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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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blazing temperatures. the thermometer could reach 105 degrees. >> contributing to the evacuations in sonoma county as wildfires scorches 1,000 acres in less than a day. this morning continues to grow. skwashgs two men claim they were the victim of hate crime. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> thank you for joining us. i'm sam rock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we want to track the fire burning in sonoma county where evacuations are under way. as firefighters tried to tackle the smaawmill fire. no homes have burned so far but
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right now more than 30 homes are evacuated. there is a geothermal power plant in that area. all workers are considered safe. they set up an evacuation center. more than 400 firefighters are on the front line. >> let's get more to conditions they are dealing with in somebody opala county. there was a fair amount of wind yesterday. red flag warning. >> temperatures and humidity and wind speeds not as strong. that receipt advisory up for the bay air aria. hottest days yesterday and in many cases today will be hotter. temperatures in the north bay in 60s and 70s to start the morning off.
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>> looking to the map, a smooth drive. know problems as far as the drive. looking over as you approach the bay bridge. i missed flashing lights off to the roet. folks have more traffic hits. we'll see slowing here. we'll track it. back to you. >> the first presidential debate takes place in new york. last night crews were making those last-minute preparations. a live look from the debate hall where hillary clinton and donald trump are finally expected to
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lay out dramatically different visions for the future of america. yes, even at 8:00 in the morning there are people out there roaming the seats and getting ready. tonight's moderator will be lester holt. tracie potts is there this morning. she will set the scene with a live preview at the bottom of the hour. lester holt is going to be the moderator for that. count on to bring you coverage throughout the course of the day. san francisco known for diversity and tolerance. anything but that happening this weekend two. men said they were blinded by pepper spray. >> want to check in with today in the bay's kris sanchez following this story. with what police are saying about this attack. >> we'll tell you what the victims are saying which is they never expected to be the victims of such intolerance in a city
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known for diversity and lgbtq causes. the two men were at the fulsome street fair western edition where they spent the day. after the party they went to the mcdonald's restaurant on golden gate avenue in the western edition and that's when their san francisco experience soured. one of the men bent over to tie his shoe and they say men jumped out shouting homophobic slurs and they pepper sprayed them until they dropped to their knees. >> i was completely disabled and blind. >> it was so unprovoked. >> neil and jeff are recovering. they say they aren't deterred to come back to san francisco. supervisors are calling for strong an enforcement of hate crime. they are investigating this as a hate crime and trying to track down the five men who allegedly
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jumped out of that blue minivan. they are said to be african-american men in their late 20s and early 30s. you might remember earlier this year two gay women were attacked around the san francisco pride festivities and gay man was attacked earlier that morning as well. certainly a cause for concern. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you, kris. in berkeley, a developing story we are following this morning where two men -- or a man and woman have been shot. it happened king street and alcatraz avenue. the two victims are expected to survive. police are searching for suspects. the latest shooting comes during a violent month in berkeley as police increased patrols due to several recent shootings. today the chp in santa rosa they will demonstrate important rescue techniques for cars that
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become submerged in water. communities are struggling after accidents that took the lives of young children. in late august two sisters died when the truck their mother was driving crashed into the river. one week later, two sisters drowned when the car driven by their mother overturned in the petaluma river. today's event takes place in santa rosa's park at 11:00 a.m. >> another day of protests in charlotte. this time activists protesting outside the carolina panthers' stadium before sunday's game. city leaders have lifted the midnight curfew. good morning. >> good morning to you both. it has been calm here after a weekend of peaceful protests. much different than we saw the days after keith scott's
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shooting death tuesday. city leaders lifted that citywide curfew there is a heightened sense of security here. that was yesterday. concerns were for safety have risen around the carolina panthers' game we had demonstrators out there mixing with national guard. making sure things didn't get out of hands. we had political statements from football players. cam newton bringing mlk justice t-shirts. some demonstrators were taking the knee during the national anthem. only one person was arrested havinging a loaded gun and they were going to the game. there were calls to release the body cam video. comes just a day after scott's family released cell phone videos. you can't tell if scott is
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holding a gun. live in charlotte, back to you. a warning going out to people out of san jose this morning. watch out for a campaign imposter. a post on madison wynn's facebook page say there is a man that knocks on doors and starts and argument. as we saw temperatures rise, fire dangers are bound to increase. >> and air quality issue. we had aç spare the air day an temperatures off to a mild start. napa 53. that's the comfortable spot. mid 60s right now.
