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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 18, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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hi everybody. thanks for watching xfinity sports sunday. you ready to get to it? >> let's start. the home opener on the 50th anniversary of the coliseum. that guy was fired up. raiders down 7. >> and derrick carr finds michael crabtree. del rio's gamble pays off. ensuing falcons possession. matt ryan's pass is tipped in the air. >> bad luck. >> it is. some times everybody is covered.
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falcons take a 28-21 lead. time waiting, waiting, waiting, escaping, escaping and finding cooper and cooper takes it all the way. hold on. that that's flag on the play. they say no touchdown, bill. >> i saw him push him out of bounds. >> you don't like that call? >> i don't like it at all. >> next play the raiders decide to go for it. they hand it to him and he does not pick up the first down. falcons would score. raiders get the ball back down 14. carr rolls right. rolling, rolling, rolling. raiders down 7 after a defensive shot. carr hits cooper. this looks like the big play. stanford and cal. where is the trombone player? they keep throwing it back. maybe this could go.
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no. falcons win 35-28. matt ryan finished 396 yards and three touchdowns. the raiders became the first to give up 500 or more yards in each of the first two games of the season. battled with a three touchdown day going to 11 different targets. sadly it was not enough. >> you know me, it's always frustrating to lose no matter how it looks. when we can go out there and you feel like you're being efficient. there are so many things i will lose sleep over that we can do better. it doesn't matter if we score at 2 points or 50 points. any time you lose it never feels good. >> you have to go back to the drawing board and correct some
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of the things we didn't do so well today. that's it. >> offensively we are playing well. we have to do more as a football team to make enough plays to where we can go home happy. today we feel like, you know, the two phases were lost today. offense played pretty well. there's not to say they aren't things that weren't correct. it's about adding up all of those pieces and have it be enough for your win. it wasn't enough today. >> takes over late in that game. what did you make of of that move? >> number one, defense was not playing well. he is the ceo of this ball club. it is on his back and he wanted to make the right calls at the end and even when he took over the defense was not able to stop
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him. >> you're not worried about what that does? >> not at all. it's his responsibility. if the raiders don't win then who gets fired? he does. >> seven minutes left, goes for it again. they don't get it. falcons score. the gamble worked in week one, worked a little bit in week two. bad decision? is he getting two careless to go for it every time? >> that's a players mentality. maybe he has a little too much belief in his football team right now. you would like to see him, you know, convert right there. that clearly is a play that lead to the loss of the raiders today. >> it's a good go when it works. remember, he was second guessed in week one and it worked. a lot of those wouldn't be pun
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dents. i guess you can't worry about what he is going to say. >> right now he is 50/50. >> we'll take a break. they had to go to carolina. defense, there was no shutting out cam newton. we talk 49ers when we come back.
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first quarter san francisco up 3-0. thompson with the scoop and score. carolina takes the lead. that's a bad way to start on the road. >> it sure is. the niners get something back. ray ray armstrong we covers for
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the niners. things are working out easily. he says we have to take advantage of this. we are on a short week. we are on a long week. he finds smith on 48 yards to score. 49ers regain the lead but it was short lived. 78 yards. no one near him. >> yeah, no line backer, deep in to cover him. >> newton connecting for six. 24-10 carolina on top. newton throws another dart to benjamin. 31-10 carolina on top. fourth quarter after a phil dawson field goal.
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he played for the niners and now he is helping out the niners. lost the kick off return. 69ers recove 49ers recover. after panthers field goal he will hit mcdonald. mcdonald loses to a catch and run. >> laid out. >> he did lay out. it helped mcdonald get in the end zone. san francisco down 10 and in desperation mode double coverage picked off who recover today make the interception. 36-27. this car was made for driving in california. visit to learn more.
