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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 18, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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take a live look outside...... (adlib) scott/2shot good morning to you. 7::00 a.m. on a sunday morning, and a lovely look outside this morning. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. let's get a check of your microclimate forecast with jenny toste. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> isn't it nice to look outside and actually see san francisco in the morning. >> it's fantastic. a little later than i normally get up. >> right. the clouds have cleared out by now. lots of sunshine on the way. did you enjoin yesterday yester >> it was gorgeous. >> 49 in the north bey aay and clouds have cleared out. lots of sunshine and temperatures are on the rise. we'll be in the triple digits
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for the tri-valley. 49 in the south bay. 75 and sunny for san francisco this afternoon and 93 in the north bay. we'll check out your raiders and giants fofert in a couple minutes. we continue to follow the develops news out of new york city. an explosion vinjured more than two dozen people. security footage from a nearby fitness center show the moment of the explosion. this happened on 23rd street near 7th avenue. that would be the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. 29 people were injured, including one seriously, but everybody is expected to survive. authorities say most of the injuries were scrapes and cuts from glass and other debris. investigators say they're not sure if the explosion came from inside a large trash bin or on the street. it's a busy area of manhattan and full of people at the time. >> it was scary at first, and then it sounded like thunder, and it just sounded really
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heavy, and if you're close, it did kind of like -- you felt it in your heart, you know. >> there is no evidence at this point of a terror connection to this incident. this is preliminary information. it's something we will be investigating very carefully, but there is no evidence at this point of a terror connection. >> so you heard new york city mayor bill de blasio stopping short of connecting that to terrorism but he is calling it an intentional act. the nypd found a second device just a few blocks away on 27th street. investigators say it's a pressure cooker like the one used in the boston marathon bombing with tape, wires, and a cell phone. the bomb squad is inspecting that device. to this point it's not known if there are any connections between last night's explosion in new york and a pipe bomb blast yesterday in new jersey. that one was at a seaside park on the jersey shore shortly before a charity race.
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the bomb was in a plastic garbage can when it exploded, and nobody was hurt. the threats on the east koecoas certainly had an effect on events in the bay area, including last night's beyonce concert. extra officers outside the stadium. people had to wait in long lines as well. the screening process was lengthy, but fans say the extra security made them feel safe. >> yes. i feel like the security is tight, and, yeah, it's beyonce. i'm praeetty sure they wouldn't let any fans get hurt. >> the san francisco police department released a statement in response to the new jersey threat that read in part, sfpd has increased uniform high visibility presence throughout the city. we are working with our allied law enforcement agencies and are encouraging the public to report any suspicious activities. we're continuing obviously to follow these explosions,
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specifically the developing situation in new york city. we have the latest updates. they're on, and, of course, if we learn anything this morning, we'll inform you as well. a frightening scene near the heart of the cal campus. a building fire spread causing evacuations. here is some video from a neighbor's drone. black smoke billowing into the sky on university avenue could be seen for miles. the fire broke out around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. took firefighters nearly two hours to knock down the flames. an apartment complex near this engulfed building was evacuated as a precaution. >> we saw firefighters running through the halls and they told us to get out. we ran down the stairs toward the exit. >> city officials tell us the buildings were damaged by fire. they were mostly vacant and slated to be turned into apartments in the near future. the cause of the fire is under investigation. u.s. marshals captured a former san francisco camp counselor wanted on child molestation charges. evin blanchard was arrested on thursday in phoenix.
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investigators say he fled phoenix -- to phoenix from the bay area. blanchard accused of fondling three girls under the age of 15 as he worked as a camp counselor in san francisco. u.s. marshals say they found a large amount of marijuana in blanchard's phoenix home along with a stolen gun. in richmond a horrifying ordeal for a mother. she was holding onto her 16-month-old boy when he was struck by a stray bullet. this happened friday morning on bissell and 2nd street south of the iron triangle neighborhood. the toddler was hit in the lower body. a 25-year-old man was also hit in the shooting. police believe that man was the intended target but they haven't released a motive or suspect information. both are expected to survive. in north richmond, a 17-year-old boy was shot and killed at an apartment complex about 10:30 last night -- or friday night rather at the belba vista apartment building.
