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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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sam/cont.vo breaking ns more terror scares along teast device explodes overnight... this time in new jersey. breaking news. more terror scares along the east coast as another device explodes overnight, this time in new jersey. we have the story covered from multiple fronts as it changes minute by minute. a san francisco activist well known in the china town community for decades passes away. a look at the life of rose pass. caltrans has to say about a piece of road debris that killed a driver on 101. live from the peninsula coming up. good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon.
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>> i'm sam brock. there was heat to go around this weekend. we are starting off cooler today. it's going to jump up again. >> it's not going to be much cooler. temperatures still in the 90s for the tri-valley and south bay will see another day. air quality will improve slightly. looking at temperatures that are mild. mainly 60s for inland valley. here is the thing as we get going through the day. all that sunshine with clear skies at the coastline will lead to temperatures warm again. 95 for pleasanton. 94 walnut creek. not as hot for san francisco. 72 there. mike has the day off. we do have lots of green. there are a couple of incidents in the south bay. 85 southbound at union, a small accident.
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a very popular thorough fair. otherwise no major issues. >> thank you very much. we start with breaking news out of new jersey where a raid is under way at the fried chicken restaurant in elizabeth not far from where an explosion happened overnight near a new jersey train station. it's not clear if the raid is or is not connected to an ongoing investigation to bombs found in new york and in new jersey. now to that explosion in elizabeth that happened just hours ago. that blast was near a new jersey transit station in elizabeth. the bomb squad robot was probing a suspicious backpack stuffed with improvised explosives, as many as five. it exploded while the robot was cutting through some of the wiring. originally two men spotted the backpack in a garbage can and immediately called police. there is no word yet on how it
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got there. across the hudson river in new york city overnight, more developments. the photo of the man wanted in connection of the weekend bombings was just released. five people are being questioned by fbi agents in connection to the weekend blast. >> those folks were detained following a traffic stop. it was related to the saturday new york city explosion. no one was charged. the pressure cooker bomb exploded in a dumpster in the chelsea neighborhood. 29 people were hurt. four blocks away, police discovered another pressure cooker device which was dismantled before it exploded. investigators are hoping that bomb will provide valuable clues. coming up in our next hour, live to new york as the story continues to develop. we are working on getting that picture of the person wanted for questioning in connection. because of the explosions on the east coast and questions
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still unanswered, san francisco police are boosting their presence around the city. we saw extra security at the giants game yesterday. it will work with other law enforcement agencies. one person suffered minor burns from a fire yesterday. the damage to part-time peninsula day care center. it is grayson court in menlo park. one resident returned shortly after the fire started and burned her hand trying to save some rabbits at the residence. fire crews knocked the fire down before the flames caused too much damage. an adjacent patio was destroyed. the home serves as a day care center throughout the week. a long-time political activist is being remembered for what she did in san francisco. rose pak died this weekend. she was known as the voice of the china town community as well as playing a significant role
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bringing current mayor ed lee into office. pak was stricken with kidney failure last year and became gravely ill before battling that. there is no official word on her cause of death. caltrans could be to blame for a free accident that killed an 82-year-old man. a large piece of metal came crashing through his windshield. bob redell is live along the highway. caltrans is saying that piece of metal could have come from one of its vehicles. >> reporter: good morning. caltrans indicated to us that metal object they believe fell off one of its water trucks as it was heading up and down here in palo alto as it was traveling between job sites. this is what that metal object looks like. it appears to be a brass bolt about the size of a baseball
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about 2 to 3 pounds in weight. luis shaeffer, the 82-year-old man behind the wheel of a van on friday afternoon heading north on 101 when that bolt crashed through his windshield and hit him in the neck. he lost control of the vehicle, slammed into the center divide, then came to a stop and was pronounced dead at the scene. caltrans offered its deepest condolences to shaeffer and his family. these kinds of accidents involving highway debris are not uncommon. according to aaa between 2011 and 2014, there have been more than 200,000 crashes nationwide involving objects in the road or flying off other vehicles. 500 people have been killed as a result. >> thank you very much. we thought it was going to be a nice day today. turns out it's going to be really hot once again. >> let's talk about the weather.
