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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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asian woman into that nissan on busy washington avenue in san leandro. >> i did everything i had to do to make sure she was okay. >> reporter: this good samaritan fought him off, but the suspect got away. >> within one hour of attempting the kidnapping here in san leandro, he abandoned his vehicle in east oakland and made his way to the oakland airport where he got on to an airplane. >> reporter: a break in the case finally came from a business owner who saw the suspect's abandoned car. a tip that led police to the suspect, hundreds of miles away from the bay area. >> it's shocking. you know. that somebody could do something so bad and get so far away. >> reporter: and authorities here are not releasing where that suspect ran to, or where he was arrested. only that he was out of state when he was taken in by authorities. they are also are not releasing his name, saying they are working with other law enforcement agencies to see if he can be linked to other
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similar attacks. reporting live in san leandro tonight, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. it is sinking and tilting, but did did the builders let homeowners now? today the san francisco city attorney took legal action to find out what the builders of the millennium tower knew and when. it's a story our investigative unit first broke and jodi hernandez is live now. they are pointing the finger at someone else. >> reporter: they are. the tower's developers say there has been a lot of is finger-pointing going on, but they insist the fingers shouldn't be pointed at them. >> the building is still totally safe. >> reporter: for the first time, the developers of the sinking millennium tower are facing the cameras, insisting they're not to blame for the 58-story luxury condo tower's sinking problem. >> he we did this building the right way.
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>> reporter: but dennis herrera issued a subpoena, demanding partners turn over all information disclosed to condo owners. i have serious concerns that the disclosures required by state law did not contain information about the settling of the property. and did not accurately inform the purchasers of the more than 400 units of the conditions of the property. he says. >> give us the dewatering data so we know what is happening at 301 mission. >> reporter: but the developers say the transbay joint towers authority under construction next door should be the ones handing over the information. they say the transbay project has caused the water levels under the millennium tower to drop a staggering 20 feet, and claims that's what's led the tower to sink some 16 inches. >> if you dig a 60-foot hole, and dewater for six years and drop the water table by 20 feet
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on a major high-rise structure, you're going to cause a problem. >> reporter: now we tried to reach out to the transbay joint towers authority, but they did not respond. as for the information that the city attorney is after, the developers say a subpoena was not needed, and is not needed. they say they will gladly turn over the information. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. our coverage of the millennium tower continues on our we are site. click on the top story box to watch the stories our investigative reporter broke about the tower. again, that's at a spy plane crashed in northern california today, killing one of the pilots. we have a map for you. it's going to show where the so-called u-2 "dragon lady" went down north of sacramento in sutter county. the plane took off from the beale air force base around 9:00 a.m. the two pilots ejected from the
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plane before the crash. only one survived. the crash, as you can see there before, sparked a small fire. it goes high altitude for surveillance and reconnaissance. the search is on for a hit and run driver in the south bay. police say just after midnight, a white suv hit and killed a pedestrian near the intersection of actualliy and king in east san jose. just a few minutes ago, police identified the victim as 37-year-old nathan martinez. chilling details tonight in a double murder case being tried in marin county. the preliminary hearing and the so-called marin terroridrifter' began today. prosecutors offered some stunning information. mark. >> reporter: we're going to take you inside the courtroom where the preliminary hearing for 19-year-old lila algood and
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24-year-old morrison lampley got under way this morning. lila algood and morrison lampley are accused in the shooting death of audrey kerry in quebec in golden gate park and shooting 67-year-old carter near the marin county town of fairfax. a third defendant pled guilty and has agreed to testify against his former companions. >> e-mailed the victim was shot and had blood all over him. >> a sheriffs detective described how they were both shot on a hike. but our camera was only allowed in for the first 15 minutes of this preliminary hearing and it was what the detective described later that was the most chilling. he said that algood confessed to her cell mate that morrison lampley had shot carter in order to rob him of his wallet and his silver jetta. the old man needed to die, is the phrase algood reportedly used. and in the killing of 23-year-old audrey kerry, the
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cell mate says algood confessed she had already taken the young girl's wallet without her knowing and the tourist was actually thanking them for being her first friends in california when lampley jumped up and shot her in the head. algood told detectives it was 24-year-old sean angold who pulled the trigger, but later changed her story to say it was lampley. >> she stated she was protecting lampley, and that she loved him and that was her only family she had left. and she would do anything for him. >> reporter: we've herd a little more about the cell mate that reportedly told those shocking statements to detectives. she has a longrĂ· criminal hist, 35 criminal cases, has been to prison five times but new details detectives say she could only know. for example, steven carter's wallet, put a hole in his visa credit card, soaked a number of $20 bills in his blood.
