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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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1:49 - eyes watering, dizziness... made you sk wanthrn vallejo--- hundreds of eyes watering, dizziness, nas eighted. >> dozens of dozens of residents ill in vallejo. hundreds calling 911 after a mysterious odor sweeps through town. we're live with the story. arrested in as adds accused of very serious crimes against children in the bay area. we'll tell you about the major changes coming to mission peak. "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we want to get you started with your weather forecast because it is finally cooling down a little bit. >> yes. you might be surprised to know
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we have showers on the radar. subtropical moisture has made its way into the bay area. i want to show you the radar. there it is, the green showing up. look how much there is. that's in the middle part of the atmosphere. a lot of that is not reaching the ground. it looks more impressive than it actually is. keep in mind south bay, east bay commuters, you may have to use those windshield wipers. maybe a few sprinkles, not going to amount to much. temperatures in the 50s, 40s in the north bay. later this afternoon, look at the high temperatures, two days ago in the 80s and 90s, even triple digits. nothing like that today. we'll talk about the rest of the week's forecast and the first day of fall tomorrow. let's welcome back mike inouye. glad to have you back in the house. >> that's because you only have to do one job. we'll focus on the maps. that's the road weather index showing sprinkles made it to the ground over there in the altamont pass. over here, because the south bay
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and peninsula are clear, we'll look at san francisco with an earlier crash, spinout reported north 101 at 9th. no slowing shows up. that's as you make your way towards the bay bridge. i'll show you the bay bridge coming up. back to you. breaking news right now, north bay hospitals got a rush of people overnight, coming through the emergency room doors, having a hard time breathing, reporting nausea. >> they don't know what's making them sick, only that it seemed to start with a mystery odor that overcame their neighborhood. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in vallejo. we still don't know what the odor is. can you smell it? >> reporter: not where i am. we're outside vallejo fire station 21, home of the emergency operations center which has been partially activated. the city of vallejo believes this is coming from somewhere
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outside the city limits. the fire department along with pg&e is working to see if this can be a natural gas leak. the coast guard tells us around 8:00 last night they received a call from a ferry that says they smell a strong smell of oil off the waters and vallejo and also saw a sheen, a coast guard chopper crew went up and couldn't find the sheen. they'll try to locate it once the sun comes up. it prompted the city of vallejo to issue a shelter in place, advising residents on the southern part of town to stay inside, close windows and turn off air conditioning, if you have immune or respiratory issues. people started smelling the odor around 7:30 in the south part of town. the city says it has since received over 800 phone calls from concerned people. we know a number of people ended up at the emergency room at the solano medical center last night
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with complaints ranging from problems breathing to feelings of nausea. >> probably around nine-ish, it smelled like asphalt, like black tar. had a friend, my neighbor for 20 years i've lived next to, he did black tar roofs. he always had a tar pot burning, and that's exactly what it smelled like. >> reporter: the city does not believe this odor is related to the release of anything at a local refinery which we heard of in the past. they do not believe that's the case this time around. again, the city has partially activated its emergency operations center, and they are also working with pg&e to see, again, if this could be a natural gas leak. live in vallejo, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much. a man facing very serious occasions this morning. a san francisco camp counselor accused of molesting three young campers during field trips has been arrested in arizona.
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24-year-old evan blanchard is accused of fondling three girls under the age of 15. this is why he was working at the embarcadero ymca. he's also accused of sending sexually explicit videos to those games and having them sending videos to him. 2-year-old hit and killed by a transit bus outside a home in east oakland. the little boy's aunt tells us the toddler slipped away from adults who were looking after him. police are going over witness statements, statements from the bus driver and videos from cameras inside and outside the b bus.
