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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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where the thermoeter cod reach 105 degrees! =sam//vo= plus- evacuations in county as a wildfire blazing temperatures, the thermometer says we could reach 105 degrees. evacuations in sonoma county continues as firefighters could scorch 1,000 acres and continue to grow. two men claim they were a victim of a hate crime after san francisco's fulsome weekend. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning on this monday. on behalf of laura garcia-cannon, i'm sam brock. >> we are in fall, but summer is
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hanging on. want to check in with rob with a look at our forecast today. >> it's feeling more like summer than fall outside. we've got numbers in the 60s, 70s in the hill tops. 92 in the forecast. 102 in the tri-valley. temperatures here in the bay area in southern california, hotter than las vegas, phoenix and tucson. that is not good company to be in. we'll talk about when we see cooling in the rest of the forecast.
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there may be a lane closed northbound. debris out of the altamont pass. into livermore will be just fine. evacuations in sonoma county where they are trying to tackle the saw mill fires. >> it is burning 10 mile east of hoeber dale. more than 30 are evacuated. also there is a geothermal power plant in that area. that facility is offline. all workers are safe. red cross has set up an evacuation center. more than 400 firefighters are on the front line. we'll have a live report coming up at 5:30 this morning.
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the stage is set for the first  presidential debate. tracie potts giving us a preview what we might see later tonight. >> reporter: this is the stage for their first face-off tonight. hillary clinton stage left, donald trump stage right. she gets the first question. >> just because he doesn't fly off the handle does not mean he is prepared to be president of the united states. >> he has every right to defend himself. >> he has to make a positive case but not let donald trump get away with what he's likely to do which is to make stuff up. >> it's 90 minutes of debate broken into six 15 minute sections. >> you get 90 minutes to look at people and see whether there's depth, substance and whether there's candor and truthfulness in what they say. >> topics, america's direction,
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achieving prosperity and securing america. that could get into immigration, jobs, economy, foreign policy, leadership, clinton's e-mails and the trump foundation. clinton's invited mark cuban to sit in the front row. >> he'll try to distract attention. her campaign trying to play games with front row seats. donald trump's not about that. >> trump tweeted about inviting gennifer flowers who had an affair with bill clinton. his campaign insists she is not on their list. tracie potts, nbc news, hem stet, new york. >> that is from new york. once again the first presidential debate of the election season airs tonight live on nbc here at 6:00. lest irholt is. moderator of the debate. >> we are following a developing story out of berkeley where a man and woman have been shot. happened last night at king
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street and alcatraz avenue. two victims were hit. they are expected to survive. this latest shooting comes during a violent month as police increased patrols due to several recent shootings. the chp and santa rosa police will join emergency crews to demonstrate important rescue techniques for cars that become submerged in water. in late august two sisters died when the truck their mother was driving drowned in a lake. >> 4:35 on your monday. a warning going out to folks in san jose to watch out for a campaign imposter.
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says people in the evergreen neighborhood complained about a man knocking on their door and starting arguments. he says he's part of wynn's campaign but they are denying that connection. they are given campaign materials to hand out but this man did not have any handout. the golf world is mourning the loss of a legend, arnold palmer. >> new this morning, a look at the memorial for arnold palmer where his personal parking spot the at golf channel headquarters in california. palmer helped to launch the station in the mid 90s. he died yesterday from heart complications. how many golfers can say they have their own legion of fans? arnold's army followed him every step of the way around the golf course. he won seven majors, four masters between 1958 and 1954, palmer, known as the king for
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his lasting golf legacy was 87 years old. it is 4:36. early on a monday morning. rob in for kari. >> in some cases, you might not need a jacket when it's 68 outside to start your day right now in san jose. closing in on record highs this afternoon. i'll look at that coming up. >> sounds like you need a nice cool drink in a cup holder. right now a smooth drive.รง now a documentary about the life of audrie pott makes an impression here in the bay area and honor's the late teen's legacy. a documentary about audrey poth honors the late teen's life. washington state mall friday
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night will appear in court. happening day, the man accused in a deadly shooting rampage in a washington state mall friday night is set to appear in court. 20-year-old was arrested late saturday night as he walked down the street less than 30 miles away from that horrible shooting scene. he is accused of opening fire inside the cascade mall in burlington, killing five people in the process. police believe he is the lone suspect and the motive remains unclear this morning. now the emotional documentary about audrey pott is screening in the bay area. >> the 15-year-old from saratoga who committed suicide after she
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was sexually assaulted by boys at a party. it was posted on social media. the documentary profiles two girls with very similar stories on opposite sides of the country. >> audrey was one of my only true friends. >> she was always a happy kid, fun kid. >> daisy was such a daddy's girl. >> in a small town, everybody is connected. >> this guy started texting me, want to hang out with us? >> at a free screening in los gatos this weekend, audrey's mother says the film means so much to her and audrey's legacy. >> it gives a purpose so we can bring something positive out of such a horrible tragedy. and it keeps our daughter's memory alive in a way that i think she would be proud of. >> the film is set to be shown to as many as 10,000 teenagers across the country this year. >> celebrating her life there.
