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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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very careful inside your own home. fighting to take back their neighborhood. the south bay community joining forces after one of their elderly neighbors is brutally attacked in her own home. how they now plan to help protect each other. plus, today is the day. the new iphone 7 officially is going on sale as we take a live look at the apple store in palo alto. some folks stirring inside, plenty outside trying to snag a new phone. it could be too little too late. "today in the bay" starts right now. a good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm chrkris sanchez in for la garcia-cannon on this friday. it is friday, so we always want to know -- try to temer my emotions. >> it's going to be a hot weekend. >> mike and sam like the hot forecast. you i'm not so sure about. >> later on this weekend we'll see changes in the forecast.
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right now 50s outside, low clouds, but 90s back on the board for the tri-valley. concord and antioch heating up. 60s for san francisco, a warming trend that will take us into and through the weekend. a look at that in the next few minutes. with the morning commute, here is rob. >> it's friday light. but some folks already making a weekend getaway. the roadways move well, but look down here. we have a lot more slowing, southbound 880, the crews that had the majority of lanes blocked off overnight, they started to move. a lot of lights, a lot of movement and slowing through this zone south of mission toward 237. northbound you may have some slowing as they open that connector coming off 237 going back up in toward fremont. the rest of the south bay is clear. back to you. back to breaking news we're following this morning. flames erupt inside a peninsula condo and firefighters have been on scene all morning dousing the
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fire burning in san mateo. for one woman's dog, it was too late. >> pete suratos joining us live from the scene. one woman trying to get back inside that fire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kris. a very sad story for that woman trying to get back in the fire and save her dog. the news was bad. they were in front of the condominium complex, most of the crews have cleared out. we do have video from the scene. showing you guys the woman as she's being held back by police. he was her unit that caught on fire around 10:45 p.m. on the 3 2300 block of that continued rag ga drive. she's crying and being held back because police are telling her her dog died in this fire. the fire itself was put out in 20 minutes. there were issues of smoke smoldering in the attic that took time for crews to deal with. one unit in flames when she showed up, five units altogether
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were affected. here is what fire crews had to say. >> the fire was burning in the attic space which is made up of this foam insulation, styrofoam insulation, two layers of this with also plywood. we've ended up going to a fourth alarm to bring in rotations for crews because we've been using -- the firefighters have been up there cutting away the roofing material. >> there are no reported injuries at this time. altogether eight people were displaced. now, the issue with smoldering in the attic, they say there's no longer any smoldering but they're keeping crews on the scene to cope an eye on that as well as to investigate the cause of the fire. pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> i feel for that woman for sure. alum rock neighbors are banding together after an 88-year-old woman was beaten inside her own home. at a resident meeting in san jose several hundred people gathered to decide to launch a
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new version of their neighborhood watch. they want everyone to look out for each other like family. >> we've got to keep an eye out for each other. >> it's about how to watch your back and how to take care of the elders. >> this comes after the arrest of zachary wen who deputies say beat 88-year-old flo douglas last week. we're told she's still currently in grave condition in the hospital in intensive care this morning. a vigil ill is set up for her house outside this morning. >> prayers for her for sure. the young woman at the center of a police sex abuse case is back in the bay area this morning, and more charges could be coming for officers involved. celeste guap who now wants to be known by her real name, jasmine, is reportedly at an undisclosed location receiving counseling. this is as alameda county prepares to file charges against officers. we spoke to jasmine's attorney,
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pamela price, and she says the community deserves to know the truth and the d.a. needs to stop dragging his feet. >> i think mark peterson, the district attorney should explain to the citizens of contra costa county why it has taken more than a year to reach a conclusion to an veil. all kids make bad decisions. all kids do things that their parents are absolutely shocked by. the question is how does the community respond? >> price says jasmine was first victimized when she was 12 years old. jasmine claims to have had sex with up to 30 officers, some of those taking place when she was just a minor. a store clerk in morgan hill is accused of molesting children who went into his store, and there were a lot of kids because the store is near a school. 62-year-old felipe gonzalez solano was arrested on sunday. police say he inappropriately touched children as he entered the market close to britton middle school.
