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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 17, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good saturday morning, nice and cool to start this last saturday of summer, but in a few hours, that fog will be gone, and summer will be in full sizzle as we look live live at the sunrise over dublin this morning, we're expecting quite a ramp up in the temperatures. thanks for joining us. that forecast is looking warmer
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than i like but i'm sure a lot of people will be happy. >> san francisco's still going to be in the 60s so if you prefer 60s, you can head there, but if you want 90s, head inland, so there's a wide range of temperatures for this afternoon. right now, we are dealing with some patchy fog, low visibility around santa rosa down around santa cruz so watch out around the coastal areas. we'll see sunshine and warmer weather on the way. temperatures are staying pretty cool, 50s for most areas, still in the upper 40s around santa cruz, but this afternoon, temperatures will hit around mid 90s, we'll be in the upper 80s around san jose, still those upper 60s half moon bay, but 70s in santa cruz, lots of sunshine, upper 80s if you're headed up to wine country. more on that big warm-up in a couple minutes. >> sounds like sunscreen no matter where you go. >> absolutely. every day. thank you, jenny. well, this is hardly going to be a relaxing weekend for oakland city leaders and leaders of the oakland police department as they now face a $66 million
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claim from the young woman at the center of a sexual abuse and misconduct allegation. jasmine. the officers named in a complaint filed by the alameda county district attorney. seven officers are accused of sexual abuse misconduct against a minor. of those, $66 million in damages, it is important to know this is not a lawsuit. >> this appears to be step one in the process of bringing a lawsuit against the city of oakland. they've made the tort claim to the city. the city has 45 days to accept or reject. the district attorney charged former liver more police officer dan black with engaging in prostitution and lewd acts in public, also giving alcohol to a minor. retired oakland police sergeant leroy johnson is also charged. he's charged with failure to
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report that jasmine was allegedly having sex with police officers. well, as oakland deals with that fallout from that investigation, the city's also launching a new website to help fight prostitution by shaming sex trade customers. that website, report, allows people to report prostitution related crime in their neighborhood. police say photos and details from the public will be key. the site asks for license plate numbers of suspected johns' cars and people can even upload photos. police will review that information, then send a letter to the address where that vehicle is registered well, ms. flo is talking. the 88-year-old allen rock woman who survived a brutal beating is gradually talking. neighbors and friends say the fact that she has opened her eyes and managed to speak gives them hope that she will pull through. her neighbors, some of whom
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found ms. flo after the attack, gathered for a candle light vigil in the front yard of her home. deputies say 19-year-old zachary quinn broke into her house, hit her in the face and in the head, took the jewelry she was wearing, and stole her car. her neighbors still can't believe it. >> my mind can't even fathom why a person would actually want to even harm her. >> she has a wonderful spirit, a kind heart. and she would do anything for you. >> at that vigil, we learned that one of the ways that people knew flo douglas was because of her sister's salon which she owned for 40 years and at that salon, a lot of young stylists found their first job under her guidance. deputies are still investigating whether a second man was involved in that assault and robbery. the november election could have an impact on a very high-profile murder trial in the south bay. one proposition could spare the life of the accused killer of
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sk sierra lamar. if voters approve proposition 62, it would put an end to the death penalty in california. lawyers for garcia torres may try to delay the trial for another two months. if the death penalty is repealed in november, our legal analyst steven clark says that the jury pool could favor the defense because a death sentence would no longer be an option. >> the real issue at this point is, what is is jury make-up going to be for mr. garcia torres and it could be very different if the jury selection starts after november 8. >> sierra lamar disappeared while on her way to school in 2012. prosecutors say they have dna evidence linking garcia torres to her death. kate steinly t young woman killed in san francisco last year has inspired other legislation. friday, legislation was announced linked to her death that aims to crack down on police officers who lose their
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guns or have them stolen, and it comes after exclusive reporting by our investigative unit. east bay congressman introduced that bill which would require new standards for federal law enforcement officers to safely store their weapons. not just steinly. artist antonio also killed with a gun stolen from the vehicle of a federal agent. our investigative unit found that hundreds of guns stolen from federal agents in recent years and hundreds more stolen from local police departments are out and at large. congressman desaulnier previously sent a letter to president obama requesting executive action on this issue. phone scammers in oakland have a disturbing new tactic, and parents are finding that out the hard way. two parents tell us they got calls from someone in august claiming that their children had been kidnapped and would only be set free if a ransom was paid. a grandfather got a similar call earlier this month. in that case, the caller told
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him his granddaughter had broken her nose and needed money for medical care. in all three cases, the adults tried to verify that threat and didn't fall for that scam. the oakland unified school district is warning all parents and care givers to be on alert. an oakland community honored one of their own under the friday night lights. skyline high school remembered student and football player jamari wilson before their game last night. the teenager died memorial day weekend along with his cousin, josiah pratt. both of them drowned. wilson was supposed to be the starting quarterback this weekend. >> i mean, he's here with us, he's strapped up, ready to go, he's our 12th man. he's our 12th man tonight. we're pumped up. titan pride. >> i just want to stand here and tell each and every one of you that i didn't personally get a chance to say how much i thank you guys, and i appreciate you guys for all the respect and all the love that you guys have shown my son.
