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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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main suspect in several bombings in new york and new jersey. this is video of "ahmad rahami" as he is handcuffed to a gurney... and taken into custody after an intense shootout with police. and just minutes ago, new york city's mayor said the incidents were acts of terror. kris/2shot good morning, and thanks forjoi sam/2shot and i'm sam brock. that bombing suspect--- ahmad rahami--- is at a new york-area hospital. ==sam//2 shot== eye--- as he reportedly tchful undergoes surgery. ==sam//take suspect photo== the arrest comes just hours after investigators released his name and photoothen unprecedented "mass alert" on social media and through a new take vo== within hours, the owr, reported someone asleep in the doorway of his business. a police officer went to investigate, and recognized the
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man as rahami. ==kris//take vo== this is footage of the 28-year- old being loaded into an ambulance...and handcuffed to a stretcher...after a shootout with police. it all happened about ten minutes away from rahami's residence in elizabeth. rahami appeared to be conscious and looking around, but bloodied from the shootout. two officers were wounded in the gun battle, but are not in critical condition. new york mayor bill de blasio addressed the country just a half an hour ago: ==take sot== "we have every reason to beliee at this was aact of assemblytrt:27general ==ta con't vo==the focus now rn
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motivated rahami--- and who he might have worked with. nbc's rehema ellis is in new york with details. ==take pkg== outcue:..back to you trt: 51 ==sam//1xvid== all of this happened at lightning speed---
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with an arrest coming just hours after police issued a bulletin and photo of rahami. he's a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistanm who lived with his family in an apartment in elizabeth, new jersey-- over a fried-chicken restaurant owned by his father. senior us intelligence official is no indication of any direct involvement from isis in the bombings. president obama spoke this morning about this latest wave of terrorism. ==take sot== oc:at moments like this, i thk it's important to remember what terrorists and violent they arerying to hurt iocent ople, but they so want to inspid disrupt e way we liveto dermine our vues. trt: 19 ==take con't vo= the president stressed the fight against isis will continue... saying we'll continue to take out the group's leaders and infrastructure. but again, investigators have not uncovered evidence isis was involved in these attacks.
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kris/cu the terror attacks on the east coast are having a ripple effect here in the sa saw a bulked-up police presence at the ballpark. but that's not all. boxes nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us live from san francisco. pete -- police are upping their numbers on platforms and trains, and also encouraging people to speak up if they see something unusual... ==pete/live==
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we'll follow this breaking story and bring you the latest
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on-air and on-line. you can read more about the suspect and see photos form the scenes in new york and new jersey at and, get instant updates to your smartphone with the nbc bay area app. ==sam//1xvid== a freak accident killed an 82- year-old man on highway 101 on the peninsula on fridaand this s says it may be at fault. a large piece of metal came crashing through that man's car. ==anim== today in the bay's bobedells alto where that crash hpened-- bob - caltrans says that piece of metal may have come from one of its vehicles.