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investigators are urging anyone with information to come forward. the evident againstrecall o controversial judge turned into a protest prom. they organized it to raise money in the recall effort against the judge who sentenced brock tuner in jail. turner served just three months but registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life. >> we're a people nis group and we're super tired of judges being lenient when it comes to sexual assault cases. we'll go after him and anyone who comes after that. >> judge has moved a civil court on his own request away from criminal cases. protesters at the event say they hope the money raised will help with the recall effort in 2017. we have a lot more ahead today in the bay. today, patriotism at almeiameda county fairgrounds.
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and giants fan bryan stow has come a long way since he was severely beaten back in 2011. he went back to the beginning, so to speak, to thank those who played a big role in his recovery.
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francisco from san bruno mountai and welcome back. a look at the city from san bruno mountain this morning. we have jenny toste with us here shortly. she tells us it's going to be lovely all over. thousands of people gathered in colorado springs to honor american firefighters and paramedics who died this past year. two of them from the bay area. family and friends paid tribute to two san francisco firefighters, richard faust and david amitini. both died of cancer. their names engraved on the fallen firefighter memorial. firefighters believe that cancer was work related. the mayor of colorado springs says the annual honor is bittersweet. >> although we are proud of
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having the iaff memorial in our community, we are saddened each year as more names are added to its surface. >> the memorial, which was built by the international association of firefighters union, includes the name of 7, 352 firefighters. the east bay stand down kicked off friday at the alameda county flaairgrounds. veterans are offered medical help and issues, even communication therapy. one volunteer says after receiving help from the program himself, he knows this service can accomplish a lot. >> somebody that's homeless, that doesn't communicate well, the first day and my sunday they're able to communicate with you and you feel like you
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accomplished something. much more on "today in the bay." one of the stars in the olympic games in rio made a stop in the south bay. the piece of advice aly raisman had for aspiring gymnasts. and clear skies over dublin. all that sunshine means a hot day on the way. warm for the valley. hear the complete forecast next.
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it's about time the taco... came out of its shell.
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it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. and welcome back to you on this fine sunday morning. 7:13. a look at san jose from communications hill this morning. about 3,000 volunteers walked to fund raise for the alzheimer's association in san francisco. they enjoyed a stroll around great meadow park. organizers say this isn't just about showing support for those affected by the disease. it's about showing hope for a cure. >> this is when everybody who has got a stake in the game in alzheimer's disease in the bay
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area comes out to show their support for the cause, to show that they're interested in seeing a cure. >> this year volunteers raised nearly $100,000. good job there. bryan stow, the bay area man brutally beaten at a dodgers game, returned to a shows hospital this weekend not for treatment. he wanted to thank those who helped him learn to walk again. "today in the bay's" rick boone talked to show about his recovery. >> he admits he's not where he wants to be physically, but he is better and getting closer to living on his own. >> and i went through 2 1/2 years of not remembering anything. >> reporter: five years ago these simple steps even with the help of a cane seemed impossible. today it's a new journey for bryan stow who has overcome so many hurdles at this rehabilitation center where he relearned the basics like brushing his teeth. >> this is as high up as i can move my left arm and as close to my face as i can put it. >> reporter: now the reunion for
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him and the hundreds the center has helped over the past 45 years. patients who have come back to say thanks. >> we're in the moment with bryan. >> reporter: he and his family barely remember the attack that changed his life. he and friends wearing giants jerseys were brutally attacked by two men. an intense beating. his skull fractured when he fell to the ground and his attackers kicked him in the head and ribs. >> when bryan came to us he was doing very little, very little. >> reporter: his road to recovery looked bleak. clinging to life in a coma, but with bryan's inner strength, the impossible happened. >> now seeing him in this place where he's helping other people is really like what we hoped for. >> reporter: years later, stow is isn't new again but for this dad of two, he's getting there. >> the rest of the way we go. >> reporter: stow hopes to speed
