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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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fall begins. you can see our sunrise waiting to come up. our days are getting shorter. sunrise at 6:50. we'll be dark for the next 50 minutes. we have fog in san francisco and parts of the north bay. later this afternoon, 60s and 70s at the coastline. 80s return to the inland valley. we'll toss things over to mike. >> tracking a traffic break on the peninsula. want to tell folks about a b.a.r.t. delay as well in the east bay between orinda and rock way. we know the delay has grown to 20 minutes. on the peninsula side, southbound 101 showing slowing. a traffic break to clear some of the cars. southbound jammed up south of burlingame in toward poplar avenue. el camino, we'll take you through. that's a major surface street. 280 is very clear. we move over for 92 through the
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san mateo hills. in the south bay itself we have a smoother flow of traffic. your build from north 101 starting there. in the north bay, a little fog that anthony talked about, but no problems. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:01. three people are injured, two critically after an suv slammed into a utility pole in the south bay. firefighters say it happened before midnight at meridian and minnesota avenues. freets say the third woman inside that car suffered minor injuries. they didn't detail the injuries of the two women who were critically hurt. the cause of the crash is under investigation. happening today, the attorney for the young woman at the center of a police sex abuse case involving several local law enforcement agencies is holding a news conference for the first time here in the bay area. >> da"today in the bay's" pete
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suratos has more. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. her legal name is jasmine. that's what her lawyer says she'd like to be referred to at this point. what this means with her heading back to the bay area is the d.a.'s office can finally file those formal charges against those officers. her lawyer, pamela price, will hold a news conference in front of oakland city hall around 11:00 a.m. jasmine went to florida for rehab last month. she was taken into custody for assaulting a guard during rehab. she took a plea deal. that's when they held this news conference yesterday. her lawyer says that richmond pd is the one who arranged for jasmine to go to this rehab, something the city disputes. the city of richmond, the police department was involved in all this in connection to jasmine. the lawyer says the bottom line here is jasmine has been a sex abuse victim since the age of 12. right now she wants to get that 19-year-old some help. >> so whether or not somebody gave her a dollar or a dime is
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irrelevant. the fact that she is alive today is a miracle. >> the d.a.'s office is pursuing criminal charges against seven current and former officers. five of those officers with oakland police. no word on the jasmine will be here with her lawyer during that news conference at 11:00 a.m. live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> 6:03 right now. new this morning, voted out. just a few hours ago the hayward unified school board voted to remove superintendent stan dobbs. at a crowded meeting last night people for and against dobbs showed up to voice their opinions. around midnight the board decided to terminate dobbs' contract after a three-month-long investigation. dobbs had been on paid leave since june after his decision to allow ex-49er ray mcdonald to speak to stou dents last year at a time when he was facing sexual assault charges.
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after a crime that was so upsetting, a south bay neighborhood is figuring out new ways to try to watch each other's backs. they are spak haken by the beat and robbery of an elderly woman. and emergency meeting will take place tonight as 88-year-old flo douglas fights for her life in intensive care. two men attacked her on sunday night, beat her, took her jewelry off her and then stole her car. neighbors in the alum rock neighborhood eventually discovered flo on monday morning. investigators say she suffered severe trauma to her head and facial injuries. neighbors are hoping to develop a plan to protect each other. >> this is a time where we come together as a community, come together as neighbors, come together as humans to help each other out. >> we should know our neighbors, figure out and brainstorm how we can help our neighbors. what is it? is it technology? is it phone calling to make sure
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everybody is okay? >> that meeting is tonight at 7:00 at the st. john vee annie community center. the sheriff's office is searching for the suspects still, asking neighbors to check security cameras for clue. the man accused of terrorizing a south bay neighborhood by shooting at passing drivers is expected in court. san jose police arrested 30-year-old michael lewis two weeks ago. investigators say at least ten times over the last four months lewis fired at cars in san jose's blossom hill neighborhood. luckily no one ever died. police say at least three people were injured by bullets or shrapnel. lewis faces more than a dozen criminal charges including attempted murder. a suspected kidnapper is off the streets of antioch. police say bernard king seen here is in jail after he tried to lure two girls on two separate occasions. the most recent attempt happened last tuesday. police say a 13-year-old girl was walking on 10th street on her way to school when king
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grabbed her and attempted to sexually assault her. fortunately she was able to push him off and break free. police say back in january, a very similar scenario unfolded with another girl who was also walking home from school in the same area. king was identified as a suspect in that crime, too, and is now facing multiple charges. two men charged in a northern california cold case will not be eligible for the death penalty if convicted. 12-year-old valley lane and 13-year-old doris derryberry were killed in yolo county back in 1973. dna evidence link two men to the girls' death. 65-year-old larry don patterson and 65-year-old william lloyd harbour are facing murder charges. the death penalty was not an option as it was not legal when the girls were assaulted and killed. in hopes of solving cold cases, the san francisco police department is rehiring a familiar face.
