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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the driver's license, that is when it's going to show up in our computer -- excuse me, on the dmv database that they're a suspended driver or restricted driver. >> reporter: elijah's mother suffered eight broken bones. she is now still at the hospital. her other two children, a 1-year-old and an 11-year-old, will be okay. the chp today talked more about how a person with a prior dui arrest can still have a driver's license and what happens to them down the road. we'll have more on that coming up at 11:00 tonight. reporting live in vallejo, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we also have an update on a hate crime investigation we have been tracking. antioch police arrested two people in connection with a fire bomb attack. 27-year-old roy sa vary and christine mcdaniel threw a molotov cocktail at the home and then spray painted racial slurs
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on a home last wednesday. authorities say this all started with a dispute between someone inside the home and one of the suspect's relatives. the suspects face multiple charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, mayhem. traumatizing and disheartening. an 88-year-old woman beaten and robbed inside of her own home. she was later discovered lying on the floor by a concerned neighbor. the assailants apparently left and returned and assaulted her for a second time. police officers say this was a gut-wrenching crime. this happened last night in unincorporated east san jose. nbc bay area's robert handa was the first reporter on the scene today and joins us now from that home. and robert, how is she doing, and is there any surveillance video in the area? >> reporter: they are checking for surveillance video and we do have an update on her condition. we have been watching investigators working this crime scene since early this morning. trying to get clues to what an
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investigator called a vicious attack. santa clara county sheriff investigators are searching for answers at the home of 88-year-old flo douglas, the victim of a brutal home invasion. she was taken to the hospital with severe facial and head trauma. >> oh, it's horrible. horrible. she didn't deserve this. >> reporter: sources say the ordeal started sunday and continued into monday. douglas told investigators she was beaten by two latino adult males who broke in through a side door. >> she remembers being assaulted, there being a period where there were gone and came back to ransack her house. they also stole jewelry were her person. >> reporter: investigators say the assailant stole doug lass' car. the vehicle was abandon ed down the street. >> my daughter went over and kind of checked around it, and saw that it was ransacked. and her medical i.d. card was on the floor. >> the daughter went to the
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house and found douglas, beaten and nearly unconscious. the family called 911, and have been checking on douglas since. >> you just came back from the hospital seeing her. how is she? >> it's not looking good right now. it's not looking good. just say prayers. >> reporter: and, again, as you can see, the investigation here is continuing. we will have an update at 6:00, including more from the victim's friends. live in santa clara county, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> okay, robert. such a terrible story. we're going to switch gears now and tell you about the snow. the first snow of the season fell in lake tahoe. this is video from kirkwoods' web cam and you can see the snow coming down, but not enough for skiing just quite yet. jeff ranieri, any snow is a promising sign. >> it's a sign the storm track is trying to get closer to eventually moving down to bring us a substantial storm here across the bay area. this activity was isolated, though, across this area.
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you can see it happened early this morning and most of that snow developing on the southern end of lake tahoe. totals not really that high at all. trace amounts to about 1 inch on some of the highest elevations. current radar picture does again still show a small shower near kirkwood. but that's just about it at this point. we'll really see things taper off through tonight. snow may also have you thinking about rain for the bay area. typically in san jose, for september, we average .23 of an inch of rainfall. at this point, it looks like we may not see that monthly average. all due to hotter weather. i'll have details in about 15 minutes. >> see you soon. thank you, jeff. and you can always track the weather here and in lake tahoe on our website. just click on the snow story and that will take you to live pictures from the sierra and tweets from our weather team. for the last several weeks, we have been investigating the sinking millennium tower in san
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francisco. now san francisco supervisor says he's taking action because of our continued investigation. the 58-story luxury tower cost more than $350 million to build and it's home to some of the bay area's most rich and famous tenants. since its construction in 2008, it sunk at least 16 inches, and is leaning at least 2 inches. we've uncovered a confidentiality agreement between a public agency and the developer that may have prevented the public from learning about this issue for years. now in light of nbc bay area's findings, supervisor aaron peskin is demanding answers and will begin public hearings next week. >> i believe the city and county of san francisco has a duty to the public, including potential future buyers, to disclose what we know. the public should be aware of that. >> the first in a series of hearings is set for september 22, so just a couple weeks away. the company that built the towers released a statement late today, denying any special treatment.
