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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 17, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (f♪ot steps) (crickets chirping) ♪ (jet engine)
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♪ (heart beat) ♪ (water splashing) (rain drops) (engine revving) (tires on wet road) ♪ >> mike: if you're a fan of the spartans, you're thinking december 5th would be nice. when they had a big ten championship over iowa. 22-play, 9-minute drive. they don't need all that. they need to keep the clock and get first downs and dwrind it
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out of the ground. that guy, l.j. scott. and scott has about four yards, on first down. isaac rochell the tackle. 5:44 on that clock. >> doug: we talked about in commercial break. a fullback in the flat. make it look like the same play you just ran. looks like it's going up inside. and release that fullback and make a nice safe pass play out of it. >> mike: the spartans bring in terry in at quarterback. they will send tyler o'connor out to a receiver spot. terry, more of a runner. and he will do the designed run here. 5:07 to go. it's about to get loud. >> doug: there's no deception here. you see number 6 in the ball game. it's a run. great job by nyles morgan.
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staying lateral. rochell, chasing it down from the backside. puts a tough third down situation now. so much more difficult, to throw the ball, and convert on third and five, than a second down, play-action. >> mike: to get to the 40. o'connor throws. no. notre dame will get the ball back. >> doug: a defense that could not get off the field, in the entire second and third quarter, all of a sudden, with back-t back-to-backstops. >> mike: michigan state went into protect made. and sometimes it's hard to put that new disc back in and re-ignite. and they can't find it now. >> doug: playing four-man rush.
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playing softer. tyler got his confidence rolling. >> mike: hartbarger is now with space. he just did. from the 23. sanders. hemmed in. and brought down, right around the 30 yard line. 4:18 to go. kizer coming out on the field. let's look at the last drive, doug. >> doug: when they needed it, kizer was pump faking. wanted it down the field. get answer interference call. 50/50 down the field. the key to this drive, is offensive line play. kizer was not this clean, early in the game. he was getting hit on every throw. now, he is standing cleanly. throwing the ball. delivering. and the offensive line has picked up their game. kizer, with a double-move to the tight end. stick nod down the middle of the field, threw a touchdown to his big tight end. >> mike: irish, down 29 tonight. montana leading them back, in
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the cotton bowl against houston. can the irish get back to force overtime here? kizer, trying to throw it underneath. and too hard behind, as his intended receiver, c.j. sanders, was blanketed. >> doug: it's a four-man rush, to allow kizer to deliver the ball. there, he went through progression and got hit as he threw. but in general, a much better execution by the offensive line. >> mike: folston is the back for this key drive, he helped try to block malik mcdowell. and that pass is complete. caught by equanimeous st. brown. fourth catch of the night for st. brown. >> doug: kizer stood tall on the back foot and delivered. third down converses, look for a kizer run. >> mike: so often, that first first down of the drive, the hardest one to get when the pressure is on.
