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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> it feels like it out there. we've got to introduce the chance of showers this morning, especially across the east bay and south bay where we have sprinkles on the radar. vigorous sprinkles, may even call it light rain across parts of tracy. mike will talk about that in a little bit. also in san leandro through the santa cruz mountains, that's where the sprinkles are if they're reaching the ground. a lot of the stuff on the radar not actually reaching the ground because it's been so dry over the past several months. getting to the 60s later this afternoon. cooler tomorrow as the first day of fall starts. let's welcome back mike inouye tracking the morning roads. >> we'll use the phrase that i never get to phrase, vigorous sprinkles. that's what we're looking for around the bay. haven't seen much impact in the south bay. we're watching the south bay as moisture comes in. we're looking towards fremont where we have a crash, a big rig over in the center divide. i saw slowing south toward
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mission south for just a couple minutes. it looks like they may have had more crews arrive on scene. i'll let you know if they have any lanes blocked. out of the altamont pass, web 580, might get wet coming into livermore off 205. back to you. north bay hospital got a rush of people coming through the emergency room doors having a hard time breathing and feeling nauseous, reporting their eyes were burning. >> they don't know what's making them sick, only it seemed to start at the same time that a mystery odor wafted over their neighborhoods. bob, we stild don't know what the smell is. vallejo activated its emergency command center? >> reporter: partially activated and also recommended to shelter in place. good morning, chris and sam. the latest from the vallejo fire department, they had gas monitors in place in the southern part of the city where this odor was emanating from. those monitors continue to report safe readings.
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the city is working with pg&e to see if there was pass some sort of natural gas leak. there's also report from the coast guard. they received a call around 8:00 from a ferry saying they sensed a strong smell of oil and had seen a sheen in the waters off rodeo and vallejo. the coast guard did send a chopper up but weren't able to find a sheen. they will be going up later this morning to see, once the sun comes up, if they have a better shop. as i mentioned, the city of vallejo recommended a shelter in place. it is a recommendation advising residents to stay inside, close the windows, turn off the ac, especially if you have immune or respiratory issues. this was issued overnight, in the evening. not clear if they're still revising this. people started smelling the odor around 7:30 in the south part of town, glen cove and beverly hills park. the city received over 800 calls from concerned people. dozens of people ended up here at the emergency room here with
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complaints ranging from problems of breathing to feelings of nausea. >> when we smelled it, i thought they were laying asphalt down the street. when they redid our streets, that's about the only time i ever smelled it like that. >> it hurts. it was horrible, it was coming on the way to my daughter's house in beverly hills. let me tell you, it's horrible. it's something you don't want to sme smell. >> reporter: again, the city does not believe that this is related to release of anything -- any chemicals from the local refinery. they are working with pg&e to see if there's a natural gas release somewhere. also, the coast guard will be checking on that oil sheen. >> live in vallejo, bob redell, "today in the bay."
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developing story out of north carolina. you see the smoke and fires there, protesting erupting over it in in charlotte after police shot and killed a black man. many of them were chanting and holding signs, some even throwing objects at police. authorities say the officers had been searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they saw a man with a gun get out of a car. relatives insist that that man was in his car reading a book waiting for his child to get out of school. more to come on that story. 5:04 right now. san francisco camp counselor accused of molesting three young campers during field trips has now been arrested in arizona. 24-year-old evan blanchard is accused of fondling three girls under the age of 1r5. this happened when he worked at the embarcadero ymca. the y says the director called police when another counselor voiced concern about blanchard. blanchard is in arizona as we mentioned awaiting expedition back to california.
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a little boy who was struck and killed yesterday was the kind of kid who liked to dance, run and play. he was just 2 years old. jeremiah was hit by an ac transit bus outsides his home in east oakland. the toddler chased a ball into the street, slipping away from adults who were looking after him. it can happen so fast. police are going over witness statements, statements from the bus driver and also video from inside and outside the bus. the bus operator has been with the transit agency since 2011. a convicted murderer is facing the death penalty for the killing of an 8-year-old girl. darnell williams will be sentenced today, and jurors have recommended the death penalty. in 2013 he shot alicia carradine while she was at a sleepover at her friend's house in oakland. williams was trying to get revenge for his friend's death and thought his target was in the same home.