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up his recovery to get back to the active live he once had. >> i would like to be running on the beach, but i can't right now. >> i believe that guy will do that real soon. today bryan is fighting anti-bullyi anti-bullying. he's a motivational speaker. that's what he's doing but what an amazing story of courage and determination and for all of us to look at this, a story of never giving up. rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> rick, thank you. young south bay gymnasts could barely contain their exciting after meeting olympic great aly raisman. she took time to wait for a san jose gymnastics club. wait for this scream. yeah, there it is. raisman wanted to remind her fans that olympians might make the sport look easy but even great athletes have rough days. >> it's not always easy. it took me a really long time to learn skills or to perfect certain things. so it's important for them to remember if you're having a rough day, if it's not coming
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together, it's okay. it's all about working hard. >> tonight all the members of the final five olympic team will be at sap center in san jose for the tour of champions. how about that? jenny toste joins us again with a look at the weekend forecast. you were saying earlier, you know, 101 in one spot and 75 in the city. >> yes. so take your pick. if you like 70s or you like it really hot, you have that wide range today. good morning to you, everybody. and temperatures are going to be amazing today. let's take a look outside what's going on. i love this shot. a clear look at the city in the morning. so the low clouds, the gray skies that we had yesterday have clear outside. with all that sunshine, we could be as many as ten degrees warmer. 77 for the high in san francisco. we are in the upper 50s right now with those clear skies. so it is going to be sunny and warmer with that breezy afternoon. tomorrow slightly cooler. that will be the start of our cool down. still going to be warm tomorrow but by tuesday into wednesday that's when that next system moves through. that will really cool us off.
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20 degrees cooler by wednesday and the winds will pick up as that cooler weather moves into the area. right now visibility is great around the bay area. still pretty foggy around santa cruz. and we'll see sunshine there. i headed into santa cruz yesterday, blue skies, the water was amazing. if you have a picture, tweet it to me and we'll show it in the next half hour. highs at 83 in santa cruz. low 70s around half moon pay, pacifica, if you're headed toward the coast there. 77 for san francisco for that giants game. 88 in mountain view. the inland areas around the bay going to be in the upper 80s. oakland, hayward. low 100s as you move further inland. that tri-valley region going to be very hot and santa clara at 95. could hit 99 in gilroy. that would break a record. 95 degrees if you're headed up to napa for wine country today. we are going to see the winds pick up this afternoon so
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hopefully that will give you a bit of a break from some of that heat. 14-mile-per-hour winds by this evening in half moon bay. it will be windy around the inland areas of the bay as well if you're going to be in those areas and then it will die down overnight and into tomorrow. so if you're headed out to see the raiders, home opener taking on the falcons this afternoon. 1:25 is kickoff and we'll be in the upper 70s to maid 8id-80s. if your seats are in the sunshine it's going to be hot today but a bit of a breeze to help cool you off. here is what we're expecting over the next seven days. notice the wide range in these temperatures as well. we'll be in the mid-90s on sunday. low 90s tomorrow and the 80s return by wednesday. 70s on thursday. so, again, quite a spread there. 80s return as we head into next weekend so there will be a bit of a warm-up once again not for your inland areas. in the 90s today versus the 70s along the coast. san francisco at 75 today. 60s return by tuesday. we'll be in the mid-60s by wednesday into next week. 67 degrees for the high by next saturday and overnight lows will
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stay in the 50s. looks like most of that morning fog will stay away as well. that onshore breeze will pick up, that marine air will move in by wednesday, but clear skies will continue for us. we will check out your giants forecast in a couple of minutes as well as your beach forecast. for now, scott, back to you. >> all right, jenny, thank you. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up -- we're not trying to be anti. we're not trying to hate. we're not trying to be oppositional. >> a hi-tech way to prevent violence. one man's concern may end up helping an entire city and he's part of our "bay area proud" series.