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kizer, surveys. trying to take off. can't get away. brought down. williams, the redshirt freshman from chicago. biggest defensive play so far. forty and seven. 3:37 to go. going to take time-out here to make the decision. >> doug: there wasn't a lot there. i was looking downfield for a route. looked like good coverage. if kizer thought to talk off, he might have had a crease. but things closed up quickly. the coverage today looked solid. right off the line, maybe c.j. sanders has it quick. other than that, it was good conch on that play. >> mike: the spartan before the snap. chris frye went back to the middle of the field safety. they did a good job of keeping everything covered. you're fourth and seven, two
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time-outs left. 3:37. do you trust your defense enough to punt it away and hope you get the ball back? that's what ryan kelly is going to do, knowing a couple of first downs and you don't get back on the field. >> doug: if i'm kizer, i'm lobbying to go for it. i'm feeling good right now. we've been moving the football. an i don't trust anybody's defense anyway. >> mike: said by a quarterback. tyler newsome will come on to kick it away. great kick. newsome does his job to make it a lock field, with 3:30 remaining. >> doug: i'm not saying it's the best percentage move. but offensively, michigan state has gone a little conservative. and tyler o'connor, a couple of series ago, on the rollout. and decided not to pull the
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trigger, trying to run for it and got a tack. on the last drive, he might the able to stick that completion in for the first down. but a defensive back was breaking on the ball. he threw it low and away and played it safe. he played it a little too safe the last couple possessions and they end up three and out. >> mike: scott will be the running back for this drive. 3:30 left. notre dame two time-outs. to use. >> doug: three offensive linemen to the left side. >> mike: starting to look that way. gain a yard of two. second down, coming up. >> doug: you feel the kickout block coming, making that crease
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tighter. and bunching people up. it's not gashing for seven or eight. it's a push for two or three. >> mike: that is difference. and the defense was on the ropes a lot. basing the third quarter onslaught, as michigan state scored 31. second and eight, leading all the play clock. and scott has to get to the outside. can he get there? no. a good job on the edge. and avery sebastian, who did a good job in the second half, as notre dame uses its second time-out, with 2:36 to go in regulations. >> doug: what a job by onwualu. he closes this down. he is coming from the left side of the screen. takes a shoulder and keeps it tight inside. when scott tries to bounce it, he still has leverage and comes out, makes a play. great job on taking on a fullback block. and then, what bill belichick would say, setting the edge to turn it up. scott tried to bounce it. onwualu kept a free arm on the
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outside. >> mike: he was a wide receiver. bounced around and found his way on this side of the ball with a capta captain. >> doug: when that's happening, you're not expecting a guy that is going to become a captain of your football team. and he's been resilient. a big part of this team and a starter. and there, a huge play on second down. creating another third down opportunity. >> mike: he said i wanted to be the hammer, not the nail. he moved over to defense. and now, they find a way to make a play here. or it may be a case for the irish, in terms of the comeback. third and seven. the spartans need to get to the 24 yard line.
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will fire. wide-open at the 35 yard line for the first down. donnie corley jr. huge first down gain of 28 for michigan state. >> doug: cole luke is playing the top third of the field. he gets his eyes inside. and looking up the seam, expects the seam route. and all of a sudden, leaves his man. and the ball thrown outside. >> mike: those are the basics that hurt him in the game at texas. basic coverage busts. 2:04. michigan state close to closing this out. and kelly will use the final time-out he has. and maybe a couple of seconds back on the clock. he had called it a new seconds
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earlier. brian kelly, disbelief in what happened in his secondary. v van grodin's defense in coverage. >> doug: it wouldn't have been thrown if he were sitting in it a at third. he was trying to make a play by eyeing a guy coming up the seam. thinking he might be able to break on a ball, and started drifting, left his responsibility. big conversion for michigan state. >> mike: 1:57 left, out of time-outs. you're almost in a scenario where the best michigan state runs the ball twice, the best you can do is probably get the ball back with a half minute left.
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you see the schedule. notre dame will play duke here. the bigger picture of this comeback that might fall a drive start, as kelly tries to get the answers from his defensive coordinator. notre dame is going to lose two of the first three. and you can recover from an early loss to get back in the playoff picture. you can recover from early loss, especially when you're in a conference. the stated goal of being part of a college football playoffs, like the spartans were last year, is slipping out of the grass for the irish here. unless they can make something special happen. second and five for msu. holmes is stopped. spartans snap it with 1:10 left for third down. the spartans next week, play wisconsin. this is the toughest road test.
