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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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today in the bay continues right now. good thursday morning. thank you for joining us, i am sam brock. >> today is the first day of fall. we have traffic. >> turning over a new leaf yet. >> not yet. we will be cooling off today. next couple of days, yes, turning the other leaf the other way. looking back to summer for the weekend. temperatures back into the 90s. you can see the bridge is clear. temperatures are cool. grab the jackets. later this afternoon, you need jackets in san francisco. oakland, 67. san jose, 73. pretty nice. let's talk to mike, how is it looking on the roads? >> looking pretty good. easy breezy. the wind is a factor possibly
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across the san mateo bridge and altamont pass. san mateo bridge, slow from 238 to union city. the bay bridge meter lights are on with a backup there. i will show you foster city side. the camera shows good volume of traffic and a little shake. road crews clearing eastbound from 92. back to developing news. a man and woman shot inside their own home overnight in concord. this morning, the hunt continues for the gunman. >> we have more on how this unfolded. sharon? >> reporter: i talked to a couple of neighbors that heard the gunshots that happened in the neighborhood behind me and the police are still trying to determine a motive. neighbors on the 2900 block of bella drive heard gunshots. it was pretty late, neighbors weren't outside, didn't see a
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lot except possibly a pickup truck involved in the shooting. >> had some neighbors call after they heard shots and female screaming in the area. officers responded and we found a female and male victim with a gunshot wound. they were immediately transported to the hospital. the condition of the two unknown at this time. >> reporter: police say the female victim is 29 years old, the male victim shot in the head is 28. last hear he is in critical condition. police aren't sure about their relationship, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, but said they were living together in the home. police say the suspects are wearing all black clothing, that's all they have to go on. if you have any information that can help, call the concord police department. live in concord, sharon katsuda, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, sharon. students at san jose university might be feeling uneasy after discovery of swastikas and hate filled
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graffiti at two dorms. in one they placed a swastika in place in name tags. in the other, swastika and hate language were put in a seven person suite in campus village. they haven't revealed who they targeted, only that it was a specific group. students living in the dorm say they're on edge. >> a little awkward. i mean, i'm living, beyond i don't know what they could be. >> people need to be educated on how things like this aren't a joke. people were hurt by this, many families lost people in the holocaust. >> university leaders sent a campus community letter about the incident expressing sadness and anger. they're also organizing student meetings. developing overnight. talk about anger, nerves struck
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in south carolina where a state of emergency for the state as protesters clash with police a second night in a row. police in riot gear were firing tear gas into a crowd blocking the interstate and the violence only escalated from there. one person is in critical condition after being shot by another protester. police stress that the shooter was not a police officer. >> i don't know, they just shot somebody, he was laying there in front of the omni, there was blood, there was a crowd of people, and i don't know if he is dead. >> four officers were injured in the melee. that chaos comes from a police involved shooting tuesday when a black police officer shot and killed a black man named keith lamont scott during an investigation at an apartment building. we will take a closer look at the damage left behind in a live report in the next hour. until then, head to
6:05 am for continuing coverage. a bombshell in berkeley after sudden resignation of the top cop. michael meehan cited personal reasons in the announcement yesterday. wrote a detailed letter explaining his decision to leave a month from now. the city said we will accept that resignation effective immediately. meehan faced few controversies during time as chief, other leaders say there was friction growing among the rank and file. >> tensions between him and the police force and thank god it wasn't some sexual relationship or misuse of force or guns or covering up something. >> following meehan's announcement, city leaders quickly appointed berkeley captain greenwood as acting chief. berkeley is one of many bay area police departments currently without a police chief. back in may, san francisco police former chief was forced out and a search is under way for his replacement. the interim chief chaplain is in the running.
