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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 19, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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"meet the press." breaking news overnight. five more explosive devices found in new jersey, including one that exploded when the bomb squad was cutting in the wires. >> we've also got the latest on the new york city bombing as president obama aarrived imanhattan along with the united nations general assembly. new details surrounding a stabbing attack at a mall. gas prices could sky rocket 20 cents a gallon almost overnight. "early today" starts right now. >> i'm frances rivera. >> i'm ayman mohyeldin. the country is waking up on high alert this morning as an all-out man hunt is underway in
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new york after two bombs were planted in manhattan. one going off and hurting 29 people. and new this morning, two overnight investigations taking place. one on new york's bridge where we just got this new image after five people were taken into custody over saturday's manhattan explosion. and in neighboring new jersey up to five devices similar to the ones used in new york were discovered. one then exploding in a busy train station. keep an eye on the robot as it approaches the package. the city's mayor spoke to nbc about that explosion. and his concern for the state of the country. >> extremely concerned for the residents of the community but more importantly extremely concerned for everybody in the state and country where somebody can just go and drop a backpack into a garbage can that has
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multiple explosives in it with no timers and then you have to wonder how many people could have been hurt. i don't have the expertise to determine the blast function of that. but based on the loudness, i think people could have been severely hurt or injured if they were in the vicinity when that went off. >> miguel almaguer was at the scene and has more for us on the investigation there. >> reporter: good morning. the atf, the fbi, and state police continue to work this crime scene here where investigators told us they found a suspicious backpack with five devices inside as they were cutting into that first initial device, that's when they had an explosion in this area. that explosion was not planned. investigators were simply trying to get a better look at this device. investigators now tell us there are four other devices here that they're concerned about. four other possible ieds that were scattered during this
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initial explosion. investigators were seen here a short time ago walking the train tracks looking for any parts of ieds or malicious activity here or devices that could be on the train tracks. so far, they have not found much. investigators also tell us once they recover all of the pieces of this bomb making material, they'll be taking it to quantqu where investigators will look through the pieces of explosive devices. it's unclear when the area will reopen. it's adjacent to a train station. a popular area for the morning commute. that remains shut down at this hour. still a fluid situation as investigators continue to do the work ahead of them. back to you guys. >> miguel almaguer, thank you for that. >> this morning, law enforcement officials have descended onto an address in elizabeth, new jersey, that could be linked to the devices left at the train station. fbi, atf, and local investigators are on the scene hunting for clues. in new york, law enforcement
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officials tell nbc news they may have surveillance video that puts the possible suspect at the center of the manhattan attack at the scene. u. one of the bombs that was filled with shrapnel went off in a busy saturday night in the chelsea area, injuring 29 people. the other, placed inside a pressure cooker, was recovered by police and taken for analysis. it was later disabled in a remote location. while all 29 victims have been released from the hospital, we still don't know who deliberately set off that blast. a similar bombing also occurred during the military race on the jersey shore earlier on saturday. you can see the remnants following that blast on the left of the screen. the one that occurred in new york on the right. thankfully, no one was hurt in the attack after the race. a person has yet to be apprehended in that case. >> now investigators are trying to piece together what if any connection there may have been between the two attacks.
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>> right flow now, a greater sense of alert as people gather in manhattan for the yun assembly. it comes as president obama prepares for his final u.n. appearance along with a series of high profile meetings. both presidential nominees are both expected to be in attendance meeting with world leaders. >> minnesota remains on edge this morning following claims from an isis affiliate news outlet claiming that a soldier of the state carried out a stabbing in a shopping spree. nine people were injured after a man wielded what appeared to be a kitchen knife. he yelled about allah and asked one victim about islam. >> just charged me with a knife and said are you a muslim, are you a muslim? how do you even respond to that when somebody has a knife a foot from your face. >> minutes after authorities received the first 911 call,
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off-duty police officer took the attacker down. >> as the suspect was lunging at him with a knife, not only did he fire. the suspect went down. he came back up. on three different occasions. >> the fbi is calling it a potential act of terrorism as they investigate whether he had any connection to isis. the suspect has yet to be publicly identified but local community leaders say he is somali and have urged unity. >> the recent attacks in new york and minnesota have pushed national security back to the forefront. just one week until the first presidential debate, and the leading candidates could not have reacted any more differently to the tragedies. hallie jackson brings us more. >> after multiple attacks, two very different responses. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york. >> donald trump reacting fast. just minutes after reports surfaced of the manhattan