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police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. we're getting a better glimpse into an investigation that led the school district to fire superintendent stan dobbs. they say he has an explosive temper, violated state law and failed to keep the board informed. not everyone agrees with that. some parents rallied behind dobbs. >> he treats us fairly and we think this is completely a big mistake that they have let him go. >> hayward has gone through four superintendents since 2010. happening today, oakland's coliseum authority holds a closed door meeting with top executives for the golden state warriors. the sides are negotiating a new oracle arena lease agreement. right now the warriors hope to move across the bay for the start of the 2019 season. that meeting comes as the oakland raiders get closer to
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moving out of the east bay. the team left oakland four l.a. back in 1981. now they may do it again. las vegas just upped the ante. public financing was approved on a new $1.9 billion stadium near the trip. a nevada committee is voting to spend $750 million worth of hotel taxes on a new football stadium. the nevada legislature still has to approve that project. three-quarters of nfl owners also have to okay the raiders' relocation in january. for those of you watching closely, the move to vegas is now at the 50 yard line. >> i've always believed this is the equal of the raiders of the lost park, and we have plenty more chapters to run. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf responded saying she continues to work on a plan for a new stadium in oakland. of course, rateders fans have struggled through bad years recently. now they look like they're going
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to be really good, and the team is going to leave. >> the timing is always difficult. >> timing is everything. we're at the end of our time for summer. rob mayeda has a look at this warm weekend. >> speaking of the weekend, raiders home opener coming up on sunday, taking on the atlanta falcons. we'll see numbers in the low 80s in oakland. tailgate temperatures through the mid to late morning hours in the 70s. around the bay area today, south bay climbing close to 90. san francisco in the 60s. mid 70s around san carlos towards alameda. as you head toward the tri-valley, livermore and pleasanton into the low 90s. oakland about 74 degrees. check out the warmup in store for the freak. san francisco, upper 70s to near 80 on sunday. valley temperatures, especially the near tri-valley can see upper 90s on sunday. now to see what's happening with your morning drive, here is mike. >> mostly cool. we have fremont where we saw a lot of slowing. look at the speed sensors. you're slow as far as the
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sensors are concerned, all the way down to the construction we talked about. south of dixon landing road. they've been clearing crews north of there. the live look showed a burst of traffic coming down the truck scales, that's why the sensors are slowing. should clear up in a few minutes. birther backlash. donald trump is facing tough questions after it appears he's not on the same page as his campaigns when it comes to president obama's birthplace. it's iphone day. we'll tell you all about it. take you outside as well, coming up on business and tech. be rare of the waters. the rare sighting off the california coastline, the bay area coastline that even had surfers jumping out of the water. talking about this morning..
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trump - and hiown e donald caaign.... and it all surrounds the birth a lot of folks are talking about the contradiction between donald trump and his own campaign surrounding where president obama was born. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts has been monitoring the latest from the campaign trail. tracie, it doesn't sound like everyone is on the same page here. good morning. >> reporter: no, it doesn't. what donald trump is saying is different from the statement his campaign put out overnight saying he does believe the president was born in the united
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states. trump's not addressing that. the campaign says he should get credit for stopping the birther movement because it was donald trump who originally got the president to find and put forward publicly his birth certificate. donald trump will likely face tough questions as he campaigns at his new hotel in washington today. his campaign announced overnight that trump is no longer a birther, that he believes president obama was born in the united states. but trump himself refused to answer that question, telling "the washington post," i just don't want to answer it yet. >> he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president? when will he stop this ugliness. >> reporter: hillary clinton speaks to african-american women in washington today. last night she and president
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obama addressed latino voters. >> we can't let that brand of politics win. >> we need to stop him conclusively in november. >> reporter: trump is going after latinos, too. >> to the hispanic community, i say we are going to protect your jobs. >> reporter: he said he'll do it by renegotiating trade deals. >> we're creating the car capital of the world in mexico, believe me folks. >> reporter: closing the gap with hillary clinton ten days before their first face-to-face showdown. clinton says she's not worried about the poll numbers going up and down because in the end what really counts is who they can get to the polls. >> indeed, tracie. the individual polling at the states that matter the most. in california a hillary clinton impersonator was back at it yesterday just like the real one. 61-year-old theresa barnwell. that is striking.