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in june, oakland went through not one but three chiefs in the wake of a sex abuse scandal. the department is still looking for a permanent replacement. lastly, hayward's chief is out on administrative leave. still no answers on what caused a stench that sent dozens in vallejo to the hospital with breathing problems. you can see this video. the coast guard was out in full force inspecting an oil sheen in the san pablo bay. that could be what's to blame for the stench, although the confirmation has not come. authorities looking at the tanker docked at the phillips refinery. that might be the source of the spill. >> if it was a lighter oil, it
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would have evaporated. >> it prompted hundreds to call 911 late tuesday. dozens of others were sick and the city had a shelter in place. some neighbors are upset about a developer's plan to remove several dozen trees from its peninsula property. mercury news says they want to renovate sharon green apartments in menlo park. they received approval to remove 40 heritage trees along with 22 other trees. neighbors feel like the heritage tree ordinance is not being properly enforced. planning commission says tree removal is within the developer's rights and 400 other trees on the property will remain where they are. yesterday at this time we were seeing small sprinkles that might keep the trees green. today no rain on the radar. but strong winds, cooler temperatures. >> you'll notice it this
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morning. temperatures couple mornings were in the 60s and 70s. 52 in the north bay. 54 in the east bay. 58 in south bay. look at the high temperatures this afternoon. a comfortable day, cooler than yesterday. 73 for east bay. 65, high temperature in san francisco. couple days ago in the 80s. hang on. 80s and 90s return this weekend. meantime, mike, we have a crash. now there are two. nothing unusual about speed sensors. i will take you to south bay, southbound 280 at the 85 connecter, reports of a crash there. everything off to the shoulder. three cars involved. chp and distractions arrive with lights. northbound out of santa cruz mountains, cats restaurant, folks know just off the freeway, reports of a crash as well. looks like they pulled into the
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driveway. that will be a distraction there as well. bay bridge toll plaza, there it is. meter lights are on. back to you. b.a.r.t. says track repair work is done ahead of schedule. two weeks to be precise. it caused five weekend shut downs. it was supposed to last seven weekends. miles of worn rails have been replaced and crossover that allows trains to move from one side to the other was successfully reconstructed. sound dampers were put in to quiet screeching rails. members of the mayor's staff could face tough questioning on that sinking millenium tower. another san francisco structure deteriorating. damage discovered on a major muni line. big ideas out of silicon valley to save children's lives. we take a look coming up in business. ==sam//2 shot==
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san francisco supervisorsihold d rose ar i don't see. hearing today .. about the slowly sinking "millennium tower." it has been a dinner tabletop i can for weeks. they're having a hearing about
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the slowly singing millenium tower, the high-rise sunk more than a foot in the short time since it finished. today supervisors will hear from current and former building inspectors about what they knew and when. nbc bay area investigative reporter broke that story. he now says a top member of mayor's staff will also face tough questions. he formerly was a private consultant that got major projects built, including millenium tower. repairs to a san francisco muni tunnel are taking an unexpected, rather expensive detour. crews are working on the tunnel. it cost $16 million. the examiner reports crumbling walls in the tunnel will delay completion of the project and add $3 million more to the cost.
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it is possible extra renovations will also lead to new delays. state supreme court justices will hear arguments over whether the website yelp should be forced to remove defamatory reviews. yelp appeal from a high court after an appeals court in june ordered them to remove a posting slamming a san francisco attorney. one of the attorney's former clients posted that review. the two are now engaged in a lawsuit. in this case, the appeals court ruled that they're not protected by free speech rights because the comments are defamatory. federal courts have come down on their side. >> yelp wins case after case in federal court, most recently in 9th circuit which ruled yelp is not responsible for what users say. the san francisco state court, probably comes down to the defamatory issue. if you review a restaurant, you can definitely say the food tastes like rat poison. you can't say the food is rat
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poison. the house next to grill ceo john stumpf. the house scheduled it for a week from today, invited him to testify. meanwhile, the scandal continues. more and more former wells fargo employees are telling tales of wrongdoing. janet yell in defending herself. the fed decided not to raise interest rates wednesday. donald trump said the feds did that to help president obama. yell ensaid we do not discuss politics at the meeting or take politics into account in our decision. a few months ago, trump was praising feds for keeping rates low. business people generally like low rates. he praised her in the same speech where she indicated if he were president, he might not payback the national debt. dr. chan took the stage to
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announce she and her husband will set aside $3 billion not just to fight childhood disease but to end it with a new science foundation. chan talks of her own experience telling families their child was fatally ill. >> by investing in science today, we hope to build a future in which all our children can live long and rewarding lives. we set a goal. can we all together work to cure, prevent or manage all disease within our children's lifetime. >> silicon valley, one thing to say i'm going to fight malaria which the gates foundation saved countless lives. chan zuckerberg says let's solve all of it. >> set your sights high, shoot for the moon, you get the stars. >> exactly, right, $3 billion is a good way to get there. >> large chunk of money, a