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jurors also convicted z williams in a second unrelated shooting several weeks later. a shooting and attempted robbery at a marijuana dispensary inside a home. deputies say two suspects robbed the dispensary after kidnapping the homeowner at gunpoint and forcing her inside. someone at that home and one of the suspects were both shot after a gunfight broke out. both have non-life-threatening injuries. park leaders are giving a green lot to a new parking lot at a very popular bay area hiking spot. a new 300-car lot approved in fremont. that is going to end up costing about $6 million to put in and is scheduled to open in early 2020. the current lot only fits about 40 cars, forcing drivers and people who want to go in to spill out on the streets nearby.
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neighbors say hikers park in front of their homes. there are 11 names on the short list for san francisco's next chief of police. that's narrowed down from 60 applicants according to "the examiner." one of the names on the list is acting chief toney chaplin. the next step is that the police commission is going to select three candidates from that list of 11 and present those to mayor lee. that's going to happen in the next month. the santa clara international swim center has hosted and trained champions for decades. >> now it notes a multimillion dollar makeover. it was world class when it was built in the 1960s. athletes who trained there have earned 70 olympic medals. >> the whole en fa structure, the piping, filtration system, electricity, everything is shot. it cannot be fixed. >> members of the silicon valley aquatics initiative are looking to build a new complex including a community rec center.
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the city council approved the plans last night. the question now is who will pay for it. the estimated cost is $185 million. it could be a public-private partnership or it could go to the voters. city and project leaders will talk about the project. meteorologist anthony slaughter is here with a micro climate forecast with a little green. >> we have showers in the forecast, sprinkles across the east bay and tri-valley. we'll keep an eye on that this morning. 58 degrees in san francisco. the north bay is 48 degrees. 61 in the tri-valley. the sprinkles will clear out this afternoon, expect a good mix of sun and clouds, temperatures cool today, talking mostly 60s and 70s. a few of us in the tri-valley and the south bay, will manage to get back into the 80s. cooler tomorrow as temperatures get even chillier. you may need to bust out those fall jackets. in the meantime, let's get over
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to mike. >> the peninsula and the south bay haven't started their commute yet, the east bay and tri-valley looking great. looking towards san francisco, across the bay bridge looks great as well. oracle open continuing all week, a closure on howard between third and fourth. as we look at golden gate bridge, over at at&t park, oracle world open has a big party. this evening you'll see a lot of traffic, congestion and probably hear some music over there. so that's good. back to you. >> we like music. they were hearing tunes of anger, tunes of questioning on capitol hill. scott mcgrew you've been following what's going on with wells fargo. >> wells fargo ceo in front of the senate, really harsh words. we'll show it all to you in just a bit. the search is on for a driver who struck a man near a south bay high school and then left him there to die.
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the car that police are now looking for. police say that just after
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midnight monday a ite s-u-vhit this morning the search is on for a hit-and-run driver in san jose. just after midnight on monday a white suv hit someone near overfelt high school. the victim turned out to be 37-year-old nathan martinez. contact san jose police if you have any information about that crash which marks the city's 29th deadly collision this year.
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now to decision 2016. a new poll shows california attorney general kamala harris leads congresswoman loretta sanchez as they fight for barbara boxer's senate seat. 42% for harris, harris. an update to federal funding, the presidential candidates, we're learning more about the money this morning, where is it coming in. government filings show how much major candidates have raced. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. donald trump is facing new troubles on how his money is being spent. >> reporter: exactly, kris and sam. not talking about his personal money, business money, campaign money. it's charitable funds in question. hillary clinton back after a day off for debate prep, now talking about how to provide some of the most vulnerable americans with more jobs.