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sfpd is welcoming back a veteran homicide unit inspector. the move is in response to the community asking for additional resources to work on cold cases. interim chief toney chaplin says he's pleased to bring back knowledgeable veterans to the force. >> resources robbed. police in palo alto are investigating what appears to be a heartless crime, the theft of thousands of dollars from the collection baskets that are passed around during sunday church service. the "mercury news" reports someone stole up to $10,000 from the baskets at the cornerstone community church located on east meadow drive. so far no arrests have been made. police say they're trying to track down a person of interest who raised regular churchgoers' suspicions before abruptly leaving at sunday's service. a las vegas oversight committee could vote whether to put millions in public money towards building the team a new stadium. the franchise will contribute $5
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million to the project if approved. if all sides come to an agreement, the new stadium will be recommended to the governor of nevada. las vegas one of many venues the team is looking to move to. definitely congestion and noise here. that's what neighbors have had to deal with during the month-long preparation of a high profile equestrian show. cavalia has set up shop along 87 in downtown san jose. some people living in nearby apartments say they've had to dodge trucks and equipment and a whole lot of construction. the show's marketing director says he personally delivered pamphlets to the neighborhood and held two community meetings. >> we invited as many neighbors and the closest area within 1,000 feet to attend that meeting and we explained how we're going to do, what we're going to do, the time, the dates, the kind of impacts to be had, parking, traffic. >> maybe they'll catch a show, change their minds. the show runs through october. >> october means fall. right around the corner.
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summer now just hanging on after we got a taste of fall. >> i know. which one is it? anthony slaughter joining us in for kari hall. >> we're looking at fog making the return in san francisco. we even have fog and low clouds that have made their way as far as san jose this morning. once the sun does come up, we'll have gray skies in the south bay. cool in the south bay, 51 in morgan hill. north bay, 47 in napa and 49 in santa rosa. look at the visibility, falling off, drifting around in santa rosa and napa. we've seen visibility from a mile to three miles. you can see our highs will be comfortable but a little warmer than they were yesterday. in fact, gilroy up to 86 degrees. walnut creek, 85. fairfield 89. and san francisco at 69 degrees. so more sunshine means more warming and we will see that into the weekend. we'll talk about that. mike will get you to work on
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time. what's happening on the roads? >> first we'll talk about the rails. we have a major delays, mo than 20 minutes between orinda an rock ridge off 24. we also have a problem on the peninsula. we talked about the roads, southbound 101 jammed up. word is it sounds like one crash at poplar in the middle two lanes. that's what's causing the big jam and possibly a traffic break from burlingame into san mateo. el camino is a good option coming off city streets. 280 is free as you head over there. 92 will cut you back over toward 101. south 880 a crash approaching a street. big slowing for hayward and the rest of the east bay looks great. south bay we have slowing northbound 101 right here in san jose. we have a stall right there in the middle of the roadway just north of 680. >> something to keep an eye on. for public transit commuters, you want to know what b.a.r.t. is planning to do to improve service? just get on the phone.
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b.a.r.t. is holding a telephone town hall for san francisco commuters looking to learn about b.a.r.t.'s plan improvements. the town halltion are being done for riders in contra costa and alameda counties. they come ahead of a bond measure this november that would provide b.a.r.t. some $3.5 billion for improvements. from b.a.r.t. to muni. up next, the call for cell phone service that could soon be answered and it won't cost riders a dime. critical test for twitter as the company takes on live streaming for the first time. plus we continue to look at the wells fargo scandal. there may be criminal charges ahead, plus harsh words for the ceo. loud and clear..