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hot weather across the bay area. 86 degrees in san francisco. fire danger is high right now. there were several fires yesterday. there's this one in the dublin hills where drivers could see all that smoke from 680. no structures were burned. firefighters are watching the area to make sure it doesn't flare up. there were a pair of grass fires in san jose. the other burning along the san jose creek. both were in homeless encampments. all fires are out. the hot weather drew a lot of homes to the beach. one got himself into trouble. >> a technical rescue at a san francisco hot spot. as we start off the work week, we'll see a warm day today. we are already in the 60s. we'll talk about your work week forecast. a cooldown on the way. we'll talk about traffic.
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the n-y-p-d has just released this picture of "ahmad rahami" officials say he is nt back to that breaking news in new york and new jersey. nypd just released this picture of the man wanted in the role of the new york city and new jersey bombings. five people are being questioned by fbi agents in connection to those weekend blasts. they were stopped and detained on the verrazano bridge over the weekend. we'll continue to follow all breaking developments out of new york and bring you the latest soon as we have it. >> san francisco firefighters have their hands full when two different calls came in from the
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area of the cliff house. a man was stuck between the crashing waves below and safety up on top of the cliff. you can see how dangerous that spot really was. this played out yesterday at the same time that a dog wandered down the steep embankment and got stuck. that little dog, a corgi, not known for its athletic prowess. rescue crews brought man and dog back to safety. >> the dog was mellow and happy and had a big crowd hearing him on. >> both rescues, especially that of the corgi drew dozens of onlookers. a happy ending. investigative unit exclusive. they are supposed to regulate and enforce election law. a four-month investigation found often the federal elections commission does not do what it's
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supposed to do. we discovered the average complaint takes nearly two years just to come up for a vote. some disputes take longer or are never resolved at all. regulators in california say the inaction is impacting elections throughout the state. in one case foreign money was spent to illegally influence a ballot measure and the fec did nothing. >> it is the people's voice. it's the initiative process of the people. keeping that strong and acting on foreign nationals making contributions to 0 influence california elections was very important to us. if you have a story, call our
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tip line. the most important person at the polling place on election day is you, but the second most important person is the volunteer. how you can be an election day volunteer. you don't have to do it for free. away from the election--
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=kris/2shot= it may feel like the election cycle has gone on forever, but we are only six
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weeks away from the election. >> polls are getting tighter between hillary clinton and donald trump. this weekend big name democrats including actor john lithgow campaigned for hillary clinton. senator warren had choice words for donald trump. >> a selfish low life who puts his own interest ahead of everyone and everything else. a man who will not be president of the united states. clinton's lead is slipping and trump blaming her for starting the lie of where president obama was born. >> hillary clinton started this questioning senator obama's american roots. >> mike pence was in florida talking with a church about his christian faith.
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trump joins him in that state in florida today. >> south bay election leaders are ramping up ahead of the election. santa clara is starting to train volunteers. roughly 5,000 people are needed to staff polling places around the county. there are still open positions and volunteers can earn up to $200. the county is looking especially for bilingual volunteers. >> you can officially call the l.a. rams return to southern california a success. they won 9-3, but it was a hot mess for some of the fans due to extreme southern california heat in the 90s. fans at the coliseum, 14 of them had to go to the hospital due to heat exhaustion. stadium medical staffers treated more than 150 fans there. southern california today remains under a red flag warning
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at least until noon. their standards of heat not exactly the same as our starred of heat, but mid 90s for a football game is hot. >> 90s is hot. take it easy. we have heat like that out there again for today. even across the bay area if you work outside, a construction worker, you are going to be outside a long time, it's going to be hot. especially between 1:00 this afternoon and 4:00. that's when you want to limit your time outdoors. take frequent breaks. right now you can see dublin, traffic moving without a problem. want to focus on the weather right now. we'll switch over and talk about traffic in a minute. i want to show our skycam. we have a little cloud cover across coastal ranges there. you can see the thin veil of fog. it's not cloudy everywhere. we have clouds at the coastline and around the inner bay. we'll see a bright day. temperatures are mild. look how warm it is in concord.
