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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this morning our live team coverage continues. first let's get straight to "today in the bay's" bob redell. he is live near the fire line. bob? >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. about a mile away from loma prieta. right now you're looking east where you can see the fire has been burning on the ridge at least for the past couple hours. if you look at the smoke, you can see the wind is pushing that fire towards the right side of your screen which is the south where there are new mandatory evacuations. kris sanchez, my colleague, will have more on that in a moment. as far as the fire is concerned, within the past 30 minutes we saw a number of firefighters retreat, going back down the mountain to another fire station. their concern is the fire will eventually head this way. they're retreating to go back to set up another command post to come up with another plan of attack. this is on the western side of loma prieta. this fire started around 3:15
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yesterday afternoon and quickly it jumped. it quickly went to 200, 500 and now over 1100 acres, only 5% contained. some of the challenges for the firefighters out here, the hot temperatures are leading to very dry fuel, and this is very steep terrain. it's not easy to access. there are evacuations which kris will touch on later. we know 300 homes at one point were threatened and we know at least one home has burned. >> unfortunately, if we have people that don't heed our evacuation request then we're in a position where we have to provide rescue usually with those people. >> my basic plan is to protect my property and my family. i'll be the last one to leave if we have to. >> reporter: still no determination on what caused yesterday's fire. if you look back out here live,
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you're looking at the fire burning on loma prieta, there's communication equipment. we talked with a santa clara county sheriff's deputy, there's no more fuel for that fire so it won't be burning in that area. this fire right now is burning in a southerly direction, again towards the areas, mandatory evacuationtion have been put into effect. live in the santa cruz mountains, bob redell, "today in the bay." another hot day ahead in the south bay as well. as crews continue to battle these flames right on the front lines and from above doing water drops, families have had to evac eight their homes. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live at so cal high school this morning. kris, one of many places that people have to head to. >> reporter: right. the red cross jumped right into
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action, giving people a safe place to land as they leave their homes. you know from experience as i do that people are very hesitant to leave if they do not have to, particularly when they have animals and they just are hoping for the best. now, the evacuation centers are open. they may see more traffic now today as those mandatory evacuation orders are expanded. only 1person chose to spend the night here at so call high school, but there were a dozen who came through this particular shelter last night, stopping by for a bite to eat and getting information. those new evacuation orders mandatory for today cover croy road including the community of sveadal near uvas canyon community park. summit road also under mandatory evacuation, mount madonna, croy ridge as well. 300 people left voluntarily last night. many choosing to sleep in their cars or check into hotels. there are three evacuation
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centers. so cal high school, where we are here, the jewish community center opened its doors and morgan hill presbyterian church on dewill avenue and the santa cruz animal shem slel ter is accepting pets, letting them check in so they have a place to go and the owners can check into one of the shelters that is open. this shelter is going to close at 9:00 this morning, but we know that the fire is not going to be out by then. so we will continue to cover the evasion orders and the resources for those evacuees. in so cal, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thick smoke from this area filling the south bay. we're talking about the mixture, extremely dry right now. we saw the winds up there already this morning. >> the northwest wind pushing the fire, making a run from the south to the southeast. 67 degrees around the fire, daytime temperatures in the low 9 os, humidity levels
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unfortunately dropping into the teens. here is the wind direction right now, pushing the fire to the south and a lot of the smoke in morgan hill and santa cruz. interesting to point out, national weather service radar at mount um numb has been shut down. that fire still flaring up and unpredictly close to where our national weather service radar is in the santa cruz mountains. a big drop in temperatures as we head towards tomorrow. >> looking over toward the morning commute. standard flow of traffic. as far as your patterns go, i want to call out rob told you as he came down off the hills, he was able to see the growth from the fires. between 101 and 17, we talked about, this over here, we're looking over here towards some
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slowing and a distraction for folks driving through morgan hill. let me show you our camera from palo alto. as i turn to the south, as the sun comes up, more of that plume of smoke. you can see flames here, so that will be a distraction for drivers. distracted drivers are not safe drivers. watch out for folks around you as well. back to you. >> it is hard not to be distracted by that. i drove north on 101 this morning and this is what you could see. very visible, the glow from the fire. stay with nbc bay area for the latest. we'll continue to update you on air and a online. we're tweeting right now across all of our digital platforms, facebook as well. you can also download our app. take us with you or head to nbc bay area for updates. the other story everyone is talking about this morning, decision 2016, and the first presidential debate, donald trump, hillary clinton, they faced off in their first debate last night one-on-one at hofstra
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university. more than 100 million voters expected to watch. nbc news anchor lester holt moderated. they sparred over taxation, race, the birther movement that donald trump talked about for years, fighting terrorism, nuclear policy. there were plenty of attacks and exchanges. >> as soon he travels to 112 countries and notes a peace deal, a cease-fire or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina. >> hillary has experience, but it's bad experience. we have made so many bad deals, so she's got experience, i agree, but it's bad, bad experience. >> so hillary clinton ends up doubling down on what trump has previously said about women. >> has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> rosie o'donnell, i said very tough things to her and i think everybody would agree that she deserves it.