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to indiana, to maryland, to illinois. they get the wolverines and the buckeyes coming to their place. wisconsin is ranked number nine. but they had one with georgia state earlier today. >> doug: iowa wasn't too happy, talking big ten. >> mike: losing to north carolina state, the bison. spartans get this one, they close it out. r.j. shelton on the edge. steals this one. down to the 25 yard line. and the spartans go back winners here tonight. >> doug: this has been the play that's killed notre dame all night long. shelton, running tough. holding the offensive line. getting on the corner. big guys on little guys. getting outside. broken tackle. once he got to the secondary, i'm thinking, let him score. that's the only hope
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defensively. he can take that all the way to the end zone and be down two scores. >> mike: i'm thinking that shelton can go down there. and michigan state will come in here, 500 total yards of offense. they lose one here on the kneeldown. how about tyler o'connor. you have started two -- get that ball back, tyler. absolutely. i hope they give it to you because your two road starts at number two ohio state, as an ohio native. and you won as a kid who came here to south bend and watch the irish play. you're one game played at notre dame stadium, the second road start, you get a win, as well. nice story to tell for a fifth year senior. >> doug: phenomenal effort. phenomenal effort. ran with the ball. key completions. even towards the end of the game, he was conservative with the ball towards the end of the game. but it played out. he knew what kind of defense he has. he knew he could run the football at times. and he's not a manager of the game.
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he runs the show with this offense. >> mike: he rubs a balanced offense tonight. >> kathryn: you let off a sigh of relief. describe what it is like coaching tonight. >> it was tight. great comeback by notre dame. i thought our guys played really well. but you know, filed it away at the end. a great run by r.j. shelton gets it in the bank. >> kathryn: notre dame made it interesting there at the end of the game. how did you manage to hold them off? >> deshone kizer, he started to hit his plays. went downfield a little bit. has great poise. you saw them do that against texas, as well. got a great football team. you know, they're never going to be out of the football game. that's the way it is. they did a great job coming back. >> kathryn: what does the win mean for the season? >> a big win. has v to get ready for wisconsin next week. exciting for our players.
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>> kathryn: mike? >> mike: thanks, kathryn. the winner in south bend. the players listen to the anthem. ♪ ♪ >> mike: with the joy that has been played the last seven games here, as notre dame sees a seven-game home winning streak snapped. and the spartans will enjoy their song and their trip back to east lansing, as victors here
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tonight. 36-28, our final score in south bend. brian kelly's press conference, available for you, coming up next, except on the west coast, your local news. packers/vikings on sunday night. and the irish next saturday, take on duke. nbcsn, the notre dame postgame show, with doug flutie, kathryn tappen, our great crew, mike tirico, good night from south bend. thanks for watching notre dame football, penaltied by verizon. city, where an explosion has
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injured dozens of people. ==terry/2-shot== this special edition ofbc breaking news out of new york city where an explosion has injured dozens of people of the. this special edition of nbc bay area news starts right now. i'm terry mcsweeney. and i'm peggy bunker, police say a bomb blew up in a trash bin. at least 25 people are hurt, none of the injuries are life-threatening at this time. photos show the bin that was torn up after the explosion, now the nearby windows of an apartment complex blew out. witnesses here in the crowded chelsea neighborhood say it was deafening, and gunfire untilled the area, happening at tonighe 23rd area, an area that provides services to the blind, also an
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area known for restaurants. and at least two areas were evacuated, the task force is on scene and the police bomb squad is looking for secondary devices in the area. we're still gathering information on the breaking news, we'll have more coming up. and in new jersey, another explosion, this time the bomb planted on the race course for a marine corps charity run. nobody hurt there. things could have been different if somebody had not reported an unattended backpack. >> reporter: a charity run to marines in seaside park, new jersey, over before it started. affirmative, shut down the run, get them out of the boardwalk. >> reporter: this happened at the trash bin, where the race course was, a spokesperson said the race was delayed then a loud blast. >> then all of a sudden all the responders just went to the spot. and soon we heard that it was
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some sort of device in the garbage barrel. >> there was smoke and debris and shrapnel everywhere. >> it has just been chaos. >> reporter: chaos for the racers, but for first responders, orderly in the face of the event. >> about 9:30, an explosion occurred in the trash along the raceway. there were no reported injuries or deaths because of the the explosion. >> reporter: the bomb was designed to hurt people as was the case of the boston marathon where 22 were injured. >> you have an overwhelming swath of individuals that could be affected. a lot of people could have been hurt. >> yeah, a lot of people could have been hurt. >> reporter: what could have been a disaster averted because somebody saw something and said
