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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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more than 2200 acres burned and the fire only 10% contained. the burn area currently the fire is moving in the southeast direction. mary ann favreau is live along the fire lines. some progress today? >> they are understandably tired and they are making progress. here is a perfect example of that, you can see they were able to establish a fire line on the hill that stopped the flames. on the right, you see the burned area, on the left, the air crews dropped retardants. and there are still firefighters up on that hill just in case. >> flames leaping into the air, fiercely climbing up the santa cruz mountains in seconds. the loma fire still threatens
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several homes. >> that's the number one challenge we're having right now. access and getting into it, and getting the crews down in there to go direct on it. >> firefighters have stopped the fire from moving forward in this area. they're focused on hotspots like this one. firefighters are doing double duty in some cases. >> this fire has been burning a second time, burning out the second amount of fuel. we're almost dealing with this fire twice in some places. >> firefighters also stumbled on a marijuana grow. >> it it's something we stumble on here in california. >> reporter: that smoke was visible behind the hill. tonight they plan to send out aerial crews using surveillance.
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they're using that technology to look for hotspots. reporting live in the santa cruz mountains, mary ann favreau, nbc bay area. >> it's like a chess match with cal fire against these fires. the smoke has been a big issue, visible from so many parts of the bay area. we sped up this video. you can see the smoke moving across the sky. students were told to stay inside today. that smoke headed southeast, that would be toward morgan hill. >> we're going to see it stay in the same position. the foggy wind at the immediate coastline is giving it a mean direction push here off toward the east and slightly to the north. the winds picked up a little bit, but it's not extremely gusty. right now, coming out of the south at nine miles per hour, it's still overall, when you look at it. helping the firefighters today.
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morgan hill or gilroy, that's the area today where that smoke has continued to grow. south san jose to gilroy, you're really going to be smelling the smoke for the next 1 to 3 days, you may want to think about limiting your outdoor exposure. not overly gusty over the next three days, winds 5 to 15 miles per hour, check out the temperatures, even cooler tomorrow, 76 down to 68 degrees on sunday. and the chance of showers. we're tracking this incoming rain and the colder temperatures, another update in 15 minutes. >> good information where the smoke is going in the days to come. >> another look live from our nbc chopper, and there is that smoke. it's gotten so much more. the spread of this, in the last three days now, 1,000 fire personnel preparing for another long night. stay with us here at nbc bay area, we're the first to break
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the story a few days ago. again, we're expecting an update from cal fire within the hour. >> a rash of homeless homicides in the south bay. san jose police are searching for answers. damion trujillo broke the story on twitter, he's live at a homeless encampment, the site of the latest homicide. >> reporter: we're near highway 280 and mcglocklin avenue. that's the same mo as the two other transient homicides this year. and detectives are concerned. >> police officers and detectives swarmed this homeless encampment this morning. >> our strategy, at san jose pd is to work like a wolfpack. >> they questioned the homeless here and passed out this flyer after the body of a man was found in the area yesterday.
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sources tell me he was stabbed to death. he marks a third transient homicide in san jose this year, who was killed in such a manner. >> at this point we're is not ready to say there's a serial killer out there. >> we're not. it's definitely something we are looking into. >> san jose has seen eight transient homicides this year, only one has been solved. that victim was struck by a car. the others were either shot or beaten to death. >> the fact that it seems to be a routine or that people are being killed systematically is terrifying, and the homeless people, who do they go to? >> detectives hope they go to them. the crimestoppers are offering a $1,000 reward for whoever can help solve the homicides. off camera, some of the homeless here tell me they are scared, terrified the next victim might be them. >> police just released the identity of the victim here from yesterday, he is valentin cortese. a 61-year-old transient. damian trujillo, nbc bay area
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news. >> a new lead in a san francisco murder case, within the past two hours, u.s. park police released this sketch of a suspect. this man was seen leaving the area where a college student was shot to death last month, while playing pokemon go in san francisco. he was shot in the chest at aquatic park. police released a photo of a white four door toyota avalon. a woman may have been in the car. anyone with information is asked to contact u.s. park police in san francisco. >> another twist in the bizarre kidnapping case, the suspected kidnapper is changing his plea to guilty. it's part of a plea deal which might shed some light on how the fbi and vallejo police handled this case. matthew muller is expected to plead guilty tomorrow of one count of kidnapping, and avoiding a lengthy federal trial. muller is accused of kidnapping
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denise huskins and tieing up her boyfriend last year. quinn's attorney is upset, saying muller may now get a lighter sentence than he deserves. >> if you give him an opportunity to get back out on the street. he's not going to change his stripes. he's a psychopath. >> a trial would have exposed just how badly investigators botched the case, a case police initially called a hoax. >> the deadly police shooting of a black man is sparking more protest in a san diego suburb today. a look at the scene in el cajon right now, protesters about 15 miles east of san diego are gathering in the streets and outside a strip mall where the deadly shooting happened yesterday. the two officers shot the man one minute after arriving on scene. the el cajon police chief said the officers fired after the man who was mentally ill allegedly took something out of his pants and formed a shooting stance. it was later discovered he did not have a weapon.