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>> both trump and clinton shook hands afterwards. they said they'll accept the outcome of the election, whoever wins in just six weeks, voters going to the polls. the latest poll numbers show this race is extremely close, especially in several key battleground states. >> here is what people had to say. >> when trump said hillary has had 30 years to think about her policies and she hasn't gotten them right. >> she was more measured, her temperament was better, better answers to the questions. >> both sides clinging to the performance of their candidates. while clinton continues to be doing well in california, showing her with double digit leads.
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>> we'll have a live report coming up in just 30 minutes. closer to home this morning, 6:09. kmo santa clara county jail correctional deputies arrested in connection to an alleged inmate beating last summer will face a judge tomorrow. they're accused in a beating last july that left an inmate severely injured. both phase one count of felony assault. the former inmate, ruben garcia say the guards gave him a fractured jaw and other injuries. a peninsula man in custody accused of molesting a 10-year-old boy. benjamin ruiz is being held without bail in san mateo county jail. investigators say he repeatedly abused that victim over the last year. turning tragedy into education after four kids drown this summer in a matter of weeks. north bay leaders are teaching
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evacuation safety. you see that car plunging in there. three submerged cars as well as a glass breaking demonstration. it comes after two sets of sisters drown. in both accidents the mothers were unable to break their daughters free. >> seeing this in person and imaging that that may be my kids, it's kind of like a hit in the gut, like a punch. >> obviously such an emotional issue for the families of those north bay communities. the chp says people in the area have been asking about what they can do to prevent these kinds of tragedies from ever happening again. up next, an update to something we've been following all morning long. hundreds evacuated as flames intensify this morning. the latest from the front lines next. >> the weather not helping as we go through the morning. upper 60s in san jose, climbing through the 90s by mid
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afternoon. fire danger, spare-the-air day, changes ahead in your seven-day forecast. >> live pictures. as the commute builds, the sun comes up. we have a different issue as far as the fire goes and its affect on your morning commute.
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welcome back. we continue to following
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breaking news. the loma fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. at this point it is 1100 acres that have been burned. containment only at 5%. the biggest news overnight, if you're just waking up and trying to get ahold of what's happening here, mandatory evacuations as that fire starts to move south and east. those evacuations affect those living on croy road, all parts of it. everyone near the uvas canyon park and the sveadel retreat. we're talking about a lot more homes and people involved. we'll continue to bring you updat updates. the good news is the red cross set up three evacuation centers, jewish community center in los gatos, morgan hill presbyterian church in dewitt as well. >> let's move farther north where we have good news to report, that progress has been made after a very busy day in the north bay. they made quick work bringing a
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fire there in novato under control. it happened yesterday evening. it burned ability five acres in the process of sunset parkway and sean drive. one firefighter did suffer minor burns to his legs. they got control of the blaze about 8:00 last night. investigators are still trying to figure out the cause. 6:15 this morning. new, police in the east bay on the hunt right now for a group of masked robbers who brutally attacked a couple outside of their home. it happened last night in the normally quiet orinda outside the couple's home on claire month avenue. police say a group of men wearing halloween-type masks robbed the elderly couple. the woman shot twice, the man pistol whipped. the woman's injuries not considered life-threatening. after the pair handed over valuables, the men took off on foot. police have not released suspect description. last night marked the seventh day of protests in
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charlotte, north carolina. that city remains in a state of emergency. >> people are angry over the police shooting and death last week of keith lamont scott. last night there were calls for the city mayor and police chief to both resign. protesters in charlotte say the system is broken. >> we need chief put any to step down. we cannot trust him. he has not been honest. >> the unrest really started in earnest last tuesday when an officer opened fire after scott refused to drop his gun. the state is now investigating. a bay area business could be facing legal trouble over discrimination. a palo alto based company is being accused of discriminating against asian software engineer applicants. the department of labor filed a lawsuit against the company yesterday. they're ask for an end in the bias and benefits for those discriminated against.