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something. and on this busy saturday night, in santa clara, extra officers were at levi stadium, where beyonce is performing today. now, even people who came early had to wait for the screening process. fans say the extra security is a good idea. >> yes, i feel like the security is tight. and yeah, it's beyonce, i'm pretty sure that they would not let any fans get hurt or anything like that. >> reporter: now other and security forces beefed up their presence as well. the san francisco police department released a statement in response to the new jersey threat that read in part. stpd has reported increased presence in the city, we're working with our allied law enforcement agencies and also encourage the public to report any type of suspicious activity. well, you could see it for miles, a huge fire in berkeley
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sent fire along the university in the popular college neighborhood. more on the story, sharon. >> reporter: that is right, peggy, the fire started about 3:30 and took about two hours for firefighters to put the fire out. now, this apartment complex we're seeing some tenants allowed back in. but earlier today it had to be evacuated. >> i'm going to have my keys, wallet and phone. >> reporter: andrew page found the flames outside the window. >> they just told us to get out. we ran down the stairs towards the exit. >> reporter: fortunately, everyone got out safely and no one was injured. firefighters say the blaze started in a courtyard behind the mostly empty building nearby, ray martinez shot this see the smoke coming out of the roof top. >> i'm just pretty weary, because i know there are people who live right next door. hopefully they can contain it before it spreads. >> with the old buildings it
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gets into the interior spaces and walls and roof construction. that is where we're chasing it now. >> reporter: the site is said to be renovated for new apartments. >> most of the block there for university avenue was scheduled to be rebuilt as apartments above the historic buildings. >> reporter: and we did just get an instance. one of the firefighters did suffer a minor arm injury but we're told he is doing okay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live in berkeley, nbc bay area news. thank you, sharon. no longer a fugitive, u.s. marshals captured a former san francisco camp counselor wanted on child molestation charges. blanchard was taken into custody in phoenix, is accused of touching three girls all under the way of 15 while he worked as a camp counselor in san
8:27 pm
francisco. authorities didn't say where it happened. they also say at the found a large amount of marijuana in his apartment along with a stolen gun, we're working on getting a mug shot. and a scary deal for a mother who held her 16 month-old boy when he was struck by a stray bullet, happening at the corner of second street, just south of the city's iron triangle neighborhood. the toddler was hit in the lower body, the man was also hit. police believe he was the unintended target but have not relea releaseed a motive. and a boy was shot and killed in an apartment complex happening at 10:30 at night at the bella vista apartments, authority urge anybody with information please call the san francisco police. and thousands gathered to honor firefighters and paramedics who died.
8:28 pm
some came to pay tribute to the firefighters, both died after being diagnosed with cancer after health-related issues. their names are on the fallen firefighters memorial. the mayor says the annual honor is bitter sweet. >> although we're proud of having the iaff memorial in our community, we're sadder each year as more names are added to its surface. >> reporter: the memorial, which was built by the national association of firefighters union now includes the names of 7,352 firefighters and paramedics. and turning now to the decision 2016. new polls out this weekend show hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck. the daily sometimes hourly controversies apparently not hurting trump's momentum. last night, he again insinuated
8:29 pm
violence against his rival, after accusing her of a conspiracy. >> reporter: topping off a surreal day on the campaign trail, donald trump waded into controversy again, telling the supporters hillary clinton opposes the second amendment, she does not. and daring her to disarm. >> take her guns away. >> reporter: the clinton camp says this should be out of bounds for a presidential candidate. trump's comments came after some suggested he made a veiled threat against her if she gets the pick. >> if she gets the nomination, nothing you can do, folks, although the second amendment, maybe there is. >> reporter: trump took seven seconds to admit what was true all along. >> president barack obama was
8:30 pm
born in the united states, period. >> reporter: but then, two falsehoods. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. >> reporter: down the street, members of the congressional black caucus were not impressed. >> did he address it for a manner that shows he was mistaken and incorrect? no, he did not. >> reporter: neither with hillary clinton. >> he is feeding into the worst impulses. the bigotry. >> there were those who questioned and continued to question for the past eight years up through this very day whether my husband was even born in this country. >> reporter: while democrats seized on trump's jarring 180, supporters awaiting him in miami dug in. >> obama has to say i'm sorry to us. to the american people.