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hillary clinton's economy speech in florida today will focus on more jobs for people with disabilities. donald trump calls her an insider. >> she represents the donors, the politicians, the big banks, the multinational corporations and everybody getting rich off a very rigged system. >> reporter: new sec filings show clinton and trump had their best fund-raising months yet in august. clinton raised nearly 60 million and outspent trump 6-1 on tv ads. trump brought in over $40 million, half of which he donated himself. his foundation's money is in question. if "washington post" reporting the charity making donations so trump could avoid paying legal fines. trump's campaign claims the story is peppered with inaccuracy and omissions from a biased reporter. >> it's clearly unethical to use charitable dollars to pay for expenses that one ought to be
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paying for out of their own pocket. >> hillary clinton's solution is very simple, more of the same. more taxes, more regulations. >> reporter: and trying to catch up, our latest poll puts clinton five points ahead. we always follow the money. the filings help us do that. clinton's super pac way out there. the republican party is spending a lot of cash, four times as much as the democrats. they're also doing their ground game differently, putting in a lot of the resources for donald trump where hillary clinton is doing that with her campaign funds, doing it on her own. >> she has a bigger war chest for sure. tracie potts, thank you very much. new details now about the man suspected in the string of bombings across new york and new jersey. federal officials are charging a mad rahami with using weapons of
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mass destruction and bombing public places. we're learning he was briefly on the radar of police and federal agents two years ago. investigators say rahami's father reached out to the fbi in 2014 and described his son as a terrorist. that call came after ahmad reportedly stabbed a sibling in the leg. the fbi investigated the incident but found no evidence of a terrorism connection. we're hearing more from the bar owner who called rah hfound rah called police. >> i was happy to help nab this guy. >> the attacks over the weekend injured more than two dozen people. a question a lot of people have been asking is what is it going to be, mark zuckerberg and his wife priscilla are set to make a major announcement this morning. >> you think they're going to give away a whole lot of money? >> he's promised to give away most of his facebook fortune.
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over the weekend they posted a simple picture to facebook promising they were working on something, quote, big. they invited the press to an event this morning at 11:00 in san francisco. we'll cover that on and on the nbc bay area news at 11:00. billionaire george sur rose has announced he'll spend a half billion to help refugees and displaced immigrants around the world. he's an immigrant himself, one of the 30 richest people in the world. he says he's doing it because the president said we should help. president obama's call for action. it's not a donation exactly as much as it is an investment in small businesses run by immigrants and refugees, technology to help them, that kind of thing. it's entirely possible zuckerberg and chan are about to announce something similar. for the rest of the news before the bell, let's check in with landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon.
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>> wall street is eyeing a decision by the federal reserve. the central bank wrapping up a policy meeting where it's not expected to raise interest rates which could affect all types of borrowing costs from mortgages to car loans, but the fed could drop hints about hiking rates in december after the presidential election. also overnight in asia the bank of japan held rates in negative territory sparking a rally in markets there. on tuesday the dow at 18,129, the nasdaq up six to 5,241. back over to you. >> wells fargo ceo john stumpf faced a senate committee on capitol hill before he was given a hard time over his bank's so-called phantom account where they signed up millions of customers they didn't want or didn't know they had. senator elizabeth warren was by far the toughest. >> when it all blew up, you kept your job, you kept your multimillion dollar bonuses and you went on television to blame
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thousands of $12 an hour employees who were just trying to meet quotas that made you rich. this is about about accountability. you should resign. you should give back the money you took while this scam was going on, and you should be criminally investigated by both the department of justice and the securities and exchange commission. >> sam and kris, i want to be straightforward were you, there were hours and hours and hours of testimony. i fell under the trap the senators picked for us. i picked the most provocative sound bite out of those hours. they know the most outrageous thing they say is what we'll show. >> she did ask pointed questions. she said you always said the buck stops with you. >> and yet he went on cnbc and essentially blamed all the tellers. >> not a lot of sympathy there for him. >> none in that room. >> elizabeth warren sounding off on what many people were