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they've obtained $340 million in government contracts since 2010. the department of labor wants current contracts to be canceled and future contracts to be put on hold until the issue is fixed. let's go north to san francisco. without help from levees or tid tidal barriers, the bay could be under water. >> the study came from the bay conservation and development commission. they say if nothing is done, a major storm could send water through the streets before 2050. the commission executive director say simple fixes like glass guardrails could be a better start without interrupting the view. mack to our main story this morning, hundreds of people over the course of the last 24 hours have evacuated their homes in the santa cruz mountains as we continue to track the progress of that fire. >> that's right. the fire that has been burning since yesterday afternoon about 3:00, and the weather certainly
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not helping. it's going to be tougher for firefighters out there. >> it's interesting. at that elevation, still seeing dry conditions. mild temperatures higher up in the hills as high pressure is still holding on for a big impact on our weather for one more day today. some of the numbers, close to 2500 feet. temperatures in the 70s. you've got humidity levels in the upper teens. daytime highs close to the low 90s again and winds picking up out of the northwest heading into the afternoon. we're seeing mild temperatures around san jose in the 60s. 67 degrees today. a spare-the-air day today as high pressure keeps things a little stagnant for the east bay valleys. specifically to the south bay areas south of san jose, morgan hill down into santa cruz, you'll have smoke pollution as well. you can see how today's spread of temperatures, upper 90s inland. the golden gate bridge through the morning, starting to make a
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comeback. by tomorrow, numbers in the 60s around san francisco with upper 80s inland. look at these temperatures,000, dropping from the 70s to low 80s inland. upper 90s for areas south of san jose. 90s across the north bay and tri-valleys today. high pressure moving on. stay tuned for your weekend plan, sunday into monday. models bring a chance of seeing measurable rain. this could bring great news which could be the first rain of fall. stay tuned sunday into monday. we could see that heading our way after we get one more hot day today, numbers continuing to drop down as we head through this upcoming weekend. mike? >> we don't see any unusual patterns, but we are tracking some changes. let me explain in one second. right now looking at the east bay and the south bay where we
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see the builds. san jose typical northbound 101 slowing. we'll track the crash as it moves to the shoulder. 680 towards pleasanton easy by the time we get to highway 84. then you have speeds past the dumbarton bridge which are starting to build heading across the bay. the sun comes up, you will have an issue. we used to see the glow from the fire over these hills and now we're seeing the smoke as the sun comes up, you can see what's coming for your view. that will be a distraction for folks heading down the peninsula and also the east bay heading towards silicon valley. >> it is a very tough fight for the firefighters. new numbers coming in from cal fire this morning. now 2,000 acres consumed by the loma fire and still only 5% contained. >> more progress on the santa cruz fire, coming up next, testing for the zika virus, extra precautions across the
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country to stop the disease from spreading. coming up on a tuesday, the takeaway from donald trump and hillary clinton's first deck bate clash. we'll break down the biggest moments and how they could reshape the race. we'll get reaction from the two vice presidential nominees when senator tim kaine and governor mike pence join us live. it's a star-studded morning in studio 1a, oscar winner tom hanks, samuel l. jackson and mandy moore are stopping by. a lot to get to on a tuesday morning starting here on "today."