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personal issue, you can hear her talking about it. >> i would not want to talk to parents like she had to. certainly using that as fuel. trying to keep the tissues out. we have a baby gorilla at the louisville zoo. his mother passed away shortly after giving birth in march, he has been an orphan. when the dominant gorilla started to ignore him, it got scary. then a gorilla with three sons stepped up and took him in. >> when she first picked him up, she walked over to her, scooped her up, held her, it was the most natural thing ever. this is a mother gorilla with her baby. >> i totally would have scooped that guy up. the momma gorilla wanted a girl, but two officials say the pair needs more bonding time. they want to get comfortable
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before they're shown to the public. they hope mom and the little girl will be a regular part of the louisville zoo by the end of the year. >> getting a little clingy there. 6:18. let's check weather and traffic. mike will touch on traffic in a second. people are noticing cooler conditions today. >> you'll notice it is chilly this morning. fall is here. the official time starts at 7:21. about an hour, it will be here on the west coast. looking at belvedere. no fog. cool temperatures. dress accordingly. 51 in morgan hill, 58 in san jose. 56 in palo alto. 55 in half moon bay. winds gusting across the peninsula. san francisco, the bay, along the coastline. inland valleys, seeing winds
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relax. that will be the trend heading through the day. high temperatures today are very comfortable. cooler than yesterday. back to 73 degrees for san jose. 72 for palo alto, even san francisco up to 65 degrees. fairfield in the low 70s. a comfortable day across the bay area. all because of this area of low pressure bringing cool conditions as the season starts to change, get that cool pattern that starts to develop on the west coast. not staying in this pattern. we are headed back to summer the next couple days. areas of high pressure build for the weekend, that brings in very warm air. 80s tomorrow, 90s by saturday and sunday. then staying there next week. san francisco, seeing temperatures come up more. back in the 60s today. 76 for saturday, 84 by sunday. couple days ago we were in the 80s. coming back, staying in the 70s next week to start the week. let's start the morning commute. mike, what are you tracking. >> in the last few minutes, by
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the end of the report, you'll have the final hour of summer remaining, counting down there. over here, looking at a smooth flow. counting down minutes until more traffic hits. starting to see earlier slowing as we see for this pattern. unusual, highway 17 northbound, we have a crash blocking one lane closer to the cats. minor distraction. the rest of the south bay moving well. slowing for 87 and 101. 680, volume increasing. never got a break after the first burst this morning. san mateo bridge smooth flow, volume builds. typical slowing on the flat sections. research on women's hair loss. the reason the way you style your hair may be to blame. water resistant phones versus water.
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battle two, customer versus carrier. i am chris ga more a. nbc bay area responds next. to a south bay woman who called
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us about a water resistant phone that wasn't so water resistant. =sam/2shot= nbc bay area responds to a south africa woman that called about a water resistant phone turned out to be not water resistant. >> we have the story, how he helped her get results. >> reporter: good morning. michelle martinez bought the samsung galaxy 7 edge.
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she chose that model, it is advertised as being water resistant. splashed with water on vacation and quit working. michelle asked t mobile to replace it, told her she had to file an insurance claim, and pay a $175 deductible. she didn't think that was fair saying the phone was clearly defective. we reached out to ask why they wanted her to pay deductible for a phone still under warranty. it quickly replaced her galaxy 7 we asked t mobile for comment but it didn't respond. if you have a consumer complaint, call us. 888-996-tips or log onto once there, click the yellow submit bar, share photos, videos to help us investigate your case. tomorrow, the latest total on how much we returned to viewers like you. have a great day.
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the kechl chemical with thor in brockovich story is connected to tap water delivered to bay area homes. it is called chromium 6 and highly toxic. new study finds 11 california water districts show traces of that chemical above the legal limit. some agencies named in the report dispute the conclusions, but one of the authors stands by the findings. >> the report raises serious questions about our government, especially the federal government and its inability to set drinking water standards. >> chromium 6 occurs naturally in the environment and is used in industrial production. experts say contaminated water is repeatedly consumed can increase chances for some kinds of cancer. >> we have that story on the website if you want to read more about that. also, a fear many men have is a fear many women have as well, losing their hair. for women, there are some factors that could speed along
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the hair loss process. chemicals to heat or straighten hair can make your hair fallout. you know the tight pony tails and buns put in the hair when we go to work out, not good for your scalp. it could also be genetic. if women in the family suffer hair loss, it could happen to you. there are things you can do to stop hair loss, check with your dermatologist. it has been a busy morning on the other side of the country. up next on today on the bay, following chaos on the streets of charlotte. tear gas, protests, more fire overnight. the aftermath left behind after a full second night of violence. coming up in a live report. san jose state police investigating two instances of hate speech on campus. bob redell, we have that story
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coming up. joining us.