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san francisco's muni is answering the call for cell loud and clear. san francisco's muni is answering the call for cell phone service for underground trains. the proposal is reportedly going to cost the city nothing. right now when muni trains go below ground, cell service is lost. that does not happen on b.a.r.t. the city, b.a.r.t. and muni are teaming up to change that and have cell phone companies foot the bill. >> cell companies want to do this. we have a pro sis in place that mta is working on in order to allow them to do this. they also will have to pay the fees associated with that. >> i think it would be good maybe for an earthquake, because if we have that, they could tell me where to dig out of or where
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to find me. >> the plan is up for a vote by the b.a.r.t. board next week. underground muni cell phone service is not expected to become a reality until about 12 to 18 months from now. quarter after 6:00 right now. if you're noticing more corporate shuttle buses on bay area roadways, it's not your imagination. we're getting a look at buses shuffling workers from silicon valley and elsewhere. bay area transportation leaders released the first ever shuttle census. they counted more than 400 tech buses in operation daily in san francisco alone. typically, shuttle buses are moving about 34,000 passengers per day around the bay area. >> there is more at stake in tonight's nfl match-up between the new york jets and the buffalo bills than just wins and losses. it is also a crucial test for twitter which is streaming the tv broadcast along with several other games that are looking at actually doing maybe ten games this season.
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budweiser and bank of america and other brands are watching to see how it works out. ceo of twitter announcing the app is available for devices such as apple tv and xbox 1 where users can watch live events. the "wall street journal" says the department of justice has launched a criminal investigation into wells fargo. >> the bank says more than a million accounts were created for customers who didn't want them and didn't ask for them. the bank is quick to blame the employees. >> that's right. though there's plenty of blame to go around. wells fargo set up a system that pressured and incentivized them. you might have found the pressure at a teller window. it turns out a lot of workers decided to sign you up whether you wanted to or not. wells fargo says nearly 2 million unwanted credit card accounts and bank accounts were
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created. it is one of the worst banking scandals in modern history. in an op ed, market watch was harsh asking why ceo john stump still has a job. says in a blink, wells' brand as the bank that doesn't cheat is ashes. wells fargo is no longer america's most valuable bank. it lost its value to jpmorgan chase who now takes the title. shares in apple are at a high for 2016 as the iphone 7 is selling quite well. apple sold out of the larger iphone 7 plus for now. you can still pre order it. you won't get it on friday if you order it now. it won't be in stores. obviously if you're one of the early birds, you're good. the ups driver will have your iphone 7 plus for you on friday morning. sam and laura, i told you to keep an eye on the chinese company that built a new headquarters in san jose. they say they're the netflix of china. they're also working on electric
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phones and bikes, and yesterday announced it bought a movie production company that made "bad grandpa." a couple weeks ago they bought the individuals i don't line of television sets. >> what do they do? >> they're just big. that's their business. they're hiring like mad, buying into all kinds of disparate -- a little like google. google does all kinds of interesting things. i think they're trying to copy it. >> a huge score for the city of san jose. but it means in terms of available housing which has been a problem -- >> that will continue. >> thank you, scott. 6:18 right now. spike in burglaries in one washington state neighborhood and the suspect has four legs. neighbors say this cat is stealing gloves, toys, even sneakers off of front porches. the sinister cat there. some people don't seem to mind. they're calling her the bad kitty bandit and created a community bucket where the stolen items found around the
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neighborhood are safely returned. >> maybe she's bringing them as rewards, as gifts, as tokens of her love. >> mixing and matching, these shoes look great but should be across the street. >> bright and witty early this morning. >> even a broken clock is right twice a day. >> if you're about to step outside, we've got fog out there. but also clear skies. look at the sunrise from walnut creek. before you step out, take that in. always nice to stop and smell the flowers or stop and watch the sunrise, as i like to say. from a weather man's perspective. one mile down to visibility. that's our impacts right now. you can see santa rosa dealing with low clouds. everywhere else looking at good conditions. once you come in from the north, you'll run into fog. tri-valley, clear skies, beautiful sunrise. the pen things la, south bay still looking at clouds. eventually we'll see sun come up
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and temperatures warm nicely back to 65 degrees. 85 for the tri-valley, 76 for the peninsula. high pressure in control, so nothing in terms of any storms coming our way. we'll see dry weather over the course of the weekend. look how the heat builds? we're talking 80s today for most places. 90s tomorrow, walnut creek down toward the central coast, central valley and tahoe looking at 70s. really good time for saturday and sunday. walnut creek 94, monterey 69. back into the 70s for sunday and the 90s for our inland valleys. the heat will build over the next couple days. you'll notice it on the inland valleys. temperatures back in the 80s. a little warmer than it was just yesterday. trurgs climb back into the mid 90s even for next week. it stays warm and dry. san francisco will get rid of the fog by tomorrow and the weekend. mid 70s for daytime highs.