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>> the two teens drowned after jumping from a boat without life vests in woodward reservoir. much more ahead on today in the bay, including a show of solidarity for colin kaepernick on the at the innocenpeninsula, of one team had to say about their children's silent protest plus mark zuker berg gets turned down. jose state
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\ welcome back, it's 7:10 and we are looking at the blue and gold of spartan stadium. it is going to get rowdy later today as san jose state takes on the utah ute se and they would really like a win against that team colin kaepernick's stance against the national anthem is trickling down to the high school level. under the friday night lights, a peaceful protest on the piens that has players and fans on
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both sides taking notice. >> reporter: for the second game in a row, players from san francisco's mission high school took a knee during the national anthem. >> i don't know. >> i know it's a very controversial subject. i respect the freedom of speech. i would prefer to stand. >> across the field, san mateo high school players stood. while kaepernick's protest has found supporters and loud critics, high school football fans here, mostly parents, show tolerance. >> i'm impressed with the maturity of these kids have these days and able to do something like that. i remember juan carlos and tommy smith doing it at the olympics. but i'm proud of these kids. >> we love the united states. i love my country, but on the other hand, there's been some injustice here and we're taking a stand as a community. >> unlike a private school in new jersey that reportedly threatened suspension of players who didn't stand, mission high
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players have the support of their principal. >> it's their right to peaceful protest, period. so, if they take a knee, if they walk out of a classroom in protest, that's all not only acceptable but actually it's the american way. >> nbc bay area news. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, they waited and they waited only to get nothing in return in some cases. the new apple iphone is out and people are doing anything they can to get their hands on them. and we have lots of football games today, the forecast for those, plus beyonce, beaches, and baseball, all those forecasts coming up next as we take a look at san francisco.
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the peninsula, a small plane came down in a mashy area of east palo alto yesterday afternoon. it touched down on a small piece of land. california highway patrol says two people were in that plane, but fortunately, neither was hurt. no word on what triggered that emergency landing. mark zuckerberg denied, the city of palo alto said no to the facebook founder. zuckerberg spend $30 million in 2013 to buy the four properties around his home. they're houses. now he needs permission from the city to tear down those houses and rebuild them. he wants to make smaller homes. yesterday, city planners said they deny that had plan because a project looked like less like the neighborhood and more like a compound. neighbors have lots to say. >> you know, it's a little bit of glamour, you could say. oh, yeah, i live right near mark zuckerberg. >> i don't like to see pallo alo turned into a large estate
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homes. >> the city says that the developer plans to redesign that so-called compound and resubmit the plan for approval in november. well, they don't have to line up. but they still do. thousands of people around the bay area spend hours in line, some of them days to get their hands on the new iphone every time it comes out. business and tech reporter scott budman shows us why people still wait in line for hours when they could just order it online. >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: even in the era of online shopping, it's still a tradition. camping out and lining up early. >> 6:30 a.m., thursday. >> reporter: to get the new apple iphone or at least try to get one. >> the one i originally wanted, the jet black one, the new shiny one, they're out of stock on that one and completely out of stock for the 7 plus. >> reporter: it's kind of a community thing, spending hours
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among your fellow apple faithful fans, even long time tech watchers say they're not surprised. >> not really when it comes to apple, you know, the fascination that people have with this brand is cult-like. there's no other way to talk about it. >> reporter: and while lots of fans got to meet ceo tim cook, not everyone got a new phone. >> if he comes by and says there's no 7 pluses, then i'm going to leave. >> reporter: some waits paid off. >> i got an iphone 7. i had to wait in line probably about an hour. >> reporter: was it worth it? >> yeah, it was. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i always want to be an early adopter but then i end up being like a secondary adopter. >> i'm way too cheap to be an early adopter. i always wait until the price comes down. >> i don't blame you at all. today, people might be checking that weather app on their phone to find out how hot it's going to get. >> don't need to check it because we got all the answers
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for you. there's a lot happening in the bay area and a wide range of temperatures to go along with it. live look outside at san francisco and you can see those clouds hanging just over the city. the fog is staying to a minimum there so if you're drafls in the bay area, that should be okay in san francisco, 54 degrees right there. but visibility is very linlted around santa cruz and up arenou santa rosa. that should clear up at we head into the amp. the low clouds will clear out and sunshine will replace it and that means our warming trend continues over the next couple days arounds the rest of the bay area, visibility doing okay this morning. so, san jose, live look there. you can see the clouds, it's very gray to start things off but the sunshine is coming, temperatures will warm up nicely for the afternoon. here's what we're expecting, 88 for the high. we're at 59 with all the clouds and we are going to see the afternoon warming trend up to the up aer 80s so tomorrow as the warming continues, we're going to hit the 90s, lots of sunshine, warm start to next week and then a gradual cool down by about the middle of next week, we'll start to see things