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she's been performing in movies and television since clinton was first lady. after clinton had a health issue at the 9/11 memorial, many people asked her if the clinton campaign hired her as a body double. some taking to twitter asking if she was in new york on sunday. she replied, quote, maybe i was. it turned out to be a joke. >> i was a little upset that i had been pulled into this body double controversy and my picture had come along with that as well. i kind of thought, okay, if somebody is going to mess with me, i'm going to mess with them. >> oh, my god. look at that. there they are side by side. it turns out barnwell was in los angeles. she and clinton have met before. it was in 1996 in l.a. during a clinton book signing for "it takes a village." >> she's a method actress. she rests when hillary clinton
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rests. >> totally. trying to keep this all straight. the house intelligence committee is slamming edward snowden this morning as others push for a pardon. >> scott mcgrew, the house committee's timing intentional? >> it was. the committee members want you to think of snowden as a bad guy, someone who hurt the united states as calls for a pardon grow. the timing coincides with the release of the new oliver stone movie about snowden. i have not seen the movie, but i understand it paints him in a very sympathetic light. the worry is people are going to confuse a movie story with real facts. edward snowden is played by joseph gordon leavitt, but snowden has a am i don't at the end of the film. gordon leavitt is going to use his salary to make documentaries and videos about privacy. swedish courts held up the
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arrest warrant for julian assange. under the law, if he steps out, britain has to arrest him on the swedish charge. he'll be expedited to the united states on spying charges. the news before the bell, landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> happy friday to you. wall street starting off in the red. futures are lower this morning, and european markets are down as well, as bank stocks are getting hit with germany's deutsche bank the big loser, saying the justice department is asking for $14 billion to settle a mortgage fraught case. investors will also be watching data today as we get reports on consumer prices and consumer sentiment, and keep an eye on apple. the stock is having its best week in five years as the iphone 7 hits stores today. the dow rising 177 points thursday at 18,212.
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the nasdaq up 75 to 5,239. >> apple up like 21% for the quarter. we've got this tradition of standing in line for apple things. this makes no sens people! this is palo alto. here is the deal. you can pre order the apple iphone 7 and ups will deliver it to your house this morning, or you can stand in this line and get the same phone. if you are standing in this line for the iphone 7 plus, you cannot get one because they're sold out. a woman from apple just ran that line back and forth saying if you're standing in line for iphone 7 plus, you aren't going to get one. option one is you stand in line for something apple will give you anyway or stand in line for something you can't have. have i made myself clear? >> yes. we can also watch a concert on tv or we can be there. zblt by the way, did you catch
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the fact there's a community of people playing cards out there? >> tradition. i'm a traditionalist myself. but -- >> not so much. >> no thanks. >> i want to know and i've asked to see how many people are replacing their galaxies. >> that's an excellent question. there's an actual recall, do not use them, shut them off, get rid of them. >> maybe it's their first time and they don't know they can order online. how about this for a rare sight in san francista cruz. looks like sharknado. dedicated servers were on the beach yesterday when a shark leapt from the water behind them. the more experienced surfers saw that white belly and pegged it
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as a juvenile white shark. the camera that caught the rare breech posts live cameras at surf breaks all around the world. >> i'm not a very fast swimmer, but i would have swam fast. >> the little cartoon -- >> became jesus and walking on the water. no ut wahher in our forecast, but the heat. >> the coast will be the place a lot of folks want to go, so watch out. >> not for me. >> going to want to keep that bookmarked on your smart phone as you head out to the coast. looking at cool temperatures, ocean temperatures thanks to the fact we've got those winds across the coastline, 15 to 20 miles per hour, up welling the cooler waters from below, upper 50s offshore. let's take a quick look at your forecast. for santa cruz, low clouds for the morning, not too bad for the afternoon. 70s. that's going to be very welcome to most, as our temperatures by