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video of the shooting has not been released by investigators, but has been seen by the city's mayor who spoke today about what it showed. >> i saw a man who was distraught. a man whats would acting in ways that looked like he was in great pain. i saw him get killed and it broke my heart. >> 20 year veterans of the department have been placed on administrative leave. >> hitting them in the sweet spot, that's how the state treasurer is describing his treatment of wells fargo. california is you is spending business ties with the bank. >> serve annie troung joins us in san francisco not far from wells fargo headquarters. >> i spoke with experts who say this is significant.
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and one of them characterized it this way. wells fargo is the corner coffee shop, the office across the street. the workers start giving you business. it's not going to put you out of business, but it is going to hurt. >> wells fargo is not happen with the actions we're taking today. it's making a powerful statement. >> john trung is slapping wells fargo with a suspension of business ties. >> the most damaging sanction is barring wells fargo. they're the largest issuer of municipal bonds in the country. the state has showed $50 billion in municipal debt. >> this can add up to a considerable amount of revenue for wells fargo. >> i think the sanctions are very strict and very tough. >> san francisco state economics professor says the state's message will resonate with all
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the big banks, especially if the monetary finds seem weak. >> there's a fine imposed on wells fargo. >> that's only less than 1% of their profits. >> it really comes down to these sanctions. >> they had no specific comment about the state sanctions. a spokesperson says we are very sorry and take full responsibility. we have already taken important steps and will continue to do so to address these issues and rebuild your trust. >> we're hoping they return to this promise if they have to get down to their knees, maybe a little prayer would help them. >> it's not just the sanctions, the pressurer's office is putting together a task force with academics and consumer advocates to come up with ways to reform the banking industry and keep a better eye on the banks here in california. >> thanks, stephanie. could she be the unluckiest person in san francisco? up next, the story of a car
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stolen and recovered five separate times. a man considered a possible stalker is arrested again at a south bay school. robert honda, live in san jose, coming up, the problems the school district faces in trying to keep a persistent former teacher from showing up on campus. >> jeff ranieri, a cool 59 in san francisco. fog and drizzle, and temperatures dropping across the bay area, as much as 16 degrees in san jose. my micro climate forecast and a chance of showers in seven minutes. on campus. students at piedmont
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hills high school -- in san jose -- had to a possible stalking threat on campus, student at piedmont hills high school after a former teacher showed up. he was promptly arrested for violating a restraining order, something the school district says he does often. robert honda joins us now from the campus there. if this is a recurring problem, can something be done about this? >> going into a shelter in place mode is a pretty extreme reaction. authorities don't usually take it, unless they see a real or potential risk. especially for students. the school district says this alleged stalking is that type of
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situation. >> piedmont hills high school is quiet when there's bustling activity this morning. the school called for a shelter in place action with students and staff staying indoors until police arrived. east side union high school district officials say they were responding to the trespassing of this former social science teacher seen in this staff photo when he taught at piedmont from 2005 to 2012. district officials described him as a possible stalker, trying o to -- the district obtained a restraining order. a prior arrest does not stop the unwelcomed visits or what they called his unpredictable erratic behavior. >> we're concerned it would escalate into something more than it has at this point. >> parents were unnerved by the incident. law enforcement sources tell us, he was also arrested at the school on september 22nd for
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violating a court order and was released just this morning when he headed back to the school and was arrested again. on a website, he claims he is the victim of gang stalking and mobbing when he tries to talk to former co-workers, mainly to warn them about what he calls rampant child prostitution he's observed. >> everyone's on heightened alert. and making sure that the students are safe. >> sources tell me he's still being processed in jail, and district officials tell me that he has a court date october 8th. live in san jose, robert honda. >> thank you. on the trail of an arsonist, someone is setting fires along a popular trail in the east bay. here's where it's happening, on the iron horse trail which is in concord in the past few months, 30 fires have been set. so far, firefighters have managed to contain them.