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cool off as we head into next weekend. the thing we're going to see today is the wind speeds really pick up. it's a light on shore flow by the afternoon, 10 to 20 miles per hour. breezy if you're heading to football games, baseball games, the winds will die down overnight and then pick up again for tomorrow afternoon as we see for the next couple of days, winds going up and down there. so temperatures today are going to be a wide range, 60s around san francisco and half moon bay, if you're headed towards the coastal areas, upper 60s to low 70s. for the peninsula, temperatures in the upper 70s there, some morning clouds and sunshine there as well and then upper 80s around the north bay and south bay. san jose at 88 degrees as well. east bay in the low 80s so temperatures for you, upper 70s, low 80s, cool off nicely for the games this evening but in the inland areas, you're going to be in the mid 90s, sunshine, so it's going to be warm for you. south bay is going to be at 59 now and warm up to 88 for the afternoon. so, if you're headed to the giants game, low to mid 60s if w
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that light breeze, probably need a sweatshirt. and if you're headed to the stafrd game, 5:00, sunny and breezy, cal taking on texas at 7:30, low 70s, dropping into the 60s and beyonce at levi stadium this evening, clear and mild, upper 70s for that one. headed out to wine country, temperatures look great there, upper upper 80s. if you're headed to monitor rai, sunshine as well. santa cruz, temperatures in the upper 70s 70s low 80s. our seven day forecast is upper 80s to low 90s around san jose, back to 70s by wednesday and we'll see temperatures back into the upper 60s to low 70s for the san francisco area the next couple days, 60s by the end of next week. back to you. >> thank you, jenny. well, getting back on the right path by helping them to see it better.
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ahead on "today in the bay." . >> i think that giving back to people who just have that need is just the right thing to do. >> we'll show you why that local doctor is now part of our bay area proud series. make good money helping people
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see better. a talented lasik surgeon can make good money helping people to see better but a san jose surgeon is happy one day a year to make nothing. "today in the bay's" garmin thomas tells us why he's doing it. >> reporter: dr. michael fur long had barely started his own practice when realized that some of the salespeople that could benefit the most from lasik and other procedures he does were the least able to afford it. so he started something called gift of sight and what a gift it is. >> it's going to take us about
7:24 am
four minutes on each side. >> steven vincent, a veteran of the 18th airborne corps says he's ready to soar once more. just as soon as he gets a few things fixed, like his vision. >> i'll be able to conquer the world, i believe. >> reporter: steve, though, says there is no way he could afford this procedure on his own. >> looking at that green light there. >> reporter: but thanks to dr. michael furlong, he doesn't have to. >> i think it's the right thing to do. i think that giving back to people who just have that need is just the right thing to do. >> a little bit of cool water here. good. >> reporter: dr. furlong has been setting aside one day a year for the past 15 years to correct the vision of people who otherwise wouldn't have access to the surgeries they need. >> don't move, real still, everything's going great. >> reporter: over the years, he's helped 150 developmentally disabled, low income, and more recently veterans get better
7:25 am
eyesight. >> we basically called a few nonprofits in the area and said, we'd like to work with you. this is the pitch. this is the idea i have. how you doing? >> reporter: the benefit, dr. furlong says he has learned, is not just the improved vision of his patients, but what they do with it. this year, it's people like desiree, who says better eyesight will help her keep her job in health care. >> because now i have to depend on my memory, how to do things, rather than actually what i can see. >> reporter: or enrique, a college student getting a procedure he never would have been able to afford that will slow down his quickly deteriorating eyesight. >> blink a couple times. >> reporter: and steve, who says a new career in architectural and mechanical design is more possible than ever with his soon to be improved vision. >> and it's well appreciated. >> reporter: the cost of all these procedures donated on just
7:26 am
this one day, more than $50,000. the outcome, though, not just better eyesight for these patients but a clearer future. dr. furlong and his staff say the only downside to all this is they end up having to turn people away because there are only so many slots they can fill, and some people just aren't a good candidate for the types of procedures they do. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. still ahead on "today in the bay," a warning in a south bay neighborhood where a pet predator is on the loose. the steps one owner is now taking to make sure the coyote doesn't strike again. and a change in tone for donald trump. why he now says president obama was, in fact, born in the united states. plus the controversy that's now stirring up. take a live look outside......