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a is ask a.
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nationwide director from the food and drug administration is aimed to protect those on the receiving end of donor blood. donor blood components undergo extensive testing before they're used. testing for zika has been added to the list. the preventive measure is used to reduce the spread of the disease. the virus can be transmitted in blood for up to 30 days. >> it's about making sure the blood we provide our patients is safe. the biggest affected will be on the drug centers who will be paying -- blood centers. keeping your parents and grandparents moving. regular exercise could be the best way to keep elderly adults
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mobile and independent. a yale university study puts 1600 adults over the taj of 70 into two separate programs. people in thor x size program suffered from fewer disabilities. not just that, they were also able to recover from disabilities. that exercise program was mainly geared around walking. when the new school year started, one student was in the awkward position of being a junior and a senior at the same time. >> awkward no more. he'll prove us all wrong. at 65 years old bob king is a senior but also a college junior who has returned to the farm to finish the undergraduate degree he began more than three decades ago. >> i was here in 1970 and 1971, i left to help build a clinic in a low-income community that needed health care. i'd like to find a way to improve health care so it doesn't cost so much. >> that's why he's focusing on health care.
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he plans to graduate with the class of 2018. 6:25. up next on "today in the bay," we go back to breaking news we've been following since we came on air and covered at 3:00 yesterday afternoon, a fire that continues to expand in the santa cruz mountains. if you were wondering where that size would hold of about 1100 acres, it has doubled to 2,000. our team coverage continues with bob redell on the sfropt lines. >> reporter: good morning, i'm bob redell. we're on the front line of the loma fire. we just spoke with the cal fire battalion chief and will hear from him coming up in a live report. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez at so cal high school, one of three silicon valley red cross shelters open for evacuees. we'll show you why some folks may not be showing up and how long they'll be open. i'm rob mayeda tracking weather conditions making things difficult, hot temperatures, low
6:27 am
humidity and increasing wind around the loma fire. the latest on the forecast coming up. right now at 6:30--
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breaking formati just right now at 6:30, breaking news. new information coming in minutes ago on this fire in the santa cruz mountains. it has now grown and doubled to 2,000 acres in size. we're tracking the latest from the ground and the air this morning. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the 2,000 loma fire only 5% contained, burning along the loma prieta ridge between
6:30 am
highway 17 and loss gal toes on the west side. >> we've been bringing you live coverage of the fire since 3:00 yesterday afternoon. this morning our live team coverage continues. let's get to bob redell closer to the front line to talk to firefighters. he joins us about a mile west of loma prieta. you have new information that you just got? >> reporter: we've actually moved closer from the mile west of where we were earlier. we're on the front line with cal fire where we spoke to a battalion chief. the fire has grown from 1100 acr acres. he says two houses have been destroyed and over 300 structures threatened. right now their resources are focused on keeping those house, those structures safe. you're looking at loma prieta. this is headed to the right side of your screen. you can see the plume of smoke as it heads down towards loma
6:31 am
chiquita area. that's where some of the mandatory evacuations are which kris sanchez will have more on later. they have 350 firefighters out here. they're hoping to get more reenforcements by later today. looking for 500. at 8:00 when the sun gets up more, about an hour and a half, they are going to try to resume aerial attacks. yesterday they had the dc 10. try to get the chopper out here to get some containment on the fire. it's a frustrating fire. we talked to the battalion chief and he said the fire behavior grows so fast and so quickly, it's the new norm. >> is there anything unusual about this nair compared to other fires you've fought? >> no. it's the new norm, extreme foo fire behavior with the drought
6:32 am
conditions and heated wave, a new norm. it's difficult to fight in this mountain range. narrow roads with very little access. difficult terrain with narrow access. >> reporter: this fire started around 3:15 yesterday, quickly was 100, jumped to 200, 500 as we went through the evening. towards the 1100 number in the evening. just to give you an idea of how fast this fire grew yesterday. still no determination of the cause. as you're looking live here at loma prieta, you can tell by the smoke and wind, it's headed in a southerly direction as cal fire is trying to establish a perimeter. right now only 5% contained. live in the santa cruz mountains, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> you see what a tough time they're having. thank you very much. along with doubling in size overnight, this huge fire has forced hundreds to evacuate.