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the mid part of the weekend in the valleys will be in the upper 80s to 90s. lots of clouds to start with this morning into the tri-valley. as we head through midday, clearing skies but the fog sticks around the coast. valley temperatures today upper 80s to low 90s today. san jose mid 80s. san francisco staying in the 60s. once again, in the summer micro climate pattern with 60s around san francisco. tri-valley upper 80s to low 90sful north bay temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. don't forget the winter coat. morning temperatures now, clear, dry air in the 30s. for monterey, more sunshine. as you head down the coast, temperatures in the low 70s for saturday and sunday. here is a look at the seven-day forecast, san francisco could get close to 80 on sunday before the sea breeze turns stronger monday into tuesday. valley temperatures looking plenty hot for the last full week end of summer. mid to upper 90s possible. temperatures begin to level off
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as we head towards tuesday and wednesday. to see how things are shaping up for your friday drive, here is mike. >> talking about overnight road crews finishing their workweek. we see speeds coming back, 880 at 237. that's where we had congestion, crews clearing from the center lanes. we don't have a big build, the altamont pass toward livermore. we'll look at the dublin area. here we go with the live camera showing westbound the commute direction still populated, eastbound sparsely populated. that will start to fill in by 1:00. by 2:30, tough getting out of livermore, great temperatures this weekend. westbound we have the cash lanes off to the right starting with a few folks waiting. everybody pausing to wait for cash or using fastrak would stopping. jumping into action. the pipe wielding kids that
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thwarted car thieves. it's all caught on camera.
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a trio of pint sized crime stoppers are crediting three young boys for scarring away those thieves breaking into if car. in the surveillance video you can see the suspects ripping the top of a convertible and trying to get inside. the car belongs to a minister. all of it happened in her own church parking lot. the suspects got a big surprise when some little people, some tiny neighborhood kids carrying pipes and sticks ran up and scared them off. >> they were waving, so mad,
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pointing at the car. >> i said, my god, these kids, they're so brave and courageous. they're heroes. >> we didn't believe him when he said someone was trying to break into the car, because that's how he act. >> should we be a hero, should we help them out. >> i was kind of scared, but not that much. >> so cute. they don't even have all their grown-up teeth yet. the minister's car has been broken into three times now. she says she was glad to have her three guardian angels around. remembering a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by police in columbus, ohio. last night community members came together to honor tyree king. officer brian mason fatally shot the teenageer after she rabid from police investigating an armed robbery. he turned to police while pulling what appeared to be a gun from the waistband prompting the officer to open fire. she was shot numerous times and taken to a hospital where he died. it was later determined that the
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kid's weapon was a bb gun with an attached laser sight. according to the "mercury news," there was a bill introduced inspired by the deadly shooting of this young woman kate steinle that would require all federal law enforcement agencies to establish safe practices for weapons storage. a gun stolen from a bureau of land management agent killed steinle on san francisco's pier 14. a similar california bill approved by state lawmakers this year does not cover federal agents. it has been a busy morning so far. coming up next, breaking overnight, flames ripped through a peninsula condo taking the life of a woman's be loved dog. the emotional night for crews and families in san mateo coming up. a vigil tonight for an 88-year-old woman clinging to life in the hospital here in the south bay while her attacker is now in jail, alleged attacker.
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i'm bob redell live from san jose.
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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i'm kris sanchez in for laura g. good morning and thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have a weekend of warm beautiful weather inside. if you're wondering where did my husband go this weekend, there's a lot of football games tomorrow. >> tomorrow, stanford and texas.