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i'm kris sanchez in for laurgar. =sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock (toss anthony) . good morning. thanks for joining us. kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i am sam brock.
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we have seen so many changes in the forecast. anthony was putting it in perspective. some highs today are similar to lows a couple days ago. >> we were waking up to temperatures like this in places like livermore, you're used to starting in the 50s, we are back there. and across the bay area, 50 from north bay to south bay. livermore, two days ago, wake up temperature was near 70 degrees. that's what you'll be later this afternoon. yes, very chilly this afternoon. you need the jackets throughout the day. toss things to mike. how is it looking? looking good. having the build you expect around the bay. east bay moving west. south bay, i have an update for a crash in cupertino, northbound 280 onto 85. it is the direction the crash is off the roadway, but cupertino, sunnyvale, santa clara an easy
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drive. the rest of the bay, dumbarton, san mateo bridges, pushing westbound, i will show you that san mateo bridge coming up. i have to point out more issues. back to you. >> keeping you busy, mike. thank you very much. a developing story in contra costa county. two people shot in their home, one still in critical condition. the shooter still on the loose. neighbors on bella drive heard gunshots before 10:00 last night. >> it happened fairly late so there wasn't too many neighbors that were actually outside who saw what happened but they did hear the shots. >> police say the suspect took off in a pickup. unclear if the shooter had any relationship with the victims. we will have a live update from sharon katsuda after 6:55. racism on campus.
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some san jose students are on alert after hate graffiti was found. >> bob redell joins us with more on the investigation under way. the university taking it seriously, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and kris. we heard from one student hoping maybe this was some sort of twisted joke, not an actual threat. regardless, university police as you mention are taking this very seriously, they are conducting an investigation into two separate instances that took place here tuesday night. one in washburn hall, dormitory on campus where someone created a swastika out of name tags, posted it on a hallway door, then moved it to a window in a dorm room, also wrote something hateful, police won't indicate what it was, only that it targeted a specific group of people. tuesday night, students in a seven person suite at campus village c came across another swastika and more hate speech. >> educated on how things like this aren't a joke, like people were actually hurt by this, many
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families lost people in the holocaust. >> it is a little awkward, like yeah, because i don't know -- >> racism is not acceptable. this symbol is also anti-semitic, right, so it is not acceptable but it is a reality we deal with. >> reporter: san jose state sent a letter to students, let them know what happened, to let them know how sad and angry the university is about two instances of hate speech. they'll be organizing in person meetings with students. live here at san jose state university, bob redell, today in the bay. there have been five cases of rape at uc berkeley. recent weeks and now an arrest. berkeley police arrested this 25-year-old man for raping a 19-year-old student in her dorm three weeks ago. police say the victims did know the suspect but gave no other
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details. this was the fifth rape case reported on campus just this month. a tragic accident in sierra, nevada takes the life of a graduate student. she was killed sunday while climbing. she was 26 years old. she was a fourth year grad student in the school of medicine studying immunology. climbing near bear creek spire when she lost footing and fell more than 800 feet. this is the second tragic accident to hit a bay area university this week. monday we reported the death of a san jose state student who drowned over the weekend in a lake east of fresno. students and parents asks berkeley leaders to reinstate a teacher. she was among ten people beat up when they confronted neonazis
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having a sanctioned rally in sacramento. following the rally the administration got threats if they didn't fire her, students at the school could be harmed. >> having the chance to continue to teach students is not only silencing me but silencing them and i promise you, you will not get away with this. >> ever since school resumed, she had been back in the classroom teaching but the board suddenly suspended her this week, not commenting about why, other than saying, quote, it is a personnel matter. decision 2016 now. a new nbc news "the wall street journal" poll out today shows that hillary clinton has a sizable lead over donald trump heading into monday's presidential debates. >> the polls fluctuated among likely voters as clinton releases a web video knocking trump for not releasing his
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taxes and using money from his charity to settle legal disputes. top democrats are asking the irs to investigate spending by the trump foundation. trump in the meantime is now voicing support to extend government authority over the internet, an idea backed by his former rival, ted cruz. developing story. anger and tensions boiling after another officer involved shooting, with violent protests escalating in charlotte. hundreds took to the streets rallying against police shooting of keith lamont scott. sarah rosario joins us with the aftermath and what happens happened the last couple days struck a cord with people in charlotte. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kris. things are calm in charlotte compared to violent protests that broke out last night. hundreds of people taking to the streets, protesting the shooting death of 43-year-old keith
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scott. now many people want answers. they're asking for the police chief to release that body cam footage. he said he won't do so while there's an active investigation, fueling many people's anger even more. the unrest in charlotte continues. a second night of violent protest brings out police in riot gear using flash grenades, rubber bullets, tear gas to disburse the crowd. hundreds taking to the street with signs, protesting the death of keith scott, killed by police. overnight boom sent demonstrators running for cover. at least one person was shot. the gunman was not a police officer. >> i don't know, they just shot somebody laying there from the omni. there's blood and there was a crowd of people, i don't know, people are like i don't know if he is dead. >> reporter: the violence continues with several injures, including officers. follows similar clashes tuesday night.