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only someone who heard this story would have known about that. reporting from san rafael, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. we have new information now on the bombing suspect in new york city. he was briefly on the radar of police and federal agents two years ago. investigators say the father of ahmad rahami reached out to the fbi and angrily described his son as a terrorist. you see his father on the right side of the screen. this was in 2014. the call came after rahami stabbed a sibling in the leg during a fight in the family home. the fbi investigated, but found no evidence of a terrorism connection. rahami also was carrying a notebook which had references to the boston marathon bombing, ft. hood attack and teachings of anwar al awlaki. also, we're hearing from the new jersey bar owner who found rahami sleeping in a doorway and called police yesterday. >> i'm happy and i feel lucky that i was able to help nab this
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guy. >> reporter: the terror attacks over the weekend injured more than two dozen people. election day is approaching fast. take a look at the latest numbers. a five-point lead for hillary clinton. that's the findings of the latest nbc news surveymonkey tracking poll. 50% of likely voters say they support mrs. clinton, compared with 45% for republican donald trump. libertarian candidate, gary johnson, is in third place with 10%. a public apology today from the head of san francisco based banking giant, wells fargo. lawmakers on capitol hill grilled ceo john stumpf. he took responsibility for his employees who opened more than 2 million fake accounts in the names of customers. but he also insisted the fake accounts were not a scam. some of the most heated moments of today's hearing came during an exchange between stumpf of and senator elizabeth warren, calling for him to resign. >> but you squeezed your
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employees to the breaking point, so they would cheat customers, and you could drive up the value of your stock and put hundreds of millions of dollars in your own pocket. and when it all blew up, you kept your job. you kept your multimillion >> stumpf says the scandal pains him more than any other problem faced by the bank in his 35 years there. wells fargo still faces some $185 million in fines. the company has fired an estimated 5,000 employees who were involved in that scandal. coming up new at 6:00, a bay area expert in business ethics weighs in on this scandal. right now, east bay regional park board members are discussing a plan to add a new parking lot near a popular bay area open space. the board is set to vote on it at some point this afternoon. it would cost $6 million, and add 300 space parking lot near
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the mission peak regional preserve in fremont. right now the lot can only fit 40 cars. the area, if you know it, gets really crowded, especially on the weekends, leaving many people to park in front of homes along the local street. san jose is trying to solve its 36th homicide of the year and carve a murder rate well ahead of last year's total. i'm robert handa live in san jose. coming up, the problems the department faces in this case and in the big picture. also ahead, rolling out recommendations. how the feds want the final say over the rules for driverless cars. plus -- >> i don't build things any more. i'm a cheerleader, a fund-raiser, an advocate. >> generating change instead of profits. the incredible milestone for a silicon valley tech pioneer. part of our bay area proud series. and tracking big changes in our weather forecast today. many spots, as much as 15 degrees cooler than yesterday at
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this time. it's low clouds that made a comeback. get ready for some windy weather and a slight chance of showers in the forecast. i'll look at that when we come right back.
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. you're watching nbc bay area news, with the investigative you want holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area. we investigate. a hectic period for sjpd. a crime surge in san jose,
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latest this morning where a man was shot. nbc bay area's robert handa joins from us the scene of san jose's 36th homicide of the year. robert. >> reporter: well, raj, the homicide rate is well ahead of last year's and the year before. and while it is a concern, it is not the only crime problem the department is trying to get under control. san jose police admit the investigation into this latest homicide case that took place late last night on lone bluff way has stalled. >> right now, we have zero leads to follow up on. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: neighbors we talked to have not been able to help police find clues to how a middle-aged man ended up sprawled on a driveway found dead at the scene from at least one gunshot wound. one homeowner called it a very quick series of events. >> three gunshots, three or two -- it was all really quick together. and, like, after that it was totally quiet. no screaming, no cars. >> really, it's very difficult to say if it was -- if this
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victim was targeted by someone that knew him, if it was random, or what the motive was. >> reporter: officials do know, this is the year's 36th homicide. there were 30 all last year, 32 in 2014, and the homicide rate is just part of a bigger picture related to understaffing. >> we know that rate can vary wildly from one year to the next. but what we have seen is a steady rise in violent crime. >> reporter: police acknowledge that trend. >> what we notice is that there is an increase in aggravated assaults. that's a fact. throughout the city. >> reporter: well, despite the spike in crime and the understaffing, we have seen a number of units in the neighborhood working this latest homicide. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. driverless cars can potentially save thousands of lives each year, but not without strict guidelines. that's what the department of transportation said today when it released a slew of new safety requirements. they're aimed at both automakers and tech companies working on autonomous vehicles.