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san francisco into san jose. average high in san jose should be 79 degrees. we'll pass that at 10:00 this morning, on our way to upper 90s. 100 for the south bay today. san francisco again having a good chance of 90s early afternoon. peninsula temperatures mid 90s. you see the tri-valley spread of temperatures from the upper 90s to perhaps as hot as 103 around walnut creek and livermore for this afternoon. starting tomorrow, san francisco begins to cool off. the relief coming our way by wednesday. that's not much consolation for the type of temperatures we'll see today. >> bring an extra water bottle today to school. looking at no real extra time. i many watching this in the south bay. northbound 280, reports of a truck on the shoulder. reports of a busted fuel line there. there may be additional cleanup. i'll track that as the morning starts to build. south bay transit, no delays
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there. 38 trains running with no delays reported. that is a great way to get a ride to work. consider that. back to you. >> good advice. up next, documenting a story bay area residents know very well with the focus on honoring a life lost. a documentary about the life of audrey pott makes an impression in the bay area.
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=sam/take vo= happening today: the man accused in a dely shooting rampage at a
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washington state mall friday ni happening later today, the man accused in a deadly shooting rampage in a washington state mall friday night is going to appear in court and likely face first degree murder charges. arcan cetin was arrested late saturday night as he walked down the street in oak harbor, less than 30 miles away from the shooting scene. he is accused of opening fire inside the mall in burlington killing five people at a make-up county in macy's. the motive remains unclear this morning. it drew rave reviews at sundance. an emotional documentary about audrey pot will be screened in the bay area. >> she committed suicide after she was sexually assaulted by a group of boys in a party. pictures of the assault were posted on social media. "audrey and daisy" profiles two girls with very similar stories
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on opposite sides of the country. >> audrey was one of my only true friends. >> always a happy kid, fun kid. >> daisy was such a daddy's girl. >> misa small town, everybody is connected. >> this guy started texting me, want to hang out with us? >> at a free screening in los gatos this weekend, audrey's mother says the film means so much to her and audrey's legacy. >> it gives us purpose so that we can bring something positive out of such a horrible tragedy. >> and it keeps our daughter's memory alive in a way that i think she would be proud of. >> the film is said to be shown to as many as 10,000 teenagers across the country this year. >> 5:15 monday morning. new home sale figures for august will be released later today. a late summer surge is expected. that news comes on the heels of existing home sales figures down for the second consecutive
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month. that's despite record low mortgage rate. higher home prices and not enough inventory for sale kept would-be buyers at say. let's stick with business news. gas prices or than rise. snapchat has a new device. >> for the rest of our news before the bell, we turn to courtney reagan at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> wall street could start the week out in the red as attention may be turning from action by the federal reserve to the u.s. presidential race. traders will be watching along with the rest of us tonight's debate to see whether it will shift momentum which could trigger a new wave of market volatility. also today we get data on new home sales. markets come off a positive week despite a down day friday. dow falling 131 points to 18,261. nasdaq off 33 to 5305. prices at the pump are on the
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rise. regular unleaded averaging $2.25 a gallon nationwide. up four cents the past two weeks. that's still 10 cents less than a year ago. san jose and san francisco gas is a bit higher at $2.80 and $2.90. increase due mostly to higher prices and retailers passing the cost on to consumers. snapchat getting into the hardware game selling sunglasses equipped with the camera this fall. it will cost about $130. they'll record videos from the user's perspective that can be synced to a smart phone. for me it's probably one more thing. i don't know if i can. >> trying to keep it simple. you lose the glasses, it's a whole thing. thank you very much. 5:16. san francisco appears to be leading the way, this time going where no california city has gone before. when it comes to composting, a