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explosion, before authorities had confirmed what happened. >> we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant, and we're going to end it. we're going to end it, so we'll see what it is. >> and the tone of a new tweet raising eyebrows as he sends his warmest regards, best wishes, and condolences to the victims. hillary clinton, meanwhile, now labeling the weekend's incidents apparent terrorist attacks. late saturday, counselling caution. >> we have to let the investigation unfold and i'll have more to say about when it we have facts. gr from both nominees, a striking contrast that underscores their approaches to national security. >> goes to the heart about what the american people are looking for. do they want somebody who has demonstrated they know people and know the facts, or do they know somebody who supposedly in his guts just can deal with issues. >> it's a distinction not lost on either campaign. clinton's camp touting her background. trump's team, his tough talk. >> mr. trump is doing very well
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on the issue of who would manage radical islamic terrorism. >> i would say experience really matters. >> even as trump campaigns on showing strength. he's underfire for his national security stance from some top republicans. including now two-time defense secretary robert gates, out with a scathing op-ed calling trump beyond repair. >> absolute clown, robert gates. believe me, i am so much better at what he's doing than he is. >> recent polling shows more people say they trust trump on terror, but on who would best serve as commander in chief, clinton has the edge. at a time of rising voter anxiety, a conflicted electorate. >> 40% of the country could see a massive rise in gas prices at the pump. details just ahead. >> first, after a cloudy and wet weekend in the northwest, is there any improvement on the horizon. >> we're watching clouds and rain continuing on and off, especially the mountainous areas
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and areas of northwestern portions of washington state, not spreting to portland, and it looks like it will clear out today. the next big story is hurricane payne in the pacific. some of the moisture will be drawn northward and we could see tropical moisture in arizona and california. not a lot of rain, but the heavier rain will be further to the north in the daysate. and the heat is with us. summer weather continues from nevada to sourp california. that's your forecast for today. "early today" back in two. spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh
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the prices now expected to jump 20 cents pergallon. six states including alabama, georgia, tennessee, virginia, and the carolinas have declared states of emergencies. they're working to repair the pipe as well as a temporary bypass line. over 300,000 gallons of gasoline spilled upstream from a national wildlife refuge. >> officials are saying a mechanical failure is what caused a united airlines plane to veer off the runway before takeoff. it was at denver international when it lost control and skidded onto a grassy buffer area instead. passengers tell nbc the pilot told them the brakes weren't working. emergency crews quickly arrived at the scene to tow the plane. buses brought passengers back to the gates to board another flight. no one was hurt in the incident. >> a fragile cease-fire is expected to be the focus of discussions at the u.n. general assembly today in new york.
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russia is blaming the united states for launching an air strike that they say killed 62 soldiers and wounded more. it further exposes the lack of trust between the two powers. it air strike was intended to hit isis fighters. the united states has not been able to confirm russia's report, but they responded, if we determines that we did indeed strike rush military -- and going as far as to say the united states is directly abetting isis terrorists. so certainly with that, considering in the u.n. today, big deal when it comes to that and the general assembly. >> absolutely. >> as we mentioned, there will be a massive security presence here in new york city as world leaders arrive for the general assembly. new york's governor said 1,000 additional officers were deployed in the wake of saturday's explosion in new york city. >> and wells fargo bank ceo john stump is called to testify
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this morning on "today," an exclusive one-on-one with human rights attorney, amal clooney about how she's battling isis through the courts. >> isis can just be reborn under a different name if you don't change the narrative and change people's minds.
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they're brain washing people and one of the ways to take action against that is to expose their brutality and their corruption and partly you can do that through trials. >> don't miss that exclusive interview coming up on "today." >> a failing grade for donald trump from one nobel prize economists and for a look at stocks we go to landen downy. >> markets closed higher last week let by tech and apple which had its best week in five years. europe is higher in early trading and asian markets rose overnight as investors wait two big decisions by the federal reserve and bank of japan, meanwhile, a top economist says the u.s. would be a big loser if donald trump wins the election. he won a nobel prize and was an economic adviser to president
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bill clinton said trump could spark a trade war with china if he imposes new tariffs on imports and that could result in a net loss of american jobs. he gives trump's economic plan an "f." and the co-founder of lyft said self serving cars will handle most of the company's rides in the next five years. they're testing cars in san francisco and phoenix in a partnership with gm, and john zimmer says as technology improves, self-driving cars will be able to handle higher speeds and a larger area. back over to you. >> making life easy for us. >> absolutely. >> still ahead, it's television's grandest night. we'll bring you the biggest winners in a moment from the primetime emmy awards. you're watching "early today." when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need. ♪ thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide 15 million vaccines
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then, i found tide odor defense. it gets out and keeps out... ...the yoga aroma, wash after wash. eliminate odors, with new tide odor defense. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. big night in television. i don't know if you stayed up late to watch it. if not, we have good highlights for you. the 68th primetime emmy awards toob place last night. and host, jimmy kimmel showed he wasn't afraid to get a little political. check this out. >> hey, you're driving? >> yeah, i'm in between jobs right now. you know you can make $12 an hour driving for uber? >> i did not know that. that's great. i have to get downtown for the emmy's. >> are you nominated? >> i am, yeah. >> wow. what's that like? jeb exclamation point. >> many have asked who is to blame for donald trump? the donald trump phenomenon and i'll tell you who because he's sitting right there. that's right, that guy.
