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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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yesterday. is that going to continue? >> we're seeing the system that brought snow to the sierra and light rain to the bay area. this is going to transition us from some very cool temperatures to summer-like numbers. numbers now in the 50s, later today low 80s inland, 76 in the north bay. notice the sunset, 7:18. days starting to get shorter. hopefully your commute is shorter. >> off the commute between 7:30 and 8:30 in the south bay kicking in. right now not a problem on the roads. b.a.r.t. with minor delays out of daly city. the bay bridge, we also have reports of a hand truck falling off the back of a truck there around treasure island. there may be a quick traffic break as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we don't have a major ildup, but there's traffic coming through. a developing story out of san jose that we've been
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covering since we came on air this morning. at least one person was shot overnight, and it happened in the east foothills area near piedmont and sierra right near a gas station. so far police aren't revealing anything about the victim's condition or if the suspects are even in custody. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is tracking the latest from the scene and will have an update in the next half hour. calling for action, a tearful grandfather is urging lawmakers to make changes after the death of his 3-year-old grandson killed by a suspected drugged driver. this comes as we learn more details about the woman behind the wheel. >> pete suratos live from walnut creek where one of the crash survivors is recovering. the grandfather wants to see a change in state laws. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. it's the mother of the 3-year-old still recovering here at the kaiser in walnut creek. we're learning new information that the suspected drunk driver has a history of driving under
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the influence. that driver is 39-year-old yarenit malihan. according to chp he was under the influence of drugs when she rear-ended a parked car on northbound 680, injuring two children, that mother, and killing her 3-year-old elijah dunne. new documents show she was arrested for a dui in june. she's facing a charge of child cruelty. if you're driving under the influence of drugs, chp does not take away the driver's license. we spoke with the grandfather of the 3-year-old who say it is laws surrounding this need to be change. >> hopefully legislation passes a bill that says if you get one dui, you're done before you even go to court. >> malihan was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence and gross vehicular manslaughter. she was released for bail on
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saturday. a gofundme page has been set up for the family, it raised nearly $70,000 the last time i checked. more information on pete suratos for "today in the bay." at 5:03. an elderly woman brutally beaten in her own home. now this morning, santa clara sheriff's deputies are trying to find the men who attacked the 88-year-old woman. flo douglas says two men broke into her home and attacked her and then came back and attacked her again. she's in the hospital with several facial and head trauma injuries. the suspect stole her car, abandoned it down the street. that's when a neighbor says she found douglas. >> oh, it was horrible, horrible. poor thing, she didn't deserve this. she's a sweet person. >> she remembers being assaulted, a period when they were gone and came back to ransack her house.
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they also stole jewelry from her person. >> douglas' neighbors say they continue to check on douglas at the hospital and they're praying for the best. a package thief caught on camera. take a look. police say these images show a man who recently stole a package from a porch in the south bay. this happened around three weeks ago on lenore way in campbell f. you know who this person is, call campbell police. two people are behind bars this morning accused of spray painting racial slurs on an antioch home and then torching it. 27-year-old roy sorvari and 25 yr christyne mcdaniel are accused of throwing three molotov cocktails at that home last wednesday. this is the aftermath of the family covering up the racial slurs. police say this started with a dispute between someone at the home and one of the suspect's relatives. court documents accuse the two of plotting to murder and torture the family at least a week before that crime. they face multiple charges including conspiracy to commit murder, mayhem and torture, all