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new program launched yesterday at the open space there is going to come post dog waste. new biobags will be available for dog walkers. the park provides bins and pick-up service. an executive tells the chronicle he tried to start the same program but the parks department was not ready to jump onboard. happening right now, residents are preparing for what could be a historic week of floods. hundreds of sandbags are piling up across the town of cedar rapids. volunteers are removing hundreds of seats from the paramount theater which suffered $60 million of damage during the last flooding which took place in 2008. in waterloo, multiple bridges and roads remain closed. a story of hope emerging. take a look at this. an iowa man risked his life to jump into a swollen river to help a deer. as heavy rains pounded the river, the small deer no match
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for the powerful current. eventually the deer made it close to a bridge where it got stuck. witnesses knew it would tire and drown if someone didn't jump in. one man there with the help of some nearby folks tethered himself to rail and saved the deer, hoisting the animal out of the water. eventually releasing her into the nearby woods. >> i love they were documenting it. >> everybody's got a camera these days. >> everybody tried to rush to help the deer and the man still down there. only kidding. without having to heat it up. this morning in the 60s and 70s. ice drinks popular in for the
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morning. mid 60s, even near 70 in some parts of san francisco which is remarkable when you consider the average high in san francisco is 70. that's where we are starting off right now. think of this as a running start. warmer than 24 hours ago. same amount of heating during the day. san jose close to 100 this afternoon. livermore 62. san francisco, very interesting. spread of temperatures. 66 around our weather station there. depending on where you are around san francisco, 70. 68 in the embarcadero. winds still slightly in the opposite direction, offshore breezes. not a lot of wind to mix the air which is poor air quality across the east bay and south bay. another spare the air alert. we'll see better air quality. today looking at highs in the upper 80s to above 90s. around san jose to 100 around morgan hill. 90s around san francisco. north bay in the 90s. tri-valley numbers today in the
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100 degree range. notice what happens tomorrow. on the coast there is cooling. by wednesday, finally looking a little more like bay area weather by the middle part of the week. hottest day of the week today in san francisco. valley temperatures probably hot for another day, then we cool down wednesday and thursday. >> i'll be buying a lot of frozen goods. no matter where you're going, you're at the speed limit. look over here. southbound 880. slowing with reports of a disabled big rig. folks are slowing around central avenue. that's 84 south exit there. we are looking at the slower drive there. the rest of your bay does move well heading up toward the bay bring. a live look at the toll plaza. you have cash lanes starting to back up on schedule.
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we'll check it again in 10 minutes. back to you. coming up next -- >> talking dirty jobs with mike rowe. he's got an encount were a drone. what he did when winds popped up at his bay air why home. a coast to coast effort to end
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gun violence came to the bay area this weekend. =laura/2shot= an it is a coast-to-coast
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effort to end gun violence which came to the bay area this weekend. >> concert across america. 350 concerts in 200 cities on the same day. a dozen artists took to the stage. rick stevens, formerly of power of power. stevens spent 36 years in prison for shooting three men over drugs. since parole in 2012, he's using lyrics to encourage teenagers to make better did he significants. more and more people are turning weapons in but more and more are hitting in theç stree in the wrong hands.
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former dirty jobs mike rowe says a drone was spying on him. >> he woke up to a very unserving site, a drone hovering outside his bedroom window. he wasn't messing around. he pulled out a shotgun and aimed it at the drone but stopped when the camera came down to face him. he has no idea where the drone came from. researchers followed high school students four years. only 9% got the recommended activity every day. teenagers who lived on campus were more active than those who did not attend school and lived at home. teenagers' exercise habits often continue into adulthood. grab a friend and get moving. whatever it takes. it is 5:25.