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we've got the spartans the trojans and the cal bears. raiders home game on sunday and you've got indy car in sonoma. everything in the bay area this weekend. check this out, last full week end of summer, started to look out. 90s around the tri-valley. in the south bay, 85 later on. see what's on the roadways this morning, here is mike. >> check out facebook page, i think raj checked out the indy cars. in the south bay, the freeway through silicon valley are all right except for coming out of fremont. we still see the slowing, a lot slow. it picks up here. you'll have a slower drive from mission boulevard down to about dixon landing road. the earlier crew from 237 and ripples back. there's the bay bridge and the metering lights are on. even on a friday, you have this backup. back to you. thank you very much. back to ek braing news that we first started following at 4:30
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this morning. a san mateo condo up in flames and firefighters race to douse the flames while at the same time trying to hold back one woman who was trying to get in to get her dog. this is video of police holding her back as she tried to go back in to save her dog in the condo. fire crews say her condo is a total loss. at least two other condos were also affected, and in all five people were displaced. so far the cause is still under investigation. we're staying on top of this story throughout the morning. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is there and will bring us a live report in the next half hour. so many prayers here. friends and family coming together for a vigil in honor of 88-year-old flo douglas who was brutally attacked and robbed in her own alum rock home. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live with the story. the vigil comes a day after an emotional community meeting about violence and safety. >> reporter: correct.
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good morning kris and sam. one of the men allegedly behind this violent attack on monday is now here in the santa clara jail in downtown san jose. deputies arrested this man, 19-year-old zachary cuen for the attack on 88-year-old flo douglas. it was on monday deputies tell us that cuen and possibly another man broke into douglas' home in east san jose, beat her and stole her belongings. douglas is now in the hospital in critical condition. as you can imagine, this is very frightening for the other people who live in douglas' neighborhood. last night as many neighbors met with law enforcement, the sheriff's department reminding them about the important of neighborhood watch and being aware of any suspicious activity. >> we've got to keep an eye out for each other. >> it's about how to watch your back, especially how to take care of the elders. >> reporter: one woman at last
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night's meeting believes she saw zachary cuen casing cars before monday's attack. cuen also was arrested for robbing another elderly woman. this was last year. the neighborhood will be holding a vigil tonight outside flo douglas' home. again, douglas we are told is in grave condition. live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. folks at a church on the peninsula are also praying for a man who may have stolen from them. pal e low alto police are searching for the thief who stole money from the collection basket at cornerstone community church near mitchell park in palo alto. it happened on sunday after the final service of the day. the pastor says, if the thief needed the money so bad, he could have just asked for it. >> we wanted to help him if he asked for it. the way he approved it was not
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right. >> there's a person of interest in the case. the church staff is checking surveillance video. a 9-month hold german shepherd is recovering after being shot. the dog was found injured on monument boulevard. animal control saying the bullet could be the key to finding the dog's shooter. >> once we get the bullet back from ballistics and get the caliber, that will tell us about the distance it was shot from and what kind of gun it came from. >> the poor dog had one leg amputated but the dog is recovering nicely. the community remains on edge after the beating of a woman in a neighborhood in san francisco which was caught on camera. this is the sketch of the suspect. last month he is seen on video coming out of nowhere punching that won man in lafayette park. as the woman continues to recover, the video has neighbors still feeling stunned.
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last night they gathered together in a show of force. >> frankly, i'm trying to figure out what i'm going to do when i have this baby, what i need to do to protect myself when i'm out and about, and i don't know what that is yet. >> supervisor mike farrell who organized the meeting says he will try to secure funding for better lighting in that neighborhood park. happening today, after a very disturbing hate crime, two people accused of setting an antioch home on fire and spray painting racial slurs all over its walls are scheduled to be arraigned. the two were arrested this week and are facing multiple charges including conspiracy to commit murder and hate crime enhancements. surveillance video caught someone throwing molotov cocktails on the home which damaged the roof. investigators say the suspects were involved in a dispute with someone who lives at the home. detectives hope new photos will lead them to the arsonist
5:37 am