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feeling. thank you very much. we have something more than just sounding off, more like exploding. da mat tick video of the sudden eruption of a costa rican volcano. massive amounts of ash from the volcano have left passengers stranded at the airport. workers spent most of the day yesterday clearing ash from the runways. at least 100 flights have been canceled. i visited costa rica about seven months ago. we almost went to visit that l volca volcano. >> you told me when you went by the volcano you were flicking matches into it. >> no, no. i said itches inspecting the area. >> oh, mike inouye. >> it doesn't work like that. >> stirring the volcano. >> we are finding something we haven't seen, you are, on the radar. green out there. >> we have showers out there. this is usually the time of
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morning where i'll talk about some fog. nothing like that this morning. you can see we've got showers and even some pretty steady areas of light rain near tracy, so coming out of the altamont pass, maybe using windshield wipers. we'll zoom in and show you areas where you see a lot falling near fremont over near san mateo. maybe the dumbarton bridge and the san mateo bridge, you may encounter light drizzle. it's not going to amount to much. you may notice it this morning and may surprise you. we're looking at temperatures in the 40s across the north bay, 48 degrees. that will be another surprise as well. temperatures haven't been this cool this morning in quite some time, in about a week. you'll notice the chill once you step out this morning and even this afternoon, you'll notice it as temperatures come out of the 80s, back to the 70s. 78 later this afternoon. 70s today for santa cruz and only 65 degrees for san francisco. we've got a trough digging to
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our north and lots happening that you don't see on the maps as far as the rain goes. air quality alerts across the central valley and red flag fire warnings now for monterey. those will be posted through the afternoon, through tonight and into tomorrow as the trough swings on through. in fact, that red flag fire warning is right over the area of the soberanes fire. these gusty winds move into place. cooler air, but unfortunately with the cooler air comes a drier air mass. that's why we have the fire warning in place. you know, the time is right. we haven't seen much green on the radar these past few months. the atmosphere is definitely dry out there. temperatures over the next couple days will cool off. colder air is a drier air. it's going to unfortunately mean for red flag fire warnings for the next 24 hours, temperatures cool in the coastline in san francisco. mid 60s through the next couple days. nice beach weather this morning. let's head to mike now.
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>> even the lightest, mist oil could mean slicker conditions in the altamont pass. there was a crash reported 205 over 580. the south bay and peninsula are showing no problems of slowing. southbound 680 approaching mission, there was an earlier crash, big rig in the center divide. the radar is active around this portion of 680 past mission north. and in the south bay, we'll track updates from chp. north 680 a stalled vehicle north of the dublin interchange. the bay bridge toll plaza, we'll show you that the traffic is starting to build up in the cash lanes. it looks like all our lanes are open now. the cash lanes are starting to backup and we should see the metering lights turned on in just under ten minutes. back to you. coming up, you don't want this to happen to you.
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a woman in england called for help. you won't believe where that call ended up. we'll have that story coming up after this quick break. you're watching "today in the bay."
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nbc bay area responds to an east bay man who hit a roadblock when he was trying to register his new car. >> chris chmura with the story.
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kumar moved to the bay area from houston last fall. he brought with him the new mazda 6 he recently purchased. when he went to the dmv here in california to register the car, the dmv said he couldn't because it didn't meet california's emission standards. he was forced to consider selling the car and take a $9,000 loss. before he did that, he reached out to us. it's a good thing he did. california does have tight emissions lawtion and residents can't buy cars from other states that don't mass our standards. but people who move here from other states are allowed to bring their cars with them. when we spoke up, the dmv registered the mazda. a spokesman said he doesn't know what went wrong when kumar tried to register his car. in a statement the dmv says they regret the error. for helping him prevent a $9,000 law, kumar told us, i'm really thankful to.
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you can call 1-888-996-tips, you can share your story, document stories and video to help investigate your case. tomorrow morning, fighting for a new phone when that water resistant feature doesn't hold water. have a great day. >> always finding that out the hard way. imagine calling 911 only to have the dispatcher tell you he has never heard of where you live. >> you've called the barns stable police department. >> yes. >> in massachusetts. >> massachusetts? >> yes, massachusetts. >> there's no way you can help me then, is there. >> where exactly are you calling from? >> england. >> yeah. >> gps could help, but that's a bit far away. the caller told the bbc she used a digital assistant from microsoft similar to siri and that might be what led to the mixup. coming up, a bay area camp counselor arrested. we'll show you what he's accused
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of doing. eyes watering, dizziness, nauseated, made you sick, want to throw up. >> reporter: a number of people end up in the emergency room here in vallejo because of a strange smell. i'm bob redell. we'll fill you in. you're watching "today in the bay." i'm sam brock.
