come clean with the public? those are the questions i'll ask and get answers. if you have a tip for our
11:36 am
investigative unit give us a call at 1-888-996-tips. it's a drastic move in a high profile bay area murder trial. defense attorneys try to get the press and public barred from part of the proceedings. attorneys from 23-year-old morrison lampley asked to bar the public from his hearing. he is worried that statements made by aanothnother of the acc would prejudice potential jurors. cameras were not allowed inside of the hearing. but an attorney for two newspapers argued the upcoming hearing needs to be open to the press and to the public. >> excluding the public from portions of the proceedings where the judge will be deciding what evidence is admissible or not and an important process. it can be key to developments in the case, and the public has the
11:37 am
constitutional right of access to see that process. >> the judge agreed, and the preliminary hearing will ultimately be open to everyone. it's set to begin a week from today. a north bay hospital may soon become the first in the state to allow patients who need it to consume marijuana on the premises. one board member at marin general hospital is now reportedly pushing to allow patients to openly ingest medical marijuana. he says no other legally prescribed drug faces the same kind of patient restrictions and tells the "chronicle" that right now the hospital operates under more of a "don't ask, don't tell" policy for marijuana users. the doctor plans to introduce a resolution today. too racy for school. an east bay assistant principal could be out of a job for allegedly calling out girls for wearing spaghetti strapped tank tops. students protested outside college park high school yesterday saying they're trying to save vice principal gary jensen from losing his job.
11:38 am
he's been on administrative leave after four girls complained he allegedly singled them out for violating the dress code. a student posted this picture on instagram showing the outfit in question. school rules do state that no bra tops or transparent outerwear be worn, but now students are taking sides. >> although they were breaking dress code, they should have been dealt with, and punished in a less humiliating way. >> for him to be blamed for enforcing school rules that the sch school told him to enforce is not his fault. >> the school is expected to decide today whether the vice principal gets to keep his job. solar, yes. residents have no problem with that. obstructing views is the issue. several san jose neighbors are upset about plans to build a sole panel structure at a nearby elementary school. it would be built on the field and will run 300 feet along the
11:39 am
fence and stand 16 feet high. people living near the school say that would change everything. >> it will completely obstruct my view. it will be like living behind the bleachers of a football stadium. >> the school district says the location of the panels is not a done deal and administrators will listen to input from neighbors, review options and make a final decision next month. going to college in the bay area has its benefits. there are some fantastic schools here. but the cost of housing, not one of them. a new survey from u.s. news and world report found students at stanford face the most expensive off-campus housing prices in the country. the survey found the median rent for stanford students was over $6100. uc berkeley with a median rent of over $3500. in an historic move, california expanding overtime to cover farm workers.
11:40 am
california is now the first in the nation to end the 80-year-old practice of applying separate labor rules to farm workers. the governor signed the bill after heavy lobbying. the new law will be phased in beginning in 2019. coming up next, a little drama on the dance floor. not expected. the stage crashers that interrupted "dancing with the stars." it's been a while since we've been able to talk about light rain falling around parts of the south bay right now. 64 degrees. it's not just the light rain around the mountaintops we're watching, but thunderstorms, and the first snow of the season in the sierra. how long it will stick around and your forecast when we come back.
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debut on "dancing with the stars." now to a bizarre scene last night as ryan lochte made his debut on "dancing with the stars." >> as he did, two people rushed the stage during the live broadcast. others in the audience were booing the olympian. nbc's steve patterson is in los angeles with the very latest. >> what you bring to this ballroom is all we want to see. >> if you tuned into "dancing with the stars" last night this is what the tv audience saw. >> excuse me. hey. back off. >> the judge was critiquing ryan
11:44 am
lochte and his partner's debut performance when something went wrong. >> excuse me. >> but this is what the tv audience didn't see. a man rushed by security, taken down on the dance floor in front of a stunned aurdience. another man is whisked away by security. cellphone video shows another angle. others in the audience booing and yelling at the protesters, who were promptly escorted out. los angeles police say the two men who rushed the stage were later arrested on trespassing charges. >> scary. you have someone rush at you on live tv and other people wearing your shirt with your name on it with an x over it. >> when there is that kind of strong emotion, what does that make you feel like?
11:45 am
>> well, so many feelings are going through my head right now. a little hurt. >> the six-time olympic gold medallist who was making his debut on "dancing with the stars" in an attempt to rehabilitate his tarnished image aft after he alleged he was robbed. he later recanted in an interview with matt lauer. >> last week the olympic committee handed lochte a ten-month suspension. he says he feels hurt by last night's incident but is ready to move on. >> it's hard. i am getting over it, though. honestly it feels like someone reached inside, took out my heart and just stepped on it. i'm going to keep moving forward and i'm going to keep dancing. now to someone who does plenty of dancing on the court. steph curry will be a guest on
11:46 am
the "ellen" show today. co-hosting first lady michelle obama. boy does she have advice for curry. or helpful tips on what to say when he plays golf with the president again. >> you should trash talk back. >> talk about his ears. >> here is one. >> as you're putting you ought to say, the shadow from your ears is really messing up my putt. >> you cannot -- no. >> probably not good advice. you feel like president of the united states -- president obama is a good sport. they have played golf a few times now. watch the "ellen" here on nbc bay area. nightly news with lester holt at 5:30 and more local news at 6:00. >> i have a little tv in the kitchen and i watch "ellen"
11:47 am
while i make dinner. that show is pretty funny. >> come over and help me chop up celery for dinner. >> what kind of conditions are we looking at outside? >> breezy and cloudy. as you pointed out, sam, more sun in san francisco. we're seeing in downtown san jose. temperatures in the low 60s. upper 60s this be afternoon. partly cloudy skies but still looking at some areas of light rain around the hilltops of the south bay. 64 degrees. expecting highs today in the low 70s. near palo alto, the roadways are dry. 65, patchy clouds, highs near 70. in palo alto, the view again from kirkwood mountain now, some of the snow trying to melt as the sun breaks through the clouds but we did get a little bit of snow. the snow level technically 9,000 feet, some snow falling, slightly below that as the air is still cold enough this afternoon to see a few show showers south of like tahoe.