behind several bay area high school campus fires. this man was captured on camera, possibly linked to the vandalism. crews were called to the school wednesday night after several garbage cans were set on fire. a good swift kick right where it counts is credited with spoiling a robbery attempt. three young people tried to steal a purse from a woman pushing her baby stroller yesterday. that woman kicked one of those boys in the groin and began to scream. all three boys took off. when officers arrived, officers say the same boys already targeted another woman and took her phone. they eventually nabbed two of the three boys and also found the stolen phone. >> hopefully they don't try that again. oakland schools say phone scammers are trying to trick parents with a kidnapping ruse. at least twice in the past few
5:38 am
weeks parents received calls from someone claiming their children had been kidnapped and demanding payment. in both cases police say the families did the right thing by not blindly complying and instead calling the schools to confirm their children were safe in class. the sorted history of comfort women is now being introduced into california textbooks. today a bay area survivor will talk about her own experience. young sun lee was 15 years old when she was forced into sexual slavery. comfort women came from korea, china and the philippines and toiled in military brothels before entering world war ii. today representative mike honda will join lee to talk about the top ek coming into textbooks. state politics now at 5:38. tobacco companies are putting up
5:39 am
millions of dollars in a cigarette tax, prop 56. that proposition would also apply to e-cigarettes that contain nick team. armed with vaporizers in the shape of minions and poke balls say they target children. >> it was a shock, an arbitrary fum of cigarette butts hidden in a drawer. i talk about health all the time, yet she's impacted by this predatory marketing. >> the measure supporters say deceptive ads are flooding the airwaves. opponents say the ads are not honest. one of the state's largest cleanup efforts is back and hopefully better than ever tomorrow. the event is now in its 31st year. organizers say over that time,
5:40 am
more than a million people are removed 22 million pounds of garbage from california beaches, lakes, creeks, rivers. state data indicates 36% of the total trash collected more than a third of it is cigarette butts. easily topping the list. >> if you're planning on heading to the beach, you definitely want your sun umbrella, your sunscreen, something to stay nice and cool. it's going to be hot. >> temperatures in the 70s, maybe close to 80 in san francisco towards the weekend. right now cool temperatures around the north bay. in san jose we have partly cloudy skytion, low clouds, 58 degrees on our weigh to mid 80s this afternoon. the record high was 99 degrees in 1971. starting today, taking us through the weekend, warming temperatures, a spread of our summer microclimates with 60s and 90s. mid to upper 80s to downtown. san francisco, upper 60s. out towards the tri-valley today, numbers in the low 90s.
5:41 am
for your friday commute, here is mike. >> we still have a slow drive into the south bay. everything else is fine. but fremont is the sticking point. we're seeing southbound 880, slow approaching dixon landing road before mission boulevard. now we see the slowing here by the truck scales. the construction crews cleared on time, but clearly the slowing has not. fremont boulevard, warm springs will take you by that area if you're short of patience. coming up, get in line. the new iphone goes on sale this morning. there's a slight problem. some of them are already sold out scott mcgrew. >> that's. we'll take you to the line where apple representatives have told them, hey, iphone 7 plus, forget it. a high school student decided not to stand, and because of it her grades suffered. the lake county teacher now
5:42 am
facing backlash this morning. a lake county high school
5:43 am
5:44 am
teacher is in hot waterfter the student's gad she lowered a a lake county high school teacher is in hot water this morning after the district says she lowered a student's grade for not standing during the pledge of allegiance. a lower lake high school freshman, lailani thomas is a decent dent of the pomo native
5:45 am
american tribe. she hasn't stood for the pledge since second grade. this year her teacher dropped her grade because she counted the pledge as participation. >> i was mad when she lowered my grade. i worked hard for it. i turned everything in. i did whatever she wanted me to do in her class. >> the school superintendent is reviewing the incident and says the teacher will be disciplined for violating the district's freedom of speech policy, not to mention her first amendment rights. the former dean of cal law school is taking legal action. he resigned after a former assistant accused him of sexual harassment. an internal investigation later backed those claims. his suit yesterday accuses the school of single him out specifically and treating him more harshly because of his race compared with white faculty members guilty of similar misconduct. that lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. no likes for facebook
5:46 am
founder mark zuckerberg's plan to rebuild four homes around his palo alto home. the architectural review board voted down his plan. zuckerberg bought the four homes surrounding his own in crescent park and wanted to rebuild them into smaller homes and form what neighbors were calling a quasi compound. the review board agreed saying the plan would violate zoning codes and reduce housing stock. they recommended palo alto's planning director not approve the project. a lot of issues facing the south bay's biggest city. now leaders from the public and spry vat sector will meet to discuss only of the biggest problems they're trying to deal with. mayor sam licardo will be at the tech museum at 11:00 this morning. the town hall will focus on issues including transportation, affordable housing and other issues confronting the region. donald trump has unfailed his latest economic plan.