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between police and the homeless or mentally ill ve welcome back. violent confrontations between the police and the homeless or mentally ill have become a lot more common. so too has the finger pointing as to who is to blame. but there is a san francisco man who thinks the best way to keep things peaceful may be to avoid the confrontations in the first
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place. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas shows us his plan in this morning's "bay area proud." >> jacob savage has no i will lugs about what he and his group are getting into, inserting themselves in the middle of the police, the public, and the homeless is tricky territory. they're not trying to fix the system though. they just want to help some people in need. >> jacob savage always knew that one day he'd be walking a beat, though this is not really what he had in mind. as a teenager you see growing up in palo alto jacob was a police explorer. and a career as a cop is what he dreamed of. >> my identity was so connected to law enforcement that i just couldn't imagine a reality in which i didn't become a police officer. the mental health crisis -- >> reporter: that was almost a decade ago and jacob has changed quite a bit since then. but the goal of helping others
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hasn't. >> not all, but most of our clients are homeless. >> reporter: jacob is one of the founders of conkcrn. inserting themselves literally into the issue of homelessness in san francisco. it's why jacob now walks this beat, criss-crossing the tenderloin almost every afternoon and evening. >> we've been on the street for a year. is she still there on the ground? >> using concrn's phone number and app, jacob wants the public to call them instead of 911 when they see a person in crisis on the street. their belief is that interactions with police and the homeless or mentally ill can't turn violent if those interactions never happen in the first place. which is not to say concrn is against law enforcement. they're not against anybody. >> in the moment we're not trying to be anti.
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would we're not trying to hate. we're not trying to be oppositional. >> reporter: jacob said he saw even with all the governmental and nonprofit help out there, there was still a gap to be filled on the streets. sometimes it's compassionate response to a medical or mental health emergency. other times it's simply a conversation. or even a song. >> sharing a positive experience, a positive human engagement, listening to someone. a lot of times it doesn't seem very activist. it's more pacifist. people want to be heard and that's one of the most powerful things we can do. >> jacob says in the year concrn has been on the streets, they've responded to more than 1,000 calls for help. they're trying to fund this independently, so they're in the middle of a crowd funding campaign right now to make sure they can keep going. garvin thomas, nbc bay area. >> much more ahead "today."
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co several shoppers stabbed at the mall. we'll tell you about the suspect coming up. plus -- >> is it about access? >> it's always about access. >> big money buying big access. we'll investigate where all the big campaign donations are coming from in california and where that money is going might surprise you. take a live look outside......
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san jose - from communications happy sunday morning to you. it is 7:28 in the morning, and look at how pretty that is. that's a look at san jose from communications hill as the sun comes up and turns everything gold. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew alongside with jenny toste with a look at your microclimate forecast. >> it was hard to believe yesterday it was so gray when we started out but it's like the sun is going to come out and it did. it was a gorgeous day. let's show you that look from belvedere and the weather underground cam looking south toward alcatraz and the city in
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the background and all that sunshine. the low clouds have cleared out. temperatures are still a little cool on the coast in the 40s there. 62 in san francisco right now. 58 in san jose. headed toward a high today at 75 with sunshine in the bay area. we'll be 93 up around napa. 82 along the peninsula. 85 for the east bay. triple digits for the tri-valley and 94 in the south bay. so we'll talk about how long this heat will continue in a couple minutes. >> in mid-september. all right. well, we continue to follow developing news out of new york city. an explosion injured more than two dozen people. just minutes ago new york governor andrew cuomo announced there is still no indication it is linked to international terrorism. surveillance video from a nearby fitness center shows the moment of that explosion. people scrambling as the blast occurred. the explosion happened on 23rd street near 7th avenue. that would be the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. 29 people injured, including one seriously, but everybody is
7:30 am