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dublin (adlib) kris/2shot good morning,hks for joing us. i'm kris sanchez with jenny
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welcome back. it is 7:30 right now, and i'm chris sanchez here with jenny. the microclimate forecast does look very warm, not a lot of microclimates, just a lot of hot. >> just a lot of heat although it's hard when you look outside, it's so gray, it's hard to believe that it really is going to warm up. take a look at bell ve deer, looking toward alcatraz island there and you can see how gray it is. most of those clouds off the ground, we do have patchy fog this morning, 51 degrees currently but for the afternoon, we will see sunshine. gray across the board. valleys in the 50s, everybody's in the 50s under those clouds but for the afternoon, check it out. 95 degrees in the trivalley area, will be in the upper 70s along the peninsula. nice and warm for south skba north bay areas and 67 degrees if you prefer it a little cool ner san francisco. >> if you have a swimming pool, you're probably going to get a lot of company today. this may not be a swimming pool kind of weekend for oakland city leaders and leaders of the oakland police department. they now face a $66 million
7:30 am
claim from the young woman at the center of the sexual abuse and misconduct investigation. that claim filed just yesterday by the lawyer of jasmine, whose real name -- or rather, that's her real name. she used to call herself celeste guap. that claim is against the city, the opd, and several police officers. the same officers named in a complaint filed by the alameda county district attorney. those seven officers are accused of sexual abuse and misconduct against a minor. although that claim seeks $66 million in damages, it is not yet a lawsuit. >> this appears to be step one in the process of bringing a lawsuit against the city of oakland. it made the tort claim to the city, the city has 45 days to accept or reject. the d.a. charged former liver more police officer dan black with engaging in prostitution, and also lewd acts in public. also giving alcohol to a minor. a retired oakland police sergeant is also charged with failure to report that jasmine
7:31 am
was allegedly having sex with officers. as oakland deals with the fallout from that sexual misconduct investigation, the city is also launching a new website to help fight prostitution by shaming sex trade customers. the website, report, allows people to report prostitution related crime in their neighborhood. police say photos and details from the public will be key. the site asks for license plate numbers. people with upload photos and police will review that information and send a letter to the address where that vehicle is registered. well, ms. flo is talking. the 88-year-old woman who survived a brutal beating in a violent home invasion robbery is glajly improving. flo douglas is still in critical condition but they say, her friends and family, the fact that she's opened her eyes and managed to speak gives them hope that she will pull through. this is video of her neighbors
7:32 am
gathering after that attack. they had a kanldal light vigil in the front yard of her home. deputies say 19-year-old zachary quinn broke into her allen rock house, hit her in the face and the head, took the jewelry that she was wearing, and stole her car and neighbors still can't believe it. >> my mind can't even fathom why a person would actually want to even harm her. -she has a wonderful spirit, a kind heart, and she would do anything for you. >> at the vigil, we also learned that one of the ways that people knew flo douglas was because she had a salon, the sisters salon, which she sewned for 40 years and where she gave a lot of young stylists their first jobs. deputies are still investigating whether a second man was also involved in her assault and robbery. well, freak accident turned deadly on highway 101 in palo alto. the chp says an 82-year-old mountain view man was driving on northbound highway 101 near university avenue yesterday
7:33 am
afternoon when this object broke through his windshield. the chp says it's about the size of a baseball and weighs two or three pounds. that debris hit that man in the neck and caused him to lose control. >> the driver collided with the divide and brought the vehicle to a stop. the driver was pronounced at the scene by emergency personnel. >> investigators don't know where that debris came from but the accident is not unheard of. according to aaa, debris on the road caused more than 200,000 crashes between 2011 and 2014, killing 500 people nationwide. well, a couple accused of setting an antioch home and spraying racist slurs on the walls of that home faced a judge yesterday. police arrested ray and christine this week. surveillance video shows one of them throwing molotov cocktails at a home last week but the suspect's friend says that crime would be completely out of
