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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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people being evacuated. firefighters have a good handle right now at 11:00, flames in the south bay. firefighters say they have a handle on it, but the danger isn't over just yet. ♪ the news at 11:00 starts w now. good evening everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and not just the fire, but gas. nbc bay area cheryl herd is on the scene not far from james lake high school. what's the danger right now?
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>> reporter: the fire may be out but this is still a dangerous situation. as you can see they're still putting water on that home. now, this fire was fuelled by gas and that's why they're putting water there because they want to make sure all the hot spots are out. >> there was smoke everywhere. >> and fire shooting into the air. he captured flames and smoke on her cell phone. she saw the same thick cloud from her apartment. >> i looked out my woin and told my kids, look, there's a fire. >> reporter: on the same street where her uncle lives sdplp want to make sure he's okay. >> reporter: the fire started just after 7:00 this evening. >> they called for a second alarm because it had gas jetting out and the burning gas under pressure. >> reporter: the power poll and electrical wires that feed the
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entire neighborhood were on fire. pg&e couldn't stop the gas fwll. >> we don't know if thats are ' cause or effect. if it burns through the blaplas housing, it will cause a gas-led fire. we don't know if the fire started someplace else and spread to there. >> reporter: firefighters are telling me eight families were evacuated. no word tonight on when they'll be allowed back home. reporting live in east san jose, i'm cheryl hurd. and a health scare in the east bay. a high school student has been diagnosed with tuberculosis.
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terry mcsweeney from oakland's skyline high. >> reporter: tb testing starts next week for two to 300 skyline students. ones that were in prolonged contact with the kid who has t.b. the father of the girl who's dating the t.b. patient. about a dozen people turned out for the meeting with school district and county health officials talk about a skyline student diagnosed with tuberculosis. >> the person we're talking about is the person that my daughter's hanging with, a boyfriend/sgo boyfriend/girlfriend type thing. >> tuberculosis does take prolonged exposure to be passed from one to the other. >> reporter: that is no comfort for mr. strong.
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>> he was coughing up blood, as my daughter told me, so, he's in the hospital. and he's been there for several weeks . >> we can see if there may have been exposure and provide medication to prevent disease and disease is when you have symptoms, coughing. sfwlr >> reporter: most people who get it aren't contagious. >> they're there with them every day, so the chances of you getting sick are pretty prevalent. >> reporter: again, testing for up to 300 students starts next week. initial results should be available in a couple of days. >> thank you, terry. friends and family are mourning the death of a san jose state student. it happened over the weekend. he drowned with a trip of other students. he began struggling while
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swimming in eagle lake saturday afternoon. other members tried to rescue him but they were unsuccessful. we spoke to a man who says his daughter is close with nguyen. and he's still in total disbelief. >> complete shock. he's 19 years old. one of the nicest kids i've ever met, just complete shock. sfwlr sfwlr >> reporter: he was a member of the outdoor rec program. the injury so bad he's hospitalized in critical condition. the attack happened at the border of san francisco and daily city. stephanie, what do we know at this to point? >> reporter: not very much, unfortunately. what police are relying on are security cameras like the half dozen you find at the security gas station. they contacted him for footage
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but he doesn't think he has anything solid enough to give them. >> i always come home around this time. it's scary. >> jamal says he returned home after midnight only to see strange activity just a couple hundred feet from his house san francisco police say it was on the 5800 block of mission street where someone shot a homeless man in the head twice with a paint ball gun, sending the victim to the hospital in life threatening condition. >> there may have been a possible verbal alteration and suspect may have come back and attacked the victim with the paint ball gun. >> reporter: the manager of the arco says some of the footage shows people running around at the time of the attack and believes they knocked down these signs at the station. but their connection is unclear.