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people who live along the trail are worried. >> the houses are going to burn sooner or later. a couple weeks ago, we had four fires out here, and within a few minutes. >> 30 in the past month. >> homeowners can protect their homes by removing the dry vegetation right on their property. right in front there, and we've set up a link on our website, you can report any information or leads for investigators. >> some things just keep on coming back. we first told you this summer about a san francisco woman's car called boomerang, and here's why, it had been stolen four times, and returned four times. this week it's happened again and she almost caught the thief in the act. the silver honda has been stolen so many times, she's no longer surprised when she wakes up and it's gone. >> i feel like i call into work
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every couple months, i'm like, sorry, i'm going to be a couple hours late because my car got stolen again. >> this week it returned for the fifth time, she found it five miles away from her home. >> it was in the haigt. >> she tracked it down using a gps app on her smart phone. >> i got coffee first. >> but then noticed. >> i tried to find the street, it wasn't there. >> the thief was on the move. >> it moved to another place, about four blocks away, i figured the guy was still actively driving it around. >> she finally found it, abandoned without any damage, but with evidence the thief might be coming back. >> sweatshirt, oil filter, cut off iphone cord, glasses. more than 2,000 cars were stolen in san francisco in the first six months of this year. get a pedal lock or a new car.
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she says it's too hard to say good-bye to an old friend, even when it keeps driving away. >> probably won't get a new car until it doesn't come back to me for some reason or it dies. >> that car is reliable. san francisco police say the rate of car thefts is down more than 30% this year. that also means that thieves go after older cars like boomerang. >> i dorn the know how we can top that story. a big move and a heavy move, it's a heavy lift. you can barely see the outline of the capsized boat. a huge barth with a giant crane is in place to recover it. the boat sank earlier this month, and it's taking workers a while to get it out of there. the spirit of sacramento is pulled if the water, it will be towed to the army corps of engineers facility in sausalito. crews will remove 600 gallons of
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oil and fuel. the spirit of sacramento was built to resemble an old fashioned paddle wheeler. it weighs nearly 100 tons. you have to eat your wheetsties to get that out of the water. >> let's talk about the forecast from extreme heat and rain. >> rain is still in the picture. check those forecast models, everything seems to be lining up with that potential by this weekend. let's get you into the micro climate weather forecast right now, you can see one of the hottest locations typically, i wanted to bring us to first is concord, only 88 degrees, that's after triple digit heat to start off with on monday. it is getting better, and check it out. by 10:00 tonight, even 9:00, numbers dropping down into the 60s, and we'll get a check down here across the south bay, you can see the smoke from the loma fire, that could be a problem, especially across morgan hill and gilroy, if you smell smoke, you may want to limit your
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outdoor exposure the next several days. as we get a look at what's happening right now, it's all about the fog at the immediate coastline, it's widespread. westerly wind importing that cooler air, and that's going to keep the fog machine going for tomorrow morning. do expect widespread low clouds from san francisco all the way down to the south bay, and temperatures in the 50s to start. by the afternoon hours, we've got a comfortable day coming our way, 60 in san francisco, 81 in the east bay. 72 for the peninsula, and the south bay expecting 80s. beyond this, big changes that do include the chance of rain. not one, but two different systems from sunday into next tuesday. it looks like it's a decent chance as we head into sunday's forecast, before we leave you right now, i wanted to show you the extended forecast. we're calling for a 60% chance of wet weather on sunday. we'll have more on the timing of this, and that's in about 25 minutes. >> thank you.