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up to 67 already. temperatures after seeing a warm day yesterday haven't come down overnight. once the sun does come up with limited fog, we'll see a warm day once again. walnut creek at 94. oakland up to 84. redwood city 87. even at the coastline today, if you head to the beach it will be 70s there. 72 for san francisco. 71 for half moon bay. good thing about today's forecast is our air quality improves slightly back to the moderate category. hazy across the south bay and tri-valley. we've got high pressure. creates a sinking in the atmosphere. things will change the next couple of days. not a drastic change. that will move up south and west. a little bit of tropical moisture in southern california. bringing rain to san diego, los angeles, near phoenix and flagstaff. we are not going to get any of that. a trough develops to bring us
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cooler weather tuesday, wednesday and thursday. seven-day forecast does cool things off. you'll notice it more for the inland valleys. back into the 90s. 80s tomorrow. we see that ride out through the week. back into the 60s tomorrow. that will be the general trend all week long. as we mentioned earlier, mike has the day off. you can see things moving good. we have lots of green on the map. we don't have any concerns except the south bay we have a little slowing across 85 in union. there is a car accident there. 101 in story. both those in the northbound side. not seeing slowing on the maps. we'll continue to track it. business news from the roads. san francisco bay lift is making a bold prediction when it comes to self-driving cars. >> how about a free trip to the museum? we turn to landon dowdy.
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>> good morning. wall street could start monday off on a positive note after markets closed higher last week led by tech and apple, which had its best week in five years. europe higher in early trading. asian markets rose overnight. investors await two big decisions by the federal reserve and bank of japan. we get fresh data on the housing market. friday the dow fell 88 points to 18,123. nasdaq slipping five to 5244. the co-founder of lyft says self serving cars will handle most of the rides in the next five years. personal car ownership will come to an end as the cost of the vehicles fall with self-driving cars. technology improves, self-driving cars will be able to handle higher speeds and a larger area. get set to explore for free this
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saturday more than 1,200 museums across the country are opening their doors to free for anyone plus a guest who goes online to download a ticket. it's part of smithsonian magazine's museum live event which encouraging people to visit museums, cultural institutions, zoos, aquariums, parks and libraries. there are a number of participating sites in the bay area. back to you. >> landon dowdy, thank you very much. always like a freebie. coming up, did you watch the emmys last night? it was all about "game of thrones." the record that hit show now breaking. >> first happening right now, we are staying on top of breaking news. we are working with nbc news as new developments continue to unfold on the terror threats in new york and in new jersey. police have just released a photo of a man wanted for his role in the new york city and
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new jersey bombings. a raid is under way in a restaurant in elizabeth, new jersey, not far from where a blast happened overnight in a transit station. traffic stopped in the south bay
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yesterday... making way for families to enjoy the streets of san jose. san jose's second annual "viva calle kye-aye" event had people biking, jogging and playing al traffic stopped for families to enjoy the streets of san jose in all kinds of forms.
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my family and i were there and we loved it. >> drivers, start your engines! simon pageneaut won the race. >> the emmy goes to "game of thrones."
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>> game of thrones won best dramatic series. it scored three emmys and moved past "frazier" for the most emmys all time. it's up to 38. hbo made it a sweep with "veep" winning the best comedy series. i can't watch "game of thrones" because it's too scary. >> i'll a big fan. one theme is winter is coming. it does not feel like winter is coming. keeping track of the heat sticking around one more day. >> and we are looking at traffic for mike. you can see clear skies at the coast lines. san francisco all lit up. we'll talk about your forecast. my uncle won an emmy. >> yes, he did. breaking news out of the east coast. this is a 28-year-old man police are looking for in connection to the explosions in new york city and new jersey. the search for the suspect along with a raid going on right now at a fried chicken restaurant in
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new jersey. it's about time the taco... came out of its shell. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside.
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but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. breaking news-- morexplions along the st coast as another device explodes overnight... this time in new jersey. and minute more explosions along the east coast as another device detonates overnight. this time in new jersey. a photo of a person wanted in connection with those bombings was released to the world. this morning, we are all over every angle of this story. a san francisco activist well known in the china town community for decades passes
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away. we look at the life of rose pak. >> what caltrans has to say about a piece of road debris that killed a man here on highway 101 in palo alto. we'll have that story as "today in the bay" starts now. >> a very good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. it is hot. congratulations to your uncle. >> outstanding support offing actor role, sterling brown. my uncle is like a big brother. chris darden with marcia clark. >> you stayed up past your bed time? >> yes. proud nephew. let's talk weather. temperatures will be back to the 90s for inland valleys. we don't have major concerns out there.


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