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this is the last week of summer... and boy, is summer going out with a bang. ==sam//live== a live look at san franciscfrom. it was sizzling in the city yesterday -- it's going to be another hot day all around the bay area. meteorologist anthony slaughter is tracking the heat... and the cool-wn. ==wx chroma==
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==kris//vset== this weekend's heat is fueling fire danger across the bay area. ==take vo== county fire... therem marin >> the heat is also fueling fire danger all across the bay area. es oave some photos from marin county fire where crews battled a blaze near a boy scout camp near fairfax yesterday afternoon. no structures were threatened nd no injuries or evacuations were reported, but the cause of the fire is still under
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investigation. in the dublin hills, crews were also fighting a fire that eant smoke over 680 and drivers ehre distracted for a bit, they told us on social media, but no structures burned. san pair of grass fires in san jose each near a homeless encampment. one started behind the lowe's hardware store on brokaw road, daycarer burned near san jose creek. all the fires we mentioned are now out. well, chris, some parents were scrambling for child care today after a fire broke out at e of theaycare center on the r ninsula. one person did suffer minor e some r efor this happened at a home on greyson court in menlo park. one of the residents burned her me os as she was trying to save some rabbits from the fire. crews put out the fire before it home was too badly damaged, but a patio was destroyed. sh in ners of the home operate a daycare during the week. we now know that it was a shing r-old watsonville man who died behind the wheel of a neaastating crash in the south bay. witnesses say it appeared that
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edgar lopez aeilo was speeding just before he crashed into a tree at 101 and san jose right near blossom hill road yesterday. u== fficers were trying to reach afte the tree came crashing down, striking the young man. o=p officers did get out of the ration time and were not injured. a longshore worker is recovering this morning after two containers fell yesterday in y areart of oakland. this is video during normal operations. a spokesman confirmed that one container fell into the water and sank and the other one landed on the terminal. ent to tarea news group reported thet one of those falling containers trapped the longshoreman in his vehicle as ot fell yesterday morning. firefighters rescued that man and he went to the hospital with general body pain. and h is no update on his condition. an icon is being remembered. we'll show you how rose pak helped bring asian american struggles to the forefront of the political discussion, and how san francisco's mayor wants
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to honor her. plus another group of economists come out against donald trump, warning of a trump presidency and its effect on the economy. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech.
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=sam/2shot= well, the markets this morning generally taking a wait and see approach as a couple of key fed meetings are on tap here. pretty light trading on the whole. the dow jones is up about 30 points right now. s&p up roughly four points and the nasdaq is down almost three. it's a busy week ahead in business news. >> starting with a bank ceo under fire, scott mcgrew. >> and we suspect soon fired. good morning. the head of wells fargo will go in front of a senate investigative committee
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tomorrow. he acknowledges his bank set up unwanted credit card and bank accounts for more than a million customers. on cnbc he said he would not resign. he said the tellers who did the actual fraud were to blame. wells fargo fired more than 5,000 workers and paid the biggest fine of its type in banking history. also this week the bankers' bankers get together to talk about federal rates. the committee starts its two-day meeting tomorrow. each time we get some bit of economic data showing they should raise rates, we get some other bit of economic data showing they should not. donald trump is campaigning as a populist, but another economic group says his plans would hurt his own voters most. the peterson group this morning said that trump's trade policies would cause a recession and cost 5 million jobs. this comes on the back of a moody's report that said trump would cost 3.5 million jobs in a two-year recession.
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last week an oxford economics report said a trump presidency would cost the u.s. economy $1 trillion. silicon valley billionaire mark zuckerberg said over the weekend he and his wife, priscilla chan, are, quote, getting ready to share something we've worked on for a couple years. there's the picture there. it could have something to do with their charity, perhaps their house as well. we'll find out, i guess. back to you. and now to an investigative unit exclusive. the federal elections commission is supposed to regulate an enforced election law, but a four-month investigation by our investigation unit found that often the sec does nothing. we partnered with nbc in washington to go over years of complaints filed with the u.s. election commission. we discovered the average complaint takes nearly two years just to come up for a vote. some disputes take even longer,
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some are not resolved at all. regulators in california say the fec's inaction are impacting elections through our state, including one case where foreign money was spent to illegally influence a ballot measure related to condom use in pornography production. and the fec did nothing. >> it's the initiative process of the people, so keeping that strong and acting on foreign nations to influence california elections was very important to us. >> tonight at 11:00, senior investigative steven tops talks about the ineffectiveness at the commission and the effect for awful us. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for our unit, send it to 1-. right now the flags at san
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francisco city hall are at half staff and they will be honoring rose pak. pak, known as an active voice for the chinatown community, was elected into office. she was found dead in her apartment on sunday. they have not ruled an official cause of death, but statements from friends say pak died of natural causes, that she had reportedly battled kidney disease recently. yesterday friends, family and political allies all gathered outside her apartment, many people in tears. >> one of its main sparks, rose perfected the art of public advocacy on behalf of issues. she had zero evidence of any personal gain. >> mayor lee's statement reads, this is a great loss to the city as a whole, and the chinese community in particular.