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a developing story out of north carolina where protests erupted overnight in charlotte after police shot an killed a black man. many were chanting and holding signs, some people throwing objects at the police. authorities say the officers had been searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they saw a man with a gun get out of a car. relatives insist he was inside the car reading a book waiting for his child to get out of school. park leaders at home are given a green light to a new parking lot at a popular bay area parking spot where it's often difficult to find a place to put your car. the east bay regional park district approved a 300-car lot. it will cost about pds 6 million and is scheduled to open in early 2020. the current lot only fits about 40 cars. neighbors say usually hikers end up filling up street parking in front of their homes and that definitely is ticking off the
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neighbors. but beautiful views, that's for sure. meteorologist anthony slaughter is in for kari hall. if you're hiking today, you might see some rain? >> most won't amount to an inch, just a few sprinkles. >> it's enough to make some of that radar green. it shows on our road weather index, i'll show you what else is going on in the east bay coming up. the search is on for a driver who struck a man near a south bay high school and then left him in the road to die. the car that police are looking for. police say that just after
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midnight monday -a white-u-v hit this morning the search is on for a hit-and-run driver in san jose. police say just after midnight monday a white suv hit a victim right near overfelt high school, identified as 37-year-old nathan martinez. please call san jose if you have information about that crash. it's the city's 29th fatal collision and 31st victim of 2016. the latest murder investigation in san jose has detectives baffles. a man was found shot on lone bluff way. neighbors say it happened in a matter of minutes. >> three gunshots around three or two, all really close together. after that it was totally quiet. >> police say they don't have any leads. this is the city's 36th homicide
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of the year. there are 11 names on the short list for san francisco's next chief of police. >> which is a lot less than the 60 they started with. it's been narrowed down according to the examiner. one of the names on the list, acting chief tony chaplain who was appointed earlier this year. the next step is to select three from the list of 11 to present to mayor lee. that is going to happen in the next month. coming up, donald trump facing new scrutiny, did he use money from his charity for personal use? his campaign is responding to those allegations next. a new "field poll" shows
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california attorney general kamla harril now to decision 2016. a field poll shows california attorney general kamala harris leading congresswoman loretta sanchez as they fight for barbara boxer's senate seat. 42% for harris compared to 20 for sanchez. both are democrats. we are learning about all the money this morning. new government filings showing how much each candidate has raised. donald trump is showing trouble on how much money is being spent. >> both clinton and trump had their best fund-raising months in august. clinton raised nearly $60 million and outspent trump 6-1 on tv adds. trump brought in more than $40 million, half of which he donated himself. it is his foundation's money that is now in question. several reports claim that trump
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used his charity's money to pay legal bills which is against the law. trump's campaign says the story is peppered with inaccuracies and omissions. >> it's clearly unethical to use charitable dollars to pay for expenses that one ought to be paying for out of their own pocket. >> trump and his running mate mike pence rally in ohio today. clinton's economy speech in florida today will focus on more jobs for people with disabilities. getting a check of weather and traffic. a familiar face is back on the desk here. mike, nice to see you, my friend. >> was with my parents. my dad had a little eye surgery, so he can see us again this morning. >> good to see you. also, by the way, show us the money while we're talking about campaign money. we're getting a money forecast today, finally the cooldown you've been talking about. >> it will feel nice out there. showers on the radar as well. here is the green. talking the money.
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this is what it looked like this morning on the radar. there is the green out there. so notice green splotches you see. that is rain. we haven't seen that in a while, but a lot of this is not reaching the ground. as it does fall, a lot starts to evaporate. we can get a couple showers out of this, maybe a few sprinkles. you can see zooming a little closer coming over the san mateo bridge. let's zoom out and show you why we have the rain. it's because of a former hurricane paine, that's the name of it. the winds at the core of it off baja, california. showers all through southern california. as i mentioned, light here in the bay area. temperatures are cool in the north bay. back in the 40s, we haven't seen that since we started that heat wave last week. 59 in napa and 60 in livermore. livermore yesterday closer to 70 degrees. temperatures cool this morning and even this afternoon, we're not going to move much. talking 65 degrees in santa.
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79 in mountain view, 78 in san jose. in the tri-valley, a few low 80s. the showers will continue across southern california. for us at home, we'll clear out with a good mix of sun and clouds. the trough that's digging in, that's why we get an enhanced risk for those sprinkles throughout the day that will allow enough lift in the agen atmosphere to get sprinkle in the activity. the trough slides to the east and the south. as it moves through, temperatures will cool off. we'll be looking at daytime highs in the 70s for inland valleys tomorrow. today, again, we'll still have a few places that get back into the 80s. tomorrow, breezy conditions through the afternoon, even in san francisco falling through the 60s. first day of fall tomorrow. let's check the roads with mike. >> you showed the activity on your radar. we'll show you how it's reflected. road weather index not showing a lot of problems, not for the peninsula or the south bay. we'll track the activity coming through there. we have activity in the tri-valley, both as far as the
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atmosphere goes as well as the atmosphere for the drivers. over here, southbound 680 at mission, we have reports of a crash involving a big rig reported in the center divide, about mission south. no lanes blocked, but the flashing lights will be a distraction. i track that coming out of the tri-valley. coming into the tri-valley a crash 205 at 580. you see the slowing coming out of tracy. you see the green highlighting. that's where some of the raen is that anthony was talking about. no problems reported other than the minor crash, again, just clearing from 20 a 5. on the bay bridge toll plaza, a little backup on either side from the cash lanes. we don't have all the cash toll takers open yet. they're awake but not staffing all the toll plazas yet. >> you need another day off, mike? >> yeah. i'm going to go back to that day off and try again on the next
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report. >> samsung is sending replacement phones to the u.s. >> it turns out apple is spending a whole lot of money on its new iphones. for that and the rest of the the news before the bell we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning to you both. wall street is eyeing a decision by the federal reserve this afternoon. the central bank wrapping up a policy meeting where it is not expected to raise interest rates which could affect all types of borrowing costs, from mortgages to car loans. the fed could drop hents about hiking rates in december after the presidential election. also overnight in asia, the bank of japan held rates in negative territory sparking a rally there. on tuesday the dow up and the nasdaq up 6 to 5241. samsung says 500,000 replacement galaxy phones have been shipped to u.s. stores and they're available to customers today. the company has recalled 2.5 million phones worldwide due to
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a malfunction which can cause the battery to overheat, catch fire. sachl sung is rolling out a software update to prompt users to turn off and replace their -- >> aping is spending more to make the iphone 7 than it did on the 6s. that's due to new features such as a bigger battery and larger storage capacity. the cost to manufacturer the iphone 7 is nearly $225. that's about 37 bucks more than the 6s. apple sells the 32 gigabyte version for $649. all versions of the iphone 7 plus are sold out as is the jet black model of the smaller 7. >> spending more on bell ts and whistles. one of those, favorites from generations pass is siri. some people in florence, arizona, might be asking siri what is that massive facility going up in the desert outside
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of town. >> i'm sorry. i didn't get that. >> now we can say, mystery solved. apple is building a 300-acre solar facility there. for weeks this has been kept under wraps. in fact, the builders even admitted to a non-disclosure agreement until the truth emerged yesterday. the plant will help power an apple facility in nearby mesa. >> another business adventure. interesting conversation around the dinner table. the millennium tower are promised sweeping views of san francisco, but the developers, did they tell the buyers about the sinking construction? the subpoenas to find out what they knew. first happening right now, california lawmakers collecting per diem pay even when they're absent. legislators collectively took 325 days offer during last session, collecting $56,000 in taxpayer-paid expenses. that story on nbc bay area.