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we are following breaking news out of texas this morning where there are reports of an active shooter situation under way right now. we'll take you there live. plus -- >> firefighters battle a fast-moving fire overnight in sonoma county. you're watching "today in the bay." for joining us.
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i'm sam brock. =lra/hot= and i'm laura garcia-cannon. = welcome to monday morning. thank you very much for joining us on today in the bay.
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i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are in fall but hot summerlike temperatures are hanging on. >> fall not in the bay area 60s outside right now. by the afternoon, we'll see temperatures climbing to the 90s to about 100 degrees. 60s for now. 102 or hotter around the tri-valley. heat advisory up through the bay area today. we should see cooling arriving on the coast tomorrow. >> we are looking at a nice easy drive around the bay. except for fremont. southbound 880 slow from dakota down to mari avenue. they should have all lanes cleared. the metering lights are on right about now. back to you. >> thank you. we are following breaking news at this hour out of houston, texas, where are there reports of an active shooter situation going object in a busy part of town. all this appears to be unfolding
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at a shopping plaza in the southwest part of houston, not far from downtown. >> these are live pictures from the scene. you see all the police officers gathering there. reports several people have been hurt. within the last few minutes, the shooting itself appears to be contained. there are up to 20 ambulances on the scene. we'll keep an eye on our nbc affiliate in houston gathering information for us. as we get more information, we'll come back to that story. >> we learned houston police have shot the suspect. a developing situation from houston where there was an active shooter situation. you see the massive presence of police officers, fire engines, even the bomb squad. more information throughout the course of our show. a big day in politics as the stage is set in hofstra university, new york. looking at live pictures where everything is empty now. tracie potts gives us a preview of what we might see from
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hillary clinton and donald trump tonight. >> reporter: good morning, what we might see this morning, trump's campaign manager says he might reveal more details about his strategy to defeat isis. both sides managing expectations and a lot of high expectations in terms of how many people are going to watch this debate. perhaps as many as 100 million. this is the stage for their first face-off tonight. hillary clinton stage left, donald trump stage right. she gets the first question. clinton's aim is concerned the bar has been set too low for trump. >> just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of this debate does not mean he is prepared to be president of the united states. >> he has every right to defend himself. >> she's got to make a positive case but not let donald trump get away with what he's likely to do which is to make stuff up. >> it's 90 minutes of debate broken into six 15 minute sections. >> you get 90 minutes to look at
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people and see whether there's depth, whether there's s substance and whether there's candor and truthfulness in what they say. >> tonight's topics, america's direction, securing america. that could get into immigration, jobs, the economy, foreign policy, leadership, even clinton's e-mails, and the trump foundation. clinton's invited mark cuban to sit in the front row. >> trying to distract attention. her campaign trying to play games with front row seats. donald trump's not about that. >> trump tweeted about inviting gennifer flowers, who had an affair with bill clinton. his campaign insists she is not on their list. if some are some reason she does show up here, the clinton campaign is saying it might backfire. back to you. >> it will be interesting tonight. thank you very much. 5:32. once again, the first presidential debate of the election season airs tonight
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live here on nbc at 6:00. lester holt is going to be the moderator for the debate. count on nbc bay area to bring you live coverage throughout the day. 5:33. evacuations in sonoma county happening where firefighters are trying to tackle the sawmill fire. it started yesterday morning. last night grew to more than 1,500 acres. burning 10 miles east of clover dale. the evacuation center closed last night. there is still a sign up here behind me telling evacuees if they show up, contact the red cross. depending how the fire goes today, we might see more activity here after the evacuation center. the sawmill fire started 11:00