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cam newton 24-40 and four touchdowns. now they go to carolina on the road. cam throws up all of these points. what have we learned about these? does the defense have an identify yet? >> not yet. i think they ran into a hornet's nest. that football team got beat by the denver broncos the week prior. i tell you what, they were angry, mad and they had to come out and play with a vengeance today and surely they did. >> does cam newton? >> he is another level how good he is. >> yes. >> denver gets to him both physically and mentally. >> the 49ers did not get to him. he just seemed completely in
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control. he had his tight end open, benjamin open the entire day. if you give him time you're done. >> that's the one thing you to do with cam newton is you have to be able to rush him and get hits on him like the denver broncos did. the 49ers weren't able to get to him today. he he had his pick of the litter all day today. the raiders played at home. how much longer can we say the raiders playing at home? we weigh in on the latest news which maybe says vegas has a better chance than we thought although the commissioner may have something to say about that.
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top three two outs. diaz hits off of suarez. it's 2-0 cardinals. always bad news when this happens. long leads with a stand-up triple. oh, no. things have not been going giants way. it continued today. the next batter gets a pinch hit single to deep left, long scores. giants get shut out 3-0. >> it's a big swing for them and us. it's what you got to deal with in this game. it's a fight from here on out. they did what they needed to do. they came back on it. you know, sure, we can look at that game. it's no point in it.
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we have to focus and we have a really good team and we get to come out ready to go. >> good news giants lost. after splitting with the cards the giants trail the mets for the first wild card standings. now let's go back to football. las vegas really really wants the raiders. an oversight committee approved a grant for a new nfl stadium. roger goodell saying he would prefer this team stays in oakland. he said no market should lose their team once let alone twice. i believe there is a solution in oakland. so bill, i ask you this. >> yes. >> is it good for las vegas to
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have an nfl team and would it be bad for okay laakland to lose ie in. >> i think it would be phenomenal. i think it would be a team where people come from not just all over the country but all over the world to watch whatever team ends up in vegas. >> just because it's his destination city and part of entertainment capital? what about oakland losing them not once but twice. it's got a deep-rooted tradition. it's got history. it's got hall of famers. how do you feel about them leaving again? >> i would hate to see the raiders leave oakland. i'm pretty sure mark davis disease not want them to leave oakland, but he has to do the right thing to make this team competitive. one of them is getting a new stadium. he doesn't have that.
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he doesn't have the ability to get that done here right now. it looks like vegas is ready step up with a lot of money. >> oakland has a sports history tradition. the warriors will move to san francisco in three years. oakland could be left with nothing left. you think it's now sort of all on mark davis. >> absolutely. what i know about mark davis is she goi he is going to do the right thing with this football team to make it competitive for years to come. >> you have to be to have a new stadium to be competitive. we are just getting warmed up. i'm glad we'll be here throughout the season. good to see you. >> good to see you. a reminder tomorrow, all of your highlights and the raiders press
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conference live and 49ers press conference live. thanks for watching. have a great rest of your sunday night. to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is i'm going undercover, at an actual brewhouse. it's awesome. amazing! what if i told you, you are eating a jack's brewhouse bacon burger from jack in the box. not this one. absolutely lying. and what if i told you... that i'm jack. whaaaat?!! no way! no! didn't see that coming, did you? porter ale cheese sauce, grilled onions, and bacon on a artisan potato bun. jack's new brewhouse bacon burger, new from jack in the box. hey, where did jack go? he was just here.