7:34 am
character for them. >> great family, home schooled, they don't even drink alcohol. they're really involved with their church. they are just amazing people. >> he's just a really great person. >> investigators believe the attack stems from a dispute between the suspects and one of the people who lives at that home. several adults and children were inside the house when it was set on fire. both suspects are due back in court next month. they face charges, including conspiracy to commit murder and arson with hate crime enhancements. a heartbreaking story on the peninsula. a woman watched in horror as her beloved dog died inside their burning home. she tried to run in and rescue that dog, buddy, but officers physically stopped her for her own safety. this happened in san mateo on thursday and it was a tough fire. >> fire's been burning up in the attic spice spais, which is made up of this foam insulation, styrofoam insulation, there's
7:35 am
two layers of this, also plywood, so we've ended up subsequently going to a fourth alarm to bring in rotations for crews. >> that fire destroyed one town home, two other units, though, were damaged by smoke and water. investigators are now looking into what sparked the fire and the dog's owner, she was briefly arrested for fighting with police, but she has since been released. a san jose neighborhood on alert after a coyote attack, warning signs are going up and some parents are now keeping their kids inside because a cat was found dead earlier this week. a warning for viewers, some of the details may be disturbing at this early hour. here's janelle. >> reporter: his name was goliath. >> he was this great little guy. >> reporter: but his owner says he didn't stand a chance against this opponent. >> he was one of the biggest coyotes i've ever seen. >> reporter: tuesday morning, angela says she let her cat out for just about 20 minutes before she heard her roommate's dog
7:36 am
barking. a coit toe had wandered into the neighborhood and jumped over her backyard fence. >> i yelled at him, he jumped up and he took off. >> reporter: but it was too late. >> i saw the aftermath. my cat's back was slit open, and his liver was hanging out and his neck was broken. >> reporter: san jose animal services says they noticed an uptick in coyote attacks within city limits this year. >> it's been unfortunate situation where if a cat was left outside, you know, there have been attacked by coyotes. >> reporter: the extended drought may be a factor, luring coyotes into neighborhoods. >> once they're attracted to an area, they'll eat anything they can get ahold of. >> reporter: as animal services investigates, angela is getting the word out, plastering her neighborhood with warning signs to make sure what happened to goliath doesn't happen to anyone else. >> i want people to know that coyotes are jumping in our backyard fences and killing our pets. >> and a lot of people have
7:37 am
children. coyotes are known to attack small children when they're desperate. >> reporter: janelle wang, nbc bay area news. turning now to decision 2016, donald trump tried to put to rest one controversy, but in the process, stirred up a few others. the republican conceded for the first time that he now believes that president obama was, indeed, born in the united states. but he then claimed that hillary clinton started the birther rumors and added another eyebrow raising comment on the democratic nominee regarding guns. here's the latest from washington, d.c. >> reporter: in miami, donald trump told supporters that if hillary clintonments to get rid of guns, she should start by disarming her own secret service detail. >> take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. take their -- let's see what happens to her. >> reporter: he cast his opponent as a divider. >> i'm running to be a president for all americans. >> reporter: a list of which he
7:38 am
suddenly he's adding a new name. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: abruptly reversing course after five years of questioning the president's birthplace, trump create add new controversy, falsely hillary clinton started the birther movement back in 2008. keeping a segment for monday's tonight show, clinton and jimmy fallon laughed off her bout with pneumonia but also discussed the serious side of campaigning. >> it is a constant balancing act, you know, how do you kind of keep the energy and the positive spirit while taking seriously what you need to. >> reporter: a challenge for both candidates with the race for the white house tightening. brian moore, nbc news, washington. well, still head, all on "today in the bay," the warriors' newest star hits the mound at atz park to throw out the first pitch. coming up, we'll show you why he
7:39 am
was good luck for the orange and black.
