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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: coast guard crews now laying down 1,000-feet boom to contain the oil surrounding the spirit. it's a tanker that a phillips 66 refinery spokesperson tells nbc bay area was transporting crude oil to the refinery and around 8:00 this morning, a light oily sheen was discovered at the t m terminal. >> the community is watching and the local environmental watchdogs are kind of making sure that adequate cleanups are proceeding. >> reporter: scientist ian from the san francisco bay keeper says his environmental advocacy group is working closely with the coast guard. >> they're reluctant to prescribe blame at this point. >> reporter: it's unclear what caused the spill or how much has spread, but he says there will be impact. >> yeah. fish, wildlife, sea birds and marine mammals might be infected. >> reporter: the coast guard says no wildlife has been harmed by the oil, and county health officials have not officially
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linked those reported illnesses to this spill here. reporting live in rodeo tonight, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. another live picture of the oil spill in the san pablo bay. live pictures again from our nbc helicopter. as you can see, crews working hard to contain those oil slicks transporting about 1,000 feet of boom around the oil sheens. two of them now in san pablo bay, including one surrounding a oil tanker. that tanker berth at the phillips 66 refinery in rodeo. the cause of the spill unknown. still no word on how much oil spilled. of course, we'll keep an eye on the situation and keep you posted on any new developments. records show the phillips 66 refinery has a history of noncompliance. our investigative unit looked through years of epa inspection reports. the data shows the refinery hasn't been meeting the federal standards for disposing solid and hazardous waste for the past three years.
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of in march, the epa advanced the refinery status to significant violation, the most serious violation the agency can people are sick and they're also inconvenienced. this oil spill cancelled ferry service this morning between vallejo and san francisco. you can see the long lines there just to get on some of the ferries outside the ferry terminal in vallejo. two ferries were cancelled, but service back up and running around 8:00 a.m. stay with us for this developing story. we're going to bring the latest updates as they happen on air and on our digital platforms. the bay area is proving to be a popular stop along the campaign trail. tonight democratic vice presidential candidate, tim kaine, is in san francisco for a fund-raiser. earlier today, he was in atherton for a pair of events. photos from one of those events hosted by entrepreneur steve spinner. 30 tech is [ expletive ] were
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there. michelle roberts is at a very different event with a very different tone, michelle. >> reporter: typically when you attend a democratic event, there are a lot of democrats. today that wasn't the case. a lot of republicans were here today, just to get in the gates behind me cost $1,000 or upwards of $33,000. the motorcade driving democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine left the atherton home of jillian mannis this afternoon. co hosted with hp ceo meg whitman. she shocked many when she endorsed hish endorsed hillary clinton. >> it just was a way for tim kaine to be introduced to a lot of people in the area who were not necessarily democrat. >> reporter: in fact, almost everyone we spoke to outside this democratic fund-raiser identified as republican. >> i have a hard time voting for hillary. i do. but i would vote for kaine. i would. i wish he was running. >> reporter: we're told kaine spoke for about 30 minutes before answering questions.
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and the people we spoke to say his overall message was clear. >> not as the republican or democrat, but as a -- as an american. what we need to do to make our country more successful. >> we're all-americans. and that's what we are. we're all americans. we're not republicans or democrats at this point. >> reporter: the event tonight in san francisco is being hosted by co founder zhenga, the internet company. people could buy tickets for $45 but donations accepted up to 15 grand. reporting live tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. now to republican presidential nominee, donald trump. he spent the day reaching out to black voters. today marked the first time mr. trump publicly condemned a police shooting that killed an african-american. during a campaign event at a cleveland church, the gop nominee specifically mentioned a shooting in oklahoma. last friday an officer in tulsa shot and killed an unarmed black
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man. >> this young officer, i don't know what she was thinking. i don't know what she was thinking. but i'm very, very troubled by that. >> mr. trump comments come as he continues to trail hillary clinton in most polls. a new nbc "wall street journal" poll shows clinton beating trump by six points among likely voters. a lot of flames and smoke in the city this afternoon. take a look. a 3ii6two-alarm fire. it started a couple hours ago at a commercial building at 19th and vermont. when firefighters arrived at the scene, the smoke was pouring out of a building. a dentist's office and a couple of apartments had already been evacuated. the fire is now out. friends and family members are mourning tonight after a tragic accident in the sierra nevada takes the life of a sfan ford grad student. she was killed while climbing. the university confirmed the news today. she was 26 years old. she was a fourth-year graduate
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student in the stanford school of medicine. authorities say she was climbing near bear creek's fire near the john muir wilderness area when she lost her footing and fell more than 800 feet. her friends say she was an experien experienced climber. this is the second tragic accident to hit a bay area university this week. on monday, we reported the death of a san jose state university student who drowned over the weekend in a lake east of fresno. help is pouring in right now for an east bay family after a deadly crash there. today an oakland police officer set up a go fund me page for the family of 2-year-old jeremiah aserra. it's raised more than $10,000. the toddler died yesterday when he was hit by an ac transit bus outside a home. he was chasing a ball into the street when it happened. it's happened again. another bay area police chief has suddenly resigned. today berkeley's police chief resigned. the city says he gave no reason,