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of them with hate crime enhancements. >> i don't know why they did what they did. however, it is a crime of hate, so it's not acceptable. >> both suspects are being held on more than a million dollars' bail. as soon as today authorities may release images of the man believed to have set fire to a 9/11 memorial on the peninsula, it happened sunday in east palo alto. a man with a distinctive walk is seen approaching the display of 343 american flags that firefighters placed there to remember first responders who died in the twin tower attacks. in all, about a half dozen of those flags burned. >> stopping at the corner, waiting for traffic to leave and then squatting down, setting the flags on fire. >> police say the man's distinct walk may be enough for someone to identify him. if the video is not released today, it should be out by tomorrow. it is one of the few streets
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in the bay area that we all know. that's kind of part of the problem. the people who live on lombard street say they've had enough. they say the tourist traffic there is getting out of control. frustration boiled over at a community meeting last night in russian hills where long-time residents say what used to be a weekend inconvenience of gridlock traffic and people spilling into the streets is now a daily headache. >> it's a small catastrophe, every weekend, every three-day weekend. >> every day. >> the past two years it's been awful in the summer, on weekends and holidays. we often can't get out of our driveway. >> the san francisco county transportation authority says it's time to manage the two million people that visit that block every single year. the agency is now exploring new traffic controls and options. some of them include closing the street to vehicles altogether, a reservation system or charging a
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toll. the transportation authority is going to consider the feedback and forward some of the ideas to the board of supervisors. >> that's a tough one. it's been amazing to see the growth, too. >> it's great growth. there are so many people there. yesterday when we covered the story, it was a tuesday after the school session started, it was packed. >> it's tough for the people who also are buying on that street, you know what you're doing. reservation for two at the coconut street in the bay area, i don't know. we'll keep you posted. a straight forecast right now with with rom mayeda. in the south bay and san jose, 57. the system that brought the drizzle has moved on. that's where the snow that was in the sierra is heading off toward colorado for this afternoon. you can see san francisco mid 60s, close to 70 in oakland and
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the warmest temperatures today, antioch about 82 degrees. 82 in pleasanton as we head through the afternoon. the forecast will warm up. san francisco into the 70s as we start this upcoming weekend and valley temperatures, you'll notice the change on friday when the 90s make a comeback as we head toward the end of the week. we have reports of a spinout. that means a single car involved that lost traction. down in san jose, roadways, not a problem. watching north 880 to 101. near the connector is where the spinout was reported. sounds like all lanes are clear. chp will clarify. we talked about the earlier hand truck that had reportedly fallen into the lanes. it's actually over here in the fast track lanes which are just clearing now from our shot. back to you. thank you so much, mike. at 5:08, new this morning, san francisco muni trains may be going the way of b.a.r.t. with far more reliable phone service. for years b.a.r.t. riders have enjoyed a pretty reliable
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cellular network under ground. on muni, not so much. cell phone internet service typically cuts out. today the board of supervisors will consider a plan to boost cell phone coverage using its existing cellular network. >> coming up next, preparing for a big reveal. donald trump is expected to release his medical records today. what we could find out as hillary clinton is taking to twitter to feud with her republican opponent. plus, the reviews are in. what do the experts think of the iphone 7? we'll tell you coming up.
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=laura/2shot= new revelations in leaked emails this morning.. harsh words about dona mp welcome back everyone. it's 5:12. new revelations and leaked, mails this morning. harsh words about donald trump by former secretary of state colin powell are now confirmed. >> this as trump is preparing to go public with more of his medical records. is that enough as so many people have questioned his physician for a closer look at that and more from the campaign trail, we turn to tracie potts who joins us live from washington, d.c. tracie? >> reporter: good morning everyone. check out the dr. oz show this afternoon to find out more about donald trump's last physical. but again, that's not going to give us his whole medical history.