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a community that rose served, supported and fought for, often fiercely, her entire adult life. you can read about the life and work of rose pak on, and that includes news of her passing and her work in the community. toxic booms are in the water more than ever before and state agencies admit they were not ready for it. more than 40 lakes and waterways are now contaminated statewide, about 11 of them here in the bay area. the east bay regional park spokesman said before this, the district went 80 years without a toxic algae closure. because the algae can make people and pets sick, the park service says it is being rigorous about posting warning signs. just last year a dog died hours after taking a drink from the lake. a lot of people will be drinking water as we deal with a lot of heat and dry conditions. >> we were just talking on the break, folks have issued a spare
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the air alert for today. usually they do it before 24 hours. just in to our newsroom, today is a spare the air day. if you suffer from respiratory ailments, unhealthy air quality especially across the east bay today and moderate air quality in every other location. you can see hazy skies here this morning. still looking at sunshine, though, and temperatures warming nicely back to 72 in san francisco already as we approach lunchtime. still well above average. 83 for the tri-valley right now and 82 for the south bay. as we go through the day, we'll see lots of sunshine and temperatures will warm back to 97 today for the tri-valley, 92 for the south bay, 85 for the peninsula and a little bit warmer as we go through the day, even in san francisco, close to 80 degrees there. we're not going to see much in terms of cloud cover today or fog, mostly just hazy skies. but there is some subtropical moisture to our south. that's going to move north throughout the day tomorrow, so put the futurecast in motion. you'll notice a few high, thin
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clouds tomorrow evening into wednesday, and that's all associated with a hurricane to our south. that's going to bring rain to southern california. for us, unfortunately, we're not going to get any of that, we're just going to get the clouds. today you can see a bright day. time lapse from san francisco showing blue skies. at the coastline, temperatures comfortable today. 91 for san jose, 79 for san mateo. in san francisco, a good mix of low 70s there. the north bay looking at low 90s and warm over near fairfield at 97. 87 for fremont, 87 for oakland, and looking at upper 90s today for the tri-valley. there are the showers falling in southern california near baja, california. that's the tropical moisture i was telling you about. it's going to move through the baja and eventually through phoenix and flagstaff. for us, fortunately, we're not going to get any of that. you can see the forecast showing by tuesday and wednesday, showers do roll through that area. for us, we're going to get a trough that digs in for the middle part of this week and that's going to cool us. here it is, your seven-day
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forecast as we approach the first day of fall. thursday temperatures will feel nice. back into the 80s, so about a 10 to 15-degree drop from where we are today. san francisco looks good, well into the 70s today. we ride that stride all wathe w through the first day of fall. back to you. coming up, neighbors fed up about a stench that keeps wafting over their neighborhood, and they're afraid it could keep getting worse. the change that has them saying enough is enough. but first, happening now, we're tweeting updates on our top story. the suspect wanted for bombings in new york and new jersey is under arrest. ahmad rahami was arrested. he was shot in the standoff but he will survive. we have posted what we know so for about rahami and about his background. we're back with news in two
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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department's rescue skills were on full display near ocean beach... as rescuers saved a man... and a dog from the area the cliff house. . the san francisco fire department's rescue skills were on display as there was a two-pronged rescue saving a man and also a dog stuck in the area just below the cliff house on the cliffs there. that was happening as rescuers were trying to intervene and save their lives. you can see how dangerous that spot was yesterday. all that happening as a dog
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wandered down the steep embankment and got stuck. the corgi, a little stocky, not really known for the breed's ability to move, couldn't get back up. rescue teams worked to bring both the man and dog to safety, making for a very happy reunion. >> i'm very relieved and happy, thanks to this one. >> that made me happy, and the dog was mellow and happy and had a big crowd cheering her on or him on. >> as you can see from the video, there were dozens of onlookers stopping what they were doing to watch both rescues, particularly that of the corgi. >> short-legged creatures have feelings, too. people in lapitas have been holding their breath and asking repeatedly for an expansion of the dump which is only one day away from being a done deal. here's how the people who live nearby are fighting the group who runs the landfill. >> what an interesting story