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>> reporter: now, hillary clinton appeared tonight with president obama at a congressional black caucus dinner in d.c. donald trump made stops in texas and colorado. coming up next, brian stowe has come a long way since being severely beaten back in 2011. today he went back to the beginning to thank those who played a huge role in his recovery, we'll show you. and one of the stars of the games in rio made a stop in san jose today, the piece of advice she had for the athletes. and good evening, we had temperatures in the 90s today, temperatures will go up even more for sunday, plus, a spare the air alert, we'll be right back to explain after the this. dodgers game, returned to a san
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jose hospital today - t brian stowe, the bay area man who was brutally beaten at a dodgers game returned to a san jose hospital today but not for treatment. he wanted to thank those who helped him learn how to walk again. nbc spoke to him about his
8:34 pm
recovery and also his plans for the future. >> yeah, what an amazing journey for stowe, and he admits he is not where he wants to be physically but he is better and getting closer to living on his own. >> and i went through two and a half years of not remembering anything. >> reporter: five years ago, these simple steps, even with the help of a cane, seemed impossible. today, it's a new journey for stowe who has overcome so many hurdles in places like this. >> this is as high up as i can move my arm and face. >> reporter: now, a reunion for him and others for the past four to five years. he and his family says he barely remembers the attack that changed his life in 2011, when moments after seeing the home team the giants play the dodgers, he and friends wearing jerseys brutally attacked by two men in the parking lot.
8:35 pm
an intense beating, his skull fractured, he fell to the ground and was kicked in the head and ribs. >> when brian came to us, he was doing very little. >> reporter: his road to recovery looked black, the impossible then happened. >> now seeing him in a place where he is actually helping other people is really like what we hope for. >> reporter: years later, stowe is not new again, but for this dad of two and former paramedic he is getting there. >> he has been through rough roads, but he is coming through. >> reporter: now moving forward, stowe hopes for recovery to get back to the active life he once had. >> i would like to be done, i would like to run on the beach, but i cannot right now. >> and i believe that guy will do that very soon. he will be swimming, today he is fighting bullying. yes, he is an emotional speaker. what a day for courage and
8:36 pm
emotion, a story of never giving up. rick boone. exercising for a good cause, about 3,000 volunteers walked to fund for the alzheimer's association today, enjoying a nice stroll today. organizers say it's not just about showing support for those affected by the disease it's also about showing hope for a cure. >> this is for everybody who has a stake in the game for alzheimer's in the bay area, comes out to show support for the cause to show they're interested in seeing a cure. >> this year volunteers raised nearly $10,000. and south bay gymnasts could barely contain their excitement after meeting the great olympian, aly raisman, now, the olympian toured the bay area in honor of national gymnastics day. all the students were so excited to meet her.