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>> it's a high-tech ride that shut down almost as soon as it opened. i'm scott bud man, why a great america halloween scare is no more. ==reveal==
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we continue to track that protest at a san diego police station. prosters are angry over the we continue to track that protest outside of the san diego police station. protesters are angry over the death of an unarmed black man. it happened yesterday. they want the full police video of the shooting released. on our website.
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anti-semitic flyers left outside on cars. bart says it can't do anything about it, it's a first amendment issue. too scary?
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this new ride blen tchnology w/. jan/2shot is the new ride over at great america too scary? >> great america, has closed the ride just three days after it opened, because of some controversy. our business and tech reporter is live at great america with the details. scott? >> good evening the ride offended some in the mental health community. an experiment that quickly shut down. >> it's a cutting edge attraction that turned out to be a little too edgy. at least for now, great america will head toward halloween without this. a virtual reality based attraction called fear vr.
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that blended modern technology with old fashioned scare tactics. the ride which opened last week offended some in the mental health community because it takes place in a hospital. and within days of opening, great america closed the ride saying in a statement the attraction was never intended to portray mental illness and we have decided to close the attraction. great america fans say the park did the right thing. >> i think that's a good reason to shut down the ride. they are thinking about other people and what not. not just making money. >> i'd still go. >> they still plan to go during the halloween season. >> i usually go with my friends every halloween season. >> even without a ride that may have been too much of a shock to the system. >> i spoke on the phone to several bay area mental health professionals, they appreciate what great america did. shutting down the ride, it was the right thing to do.
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reporting live in santa clara, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. a first for president obama. the reason congress overroad his veto of a controversial bill. >> some bad acting repair shops are getting off the hook? >> unfortunately. >> our investigative unit exposes how a loophole allows a repair business to stay in business. what happens when a trip to the
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auto repair shop leaves you orheven mordamage?
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what happens when a trip to the auto repair shop leaves you with even more damage or the mechanics try to cover up mistakes. our investigative unit exposed just that. the attorney general's office launched its own investigation. we exposed an even bigger problem. >> we're allowing some shop owners to keep doing business. even after they've been shut down for taking advantage of consumers. >> we're talking about the bureau of automotive repair. it was created to help consumers recoup their money when auto repair shops commit fraud. we've uncovered how the agency may be failing consumers by keeping the track records of bad repair shops secret. >> now we're exposing a loophole that allows repair shop owners
6:31 pm
to legally keep doing business. >> this is broken glass, and you've never had your window broken? >> into. >> sound confusinconfusing? it was to albert, when he heard the clanking coming from his family suv. which he just picked up from this midas repair shop. turns out while at the shop, the car fell off the mechanical lift and crashed on to the side from several feet in the air. the mechanic snapped these photos. he told us he and his co-workers were ordered by their boss to fix up the cars as best they could without telling the owners of the vehicle. that now former employee, shared the photos. and details of the cover-up anyway. >> he tells me the car fell off
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the lift. >> management at the repair shop later blamed the mechanics. the bureau of automotive repair issued penalties and shut down that midas. which is independently owned and operated. our reporting has found that for about 97% of consumer complaints sent to the bureau, repair shops never face any kind of discipline or enforcement actions. details haven't been finalized. the repair shop owners decided to sell off the business anyway, we learned they may now end up escaping any punishment while being allowed to operate other repair shops. >> we discovered a loophole that allows them to keep serving customers at this repair shop, just three miles away. even though the state accused the owners of committing fraud. >> the businesses are listed as two different corporations. and so as long as they stop operating under caan brothers
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incorporated they can keep running other repair shops. the bureau settlement does not include any money for albert. give us what we lost. >> we have to go find an attorney that would help us take our case, which we haven't found, everyone wants money up front. we lost our vehicle, because we lost everything. >> albert says he doesn't understand how a government agency that was created to be a watchdog for the auto repair industry can fall so short, despite being armed with so much evidence. >> i didn't do anything. nothing. >> the bureau of automotive repair declined our request for an interview. >> could they be doing more? >> yes, i think so. >> he's a repair shop owner of 45 years. and a former president of california. a trade group that represents over 800 repair shops across the state. he's made a career out of fixing
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bad repairs and wants the bureau to be more proactive in weeding out dishonest repair shops. >> a complaint triggers everything. if there are no complaints, nothing happens. >> so some bad acting repair shops are getting off the hook? >> absolutely. >> state lawmakers gandy manneding changes at the bureau of automotive repair. the legislature passed a reform bill to give the agency the power to issue a wider range of fines. while at the same time requiring more transparency within the bureau. just last week, the governor vetoed the legislation, calling it, unnecessary. >> as for the old owners, they still blame the cover-up on what they describe as sloppy worth.