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that we've covered quite often. today they block gates, not letting anyone go in or out of that landfill, and this is what's at issue. this is the landfill, and this is how close the homes are in mel pitas. neighbors say when the wind blows from the landfill to their homes, it's nothing but disgusting. >> it's a combination of sewage and rot ton garbage. >> reporter: some people upset over the distaste of garbage from the landfill. on sunday they blocked the gates of the landfill just off dixon landing road. fueling the anger, a plan from landfill operators for public services to increase the facility to 15 million cubic yards to accept more trash and extending the closing date until 2041. >> it's not good for us, it's not good for our kids. >> reporter: these resident protests are nothing new, but now they say more health is at
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risk and more property values are down. >> it comes over us, comes over the city when the wind is right, and it's not going away. >> reporter: newby island said they're not looking for a war with residents. they hope to look for common ground and a statement released. we have worked hard over the years to engage with our neighbors, listen to any concerns and involve the community in a responsible expansion process. they go on to say, ultimately the landfill is a vital asset for the bay area and its expansion will enable our community to address their needs for environmental services in the future. and we should get some idea how this all ends sometime soon. the san jose planning commission is set to vote on this measure in the next few weeks. rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> rick, thank you very much. the presidential candidates this morning responding to the terror attacks on the east coast. coming up, what they say about the suspect under arrest and how they would handle future threats like this one. back to the terror investigation
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on the east coast. the suspected bomber is in surgery right now. "ahmad rahami" was wounded in a un back to the terror investigation on the east coast. the suspended bomber is in surgery right now. ahmed ramani was wounded in a battle with police officers. in this video he's taken into custody. if you wondered if those fbi postings actually work, investigators say ramani was discovered sleeping in a bar doorway just after his picture and name were circulated worldwide. the 28-year-old was arrested just 10 minutes away from his own home in elizabeth, new jersey. now authorities are working to determine a connection between the different explosions over the weekend in seaside, new jersey and the chelsea section of manhattan. senior intelligence officials tell nbc news there is no indication from the direction of isis in any of these bombings.
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>> in both bombing incidents, both presidential candidates are speaking out about national security. hillary clinton is flying to new york to meet with several world leaders at the u.s. general assembly which includes a leader of egypt. >> nbc's peter alexander has more. >> reporter: after the attacks, a sharp contrast in the candidates' responses. >> just about i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york. >> reporter: donald trump quick to react, even before new york city police had identified what happened. >> nobody knows exactly what's going on, but boy, we are living in a time we better get very tough, folks. >> reporter: later turning heads with the tone of his tweets, expressing warmest regards, best wishes and condolences to the new york bombing victims and their families. hillary clinton's initial response more measured. >> i think it's always wiser to wait until you have information
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before making conclusions. >> reporter: later condemning the apparent terrorist attacks, urging americans to choose resolve over fear. the nation remains bitterly divided. more people believe clinton would make a better commander in chief, but trump is more trusted on terror. still, he's fending off fierce criticism from another leading republican, robert gates, the former defense secretary over presidents obama and bush. in an op-ed, gates calling on clinton to give her work deficit among supporters. on the other hand, saying donald trump is unfit to be president. >> believe me, i am so much better at doing what he's doing, you won't even believe it. >> reporter: his campaign still in the fallout of a claim as being widely racist. >> how and when did donald trump conclude that the president wasn't born in the united states? >> you'll have to ask him that. that's a personal decision.