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meantime, we are following up on what was confirmed overnight. colin powell admitting he said some not-so-nice things about trump. >> this morning former secretary of state colin powell confirms an e-mail calling donald trump a, quote, national disgrace. today donald trump has promised to reveal results of his physical on the dr. oz show. his campaign manager suggest there is's no need for a detailed medical history. >> i don't know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy. >> also today trump is promising the reveal his economic plans fully paid for after announcing he'd ex-pachbd tax deductions for child care. >> those in leadership must put themselves in the shoes of the laid-off factory worker, the family worried about security or the mom struggling to afford
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child care. >> really? this is the guy you want to be championing working people? >> reporter: president obama filling in for hillary clinton tweeting but still recovering at home. she's expected to be back on the trail tomorrow. powell says there are more, so we could find out more from this revelation. meantime, we know that hackers have gotten their hands on tim kaine's personal cell phone number as they've tried to get more information about american politics. back to you. >> all right. cyber attacks playing a role in this campaign. tracie potts, thank you very much. as we talk about tim campaign, the democratic vp hopeful will be in the bay area, at home of ceo steve spinner. spending lunch at philanthropist jillian man nis. that's being co-hosted by long-time republican meg
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whitman. kaine will head to san francisco. his running mate, hillary clinton, was supposed to show up to a fund-raiser on monday but canceled as she was recovering from pneumonia, but is scheduled to return to the campaign trail tomorrow. the campaign to make community colleges free across america makes a stop in the bay area. jill biden is leading the white house effort in that area. today she's joining state leaders in san jose talking about some of the programs meant to boost access to community college. biden will be meeting with silicon valley leaders to discuss president obama's community college initiative. governor brown signed a bill requiring seaworld to follow through on ending the orca breeding program. the new law bans the breeding of killer walls in captivity. seaworld in march announced plans to halt that breeding program. the shows will focus less on tricks and more on education. business and tech news, the
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iphone 7 officially going on sale friday. this morning the reviews are in. >> skt mcgrew, these are serious reviews. >> right. you'll hear a lot of reviews from bloggers who got a few minutes with the iphone in last week's apple showcase. after the announcements they got to take a couple of pictures. we don't care about those guys. apple gave the phone to a select few journalists to use the phone full-time for a week. these are the reviews we care about, and they were published just in the last day. they were largely positive. the "wall street journal's" jeff ross says apple is offering plenty of reasons to retain our loyalty. there's reason enough to get over the headphone thing and upgrade. brian chen says though not perfect, the new iphones keep apple's promises. both reviewers commented on the longer battery life as well. you may have a new operating system on your phone this morning if you upgraded to the ios 10. a number of people complaining
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they're having trouble. apple says the best way to upgrade is to connect the phone with a computer and do it through itunes. if you haven't upgraded to ios 10, do it that way. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you. it's been one day up and one day down for wall street. futures are higher this morning. stocks slid on tuesday as monday's big gains couldn't stick. the markets were affected by a big drop in oil prices and continued anxiety over whether the federal reserve will hike interest rates. the dow falling 258 points to 18,066. the nasdaq down 56 to 5,155. back to you. >> landon, thank you. sam and laura, i got a chance to drive the chevy bolt yesterday. we got a lot of stare on the road. this is the bolt, not the volt.
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the all electric call from chevrolet is the bolt. our friend steve wozniak says this may be a better choice than the tesla model 3. we'll go over why that may be the case in a little bit. >> you took it out and didn't pick us up? >> took it around for a spin. >> didn't want us eating in the back seat. >> who would sit in the back seat? >> i got a lot of legs. >> huge head room. sam, you'd be fine. >> how about the cuteness factor for the day. what do you think, guys? what's black and white -- >> it's tiny. it's moving so i'm assuming it's real. it can't fully turn over. we can agree this is insanely cute. video of a 5-week-old panda in china that doesn't yet have the strength to roll itself over. we're told it's normal. the china conservation and
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research center posted the clip. it quickly went viral. not too hard to imagine why. the panda is one of two born last month, and it doesn't yet have a name. rolly maybe. >> the other one pollie? >> so true. put a quarter beside it to get a sense of how big it is. >> we are rolling over to the next day here from tuesday to wednesday, much different weather forecast. >> big change. yesterday morning we had light rain around the south bay. snow in the sierra. right now we're watching on the satellite and radar, that same system now east of the sierra. things are starting to clear around the bay area. there's our weather system now over the northern rockies. behind it what gorgeous pictures we had yesterday afternoon. that was kirkwood mountain, first snow of the season was gorgeous out there. just in case you're thinking of dusting off your skis, highs in the mid 80s. chances are that's going to be going away. right now numbers in the mid 50s