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=laura/4shot= good wednesday morning. fall eve. thank you for joining us.
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i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> a check of the forecast that has a little rain in it, speaking of fall. >> yes. i think that's what sam was alluding to. cooler weather today. >> starts officially tomorrow. >> yes, it is fall eve. we are tracking showers on the radar this morning. in fact, a good sign that the seasons are beginning to change and cooler weather later this afternoon. you can see what i'm talking about. there is the green. a lot of this is not reaching the ground, but some of it is. as you get going, you may encounter some sprinkles. won't impact you much, but may add to that shock factor. brentwood, antioch seeing light showers, even towards los altos hills. fremont as well. as i mentioned, temperatures are cool and we're in the 40s in santa rosa. everywhere else in the 50s and 60s. temperatures coming down out of the 80s and 90s for most of us, back in the 60s and 70s. breezy this afternoon. so couple that with gusty winds.
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we'll talk about cooler weather. mike is getting you to work. >> anthony, you talked about a little radar activity. we're watching for any effect on the roadway. again, the road weather index shows 580 coming out of tracy and toward livermore, nothing dramatic. you talked about it coming from the south bay as well. we do have a crash reported. nsh 101 right around the hilyard avenue off-ramp. it sounds like everything is off the major roadway. again, this may not be slick conditions, but that's what we watch for when any light mist or drizzle comes in. we see the first burst of traffic starting to come through the area. right on schedule so far for the morning commute. thank you very much. breaking news this morning. difficulty breathing, irritated eyes and nausea. vallejo area hospitals were overrun with calls from sickened
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people. >> the cause is a mystery odor that prompted a shelter in place for residents. it's a story we've been covering as breaking news since last night at 11:00. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in vallejo. we don't know what the odor is, but we know it's making a lot of people sick. >> reporter: it did especially last night. good morning sam and kris. we know the vallejo fire department gas monitors continue to register safe readings. we also spoke with vallejo police and they believe the city will soon lift the recommended shelter in place. we should get a better idea at 6:00 when the city restaffs its emergency operations center here in vallejo fire station 21 in the city limits. people started smelling the odor around 7:30 in the south part of vallejo, in the neighborhoods of glenn kof and beverly hills park. there were about 800 people who called in to kplaen, a number of
5:35 am
whom went to the medical center with symptoms from nausea to problems breathing. >> probably around 9:00ish, we saw that it smelled like asphalt, like black tar. had a friend who -- my neighbor for 20 years i lived next to, he did black tar roofs. he always had a tar pot burning, that's exactly what it smelled like. >> reporter: that smell did prompt the city of vallejo to issue a shelter in place. it is a recommendation advise residents to stay in place. we're telling you a vallejo police expect the shelter in place to be lifted soon. they do not think the smell was coming from any local oil refineries. they had been working with pg&e to see if this was natural gas related. we've also been reporting about the coast guard. they received a call around 8:00 last night. people on the ferry saw a sheen in the water and had a strong sense of an oil smell.