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nice weekend coming our way as we round off summer. >> tougher this thursday than most would imagine on both sides of the san mateo bridge. peninsula side, two middle lanes blocked, southbound 101 from burlingame just shy of the poplar exit, a crash in the two middle lanes. it's holding steady with the backup south of burlingame. el camino a good option. head east on the eastern side of the san mateo bridge, that crash south 880 at wynton has cleared to the shoulder. that happened quickly. a little extra slowing from h hayward down toward the seen. no problems for the dumbarton bridge. the south bay looking clear as far as our sensors go. a little slowing on the approach towards 101. the crash just cleared here -- i shouldn't say crash, no crash, the vehicle has been cleared. the bay bridge toll plaza this
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has been cleared. the metering lights are on. also a note for the east bay. the b.a.r.t. system has a delay from orinda to rock ridge. delays on the track there. over 20 minutes on that line. no word on the rest of the system, but so far sounds like it's okay. shoo the flu, the bay area school district giving out free vaccines in hopes of keeping students from getting sick. a costly refrigerator doesn't fit in the kitchen as advertised. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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once again getting a one less thing for parents to have to worry about. oakland schools are getting a big boosting in fighting back against the flu. the alameda county health department is 'em teaming up with oakland unified is offering free flu shots. this morning nbc bay area responds to a concord woman who had problems with a sears appliance and couldn't get the company to help her out. >> consumer investigator chris kem chmura is here with more. >> the fridge was delivered in april and installed by sears in may. lynn says the refrigerator wasn't counter depth at all, it stuck out from her counter by several inches. she told sears she wanted to
6:26 am
return that refrej rater to the store. the store said no because it was beyond the 30-day return period. lincoln tacted us and we responded. sears has refunded her the full cost of the refrigerator, $3200. in a statement seers says its priority is ensuring customer satisfaction. if you have a complaint, call 1-888-996-tips or visit you can share documents, stories and videos to help us investigate your case. tomorrow morning, canceling that prepaid service contract on a car. have a great day. >> thanks a lot, chris. an nba star accused of sexually assaulting a bay area woman. coming up next, what we learn about the case against derrick rose as the trial ap etch pros. taking aim after a spree of
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bb gun shootings. a community is coming together -- >> reporter: an 88-year-old woman is still in the hospital fighting for her life, but her neighbors are starting to gather, not only to help her but to figure out how to make the community a safer place. i'm kris sanchez in east san jose. we'll show you that story coming up next. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live in hayward where the school superintendent is given the boot. we'll have the story coming up. joining us on this thursday
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morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. =sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock good morning. you made it to thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it feels like your typical bay area start. fog and low clouds. might be burning some of that off later today. >> it will burn off. summer holding on. we've got the last summer blast headed our way over the next couple days. you'll really start to notice it. sunrise coming up from dublin. you can see a beautiful start to the day. lafayette looking good as well. mount diablo. san francisco, there's the clouds and the fog. some of it made its way south into san jose. we've got a mix of sun and clouds this morning. so keep those shades handy. 50 degrees right now in morgan hill. 56 in napa. 57 in san jose. visibility is low in the north bay, down to one mile in santa rosa. keep that in mind coming in from the golden gate bridge. later today 80s for the inland valleys. 60s and 70s around the inner bay
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and coastline. less toss things over to mike. >> i'm going to stick with my maps right now. i want to tell you a couple things. major delays reported for the b.a.r.t. system between orinda and rock ridge. the south bay is starting an early build for 101 and 85. we'll track that as well. the major problem is over on the peninsula, southbound 101, jachled with a crash in the middle of the freeway. two lanes are blocked at popular, two middle lanes. folks are struggling to get by before you get out of burlingame down to the scene. el camino and 280 still moving well as your options, southbound 880 through hayward is recovering from an earlier crash. slowing through hayward and union city for the nimitz freeway. all new this morning, the search is on for the driver who smashed the car into a gas line by an elementary school, capri elementary and took off from the
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scene. this happened in campbell. it's a story we brought you live as breaking news at 5:00. pg&e was called in to cap the ruptured gas line. we're told there was never a threat to the school or nearby homes, and this should not affect the start of classes. >> 6:32. later today san jose community is holding an emergency meeting to talk about how to keep their neighbors safe. it comes after 88-year-old flo douglas was robbed and beaten inside her own home. douglas remains in the hospital this morning with serious injuries, and her neighbors tell nbc bay area her condition is not getting better. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san jose. kris, obviously an unthinkable crime. even veteran deputies are shaken up by what happened. >> reporter: definitely a difficult story any time you have an elderly person who is abused, especially physically in this way. here at st. john vianney there is a sign for a charity golf tournament. across the way, a sign for a world service day.