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demonstrators shutting an interstate, setting fires, throwing rocks, injuring 16 officers near the scene where keith scott was killed earlier. police justified the shooting saying scott ignored commands to drop his weapon, despite witnesses saying scott didn't have a gun, instead was holding a book and was shot waiting for his son to get off the bus. meanwhile, an evening beginning with a peaceful candlelight vigil was overshadowed with display of violence. today, governor pat mccory called in extra resources, bringing in the national guard and highway patrol to help police officers through the day. if more protests arrive, they'll be prepared with more officers. the officer accused of killing keith scott is placed on administrative leave. back to you. meantime, happening today, local efforts to improve relations between the community
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and law enforcement. today oakland police debut a new substation and the department says it is a whole lot more than just a police station. the substation on high street and international boulevard, three blocks from the high school. that station is a place for people to come, do homework, interact with officers, work on computers alongside them. opd says it is another way for officers to interact and get connected with the community. >> when you sit down, do homework with kids, they don't want to completely finish it right away. meteorologist anthony slaughter is in. you don't have too much homework. >> you tell them to go to bed, they find every excuse in the book. let's talk weather. clear skies in san francisco. fog and cloud cover, not in pleasanton, across the tri-valley. clouds in san jose. we have cloudy skies across south bay. fog is across parts of san jose.
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everywhere else clear skies and 50s for everybody this morning. later this afternoon, you'll love the forecast. feeling like fall across the bay. low 70s for inland valleys. 60s at the coastline. we will talk about the weekend as temperatures warm up. meantime, rush hour is warming up. what are you tracking? >> we have hot spots, warmer spots. warmer colors, slower speeds. we have that on the maps. south bay, san jose toward cooper tina, silicon valley. by the time you're through sunol. we will check to see if anything is going on. continuing to union city. i wanted to show you san mateo bridge, the camera on the peninsula side shakes. breezy, gusty conditions for that. bay bridge has metering lights. back to you. coming up next. a bold break-in caught on
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camera. the warning in one peninsula community after a thief smashes into a car. and tesla and the tin can problem. looking at the big board. dow industrial up 124 points as the fed kicks that can down the road. no interest rate hikes. a brazen car break-in just
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downthe street from google and
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linked-in.. this happened monday in mountain view off shoreline and pear avenue. the victim'sar was parked j a brazen car break-in. this happened in mountain view offshore line and pear avenue. the victim's car parked a few feet from 7-eleven and starbucks. in a second, he stands behind the car, covers his hand with a sweatshirt, and plows it through the back windshield and take a backpack. he takes off in a grayson nat a. >> this is a crime of opportunity. not sure if they were following him or casing the parking lot already. >> mountain view police say the victim stopped for coffee, was gone just a few minutes. his laptop was in that stolen backpack. if you recognize the suspect or car, call police. help is pouring in for an east bay family after their two-year-old was killed by a
6:45 am
transit bus this week. an oakland police officer set up a go fund me to help the family of the two-year-old. already the community has contributed $15,000. the toddler died tuesday when he dashed away from the grown ups he was with into the street chasing a ball and was hit by the bus. they're trying to boost bicycle safety. mercury news reports this is in the wake of three separate collisions in which students were injured that attend hill view middle school. leaders of a safety commission are working with middle school and school to reduce bike injuries through better educating their young riders. not so fast to think the raiders are riding into the sunset in the bay area. the nfl commissioner roger goodell says the raiders possible move to las vegas may not be likely after all because of the issue of how to finance the stadium. the governor of nevada says he intends to call state lawmakers into special session early next
6:46 am
month to consider a public financing plan for a new stadium. however, nfl commissioner roger goodell thinks a deal could still be made in oakland. there's continued speculation former raider and great ronnie lot is part of a group looking to buy that site. yahoo! expected to announce they were hit by a huge attack, maybe the biggest hack ever. >> we are talking hundreds of millions of people potentially. >> staggering. blog recode saying the number of accounts could be in the hundreds of millions. it is unclear whether this is related to or the exact same hack as a hack earlier announced this year. we don't know how bad it is, how much information hackers were able to steal. we do know it is big. i have a yahoo! account i haven't used in more than a decade. hundreds of millions of accounts may not translate into hundreds of millions of users.