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outside. close to the 40s, in a few spots around the north bay this morning. let's check out san jose. we brought up san francisco's record high for the day was 101 in 1971. check out san jose, it was 104 degrees on this day september 14, 1971. today not going to see anything like that. temperatures still running a little below average for another day. a little warmer than the highs we saw here just yesterday. upper 70s in downtown san jose. upper 60s near san francisco. around the north bay, highs today in the mid to upper 70s. low 80s around walnut creek, concord and into the tri-valley. high pressure should strengthen. underneath it, less of the ocean influence on our valley temperatures. even san francisco, you're going to start to see temperatures rise for the weekend. low 70s, finally closer to average for san francisco where the average high is 70 this time of year. 90s making a comeback as we head towards friday and staying warm
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for the weekend. now watching issues on b.a.r.t. this morning. >> better news. minor delays out of the ac. now we have the rails running on time. the roads pretty much on time as well. the bottom of the screen, a little slowing, just the build we typically see for san jose in north 101. we'll see a build for the volume of traffic past the san mateo bridge, and on the san mateo bridge we do see a few more cars, but good spacing, easy speeds all the way to and on the peninsula. we'll look in the north bay where san rafael has 101 southbound. this bright light here, there are road crews on either side overnight. the northbound side still has one lane blocked. southbound is your commute. no delays there. back to you. >> good to know. thank you, mike. it's 5:21. coming up, overcoming demons to achieve gold. olympic athlete anthony ervin's story now being made into a book. it's the off-season, but
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warriors superstar steph curry has been busy. fresh off his promotonal trip to china -- curry appeared on the le it's the off season but steph curry has been busy, fresh off his promotional trip to china, curry appeared on the ellen show yesterday in los angeles. last night he was a featured guest at the tech crunch in san francisco. among the topics, collin kaeperni kaepernick. >> i support him in his attempt to start the conversation, continue the conversation or try to better a terrible situation that we've been noticing in the last -- for a while -- >> forever. >> that's what i commit him for,
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his act. but i would do it a different way. >> curry says he'll likely continue to stand during the national anthem during the warriors season. kaepernick's jersey remains the number one seller on the nfl shop website. this is san francisco supervisor eric mar at a board meeting. he tweeted i stand in sol darely with the 49ers kaepernick for racial equality and justice. anthony ervin won gold in rio in the 50-meter freestyle after the 16-year gap. >> never underestimate the heart of a champion. his story was waiting to be told. last night he was in berkeley promoting his new book "chasing water." he once swam for cal and won gold in sydney in 2000. it took him 16 years to get back to the top. in the meantime he experienced the story of self destruction and redemption along the way. >> weaknesses and insecurities i
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had to contend with in order to keep moving forward. >> ervin actually won two golds in rio, that included a relay medal. in his book he credits what he says are really great people for helping get him back to the top. 5:26 right now. coming up, tracking developing news in san jose. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez in the east san jose foothills where it's quiet now. this was not the case at 10:00 last night. we'll tell you what happened and a shooting here at a gas station. the so-called world's crookedest street. we'll take you live to s.f. coming up.
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for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. =sam/4shot= a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have beautiful fall weather in store. not a bad idea to hold on to a coat while you're out there. >> for the morning at least. 40s and 50s across the north bay. not much fog across the golden gate bridge. morning commute looking good weatherwise. 50s across the board right now. today we'll see 80s coming back pour the tri-valley, areas south of san jose. >> you can see a clear shot
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there. a light rail delay. that's the transit system across the south bay. santa theresa line, mechanical difficulties, so bus 68 will be your alternate. slowing for north 101, typical pattern here. the bay bridge at the toll plaza, you're backed up, filling in the toll plaza in the last five minutes. thank you very much, mike. developing news overnight, a police investigation under way in san jose after someone was shot near a gas station. >> "today in the bay's" chrkris sanchez joining us live. there are still a lot of unanswered questions. good morning. >> reporter: right. you wouldn't know anything happened here except there was crime scene tape last night. as we were walking around, you can see there are dark domes covering the surveillance cameras in the distance. it is pretty well lit here at this gas station at sierra and piedmont road. hopefully officers have those
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clues to deal with at well. we'll show you the scene that happened just after 10:00 last night after police were called for a shooting that happened here. our crew reported it appeared around an investigation. we do know there was a clerk inside the convenient store at the time. it appeared the clerk was unharmed. we know one person was shot perhaps in the abdomen and in the leg. because of health privacy laws we can't say what that person's condition is. police have not yet revealed to us whether there is a suspect description that they would like the public to know about in order to track down the gunman. this is sierra road near piedmont road intersection. this gas station is sandwiches between san jose fire station 19 across the street and there is a u.s. post office right next door. both of those would have been inactive last night. this is a well-traveled intersection. it's a busy thoroughfare so