expected to survive. authorities say most of the injuries were scrapes and cuts from glass and metal debris. investigators say they're not sure whether the ex plation came from inside a large trash bin or maybe from the street. this is a busy area of manhattan. streets full of people at the time. >> it was scary at first and then it sounded like thunder and it just sounded really heavy, and if you're close, it did kind of, like, you felt it in your heart, you know? >> there is no evidence at this point of a terror connection to this incident. this is preliminary information. it's something we will be investigating very carefully, but there is no evidence at this point of a terror connection. >> of course, terror is all how you look at it. new york city mayor there saying the explosion is, indeed, an intentional act. the nypd found a second device just a few blocks away on 27th street. investigators say that one is a
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pressure cooker like the one used at the boston marathon bombing. it had tape and wires and a cell phone. the bomb squad is inspecting that device. at this point it's not known if there's any connection between last night's explosion in new york and a pipe bomb blast yesterday morning in new jersey. this happened in seaside park on the jersey shore. shortly before a charity rate. it was in a plastic garbage can when it exploded. nobody was hurt. the threats on the east coast having an effect on events in the bay area. extra officers patrolled inside and around levi stadium. people who showed up early had to wait in long lines as the screening process was lengthy, but fans say the extra security made them feel safe. >> yes, i feel like the security is tight, and it's beyonce. i'm pretty sure they wouldn't let any fans get hurt or
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anything like that. >> other police and security forces beefed up their presence as well. the san francisco police department released a statement in response to the new jersey threat that read in part, sfpd has increased uniform high visibility presence throughout the city. we're working with our allied law enforcement agencies and encouraging the public to report any suspicious activities. we're continuing to follow these situations back east, especially in new york city. we have the latest updates on and as they happen here, we'll bring them to you as well. mean while, a chaotic scene at a mall in minnesota. a man disguised as a security guard stabbed at least eight people before he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. it happened at the crossroads center in st. cloud, minnesota. the suspect began threatening people. the suspect made at least one reference to allah during the
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incident and asked at least one person whether they were muslim before attacking them. all eight victims suffered norn life threatening injuries. a tragedy in north carolina. four people dead, more than 40 injured after a charter bus carrying student athletes crashed. images from the scene show the side of the bus was just sheered away. 46 people were on board including students from clinton college in rock hill, south carolina. they were on their way to a football game in fayetteville. the bus blew a tire and that sent that into the guardrail. following the money leads to interesting answers when it comes to politics in silicon valley going far beyond the presidential race. local big money donors are fueling candidates across the country. silicon valley has eclipsed hollywood when it comes to giving. senior investigative reporter stephen stock dicks into what's behind the campaign donations. >> two decades ago silicon valley was a bit player in the national political conversation.
7:34 am
now the industry has emerged as one of the largest gives givers to the national political campaign in america. >> reporter: when america's cup yachts raced on the water of san francisco bay, the major force behind all the action was none other than oracle founder and ceo larry ellison. >> an awesome job. >> reporter: hes a emerged as an equally big force behind this year's national political campaigns. federal election records show ellison has been the top donor from silicon valley so far giving at least $5 million to various conservative causes, including to florida senator marco rubio and the national republican senatorial committee. also among top silicon valley givers this year, venture capitalist scott banister. john and ann doerr and thomas and barbara stephenson. >> the wealthiest groups in america are the one that is tend
7:35 am
to fund these senate and presidential campaigns, and certainly there's a lot of wealth in silicon valley and it is funding the candidates. >> daniel neuman and co-founder and ceo of, a nonpartisan group based in berkeley that tracks and monitors where campaign money comes from and where it goes. >> it's not so much about geography as it is about where are the wealthy people and the wealthy groups. certainly hollywood is the center of that, silicon valley, new york, texas, the big states, the wealthiest areas. it's a tiny fraction of the population that funds those politicians. >> reporter: in fact, this campaign cycle federal campaign records show that silicon valley and northern california have eclipsed southern california in the amount of giving. we found another interesting trend. these big political donors from california are giving big time to campaigns in other states. specifically to nine tossup u.s. senate races in florida, illinois, indiana, nevada, new hampshire, north carolina, ohio,