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accidents happen. >> if you have a tip, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit at nbc bay congress handed president obama the first veto override of his presidency. >> the lone nay vote was from senate minority leader harry reid, the house also supported the override, the rare bipartisan agreement allows the families of the 9/11 terror attacks to sue saudi arabia. the families claim the kingdom gave aid to al qaeda or at least turned a blind eye to the jihadist campaign. the pentagon has warned a lawsuit could put u.s. troops at risk. i would venture to say that this is the single most embarrassing thing that the united states
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senate has done possibly since 1983. that year, the senate overrode president reagan's veto of a landfill. 41 days until election day. most californians feel the nation is on the wrong track. 62% of voters believe the country is seriously off track. 37% feel it's moving in the right direction. as for republicans, 85% say we're on the wrong track. and california democrats 42% say the nation is moving in the wrong direction. headlines from the presidential campaign trail, today a former miss universe candidate took center stage. she claims she was bullied by donald trump 20 years ago. she claims that donald trump humiliating her calling her
6:37 pm
insulting names when she gained weight after being named miss universe. >> miss piggy. miss housekeeping. >> all to your face? >> yes, all the time. that was normal for him. >> donald trump campaigning today in iowa, comment on that interview, he continued to hammer hillary clinton's stamina. >> you see all the days off that hillary takes? day off, day off. day off. all those day offs and then she can't even make it to her car. >> that was in reference to when mrs. clinton had pneumonia a few weeks ago. she was campaigning today along with bernien sadders, you see them there. hillary clinton is hoping to boost her popularity with millennial voters. she's returning here to the bay area, one final local event before the election in san
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francisco. it will be held in the city october 13th, this is a make up, a redo for the fund-raiser she had to postpone when she got sick a few weeks back. you can track the election any time on our website, click on the decision 2016 tab. right on our front page. you can see the candidates and the measures you will be deciding on come november. a tragic story unfolding in south carolina right now. a teenaged gunman in custody tonight following a shooting at an elementary school. it appears the teenager may have also killed his father. the shooting happened this afternoon in if a rural area of south carolina, the gunman opened fire on the playground of the elementary school. two students were hit in the leg and foot, a teacher was hit in the shoulder. all three are expected to survive. moments later, the gunman's father was found shot to death. the suspect was home schooled. a motive for this shooting is under investigation.
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the entire marlins baseball team gathered outside the ballpark today to send off the hearse of the pitcher jose hernandez. tomorrow there will be a private funeral. jose hernandez was killed early sunday morning when a boat carrying him and two friends crashed off miami boech. up next, where's my rebate. our consumer investigation center, you see it there, gets a call from a frustrated woman in san jose. nbc bay area responds next. a minor earthquake shook up pary
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this morning. the usgs says a-p did you feel it, a minor earthquake shook up part of the
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south bay this morning. the quake centered southeast of allen rock, hit at 8:26 this morning. we've received no reports of damage or phone calls from anyone who felt it. you're looking at our seismigraph moments after it struck. if you would like to track earthquakes in realtime, go to our website. you want to buy an iconic san francisco home, mrs. doubtfire's home? it will cost you. the famed mrs. doubtfire house hit the market, the asking price, more than $4 million. this was the set for the movie, mrs. doubtfire which starred robin williams. fans often visit the house and leave flowers to honor the late actor. >> i just watched the movie. like a week ago, it was on. every time it's on, i have to watch it. it's so funny. >>. >> i get surprised by the same thi thing. you forget.