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the new rules are enough to almost please the consumer watchdog group, a long-time critic. tonight at 6:00, what the group says its biggest concern is going forward. we're used to big numbers in the silicon valley. so 10 million isn't always a big deal. >> but we're talking about 10 million books. now that's a big deal. garvin thomas. >> he wanted to be an engineer because he wanted to build things. and solve problems. well, jim says he doesn't build things any more. but solving problems? well, some call him the godfather of doing that with technology. the concept of using technology to solve the world's problems is a popular one these days. in fact, they hold whole conferences about it in san francisco and thousands attend. >> if you know, we need capital to get it going. >> reporter: when jim first had the idea o -- he could have held his convention in a phone booth. if you're old enough to know
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what that technology looked like. >> i would say i was in the wilderness for ten years. all my friends were like, jim, you could make billions! selling dog food over the internet! i'm like, i don't want to sell dog food over the internet. >> reporter: jim was an undergraduate at cal tech in the 1970s, studying to be a rocket scientist when he had what he calls his one good idea. developing character recognition technology that would help make books more widely accessible to the visually impaired. it took a few years, and a few detours to get it off the ground. but when jim did -- >> it quickly became successful. more successful than any tech venture i've ever started, compared to what our expectations were. >> people have this -- >> reporter: jim has spent a decade ex totalling the virtues of using tech for social benefit. he ended up founding benetech, for do-gooders around the world to help them do more good. and that one good idea of jim's,
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well, that became bookshare. and this month, celebrated an impressive milestone. delivery of its 10 millionth ebook for people with difficulty reading standard print. 10 million. sounds like a lot, though to jim it's just the beginning. >> i think of that 10 millionth book as a down payment on how we're going to help the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the long term who all need access to books, for education, employment, just being more full member of society. >> one of the interesting things, that social investing, jim shows up and he's like a magnet. he's been doing this for so many years, young entrepreneurs starting out and they want to get his advice on what's the best way to go. every question in the book. it's hard for him to walk through the crowd without being stopped every three or four feet, somebody has a question
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for him. and he is more than happy to share what he has learned. >> these cal tech guys are smart. >> well, you know -- >> thanks, garvin. >> some say. >> they are smart. we're going to take you outside right now to oakland. cooling has finally arrived for the past few days, hot. actually, in general, our planet heating up. according to noaa, the hottest august on record. actually, the planet has set a warm monthly temperature record every month for the past 16 months, the longest streak in 137 years. >> wow. our meteorologist, rob mayeda is here. >> if you had a 14-day forecast for the area, you would think the trend is going to continue. we do have a short-term cooldown which kicked in today. you see the reason why there. we have low clouds spilling over the hills. look at the temperatures. much nicer. the ocean ac is back. 67 degrees right now.