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he just decided, quote, the time is now. nbc bay area's lilly tan joins us from berkeley this evening. there is no shortage of speculation there. what do you have? >> reporter: absolutely, raj. the mayor of berkeley told us tensions have been building for years between the police chief and his department, and it was compromising his ability to lead. chief michael meehan was chief of the berkeley police department for more than six years, and according to the city, he turned in his resignation today, and is leaving next month. the mayor lauded him for increasing transparency by posting decb'úñ worth of crime data online. >> i was surprised. i knew that things werant settling too well with the chief and the department. and i think it's too bad. i think chief meehan has done a really good job here, extremely innovative. >> any time is there a major critical incident or there's, you know, public scrutiny on a
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particular action that's taken, that it requires a lot of self-reflection. >> reporter: the president of the police officers association would not elaborate, but on the officer's white board were the words "chief must go." however, he did say that acting chief andrew greenwood is a fantastic choice. we also reached out to chief meehan for comment, but did not hear back. how do the people of berkeley feel about this change? we'll hear from people at 6:00. reporting live in berkeley,lily tan, nbc bay area news. take a look now. criminal in action. mountain view police are looking for this man caught on camera pulling off a smash and grab. he walks right up to that car outside of a starbucks, looks around and there you go. smashes the windshield. the man then grabs a backpack, which police say had a laptop in it. the suspect gets in a newer model hyundai sew ngata and drives off. the goal is ambitious. the donation is beyond charitable. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and
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wife want to cure all diseases. the couple is vowing to donate $3 billion -- billion dollars over the next decade in an effort to cure, manage or eradicate all diseases by the end of the century. the donation includes 600 million earmarked for a new research center at upsf. the center will run as a collaboration between ucsf and stanford. dr. chan, emotionally recalled seeing young kids sick during her time as a pediatrician, and that's what drives her now. >> in those moments, and many others, we are at the limit of what we under about the human body and disease. the science behind medicine. the limit of our ability to alleviate suffering. we want to push back that boundary. >> now, again, that doesn't mean no one will ever get sick. it does mean people should get sick a lot less and when they do, we should be able to identify it quickly and treat it. >> zuckerberg and chan have
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previously committed to donating 99% of their wealth. they have spent the past two years meeting with scientists and experts to plan this latest endeavor. dr. chan will talk more about this new initiative tomorrow morning on the "today" show. concern in the bay area. some say sounds too familiar to flint, michigan. i'm rick boon. just ahead, i'll let you know if you're in the affected area. i'm scott budman. hackers take over a moving tesla and all they needed was wi-fi. coming up, why it's not just high-end cars. security experts say are in danger. and showers have moved on away from the bay area. now we're seeing a gusty evening out there. some winds up to 40 miles per hour. get ready for a bit of a roller coaster ride in the temperatures ahead, as well. we'll have a look at that in the forecast when we come right back. a new study finds the tap water
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for thou so what's in your water? a new study the tap water for thousands of bay area homes has a chemical in it that's concerning a lot of people. is it similar to the problems in flint, michigan? nbc bay area's rick boon joins us from treasure island tonight. rick, where are the problem spots here? >> reporter: well, raj, we looked into this issue all day long. and we found that there are five water systems throughout the
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state of california on this list. i'll show you the list in a moment. but this problem is not just those five water areas. it's big. and it could be huge, according to some. so important for anyone who drinks water from a tap. >> it's what happened in flint, michigan. i feel like we have that all over the united states, and it just hasn't come to light. >> reporter: water experts say the bay area water districts are not dealing with the same contamination levels as michigan. but there remains a major worry. >> a much greater chance that this could have -- negative health outcome for you. >> reporter: dr. andrew with the environmental working group says an increasing level of chromium 6 is showing up in water systems coast to coast. five water systems in california are on the list. >> our report raises questions about our government, especially the federal government and its inability to set drinking water standards. >> reporter: chromium 6 caught national attention, thanks to
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aaron brokavich. in 1993, found extreme levels inside a pg&e cooling tower that drained into the city's drinking water. it made thousands sick and triggered serious health problems. our issues are not as extreme. still, the researchers say a bad ground water is ingested repeatedly over periods of decades, it can increase your chances of stomach cancer. east bay has put out a statement, one of the companies on that list. they told us just about an hour ago the agency said that chromium-6 results for east bay mud treatment plants and distribution system taps were between nondetect. so according to them, those within that area is not a concern at all. coming up at 6:00, i'm going tell you about something you can do to make sure you can bring down your levels, even more, and it's a simple step. simple step. of you are probably already doing it right now. that, just ahead. live on treasure island, rick boone, nbc bay area news.