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>> i'm sorry for the guy. i mean, i'm really sorry for him. he's lucky that happened at the gas station where people are coming and going. >> reporter: he was upgraded to stable condition. this is the second reported paint ball gun attack. that victim was hit in the eye. no arrests were made in that attack either. nbc bay area news. well, developing at this hour. the man accused of planting the bombs in new york and new jersey is recovering from surgery tonight. the question moving forward will he cooperate with investigators? 28-year-old ahmad rahami was conscious in the ambulance earlier. they believe he's the man seen on surveill nance video where explosive devices were recovered. and they're tracking his online
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behavior. >> we will continue to conducted investigative activity. >> they identified his fingerprint on an unexploded pressure cooker bomb in manhattan, in the chelsea neighborhood. he's been charged with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. he father says he has no idea his son would do something like this. today, three more officers a acused in the sexual misconduct scandal. according to court documents, the teen known as jasmine said the two had sex when she was just 17. giovanni loverde also faces felony charges in connection with sex with a minor. and bryan bunton the is accused
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of letting her know of stings prior. and this is on channing drive. just before 10:00 in the evening. the home owner came back and saw that the burglars had taken one tablet computer. two wore identical sweatshirts with the "b" in the back. and caltrain came to a stop after a collision on the tracks. the train hit a truck just after 6:00 p.m. that meadow drive crossing. you're going to see the silver truck severed there. the driver was rushed to a local hospital. no word on his condition. another rush hour mess and this one lasted for several hours. this is 280 in los altos hills.
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and the lanes opened around 2:00 this afternoon. our nbc chopper over head, traffic backed up for nearly 10 miles from los altos. dead locks and delays, nothing getting done. tonight, we investigate the federal elections commission. i'm senior investigative reporter, steven scott. for the first time we dig up the agency's own voting records, to see how the agency charged with protecting your voting laws does little to nothing at all. now someone suspects that there is poison involved. and after a hot day around the bay area, still warm in san jose, 74 degrees.
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up next, a cooling trend but could that include showers from southern california. is someone intentionally
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poisoning dogs in the east bay? thats the suspicion after several dogs have gotten is someone intentionally poisoning dogs in the east bay? that's the suspicion after several dogs haveiga got extrem sick. so far at least six dogs have gotten sick after being walked there. and parents are worried that kids who play in the grass may also get ill. >> you would hope somebody would do something about it. >> co ntra costa services have
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looked into it but no arrested have been made. the fire has now surpassed the $200 million mark. this is now the costliest fire fight in history. it's destroyed 57 homes and 11 buildings, more than 400 structures are still threatened. this happened from an illegal camp fire and made its way south. it's charred 113,000 acres and 50% contained. they're supposed to enforce the law and make sure all of our elections are fair. >> but we discovered the federal agencies finds itself stuck in political grid lock. steven, how does this impact us? >> bottom line, raj, if a candidate or candidates breaks the law, there's a good chance they'll get away with it.
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and dating back to the year 2000 and we found complaints that linger in the system for years with no action. a proposed ordinance called measure b to require porn stars wear condoms. and they said many missed the impact on general election law as a whole. >> a mandatory condom law will not make our work safer. sfwlrks t >> reporter: the fec was asked to step in. it prohibits foreign money from funding political campaigns. but in this case, the fe.c. did nothing, forcing the fair political practices commission to intervene and stop the foreign money. >> this issue was really, really
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upsetting to me. >> reporter: bay area native once worked for the fpc and now works for the fec. >> we're not accomplishing what congress intended for us to accomplish. >> founded in the wake of the water gate scandal, it's made up of two democrats, two republicans and an independent, who they found vote would the democrats most of the time. >> unfortunately, we don't really do any of those things. >> reporter: so we teamed with our nbc investigative partners in washington d.c. to check the fe.c.'s own records. dating back to 2000, we found the average investigation of a complaint two a year and two 1/2 months to close. even cases where they took no
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action. 42% of all those cases went on longer than a year. ku compare that to california. mark everson also ran for presidents a republican this campaign cycle. >> i think the members understand it and the political players understand it and that's why they can take advantage. >> reporter: the problems of delays grew starting after 2009. the number of closed or decided cases dropping dramatically through this year and it now takes an average of a year and t two months to get a vote. >> the fe.c. is atrocious at enforcing our campaign laws. nothing's getting done. lots of dead lock.
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>> reporter: dead locks kept some cases open four years or longer. one case remained open 9 1/2 year years. >> the republican commissioners are just as unwilling to enforce democrats as republicans. they're trying to do all parties and outside groups, big spenders to run rough shot. >> i believe there are people in power who like it, there are people who don't want any change at the fec. >> why? >> because they understand that if the law is actually enforced at the fec, it can have implications for how campaigns are run. >> i would strongly dispute that. >> reporter: at the regular commission meeting last thursday, republicans spoke to us through matt peterson.