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the coast guard did send a chopper out last night off the waters of vallejo and rodeo. they didn't find the sheen. they are supposed to go up at sunup this morning. live in vallejo, bob redell, "today in the bay". ment this is a developing story in north carolina. protests erupted last night in charlotte after police shot and killed a black man there. many of the people in that crowd were chanting and holding signs. some did throw objects at police. up to seven officers and as many as 12 were hurt and taken to the hospital. also a civilian was taken to the hospital overnight. authorities say the officers had been searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they saw a man with a gun get out of a car. relatives of that man insist he was in his car reading a book waiting for his child to get out of school. authorities say the man later identified as keith lamont scott
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did not appear to be with the suspect who was wanted in that search warrant. we are learning more about a u.s. military spy plane that crashed killing one of two pilots on board. this happened near sacramento yesterday morning. this plane took off from beal air force base and got into trouble. the pilots ejected from the plane before the crash but only one survived. the so-called u2 dragon lady went down, capable of surveillance and reconnaissance. 5:37 on your wednesday morning. a bay area camp counselor is accused of molesting three young girls. the ymca says it thoroughly checks staff members. agents say this counselor had a criminal past. this morning, the sfpd say there could be more victims. "today in the bay's" sharon joining us. this comes after marshals raided a home. >> the ymca opened up and you
5:38 am
can bet parents will have a lot of questions today. the suspect worked at the 'em bare darrow ymca over the summer. the u.s. marshal service arrested evan, also known as devon, blanchard in arizona. he is accused ofd molesting three young campers during field trips this past summer. accused of fondling three girls under the age of 15 while he worked here. blanchard is also accused of sending sexually explicit videos to the girls and trying to get them to do the same. parents who sent their kids to the summer camp where blanchard worked are hoping they never encountered him. >> as i tell my kids, if weird people are there, i'll watch out for you as much as i can. but you also need to watch out for yourself and tell me. >> reporter: in a statement, the ymca says safety of the kids is paramount. it does not allow staff to be alone with campers. has a no outside contact policy and does background checks.
5:39 am
the u.s. marshal service says blanchard has an extensive history that includes an arrest for weapons offenses out of california. parents say they are very relieved that someone at the ymca spoke up. police say they're still trying to determine if there are more victims. live in san francisco, sharon cat sued da, "today in the bay". >> in the hot seat today, questions about exorbitant price hikes in the epipen. congressional lawmakers are expected to try to get answers about the spike in cost for the epipen anti allergy device. the ceo of the company that makes the pen, my land is expected to testify before the committee on oversight and government reform. they faced major backlash for price hikes up to $600 for two packs. it's sinking and tilting. that we know. but did the builders let condo
5:40 am
owners know? the san francisco city attorney is taking legal action to find out what builders of the millennial tower and when. city attorney dennis herrera issued a subpoena yesterday demanding millennium partners turn overall information disclosed to the homeowners, some of whom with are well known in the bay area. developers say the transbay joint powers authority should be the ones handing over information. >> if you dig a 60-foot hole in d water for six years and drop the water table by 20 feet on a major high-rise structure, you're going to cause a problem. >> the transbay joint powers authority responded yesterday releasing a statement refuting millennium's accusations that the agency is the one to blame for the tower settling and sinking. in the en moo time, the new millennium tower still has plenty of condos available. we did house hunting and found prices for the condos have gone
5:41 am
down a bit. a one-unit originally listed at $2.2 million is now $2.1 million. another one going for $3.6 is now about $400,000 less. you can link to the story at for more images and for those condos on sale and details of the recent price drop. also a relative term. let's check the micro climate forecast with a rain that may or may not impact the morning commute. >> i think it's going to be more sprinkles at this point. it won't be amounting too much. right now you can hear temperatures, 58 degrees in san francisco, 58 in the peninsula as well. sprinkles will be out for the first half of the day. by this afternoon we'll clear out. not going to see much in terms of longstanding sprinkles this afternoon. sun and clouds this afternoon, temperatures back in the 60s and 70s. later on we'll see a few places reach into the 80s like the tri-valley, up to 83 there.