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"today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at so cal high school, just one of the places that people are fleeing to this morning. kris? >> reporter: good morning, laura. only one person spent the night at so cal high school at the shelter here. no one spent the night at one of the other two shelters. we see people are hesitant to leave their homes even when the evacuation orders are mandatory, many finding shelter with friends and family. about a dozen people did show up at so cal, last night stopping for a bite to eat, watched a little of the presidential debate and tried to get information, not just from the red cross, but each other as well. some of them opted to check into a hotel they told us or they were going to sleep in their car a little closer to home. sometimes people don't want to stay at shelters because they don't want to leave their animals. we want to mention santa cruz animal shelter is open for that. people can leave their pets there. the mandatory evacuations include croy road near uvas canyon county park.
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that includes the small resort community of sveadel. 110 acres there. summit road, mt. madonna road, croy ridge road. about 300 left voluntarily last night. more will be forced to leave this morning. the red cross evacuation centers are here at so cal high school because school is in session here. the jewish community center opened its doors, morgan hill presbyterian kur ch on dewill avenue is open and the santa cruz and mall shelter is also open. back here live, we want to take you around here. now that the sun is starting to come up, we do see the clouds there in the distance. you may have seen them up close. but we can see them coming over, we're several miles away. we can smell the smoke and the wind seems to be breezing up just a little bit this morning. one nice thing, one observation we knows id, people are showing up. they did show up last night, not because they were being evacuated but because they
6:35 am
wanted to help their neighbors. they showed up with toothbrushes and snacks for the kids, always the best part of this terrible story. we'll keep you up to date on that part of the story and talk more about the evacuation orders and post all those addresses online, twitter and facebook. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> everybody trying to pitch in, kris, that is nice to hear. rob, at this point we're looking at the conditions the firefighters are facing. a couple hundred firefighters putting on their gear trying to stop the flames. the heat today is going to be bad again. >> it's interesting. the morning in the hills, the difference in temperatures we're seeing before drawn. right now in the bay area, temperatures in the 60s. higher up away from san francisco, look at the temperatures above 2,000 feet this morning, 74 degrees and humidity is 19%. not much relief in terms of humidity in the hills. during the day highs in the low 90s around the loma fire and mid to upper 90s possible for one more day across the valley. so heat, low humidity,
6:36 am
spare-the-air day. also increasing northwest winds will likely cause issues along the fire lines this morning. laura? >> we know it can be such a distraction to drivers this morning. when itches driving in on 101 this morning, you could see the glow of the fire off the santa cruz mountains there towards -- overlooking morgan hill. these are live pictures from the fire. as we said, 2,000 acres consumed. they have up to 500 firefighters that will be fighting this fire in very difficult terrain there. as i mentioned, it's visible for many parts of the bay area. hope that's not a distraction for drivers, mike. >> clearly it will be. as far as overnight hours, when you're talking about seeing the glow, limit transition point. as the sun starts to come up, the glow is less visible, the smoke not fully pronounced. we'll see that over the next half hour or hour. looking at the effects on the roadway. so far our tuesday where we see a big volume of commute, so far
6:37 am
holding standard. much more traffic hit the south bay in about half an hour. right now focused on an area where the fire is located between highway 101 and highway 17. that smoke visible overnight. the glow as well for portions of morgan hill. also out of san martin where we have the build. north of 10 doing just fine heading into the rest of san jose. i want to show you the live camera from san jose, the 680/280 overcrossing. we have what looks like a cloud, but we believe that's smoke. weigh ear tracking this. back to you. an awfully big night last night. now to decision 2016 and the first presidential debate is now in history books. donald trump and hillary clinton facing off for the first time on stage last night at hofstra university in hempstead, new york. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts live there now. certainly a big night for both candidates and a lot of viewers,