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this is where that emergency meeting is going to happen tonight regarding the violent beating and home invasion of 88-year-old flo douglas. as you said, she is still in intensive care recovering from the major trauma inflicted by the two men who santa clara county sheriff's deputies beat her and robbed her in her own home, left her for dead, only to return to steal her car. deputies are working the case still. neighbors get the credit for finding ms. douglas before it was too late after realizing her car wasn't where it was supposed to be and calling for help. tonight the neighbors will gather to figure out what they can do from here. >> we should know our neighbors, figure out and brainstorm how we can help our neighbors. what is it? is it technology? is it phone calling to make sure everybody is okay? >> reporter: the meeting is scheduled for tonight, 7:00 through 8:30 at st. john vianney
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community center. if this is not your neighborhood but you're wondering what you can do where you live, contact your local law enforcement, either police or sheriff's department, ask how you can set up a neighborhood watch program. many of our agencies connect through these social sites and you can check facebook. that's where tonight's meeting is posted. in san jose, kris sanchez. >> certainly prayers for flo to get better. the hayward critical school board had a critical vote opting to remove superintendent stan dobbs. bob redell joining us from hayward. this decision followed an hours' long packed meeting with people both for and against the removal of dobbs. >> good morning, sam, yes. most of the people inside the board meeting were in support of dobbs. in spite of that, the board did decide to oust their
6:35 am
superintendent. a couple of reasons why, one is the decision by dobbs to invite a disgraced nfl football player to one of the schools. you can see in this photo superintendent dobbs last year invited former 49er ray mcdonald to speak at tennyson high school. the superintendents did not disclose to the students that mcdonald had been accused of domestic violence and sexual assault. in june the board suspended dobbs, placed him on paid leave and started an investigation. at last night's board meeting, about 100 people showed up, as i mentioned, most of them in support of dobbs. it became loud, one woman stood up to shout down one of the speakers. the superintendent was allowed the speak. another issue, dobbs was accused of getting into a fight, that led some of the trustees to file a police report. we spoke with dobbs before the vote last night. he claims he's been targeted by the board.
6:36 am
>> the issue is how do you respond to the vendetta. my goal has always been to stay professional. >> reporter: dobbs supporters credit him with increasing test scores and graduation rates at schools within the hayward unified school district. this morning he's out of a job as the board voted last night after midnight to terminate his contract. reporting live in hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. it is 6:36. by standers, animals and police all shot with a bb gun. it happened in south san jose in santa theresa boulevard yesterday afternoon. one of the bbs struck a man in the leg as he was leaving a vet clinic with his dog in his arms. an employee outside at the time says she's grateful no one was hurt. >> the customer was holding his cute little dog. i was standing right here and he was standing right here. it kind of just shot and hit him in the leg, just missed the dog.