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>> reporter: president obama is calling on african-americans to turn up the heat. >> i will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election! you want to give me a good sendoff? go vote! >> that was peter alexander reporting. now, as president obama tries to unify democrats, there are new rifts among republicans. the republican national chair said it is time for all the other republican candidates who donald trump beat out to get on board and support trump. prebius said if they don't, they could have trouble in future elections. john kasich, marco rubio and jeb bush have not supported donald trump. in fact, john kasich said, quote, i cannot vote for donald trump and it breaks my heart. it was a harrowing weekend for terror-related events as an
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investigation continues in new york and new jersey, and a separate crime in minnesota. an isis-affiliated group is claiming responsibility for a stabbing spree at a mall in the small city of st. cloud. a dozen people were injured saturday night but are expected to survive. they call the attacker a soviet of the islamic state. the police say he asked one of his victims if he was muslim before stabbing him. syria's fragile ceasefire continues to unravel today. nbc news was in aleppo sunday where gunfire and hours of explosions were heard. there were airstrikes on rebel neighborhoods of aleppo. both rebels and government forces report dozens of violations of that temporary truce. president obama will speak at the u.n. general assembly in new york tomorrow and ahead of that he's meeting with the president of iraq to discuss recent violence in that country.
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the speech at the united nations will be the president's last of his presidency. happening today, one of the bay area's biggest tech conventions ramps up in san francisco. oracle openworld opened yesterday in the convention center. it's considered one of the biggest competing events of the year. they're opening a new cloud database. people should keep in mind streets will remain closed through thursday. that includes along howard street. today students showed off their own safety pledge, helping classmates and fellow students throughout santa clara county will follow suit. hundreds of students ride the light rail today using the channel station just a block away from their school. september is national rail safety month. california leads the nation in rail deaths. south bay election leaders are ramping up activities this week ahead of the presidential election. starting today, the santa clara registered voters begins
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training volunteers. roughly 5,000 people are needed to staff polling places around the county and there are still some opening positions if you're interested. volunteers can earn up to $200 and the county is looking especially for bilingual volunteers. that includes people who speak spanish, chinese or mandarin and cant cantonese and vietnamese. >> i always wanted to do that, but as a journalist i'm always working on election day. maybe someday when i retire. trees are slowly dying and becoming a larger threat during wildfire fights. >> since the tree task force was started a year ago, the death among trees has nearly tripled. here's more. >> that whole home is surrounded by dead trees. >> reporter: it's considered an epidemic. according to calfire, tree mortality is the largest but slowest moving natural disaster to hit california in our lifetime. >> it's going to grow into areas that right now are green,
11:38 am
pristine forests. unfortunately, they're unhealthy. >> reporter: they're dying from the drought and a severe bark beetle infestation, not from flames. but those dead trees are what fuels the fires that do break out. >> it's a year-round problem we have here. one falling on your house is your worst fear. and obviously all these dead trees add to fuel for the fires. >> reporter: and the fuel is increasing as an alarming rate. experts say once bark beetles move in, a tree is dead for weeks. rich walker has seen it firsthand. >> it's amazing to see how fast they go. these trees probably went dead like that in probably less than a month's time. >> reporter: this is such a big issue that last october, a tree mortality task force was created from an investigative order issued by the governor. at that time there were 22 million dead trees throughout the state of california. today, less than one year later, there are 66 million. while the task force helps coordinate removal of dead trees
11:39 am
near power lines and roadways, residents are responsible for trees on their property. and that's another problem. removing a tree can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. >> i'm going to get ahold of the forester and have him assess some of the trees i see a little of the brown needles to find out how long do i have before i have to make a major investment? >> reporter: it's a major investment that could help protect a home from another major expense, the kind that comes along with a devastating wildfire. >> the hardest hit areas are eligible for state funding. the u.s. forest service are going to continue to conduct aerial surveys throughout the state of california. coming up, missing something from your tailgate party? amazon has your back. the new delivery service that makes sure you won't miss a minute of the fun. and here on this monday, we're starting off the work week hot with temperatures soaring back into the 90s this afternoon. temperatures do cool off for the week ahead. we'll have an updated forecast
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for you coming up after the break. delivered to your tailgate?
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..'s coming, via amon t com ==sam//2 shot== c all right, football fans. how about food delivered to your tailgate via >> where do we sign up for this? nbc area scott budman gave it a try at levi stadium where they are launching this service. >> reporter: take some tailgaters, add robots and you have the newest mix of technology and sports silicon valley style. a delivery service that comes to your parking space.