7:36 am
pennsylvania, and wisconsin. >> what the national government does affects all of us, and right now the control of the senate is up for grabs whether it's republican or democratic control will have a big affect on everyone in the country,weal. >> is it about access? >> it's always about access. >> matthew ma hood is the ceo of the silicon valley chamber of commerce. >> there are issues that any elected official whether they're in florida or ohio or new york, they're going to be key decisionmakers on issues that affect immigration reform, that affect trade, affect taxes, affect intellectual property. those are all issue that is silicon valley businesses, business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, they care about. >> reporter: we also teamed with the center of responsive politics that tracks this money. we wanted to take a closer look
7:37 am
at which silicon valley companies and their employees are big givers this year. no surprise we found oracle, kleiner perkins, angel investors around sequoia capital but also google, apple, and sales among the top corporate givers. two-thirds of all california campaign giving went to out of state or presidential candidates. >> for donors it really is a sense of how is my money best used? what is the best way to affect change? >> dr. garrett percival studies and teaches these issues at the department of political science at san jose state. >> why donors in california care mostly is because they're trying to influence politics at the national level. so if you're going to decide am i going to spend money in this election cycle, how is my dollar best spend. so in those cases it's states like pennsylvania and north carolina, wisconsin, these other race that is are really close. >> now the amounts of some of the donations can be staggering. critics such as maplight's
7:38 am
daniel neuman says that's a big problem because the average citizen is being drowned out by all the big money flowing into political races. we've teamed with maplight to create a special website called voters' edge to give you norn partisan information about all the elections taking place in california. you can find voters' edge on our website. just go to i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area. >> and if you have a story for stephen and the rest of the investigative unit, call them, 888-996-tips or send them an e-mail. much more still ahead. coming up, stanford faces a big test against usc and the giants continue -- look to continue their winning ways against the cardinals. they try to punch their playoff tikt. we'll have sports next. cket. we'll have sports next.
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welcome back.
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cardinals and giants, olympian aly raisman throwing out the first pitch. perhaps she could close for the giants. top of the ninth, 2-1. giants santiago casilla gives up a single. tommy will score tying the ball game at two. bruce bochy had seenoff. he pulls casilla. jose martinez will tag and, yes, he will score. giants blow their 28th save of the season because they failed to score in the bottom half of the inning. number of blown saves ties a franchise record. 3-2 is the final. number 7 seven stanford beginning pac-12 conference play hosting usc. you know what? the one guy you can't take your eyes off of, christian mccaffrey. that's what the trojan's defense did and number 5 burned them for a 56-yard touchdown. stanford up 7-0. then fourth and goal, mccaffrey
7:42 am
leaps over the goal line. no problem. cardinal up 17-3. they get it to his teammate, michael. he goes 56 yards for the td. stanford wins 27-10 is your final. the a's were also in action. they beat the ainrangers in tex. more news right after the break. ==scott/cu==
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to decision 2016: pols sh hillary clintoand donald trump necand decision 2016 on this sunday morning showing hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck. donald trump continues to gain momentum. the republican nominee spoke at the remembrance project in houston yesterday. trump says he's shining a national spotlight on americans killed by immigrants living in the u.s. illegally. now, this organization itself was founded to advocate for tougher immigration laws and honor those killed by people in the country illegally.
7:45 am
meanwhile, hillary clinton addressed the congressional black caucus in washington, d.c. mrs. clinton showered president obama with praise, urged african-american voters to protect his legacy. clinton stressed she would continue fighting on their behalf in the white house. with the november election fast approaching, campaign contributions come in at a record pace, especially for the democratic nominee. our own kira clapper sits down with a political analyst larry gearstrom. >> the candidates have released their most recent fund-raising results. donald trump clekted $90 million this month. opponent hillary clinton raised 15 -- $157 million. larry gerston is here to help us make sure of these numbers and it sure seems like a lot of money. >> it is a lot of money. if history is any guide, certainly hillary clinton and possibly donald trump will smash the records set in 2012.