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someone may have seen something that didn't seem odd last night but now in context might be a clue for police. if you saw something, call san jose police. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." 5:32. new details unraveling about the woman who slammed into a parktd car on 680 in san ramon killing a 3-year-old boy. california highway patrol revealed yarenit malihan, an alameda county sheriff's deputy's wife was under the influence of drugs, not alcohol during that crash. this is not the first time she's been arrested for driving while impaired. court documents show malihan was arrested for dui in pleasanton back in june. records show there was an additional charge of child cruelty because she had a child in the car at the time. now many are wondering how she was able to keep her driver's license. >> we do not take a driver's license for drug-related dui because of the way the law is
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written. >> i don't want the lady out of jail again. she's going to get behind another wheel again, under the influence again. she didn't learn the first time. >> as the investigation into this crash continues, communities are coming together the mourn the young life lost. there is currently a gofundme account in elijah dunn's name that's already raised $60,000. police officers arrested ernesto garza after a chase that began in morgan hill. that's when officers spotted a suspicious car. police say garza struck another car after speeding away and later threw a gun out of the car that was later recovered. he was arrested without incident. more trouble on the road. a man is accused -- behind bars and accused of trying to hit an officer with a stolen car. police say ryan kerry of lafayette backed into an officer while august thots were trying
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to arrest them. it happened yesterday afternoon near plymouth lane. kerry was eventually arrested. the officer was not injured and no one was struck by any gunfire. it is 5:34. happening today, a convicted sex offender accused of attempting to kidnap two young women in the south bay is expected to enter a plea. police arrested 56-year-old david lee russell. authorities caught up to him thanks to resident tips. he twice tried to abduct women. he's a repeat sex offender whose parole ended three years ago. 43 years later and finally a break in the case. two new suspects in a 1973 double murder, dna making the difference here. investigators say 12-year-old valerie lane and 13-year-old doris derryberry were killed shortly after vanishing from a shopping trip. officials found their bodies on a dirt road 35 miles north of
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sacramento. using technology not available in the '70s, officials found a dna match for 65-year-old larry patterson and 65-year-old william harbour. both men are now in custody. a stanford student is being targeted after a picture of her at a football game showed up on facebook. it's not what she was doing, it's what she was wearing, a hijab head covering worn by some muslim women. yousaf was photo photographed in an ad. >> why do they think they get to dictate what i can do as a woman, as a muslim woman, a black muslim woman. >> she tweeted out some of the insults finding far more supporters than detractors. she credits strong support from stanford students and administrators with helping her through.
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changes could soon be coming the a tourist hot spot, lombard street, a street everyone knows about, certainly the crooked portion of it. neighbors who live there say that is a problem. >> you've seen it in the post cards. "today in the bay's" bob redell on the iconic street this morning. they say it used to be an inconvenience, but now it's an issue around the clock. it's pretty early this morning. >> reporter: it is. good morning, laura and sam. an estimated 2 million people walk or drive down lombard street each year to take in the views. you can see the bay bridge, coit tower, beautiful views here and to experience these extremely sharp s turns on what is billed as the world's most crookedest street. they're not doing it just on saturdays and sundays, but during the week as well. it's a spectacle out here. it's very crowded. there are even reports of tourists trespassing on homeowner's door steps and other parts of private property to
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take pictures. the people who live here have had enough. last night they, along with residents from the surrounding neighborhood, met with the san francisco county transportation authority to see what the city and county can do to bring peace back to their neighborhood. >> it's a small catastrophe, every weekend, every three-day weekend. >> every day! >> the past two years it's been awful in the summer, on weekends and holidays. we often can't get out of our driveway. >> reporter: the transportation authority is exploring new ways to control the foot and auto traffic on lombard. options include closing the street to vehicles, a reservation system and/or charging a toll. what's going to happen is the transportation will consider the feedback they received last night, and then they'll take that to the board of supervisors so they can try to alleviate the
5:38 am
problems. sometimes late at night on the weekends it becomes a problem. live on what is supposed to be the world's crookedest street, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> people not only winding their way down and it takes a lot of time. >> it backs up hyde and leavenworth. >> sometimes people don't drive down very cautious think and they hit things and then there's an accident -- i've been there an seen accidents. >> you have the cumulative effect there. >> winding our way through the weekend. it's wednesday. in for kari on maternity leave, we have rob mayeda. >> the golden gate bridge, you can see it this morning. no fog or misty skies to start off right now. 57 degrees. we'll see temperatures climbing into the mid 60s today in san francisco. downtown san jose, santa theresa, 83 degrees. 68 in alameda, 73 in san carlos.