11:43 am
the 49ers and amazon prime are aiming at levi stadium tailgaters, so pull out your smartphone and food or sunscreen or a power cord will arrive in an hour. >> if you run out of charcoal getting ready for the game, you can call them up as well and get an extra set of charcoal delivered to your parking spot. >> heck, yeah, i would totally do that. come on, man, i like food, i like drinks, so yeah. and if you can watch the football game at the same time, totally go for it. >> reporter: it is a good mix, the kind of thing that happens when amazon's distribution bay area facility meets a san francisco football team. >> as they rolled out this new service, they wanted to use us as kind of their test example for an nfl game. >> reporter: so come to the party empty-handed. you're just an app away from feeding your friends. >> well, i have to say i've gone
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door to door at tailgates, can we borrow your matches? bay area nfl fans have seen better days, though. both teams yesterday ended up on the wrong side of the scoreboard as in the losing side. at the coliseum, the raiders closed in after three quarters. the falcons took a two-touchdown lead in the fourth. oakland managed to cut one -- to get another one back but couldn't get over the hump. lost 35-28. the raiders are now 1-1. they were hoping for 2-0. >> the raiders made that a game, for the most part. the niners found themselves in a deep hole. they tried to regain their mojo in carolina. last week's big showdown was a distant memory in this one. ken newton tore down the niners' defense. carolina rolled 46 hi-28, and frankly, it wasn't that close. the niners have their next game in seattle against the rival
11:45 am
seahawks. >> that's going to be a tough one. you can call the rams' return to california a burning success in its run with seattle. but it was hot for some fans because of extreme california heat. temperatures were in the 90s. 14 fans of the coliseum had to go to the hospital because of heat exhaustion. they treated more than 150 fans for heat exposure. california today remains under a red flag warning until at least noon. how long until the fair weather l.a. fans say, we'll watch from home. >> they made it through one game. that is a step in the right direction. we're talking about football weather but it feels like boys of summer baseball weather. >> it's going to be another hot day. in fact, we were talking about the spare the air day. the hazy sky out over dublin this morning. you can see we're entering into our third day in a row of sparing the air, so unhealthy air quality once again,
11:46 am
especially across the east bay and everywhere else looking at moderate levels of air quality. we do have sunshine. that's the good thing. unfortunately, with all that sun and stagnant air, the air quality isn't fun. we're seeing temperatures heat up quickly. 79 on the peninsula and 72 your current temperature in san francisco. later on we'll be close to 80 in san francisco. 90 for the north bay, 97 for the tri valley and another warm day expected for the south bay, 92 degrees. now, the fog, that's not anywhere across the coastline. we have winds and that marine layer across the coast. we'll not see much as far as cloud cover or patchy drizzle, at least for the next few days. tomorrow we'll see a few high, thin passing clouds, not the low clouds you've seen and that's all associated with a tropical system to our south, and that brings in more clouds for wednesday as temperatures cool off a little more. your sunrise this morning shows from ocean beach.
11:47 am
lots of sunshine but hazy skies and wide open beaches. if you've got the day off, it would be a nice time to head to the beach today. we're talking temperatures at mat reason a a-- the marina and today, low 90s. up in the north bay, we'll satisfy a mix of low 90s. the tri-valley pushing close to 100 degrees once again. i told you about that tropical storm. here it is. this is hurricane payne. it's sitting off the coast of cabo san lucas. it's a strong category 1 but it is expected to weaken over the next couple of days. it's going to make landfall over ba baja, california. over san diego. they're getting some showers near san diego right now. as you mentioned, that red flag warning does expire at noon because of that fire warning.