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and a young black bear led police on a two-hour chase through the streets of downtown anchorage, alaska. more up close and personal than the officers expected. that's on our facebook page.
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we know the millennium towers in san francisco is sinking and tilting, but the question is did the builders let the condo owners know about it? >> the san francisco city attorney taking legal action to find out what builders of the millennium tower knew and specifically when. it's a story our nbc bay area investigative unit first broke. city attorney dennis herrera issued a subpoena demanding millenia partners turn overall
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information disclosed to the homeowners, some of whom are well known in the bay area. developers say the power authority should be the ones handing over that information. >> if you dig a 60-foot hole for six years and drop the water table by 20 feet on a major high-rise structure, you're going to cause a problem. >> the transbay joint powers authority released a statement yesterday refuting millenia's accusations. the warriors are starting their training camp next week. a little excitement for the season. right now giving something back to the community. >> warriors guard shane livingston pitched in at san jose sacred heart community service. he and a team of volunteers including raj mathai and sam brock helped to pack lunches for 5,000 needy kids.
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there he is, super tall. sam, did you have a good time? >> i did. this ended up being a partnership between pg&e and the warriors and sacred heart. you see people pitching in to put together 5,000 lunches and give something back. >> it gives you perspective, to be able to go and play a game for a living and come back and actually work day and day with oergs throughout the community that want to help. we look forward to that. >> as for the warriors' upcoming schedule, they get their preseason under way with a game in san jose on the 6th. their regular season tips off october 25th with a home gameness against sacramento at oracle. the wait list for tickets is approaching a near 33,000 people. certainly, laura and i, sam, would like for you to drop by -- >> you made that request
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yesterday. i'll communicate that. something in the air in vallejo, an odor making people sick in the town. up next, what we know or don't about the cost. bob redell is live there now. his report is coming up. on wednesday morning, sprinkles in the east bay and south bay. we'll break down the morning forecast and get you to the first day of fall which is tomorrow. today we're looking for the commute. right now looking at fremont and a smooth drive past the truck scales. we'll get the pictures moving -- there they go. we'll show you what's stopping or moving for you on your commute. >> some of the richest people in the world are giving away money simply because the president asked them to. you're watching "today in the bay." sick wanna throw up
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runs 5 samcont. vo dozens of residentsn vallejo -- hundreds of people calling 9-1-1 after a mysterious odor sweeps through town. place" remains in effect... and we're live with the story. kris//vo plus, arrested in arizona--accus against children in the bay area. sam//vo and, we'll tell you about e maj mission peak. today in the bay, starts rignow. >> we'll tell you about major changes coming to mission peak. "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. let's talk about your weather forecast because it is one day before fall, and it actually
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feels like fall. >> it feels like it out there. we've got to introduce the chance of showers this morning, especially across the east bay and south bay where we have sprinkles on the radar. vigorous sprinkles, may even call it light rain across parts of tracy. mike will talk about that in a little bit. also in san leandro through the santa cruz mountains, that's where the sprinkles are if they're reaching the ground. a lot of the stuff on the radar not actually reaching the ground because it's been so dry over the past several months. getting to the 60s later this afternoon. cooler tomorrow as the first day of fall starts. let's welcome back mike inouye tracking the morning roads. >> we'll use the phrase that i never get to phrase, vigorous sprinkles. that's what we're looking for around the bay. haven't seen much impact in the south bay. we're watching the south bay as moisture comes in. we're looking towards fremont where we have a crash, a big rig over in the center


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