6:38 am
too. >> reporter: no question about that. they're breaking down the spin room here. the spin continues. you'll see it on the "today" show. both vice presidential candidates weighing in on how their running mates did in this debate. >> we had a great debate! >> reporter: hillary clinton on what came out. >> get the economy to work for everybody. >> reporter: donald trump on what didn't, bill clinton's infidelity. >> were you tempted? >> i was very tempted. >> reporter: this first debate exposed competing views on jobs. >> typical politician, all talk, no action. >> reporter: trump tax imports and lower business taxes. >> trickle down did not work. >> reporter: trump challenged to release his tax return. >> when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. >> there's something he's hiding. >> reporter: trump unapologetic for how he does business. >> for the thousands of people
6:39 am
you have skipped over the course of your business not deserve some kind of policy? >> i take advantage of the laws of the nation. >> reporter: unapologetic for backing stop and frisk or questioning president obama's birthday. >> i want to get on to defeating isis. >> clinton doubled down on what trump said about women. >> he has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> rosie o'donnell i said very tough thing to her. i think everyone would agree she deserves it. >> reporter: did either candidate move the needle for millions of undecided voters. today it's back to the base and back to the battleground states. hillary clinton in north carolina, donald trump in florida. laura and sam, back to you. >> tracie potts live, thank you. we'll keep fact checking all the claims and the contradictions from last night in realtime.
6:40 am
you can see the results along with video clips of the biggest moments and confrontations. more bay area law enforcement officers will be wearing body cameras in the near future. yesterday the department of justice awarded $20 million of grants to counties nationwide to improve the use of body cameras. among them, alameda county which won a $1 million grant. coming up next, following breaking news this morning. we have been since we got on air at 3:00 yesterday. let's take a live look right now at the ridge line in loma prieta, that wildfire, the loma fire continuing to grow. it's doubled in size overnight as families are forced to flee. up to 2,000 acres right now, flames tearing through the santa cruz mountains. we've learned about mandatory evac aches and at least two
6:41 am
homes destroyed. we continue to track the latest from the fire after the break. seeing warm temperatures to start the morning again, 70s in the hills near the loma fire, 67 in san jose, 90s in reach. but also now rain in the seven-day forecast and when it will arrive coming up. this fremont camera shows traffic building up. the folks with the headlights have more than just your commute to deal with. we're talking about other issues for that loma fire. suspects wearing halloween masks rop a couple in orinda. i'm sharon katsuda. i'll have the latest on the investigation.
6:42 am
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=sam/boxes= ba to brking news:ad lib live =laura= at 6:45 we continue to follow breaking news from the santa cruz mountains. the loma fire has doubled in size. >> more than 2,000 acres and 5% contained. 200 firefighters overnight, grown to 350 firefighters. by the end of the day at least 50 will try to tackle this fire in certainly very rough terrain. they say there's narrow roads leading to the fire and they're having a tough time getting to it. >> access has been an issue. another thing we're seeing this morning, if you look at the smoke there moving in a southeastern direction. mandatory evacuations in place for the uvas canyon area and croy roads. there are many residents affected. that's the latest we've learned
6:45 am
this morning. now we'll get more information from the fire lines. >> the good news is they have evacuation centers set up. everyone lending their hand to the people. two structures have already been destroyed. we'll continue to follow it throughout the day. more details on another fire burning in the bay area, the sawmill fire in sonoma valley. the outlook looking much better this morning. cal fire says all people who have been evacuated there have been allowed to return to their home. the fire started off big geysers road about ten miles east of cloverdale. >> very dark smoke and flames you can see from the freeway. >> cal fire reopened the roads last night. the 1500 acre fire is 45% contained. >> fire danger forcing a closure right now. alum rock park in san jose