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>> there's no signaling to say you're free and clear to do whatever you want because we're not going to enforce. the cases we've had disagreement are based on over what the law requires and prohibits. there have been times when i think all of us would agree we need do a better job and i think we have this year in getting through those matters. >> why should mom and dad at home care about this? >> they should care bute tabout fact that we're supposed to make sure it's fair. >> seems like you can't get an agreement on anything. >> not on much. >> reporter: and they gave us a statement refuting that fec was quote dysfunctional. the statement saying all of this is quote the proper role of the first amendment. you can read the entire statement plus other statements from other commissioners and all
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on our website, go to nbc bay >> call our tip line at 888-996-tips or nbc bay mother nature's mood swings are in full swing. >> summer, fall, summer back again. a bit of weather whiplash over the next 48 hours or so. pretty warm after temperatures soared well into the 90s. and right now, 63 after a high of 83. but check out the temperatures around the trivalley. still in the 70s after a high of 101 degrees and into san jose, 74 degrees. the high of about 94. tomorrow's high should be about nine to ten degrees cooler. and temperatures mostly in the
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50s. sunrise starting to show up a little bit later as the start of fall officially coming up just after 7:00 on thursday morning. so, watch these wind speeds. during the day tomorrow and all day sea breeze will help a couple things. our temperature will be cooler and air quality will improve. but not a spare the air day in the forecast for tomorrow. and in the 80s around the south bay. back to the 60s in san francisco. and tri-valley temperatures, probably the warmest spots butted away from the 100s. but in the 80s. we're watching showers move up through southern california and some of this moisture's going to try to drift towards the bay area tomorrow. and right now, no rain in the forecast but we'll keep a eye
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you. and by wednesday and thursday, yaervia of lee treasure drawns in. a kmk out san francisco. low 60s for the middle of the week and valley temperatures in the mid-70s. but 90s again for sunday. >> fall is on hold. we're doing summer for another week at least. plus, more sea ougters than ever before. what may be bringing record numbers to the california coast. >> and jimmy. tonight we have tarry cruz and democratic presidential nominee, hillary clinton. do not change the channel. and happening now on our home page, we're continuing to cover the top story. fire crews are still on the
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scene. in fact, will be there through the night to keep an eye on hot spots and gas lines. actor jim carrey is vowing to fight a wrongful death lawsuit. he's accused of giving his exthe drug she used to kill herself. silicon valley insiders
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♪ sillicon valley insiders say driverless cars are ready to go. the department of transportation will unveil its long awaited guidelines tomorrow. this will focus on driverless car safety. they say this will act as a
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loosely defined framework as opposed to a lisest of rules. new numbers show there are more sea otters than ever before. southern sea otter has been on the endangered population list. and it could be because of more food to eat. and they help all levels of the food chain and they're super cute. okay. if you can handle it emotionally, we'll show you what happened with the giants and dodgers tonight. more series in l-a....
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the orange and black trnto gain ground on the dodgers and unfortunately r t giantsdejk ahmed fareed in our studios. and unfortunately for the giants, déjà vu all over again. game one of the three-game set. this baby is, is -- no baby there. we did have a baby in a giants onesey. and they have some history
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together, guys and one thing leads to another. a little pushing, a little shoving and bullpens clear, they're going at it. giants were up 1-0 at this time. bumgarner only 97 pitches, he came out of the game. they were kind of noncommittal as why he was taken out of the inning. it is a 1-1 game and then deep to right and hunter pence -- just not going to happen. the giants blow it in the ninth once again. they lead all of baseball in blown saves this year. giants lose to the dodgers 2-1. they're now six back in the nl west. 12 games to go, still got a chance in the wild card but the division looks like wild shot. >> i'm not watching anymore. >> and i'm not listening to him watch anymore.
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there's a lot of heart ache and complaining. >> excellent, you've never looked better. me either. see you tomorrow night. we're back in a moment. a family of bears, caught on
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camera. this vide just posteto
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okay. check this out. it's a family of bears caught on camera. the video posted to the california state park's youtube account. they say bears in this area is rare, but lately there have been more videotape sightings. scientists think they have been displaced by the recent fire. little nocturnal walk in the woods. >> that's very cool to see. that's going to do it for us here at 11:00. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- the democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton. terry crews.


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