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a.m. yesterday and grew from five acres to 1,500 acres. structures were threatened and about 20 to 30 residences were evacuated. no injuries reported. low humidity and the hot weather today will pose a challenge. >> the temperature is one of the concerns. not only because it dries fuel out but because of the effects it could have on our firefighters. we have to make sure we stay hydrated. bring additional firefighters as needed. we are still in fire season. it's fall. >> the fire near geyser's road and giver road is near the geothermal power plant and that generates about 725 mega watts of electricity. enough to power 725,000 homes or a city the size of san francisco. fortunately, firefighters have
5:35 am
protected that area and other structures so far in this fire. back here live, about 500 firefighters throughout the bay area are supposed to be here. we are told at 7:00 this morning they will all be needing to get an update on what happened overnight. they are ready to attack this fire today. >> sharon, thank you very much. sheriff's deputies are searching for a man suspected of trying to lure a boy into his car. this happened on cedar street yesterday afternoon. a 12-year-old boy was walking when the elderly man drove up and asked him repeatedly if he wanted a ride. the boy threatened to call police and the man drove off. suspect is a white man in his 70s driving a newer model silver sedan. a pick-up engulfs in flames yesterday. look at that smoke. you can see it billows out of the top of that red pick-up
5:36 am
truck. flames spread from bushes to a car. nobody was injured. the cause of that fire still under investigation. a disturbing attack in san francisco is now being investigated as a hate crime. two new yorkers in the city for fulsome street fair say they were pepper sprayed by attackers who accused them of destroying family values. neil and jeff were enjoying the city ahead of sunday's party. then they stopped at a mcdonnell's 7:30 saturday night. they say five men in a minivan pulled up and started shouting homophobic slurs at them. three of the men started pepper spraying them, only stopping when a witness called police. >> it was so unprovoked. it's baffling how unprovoked it was. >> calling for stricter an
5:37 am
enforcement of the hate crime law. san francisco are trying to track down the five black men in their late 20s, early 30s who fled the scene in a blue minivan. one of three drifters accused of murders of two people in the bay area is expected to testify at a preliminary hearing. sean engle agreed to a plea deal and will testify against his two co-defendants. the three shot and killed a yoga instructor on a hiking trail in novato. days before that, a canadian backpacker in golden gate park. the hearing takes place at the marin courthouse. renters, you're not hearing this wrong. san jose and san francisco made the list for the 10 largest declines in rents among all u.s. cities last month. done by the apartment search website abodo. one bedroom rents fell 12%. that was the second largest
5:38 am
decline. san francisco rents fell 6% or 250 for a one bedroom. oakland rent slightly rising. the golf world mourning the loss of arnold palmer. >> look at the memorial where palmer, his personal parking spot sits at the golf channel at their headquarters in florida. he died yesterday from heart complications. many many golfers say they have their own legion of fans? he won 90 tournaments in all. that included seven majors, four masters between 1958 and 1964. palmer, known as the king for his lasting golf legacy was 87
5:39 am
years old. >> an all-time human being. 5:39. on a lighter note, basketball season. hard to believe about to get down to business. >> golden state warriors kicking off their training camp tomorrow morning. the sting faded from their nba finals loss to the cavs. currently stands at 19 players. that's going to have to be whittled down. today they'll host a media day in oakland.
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right now 66 in san jose. interesting. check out saratoga by the hills. 70 to start your morning. soon as the sun comes up, temperatures rising. upper 90s to up above 100 in the south bay. 90s expected in san francisco. mid upper 90s. north bay to tri-valley. high to upper 90s to above 100. starting tomorrow, you'll see a significant cooldown in san francisco. you have to wait another day for inland spots. much cooler by wednesday and thursday. the sea breeze picks up, things finally cooling off around the bay area. felt like a record-breaker yesterday, but it's relative. things heating up on the commute. big slowing for fremont. 808 in recovery mode. slow from union city past
5:41 am
thornton. the earlier crash has cleared. we are in recovery mode but volume of traffic starting to build. dunbarton bridge looks smooth. we'll show you the earlier disabled vehicle we have. able to clear that quickly. a slow-moving tow truck across the high rise. >> helping to clear things çup. >> 5:41. san jose giants fans kick in to help a great cause. troops overseas will benefit. fans making a difference for others. >> timing is everything. even when getting a new credit card? we'll help you pick the most lucrative time to apply.