6:37 am
>> san jose police say the b kbnchts gunman also aimed at officers who responded to the 911 call. police were unable to find the shooter. a woman who accuses a very well-known basketball player, derrick rose, of raping her is trying to make a public appeal at the start of her civil case. that woman is not identifying herself. today in san francisco she and her attorneys plan on talking about her $20 million lawsuit against the former chicago bull, new york new york knick, derrick rose. the woman claims rose and two friends raped her after a night of drinking in 2013. despite the allegations, no criminal charges have ever been brought against rose. rose's attorneys are calling this case, quote, a money grab. back on the campaign trail after several days of rest, hillary clinton will resume campaigning today. it's her first stop in north carolina. >> no rest for the weary. b "today in the bay's" tracie potts joining us from washington, d.c. we now know more ability the
6:38 am
health of not only clinton, but donald trump, too. >> reporter: they both have released more detailed information from their doctors, not full medical histories, but more than we knew before. for clinton, she was off for four days and now is back on the campaign trail with what her campaign staff says will be a speech today about her theme, focusing on children and families. hillary clinton is scheduled to attend a campaign event in north carolina this afternoon, her first after nearly collapsing sunday. in a detailed letter noting her low cholesterol and medication for blood clots, clinton's doctor adds she's fit to serve and in excellent mental condition. >> the doctor's letter is actually fairly complete and shows she's actually a very healthy person. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't think so. >> reporter: donald trump gave tv host dr. oz a peek at his latest medical screenings, a
6:39 am
bit overweight and on cholesterol meds, but for the most part healthy. >> i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> reporter: today trump is expected to detail his economic plan during a speech with mike pence in new york. >> we're going to cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms. >> reporter: now, we're learning more about the russian hackers who have been interested in american politics. u.s. officials think they were behind hacking the dnc, the democratic party. now we're learning from the top republican here on capitol hill that it looks like some republican operatives are also being targeted. >> very unsettling. tracie potts from d.c. thank you very much. let's get a look at the forecast for this almost friday morning. it's friday eve around here, anthony. >> looking at fog and cloud cover across the coastline. the sun coming up. we're getting a glimpse of what it looks like outside.
6:40 am
cloudy in san francisco. but everywhere else looking at a good amount of sunshine with the exception of daly city. everywhere else the sun coming up and we've got quite a bit in store today. high temperatures today, a warm one for inland locations. talking 80s, the return of 80s after a nice school start to the workweek. heating up for the tri-valley. 69 in san francisco and 83 today for the south bay. we'll talk about the weekend and how temperatures soar into the 90s coming up. let's toss thing over to mike tracking a problem on the peninsula. >> we continue with the problem for highway 101. we also continue with b.a.r.t. delays. the south bay, a standard build, but it is there for the silicon valley as well. 101 south is jammed from millbrae all the way to poplar avenue. this is getting longer now for this stretch where your left three lanes are now blocked. folks are moving over to the right. it's easier for traffic management. that may actually help out the situation. el camino or 280 heading south
6:41 am
toward 92 are options for you to get past that scene. meanwhile, the rest of the bay looking standard. we have a crash at mcbride for westbound 80, upper eastshore freeway and the bay bridge toll plaza backed up. delay between orinda and rock ridge exist. the rest of the system okay. coming up next, justifying drug price hikes in response to the epipen controversy. a new bill set to be unveiled in the hopes of protecting people from paying outrageous prices for certain medication. take a look at this video. it looks like many car fires we see, but it's what likely sparked the flames that makes this investigation unusual. is there a fake elon musk out there, and why is he e-mailing tesla? a live look at the big board. dow industrials up ever so slightly. some call him a hero .. others
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call him a traitor. it's quickly approaching quarter to 7:00 on thursday morning. some call him a hero. others call him a traitor. now former nsa contractor edward snowden is seeking a presidential pardon. snowden appeared yesterday by video conference to make his case to u.s. leaders. this week human rights groups threw their support behind snowden. a pardon is not considered likely.
6:45 am
today house lawmakers are expected to meet behind closed doors to discuss a new report on snowden's disclosures and the on going fallout. a developing story right now that we have been following overnight. we've learned that russian hackers have leaked more confidential information. the world anti-doping agency or wada con terms the group known as fancy bear has released medical data from 25 athletes in eight different countries. thissal to lows an earlier leak of documents relating to u.s. athletes that included olympic gold medalist simone biles. the agency believes the cyber attacks are an attempt to undermine the global anti-doping system. more than 1,000 former are chipotle employees are receiving checks totaling $95,000, concerning violations of the city's sick leave law. the city began investigating back in 2012 after employees were being denied sick leave.