11:48 am
there's the storm track. that will stay to our north, but the subtropical moisture will be the story for the next several days, also places like arizona, new mexico and the four corners reaping. for us here at home, cooler weather reaches in as we start off the official kickoff of fall. that happens on thursday and you'll see temperatures cool about 10 to 15 degrees from where they'll be at for today. there's your natural ocean air. san francisco returns tomorrow back in the 60s but today going to be another hot one. maybe you want to head to the beach and grab some ice cream after work. >> it's a date. so fall is right around the corner but it's really winter that's coming. at least it did for the emmys. the big record for "game of thrones." plus -- >> one missed flight plus one insurance policy equals zero
11:49 am
reimbursement. next. to a san ramon couple who
11:50 am
11:51 am
learned a tough lesson about travel insurance. =kris//2shot= consumer investigator chrischmu nbc bay area responds tie couple who learned a tough lesson about travel insurance. >> reporter: bruce and susan carr booked a trip to italy on british airways. bruce has parkinson's disease so the couple bought travel insurance in case they had a medical emergency. and they did. the day before they were scheduled to leave for italy, bruce was rushed to the hospital. he's okay, but that caused bruce ask susan to miss their flight the next day. so they filed a claim with their travel insurance company thinking they would get reimbursed for their tickets. but they were denied because the contract reads you need to cancel 24 hours before the flight. now, airlines are very firm with cancellation policies, but we shared the couple's unique story with british airways and the carrier refunded bruce and susan
11:52 am
$2,000 for their tickets. in a statement, british airways said, quote, occasionally there are a very special set of circumstances that require review, and in this case we are pleased to we are able to resolve the issue to the customers' satisfaction. lesson here, you need to read the fine print when buying travel insurance. you don't always get what you think you're paying for. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us. the number is 888-996-tips. or log onto a our website, from there you can share documents, photos and videos to help us investigate your case. have a great day. it would take a while to run through each and every winner at last night's emmy awards, so we'll give you this. >> and the emmy goes to "game of thrones". >> the hbo phenomenon "game of thrones" won best dramatic series. the show scored three emmys last
11:53 am
night and moved past "frasier" for having the most emmys of all time. it's now 38 if you're keeping track. hbo made a sweep of it last night with "veep" winning the best comedy series. ♪ going on 17, innocent as a rose. >> there she is, singing "16 going on 17." charmaine carr who nearly stole the show in the hit film "sound of music" died in southern california shechlt died saturday after complications of a rare form of dementia. she was 73 years old. she also had no acting experience before her audition. her mom signed her up. the rest is history. >> you got to do what mom says. we'll be right back. the rio 2016 paralympics came to
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
an end last night. ==nats of fireworks== =runs 3= ==sam//con't vo== the rio 2016 paralympics came to an end last night. >> as you see, the games wrapped up with a fireworks display over rio de janeiro's americana stadium. rio is officially passing the baton to tokyo which is hosting the next paralympics in 2020. then britain, ukraine and the u.s. were next in the medal count. >> we want to talk about that forecast, because as you mentioned, we got a same day spare the air alert. >> you mentioned this was the first time they ever issued it
11:57 am
the same day. i just checked their website, and yes, it is a spare the air alert day for today. tomorrow temperatures will cool off and air quality will improve slightly. it's not until wednesday or thursday you'll really start to feel the cooler weather, natural ac kicks in and better air quality, for that matter, unless we get new fires that break out over the course of the next few days. in the meantime, san francisco will cool back into the 60s after temperatures close to 80 today. another hot day out there today, so take it easy, especially if you work outdoors for long periods. >> more than 24 hours for some relief. thanks for joining us. >> our next newscast is tonight at 5:00 but you can follow the investigation on the east coast terror alert any time of day on we hope you have a great day. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> yes. >> bye bye for now.
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♪ standby everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> if you run a positive campaign the voters ultimately will make the right choice. >> it's funny you say that, my side kick -- >> jimmy, that was a joke. get out of the car. >> shave that wig off your face you godless hollywood hippie. exclamation point. >> oh. lot of laughs. >> exclamation point. uber driver. hilarious open emmys sketch. i thought that was one of the greatest moments, jeb, his timing was


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