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4:41. we are expecting another hot day in the bay. temperatures coming up next. >> for the bayers, good news. prices falling. where you can get a more bang for your buck. =1xvidbox
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iowa residents are prari for what could be historic floods this week. hundreds of sandbags are piling up across the town of for what could be historic floods this week. hundreds of sandbags are piling up across the cedar rapids as
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volunteers help remove hundreds of seats from the paramount theater there that suffered damage from the last flooding. in waterloo multiple bridges and roads remain closed. a story of hope emerges. an iowa man risked his life to jump into a swollen river to help a deer as heavy rains pounded the river, the small deer no match for that powerful current you see there. eventually the deer got stuck near a bridge, struggled. witnesses knew it would tire and drown if someone didn't jump in. the one man with the help of nearby people tethered himself to a rail and got into the water with a life jacket there. they hoisted that deer out of the water, releasing her into nearby woods. look at that, true community effort. got to save little bambi out
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there. >> hotbed of activity in the bay. >> usually you can go to san francisco, the coast. yesterday temperatures were 92. >> oh, dear. today obviously the hottest day we'll see over this heat spell which kicked in over the weekend. look at the temperatures outside. upper 60s. you don't need a jacket this morning. it is a warm start. livermore waking up to low 60s, mostly clear skies and very interesting temperatures around san francisco this morning. 67. we'll zoom in and give you a closer view. temperatures. 72 this morning. closer to downtown. 67. no sign of any ocean air conditioning. winds are light. high pressure on top of the bay area acting like a lid. also for air quality, a spare the air alert today. worst air levels around the east bay and south bay.
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the heat advisory continues from solano to the sea shore today. we've got temperatures ranging from 100 to 105 in the hottest spots around the bay area. the numbers are tough to look at this morning. upper 80s to low 90s around san francisco. above 100. south of downtown san jose. mid to upper 90s around the peninsula. north bay and east bay, highs in the upper 90s to slightly above 100. here is the culprit. strong ridge of high pressure. like a ridge that you typically see in the temperatures southwest. tomorrow notice the coast here. sea breeze trying to make a comeback. by wednesday, much nicer. 60s, 70s and 80s return. your seven-day forecast, certainly hot, but san francisco starting to cool things off as you head to the middle of the week and valley, hot for two days and welcome cooling approaching wednesday. >> i would like if you could click through these hot days to
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wednesday. we'll stand by for that. the bay is looking great for your morning commute. we have reports of a stalled vehicle in the roadway. we'll look at the san mateo bridge. the camera shows westbound with volume going across the peninsula. no delays there. westbound across the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge looking really good. >> you're getting a discount here. renters, you're not hearing this wrong. san jose and san francisco made the list for the tenth largest decline in rents among all u.s.ities last month. bakersfield was in the top 10
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riser. this was the national apartment report. in san jose, one bedroom fell by 12% or equivalent of $300 a month. that was the second largest decline. san francisco rent fell 6% or $250 for a one bedroom, the seventh largest decline in the country. goods prices are going up more than slightly. snapchat has a new device. >> for more than that let's turn to courtney reagan at cnbc headquarters. >> good to see you. wall street could start out the week in the red though as attention may be turning from the action by the federal reserve to u.s. presidential race. traders will be watching tonight's debate with everyone else to see whether it will shift momentum in the race which could trigger a new way of market volatility. on today's agenda, we get data on new home sales. markets come off a positive
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week. dow falling 131 points to 18,261. nasdaq off 33 to 5305. price at the pump on the rise. unleaded averaging $2.25 a gallon nationwide. up four cents. that's 10 cents less than a year ago. san jose and san francisco gas a bit higher. increase due to hire oil prices with retailers passing on the cost to consumers. snapchat will start selling sunglasses. they will cost about $130. they'll record video from the user's perspective in 10-second increments that could be synced to a smart phone. hopefully that means the filters will till be available.