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>> relief is finally here. >> look at this, you guys. by saturday at 10:00 p.m., we have rain lining up to the north and just offshore, i'm going to track the time line for the weekend. and let you know when our best chance to get wet could be in a few minutes. she's told she'll get a rebate of 3 grand if she spends more than 10 grand on her home. that money doesn't materialize. i'm chris kamora. nbc bay area responds next.
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. exactly why i urge you to vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts without raising taxes on anyone. and there's strict accountability in prop 55. with local control over school funding decisions. and mandatory annual audits guaranteeing the money goes directly to our classrooms.
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not to bureaucracy, not to administration. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive. so vote yes on 55. rebate check. =jan/2shot= nbc bay area respondses to a woman in san jose who's been waiting and waiting and waiting for that rebate check. >> chris kamora is here with her story. >> joyce rudolph decided to make her home more energy efficient. she decided to make some
6:46 pm
improvements by replacing the ventilation system. she hired valley heating and cooling to do the job. joyce was told she qualified for a $3,000 rebate from pg&e. they have a program for that. the job was done in february, yet joyce has been waiting ever since for her $3,000. she didn't receive the rebate. she called us, and we wanted to find out what happened. we got an explanation, we were told the rebate was in the system, we reached out to pg&e's rebate system, and also the valley heating and cooling company. we're told that all of that rebate processing is outsourced. that company had it problems. valley heating and cooling told us it was upset by the 7 month delay and it wanted to take care of its customers. it cut a check to joyce for $3,000. joyce in turn will reimburse them when she eventually gets the check from pg&e. pg&e told us it regrets the
6:47 pm
delay of $3,000. if you have a consumer complaint. you can reach out to us. telephone number is 888-996-tips. you can visit you can share your story, documents and pictures, to help us investigate the case. >> thanks so much. >> chris is like the rainmaker. he brings a lot of things in -- and now we have another rainmaker here, jeff. >> the good kind, to help out the lawns, get the sprinklers turned off for a little built. we know we all need a break for the water bills and a chance of rain coming as we head into the weekend. let's get a look at the micro climate forecast. you're going to be able to see the top story is the fog that has moved in, and the low clouds coming in as well. in san francisco right now, we're experiencing some drizzle as the relative humidity continues to rise that added moisture right now, giving us 78% relative humidity. cold in sf if you're headed there tonight, and the low
6:48 pm
clouds beginning to make it across the bay. this is a view here in heyward, where temperatures have also dropped. a chilly 62 degrees. and eventually we'll start to see numbers dip into the 50s. so let's get you a vantage point of these low clouds that are numerous here across the entire coastline. by tomorrow morning it looks like we'll be fogged in throughout a lot of the bay, that's going to be the big change for us. we think from point rays to sfraefrns, right across to the east bay, that's where your commute could be the slowest from the cloud cover in place. the other thing that will be monitoring are the cool temperatures to start. they need the light jacket for the north bay. san francisco will begin at 52. 51 for the peninsula, and the south bay with 56. on your micro climate forecast. chillier westerly wind will continue to knock down temperatures again, 5 to 10 degrees, this puts san jose at 81 degrees. that's about a 20 degree drop from what we experienced on monday.
6:49 pm
so much more welcome for us. for the peninsula, cold in half moon bay at 58. over to palo alto, right near average at 74. and san francisco here as chilly as 59 degrees across the marina. for the north bay, east bay. no more upper 90s, we are down to 79 degrees in president anton, and right here across the east bay, walnut creek at 80. and the north bay, anywhere from 79 in napa, to 69 expected in mill valley. let's fast forward it to the major changes in the forecast. it really looks like sunday through tuesday will be the biggest next flip in the forecast. it's not just one system, but two systems off shore that now look like they're going to be lining up for us. i want to show you next the future cast. what we're seeing on the timing at this point. by 1:30 in the morning on sunday, storm system is off to the north. now, the heaviest rainfall still expected to stay up toward washington and oregon, we'll take anything at this point.