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==gfx== ==nats== nats of gunfire trt=4 ==nats== nats of gunfire sam/cont. vo there are reports at lea 26 civilians have been killed in renewed government airstrikes in the city of aleppo in syria. there are reports of 26 civilians killed in renewed government air strikes in the
5:45 am
city of aleppo in syria. u.n. security council convened an emergency meeting in syria. the council failed to take action because of deep divisions between russia and the western powers including the united states. protesters in gondolas versus cruise ships taking place in venice. there were hundreds of protesters on gondolas making noise and rude gestures at passing cruise ships. they say cruise ships can cause permanent damage to the area. the ships carry tens of thousands of tourists. the millennium tower sank
5:46 am
more than a foot since it opened. nbc bay area continues to break developments on the story. bob redell with the next step in this ongoing saga. >> good morning, laura. the developer of the millennium tower has hired independent soil engineers to monitor the movement of the dirt below and around the 58-story tall building that is on the corner of mission and fremont. in a few hours this morning, those engineers will begin to install devices to track the soil movement. the tilted two inches, far more than engineers expected. the problem could get worse. one independent engineer says it could sink another 16 inches. the developer of the millennium
5:47 am
towers blames the sinking on the transit terminal next door but the tower is leaning to the north and west away from the terminal which is being built on the south side. the agency building the transbay terminal blames the towers on a defective foundation saying the developer did not anchor the piles into the bedrock 250 feet below. they insisted the foundation was driven 80 feet down into the bay mud is state-of-the-art. experts deemed this building to be 100% safe. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. miami marlins' fans and their team this morning having a difficult time coming to grips with the beth of one of baseball's rising stars and arguably the most likable player in their organization. pitcher jose fernandez died in a
5:48 am
boating accident early yesterday. this video taken last night shows emergency responders at the scene of the accident. investigators are trying to figure out how to tow that boat away. speed did play a role in the crash but not alcohol nor drugs that was a factor there. fernandez was only 24 years old and won the national rookie of the year award two years in a row. giants said we are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of jose fernandez. our hearts go out to jose's family and the marlins' organization. the san jose giants teaming up with the community to box care packages for u.s. troops overseas. operation care and comfort was held in san jose yesterday where hundreds of volunteers gathered to pack and address all those care packages. items ranged from socks and ramen to comic books. the idea is to remind soldiers
5:49 am
far away they are appreciated back home. >> a lot of folks in the military don't have families or from dysfunctional families. they may never receive a letter from home or box from home. so our packages, our letters may be the only thing they receive, being deployed six months or a year. so it means a lot to them. >> who doesn't love to receive a package, right? this is the fifth year the san jose giants have partnered. another day of what we saw yesterday. >> when you try to enter some of these numbers, we don't typically see this around the bay area. you have three numbers across the board for most of the bay area today. outside this morning, not
5:50 am
exactly a cool start. we are in the mid 60s in san francisco and san jose. you've got 66 in san jose. this is close to the coolest point of the day. when the average high is 79, that's a warm start to the morning. san francisco also in the mid 60s this morning. 66 clear skies. no sign of fog. unfortunately, not a lot of wind today. we have poor air quality, spare the air today. bay area wide across the coast. continues for a second day. it says right here, the hottest days were yesterday and likely today. upper 90s to above 100 degrees. when we are going to see relief has to do when we get that sea breeze. not today. high pressure at its strongest. you can see the spread of
5:51 am
temperatures from 90 to above 100. the change tomorrow. specifically from san francisco. wednesday, the sea breeze picks up. that's starting to look more typical. 60s and 80s coming back. you have to wait till about wednesday. so today, hottest day we've seen for perhaps the year around san francisco. those low 90s in the forecast. cooling off significantly tuesday into wednesday. some cooling tomorrow and more welcome cooling as you approach the middle part of the week. >> right now visit an indoor mall perhaps. fremont you're jamming up. take about 15, 20 minutes for that to recover back to your morning commute. we should see a standard commute after this point in the morning.