6:46 am
chipotle san francisco have to display posters describing employee rights under the law. many people sickened by the rising drug prices. today lawmakers will present a new measure to limit the practice of drugmakers jacking up prices. the bill being unveiled today comes in direct response to recent fewer record over the soaring cost of epipen devices ov over. lawmakers want to require companies to publicly justify price hikes of more than 10% at least one month before any such hike takes effect. 6:46. new video to show you of a car fire in port st. lucie, florida. before you start to wonder why we're showing you a fully engulfed car so far away, the real story is how the driver says the fire started. he said his samsung 7 galaxy phone popped and burst into flames while he was driving. luckily the driver got out
6:47 am
safely. firefighters have not confirmed the claim. this is the second time in two weeks that a samsung phone being blamed for a car fire in florida. >> samsung of course having the recall. peter till probably wishes he can take back something he said. >> he insulted chicagoans in chicago. >> he was at roosevelt university a couple days ago. "the chicago tribune" is given the silicon valley billionaire and trump supporter some grief. the newspaper quotes teal as saying, if you are a very talented person, you have a choice. you either go to new york or to silicon valley. the tribune ads perhaps he was unaware he was addressing a crowd of chicagoans. the hu"huffington post" pointin out trump wants to appoint theel to the supreme court. a spokesman for peter thiel
6:48 am
says thiel has no interest in the job. tesla has filed a lawsuit accusing an investor of pretending he was elon musk in order to learn secret information about the car company. a seattle based investigator is accused of sending tesla an e-mail from the e-mail what's your best guest as to where we come in on third quarter, fourth quarter deliverables. honest guess. no bs. thanks for hard work prepping for today. not from elon musk. if you get an e-mail from nbc -- >> probably not. unless i'm getting a raise. >> might want to check the e-mail addresses. check this out. is the planet blue toe guilty of
6:49 am
vandalism. stick with me here. recent nasa images show the large red spot on one of the poles of blpluto's neearby moon. chemical transformations are emitting gas that gets trapped on the nearby moon and coats its poles. the buildup remains for decades, turning red in the process. scientists conclude pluto is a little spray painting. >> kind of soap scum. >> i was going to age spots because pluto is not as young as it looks. >> all scientific data. >> temperatures warming um for the weekend. if you're trying to make plans to get outside and enjoy summertime air for the last hurra, weekend looks good. you can see the sunrise coming
6:50 am
up, lafayette, clear skies right now. not the case in san francisco. we have the summertime fog hanging on tightly in the coastline and san francisco included in that. meanwhile, you can see the fog, as you drive in from the north bay, right there that thin veil of fog coating the golden gate bridge. the visibility in santa rosa, not the case, how it looks in tiburon. 57 in san jose, 52 in livermore. visibility down to zero miles in santa rosa. so coming out of santa rosa, it's going to be foggy. once you hit tiburon, you get rid of the fog and heading over to golden gate bridge, not too bad. patchy fog in the north bay. low cloud cover. it will burn off quickly. look at the 80s. 83 for san jose, livermore. 85 for walnut creek. temperatures stay the same really over the next couple of days with slight warming. you'll see what i'm talking about. look at the numbers over the
6:51 am
last couple days, not too bad today. tomorrow, 90s, more of them return. for the weekend, widespread 90s. to are the central valley. if you're doing traveling across the state this weekend, it's going to be hot. take it easy out there. san francisco is going to be nice. headed to the beach and the coastline, mid 70s expected there. let's talk to mike and see what's happening on the roads. >> we have a problem for the peninsula, allow another 20 minutes traveling south on 101 out of san francisco and toward highway 92. look at your map. the south bay shows a smoother flow of traffic. b.a.r.t. delays are starting to resolve on the pittsburg bay point line. they've resolved the electrical problems. we have three left lanes blocked for southbound 101 into san mateo at poplar avenue. a distraction for the northbound side build as well. now we have slowing from the approach off hillsdale and 101 past 92 and the san mateo bridge. the other side of the bay, slower side developing, typical pattern for hayward, 880 and 680
6:52 am
through pleasanton. all the folks pushing towards 101 northbound. that's where you have a jam heading toward poplar again. this could complicate things. we'll track things closely. 280 is clear and a great option. >> good advice. happening today, warriors fans who were not lucky enough to score season tickets, here is your shot for single game tickets which go on sale today. tickets to the warriors' 41 home games are supposed to go on sale starting at 10:00. tickets can be purchased from the team's home page, and also available at the box office at oracle a arena. coming up, more on this morning's top stories including donations stolen from a bay area church, the clues police have to hopefully catch whoever is responsible. happening right now, high-tech, low-priced shopping.