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now to decision 2016. hillary clinton's national lead over donald trump has narrowed to just four points. the latest nbc news survey monkey poll shows 48% to mr. trump's 44% among registered voters. that's down from the 10-point lead former secretary clinton had after the democratic national convention. as hillary clinton recovers from pneumonia, president obama made his first solo campaign appearance on her behalf today. he asked the crowd to support her the way they did him. the president also praised her as the most qualified person to ever run for the job. he also spoke about her transparency, saying hillary clinton has released decades of tax returns while donald trump hasn't released any. meantime, donald trump campaigned in iowa. he called family farms, quote, the backbone of this country and promised to end what he calls the epa's intrusions into farms and homes. he also compared the investigation into hillary
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clinton's e-mails to the watergate scandal. an fbi investigation of clinton's e-mails found no basis for charging her with a crime. and you can track the election any time on our website. just click on the decision 2016 bug on the front page to see the candidates and measures to decide on this november. that's at there's a little problem on lombard street. the people have had enough. too many tourists. so tonight proposals are being discussed to curb the traffic. maybe even require a toll. nbc bay area's marianne favro is on lombard for us. this is a must-do for tourists and locals, we can see behind you. what's going to happen tonight? >> reporter: well, we really don't know yet. we do know about a dozen different options are being considered. take a look at how busy it is right now on a tuesday. not even the weekend. on a busy day, 16,000 people drive or walk down lombard
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street. now more tourists are visiting than ever before. the people who live here say the crowds are taking a toll. now one solution may be charging a toll. he and his family traveled from london to visit lombard street, and he appreciates that it's a free attraction. >> it's kind of a built of a highlight for people to come to san francisco to see this beautiful street and to actually charge them, it just feels like it's injustice, actually. >> reporter: whether it's the view, the homes or the curbs that lure tourists, traffic is up considerably. as many as 220 an hour. greg has lived here more than 20 years. >> this used to be a great place to live. the city has kind of turned its head, so to speak, and let it happen the way it has. it's an icon, they say. maybe it is. but, you know, we deserve some privacy. >> reporter: he says neighbors have had to deal with trash, people defecating in car ports and blaring car stereos in the middle of the night.
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tonight, a dozen possible solutions are on the table. >> and those include everything from potentially making physical changes to the street to having a reservation in pricing system whereby drivers might preregister in order to get a time slot to go down the street. >> reporter: but most of the tourists we talked to said they like lombard just the way it is. >> no charge. free. >> reporter: the tourist definitely liked that it is free. tonight at 6:00, there will be a community meeting to discuss all of the possible options to managing the crowds out here. that will be held at the elementary school. reporting live in san francisco, mariani favro, nbc bay area news. a vandal sets a 9/11 memorial on fire on the 15th anniversary of the september 11th attacks.
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we hear from the fire chief who is outraged. also ahead, messages from survivors. the new reaction from the cal campus after a string of sexual assaults. also. >> i think that giving back to people who just have that need is just the right thing to do. >> getting people back on the right path by helping them see it better. a local doctor is part of our bay area proud series. there's more concern on the cal
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campus after three young women, including stu some more concern on the cal campus after three young women, including two students, were sexually assaulted. this happened over the weekend at a concert. uc berkeley police say the assaults took place right there at the greek theatre, right on campus. they believe at least two suspects are involved. meanwhile, students are working to show their support to the victims and all survivors of sexual assaults. they spent the day writing messages of support on a solidarity wall. >> for those who have experienced something like sexual assault, we need to let them know that, you know, it is not their fault. that this campus will support them and we are working as hard as we can as individuals to get rid of the problem. >> uc police say they're
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reaching out to this weekend's victims to direct them to support services. the country marked 15 years since the september 11th attacks on sunday. someone was busy setting fire to a memorial set up in front of an east palo alto fire station. peggy bunker is live in menlo park with the fire chief's frustration. peggy. >> reporter: absolutely. you know the fire chief here says that he simply can't understand why somebody would set fire to not only the american flag, but on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. each of these flags placed out for a firefighter who died that day, protecting others. >> i would love to know why. that's what i want to know. >> reporter: the police chief after someone set a 9/11 memorial on fire. in front of the east palo alto fire department. it happened on sunday, the 15th anniversary of the attacks. each fire station displayed 343 american flags.