8:37 pm
raisman wanted to remind her fans that olympians make the sport look easy, but even good shs incredible athletes have tough days. >> it's not always easy, it took me a long time to perfect certain skills. it's important to remember if you're having a rough day and not coming together, it's okay, it's all about working hard. >> isn't that the truth? it applies to lots of endeavors and tomorrow, they will be in san jose for the tour of champions. joining us now, anthony slaughter, a heat wave three days in a row with really hot temperatures? >> above 95, we'll not get three days but two. >> two? >> regardless, whatever you want to call it, hot, heat wave, very hot, especially for the tri-valley where temperatures got close to 100 degrees today. tomorrow we'll actually go into the triple digits. here are hot spots, livermore, 98, fairfield, 96, blossom
8:38 pm
hills, 94 degrees, concord, 93 today, vieup to 93. san francisco cool right now, with fog building up to 58 degrees, 101 for the tri-valley, for san francisco, comfortable, 93 for the newark bay, tomorrow, temperatures go back into the 90s before the south bay, san jose included. here is the time lapse. you will notice the cloud cover hung on tightly. tomorrow, we'll see spectacular sunshine this evening. future cast into motion for you, not a lot of cloud cover tonight, that mainly stays at the coastline. and by tomorrow night, 9:00, the entire bay area clear, a nice, bright start to the day for your sunday. not going to see much in terms of your fog over the next couple of days as high pressure builds in and pushes it all back out to
8:39 pm
the open sea. you will see cooler weather for the upcoming week, but in the meantime, it's all about the heat. and unfortunately, we're talking unhealthy air quality especially for the east bay and south bay, tomorrow a spare the air alert is in the forecast. 90 for cupertino, 97, half moon bay, 70, palo alto, 87 degrees, san francisco looking at a good mix of upper 60s from the marina district, over towards mission, 70s, walnut creek hot spot tomorrow 97 degrees, the tri-valley, temperatures in the upper 90s to low 100s for places like danville and livermore, tomorrow, upper 80s, low 90s. high pressure is in control that drives your wind clockwise around it. winds that are offshore at least for the next couple of days, pacific northwest getting hammered with showers and thunderstorms. unfortunately for us we're not going to see anything like that.
8:40 pm
monday, tropical moisture building in for southern california, and possible clouds as it moves in. the upcoming week, there is your change, unfortunately no rain, about 20 degrees in some locations like our inland valleys. notice the big drop in temperatures, tomorrow, 98 degrees, and then as we head towards the first day of fall on thursday that is when we'll see cooler weather. temperatures inland, topping out at 80, san francisco, a ten degree drop, tomorrow, a perfect beach day, get out and enjoy. again, spare the air, limit your driving if you can. car pool. >> yeah, we're starting to see the leaves change a little bit. yeah, fall is coming. thank you. well, coming together to mark an historic memorial for those impacted by hiv and aids. the ceremony in san francisco. plus. >> we're not trying to be anti,
8:41 pm
not trying to hate or be oppositional. >> a high tech way to prevent violence, one man's concern may help an entire city, his story is next in our bay area proud.
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"national aids memorial." 25 years of solidarity, activists gathered in golden gate park tonight to mark the anniversary of the aids memorial. >> and the founders of that memorial were recognized for their work audacion in 1991, th was to help with the work on aids and hiv. >> main thing was to get together and share your loss and share your stories. that is what has taken us 25 years later. >> and incredibly, over the years, volunteers have dedicated more than 100,000 hours to maintain the memorial's landscape. veterans across the area look forward to this event every two years, the east bay standdown at the fair grounds in
8:44 pm
pleasanton, the veterans are offered help with medical issues or communication therapy. one veteran said after receiving help, he knows these services can accomplish a lot. >> for somebody who is homeless and doesn't communicate well, the first day, by sunday when it's time to go, they're back to normal and willing to communicate with you. you feel like you accomplished something. >> the east bay standdown continues through tomorrow. well, it's a difficult and ongoing problem. violent confrontations between police and the homeless or mentally ill. and then comes the finger pointing about would ho is to b but there is one man who has a plan to stop the confrontations. >> reporter: jacob savage has no
8:45 pm
illusions about what the confrontations are, they don't want to fix the system. they just want to help some people in need. jacob savage always knew that one day he would be walking a beat. although this is not really what he had in mind. as a teenager, you see, growing up in palo alto, jacob was a police explorer and a career as a cop is who he dreamed of. >> my identity was so connected to law enforcement that i just could not imagine a reality in which i would not become a police officer. >> the first aid responder. >> reporter: that was almost ten years ago, and jacob has changed quite a bit since then. but the goal of helping others has not. >> not all, but most of our clients are in poverty. >> reporter: jacob is one of the founders of concern, a nonprofit team of trained responders, inserting themselves literally into the issue of homelessness in san francisco. it's why jacob now walks this
8:46 pm
beat. chris crossing the tender loin almost every afternoon and evening. >> we have been on the street for a year. >> reporter: using the concern's phone number and app, jacob wants them to call them instead of 911 when they see a person in crisis on the street. their belief is that interactions with police and homeless can't turn violent if the interactions never happen in the first place. c which is not to say they're against law enforcement. >> we're thought trying to be against anybody or try to hate or be oppositional. we're right around the corner. >> reporter: jacob said he simply saw that even with all the governmental and nonprofit help out there, there was still a gap to be filled on the streets. sometimes it's compassionate response to a medical or mental health emergency.