6:47 am
we shall see. hearing reports of an outage, t mobile service through the united states overnight. about three hours ago, t mobile announced it was back up and running. if you're having trouble, we would love to hear from you at news tips at we will investigate. tesla is sending an update to cars, the manufacturer says will improve its ability to drive itself. ee lan must being says it would have prevented that deadly accident in florida because the new system prioritizes radar over cameras. the old system which relied primarily on cameras wasn't able to distinguish between a bright sky and white truck. the new system with radar is tricky as well. things that reflect radar, a tin can that's been crumpled the right way can give off a huge radar return, truck size radar return. tesla software will include
6:48 am
maximum temperature control, turning on the air conditioning in a parked car if the temperature goes over 105 degrees. up to 12 hours after the driver exits the vehicle in hopes of saving lives and kids and pets forgotten in the back seat. a clever hack there that makes a tremendous amount of sense. >> so smart. one of the things you hope is customary in all cars. >> you need a big battery to run that ac, but hopefully someday in all cars. >> that would be nice. celebrity couple brangelina split and so their wax figures had to be split, too. the counterparts at the wax museum were separated. the museum put another figure between the two of them. we are not insinuating that guy came between them. they were popular on display at 15 of 20 locations around the globe. people are having fun with that. >> one of my facebook friends
6:49 am
changed her status as engaged to brad pitt. >> of course. apparently robert patton son was placed in between. that's what the report shows. >> the sparkly vampire guy. >> that's how rumors get started. >> brad pitt was also a vampire. >> 20 degrees of separation. this morning it is cooler. >> pumpkin spice latte to go with first day of fall. later on, we will see 70s in the bay area. sunrise is coming up now. from the north bay in san francisco, even the east bay, clear skies. we have clouds this morning across the south bay, unusual but that's where they're at. later this afternoon, we clear out. 74 expected in the south bay. 65 in san francisco. 73 for the east pay, 76 for north bay.
6:50 am
we will see temperatures coming down from where they were a couple days ago because we have low pressure to the north, showers, sprinkles yesterday are out of here. looking at mostly clear skies with exception of the south bay. winds are breezy. san francisco, we are seeing gusts from 20 to 40 miles per hour. especially at the coastline. it will be breezy to start the day, then see winds relax toward the afternoon hours. area of low pressure will continue to slide off, allowing an area of high pressure to build in the next couple days, especially by saturday and sunday. this will be right off the coastline, driving winds offshore. that's a warming wind. we're going to warm by the weekend. 91 for saturday. 97 by sunday. and we start off next week in the 90s for inland locations. san francisco will see a spike in temperatures this weekend. if you're trying to squeeze in the last few pool and beach days, this weekend looks picture perfect. we continue on that stride next week. toss things to mike as you
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get out the door. what are you tracking now? >> we are making strides in the morning commute. slow speeds in east bay and south bay. highway 17 having a tough drive. told you about the crash northbound 17 at the cats. debris across the roadway. may have been traffic breaks. tough drive out of the santa cruz area. for our commuters and viewers here, might mean a break for highway 17 north from hamilton to campbell. 85 seeing lighter flow as folks from 17 aren't heading there. they're held up. we are seeing the rest of the south bay with typical patterns. slight change there. over here, up the peninsula and into the city, no problem. the east bay showing a good drive. palo alto, talked about the peninsula. back to you. one of the biggest questions voters want to know, will hackers
6:52 am
attack the voting system. the president and fbi warned it could happen so we sent our investigative unit to find out how realistic the threat is. almost all voting machines in the nation, including here in california, date back to the hanging chad debacle of the 2000 presidential election. remember how long that dragged out. experts say those machines are vulnerable to attack, even though a large scale attack is improbable. they say what they worry about is the effect of a small scale attack. >> do you need a large scale attack to wreak havoc on the system? you have to have thousands of voting machines. probably not. probably all you have to do is hack a few and prove there were hacks. >> tonight, we investigate voting vulnerability and go to sacramento to interview the secretary of state to get answers. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a tip, call us. 888-996-tips or send an e-mail