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it is 7:41 right now, and we are waking up as it looks like the ground crews are getting ready for tonight's game at spartan stadium. the spartan take on utah at 7:30. cal's at home as well. they're taking on texas. and also, stanford is hosting usc, but you probably already knew that. you saw it right here on nbc bay area t giants are starting to play very well again and just in the nick of time. the team's next six games are crucial if they want a realistic shot at appendiculmaking the pl we know they like to do that every other year. warriors' star kevin durant was at the at&t park to throw out the first pitch. buster posesy finally showing signs of breaking out of his slump, hitting the first home
7:42 am
run since july 16. the giants win 8-2 to maintain their lead in the wild card race. >> i don't know how much he was thinking about it, to be honest, but i'm sure he's glad to get one. and it had been a while and dugout had some fun with it. but he's swinging well. >> well, it was a good feeling. you know, the guys are giving me a hard time when i came in the dugout and then i noticed the camera was on me, it felt like, for ten minutes. so decided to give them a thumbs up and make a goofy face. >> we'll take it. much more ahead on "today in the bay." >> i've got no phone calls back. the car's extended warranty came with a promise of a refund. nbc bay area responds had to step in to help this lady get it. the important lesson for car buyers. and speaking of the giants, we're taking a look at san francisco and if there will be any clearing in time for that game. we'll have your baseball, beach, and beyonce forecast next. ell.
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good morning, eastbound, we're starting off a little gray but it's going to be a gorgeous afternoon for baseball, football, or any event that you're headed to. in fact, that giants game taking on the cardinals, the temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s and the breeze will pick up so you'll probably need a sweatshirt for that one but sunshine on the way for san francisco, going to be a very nice day. right now, you can see the clouds hanging over the city. we were dealing with some patchy fog issues this morning. we'll see the clearing continue for sunshine this afternoon. highs today 67 degrees in san francisco, but the sun will return and then that's because the warming trend continues so morning fog and low clouds around the coastal areas, low clouds clear out, mild and breezy for the afternoon, warming continues, 70s for san francisco tomorrow, so nice time to head to the city and actually see that sunshine. more patchy morning fog though and we'll have a gradual cooling trend by the middle of the week. we are going to stay dry.
7:46 am
so temperatures won't get too crazy on the coastal areas but as you ahead further inland, get ready for the heat today. 54 degrees at ocean beach, you can see the clouds or the waves in the background and then a lot of that mist that's to clear out for the afternoon if you want to head to the beach as well. underground camera there. and we did have some visibility issues with santa cruz a little while ago. still limited visibility up around the santa rosa area. the rest of the area is doing okay for visibility. winds will pick up as well. you're going to see these wind speeds up to 20 miles per hour around the bay area so the east bay especially around san francisco as well but further inland around 10 miles per hour, those will die down again by tomorrow as well. temperatures will top out in the mid 90s as you head for the trivalley area, 90 up in fair field, upper 80s for san jose as well as up around wine country, santa rosa, napa in the upper 80s, but 60s at 20 degree spread there for san francisco and half moon bay, sunshine and 77 in santa cruz if you're headed toward the beach and 79 degrees
7:47 am
in oakland. so, speaking of wine country, temperatures there in the mid to upper 80s for the next couple of days, we'll see sunshine there. if you're heading to monterrey, sunshine for the next couple days and headed toward santa cruz, temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s, it is a great beam weekend. we have a lot of football, stanford and usc, sunshine but breezy, cal taking on texas, and beyonce, temperatures there will be in the # 0s for that. seven day forecast there has temperatures into the 90s by tomorrow for the start of next week but the 70s return by wednesday and for the san francisco area, temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s so if next couple of days staying in the upper 60s for midweek and back to 64 degree business friday. kris, back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up on "today in the bay," an east bay woman wants money she is owed after trading in her car. she had no luck.