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on 101. what caltrans is now saying about a driv -- whoas killed
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when something came flying through his car window. new details in a freak accident on 101. a driver was killed when something came flying through his car window. a san francisco political activist, the community honoring the woman known for being the voice of chinatown. bay area law enforcement keeping their guard up as tensions across the country remain high. news starts right now. good evening everyone. i'm terry. >> thanks for joining us. the investigation is intensifying into that explosion in manhattan. it injured more than two dozen people. new york's governor described it as a bomb. investigators believe it was no accident. >> mwe have been following if details on this. it may have been part of what
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someone wanted to carry out. >> we just learned within the last 30 minutes the fbi and police in elizabeth, new jersey are investigating another suspicious package. this one was found near a transit station and they stopped all trains in the area as a precaution. it is another example of a threat that has law enforcement including here in the bay area on high alert. people running in panic after a bomb went off around 8:30 last night, injuring 29 people. >> the sound was overwhelming. >> the bomb exploded in or near a dumpster. it was strong enough to crack the glass doors of the gym across the street. >> when you see the amount of damage we were really lucky there were in fatalities at the time. >> they now say the bomb was made with pressure cookers, flip phones and christmas lights that
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set off a powerful explosive compound. one was filled with metal bbs. it may have been part of a planned whier attack. four blocks from the explosion they found what looked like an unexploded crude bomb. they say the two devices were similar. hours earlier a pipe bomb exploded in new jersey. there were no injuries. >> a bomb exploding in new york is obviously an act of terrorism but it's not linked to international terrorism, in other words we find no isis connection, etcetera. >> the series of attacks on the east coast are having a ripple effect of safety. increased security at the giants game at at&t park. they issued this statement saying it increased high
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visibility presence throughout the city. we are working with law enforcement and enkoushcouragin public to report any suspicious activities. see something, say something. luckily the 29 people injured in new york were not seriously hurt. all of them were released from hospitals today. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we'll have continuing coverage of the violence and threats taking place. coming up the call from the mayor of new york city to the public. and we have more information on the freak accident that killed a driver on 101. they say a large bolt object crashed through the car could have come from one of the water trucks. the deadly crash happened on
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friday on 101. chp saying schafer crashed after that piece of metal hit him in the neck. joint investigation discovered that a cal-trans was driving at the time. they are offering deepest con do condolences to the family. you can see a man right there. you can see also what a dangerous rescue this was, very dangerous spot. another fellow needed rescuing. he was stuck down that steep embankment. this corgie could not get up that hill -- >> kind of short-legged. >> yeah, they have that issue going back. they brought the man and dog to safety. the owner ecstatic to get her
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dog back. >> the dog was mellow and happy and had a big crowd cheering her on or him on. >> the man is like what about me? i made it up too. >> both drew a lot of onlookers. >> i'm glad to see the man was rescued as well. smoke billowing into the skies today. take a look. two brush fires broke out, one in the dublin hills and schafer road. drivers can see that smoke from 680. couldn't miss it. firefighters say 11 acres burned. in the south bay another grass fire broke out at san jose over there. no one was injured in either fire. no homes or buildings burned. during this hot, dry weather, watch out. fire danger right here and right now.
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>> yes, especially with temperatures as high as san jose 93, morgan hill 95 degrees. san jose 78 and warm 68 still in san francisco. heading back to the work weekend we'll see high pressure but notice the changes happening. we'll be watching a weather system bring in some cooling. it could increase a chance of some lightning-sparked fires. we'll let you know as that moisture drifts if we'll see any showers in our own seven day forecast. a look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. honoring the life of a bay air bay area activetist, she was 67 years old. pack was known for being the voice of chinatown and playing a significant role. we are live with reaction to the
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news of her death. >> reporter: i can tell you, that's real sense of shock and sadness among her family, friends and political allies. many describing pak as someone that always fougt for the underdog. friends gathered near pak's apartment. her body was removed late this afternoon. >> it is a sad day for anyone who is an underdog in san francisco. rose pak was a champion for them. it is hard to imagine that she is not around. >> reporter: a long-time community leader that helped mold politics and the community. >> we think about the incredible fighter that she was. >> reporter: supervisor described her as a dear friend who had an incredible legacy of
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accomplishes. >> there are very big shoes to fill. i think the reason chinatown did not go the way other chinatowns in america did, this one is as strong as ever. >> rose is like a real cyst tore me, a dear friend, a real trusted confidant. >> reporter: the mayor believes the city lost one of its main sparks. >> she had an incredible sense of what is the right thing to do. you know, persuasive talent. >> reporter: the mayor released a statement saying in part this is a great loss to the city as a whole, a community that served, supported and fought for often fiercely her entire adult


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