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patchy low clouds. livermore at this hour yesterday was close to 100 degrees. today 86 degrees. not as hot, but still near 90 out by brentwood. check out the spread of micro climates around the east bay. 60s in oakland and still 89. san jose right now, you've got mostly clear skies, 80 degrees, which is right on par with average temperatures for this time of year. there you see san francisco, the low clouds have made a comeback. so the wind a big part of the story. you probably noticed it last night. the sea breeze picking up, and during the day tomorrow, those winds are going to be very gusty. in fact, maybe twice as strong in some spots along the coastal hills, and that presents a problem from wednesday into thursday, around the fire. big sur area, monterey county, red flag from late tomorrow through thursday. and we're watching those gusty, dry conditions in the hills. to our south, a very interesting story playing out. heavy rain at times down into san diego. you see these showers across southern california, some of the cloud cover from that is
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starting to spill towards the bay area. and you'll notice it this evening. and as you wake up tomorrow morning, we'll see increasing high clouds, but the better chances of rain-producing clouds staying just to our south as we head towards tomorrow morning. so increasing clouds, especially around the south bay. after midnight tonight, and look at the 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. you see the band of clouds over the south bay. maybe a slight chance of a stray shower around the santa cruz mountains. better chances of showers for tomorrow will be staying over the sierra. temperatures started to cool down today. will continue the cooldown tomorrow. look at the numbers, 60s and 70s around the bay area. mid 70s around san jose into the north bay. oakland in the 60s, and those tri valley temperatures now only in the 70s. wednesday and thursday, the coolest takes of the week, gusty winds at times. watch out for that and everything about the parn ovtte going to reverse. sometimes they call this weather whiplash. a good case of that as we head towards next weekend. high pressure building in and watch the seven-day forecast. you're going from a low 60s in
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san francisco to 80 again on sunday. and these numbers for our inland locations, a virtual repeat of last weekend. enjoy. gusty and cooler, but mid 90s back in range again for next weekend. >> summer doesn't want to leave us. >> not in the seven-day. >> thanks. next at 5:00, major makeover. how developers want to change a popular south bay shopping center. also, the hollywood split. why angelina jolie says her marriage to brad pitt is over.
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happening now on twitter, colin kaepernick says he has received death threats since he began his protests against racial injustices. he says he will donate $100,000
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each month for the next ten months to make a change. and hundreds of bay area high school students have been named semi finalists in the national merit scholarship competition. you can check out the full list on our facebook page. more news, right after the break. a raid at a richmond hotel - and
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police took 25 people into a raid at a richmond hotel and police took 25 people into custody. it comes after a two-month investigation by the richmond police department.
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investigators say many hotel rooms at the marina bay inn and suites were the headquarters for a crime ring. police say the suspects committed mail theft, fraud, drug sales and gun trafficking. among the items seized during today's raid, four handguns and assault h$cnzweapon, illegal dr and a credit card manufacturing machine. for decades, it's been a hot spot for shopping and dining in the south bay. but the prune yard wants a makeover. when the campbell shopping center was purchased, the new owners promised renovations. the city planning commission has okayed the blueprints. those blueprints call for constructing five retail buildings and a multistory office building that would include underground parking. the existing parking structures would be expanded, and all those 1970s era buildings would get updated. the city council in campbell votes on the proposed changes next month. hollywood's most glamorous power couple is breaking up. angelina jolie shocked the celebrity world filing for
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divorce from brad pitt. her reason, irreconcilable differences. she said the separation was, quote, for the health of the family. jolie requests physical custody of the couple's six children, allowing pitt visitation rights. in a statement, brad pitt asked for the media to give the children space and said he was saddened. still ahead here at 5:00, the wearable fitness trackers make you think you're losing weight but think again. we'll explain. some more water woes in the
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south bay. tonight at 6:00, some more water concerns in the south bay. despite conserving during the drought, several customers are complaining that their water bills are doubling and even tripling. the reason for the rising prices. we'll explain, tonight, on our 6:00 newscast. a lot of people walk around wearing fitness monitors, but it may not be a good thing. researchers at the university of pittsburgh studied more than 400 overweight and obese young adults. they all went on a low-calorie diet and exercised. half of the group wore monitors, the other half did not. the people wearing the monitors ended up eating more, because they felt they were exercising more after looking at their trackers. those not wearing monitors lost an average of five more pounds. >> ooh. our resident fitness expert says --
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>> you feel entitled to eat. >> entitled to eating. thanks for joining us here at 5:00. lester holt is next. >> goodness, folks. tonight, missed warnings. new revelations about what the fbi knew about the bombing rampage suspect two years ago from his own father. and the anti-american sentiments found in his bullet-pierced journal. skittles outrage. donald trump's son getting backlash after comparing refugees to poisoned candy. and new allegations of misused charity money by trump's foundation. hot seat. the ceo of wells fargo grilled over millions of fake accounts opened in customers' names. what he said today that outraged congress. police shooting uproar. as anger grows over the fatal shooting of an unarmed father of four, tonight we hear the officer's side. and self-driving dangers. with more and more hitting the roads, the feds urge new rules to prevent crashes. "nightly news" begins right now.


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