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remembering every firefighter that died in the twin towers. >> a memorial for fallen firefighters that died trying to help other people. including that person or it could have been that person that did this. >> reporter: the east palo alto police department says they have surveillance video of the suspect setting the flags on fire. they have yet to release the video. >> stopping at the corner, waiting for traffic to leave, and then squatting down, setting the flags on fire. >> reporter: for the chief, who went to ground zero in the days after 9/11 with a seven and recovery team and lost close friends in the towers, it's an unforgivable act. >> it is despicable, it's de morable, it's cowardly and maybe we'll never get a straight answer. >> reporter: just moments ago, i heard from the east palo alto police department about that surveillance video. they spent the day analyzing the video. they say they're not yet ready to release it to the media. that should happen in the next day or so. at 6:00, i'll give the
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description they just gave me of the suspect. i'll have that once again coming up at 6:00. in menlo park, peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. >> okay, see you then. lasik surgeon can make good money helping people see better, but a san jose surgeon is happy one day a year to make nothing. >> why he's doing it in tonight's bay area proud. >> dr. michael fer long had barely started his own vision correction practice in the early 2000s when he realized that some of the people who could benefit the most from lasik and other procedures he does were those least able to afford it. so he started something called "gift of sight." and what a gift it is. >> it's going to only take us about four minutes on each side. >> reporter: steven vincent, a veteran of the 18th airborne corps, says he's ready to soar once more. just as soon as he gets a few things fixed. like his vision. >> i'll be able to conquer the world, i believe.
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>> reporter: steve, though, says there is no way he could afford this procedure on his own. >> keep looking at that green light there. >> reporter: thanks to dr. michael ferlong, he doesn't have to. >> i think it's the right thing to do. i think that giving back to people who just have that need is just the right thing to do. >> a little bit of cool water here. good. >> reporter: dr. ferlong has been setting aside one day a year for the past 15 years. to correct the vision of people who otherwise wouldn't have access to the surgeries they need. >> don't move. be still. everything is going great. >> reporter: over the years, he's helped 150 developmentally disabled, low-income and more recently, veterans get better eyesight. >> we basically called a few nonprofits in the area and said we would like to work with you. this is the pitch. this is the idea i have. >> how are you doing, desiree? >> reporter: the benefit. dr. fer tim seymour long says he has learned is not just the improved vision of his patients, but what they do with it.
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>> we're going -- >> reporter: this year, it's people like desiree, who says better eyesight will help her keep her job in health care. >> because now i have to depend oppose my memory. how to do things, rather than actually what i see. >> reporter: or enrique, a college student getting a procedure he never would have been able to afford that will slow down his quickly deteriorating eyesight. and steve, who says a new career in architectural and mechanical design is more possible than ever with his soon to be improved vision. >> and it's well-appreciated. >> reporter: the cost of all of these procedures donated on just this one day, more than $50,000. the outcome, though, not just better eyesight for these patients. but a clearer future. dr. ferlong and his staff say their only regret is they have to turn some candidates away. they might not be the right fit for the types of procedures they
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have to do, so they take volunteers -- nominations for the surgeries and then figure out the ten-most deserving of it that year and some people who miss out one year, they come back the next year. >> nice program, what he's doing. >> it's wonderful. >> thanks, garvin. we're going to take you outside now and look at the live picture. look at this. the golden gate bridge, traffic moving pretty smoothly. clear skies, sunny day. >> beautiful. >> changes on the way. even better for end of summer. >> yeah, if you like hot weather, we'll have one more stretch of that before we likely settle into this fall pattern coming our way. i know, really a mix of everything. the past couple of weeks. so as we get a live look right now, a few cumulus clouds on the right-hand side of the scene and blue skies in the south bay after starting with fog, drizzle and a few isolated showers after the santa cruz mountains. a nice rebound and just 72 right now at the san jose airport. current humidity at 40% and we drop into the 60s by the 6:00 hour tonight.