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>> new home sales figures for august will be released dater today. existing home sales figures down to the second consecutive month. officials believe higher home prices and not enough inventory kept some would-be buyers at bay. only the northeast region saw a monthly increase in closings because there is more inventory. a nice story coming up next. thousands of giants fans helping to pitch in for a great cause. how troops will benefit after a weekend effort by the south bay team and fans to make a difference. there is no longer a need to worry if you see a pet trapped in a hot car, a new law allows people to break into cars to save animals. >> watch tonight's first presidential debate at 6:00 here on nbc bay area.
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trt=4 sam/contvothere are reports at civilians have been killed in renewed government airstrikes in the city of aleppo in there are reports of at least 26 civilians killed in renewed government air strikes in the city of aleppo and syria. as the fighting continues, the u.n. security council convened an emergency meeting on the violence in the city but council failed to take action because of deep divisions between russia and the western powers, including the united states. other international news turning to italy. >> protesters in cgondolas verss
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cruise ships. take a look at that. hundreds of protesters of small boats and gondolas made noise, waved flags and made gestures as passing cruise ships. it happened yesterday. protesters say the cruise ships can cause permanent damage to the area. the giant ships carry tens of thousands of tourists every day. just an overwhelming loss in the sports world yesterday. miami marlins fans and their teams are having a difficult time coming to the grips of the difficult death of pitcher jose hernandez who died in a boating accident yesterday. this video shows the aftermath of the accident. investigators are still trying to figure out how to tow the boat away. they believe speed played a role in the crash but neither alcohol nor drugs was a factor. fernandez was only 24 years old. he won the national league rookie of the year award two
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years in a row. took him four times to defect successfully from cuba. >> so much sorrow there. the san francisco giants posted a statement saying we are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of jose fernandez. our hearts go out to jose's family and the marlins organization. on a lighter note this morning, basketball season ready to get down to business. >> golden state warriors tip-off their training camp in oakland. hopefully some of the sting has faded with the loss of lebron james and cavs. roster stands at 19 players including kevin durant. they are going to host a media day today. here is a live look at the coliseum where the warriors' regular season starts october 25th against san antonio. expectations are sky high. >> right around the corner. san jose giants teamed up with a community to box care
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packages. >> operation comfort was held yesterday. hundreds of volunteers gathered to sort and address all those care packages. items range from socks to ramen to comic books. the idea is to let them know they are appreciated back home. >> a lot of folks don't have families or are from dysfunctional families. they never receive a letter or box from home. our packages, our letters may be the only thing they see, being deployed six months to a year. it means a lot to them. >> this is the fifth year that the san jose giants partnered with local nonprofits. always great to see. we are not loving our forecast right now. >> it's hot. >> rob, we are looking at temperatures in the triple digits in some places. >> when we start the morning in
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the upper 60s, it is a running start so it could be a record-breaking day with temperatures across the bay area. >> maybe some temperatures like this freeway. 101. aren't you glad i'm not looking at 880. >> back to hofstra university in new york, where a few hours the presidential candidates will take the stage.
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blazing temperatures. the thermometer could reach 105 degrees. >> contributing to the evacuations in sonoma county as wildfires scorches 1,000 acres in less than a day. this morning continues to grow. skwashgs two men claim they were the victim of hate crime. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> thank you for joining us. i'm sam rock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we want to track the fire burning in sonoma county where evacuations are under way. as firefighters tried to tackle the smaawmill fire. no hom


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