6:53 am
read how walmart customers can soon use a hand-held event to summon an empty shopping karlt when they want it. on, we introduce you to a 12-year-old singer/songwriter who just won the 11th season of "america's got talent." back in two minutes.
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6:55 am
so i got your test results back and it does show an allergy to cat dander. there are options, but the most effective course of action would be to remove the source of the allergens. he's got a name. it's herbert. as long as you live with herbert, you're going to have the respiratory symptoms. and i'll have the joy that only a kitty cat can bring. okay, well there are some things we can do to minimize the impact. allergy shots, a nasal steroid... does that sound doable? i'm in. at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard. here are the top stories on nbc welcome back on this thursday morning, 6:55. before you head out the door,
6:56 am
here are the top stories on nbc bay area. the attorney for the young woman at the center of a police sexual abuse case involving bay area police officers is holding a news conference in oakland four hours from now. celeste guap is now being asked to be referred to by her real name, jasmine. she's free after being locked up for assaulting a guard while in rehab. her attorney pamela price held a news conference yesterday in florida with jasmine silent by her side. >> sell best guap is dead. we are happy to say that celeste guap is dead. whether or not somebody gave her a dollar or a dime is irrelevant. the fact that they is alive today is a miracle. >> last friday the alameda county district attorney says criminal charge also be filed against seven bay area police officers for being involved with jasmine in some form or another. new this morning, voted out. just a few hours ago the hayward
6:57 am
unified school board voted to remove superintendent stan dobbs. at a crowded meeting last night people both for and against dobbs showed up to voice their opinions. the board decided to terminate his contract after a three-month-long investigation. he had been on paid leave since june after his decision to allow ex-san francisco 49er ray mcdonald to speak to students last year. at the time mcdonald was facing sexual assault charges. the board also reviewed a violent outburst that took place during a board meeting last year. truly an unconscionable crime. now a south bay neighborhood is shaken up by the beating and robbery of an elderly woman, coming together to try to stop violence like this from ever happening again. an emergency meeting will take place tonight as 88-year-old flo douglas fights for her life in intensive care. the santa clara sheriff's office says two men beat her and took off with her jewelry an car. neighbors in the alum rock neighborhood discovered flo on
6:58 am
monday morning. investigators say she had severe trauma to her het and facial injuries. >> this is a time where we come together adds a community, come together as neighbors, as humans to help each other out. >> we should know our neighbors. we should figure out and brainstorm how we can help our neighbors. what is it? is it technology? is it phone calling to make sure everybody is okay? >> that meeting is tonight at 7:00 at the saent john vianney community center. palo alto police investigating the theft of thousands of dollars from the collection basket passed around during sunday church service. the cornerstone church collects up to $10,000 every sunday. this weekend someone made off with the donations. police are trying to track down a person of interest who raised regular churchgoers' suspicions before abruptly leaving during sunday service. >> certainly an unholy crime. 6:58, weather and traffic.
6:59 am
>> a warmer day across the bay. grab the shorts and sunglasses. we've got sunshine this morning. a little fog at the coastline will burn off quickly. up close to 70 degrees. a good mix of 70s and 80s and our inland valley will stay warm over the next couple days. >> california wear for the clothing. what about wear and tear on the commute? >> you can charge up your b.a.r.t. card and get back on the system. the problem has been cleared. we have delays between orinda and rock ridge, but recovery there. a chance to look at the maps. the south bay is not the problem. it is the peninsula. better news here as well. southbound 101, all lanes cleared minutes ago at poplar. the worst south from millbrae toward the area. there's the south bay with your build in the northbound directs and no surprises for the east bay or the tri-valley. >> we like no surprises. >> that's what's happening
7:00 am
"today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. we hope you have a great day. good morning. back to his old ways? after days of taking the high road, donald trump takes a shot at hillary clinton's health. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. >> as clinton returns to the trail today and releases more of her medical records, trump brings his doctor's report to a tv medical show. >> your bmi is high. >> this morning, dr. mehmet oz joins us live. scandal grows. hackers releasing another batch of data, the private information from at least ten more american olympic athletes exposed. is there more to come? nbc news investigation. the canine teams the tsa relies on to sniff out explosives at some of the nation's busiest


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