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to the unit at following an unsettling situation in concord. two people were shot in their own home. the search for the shooter is on now. first, happening now, a warning for parents. 32,000 booster and car seats are under recall. evenflo will give you a new harness adjuster so your kids can't loosen harness straps without your help. we have a full list on our facebook page. you'll want to see that if you have little ones. plus, meet a seven-year-old polar bear found and sheltered by villagers. read what the zoo is doing to help save her life. back in two minutes. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area...=sam/toss= st today in the bay'shar it is 6:56. before you head out the door. here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> first right now, sharon katsuda live in concord with details on a late night shooting. two people were shot inside their own home. >> reporter: yes. i spoke to a neighbor headed to work. he said neighbors are very nervous about what happened. take a look what happened in the neighborhood behind me. this is a private neighborhood. there are no trespassing signs. the neighbors are talking about setting up a gate to keep themselves safer after the
6:57 am
shooting. the last investigators left the couple hours ago. neighbors on the 2900 block heard gunshots about 9:50 last night. police say the suspect or suspects shot the male and female inside the home. the woman reportedly said she was followed home. there was possibly a pickup truck involved. police are trying to determine motive. they're not sure if the victims were husband and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend but were living together in the home. investigators say the female victim is 29 years old. the male victim shot in the head is 28 years old. he is in critical condition. police say all they have is that there may have been a pickup truck involved and the suspects were wearing all black. if you have any information that can help, you're asked to call concord police department. sharon katsuda, today in the bay. >> sharon, thank you. students at san jose university feel uneasy after the discovery of swastikas and hate filled graffiti at two separate dorms. one case, someone posted a
6:58 am
swastika made of name tags in wash burn haul. another, swastika and hate language were put in a seven person suite at campus village. it is prompting calls and the university is getting involved. a state of emergency in north carolina as protesters clash with police for a second night. police in riot gear fired tear gas into a crowd blocking the interstate and the violence only escalated from there. one person is in critical condition after being shot by another protester, but police stress the shooter was not a police officer. four officers were also injured in that melee, and the charlotte community is reeling after a black police officer shot and killed a black man, keith lamont scott, during investigation at an apartment building. the "today" show will continue coverage of the overnight protests in a few moments, starting at 7:00. meantime, let's bring it back local. check the weather and traffic.
6:59 am
there's a chill in the air to start thursday. >> there is. we have gotten a little sunshine this morning. grab the shades. you also need jackets. shot from berkeley, the sun is coming up. from san jose, more cloud cover in parts of the south bay. going around the bay, you'll notice a big chill in the air, even this afternoon. talking 60s and 70s for daytime highs. grab a jacket as you leave this morning. >> you may need it. look at the map. we have a smooth drive around the bay, what you expect. northbound 17 at the bottom of the screen, trouble in off the santa cruz side. they're cleaning up debris. 85 to willow glen, cupertino, getting lighter traffic. smooth drive northbound. 880 has a crash. five vehicles in the center divide. that will be distraction. the rest of the bay is standard. >> i like how you find the
7:00 am
silver lining. >> he always does. we will be back with more live local news in a half hour. >> happy first day of fall! >> let's go get a latte. good morning. breaking news. chaos in charlotte. the second straight night of violent unrest. one protester shot, other demonstrators hurling tables and chairs. a busy hotel forced into lockdown. this morning, a state of emergency in effect as the national guard is called in. the blast. chilling new surveillance video of the moment that bomb exploded in new york city as the fbi searches for these two mystery men to find out what they know about a key piece of evidence. ready to rumble with the first debate just four days away, our new poll shows hillary clinton expanding her national lead over donald trump. but trump is hanging tough in key battleground states.


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