7:46 am
take a look at what clinton and trump have raised through august 31st and what barack obama and mitt romney raised for the entire 2012 presidential campaign. as you can see, clinton and trump have raised roughly two-thirds of what obama and romney raised four years ago. >> well, how do these numbers compare with what we might expect by the end of the election? we still have about seven weeks now. >> and that's where it gets interesting. they suggest these numbers, a huge bump over four years ago. that's because obama raised nearly half his total during the last two months of the campaign. romney for his part raised 60% of his total during the same period. how do we translate this? clinton should raise about a billion dollars with perhaps $600 million for trump. and those are conservative estimates. >> wow, a billion with a "b." why this massive jump? is it because of the economy we're in now? >> yeah. there's no question that the question has a lot to do with
7:47 am
it. there's no question about that. money has come up from individuals and groups because of that economy. but the larger explanation comes from the supreme court. the court deciding in 2010 that for all intents and purposes there would be no limits on fund-raising. unlike previous elections, that means anything can go, and that's led to independent expenditure committees which weren't very prominent in 2012 but have contributed $131 million to clinton in 2016. only $12 million, by the way, to donald trump so far. put another way, most of the super wealthy contributors, they have stayed away from trump. as a result, clinton has $152 million cash on hand compared with trump's $92 million. that's a pretty good advantage with less than two months to go. >> this is something i always wonder. how do they spend their money? we're told most of it is on ads. >> that's a good question but not so far. you will see that change but not
7:48 am
so far. what's going to happen is between now and november 8th, things will ratchet up considerably in the ad department. but here is an accounting of their largest expenditures during the month of may, and that's the last month we have complete records. for clinton the largest commitment was to her payroll, and that makes sense because she has ten times the number of paid staffers, about 700 to 70 compared to trump. and then the ground game and trump's campaign just hasn't covered it. for trump, consulting, travel, and merchandise. only 2% of his campaign funds went for those ad buys in may. so it's a pattern that hasn't been welcomed by republican party leaders who want him to get the word out, not only for him but their party as well. >> only 2 thrs. that's shocking. so what can we expect over the course of the next seven weeks
7:49 am
in terms of fund-raising and spending? >> this is a sprint. it's a sprint. when both campaigns will pull out all the stops to raise every last cent possible, and as time goes on, most of that money will go to those tv ads. most of those ads will be in the famous battleground states. we won't see much of them. they'll be in the battleground states in the midwest and in florida. but for the moment clinton has two big advantages. lots more money and a much larger staff on the ground. these advantages don't necessarily mean victory, bubt f you're a candidate, you'd certainly rather have them than not. >> of course. absolutely. as always, political analyst larry gerston, thanks for joining us. we'll send it back to you. activists gathered in golden gate park to mark the anniversary of the national aids memorial. the original founders were
7:50 am
recognized for their work and dedication. in 1991 they began restoring a neglected area of the park. their goal was to provide a peaceful place for those impacted by hiv and aids. >> we could see the need for mainly as a place to assemble, to get together and share your loss and share your stories, and that's what's taken us 25 years later. >> over the years volunteers have dedicated more than 100,000 hours to maintain the memorials a landscape. . lots more ahead. still ahead, the event that had people biking through south bay neighborhoods in search of hence. >> i'm jenny toste. sunshine over the san francisco area. that means a warm day whether you're headed to baseball, football, beaches. we have your forecast next.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
good morning, everybody. it is a gorgeous start anywhere you are around the bay area this morning. here is a live look at san francisco. you can see that sunshine. the low clouds have cleared out. the fog is gone and all that sunshine means temperatures are going to be as many as ten degrees warmer today than yesterday. here is a live look at san jose. you can see that sun is up as well. thin band of clouds, but those will clear out quickly for a hot day there as well. 58 degrees currently in san jose. headed to a high of 94. yesterday was in the upper 80s. you can see that warming trend continues, and we will see a light breeze pick up around the inner bay for this afternoon. that might make it feel a little more comfortable with the warm temperatures. a little cooler tomorrow and