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in san francisco, we are also noticing the fog pushing back, at least for right now. and 67 degrees. with a lot of sunshine along the embarcadero. as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast, the fall coming back to san francisco. although it doesn't look as thick as we had this morning. we'll also see some patchy low clouds for the east bay and a cool 51. and for the south bay, a few clouds with 55 degrees. tomorrow, the biggest change temperatures warm up a few degrees, slightly below average in the south bay. morgan hill, 78 degrees. cupertino, 76. half moon bay with the cold ocean air blowing in, also keeping palo alto, los altos in the mid 70s tomorrow. san francisco stays with 63, as well here for the marina. and just a little bit warmer in the mission with 65. for the north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley, a few isolated 80s. but it's not going to be too hot for tomorrow. we'll top out at 80 in livermore, pleasanton, 77. for the east bay, looking good.
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oakland at 70 degrees and for the north bay, most comfortable weather towards mill valley and 72. the thing that's brought us below average weather the past three days has been this trough of low pressure. but we're now starting to see signs of this pushing off towards the east. that's going to make way for some hotter air to build in with this area of high pressure. this will eventually produce mid to upper 80s by thursday and friday. and then eventually as you have seen in the scrolling seven-day forecast, the bottom of the screen, some 90s also coming our way in the future. san francisco, will begin to bump up into 70s by next sunday. also monday and tuesday. so mild still for you. and as we look at the inland valleys, we'll go from an average of 79 tomorrow to 88 by friday. 91 on sunday. and we'll stay with low 90s next monday and tuesday. i'm still scouring the major forecast models for any sign of rain. i'm not seeing any kind of significant storm yet, so we may miss our mark on september rain averages. but there is always, of course,
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october, november, december, january and february. >> we'll catch up. hopefully. >> hopefully exceed it. thanks, jeff. up next, a problem for you right now? frozen iphones. plenty of people are complaining as apple rolls out its new software. from coast to coast, extreme weather impacting millions. video of a kitten being rescued
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from a drain pipe-- by using a happening now on our twitter feed, video of a kitten being rescued from a drain pipe by using a burrito. officers in the central valley say they had to get creative to lure the cat out. they named the cat "burrito". and winter arrives in lake tahoe. check out the pictures on our home page. back in a moment. dep
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a man is dead after being shot by a santa clara county sheriff's deputy. deputies called to a home in saratoga last night to do a welfare check. after trying for nearly an hour to contact the person inside, deputies entered through a back door and were confronted by a man holding a gun. a deputy shot him after he allegedly pointed the gun at them. the deputy on routine administrative leave. apple rolled out its latest update today, ios 10, and people complained it left their iphones
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stuck in recovery mode. apple says it experienced a brief issue with the software during the first hour of availability. but it was quickly fixed. among the new features, you can replace text with emojis and siri is open to more apps. i'm starting to get into those emojis now. >> you are? >> i'm new to the game. >> i can't wait to see them. schooling steph curry. a surprising person who gave him a lesson in trash talking. nbc bay area responds. recovering more than $200,000 to bay area consumers. if you want help, call us or visit responds. starving -- and in desperate
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need of help. tonight at 6:00, starving and in desperate need of help. the reason that so many sick seals are showing up along our shores. we're going to introduce you to the dedicated local volunteers working to get them back into the ocean. that story and more, coming up on our 6:00 newscast. you may have seen it before. this newscast or in case you missed it, steph curry was a guest on "ellen." and joining him, first lady michelle obama. the talk turned to steph playing golf with president obama. so the first lady gave curry some advice. >> talk about his ears.
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>> oh! [ laughter ] >> here's one, here's one. if you're putting, you want to say, "the shadow from your ears --" [ laughter ] oce "is really messing up my putt." >> what -- >> i know. >> what a great sense of humor the first lady is it have. >> curry says he played golf with the president twice. he lost both times. >> that's what he says. >> right. but, you know, if he took him on in basketball -- >> it's like your boss oh. you can't beat your boss. >> or the president. >> sounds like she has used that line on him before, right? >> she has a few more months in the white house, she should be hosting a talk show. >> she's very good. a great guest. a great host. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. le lester holt joins us next for "nbc nightly news." >> bye, folks.
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tonight, trump takedown. with hillary clinton sidelined, a fiery president obama unloads on trump as our new poll shows the race is tightening. and the health history of both candidates now under scrutiny. olympic stars hacked. an alarming breach, private information about simone biles and venus and serena williams exposed by russian cyber spies. athletes now explaining why they were allowed to take banned drugs. and did you know that an election day fight for the digital age purchased to overturn the


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