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>> that's right. it calls for reduced taxes for almost everyone including businesses. but that means less money for the government, right, chris? >> reporter: more than $4 trillion less which means he'd have to cut government programs. one of the programs mr. trump would like to cut that got a lot of attention are food safety programs, federal inspections of food. trump discussed his plans in new york city. >> one of our greatest job creation measures is going to be our 15% business tax rate down from the current 35% rate, a reduction of more than 40%. >> something silicon valley companies would like to hear. mr. trump proposes to cut the number of tax brackets down to three and increase the standard deductions many can take and cap deductions at over $100,000 if that's your income, which is a
5:48 am
lot of people in the bay area. a battle over who controls the internet is threatening lots of important bills in congress. ted cruz wants to stop the u.s. from handing over control to internet functions to the international non-profit i can. he says he's willing to hold up bills to do it like zika funding or funding for the government. live in palo alto, folks standing in line for iphone 7. an apple representative walked this line reminding people the iphone 7 plus is not available. it was sold out with pre orders. we talked to the first guy in line who has been there since this time yesterday. >> i just wanted to be one of the first in line. i knew 6:30 would be one of the first -- >> so there you go. i wanted to be the first, that's why i'm trying to be the first. yes, you can just order the phone online and they'll deliver it by ups. first in line, something to be said for that. >> i love the video of the guy that waited in line all that
5:49 am
time and then dropped it. >> don't you feel like you can relate to that guy. that's exactly what i would do. >> drop it? yes. >> apple stores have opened on the east coast. coming up about 6:15, we'll show you the rush in to grab phones that you can really buy online. and 8:00 a.m. is when the palo alto store opens. >> get ready to rev your engines. the indy car series visits sonoma. yesterday a couple of the sport's biggest names made their way through san francisco. two teammates who are the only drivers with a chance to win the championship this sunday were greeted by hundreds of fans at pier 39. they talked to us ability the san francisco waterfront and the speed limit. >> it's a cool thing that people
5:50 am
on the sidewalk watching these cool cars. anything below 40, they bump and jerk around a lot. but it was fun. >> seems like a normal day on the embarcadero to me. they drive so fast there. sunday's ration, you can watch it on nbc sports network. i apologize for butchering those names. i'm not an indy gal. i'm an nfl gal. >> i'm i thought you were an nfl guy. >> i'm a hearing problem kind of guy. >> i want to change my name to will power. >> we are racing this weekend. >> temperatures racing up, rob. >> that's true. this time of year at sonoma, we see hot temperatures. let's take a look at that forecast. the go pro grand prix at sonoma,
5:51 am
numbers near 90 degrees. the engines are revving up. it's going to be hot around the north bay. sunday looks especially warm around the bay area. outside right now we've got lots of low clouds and fog, status cro as we like to say this time of year. misty skies in san francisco. low clouds around the tri-valley. for the afternoon, mid to upper 80s south of san jose. upper 60s closer to san francisco. around the north bay, numbers around mid 50s. closing in around 90 degrees in walnut creek, pleasanton and livermore. great college football coming up this weekend, stanford hosting usc. numbers around 70. cal hosting the texas longhorns. temperatures in the mid 60s. san jose state hosting utah in town. numbers in the 70s around kickoff time there. the raiders on sunday, looks nice and warm. tailgate time, raiders hosting the atlanta falcons early on sunday afternoon. here is your seven-day forecast. check out what happens.