5:39 am
highs near 80, 82 for antioch this afternoon. >> from here temperatures will be climbing including san francisco. some 70s possible. it means a taste of summer making a bik comeback on friday, upper 80s to low 90s as we head into the weekend. mike. >> we talked about your stan considered first slowdown for san jose, 101 northbound. we still see the pattern. let's focus a little tighter. we have more slowing than we're used to. in mckee, there are reports of a crash. let's take out our live camera where the arrow is. the northbound headlights are rippling back from mckee where there are folks slowing down until they can clear this crash to the shoulder. sounds like lanes are clear. oakland, watching this live shot past the coliseum. 880 northbound is fine. southbound is slow, there may be a disabled vehicle. i'm checking reports from chp. back to you. >> we'll check back with you. vector control teams will be
5:40 am
out in the south bay late tonight. you'll see them spraying to combat west nile virus. the fogging will begin at 11:00 at night in an area of milpitas around interstate 680 and highway 237. that's when santa clara county vector control confirmed cases of west nile. it's 5:40 right now. coming up, a new report reveals the highest housing prices in the nation. surprise, it's not in bay area. >> that is sawyer prize. the best car to drive down battery street. a cyber security breach and olympians are the victims. details on what was released specifically next.
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==laura/2 shot== some of america's best known olympians - including gold medalist simone biles - have been targeted in what's being 5:43 right now. some of the best-known olympians including gold medalist simone biles have been targeted in what's being called a criminal hacking attack. >> the world anti-doping agency says russian hackers broke into its data base and stole medical records. the hackers later posted what are called therapeutic use exemptions for banned medical substances that some athletes are allowed to use for legitimate purposes. the ioc calls the attack a smear campaign after many russian
5:44 am
athletes, as you'll recall, were banned from the rio games. >> you've got to have seen that coming. you go after the russians and the russians want to now set the stage and embarrass some others. their athletes are doping as well. you knew they were an organization definitely on the radar. >> more on the fallout now. usa gymnastics confirm biles' medical records were stolen. it also released a statement saying biles did not break any rules. 5:44 on your wednesday morning. former nsa contractor edward snowden is going to appear via video at a press conference in new york city today. snowden has been living in political asylum in russia since leaking classified information about the u.s. government. now he makes all of his appearances by video hookup. today marks the launch of a campaign urging president obama to pardon him. that movement is spoup 30r9ed by a number of groups including aclu, amnesty international, human rights watch and others.