5:42 am
cooler triemperatures for the first day of fall tomorrow. what's happening, mike? >> despite the radar activity, we don't see any problems for the road, peninsula and south bay. the south bay just starting northbound 101 build. bay bridge toll plaza right on schedule, metering lights on. you'll see the toll plaza has filled in as you expect, no problems out of the maze. back to you. speaking of cars, how about some automated cars, scott? >> we'll talk automated cars, take you back to driver's ed as well. don't forget your retainer. you're watching "today in the bay." who are accused of killing two
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people last year near fairfax. disturbing details are starting to emerge in a court hearing about three drifters accused of killing two people. one of them has confessed and is going the testify against the other two. 19-year-old mile la and boyfriend morrison are accused of killing stephen carter police say three days before they shot and killed a tourist. they said it was another gifter named sean angle who pulled the trigger. her cell mate says she confessed it was her boyfriend who did the killing. >> she said she was protecting lamp ling and she loved him and he was the only family she had left and she'd do anything for him. a san bruno man pleaded not
5:46 am
guilty to animal abuse charges. he he's. prosecutors charge gd both of them after they chose not to seek treatment for the dog for more than a week. the dog died soon after arriving at an emergency clinic. in the south bay the prune yard is one step closer to getting the long promised makeover. when the shopping center was purchased a couple years ago, the new owners promised renovation. the blueprints have been approved. the parking structures will be expanded and the 1970-era buildings would be updated. a u.s. department of transportation has given carmakers a set of guidelines as they work to pring self driving cars to a street near you. skt mcgrew, the d.o.t. calls
5:47 am
them highly automated vehicles. >> i always called them robot cars. the d.o.t. will use the shorthand hav. are we going to use this as a term? is this the havs or hav-nots. the cars ought to be able to report whether they're in automated mode at the time of a crash. the big takeaway is the government supports automated cars on our roads. there are still fundamental problems to solve. let's go back to driver ed. let's say the white car is run by a computer and it's parked or stalled, something like that. the computer programming in the white car says it can't run into the red car, but its programming also says it's against the law to go over the yellow line. we as humans, this is what we'd do, we'd go around, figure the police would understand. these fuzzy rules are very
5:48 am
difficult for computers to understand. other news, samsung says the galaxy note 7 is back in stores and it's safe to buy. it won't catch fire. 500,000 new phones in stores starting today. how do you know if you have a safe phone? sachl sung says the new phones have a green battery indicator like the one on the right. before now, samsung's battery indicator was gray like the one on the left. green, everything is keen. gray will ruin your day. green means you can't knock it. gray and it will catch fire in your pocket. skbl i think i might actually remember that. >> gray goes back. don't hold on to those phones. >> right, gray is bad, green is good. >> thank you. 5:48. people in florence, arizona, may be asking siri what's that massive facility going up in a desert outside of town? now we can say mystery solved.
5:49 am
turns out apple is building a 300-acre solar facility. the builders admitted to a non-disclosure agreement until the truth finally' plerjed yesterday. the plant will help power an ap ap /* apple facility. >> i know but i can't tell you. >> we're seeing a little bit of raindrops on your map. >> a little hazard this morning. take it easy if you're about to hit the roads in the next few minutes. we've got sprengless. that's what i'm calling it this morning. because it's not going to amount to much. take a look at the radar and you can see what i'm talking about. a lot of it light rain. most of us doesn't reach the ground because our atmosphere is so dry. temperatures in the 80s and 90s. imagine you take water to that.
5:50 am
we may have sprinkles hit the ground before they've vap ate. most will fizzle out before it does. you may see it right now over across blossom hill. coming through the altamont pass we've had reports of wet roadways on mike's road sensors. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. everywhere else back into the 50s and 60s, look how cool it will be later this afternoon. 69 in oakland, just two days ago you were at 90 degrees. 82 for walnut creek, 82 for pleasanton and 72 for san jose. even the coastline will see 60s for san francisco. we have lots happening on the map that you don't see other than the rain. air quality alerts for the central valley. red flag warnings for tahoe and monterey right where we have the soberanes fire after 150 days that firefighters have been battling that fire. the area of low pressure from the north will continue to slide
5:51 am
in. that's going to pick up our wind. it will be breezy at the coastline. temperatures will respond accordingly. taking a dip for the first day of fall. 70s for tomorrow. you may want to take a dip in the pool. the weekend, talking 90 as we head toward sunday for our inland valleys, even affidavit the coastline. san francisco will see the return of 70s. a nice beach weekend headed our way. looking at the long range models, it looks like october gets a little chilly. what are you tracking right now. >> tracking some of the effects of what you see on the radar. like you said, no major wet roadways, maybe damp roadways, blossom hill and fremont foothills. in altamont we did see the green on the road weather index. it's not on 580. bru that changes as conditions change. we do have another stall out of the altamont pass. of more concern might be the crash, the fender-bender, west 580, but no slowing there.