6:46 am
closing today due to fire danger. it's based on weather conditions spilling into today as we still have elevated temperatures. we have no timetable on when the park might reopen. the rangers may plan to re-evaluate the situation about 2:00 this afternoon. a couple attacked right in front of their own home. >> the normally quiet orinda neighborhood. men a "today in the bay" sharon katsuda has the latest. >> reporter: police say it happened here on claire month avenue. the suspects approached the couple after they had just returned from shopping at the grocery store. they were in their driveway and that's when police say the suspects wearing halloween masks approached them and asked for their purse and wallet. even when the male victims gave the suspects his wallet, they pistol whipped him and shot his wife twice. the wife is reported in stable condition. if you have any information that can help, you're asked to call
6:47 am
the orinda police department. i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> new details on last friday's mall shooting in burlington, washington. turkish immigrant arcan cetin went to macy's carrying a rifle and shot five people at a makeup counter. he appeared in court yesterday on five counts of first degree murder. california's handgun storage law now applies to law enforcement officers as well as the general public. a law signed yesterday by governor jerry brown closes a previous loophole. the 2015 shooting death of kate steinle was committed with a gun stolen from the car of a federal ranger. two months later in oakland artist antonio ramos was shot to death while painting an anti-violence mural. the gun used to kill him was also stolen from the car of a federal officer. the new law mandates that all
6:48 am
law enforcement officers stow their weapons in a lock box or hundredinged trunk. consumer investigators chris chmura is here with the story and how he helped out. christine roiter's father unexpectedly passed away in 1998. the family was able to clear up his estate through the state except for one $32,000 bank account. christine says she tried a few times to get the money, but her claims were denied and she couldn't get an answer. she eventually gave up. then she heard about "nbc bay area responds" and decided to try one more time. it's a good thing we did. we contacted the state controller's office about christine's case. she and her brother just received a check for $32,000. the controller's office says because this case is so old -- remember back in 1998 -- it can't determine why christine's
6:49 am
claim was rejected in the past but it has approved it now. christine thanked us. she said she's so happy to finally close this chapter. she told us dad would be happy, too. if you have a consumer complaint, please call us at 1-888-996-tips or logon to once you're there, click on the yellow submit tips bar so we can investigate your case. tomorrow, fighting for an energy rebate that is way past due. have a great day. >> thanks so much, chris. nchts we continue to follow the loma fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. >> we just learned in the last half hour or so as we take a live shot from our chopper, plumes of smoke and fire that continue to advance. the fire doubled in size overnight. as we look forward now, rob, to what conditions are going to be like today. a lot of people are going to be worried, it doubled when it was cooler. >> in the hills, relatively
6:50 am
speaking, cooler was going from the mid 90s to the 70s overnight. in the 60s across the hilltops. that's the fire conditions we're seeing. as we go into the afternoon, numbers climbing through the 90s, a hot day through the santa cruz mountains. cooling to about ten degrees in the hilltop. unfortunately still dry. the marine layer probably not going to get up to 3,000 feet close to where the fire is burning. so dry conditions, but cooling conditions as we head into wednesday, but probably the item to watch will be the winds starting to show signs. the winds will likely turn a bid stronger so the fire could make a run to the south and east as we head to the afternoon. temperatures around the bay area, the last of the hot days. as the sea breeze turns stronger, tomorrow san francisco in the 60s, by thursday almost 20 degrees of cooling for the valleys, into the low 80s and low 60s out on the coast.