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we continue our coverage on our website. there you can find this. an interactive map. just click on your county to find out how much chromium-6 might be in your tap water. that's at grilled on capitol hill. the ceo of the company that makes epipens testified before congress about the dramatic price increase of its product. mylan's ceo, heather bresch, tried explaining why epipens went from roughly 100 bucks in 2007 to now more than $600. millions of people with allergies must stock up on life-saving epipens in case they have a severe allergic reaction. bresch's salary also rose. she testified she earned $18 million last year. >> we raised the price over eight years, and we raised that price, and i think what is incorrectly assumed is that 608 is what mylan receives. we receive $274 of that $608. >> lawmakers are also calling
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for a federal investigation into how the company handles medicaid rebates. the replacement phones are here. samsung says half a million of those samsung galaxy note 7s have arrived in stores across the country. the company took the phone off the market when they started exploding. samsung says it believes the new models will be free of those battery issues. here's an unnerving thought. hackers say they can control a tesla while it's moving. and they showed us how they did it. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, saw the high-tech maneuver in action and scott joins us live now. this can happen to any of our cars. >> reporter: yeah, it's true, janel. just about any reasonably new car comes loaded with a whole lot of technology. and that can make things very convenient, but it also leaves those cars very vulnerable. a chinese company called keen security took control of a tesla
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while it was moving from a remote location. and they did it using wi-fi. opening the sunroof. turning on the windshield wipers. even hitting the brakes. >> we've been driving around in computers for a while now and people just haven't realized it. >> reporter: they realize it now. and at palo alto's vera security, they say we should treat our cars like we treat our computers. more carefully. especially with so many car companies working in silicon valley to add more technology to your car. >> they want to get more software driven. they want to be able to take the same car and be able to continuously upgrade it and update it. it becomes something they have to do from a competition standpoint to compete with the tesla's of the world. >> and that's a risk. >> absolutely a risk. >> reporter: tesla, meanwhile, released a statement saying it patched the vulnerability and is glad keen security told them
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about it. this comes, by the way, as tesla plans to push a software upgrade to its cars tonight. that push will be done electronically. back to you. >> the future of our cars now. >> so high-tech. let's talk about our weather. fall starts tomorrow, but it's starting a little bit early. >> windy. >> showers early in the morning, too. so a little taste of fall came today. it's going to last for another day, but you're going to be surprised by the changes ahead in our seven-day forecast. jumping through the seasons in the span of about three to four days. right now, 64 in san francisco. and here's the interesting point. out towards livermore, sometimes you board b.a.r.t., you're in shorts and by the time you get to the embarcadero, pull out the parka. both locations in the 60s. gusty winds into san francisco right now and we'll show the winds that have done a big dent in those temperatures for contra costa, alameda counties. livermore at this hour, 17 degrees cooler than yesterday at the same time. check out san francisco. you've got 64 degrees, gusty
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conditions there. into livermore right now. 69 degrees, breezy and dry. and you can see some of the temperatures out towards brentwood and concord. the east side of mt. diablo, numbers in the upper 70s. at the same time yesterday, still close to 90 degrees. in the south bay, breezy conditions into the santa clara valley. right now 72 and areas around san jose in the low 70s. and as you head over here to cupertino and saratoga, temperatures in the low 70s, well below the low 80s average for this time of year. check out these wind gusts around sfo. 46 miles per hour. so a bumpy ride with the wind gusts. you can see into san jose, too. wind speeds around the bay area, 15 to 25 miles per hour. and we'll still see the potential for 40-mile-an-hour gusts at times through the evening. now this is the radar loop from this morning. a few sprinkles at times around the peninsula in south bay. now that system moving fairly quickly over the sierra. a little bit of snow at times, above 7,000 feet. and that same area of low pressure now moving into nevada tomorrow. so the pattern we saw today will