5:52 am
everything is looking great. we do have slowing now. starting 680 south in pleasanton and sunol. 880 through hayward clearing by the time you get to union city. that includes the build for the san mateo bridge. quick look there, 92 westbound to the peninsula, 92 with our live camera, looks fine getting across the bay. there is 92 towards the peninsula with no delays. moving smoothly past the coliseum where there's a midday game, 12:35 for the a's. back to you. good news and bad news, mike. on the diamond last night, the giants won, but things were hardly perfect in their quest to make the postseason. you see brandon crawford limping off there. there's johnny cueto, he had a join injury. crawford dislocated his pinky. who is still left standing? brandon belt smacked a home run in the ninth inning and the
5:53 am
bullpen held on giving the giants a 2-0 win over the dodgers. the giants are in in a three-way tie for two wildcard play-off spots. coming up. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick says he's getting blowback for his protest. the steps the team's security is taking. happening now, california lawmakers collect per diem pay even when they are not at work. legislators collectively took 325 days off during the last session collecting $56,000 in taxpayer-paid expenses. that story you can find at a young black bear led police on a twro-hour chase through the streets of downtown anchorage alaska. you can watch the video up close and personal on our facebook page. crashed-- killing one of the 2
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
pilots. 5:56 right now. we're learning more about the u.s. military spy plane that crashed killing one of the two pilots on board. it happened near sacramento yesterday. the plane took off from beale air force base and then got into trouble. the pilots ejected from the plane before the crash, but only one survived. the plane is part of the military's oldest flying unit, capable of surveillance and
5:57 am
reconnaissance as well. new details about the man accused of orchestrating a string of bombings across new york city and new jersey. federal officials are charging ahmad rahami with using a weapon of mass destruction and bombing public places. he was briefly on fbi radar two years ago. investigators say his father reached out in 2014 and angrily described his son as a terrorist. that came after ahmad stabbed a sibling in the leg. the fbi investigated but found in evidence of a terrorism connection. we're hearing from the new jersey bar bar owner who found him and called police. >> i am happy and feel lucky that i was able to help nab this guy. >> in all, the terror attacks over the weekend injured more than two dozen people. colin kaepernick is saying he's getting death threats in response to his national anthem
5:58 am
protest and that it was inevitable. he talked about the threats yesterday talking about, if something actually happens, it would only prove his point. he talked about his plan to donate $100,000 a month for the next ten months that work toward fighting racial inequality. a website is being set up to track where the money is donated and how it is spent. we're learning more about the money this morning, but not just campaign money. donald trump is facing new scrutiny over money that was used for his charities. several reports claim trump used his foundation's money to pay off business legal bills. trump's campaign says the story is peppered with inaccuracies and emissions. >> it's clearly unethical to use charitable dollars to pay for expenses that one ought to be paying for out of their own pocket. >> trump and pence are both rallying in ohio this morning. in the meantime hillary clinton's economy speech in
5:59 am
florida will focus on more jobs for people with disabilities. it seems like you're seeing more campaign ads from hillary clinton because you are seeing more company ads from hillary clinton. nbc news reports clinton and the groups supporting her are outspending donald trump's campaign by a margin of five to one. while team clinton has spent more than $150 million on ads, donald trump and his backers have spent less than $34 million. breaking news overnight, a shelter in place for an entire community following a mysterious odor. >> make you can't breathe, eyes watering, dizziness, nauseating, made you sick, want to throw up. >> the scramble for answers this morning as dozens of people head to area hospitals. plus parents infuriated. the bay area camp counselor accused of molesting three young girls. the reason police think there could be more victims. and a family in mourning
6:00 am
after the tragic loss of a little boy hit and killed while playing ball near the street. the details we're learning about this painstaking investigation. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. the forecast for the last couple days were a little tough to take. you promised we'd get cooler temperatures and now you're delivering. >> temperatures cooled more yesterday and will continue to cool today. looking at 70s replacing those 80s like we saw just yesterday. a couple days ago we were dealing with 90s. we've got light showers on the radar. a lot of the stuff not reaching the ground. keep in mind you may encounter a few sprinkles as you get going. a lot of that is crossing the east bay and south bay in san jose foothills and near the evemont foothills.


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