7:48 am
so she turned to our consumer investigator kristen. to a san ramon woman who was
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owed some money when nbc bay area responds to a san ramon woman who was owed some money when trading in her car but couldn't seem to get it. consumer investigator chris chmura helped her out. >> more $6,000 was on the line here. there's also a lesson for all of us. >> reporter: before this outing,
7:51 am
judy was driving a joeks wagon passat when she bought that passat in redwood city, she also bought a few optional extended warranties to go along with it. >> i just bought the package i wanted the safety, the security, if i got dinged in the back, i wanted it fixed and i didn't want the hassle. and all of those things were covered by these warranties. >> reporter: when judy traded in the passat for her audi earlier this year, board walk told her she'd get a prorated refund but she didn't. she said she called the dealer several times asking for her money. >> i got no phone calls back. >> reporter: so judy reached out to us. >> i contacted nbc and nbc contacted volkswagen international and two days later, the check was in the mail. >> reporter: judy's refund? more than $6,000. >> i'm terribly grateful, because what's right is right, and it shouldn't take higher powers to get the job done, but
7:52 am
it does. and thank you, thank you, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome, judy. we're happy to help out. vw's corporate office declined to comment for this story. boardwalk volkswagen also declined to comment. there isn't a law requiring universal terms and conditions for extended warranties. they vary, so you need to read the fine print. california department of insurance offers this advice. ask about a prorated refund before buying a warranty. if you won't get it, weigh the value of that warranty against how long you plan to keep the car. if you have a consumer complaint, please call us. the number is 888-996-tips or log on to our website, nbc bay once you're there, click the yellow submit tips bar for our consumer clant form. you can share documents, photos, and videos to help us investigate your case. we respond to every call, every e-mail. have a great weekend, guys. well, we've all heard stories about how real estate
7:53 am
prices have driven artists out of the bay area, but a new project in san francisco is trying to help them stay put. "today in the bay's" joe takes us inside. >> i love making art. i work in sculpture and insulation so let's slide it this way. >> reporter: there's an electricity to the art dana makes, sort of. >> i've been taking these extension cords, things that often hidden and making it the central focus of the artwork. i love having a sense of humor. >> reporter: like most san francisco artists, hemingway finds nothing humorous about finding a place to make art. >> there's definitely people who have lost their spaces in the bay area. >> reporter: high rents, rampant development have driven artists and galleries out of san francisco. >> it was going backwards and then all of a sudden that changed. >> reporter: the change was this place. inside san francisco's dog patch neighborhood, a new studio space dedicated to artists has popped up in a former warehouse.
7:54 am
>> a building with 30 studios for 35 working artists. >> reporter: the studios are part of the minnesota street project, a gallery opened by a pair of san francisco philanthropists aimed at stemming the tide of artist evictions and displacements. >> this building has been committed for studio space, work space for artists for a long-term period. >> reporter: inside, artists like brian build their creations without the fear of losing their work space. with below market rents, it's an aberration among the city's difficult arts landscape. the building has a workshop, a digital media lab, and places to gather. it's a respite for displaced artists like rochelle. >> my partner and i were facing an eviction notice and just the conversations we were having were basically, like, moving to another city. >> reporter: but after recently landing studio space in the new project, she decided to stay put. >> i mean, it's kept us here in san francisco. >> we had 300 applicants for 30
7:55 am
spaces so that shows you that there are artists working in san francisco that are seeking space. >> reporter: he hopes others will mimic the project, opening new affordable art spaces to preserve the city's unique arts scene. >> this is one drop in the bucket but it's at least something positive. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> we still have more ahead on "today in the bay." weekend school of biggest -- >> i put it you should my clothes because i don't want to hear -- >> aly raceman, beyonce's going to be in town, we'll give you run downs coming up next. last night it was kevin durant
7:56 am
7:57 am
last night, it was kevin durant. tonight, another olympic gold medallist will throw out the first pitch at at&t park. you know you recognize her. it's gymnast aly raisman. she will have the honors before the giants/cardinals game. raisman is in the bay area for the kelloggs tour of olympic champions, which will has been at s.a.p. center tomorrow. we just told you about the giants, but there is a lot going
7:58 am
on this weekend, including college football, stanford hosting usc at the farm today and cal welcomes texas to berkeley. san jose state will take on the utah utes at spartan stadium and sticking around in the south bay, beyonce is in concert tonight at levi stadium. meanwhile, in wine country, indie car series will race in sonoma tomorrow and don't forget it is the home opener tomorrow against atlanta. the raiders are trying to start a season 2-0 for the first time in 14 years and jenny was just saying that the tickets are all sold out. >> sold out. i wanted to go cheer them on. they are gone. you can get them on stub hub for a pretty penny. >> good for the raiders. it was a great first game so let's hope for the best on that season opener tomorrow. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. no 5:00 or 6:00 newscast tonight because of notre dame football but we will have have a special newscast at 8:00 following the
7:59 am
game and more local news at 11:00. have a great day and stay connected any time of day on our social media platform.
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