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last for another day tomorrow, which means one more day of cool temperatures right in tune with the start of fall tomorrow morning. 7: 1, bay area time, officially moving into fall. as you can see hour by hour in san jose tomorrow, 60s for the better part of the day. it will female like fall tomorrow. mid 60s up and upper 60s around the peninsula. gusty winds for another day. and the north bay and tri val y valley, highs in the mid 70s. sometimes heard as weather whiplash. thursday and friday, everything changes. high pressure builds in very strongly and looks to be on par and as strong as the high we saw this weekend. so check out the seven-day forecast. fall. yes, for a day. and then san francisco in the mid 80s. by sunday, the valley temperatures set to soar. >> oh, my goodness. >> by 20-plus degrees. that's a huge change. upper 90s now for sunday. so enjoy your one day of fall. >> summer is back. doesn't want to leave us. okay, rob, thanks. up next, the wildfire
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threatening a space launch site. the conditions that cost a firefighter his life. and giant pipes flying through the air. the important project that has these helicopters hovering over the east bay. a disturbing upswing in
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california. happening now on our home page, a disturbing upswing in california. the l.a. times reporting the number of anti muslim hate crimes in the state is rapidly rising. 40 anti muslim crimes reported last year, compared to 18 the year before. and on our facebook page, a new ad campaign for chipotle trying to convince people its food won't make them sick. we're back in a moment. tragedy for crews rushing to a
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ldfi tragedy for crews rushing to a wildfire along the central coast today. their water tanker overturned, killing one firefighter and injuring another. the truck crashed before daunte round about north santa barbara. the canyon fire charred more than 12,000 acreses since it started saturday.
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not threatening the space launch complex. fire right now is 50% contained. a false alarm. officers investigating a possible school shooting in the south bay found no evidence. staff members at charter school of morgan hill told police they heard shots or firecrackers, something like that. around 9:30 this morning. the school went into semi lockdown, and eventually released students about an hour early. officers searched the area and the entire campus, but didn't identify or locate any suspects. east bay mud going sky high for a tricky pipeline replacement. the water utility district used a helicopter to deliver 2,500 feet of pipe line to the berkeley hills today. leaders said the pipe is replacing aging water mains. the helicopter did not fly home during the pipe delivery. the district says it used the helicopter because it was too hard to transport the pipes through the winding roads. the helicopter was easier and
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safer. up next, when the wax figures split up, then it's really over. the latest fallout of the brad and angelina breakup.
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an nbc bay area exclusive. ==take vo== tonight at 6:00, an nbc bay area exclusive. a woman has said she was taken wm by her chiropractor, and tells us her side of the story. why she didn't stop him, and what she is hoping to accomplish by sharing her story. that and much more on our 6:00 newscast. celebrity couple branjelina split, and so did their wax figures. their counterparts at madame tussauds's wax museum were separated. the museum has put another wax figure between them. who is that, robert pattinson? kind of looks like him. >> i have no idea. >> the figures were popular and are still on display at 15 of its 20 locations around the globe. but now they have been separated. >> it's official, then. if they're doing it -- >> she loves brad. maybe she is available next for him. he's single. >> thanks for joining us here at
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5:00. savannah guthrie is in for lester holt next. >> see you at 6:00. bye, folks. protests, charlotte police plead for calm after demonstrations erupt over another deadly police shooting. tonight the conflicting accounts of that fatal encounter. terror trail, chilling new surveillance of the suspect handling a suitcase before allegedly placing a bam, as the fbi releases the images of twmen it's looking for tonight. plus the first look inside the suspect's bloody notebook. trump and race, a famous surrogate drop as racial epithet as trump courts african-american voters. and results from our brand-new poll. epipen outrage an embattled ceo defending a 400% price hike on a life-saving device to furious members of congress form superbug alert.


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