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attorneys yesterday were in court arguing the merits of berkeley's so-called right to know ordinance requiring berkeley merchants to inform phone buyers about the claim that cell phones give off radiati radiation. the cell phone industry wants the injunction to be put back in place until ooh final ruling is issued. the case is being heard in san francisco. >> that is squarery contrary to science, facts and the fcc's carefully considered findings. >> have they ever said putting a cell phone in your pocket is unsafe? >> no. but they have repeatedly said here are the standards you have to live under in order to get a cell phone approved so we can certify it as safe. >> a final ruling on the injunction is not expected for the next couple of months. appeals may eventually take the case to the supreme court. we know the bay area has
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out-of-this-world housing prices, but when it comes to the 50 states, hawaii has krochlt beat based on listing for four-bedroom two-bath homes. massachusetts finished second. when it comes to individual real estate markets, the same reports 11 highest price individual locations are all right here in california, seven of the 11 are in the bay area. top buy, you've heard it before, saratoga at number one. that's out of more than 2,000 u.s. markets. detroit is considered the most affordable. while u.s. household incomes surged last year, it appears more californians are being left behind. the housing story laura just stalked about, median household income rose by 5% in 2015, the highest increase since '07. high real estate costs are
5:47 am
hitting home for californians. the golden state recorded the highest poverty level in the country with 20% struggling to afford the basic essentials. >> seeing the gap widen between the haves and have-nots. wells fargo's reputation may be personal innocently tarnished. >> the bay area-based company was the most valuable company in the united stats, laura, as measured by market capitalization. i said was. it is now number two behind chase. wells fargo ceo was on cnbc last night trying to explain not just why wells fargo apparently signed up customers for credit cards and checking accounts they didn't want, but gave the person in charge of that division at the ban ak huge payout on her retirement. congress will pull stump before a hearing later next week. chevrolet announced this
5:48 am
week its much-anticipated chevy bolt electric car would have a much longer range than anyone expected. i got a chance to drive the bolt yesterday. note that bolt with a b, not volt with a v. the b bolt is all electric, the volt is a plug-in hybrid. chevy says the bolt will be available before the end of the year. the obvious comparison we need to make this morning is with the tesla model 3. let's talk about this. the chevy bolt is going to be 238 miles in range. that's forever. you think about a leaf, it's about 80. 37,500 and available soon. the tesla model 3 won't go as far, will be slightly, slightly less expensive and we have no idea when it's actually going to be available. tesla keeps giving us dates and they keep pushing that date forward. steve wozniak loves the bolt. he got a chance to drive it.
5:49 am
he said tesla is going to have a difficult time selling me a model 3. a lot of things wrong with the tesla are done wrong with the bolt. he likes the fold-down seats because it can carry his segue. i imagine that's not going to be an issue for anyone else. the bottom line is you can think of the bolt as a regular car. if you're deciding to buy a car, why not buy an electric? in this case it's enough range that you won't get, 250 miles. >> room many in the back seat? >> plenty room many and plenty of head room. for $30,000 to $35,000 you're buying a compact car with a lot of plastic where maybe you would expect a little leather in a mercedes or something else. >> that's what i was wondering, if it has any of the wow factor. >> i think this is going to be cool. i think this is going to have a cool factor tore it. >> maybe the chevy bolt will have some cachet as well. >> maybe you'll pick us up next
5:50 am
time. happening right now, we're starting to see the aftermath tr frorm julia off florida's east coast. the storm formed late last night and has already caused serious damage. a gas station in mayport, florida, lost a chunk of its awning. you see right there the palm trees blowing in the wind to the high winds and rain. 40-mile-per-hour winds and bands of heavy rain are threatening homes and businesses in northeast florida and also southern georgia. >> nothing like that in our neck of the woods. it was interesting, rob earlier was telling us, when you can go back in history and tell us some of the record that was set, back in the '70s. >> going way back. 101 in san francisco, 104 in san jose. so be glad you perhaps weren't here in 1971. it was hot. let's talk a little more about tropical storm julia right now. here is the problem with this tropical system. it formed late last night. it's not going anywhere. look at the projection over the
5:51 am
next 48 hours. the storm kind of stalling out across the coast there of georgia, the atlantic coast over towards south carolina. rainfall totals along the coastal communities could go five inches plus. flooding rain a distinct possibility there as tropical storm julia continues to impact the southeast. now, for us this morning you'll want to kbrab a jacket. 40s and low 50s outside right now. in san jose 57 degrees. record high for this day, we'll go nowhere near that, 104 degrees in 1971. coastal temperatures staying cool today and valley temperatures, though warmer than yesterday still several degrees below average, though that is about to change for the second half of the week. here in saratoga, an idea of what to expect, hour-by-hour, low 80s this after gloon. 78 in san jose, mid to upper 60s for san francisco. across the north bay, mid to upper 70s and notice as high pressure starts to build across