6:51 am
san francisco, you'll see the cooling starting mid morning with the low clouds making a comeback. if you want to see the changes coming up in the seven-day foreca forecast, not only is it cooler, but sunday to monday there's a good chance we could see some showers. so a big change in the weather that could include, we hope, a little far off in the forecast, but stay tuned, chance of the first rain of fall early next week. hot day today but cooling conditions as we head towards the weekend. traffic tuesday kicking in. building toward hayward and in the south bay, stall to the shoulder now will add to the slowdown. let me show you the san mateo bridge since that's the worst of the slowing. our live look shows you westbound indeed. folks just making it over to 101, not a lot of slowing just yet. quickly get you back to the map. this is where most of your
6:52 am
commute is. folks heading south along the peninsula or the east bay or definitely through silicon valley, an issue as well. as you travel here through the morning commute but south of here, you'll be distracted by all the smoke from the fire. we'll show you another live shot coming up. we continue to track the fire minute by minute. flames tearing through the santa cruz mountains. we have team coverage on the fight to contain the loma fire. the number of firefighters is ramped up this morning as some folks have now lost their homes. nbc bay area news has many resources dedicated to the fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. we're keeping you in close contact with cal fire. as soon as we get updates, we'll send out a push alert through your mobile device. you can always head to our facebook page as it's being actually fed into our newsroom. we're back in two minutes. back to the latest on fast-
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
moving flames burning in the santa cruz mountai t welcome back. 6:5 on your tuesday. back to the latest on fast-moving flames burning through the santa cruz mountains. let's get straight to "today in the bay's" bob redell who is very close to the fire leans. bob? >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. just south of loma prieta mountain. we're up against one of the fire lines here, a dirt road. what you're seeing here is the, quote, extreme fire danger that
6:56 am
one of the battalion chiefs was telling us about. so frustrating. that's become the new norm because you have the high temps, we've been in a drought. you're seeing the fires burns so quickly. this fire was at just 100 acres, yikly through to 1,000. it's doubled in size to 2,000. you can see why this is burning so fast. you've got a lot of dry fuel down there. as you see the winds, the winds are blowing in a southeasterly direction. they do not have containment yet. they only have 5% containment, nowhere near what they needed to have to say this fire is under control. 350 firefighters fighting this fire. later today they hope for another 150 for a total of 500. in about an hour, once we get more sunlight, they plan to resume their air attack. yesterday they had a dc-10 dropping fire retardant.
6:57 am
they hope to at least get some side of containment on this. as you look at the smoke, it's heading toward an area where there are mandatory evacuations in effect. two houses destroyed, 300 structures threatened. no one hurt so far. this fire burns out of control at the base of loma prieta, over 2,000 acres, 5% containment. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, please be safe out there. just an up-close and personal look at how bad this is. >> see what the firefighters are up against. we wish them the best. let's turn to "today in the bay's" kris sanchez with more on the mandatory evacuations under way. kris? >> good morning to you both. usually those evacuation centers are miles away from the fire. that's where we are, so cal high school. you can see the smoke billowing there in the distance. we have felt some of the breeziness that bob was talking about. this evacuation center will close at 9:00 this morning. only one person spent the night.
6:58 am
people stopped in for a bite to eat, get information, commiserate with their neighbors. most said they would be checking into a hotel or staying with friends and family. at least one said he would sleep in his car to be closer to home. a few folks also showed up with donations of toothbrushes and pizzas. the evacuees need that kindness because these new mandatory e c evacuations include a greater area. they include croy road near uvas canyon park, that includes the resort of sveadel resort. summit road, mt. madonna, croy ridge also under mandatory evacuation. hundreds of people left before the orders were mandatory this morning. the red cross shelter here at so cal high will only be open until 9:00. there's another one at the jewish community center in los gatos and morgan hill presbyterian church on dewitt
6:59 am
avenue. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> a lot of generous people down there will help. >> that aspect is certainly very heartwarming. in the meantime, all these people, these firefighters braving the front lines. it's going to be at least another day -- >> extreme conditions. the morning not really cooling off much. humidity levels throughout the day staying below 20%. as bob and chris mentioned, the winds are starting to pick up. that's an issue because part of the wind will be part of the sea breeze. the wind speeds out of the northwest will be increasing. a lot of smoke out there as well. it can be a distraction from drivers. >> the fire no longer the distraction. it's the smoke. let's look at the ma. typical for tuesday. that build kicking in for your usual spots. the fire between 17 and 101, so that will be visible for 101 through morgan hill. look at our pal to alto camera.
7:00 am
our next update in half an hour. good morning. face to face. good morning. face to face, hand to hand combat, donald trump and hillary clinton go after each other in a spirited first debate. >> all talk, no action. >> there's something he's hiding. >> attacking each other's record. >> hillary has experience, but it's bad experience. >> and getting personal. >> this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> did either candidate move the needle? we will ask our decision 2016 team. and the vice presidential candidates tim kaine and mike pence weighing in live today, tuesday, september 27th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc


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