5:52 am
in the south bay, northbound 101 is the only one slowing. the rest of the freeway showing an easier build. there is more traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza, you have your metering lights on and the toll plaza is full. back to you. >> bay area response team handles a lot of questions about credit card, how to get lower interest rates, how to pay them off. >> a new study grabbed the attention of our consumer investigator because it pin points precisely when you should apply for a new car. >> this savvy tidbit is focused on the most popular charge cards out there, those that award airline miles or hotel points. san francisco based nerdwallet compared two things. when the biggest perks are offered and when people apply for credit cards. the research generated all those graphs and charts. the simple conclusion is our timing is lousy.
5:53 am
83% apply when bonuses were low, missing out on an average of 15,000 miles or points. nerdwallet figures those lost points are worth about $177. here's the good news. we can tell you when nerd wallet says it's most lucrative to apply. cards that earn airline miles apply in november. that's when airlines offer the most bonus miles. if you favor hotel points, apply in august. we just missed that. september applications score a close second. if you have a tip, call 888-996-tips. tomorrow morning, money that dad passes down to the kids is held up by the state until we step in. have a great day. >> thank you. coming up, dirty jobs host mike rowe has an encounter with
5:54 am
a drone. what he did when a drone popped up at his bay area home. first, happening right now, breaking news out of houston. up to 20 ambulances on the scene of an active shooter investigation at a shopping plaza there. we learned a few minutes ago the shooter was taken down but it's not clear how many people were injured. we'll bring you an update. a reminder to watch tonight's first presidential debate here at 6:00. go to our web page and decision 2016 to learn more.
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♪ ♪ jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
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drone. foer "dir jobs" ho mike rowe says a droneas spying on him at his home-- in face-to-face with an unknown drone. mike rowe says a drone was spying at himç at his home in n francisco. rowe posted a letter on facebook saying he woke up to a very unnerving sight, a drone hovering outside his bedroom window. he pulled a shotgun out and aimed it at the drone but stop when the camera tilted down to face him. he doesn't know where that drone came from. happening today, the man accused in a deadly shooting rampage in a washington state mall friday night will appear in court.
5:58 am
he is accused of opening fire inside the cascade mall in burlington, killing five people. police believe he is the lone suspect and motive remains unclear this morning. governor jerry brown vetoed a bill this weekend that would have paid fully to the response of the san bernardino mass shooting. it would require the state to reimburse $1.6 million in expenses related to the attack last december. the governor does not want to set a precedent of the state paying for all emergency costs. san francisco taking part in a concert across america. 200 cities. about a dozen artists took to the stage yesterday, including
5:59 am
rick stevens. stevens spent 36 years in prison for shooting three men over drugs. since being paroled in 2012, he's used lyrics to try to make better decisions. the san francisco police admits it goes beyond music and starts with a stronger community. he admits he still faces challenges over weapons ending up in the wrong hands. >> more and more people are turning weapons in. the problem is more and more are hitting the streets through gun dealerships. >> san francisco hosted the bay area version of the marathon. donald trump and hillary clinton squaring off the first time on national television. a preview of the fireworks. >> it was so unprovoked. >> a disturbing attack in san francisco. we hear from two gay tourists who say they were pepper sprayed
6:00 am
and harassed. a hate crime vgs under way. tracking fires in sonoma county. >> the heat today is not helping out. hot weather still sweeping through the bay area. "today in the bay" continues right now. a good monday morning, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. i spent yesterday trying to pull out the fall wardrobe only to wear a summer dress again. >> 60s and 70s and we've got numbers in the 90s. bay area wide including san francisco, we've got a heat advisory where some could approach 105 degrees. interesting map is showing how the bay area is hotter than las vegas, phoenix and


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