5:52 am
the numbers could get close to 80 degrees sunday. the valley temperatures through the weekend. this is the last fum weekend of sum pler. mid 90s on monday and trending cooler tuesday to wednesday. fantastic weekend. nice to have an indy car for the morning commute, mike. >> that would be great. but even the indy cars would be crawling in some spots. highway 37 at 121, keep this in mind if you're heading north. south through fremont we had a lot of slowing, starting to see much better speeds as you travel south 880 through the construction area. that just picked up. 101, typical slowing for san jose. let me show you the fremont camera we had. traffic camera jammed up. a smoother drive there by the truck scales, and the bay bridge toll plaza no problems or
5:53 am
surprises. we do have metering lights and backup. silicon valley is gaining political power with big donations. >> they want to make sure that they're influencing who wins in particular races. >> the investigative unit follows the cash. where it's going and who is giving the most. >> first happening right now, virtual reality has arrived for real at the tokyo game show, one of the world's biggest exhibitions for the latest in funs and games. we'll take you inside the event on if you're trying to figure out which golden state warriors games are affordable, probably not the one against the oklahoma city thunder. check it out on our facebook page. back in two minutes. campaign trail -
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
==kris/rail== contrictn between dond trp - and his o campai.... and it all surrounds the birth all new this morning on the campaign trail, contradiction between donald trump and his own campaign all rounding, again, where president obama was born. overnight trump's campaign announced he now believes president obama was born in the united states, but trump himself refused to say that, telling "the washington post," i just don't want to anner it yet. for the record, president obama was born in a hawaii. for years trump was a big supporter of the birther
5:57 am
movement which claimed the president was born outside the country. donald trump now says it was hillary clinton who started that controversy back when she was campaigning against barack obama in 2008. both trump and clinton will be in washington, d.c. today. >> i think we can safely say we're witnessing an understand precedented presidential campaign. you may not know it also marks a major shift in the centers of political powers in the country when it comes to campaign money. >> stephen stock followed the money and found that silicon valley eclipsed hollywood in the amount of campaign giving. >> not only has silicon valley now eclipsed hollywood in the amount of money it gives to major federal campaigns, it's now one of the top three industries in the total amount of dollars spent given around the country. that's right. it's remarkable when you consider less than two decades ago silicon valley was only a bit player in the national political conversation. according to the federal campaign records, northern
5:58 am
california gave nearly $225 million to political candidates compared to southern california which gave a little more than $200 million. our analysis also shows that nearly two-thirds of all that money went to presidential candidates who are out-of-state races for u.s. senate. why? it's simple. experts say big money donors know most races here are not that competitive and often pit democrat against democrat. if they want to sway a race, they have to go out of state to get more bang for their buck. especially nine toss-up senate races in states like florida, wisconsin, nevada and pennsylvania. if you want to know more about where all this money is going, we've teamed up to create a special website called voters edge to give you non-partisan information about all the elections taking place in california. you can find it on our website.
5:59 am
just go to guys, back to you. >> if you have a story for us, call our tip line at 1-888-996-tips, or you can send us an e-mail to right now at 6:00, an update on breaking news on the peninsula, flames erupt at a condo complex forcing families to grab what they could and get out. a live report from the scene in moments. plus -- >> we've got to keep an eye out. we've got to keep an eye out for each other. >> fighting back for flo. the next steps that one san jose community is taking after the brutal attack and robbery of a beloved elderly neighbor. >> camped out. a live look at the apple store in palo alto where dozens of people are waiting for the new iphone 7, but many are setting themselves up for disappointment. we'll tell you why. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> thanks for joining us on this friday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon.
6:00 am
>> i'm sam brock. the iphone tradition is alive and well this morning. more on that in just a second. >> we had the snow in the sierra earlier this week, drizzle at times. we've got the low clouds. in san jose, low clouds to start off the morning. 50s outside for the moment. but by the afternoon, talking mid 80s wlater today around san jose. 90s making a comeback around the tri-valley. upper 60s for san francisco. temperatures on the rise. let's see if your commute times are slowing down. >> the volume is on the rise a little bit. light slowing right now, tradition on friday. we'll zoom in over here for the hayward area, a little slowing as the volume building off 238 out of the castro valley area. the tri-valley not showing any slowing. getting through fremont, we had earlier slowing as the earlier construction for the nimitz there as well as 237,


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