6:50 pm
it has been dry in september. once we hit 11:00 on sunday morning. still mainly to the north, but by 5:00 in the afternoon, scattered rain chances inning crease, totals i'm seeing right now, trace amounts to a tenth of an inch, we're going to learn more information on this, as we head throughout the next couple days and we'll be bringing you those updates. we could see it increase even a little higher. here's a look at the extended forecast. we're calling for a 65% chance of rain in san francisco. for the inland valleys, it's a similar chance on sunday. and down to 69 degrees inland for the high. maybe another slight chance of showers by next tuesday. find the jackets, i know they're somewhere in your house. you're going to need them. >> i forget about swrak ets. >> i know, crazy. >> 30 degree difference in a matter of days. still to come, a little tense at niner headquarters, will colin kaepernick take over
6:51 pm
as the niners starting quarterback?
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let's bring in jim kozamor. don't you know the niners are 1-2? why are you smiling? >> because you have to have a positive attitude, and i love seeing janelle. i haven't seen you in so long. >> i'm ready to see you too. >> i'm going to make this a good one just for janelle. let's get it started here for the nfl and the 489ers, they are preparing for the cowboys, quarterback play in the nfl is key. and for the 49ers this year, it's not been so great.
6:54 pm
when will colin kaepernick take over. chip kelly made it clear where cap is, in the process of being game ready for his team. >> he's the first one to tell you he's not where he was in 2013 when he was 225 pounds. that's the only point i'm trying to make. what people don't realize, he can't be at 225 because he had three surgeries. he's not where he was in 2013, that's the only thing i'm pointing out. he's not 100% back from a recovery standpoint. he's 100% healed. is he the same player he was when he was running 4-5 and throwing the ball all over the place. he's not where he was physically. he's not the same guy right now. >> that straightens that out. the 49ers prepare to host the cowboys in week four. dallas may be playing without their best player. dez bryant has been diagnosed with a hairline fracture in his knee, the injury will not require surgery, his status for
6:55 pm
sunday's game is still uncertain. >> to the diamond we go, the giants fond their bats last night, they had a 12-run 19 hit attack. hold one of two wild card spots in the nl. the orange and black know there is a sense of urgency for making the playoffs. >> we will see, we have five games. and we have to go out there and play well. pitching, hitting, defense, everything. so these are just like playoff games, as you know. so we'll see how they respond. but last night was a great sign. >> on to the warriors who were back at training camp today in oakland. after locking up kevin duran the in the summer, the biggest free agent in team history, that is, the dubs are prepared for a new role in the nba, that of the villain. as they take their new look team, super team that is on the road this season. >> we'll try to win basketball games, if they want to make us the villain, that's fine.
6:56 pm
>> they're going to boo us anyway, wherever we go. that's fine. >> the most fun i have in this game is going on another floor -- boo. eventually you'll shut up. and i'll laugh and we'll laugh. and we'll keep it moving. how's this for a storybook beginning. former heisman trophy winning football player tim tebow is trying to make it as a professional baseball player. he hit a home run on the first pitch he saw today while playing in his first organized baseball game since his junior year in high school. everyone laughed at you when you said you wanted to do this, now you're coming back with a home run. that will do it in sports for ton. >> thank you, jim. always smiling, despite the 49ers struggles. >> nice to see you jim. hope to see you back here at 11:00.
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new video. kim kardashian attacked in paris. >> the serial celebrity prankster strikes again, now on "extra." >> days after ambushing gigi hadid, kim kardashian gets bum rushed. the dramatic new video as her body guards take down the star's worst nightmare. >> what is wrong with you. >> nasty brawls clashing over the kids. new details, angelina escape plans as their marriage crumbled. and the flight fight why it was the final


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