11:48 am
we have winds coming out of the cea southeast. it will eventually change to an onshore sea breeze this evening. it's the santa cruz mountains and parts of the south bay seeing the showers. then the focus will be in the sierra. you still see snow in the higher peaks. transitioning into tomorrow, this system, a cold one at that, begins to move to the east of the sierra. for now into wednesday we carry over the forecast, mild temperatures. replaced by numbers soaring into the 80s around lake tahoe within the stan of two to three days. bay area temperatures by the weekend could be approaching 90. a 20-degree swing in the temperatures between now and what we'll likely see on sunday. chilly and mostly cloudy through midday. low 70s around san jose. north bay and tri-valley temperatures which typically should be in the mid 80s, low
11:49 am
70s for most spots today and wind too. winds picking up to 25 to 35 miles per hour at times. along the coast and around the south bay, cloudy skies and cool temperatures for san francisco with a slight warming trend approaching friday. bigger changes in the inland 7-day forecast. average numbers toward thursday and friday. and it is still september. it's still summer. 80s and 90s early next week. if you like the cool temperatures, today is the day we have some clouds. by the upcoming weekend the numbers will be above average towards sunday and monday. >> with that forecast what are you going to make for dinner? >> lemonade? >> that explains why you're so skinny. coming up, helping those in need. we take you to memphis where there is a rush to build dozens of homes.
11:50 am
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need. the race is on in memphis, tennessee, to build nearly two dozen homes for families in
11:52 am
need. the man leading the effort truly knows the value of having a home to call your own. >> he is getting help from a former commander in chief. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on someone who is inspiring america. >> reporter: north of downtown memphis, home is a little sweeter. >> i think my greatest joy definitely is seeing the families get the keys to the home. >> reporter: dwayne spencer is the local president and ceo of habitat for humanity, now working side by side with president jimmy carter to house 21 families this fall. >> everyone deserves a decent place to live. >> reporter: he would know better than most. >> did you realize what type of poverty you were in? >> i did. and i was embarrassed by it. >> reporter: in the early '80s his family lived in crippling poverty, in a shack with almost no running water in rural tennessee. they are home burnt down when he
11:53 am
was 16. this is the first time he has returned in years. >> i am thinking we used to walk down this hill to actually use the bathroom. it makes me emotional. >> reporter: his steep climb took him from a mail room to graduate school. >> it was the beginning for me, to be able to move out of that situation into something -- into the 21st century. >> reporter: the past still haunts maria mckinney who remembers the day she couldn't make ends meet and learned she and her kids would be evicted. until habitat and dwayne spencer gave her much more than four walls. >> our family needs a good stable home to raise their children in. >> reporter: under spencer's leadership habitat has tripled in size. >> i don't think your past is completely indicative of what your future will be. >> reporter: in some ways he's come quite far from his humble beginnings. in others, he's never felt closer. gabe gutierrez, nbc news,
11:54 am
memphis. >> that's one thing you never, ever want to have to worry about, having a roof over your head. >> that mother knowing her kids now have someplace to call home, makes all the difference in the world. we'll be right back. runs 3
11:55 am
11:56 am
==kris/contvo== that's "not" thsound of a trapp that's actually the sound of its rescuers. what's that sound? believe it or not it's not the sound of a trapped kitten. it's the sound of the rescuers trying to lure the kitten with a
11:57 am
cat sound. two police officers near fresno had to get creative because there was a kitten in a drainpipe. beside the authentic meowing they also tried the half-eaten burrito trick. believe it or not it worked and the kitten is at animal control. but one rescuer says he is hoping to adopt it and name it burrito. >> maybe plump it up a little bit. maybe they should keep meow mix in the car for the next time. >> it was a good cat imitation, though. >> yeah. we got cool temperatures outside. light rain outside san jose. giants game coming up. 80s making a comeback approaching the weekend. >> it's been a boomerang. >> it was hot, now cooler and 90s over the weekend. >> getting closer to fall. >> have a great day and we'll see you tomorrow.
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visit to learn more. ♪ > >> stand by everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> excuse me. >> excuse me. >> all right. >> excuse me. >> i like carrie ann. excuse me. drama in the ballroom, the scary moment last night when ryan lochte's debut on "dancing with the stars," welcome to "access hollywood live." >> we were all watching it last night. what is going on. for a little bit of time there, they cut to a commercial break and didn't know what was going on. two protesters were wearing the anti-lochte shirts escorted from the building, later arrested for trespassing. we have every angle covered and we will break it down. these are the two guys.


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