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mark burnett, the man who brought us "celebrity apprentice." thanks to mark burnett, we don't have to watch reality shows anymore, we're living in one. >> a lot of material for the emmys. some cool points for jeb bush for that little skit off the top. on to the big winners of the night. the people versus o.j. simpson took home outstanding series as well as actor and actress awards for courtney b. vance and sarah paulson. veep took outstanding comedy and game of thrones won for drama. rommy maliking to home outstanding leader. and taugtiana maslany won. jeffrey tamburn won, and a fifth consecutive win in the category for veep. in the acceptance speech, she had a special dedication. >> i would like to dedicate this
4:23 am
to my father, willy dreyfus, who passed away on friday. when i'm so glad that he liked "veep" because his opinion was the one that really mattered. thank you. >> so heartfelt. you can't help but notice how she's shaking with the paper she's reading. >> you can see jerry seinfeld got teary eyed listening to his former colleague there. >> and just like every award show, there were the moments the internet went crazy for, like when leslie jones addressed the cyberbullying shaez rr been facing over the summer. check this out. >> since you're good at keeping things safe, i have a job for you -- my twitter account. put that in the vault. >> those are the three individuals that are charged with keeping the accounts secure. and jimmy kimmel took a time-out for a celebrity food break as well. >> my mother made 7,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
4:24 am
is anything hungry right now? okay, if you're allergic to peanuts, well, i guess this is good-bye because we only have -- we could only afford one epi-pen. >> so many great points. >> and "snl's" kate mckinnon thanks the subject of her impressions. >> thank you, ellen degeneres, thank you, hillary clinton. thank you, hillary clinton. >> and she got a nice response. hillary clinton tweeted out to her, congratulations, to mckinnon on her big win. >> if anybody wants mckinnon to win as far as job security, it's her, right? four years of those impressions. >> the season premier coming up, we'll be excited to watch that. celebrity birthdays. >> jimmy fallon turns 42. adam west is 88, and james lipton turns 90. spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly.
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welcome back on this monday. our travel map today does so ideal conditions in the middle of the country. showers and thunderstorms causing airport delays in the northeast airports today. there could be a stray thunderstorm or two in the portland area, maybe seattle, especially later on. tomorrow's map looks improved with a lot of sunshine through the west. >> thanks, bill. >> new york continues to be on high alert as a manhunt is under way for the person or persons responsible for saturday's becaming and the community is on edge giving the revelations overnight. >> that's when authorities found five devices near a train station in new jersey with one device exploding after authorities attempted to detonate it. for more on the investigation, we turn to chris pallone. what are we learning now?
4:27 am
>> as we speak, there's an ongoing investigation. as a matter of fact, fbi agents are at an apartment not far from where that backpack containing the bombs waw found in elizabeth, new jersey. we are told that is somehow related to those bombs. obviously, as police try to figure out who left those there, the big question is how did this all happen? people and police are on edge. today, an increased security presence is visible across new york. an additional 1,000 state troopers and national guard soldiers descending on manhattan. a visible show of force after a bomb exploded saturday. it left 29 injured and countless others rattled. >> my ears were ringing and i noticed screaming, running, glass everywhere. >> the bomb exploded in the chelsea neighborhood. many of the injured were hit with shrapnel. the blast turned the heavy dumpster it was placed mere into
4:28 am
a mangled pile of metal. >> you see the amount of damage, we really were very lucky that there were no fatalities at the time. >> it might have been part of a coordinated attack. just four blocks away, police discovered a prrsh cooker with wires and a cell phone attached. that device has been dismantled and the fbi is combing it for clues. law enforcement sources say it appears the same man was spotted in surveillance videos near both devices, but who he is and whether he's involved at all remain a mystery. >> we have lot more work to do to be able to say what kind of motivation was behind this. >> investigators are poring over surveillance videos and bomb fragments hoping they lead them to the bomber. >> an update for you, the nypd is now tweeting out the name and picture of a suspect they're looking for. the 28-year-old is now wanting by the fbi in connection with that. >> thanks so much for being here with us on "early today." we'll see you right back here
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it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. sam/cont.vo breaking ns more terror scares along teast device explodes overnight... this time in new jersey. breaking news. more terror scares along the east coast as another device explodes overnight, this time in new jersey. we have the story covered from multiple fronts as it changes minute by minute. a san francisco activist well known in the china town community for decades passes away. a look at the life of rose pass. caltrans has to say about a piece of road debris that killed a driver on 101. live from the peninsula coming up. good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura


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