8:47 pm
other times, it's simply a conversation. or even a song. >> sharing a positive experience, a positive human engagement, listening to someone, a lot of times it doesn't seem more active. it's more passive. people want to be heard and that is one of the most powerful things we can do. >> jacob says in the year the concern has been on the street they have responded to more than a thousand calls for help. they're trying to fund this independently. so they're in the middle of a crowd funding campaign right now to make sure they can keep going. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. now for a look at what is happening in sports, we bring on -- >> the one and only wolf man. >> henry wofford. >> you know, i only took a short amount of time off. when we come back, peggy, terry, we'll have highlights for you. you know the giants won their
8:48 pm
first two against the cardinals, right now they're in a battle and trying their hardest to stay relevant in the nl west. 14 games remaining for the g-men, can they get a playoff spot? we'll be right back with up to the minute highlights.
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remaining for the g-men...and they involved in two races for a welcome back, baseball is at the final stretch, just 14 regular season games for the g-men, who are involved in two races for a playoff spot, starting four games out of the west, but the giants must find a way to continue to win. at&t celebrating the hispanic heritage month, giants celebrating sepeda's 79th birthday, happy birthday, and that sets up brandon belt, who
8:51 pm
is swinging the stick. do something good, big guy, doubles to right center. pence will score to tie the ball game. runners on the corners, jeff samardzija, looking to help his own cause. flies out to right, denard span gets caught in a rundown, but edwardo nunez makes it tied. cardinals lead 3-2 as we enter the bottom of the nineth inning. wendell leading off the game right. ricky henderson style kiss that baby good-bye, a run on the board just like that. first career home run just like that. fifth inning, marcus simeon, celebrating his 25th birthday, you want to be flashy and do
8:52 pm
something in style? hit your 25th home run of the season, the a's win 11-2, scoring 60 runs in their last six games. football now, number seven stanford, pac-12 conference play, ufc trojans, scoreless, ryan burns, hits who else? christian mccaffrey, this guy is spectacular, 56-yard touchdown, stanford up 7-0, in the seventh, mccaffrey again, he likes what he sees. cardinals take a lead, and rector gets silly with it, gone 56 yards to the house. stanford gets the w. 27-10 is your final. hey, sunday night football this week features the vikings,
8:53 pm
sam bradford, playing for aaron rogers, playing host to aaron rogers, with a preview of how minnesota will stop rogers, and the chief head, tony dungy caught up with head coach mike zimmer. >> you have had success defending aaron rogers, what is the key do you think? or what do you have to do to not stop him but contain? >> well, i don't know how much success i've had. he is pretty darn good, he is smart, tough, competitive. he sees everything, he can throw from anywhere, obviously scramble and get out of the pocket. it's always a struggle, everybody thinks how fun it is, but it's really a challenge. >> peggy, peggy, terry. >> i put -- i said teggy, now who is that around here? must be our new producer here.