7:54 am
that will begin that cooldown. still going to be warm and above average though, but by wednesday we'll see the bulk of that cooler air move through. 20 degrees cooler in some areas, but it will be windy as that cooler air moves into our area. so here is what we're expecting for today. clearer skies over the area. a big ridge of high pressure in place and so that is going to keep the clouds away. that means if you're headed toward the coast, it's going to be nice and sunny from pacifica through half moon bay all the way down to santa cruz. earlier had some visibility issues. that is completely cleared up. the bay area was clear. had a limited visibility for santa cruz but the low clouds were thin and cleared out quickly. sunshine on the way. gorgeous day to head toward the beaches. we'll be in the low 70s around half moon bay. low 80s for santa cruz, and if you're headed up toward wine country, temperatures will be in the 90s there for now. dropping quickly. we'll be back to the mid-80s over the next couple days. 70s by wednesday. if you're headed to monterey, same story there. temperatures will be in the 70s and dropping into the 60s over the next couple days and for
7:55 am
santa cruz temperatures again in the low 80s for now. we'll see 70s as we head into next week and dropping a little bit cooler over the next couple of days. but it is hot for the inland areas. we're in the triple digits for concord and livermore this afternoon. we'll see 95 in santa clara. 99 in gilroy. that could break a record. most of the temperatures not threatening to break any records, but well above average. 77 in san francisco. 70 in pacifica. 93 in napa and 83 in santa cruz this afternoon. it will be a little breezy this afternoon around half moon bay, inner bay areas and it will die around as we head into tomorrow. here is what we're expecting if you're headed out to the giants game, taking on the cardinals, 1:05 first pitch. in the 50s, sunshine, and a bit of a breeze. for the raiders, temperatures just across the bay in the upper 70s to low 80s there. warm and sunny, breezy afternoon. 85 in the shade. if you have seats in the
7:56 am
sunshine, it will be hot. bring a hat. we will see temperatures in the mid-90s around san jose today. low 90s by tomorrow and then we're back into the 80s by wednesday. could see 70s by thrs thursday. next weekend back into the upper 80s. for the san francisco area, 75 today. we're in the low 70s tomorrow, but the 60s return by tuesday. we'll be in the mid-60s by wednesday all the way into next weekend. so, again, temperatures spreading there from the triple digits to the mid-70s in san francisco. >> that's looking a lot more like september right there. that's the kind of september i like. >> by midweek we're back to about what you would expect for this time of year. >> did you see the moon last night? >> yes. >> it was fabulous. >> did you see the moon? it had everybody in a trance. a harvest moon. a bright orange moon over a clear sky. here is more spectacular time lapse video. look at that. from arizona. people all over the world sharing their excitement on
7:57 am
social media with this just gorgeous moon. absolutely fabulous. and finally this morning the popularity of poultry. yesterday silicon valley held the fifth annual tour de coop. a free event open to anyone with an interest in urban farming. home openers with back yard chicken coops, even beehives invited the public to take a look. people bicycled from home to home. the hope is the tour will inspire others to build their own creative coops. >> i love it. i actually had chickens for a while. >> i did, too. >> aren't they great? >> they're fabulous. >> i sold them on craig's list and i didn't ask a lot of questions. >> oh-oh. they're like pigs. they eat all your scraps. i'm sure they're fine. they're not chicken soup. >> thanks for making us part of your sunday morning. to 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. news. we have sunday night football in america. then a special edition of nbc
7:58 am
bay area news will be back at 11:00. i will be back tomorrow morning but, of course, our internet guys will maintain
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday an explosion in new york city injures dozens. another device is founded blocks away. >> it sounded like a million pianos dropped. donald trump ends one false claim. >> president barak obama was born in the united states, period. >> and embraces new ones. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> did he end it? or did he just revive an issue that's bound to hurt him? i will talk to tim kaine and


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