5:52 am
the west coast by friday and saturday, you'll notice the warmup including san francisco. should see 70s in reach by saturday an sunday. for inland locations including the tri-valley as early as friday. could see 90s again. low 70s yesterday. 70s and 80s today, jumping into the 90s on friday and saturday. >> the peninsula not a problem, typical pattern there. it is north 101. still a slow drive rippling back after the crash cleared to the shoulder. 87 from capital to kirtner. slowing in southbound 680 from pleasanton toward sunol. a crash may have lanes blocked right now. you see the slowing on the approach as well. the live dublin counter shows you rchlt just over here on this side of the screen, we see folks
5:53 am
tapping the brakes harder. in oakland, the camera turned towards hague enberger, we have a smootheder drive. north are the headlights heading towards the toll plaza where the metering lights are on. >> a powerful storm is barreling towards taiwan communities this morning. a closer look at the super typhoon. vin scully says the last ball game we'll broadcast is the l.a. dodgers regular season finale in san francisco, regardless of whether or not the dodgers reach the play-offs. you can read more about that story on giant star buster posey is an all-star on the field, it turns out he is also off the field. posted for pictures, signed autographs and made bed site visits to children in the hospital. a developing story -
5:54 am
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==laura/1xvidbox== the planet's most powerful storm of the year so far- is barreling towards taiwan right now... 5:56. a developing story this morning. the planet's most powerful storm of the year so far is barreling towards taiwan right now. the super typhoon is packing winds of 200 miles per hour. it's expected to weaken as it approaches land. this is video from the southern tip of the island already hit hard by damaging winds and heavy
5:57 am
rain. the brunt of the storm is expected to slam mainland china tomorrow. it could be the strongest to hit that country in nearly 50 years. zika continuing to spread in florida. the total number of zika cases that originated in florida up to 70. florida health officials say they believe the cases are isolated to two small areas of the state. the windward neighborhood in north miami and miami beach. crews are currently spraying both those areas with insecticide. there have been 634 travel-related cases of zika. in all, 86 pregnant women have been infected. in the meantime, 77 mayors from across the country including right here in the bay area are urging lawmakers at the federal level to break the zika dead long lock in congress. 70 mayors signed a letter they
5:58 am
sent to the house and senate leaders. that letter pointedly blames lawmakers, quote, persistent inaction for a lack of federal funding. the mayors are critical that the nih has been forced to divert millions in funding for cancer and heart disease to zika research. >> moving on to decision 2016, tim kaine will be back in the bay area in a few hours from now, cain is expected to attend a morning roundtable in agent they are ton at the home of ceo steve spinner and will spend lunch at at the home of jillian man news. his running mate hillary clinton was supposed to be at a fund-raiser on monday but canceled as she recovers from my known yeah. she's scheduled to return to the campaign trail tomorrow. donald trump expected to reveal results from his latest physical on a taping of the dr. oz show. he's promising to share more of
5:59 am
his economic plan. yesterday trump announced he would expand tax deductions for child care. the plan would also guarantee six weeks of paid maternity leave for new mothers if their employers don't provide the benefits. >> those must put themselves in the shoes of the laid off factory worker, the family worried about security or the mom struggling to afford child care. >> the latest nbc news-survey monkey poll shows trump is closing in on clinton's lead, now four percentage pointsds behind nationally. scary moments after a man drives straight into several police officers. at the time security cameras were rolling. we want to warn you this video could be hard to watch. this happened in phoenix early yesterday morning. the video shows the car plowing into the officers, some standing by on both sides of the car trying to dodge it. that officer was on his first day of the job, the one that gets knocked down here.
6:00 am
he suffers a head injury, another officer had a broken leg, and the third officer was hurt dug a struggle trying to arrest that driver. all the officers thankfully will be okay. that driver in the meantime is now facing three counts of attempted murder. >> a intersection turns crime scene as police investigate an overnight shooting. the latest on that vision coming up. >> calling for action, the emotional plea from a bay area grandfather after his 3-year-old grandson is killed in a deadly impaired driving crash. >> and controversy over the crookedest street in the world. the changes that could soon be coming to ease traffic on san francisco's famous lombard street. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> i said continues because we've been here since 4:30 this morning.


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