8:54 pm
teggy, how are you? >> i want to thank you, teggy, for all you have done. >> great news, i know so many people coming in town for stanford/ufc, that is really cool to see. by the way, texas and cal coming up a little bit later tonight as well. >> all right, look for highlights at 11:00. thank you very much. make sure things are still going to get nice and hot. >> it will be a nice, summer weekend as we round out the final summer next week, the fall season starts on thursday, we'll look at temperatures cooling off then, another hot day, clear skies in san jose, and the moon just above the banner there, but it's a full one so if you get outside this evening take a look in the sky, clear skies right now, even at san francisco, 58 degrees, tri-valley, the temperatures f temperatures in 90s, san francisco tomorrow, 75, very hot
8:55 pm
tomorrow and tri-valley at 101, in the south bay we'll see temperatures at 95 degrees, and poor air quality is expected. we did have sunshine, talk, clouds all day long. you get into the city, downtown in the summit district, a nice amount of sunshine in san francisco. round out your saturday, tomorrow we're expecting much more of the same. limited fog at the coastline, mainly clear for all the inland valleys, fog stays put at the coastline tomorrow. more sunshine at ocean beach down toward santa cruz, if you want to get out to the beach a perfect day to do so. widespread 70s for your area beaches tomorrow. again, fog not going to be a huge issue, by monday, not a lot in terms of cloud cover, clear skies over the next couple of days. now, unfortunately because our winds will be offshore, high pressure in the atmosphere, we have a spare the air alert for tomorrow, unhealthy air quality
8:56 pm
coun expected. san jose up to 88, cupertino, 90, 75 for san mateo, 70 for the mission district, places like danville, 101 for livermore, walnut creek 97 tomorrow even warmer for oakland after seeing temperatures in the upper 70s today. you will be at 82 for the high temperature tomorrow. high pressure in control, creating a clockwise rotation around it, winds offshore, warm air in place, over the next couple of days we will not see much in terms of changes, sub tropical weather that could impact southern california by monday into tuesday, unfortunately for us we won't get any of that, we'll get clouds, temperatures cooling off as the trough starts to dig in to the western half of the country, replacing the ridge that we're dealing with right now. temperatures will respond accordingly. look at this, a 20-degree drop by the time we hit thursday, first day of fall, temperatures really feel like it.
8:57 pm
even at the coastline, temperatures back in the 60s in san francisco, tomorrow, a beautiful day get out there and enjoy, enjoy the sunshine, remember that spf if you're going to enjoy the sun. right now we want to return to the breaking news out of new york city where an explosion has injured dozens of people, none of the injuries considered life-threatening, mayor bill de blasio wrapping up a news conference. several days revealed about the explosion in manhattan. >> that is right, a total of 29 people were injured in the explosion, one injury considered to be serious. now, according to investigators, once again this isñr an ongoing investigation but they believe the explosion was an intentional act. so far, no evidence of a connection to terrorism. and no link to the explosion in new jersey. right now police are urging anyone with video of this explosion which is very possible, highly populated intersection to send it to them. >> and again that happened at
8:58 pm
west 23rd, nypd investigating a potential second bomb site on 7th street, on seventh avenue, a substantial police presence there. we'll have the latest on our 11:00 news cast. you see the closures in manhattan, really unusual. so very big problem in the city. we'll continue to watch that for you. thank you for joining us tonight on nbc bay area news. access hollywood coming up next, more local news at 11:00. hope you can join us then. >> good night. we'll see you then.
8:59 pm
(whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh.
9:00 pm
the family favorite. yoplait. anna nicole smith's daughter, danni lynn turns 10. welcome to "access hollywood" following her death and paternity suit, danni lynn has been raised by her father, larry birkhead. she celebrated her birthday. they take father, daughter and friend to universal studios, hollywood to celebrate. >> dannilynn. >> a big camera shy, dannilynn lit up as she and her friend got ready to topple the theme park to celebrate. >> who is excited for harry potter?


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